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IAN MOORE— Leaps sky high to collect Lineout ball for Aberavon RFC























CHRIS DAVIES—Gets the ball away against rivals Neath

It is a pleasure to be able to be given the opportunity to work in the Port Talbot area promoting sport and more specifically rugby union. I have worked in the Port Talbot area for six years and the enthusiasm of the teachers and children is very refreshing. The main obstacle in my job role is having the support of the teachers, but in this situation there is nothing but supportive teachers in this area, this can only mean positive outcomes for schools, teachers and pupils. When I was a child I was fortunate to be a part of a school where we played rugby and netball every Friday without fail, also we had an A and a B team, so did the netball. Times have changed and we live in different economical climates and technology has significantly increased since I was in school—many distractions exist. However, being able to create a league system in the Port Talbot area is something I am very proud of and am very committed in continuing to develop the program and provide more opportunities for all schools. The main objective for myself is to make this a sustainable program and to create a long lasting legacy that stretches from Primary into Secondary School. Through a self interest objective also, it is important that Aberavon RFC create an environment to develop future Aberavon RFC players and to build on the future of the Wizards and a adding to a cultural and historical club. Aberavon RFC is home to many rugby greats, John Bevan, Billy Mainwaring, Allan Martin and John Collins. More recently players such as Richard Morris and Jamie Davies hold records that will never be repeated and are still playing. New stars like Ashley Beck who has been capped by Wales and plays for the Ospreys played for Aberavon for 3 years. Justin Tipuric is a British and Irish Lion, which is a huge honour for the club, this has not been done since 1977. As you can see, we are building on history … come join us and be apart of the past, present and future at Aberavon RFC—We Need You!!! 4

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Aim for 60 minutes of Physical Activity a day


Teacher Richard Thomas is a fine example of how an exceptional athlete and rugby player has successfully balanced education and playing sports. Richard has played for Aberavon RFC for over 5 years, but previously played for Cardiff Blues and the Scarlet's. Not only has he played for these teams, but also represented Wales at U16, U18

and U20 levels, which alone is an amazing achievement. Whilst achieving his sporting goals, Richard also worked hard in school gaining 10 GCSE all A’s, 5 A Levels at B’s. Richard moved on to Cardiff University where he studied BSc in Sports Science and also completed a PGCE to become a teacher. A fine example for all to follow. Well Done!!

Fitness Heart Pulse Chemicals Happy Lungs Strong


Looking back at the last season there has been plenty of highs and plenty of lows. I think as a club we have to be excited for the coming season and be proud of the way the boys finished the previous one. A lot of youngsters have established themselves within premiership rugby this year, players like Nathan Brown, Lee Purnell and Mathew Jenkins, just to name a few. With players also coming back from injury Simon and Craig will have a real headache when it comes to team selection, which I believe is an excellent thing to have within a squad, and should hold us in good stead to compete in all competitions next season. I’d like to thank ALL of you for your support over the past year; you’ve really helped me, and the squad through a tough season. You have had to show a great deal of patience at times but I’m sure next season we will have a lot more to cheer about. I know myself and all the boys are already looking forward to September, looking forward to putting the wrongs right, settling scores, but most of all giving something back to our supporters and hopefully that will be in the shape of some silver wear.

As the 2013-2014 season is fast approaching I'm delighted and honoured to say that after speaking with Simon, Craig and Andrew it has been decided that I will captain Aberavon next season. To play for Aberavon is a great honour but to be asked to captain the side and lead us into the next campaign is an even greater honour and privilege. I'd like to thank Andrew, Simon and Craig for giving me this opportunity and hope to do the role proud. As I have said I'm honoured to captain the side however now that's been decided I want to be a successful club captain and that means hitting the ground running in June when we are back in to prepare for next season. We all know we didn't fulfil out potential last season which hurts everyone players and supporters alike. We have to learn from last season and get off to a flyer this year. I'm very fortunate that within this squad we have a number of leaders and captains, with the likes of Buddah, Sam, Swanky and Jamie etc. With everyone pulling together and their support I'm confident we will have a successful season. It would be great to see those Wizards supporters who are thinking about coming back next season there shouting us on supporting Your Club Your Town Your Aberavon RFC! On behalf of myself and the players I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to seeing everyone for a successful 2013-2014. Cheers Clats!!


