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04 News ‘icrc official’s kidnappers identified’ QUETTA: Police on Sunday claimed to have identified the kidnappers of Khalil Ahmad Dale, the staff member of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) abducted on January 5. Speaking at a press conference, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Nazir Ahmad Kurd said that police succeeded in identifying Dale’s kidnappers. Kurd hoped that police would soon recover the ICRC official. StAff REPORt

ex-Senator kamran khan passes away MINGORA: Known politician and former Senator Kamran Khan from Swat breathed his last after prolong illness in early hours of Sunday. He was over 90. Later Kamran Khan was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard at Mingora Swat in the afternoon. His Namaz-i-Janaza was attended by thousands of people from different walks of life. The late Senator Kamran Khan was father of Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Nasar Ul Mulk, former Senator Shuja Ul Mulk Khan and ex-Tehsil Nazim Rafi Ul Mulk. StAff REPORt

Monday, 9 January, 2012

no room for dictatorship in politics, says nawaz LAHORE AgEncIES

Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif said on Sunday that there was no room for dictatorship in the country and the politicians would have to show political maturity to strengthen democracy. “Political parties are the asset of the country and symbol of national unity, while dictators divided them and created parties of their choice to prolong their rule,” he said, while talking to legislators and office-bearers of his party at his residence. The PML-N also decided to convene an APC to discuss the grievances of the

LAHORE: PML-n President nawaz Sharif hugs MnA Afzal khokhar, leaving for Singapore to receive medical treatment. Pr chiefs. Meanwhile, the PML-N has split into two groups on inviting PML-Q leaders to the APC. Sources said that some party leaders considered the PML-Q responsible for the present crisis in Balochistan.

people of Balochistan, Online reported. Sources said the PML-N was likely to convene the APC in the third week of January in Islamabad, and special invitations will be mailed to the PPP, PML-Q and PTI

Pakistan taken on board Continued from page 1 The most deadly militant organisation in Afghanistan, the Haqqani network has always talked about its allegiance to Mullah Omar, the supreme commander of the Taliban movement but the US officials have doubts that if not taken on board, this insurgent group has the potential to sabotage the US-Taliban reconciliation process. Another Pakistani official when contacted confirmed that

that could have positive impact on the relations between the two important nations in antiterrorism global campaign. He, however, refused to divulge the details and confined himself to saying “if Washington is willing to accept our demands such as apology over NATO strike and firm assurance of no such breach of Pakistan’s sovereignty in future along with some other conditions then the cooperation with US could be restored”.

the US had been again demanding Pakistan to bring the ‘Haqqanis’ to the table of negotiations. He said Pakistan was willing to play its role for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. Asked whether Pakistan’s support to Qatar process means that a ‘breakthrough’ in Islamabad-Washington ties, currently marred by serious tensions, is in the offing, the official said important positive developments were likely in next couple of weeks

Musharraf will land in Karachi Continued from page 1 You have to decide weather you want to select old parties and leaders or want change. You have to decide,” he added. “I scored a century in my innings. I should not be compared to those who scored a duck or those who are yet to play an innings,” he said. Musharraf said he successfully ran the country for ten years, broke the beggar’s bowl, said good bye to the IMF and did not accept $300 million in loan. “Pakistan made progress in every sector [under my regime],” he claimed. “Pakistan is passing through crises. Tussle between institutions has started. Gas and electricity crises have multiplied. Railways has shuts down and PIA is close to doing so. The government has taken $36 billion to $60 billion in loans and the IMF has returned. Terrorism has increased and the country stands alone in the world,”

Musharraf said. The former army chief said extremist were enemies of development and were carrying out terror acts in the name of Islam. “Unfortunately some political elements support extremism. These elements go to Balochistan and speak against me, that I was involved in the murder of Akbar Bugti. These elements are busy in a conspiracy. Those calling me an enemy of the Baloch actually want to keep Balochistan backwards,” he added. “Yes, I was, I am and I will remain an enemy of those who do not allow the Pakistani flag to be hoisted, murder Punjabis and Hazaras,” Musharraf added. He said he had made a mistake by granting amnesty to politicians and bureaucrats accused of corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, murder, and terrorism between 1986 and 1999. “The NRO is something I shouldn’t have done. Although I was ad-

vised, but the ultimate decision was mine,” he said, referring to the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) which he issued in 2007. US RELATIONS: Separately, talking to Reuters, Musharraf said urgent action was needed to salvage Pakistan’s dire relations with the US. “Today Pakistan-US relations are at their lowest, this is because of a trust and confidence deficit,” Musharraf said. “I believe Pakistan needs to justify and clarify the issue of Osama bin Laden having been found in Pakistan,” said Musharraf. “At the same time the United States needs to identify what environment they are leaving in 2014 when they quit because that is going to affect directly Pakistan.” Islamabad’s cooperation with Washington is seen as crucial to helping to stabilise the region before foreign combat troops leave Afghanistan in 2014.

