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Deer Hunter Tournament Viral and Commercial Concepts

VIRAL Momma Deer: INT. LIVING ROOM A young woman/mother is playing with her baby. She makes funny faces, causing the baby to laugh. She holds her hands up to her head like a deer, and makes silly faces and noises. Young Mom I’m a deer, I’m a deer… The baby continues giggling. All of a sudden, over shot, we hear a gun cock. We pan out to see the woman’s husband standing at the other side of the room in his full hunting outfit – holding a rifle at his wife… Husband Step away from my child, deer. The wife, startled, drops the pretend antlers. Wife Honey, it’s me. The husband drops the gun, appears flabbergasted. He runs his hand through his hair. QUICK CUT TO:

TEXT ON SCREEN: Deer QUICK CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: Are QUICK CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: Everywhere. CUT TO: TITLE CARD: Deer Hunter Tournament / (release date)

The Deer Witch Project: The style of this spot would be much like The Blair Witch Project, shot with a shaky handicam. We follow two hunters running through a wooded area. Hunter 1 stops and fires his gun in the direction of a deer. Hunter 2 You hit him? Hunter 1 I don’t know where he went. You see him? Hunter 2 Nah… Hunter 1 Weird, it’s like he just dis--

Hunter 1 pirouettes to see an angry deer, staring right at him, face to face. Hunter 2 Oh, sh--! Suddenly, the camera falls, and we hear a loud deer scream. The camera goes to static. CUT TO: SCREEN WITH TEXT: This fall, the buck stops here. CUT TO: TITLE CARD: Deer Hunter Tournament / (release date)

Hunting is Your Zen: This could either be shot in a grainy, hand-held camera style or with a more crisp, clean cinematic aesthetic: We focus on a 30-something, cool-looking hunter as he sets his sites on an unsuspecting deer. (We cut back and forth between close ups on the hunter and close ups on the deer.) Hunter (VO) This is you. This is your time to shine. You’re right where you want to be. Don’t think about Monday. Don’t think about the bills piling up. Forget the car repair… He adjusts his aim perfectly. Hunter (VO) Let her rip.

He fires the shot. He slowly pulls the rifle from his shoulder, nods his head in confidence. CUT TO: TITLE CARD: “DEER HUNTER TOURNAMENT” CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: Hunting has no season.

The Legend Of Kurt Longbow: This campaign focuses on “Legendary Hunter Kurt Longbow”. Through a series of Polaroid-style still photography, Kurt Longbow’s epic hunting life can add a humorous marketing twist while emphasizing the integrity of hunting that the target demographic is looking for. The tone of the ads will be similar to the fan-developed legends of Chuck Norris or the SNL sketches where characters ramble on about a “great” mane named Bill Brasky. Once Kurt’s legendary status is recognized by Deer Hunter fans, the campaign can branch off into several directions, chronicling different aspects of Kurt’s hunting life or having Kurt host his own “How To” viral video segments. Below is a sample segment building up the character of Kurt: Kurt’s Life This segment would be a “This Is Your Life” piece where Kurt’s supposed friends and family tell the story of Kurt growing up. Polaroid-style pictures serve as most of the visuals.

(Note: Character VO’s could be replaced by an announcer or narrator to simplify the concept.) INT. KURT’S PARENTS HOUSE – LIVING ROOM Kurt’s parents, Gerald and Geraldine Longbow, sit on a sofa covered with a deer pelt. The bottom of the sofa is left uncovered-revealing that it is made entirely of deer antlers. GERALDINE Since he was first borned, we knew Kurt was sumthin’ special PHOTO – Geraldine holds baby Kurt, complete with goatee, wrapped in a deer pelt soon after birth. GERALD (V.O.) He skinned his first buck before the Doctor could cut the cord. EXT. DEER BLIND Kurt’s childhood friend WADE, fully decked in hunting attire, sits in an elevated deer blind. WADE Growin’ up with Kurt was a lot of fun. He always had the coolest stuff. PHOTO – Kurt’s room, painted in camouflage, is filled with actual taxidermy animals rather than stuffed animals. WADE (V.O.) And boy…was he ever competitive!