Aberavon RFC will be attending Aberavon beach fest 2013 on July 6th between 10am-5pm come and visit our gazebo and meet the players and join in our rugby sessions we will be delivering on the day. There will be merchandise, offers and giveaways! #CmonAfan





ABERAVON RFC—Pre Match Photo before the Quarter Final of the Swalec Cup against Swansea

BLAENBAGLAN— Before they take on Tywyn in the Costain League

TYWYN—Looking to secure an unbeaten campaign in the Costain League against Blaenbaglan


The Costain League has now run for three academic years with developments in all three years. The objectives of the league program is to create a sustainable annual sports competition with opportunities for all to participate. Aberavon RFC recognised that Port Talbot had a low level competitive sports structure, although sports were available, competition was low. Being a rugby club, Aberavon RFC obviously have made rugby the integral part of the program, however, integrating netball was crucial to the success of the program. The Costain League has seen over 10 junior school compete in each school

year, which has provided 10 regular rugby and netball teams, that’s 20 competitive teams. The 2013/14 academic year hopes to attract 16 junior school teams to the league, Impressive! Unfortunately, Costains are unable to sponsor the program which will no longer make it the ’Costain League’. Costain have been influential in getting this program started and should be credited for their support. The aim is to make this sports program sustainable and with the inevitably of involving commercial partners, sustainability is questionable. However, Aberavon RFC are currently finalising a program that has low

MULTISKILLS Coaching at St Joes Primary School

No program or event will work without participants, teams and organisations. In this case, this program would not exist if it was not for the hard work of all Headteachers, teachers, sports coordinators and learning support assistants [LSAs] within the schools. So often you see unsupportive individuals acting selfishly … Port Talbot is a breath of fresh air. When communities form for the best interests of the children, anything can happen and results will be amazing. This is

exactly the case within this program. Thanks to all the teachers at Tywyn, Blaenbaglan, St Joes, Central, Traethmelyn, St Therese, Cwmafan, Coed Hirwaun, Baglan, Eastern, Glanymor, Groes and Sandfields for regularly being involved in the league. As mentioned previously, it is hoped for more schools to join the league format which can only improve the formalities and opportunities of the league.

impact for potential commercial enterprises to be involved in the league that entails high public exposure. Either way, Aberavon RFC will deliver a competitive sports program to the junior schools. The program next academic year will entail far more than just providing sports opportunities.

There are many influential partners involved in the organisation and running of the Costain League and each deserve a mention. Ridgway's coaches have been instrumental in the league providing the logistics of the program. With the nature of schools travelling to and from schools to for fill fixtures, it is crucial to supply a professional local establishment to provide logistics of the program. As Ridgway's have other contracts to fill during the school day time, there has never been a problem from Ridgeways end in proving transport. It is a pleasure to be able to work with such enthusiastic local businesses. Lisa Jones of the WRU, who has now moved on to become a teacher was the organiser of the coaches at the venues for the pupils not participating in the competitive sport. It is very difficult to find trusting and able coaches to coach for one hour every two weeks, however, Lisa was able to achieve this. Liam Evans continued the work on from Lisa who also provided a strong link with Aberavon RFC. Steve Green of S&R Trophies provide the trophies for the Costain League, Steve is regularly used by Aberavon RFC due to his commitment to the small time frames given to him. Steve always delivers on time. Big Thanks must also go to Carolyn Greenwood (Welsh Netball) and Sharon Walters (Dyffryn Comprehensive School) for the Netball.