“I believe that interstate relations are more than half interpersonal relations between the leaders... if I think about myself, I could anytime pick up the phone to President Bush whenever I got agitated on anything.” SAUDI TRIP: Meanwhile, Reuters quoted Saudi and Pakistani sources as saying that Musharraf also plans to travel to Saudi Arabia soon to gather support for his political comeback. “Musharraf will be travelling to Saudi Arabia soon in order to get support before he goes back to Pakistan,” said a Gulf-based Saudi source familiar with the matter. A Pakistani source confirmed that Musharraf, who is in Dubai, was to travel to Saudi Arabia soon. The source declined to say what form of support the former president is seeking. But some reports have said that Musharraf will seek Saudi guarantees that he would not be detained.

183 indian prisoners freed LAHORE: A total of 183 Indian prisoners, including 179 fishermen, crossed Wahga Border on Sunday after completing their sentences in Pakistan. 179 of the aforesaid fishermen were detained in jails of Karachi while 3 were from Kot Lakhpat jail. StAff REPORt

‘i didn’t know where osama was’ JERUSALEM: Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf denied having any knowledge about Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden living in Pakistan during his tenure. In interview to an Israeli daily, Ha’aretz, Musharraf said that he was 100 percent sure about himself that he did not know if bin Laden was there. “I am very sure about my answer. Especially so because when they say bin Laden was there for five years, that means two years under my watch.,” Musharraf said. nnI

lull in drone strikes aids militants: nYT MONITORINg DESK A nearly two-month lull in American drone strikes in Pakistan has helped embolden al Qaeda and several Pakistani militant factions to regroup, increase attacks against Pakistani security forces and threaten intensified strikes against allied forces in Afghanistan, American and Pakistani officials say, according to the New York Times. The insurgents are increasingly taking advantage of tensions raised by an American airstrike in November that killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers in two border outposts, plunging relations between the countries to new depths. The Central Intelligence Agency, hoping to avoid making matters worse while Pakistan completes a wide-ranging review of its security relationship with the United States,

has not conducted a drone strike since mid-November. Diplomats and intelligence analysts say the pause in CIA missile strikes — the longest in Pakistan in more than three years — is offering for now greater freedom of movement to an insurgency that had been splintered by in-fighting and battered by American drone attacks in recent months. Several feuding factions said last week that they were patching up their differences, at least temporarily, to improve their image after a series of kidnappings and, by some accounts, to focus on fighting Americans in Afghanistan. Other militant groups continue attacking Pakistani forces. Just last week, Taliban insurgents killed 15 security soldiers who had been kidnapped in retaliation for the death of a militant commander.

Govt on confrontational path Continued from page 1 in case of non-compliance of its orders by the government, he said, “In my opinion, the Supreme Court will stick to its goslow policy. The court will exercise maximum restraint though it can issue a contempt of court notice to the prime minister. I think attorney general will be asked by the apex court to write a letter to the Swiss authorities but consequently he could be sacked (before or after writing the letter) by President Zardari.” According to him, the Supreme Court wanted to avoid a clash between the institutions therefore it would not summon Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for not complying with its orders. “Under Article 190, the Supreme Court can call the army in aid but the apex court will not exercise this power as it will prove counter-productive,” he said, adding that the PPP government wanted “shahadat” to hide its failures and the SC was mindful of the PPP’s political designs. Justice (r) Siddique said President Zardari’s no to implementation of the Supreme Court order amounted to contempt of court though he had not been directed

by the SC to write a letter. “The Ministry of Law will submit a reply in the apex court on January 10 and if they say that the prime minister directed them not to write a letter to the Swiss authorities, the court can start contempt proceedings against the prime minister,” he said. Senator SM Zafar said it was a wrong decision by the government to not comply with the Supreme Court’s orders. “The PPP government must review its decision as it can ultimately trigger a clash between the institutions. The prime minister is responsible to get the apex court’s orders implemented but I cannot comment on what will be the Supreme Court’s reaction if the government fails to implement its orders,” Zafar said. Commenting on President Zardari’s interview, Athar Minullah said, “I totally disagree with the argument of President Zardari that it is the trial of Benazir Bhutto. No case against her is being or can be reopened… rather it is the matter of reopening of cases against President Zardari. If the government thinks the president enjoys immunity, it should claim it before the court.” Minullah said he was un-