PHOTO – Wade leaning against a tree with an arm covering his eyes, counting down for a game of hide and seek. A circle on the photo made with red marker indicates where Kurt hides, in full camouflage, disguised in the hedges. INT. CLASSROOM Kurt’s teacher, MRS. TORKLESON, sits at her desk. MRS. TORKLESON Kurt wasn’t always the sharpest kid in class, but he did always have the sharpest pencils. PHOTO – Show and Tell Time with Kurt showing the class the huge amount of game he’s hunted. INT. RESTAURANT A waitress named CHERYL, Kurt’s old girlfriend, tells her story. CHERYL Kurt was a hit with the ladies. PHOTO – Kurt dressed for prom in full camo suit. CHERYL (V.O.) He really knew how to make a girl feel special. PHOTO – Kurt’s first car with camouflage paint, huge rack of antlers on the grill, and deer skin seats. EXT. HUNTING LODGE A current day KURT LONGBOW, the Brawny Man of the hunting world, sits at the lodge bar with a large bow over his shoulder.

KURT I really can’t explain it… PHOTO – Kurt’s Family Christmas Tree, made out of deer antlers. KURT (V.O.) It isn’t about the glory or the stories I can tell my grandkids… PHOTO – Kurt’s Wedding Photo, all guests dressed in camouflage with deer antler decorations. KURT There’s always been plenty of food on the table. PHOTO – Kurt’s family sitting around the table made of antlers, with decorations made of antlers, and even utensils made of antlers. KURT (V.O.) I guess what it all comes down to…

PHOTO – Kurt on the hunt, puling his bow back, which is loaded with about 13 arrows. KURT Some people are just born to hunt. CUT TO BLACK: TITLE CARD: “DEER HUNTER TOURNAMENT” TEXT OVERLAY: “REAL HUNTING HAS NO SEASON”

COMMERCIAL The High-Roller Hunter (VIP): We roll through a club and end up at the VIP section. There are beautiful women everywhere and they are being drawn to this one booth like flies to a blue light. We can’t see the person in it, but women are laughing and loving every minute of it. This guy must be a real high-roller. ANGLE ON: The booth. We see a hunter in full camo with the orange vest, dog and all. HUNTER ...And there he was, swimmin’ through the swamp like he was a frog. The dog BARKS, causing everyone to laugh. GORGEOUS WOMAN 1 When are you taking me hunting? GORGEOUS WOMAN 2 Noooo, take me! HUNTER Ladies, ladies! CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: “It’s a hunter’s world.” SMASH CUT TO: Game footage of hunting action (no kills). CUT TO:

TITLE CARD: “Deer Hunter Tournament” CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: “Life is all about the hunt.”

The Wait is Almost Over: -A high schooler sits at his desk, shooting rubberbands at action figures of deer. -A guy in his mid 20’s throws snowballs at reindeer lawn ornaments. -Women at a bar throw darts at a B&W picture of a handsome, stoic deer – attached to the center of a dartboard. -Deer are on TV on a nature show. A guy in his underwear on the couch throws tater-tots at the screen. (Antler’s rest on top of the TV.) CUT TO: SCREEN WITH TEXT: The Wait is Almost Over CUT TO: TITLE CARD: DEER HUNTER TOURNAMENT / (release date) CUT TO: SCREEN WITH TEXT: Live to hunt.

It’s Tournament Time!: This ad emphasizes the tournament features of Deer Hunter Tournament.

In this viral campaign, people are watching the clock, just waiting for the moment it strikes “Tournament Time.” INT. OFFICE A man in suit, working alone, looks at the clock on the wall. The man secretly slips on a camouflage hat. CLOSE UP: A clock’s second hand ticking away. CUT TO: CLOSE UP: The same clock’s second hand continues to tick. INT. CLASSROOM PULL BACK to reveal a girl in a classroom watching the clock as she applies make-up. With eyes still on the clock, she uses her fingers to wipe black and green make-up across her cheeks. CUT TO: INT. SUBWAY CAR A twenty-something male wearing an orange hunting vest looks down at his watch as he rides the subway. CLOSE UP of the seconds flashing on a digital watch. CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM CLOSE UP of the seconds flashing on a digital clock. PULL BACK to see a man dressed entirely in camouflage, starring at the clock as he reaches for the XBOX 360 controller. We see the seconds count down, almost reaching a minute – “52…53…54…”

CUT TO: EXT. FOREST CLOSE-UP on another clock ticking away. PULL BACK and we see this clock is actually hanging from a tree in the middle of the forest. Two deer watch it tick away – “57…58…59…” SMASH CUT TO BLACK We hear the sound of an alarm. Suddenly, we have a QUICK, CLOSE SHOT of a deer looking straight at the camera – ‘deer in the headlights’. CUT TO BLACK: TEXT ON SCREEN: “It’s Tournament Time” TITLE CARD: “Deer Hunter Tournament” TEXT ON SCREEN: “Where Points Matter”