Tywyn Junior School have been the main competitive team in the league for three years, winning the rugby league each academic year. This season, Tywyn have really been pushed by other schools, namely Blaenbaglan and St Josephs. All three schools were in contention to the win the league in the last couple of months of the league. Blaenbaglan came the closest to beating Tywyn to reach top sport, as did Cwmafan last season. St Joes, spoilt Blaenbalgan’s league campaign by fighting to a draw at St Josephs, which turned out to be one of the games of the

As you can see in the league table Glanymor sit bottom of the league having played 10 and lost 10. This is no reflection of how Glanymor performed and how Glaymor conducted themselves at every fixture. Never was their a ‘throw the towel’ in attitude, only did children encourage. Schools such as Baglan and Eastern also fell short, but were able to win two games each. Again, with all three schools mentioned, not once did teacher or pupil have a negative attitude, and I am sure pupils along with teachers will learn just as much by losing and dealing with defeat then winning and winning alone.

season. Coincidently enough, Blaenbaglan were left to play Tywyn in Tywyn’s last game of the season. The weather was in place and the league was set for another strong fixture of rugby. Tywyn ended up beating 20-15, the game was a great spectacle, with high volumes of skills throughout. The development in skill and attitude amongst the children through this league format has been huge. Each and every pupil has represented their school with honour and can really look back at their performances with pride. The pupils have certainly left a legacy for the next pupils that will represent the school in the league structure.

Coed Hirwaun were another team that were a pleasure to work with. Coed Hirwaun found themselves utilising this year as a development year featuring many pupils from Year 4 … watch out for Coed Hirwaun in the next two years. Mid table saw Central, Traethmelyn, St Therese and Cwmafan battle to finish as high as possible. All four teams proved to be difficult to beat with Traethmelyn proving a strong force for the future. St Therese showed a good competitive spirit throughout the year as did Cwmafan. Central were very strong and had some great play-

ers. The top try scorers in the league have been very close with Logan Phillips winning on try count with four more try’s than second place Sam Jardine and Morgan Hibbard, nephew of Richard Hibbard the British and Irish Lion. Kristian O’Leary scored the majority of St Therese points with 17 tries and Alfie in 5th place.


Netball is re-establishing itself in Port Talbot through the Costain League along with the help of Neath Port Talbot PASS office and Welsh Netball. Due to participation rises, there has been developments in Netball clubs in Port Talbot and also Netball camps. The league itself has been very competitive, especially in the top 4 consisting of Tywyn, Blaenbaglan, Glanymor and St Joes. Like the rugby, the Netball league title came down to an important fixture of Tywyn V Blaenbaglan, but on the day Tywyn proved too strong winning 11-1. After Blaenbaglan’s loss they went on to lose to close rivals Baglan in the last game of the season. Tywyn, again won the league in an unbeaten campaign. This is a great achievement and is a credit to pupils and staff at the school. Although many of the schools are much smaller than Tywyn, they still battle on and show great character in every single match being played. It was great to see Baglan and Glanymor in the top 4 as it shows hard work does pay off, which is a reflection of the work ethic at the schools. In comparison to rugby, Baglan and Glanymor were in the bottom three. St Joes

finished off in 6th place winning 5 games out of 10, which is very good. Traethmelyn, Cwmafan and Central who were middle table thought hard in every game and were close on many occasions on winning much more games. Development and consistency is integral in this league and the schools are showing good understanding of this by nurturing younger talent for future league campaigns. The bottom three of Eastern, St Therese and Coed Hirwaun had disappointing seasons in terms of results, nevertheless, yes competing and competition is important but taking part and showing work ethic is also important and is sometimes a better value in sport. These three schools showed huge amounts of character each week and this is only something to be proud of. The most impressive player of the league was Libby Port-Lincoln scoring 72 goals, which is 45 more goals than Maisey Finimor who finished in second place. Libby is a tall girl with great accuracy and was an integral player in Tywyn’s league campaign. Below Libby in the goal scoring table were very much a close encoun-

ter between the four girl, Maisey Finimor [27], Martha Cornish [24] and Alysha Stokes [22]. Next year’s league will be ran in closer conjunction with Welsh Netball and Dragon Netball rules will be used throughout the league for consistency and validity. With the league in its up and coming fourth year, it is important that we continue to thrive for excellence, competiveness and development. All can be achieved through this league process. It has already be noted that an increase in participation in secondary schools is an outcome of this league, this is down to the schools driving participants to take part. We encourage you to do more and we encourage more to take part. Representing your school is a big honour and bigger success can occur with the right attitude and application.