able to predict about the court’s reaction “but under the law, contempt proceedings could be launched against those who refused to implement the Supreme Court’s verdict”. Another legal expert, Babar Sattar said President Zardari had reiterated his party’s stance. “If the Supreme Court orders are not implemented by the government, contempt proceedings could be launched but I cannot predict whether the Supreme Court will take this course or not. Eventually the case will hit the prime minister as being the chief executive of the country he is responsible to get the orders of the apex court implemented,” Sattar said, adding that the extrajudicial concerns might push the court to avoid confrontation with the executive. PML-N Information Secretary Senator Mushahidullah said President Asif Zardari was trying to use Benazir’s grave as a shield to save himself. The Supreme Court in November last year had rejected the federal government’s review petition, saying that the documents presented by the government’s counsel failed to make a case.

PPP set to win 22 seats in Senate polls, tally to rise to 44 Continued from page 24 Sindh Assembly: In Sindh Assembly, elections would be held for seven general seats, two women and two technocrat seats. Since the Sindh Assembly has strength of 168 seats, 24 members have to vote to elect a member. Since the PPP has strength of 93 members, the ruling party may win four general seats out of total seven. The MQM would regain their two seats while one seat may be dished out to either the PML-Q or the PML-F if they join hands to win a seat. While two women and two technocrats seats would

also be shared by both the parties by winning one each on technocrat and women seats. So the final result may be that the PPP bags six, four seats would go to the MQM, while one seat may either go to the PML-Q or the PML-F, as both have eleven and eight members each. However, it would only be possible if the likeminded group also joins the PML-Q, otherwise, the PPP would win this seat also. So the PPP and coalition partners would have seven seats won from Sindh, while four would go to the MQM. KP ASSEMBLy: In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) As-

sembly, any candidate would at least need 18 votes to get elected on a general seat. Since the Awami National Party (ANP) is the largest political force with 49 members, the ruling party would most likely win three seats with PPP’s support, while the PPP, who has strength of 30 MPAs, may win one or two seats if the PML-Q’s six MPA decide to support coalition partners. Ten independent members may play their cards carefully and their support may also thwart chances of the MMA, who also has fourteen members. So if the MMA is able to get support from either

the PPP-Sherpao, who has six MPAs, it can win a seat, while one seat may go to those supported by independent candidates. The ANP and the PPP may win two seats each on technocrat and women seats with the support of independent MPAs and their coalition partners. So the ANP may win six seats, the PPP may get four seats, while the MMA may win one seat. BALOcHISTAN ASSEMBLy: In Balochistan, any candidate would need the support of nine members to get elected as a senator. In a House of 65 members, the PML-Q is majority party

with 18 members, but the party has been in tatters and there is no control by party chief Shujaat Hussain over his party’s MPAs. The PPP is the second largest party with a strength of 13 MPAs. Both parties would bag the lion’s share of the seven general seats. The PML-Q may win five seats, three general seats and one each on women and technocrats seats, while the PPP may also get four seats, two general and one seat each on technocrat and women seats. The MMA, mostly comprising of the JUI-F, would bag one general seat with nine MPAs, while

Balochistan National PartyAwami (BNP-A) may also get one general seat. FEDERAL cAPITAL: From the federal capital’s reserved seats, elections would be held for one general and one technocrat seat. Both seats would be won by the PPP with the support of its allies. FATA: Four people would be elected from FATA as four senators are retiring. Of the four seats, each party would field candidates as the Political Parties Act has been extended to FATA. MINORITIES: Of the four seats reserved for minorities, elections would be held

on two seats and the coalition government, the PPP, may win both slots of minority seats. Therefore, the final tally may be that the PPP likely wins 22 seats, seven seats might be bagged by the PML-N, six may go to the PML-Q, six might be grabbed by the ANP, two seats might be bagged by the MMA or the JUI-F, MQM may get another four seats and the BNP-A may win one seat. However, another four members would be elected from FATA, but since the electoral college comprises of independents, there is no clue which party would win these seats.

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