CAN’T GET AWAY?: A HUSBAND/hunter in his early 30s sits on the couch in full hunting attire, as he’s being yelled at by his attractive WIFE with a country accent: Wife Not this weekend! No, sirree!— We’ve got Nadine’s bridal shower, my brother’s coming in from Tuskegee with his new wife, Claudette…

The husband stands and heads toward another room. She follows him, continues yelling… Wife And when you gonna fix the grille? There’s no gas coming through the “gas” grille! It’s not a gas grille if there ain’t no gas – We might as well use charcoal! He shuts the door on her. Wife Joe! Don’t you dare close the door on me! Joe! INT. OTHER ROOM – CONTINUOUS The husband now plays Deer Hunter Tournament. (Show gamefootage.) He appears in ecstacy. Announcer (VO) Can’t get away? Wife (over shot) You’re still fixing the grille! Husband Love you too, honey! CUT TO: TITLE CARD: Deer Hunter Tournament CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: Hunting has no season.

Super Hunter: In a boardroom, there is a meeting going on. Eight men sit around a table in suits and ties. We focus on one man who looks a bit over weight and has a goatee. He is looking out the window, bored. Suddenly he hears a noise - it’s kind of like a duck call. He gets up from the boardroom table. MAN Excuse me. I think I left a chart in my office. He walks down the office hall. A low cinematic score begins to play. He takes off his glasses and flicks them into a random office. CUT TO:

The man is running down a street a la Superman. He rips open his shirt to reveal a camo under shirt…He rips away his pants to reveal more camo…Finally he tosses on a hat and is now is full camo attire….He turns right into a bar…Where a hunter is standing out front sounding a duck call. CUT TO: In the bar, hunters are gathered around the DEER HUNTER TOURNAMENT game…The “board room hunter” comes running up, pulls out one of the guns and starts to play CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: “WEAR THE CAMO” CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: “PACK THE AMMO”


Orange Vests: This campaign could take a very modern, stylized approach to marketing Deer Hunter Tournament. The focus would be on the bright orange colored hunting vest and how it stands out in mundane world of black and white. The tone could shift from more light-hearted humor to something intense, like the current Gatorade “Is It In You?” campaigns. A few scenarios where the concept could really stands out: - A corporate setting where everyone is in suits and ties, except for the hunter in orange. - A crowd of people at an orchestra concert, where a handful of hunters stand out in orange. - A wedding where the groom wears an orange vest. - A chef prepares a meal in an orange vest. Corresponding Copy Tags could include: TITLE CARD: DEER HUNTER TOURNAMENT and TEXT ON SCREEN: “ALWAYS PREPARED FOR BATTLE” OR “REAL HUNTING HAS NO SEASON” The corresponding music could take on a heavier tone as the images circulate on screen.

Reality Checklist: This spot could tie in Deer Hunter Tournament’s game features with a Hunter’s checklist. Set-Up: A hunter is going over his checklist of items before the hunt, which just so happen to be key game features and selling points. Corresponding game play footage intercuts the checking off of the list. CLOSE UP ON HUNTER’S LIST: A hunter’s camouflage-gloved hand uses a marker to check off each item on the list. “Item 1- An Arsenal of Weapons” CUT TO: Game footage of all the possible weapons “Item 2 – True-To-Life Animals and Environments” CUT TO: Game footage of realistic habitats and animal action “Item 3 – Weekly Tournament and User-Created Maps” CUT TO: Game footage of the online tournament environment and user map samples. CUT TO: “Item 4 – Real Hunting Simulation”

CUT TO: Gameplay footage of realistic hunting action. “Item 5 – BRAND NEW shotgun to go along with my BRAND NEW 4-wheel drive truck, that I can park in the BRAND NEW driveway of my BRAND NEW hunting lodge, where my BRAND NEW trophy case will…” Suddenly, another hand reaches down and takes the marker away. PULL BACK: We see the hunter’s wife holding the marker, standing in the living room in front of the big screen TV, where the hunter plays Deer Hunter Tournament on the XBOX 360. WIFE Not until that new big screen is off of my credit card. CUT TO: TEXT ON SCREEN: “Can’t Get Away?” TITLE CARD: Deer Hunter Tournament TEXT ON SCREEN: “REAL Hunting Has No Season”

Deer Hunter Tournament  

Wife Honey, it’s me. QUICK CUT TO: Young Mom I’m a deer, I’m a deer… A young woman/mother is playing with her baby. She makes funny faces, c...

Deer Hunter Tournament  

Wife Honey, it’s me. QUICK CUT TO: Young Mom I’m a deer, I’m a deer… A young woman/mother is playing with her baby. She makes funny faces, c...