14st 2lbs











Jamie Davies has been a loyal servant for Aberavon RFC for more than 10 years. The Margam welder played rugby for Aberavon Quins before making the move up town to the Wizards. Since joining the Wizards, Jamie has become a formidable force in the Welsh Premiership—dominating headlines and breaking records. Jamie is still currently

playing rugby for Aberavon Wizards and does not seem to be slowing up through age. Jamie seems to be enjoying his rugby and whilst one continues to enjoy rugby and produce emphatic consistent performances as Jamie does, than who knows how long Jamie and keep going and how far he can push records. Outside half’s have come to

Aberavon in hope to push Jamie aside, but have miserably failed, which is a credit to only Jamie. We caught up with Jamie to ask him views on Aberavon RFC and admired opponents and how important he thinks developing rugby in Port Talbot is.

Being from Port Talbot and representing Aberavon for so long, how has that made you feel? Being from PT I'm very proud to play and represent Aberavon. Growing up me and my mates always went to watch them playing on Saturday afternoon's so to be playing for them now is a real honour. How have you kept so fit and healthy over the years? Obviously playing for Aberavon you have to be fit. The team trains twice a week and it's important to attend every training session. But when I can I do some extra training in the gym I find this gives helps me when I'm playing on the weekend. You are a record points scorer ... how often do you practice your kicking? I try to practice kicking at least twice a week, I stay behind after training and try to go through all the different types of kicking I'll use in a game. Goal kicking, kicking out of hand and drop kicking. What is the most remembered moment in your rugby ca-

reer? I think the thing I remember most in my rugby career is representing the Barbarians. It was a huge honour for me and the club and a chance to play with some great players and coaches. Who was your childhood hero? Why? My childhood hero growing up was Jonathan Davies. He was such a great player, he had everything you need as a outside half. He was probably the reason why I wanted to play outside half. What advice would you give to children in schools about playing rugby? The advice I

would give is play rugby as much as you can. Be in break time or after school. Listen to the coach/teacher who is taking the session and enjoy it. Who is the best opponent you have played against? The best opponent I have come up against has to be James Hook. He really is a class act, and has gone on to have a fantastic career.



Who is the best teammate you have ever had? Best team mate I've ever had that's a tough one. It has to be Ian Moore. He really leads from the front and gives everything in every game we play. What outside half would you have most wanted to play against? I would of loved to have played against Jonny Wilkinson. He is regarded as one of the best outside half's in the world and there is no one with more commitment and dedication than him. As a 10, having an important partnership with the scrum half, what scrum half would you have liked to play with the most? Why? A scrum half who I really admire is Mike Phillips. To play with him would be a real pleasure he's big enough to shrug of defenders but also has some great skills. What is the highlight

about playing for Aberavon? For me the highlight about playing for Aberavon is it's a real family club that welcomes everybody and has great support. There's no super star's in the side and we all work for each other.

JAMIE and CHRIS DAVIES— Representing Aberavon RFC for the Barbarians in Scotland


DID YOU KNOW? Jamie Davie’s nickname is


JAMIE DAVIES—Still knows the way to the try line (try versus Beddau)


Hi all … I am Simon King and I am th coach of Th e head e Aberavon Wizards. I h problem. I h ave a ave to pick a 2 3 p la yer squad fo the new sea r son, but the W R U (Welsh Ru Union) have gby asked me to try and mak numbers on e up the a calculator. S o c a n you help me make the n umber 1-23 on a calcula tor only using the bu tton’s 2, 3, +, -,

= and clear.

NOTES 1. 2.

In the box on the left, right down in the notes section how you made each squad number on


the calculator, using 2, 3, +, = and clear.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

SIMONG KING and CHRIS DAVIES— celebrating a semi-final win against Llandovery

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.


berant coach the A ta is ss a e th Opps ‌ I am a bit of a have ran into I d n a s rd a iz von W sked me d coach has a a e h e th y g in e problem. K 8 players of th n o rt o p re ll n to make a fu all he has give d n a d a u sq s ard Aberavon Wiz with my n you help me a C s. re tu ic p te of me is their eir names, da th d n fi to e v problem? I ha and weight. births, height

The pictures of the players needed by Kingy are below, in the box below each photo, add the information required by coach Warlow.










Ex-WIZARD TIPURIC— Now a British and Irish Lion


Justin Tipuric is touring Australia with the British and Irish Lions. Playing for the British and Irish Lions is the aim of every rugby player’s career, with it being the highest possible level that you can play at. Being chosen to represent the Lions out of all the teams in the British Isles, that include England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a huge achievement, what makes it even better for Aberavon RFC is that 2 years ago Justin was playing for the Wizards. Justin’s achievement is a credit to only him as his hard work, dedication and positive attitude has got him to where he is now. With a tough battle with Wales captain Sam Warburton for the Welsh 7 jersey, Tipuric proved what he can do in that amazing win against England in the six nations. Tipuric hails from Trebanos, a small village in the Swansea valley, he came to Aberavon RFC as a youngster through the Ospreys development program. After a successful three full seasons for Aberavon, he was rewarded with a full time professional contract at the Ospreys making his debut against Aironi in 2010. Justin also played for Wales Sevens in the same season in 2010. It was from here that Justin really grew as a player. Justin was soon handed the 7 jersey at

We can all follow the footsteps of Justin Tipuric and apply his success in anything that we do in our life's. In Justin’s case, he wanted to be a great rugby player and he is still on that path. What we can take away

the Ospreys, which he kept, establishing himself as a first team player in a tough competitive back row. Through positive attitude and performances, Justin was soon made captain of the Ospreys in Alun Wyn Jones’s absence. Justin flourished in this role and it was soon recognised by Wales of his serious potential. Justin was called up into the Welsh squad for training where he again continued to impress and made his senior debut against Argentina in

August 2011. Two years on, in 2013, Justin gave great performances In the six nations which ultimately earned him a place on the British and Irish Lions Tour to Australia. This is a huge achievement for anyone, and considering Justin has achieved this all in the space of 3 years after his first Ospreys start is very impressive. This shows that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve great things. Justin represented Aberavon RFC and has achieved greatness.

JUSTIN TIPURIC— Calling the shots for Aberavon RFC

from his success is his attitude, bravery and commitment to succeed. Apply this to your school work, behaviour, sport, healthy eating, physical activity or learning a new skill. Work hard and you will be rewarded.

LION— Tipuric’s first game


Aberavon Netball club started in September 2012. The club was set up for two hours on a Saturday morning at Baglan Boys Club. The two time slots are from10-11am for school years 7,8,9,10 &11 (comprehensive schools), and from 11-12pm for children in school Years 4,5 & 6 (primary schools). The cost is £2.00, which helps to pay for the hire of the boys club. The comprehensive group have children from a number of different schools, Dyffryn, Sandfields Glanafan, St Joseph, Ystalyfera they are a mixed age with a two under 14’s teams. Next year there will be a under 16’s anyone wishes to help with funding. If anyone is interesting in jointeam, and a under 14’s team. The parents are very supportive to- ing the club please contact Sharon Walters on the number or email wards the club, with helping to transport to games, and advertising address below. to other parents. The club offers the children the opportunity to meet new friends and learn a new sport, and gain a confidence in their playing ability. At present the teams do not train, but the teams are playing games every week against clubs within the Neath Port Talbot and Swansea areas. The teams will start back training on Saturday September 7th 2013. We are always looking 18 for new members. We are also looking for a sponsor for a kit, if

CHAMPIONS— St Joes Primary School

St Joes were crowned champions on the annual Baglan Bay Powerstation rugby cup beating Blaenbaglan in the final. The BBPS cup follows the Costain League to end an exciting campaign with a knockout competition, as we all know, it is about who is best on the day that will stand the best chance of winning. St Joes coached by Aberavon RFC’s flanker Joe Tomplin-Reeves had an outstanding tournament, beating Costain League winners Tywyn in the semi-final. Star performer, Alfie TomlinReeves, brother of Joe gave an outstanding performances throughout the whole day. Blaenbaglan got to the final by beating Traethmelyn in the quarter-final and then beating St Therese’s in the semi-final. Blaenbaglan were a stand out team in the Costain League and also in the BBPS Cup. The game against St Joes in the final was one of the best spectacles of rugby seen.

The competition did not only contain a cup competition, there was also a plate ALFIE TOMLIN-REEVES in competition which saw Central play Cwmafan in the plate final, where Central just action edged the win in a thrilling final. Throughout the whole day the rugby standard was at a high especially in the knockout stages. The weather was perfect and the day could not have gone better. Many people observed the standard of rugby and everyone thoughts were the same, impressive!! With the inclusion of netball in the Costain League, the BBPS cup now also contains a netball competition. Dragon Netball rules were adopted for this day as the netball was ran by Welsh Netball. Tywyn, the winners of the Costain League also triumphed and won the BBPS cup for the netball as they beat St Joes in the final. The plate competition was won by Cwmafan who beat St Therese in the plate final.

ST JOES—Collect their awards

Fortunately, Baglan Bay Power Station [BBPS] will again be sponsoring the Aberavon RFC program for another season which is great news. The support from BBPS is greatly valued as this element of the program funds interventions held at the school, merchandise, transport, educational visits to the power station and festivals/ competitions. BBPS formally ‘GE’ have been key partners with Aberavon RFC since 2006, since the change over of personal at the power station, it is obvious that community links is vital for the company. Commercial involvement from business in the Port Talbot area is needed to be able to provide strong, positive opportunities for the children of the town. Aberavon RFC are very grateful for BBPS involvement and are hopeful it continues for a very long time. 19

A new children's area will be present at Aberavon RFC this coming season run by professional play workers from NPT Councils play works department. There will be arts, crafts, games and much more to do on match days at Aberavon RFC, so come along

and watch the Wizards play and don't worry about your children running wild! Entry to Aberavon games is just £8 for field or £12 for the stand or take advantage of our Free U16s season ticket and pay just £5pp per game.

Aberavon RFC, your local premiership rugby side a feeder club to the Ospreys region and talent producer need your support for 2013-14, we want to see more families at the club and younger members, made up of mainly local players Aberavon RFC A rugby football union club located in the industrial South Wales town of Port Talbot. Founded in 1876, The Wizards are a member club of the Welsh Rugby Union, and compete in the Principality Building Society Premiership, the British & Irish Cup and the Swalec Cup. Season ticket details are announced shortly so take a look at our website.


At the annual Principality Premiership Awards at the Millennium Stadium on Tuesday night, the Aberavon Kitchen Ladies won the "Unsung Hero Award" for their commitment and undeniable hard work for the club. Wing Stefan Andrews won the Try of the Season for a length of the field score in April. This is a new award was introduced this year, voted for by Principality Premiership Facebook fans.


For anyone looking to increase their The role of the coach skills as a coach and further develop Working with Children children's rugby skills at club and school level, then have a look at the UKCC Level Basic Laws of the Game 1 Rugby Course. Health and Safety The course provides coaches with an Unit 2: introduction to the game of rugby union Plan Rugby Union Coaching Sessions and the principles and practice of safe, ethical and effective management and Planning for Delivery of Coaching Sescoaching of players of all ages. The sions course qualifies the coach to act as an assistant to a more qualified coach. The Unit 3: Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rugby Deliver Rugby Union Coaching Sessions Union aims to develop a coach's ‘How to Principles of Warm up and Cool Down Coach’ skills as well as improve their 'What to coach Skills'. The course is a Skill Development (Generic and position modular course made up of the followspecific skills) ing units: Communication Skills Unit 1: Observation of Performance Introduction to Safe and Ethical Rugby Union

There is a course available this summer (2013) at Swansea University through the Ospreys Coach Development Team. Details are below:

Welsh Netball have yet to release dates for coach education courses for the summer of 2013. Dates will be released as soon as Welsh Netball release them. Below is the qualification that would be needed to enhance knowledge and skills to educate children:

Netball specific content game skills Basic

certificate in Netball, it would be advised to contact Welsh Netball.




Passing & catching


Carolyn Greenwood


The Starting Out Award is particularly useful for the beginner/inexperienced netball coach. This award is an introduction to netball coaching, it is not a qualification only a familiarisation award. Welsh Netball advise that you should attend a Starting Out Award course before entering onto the UKCC ladder. The award covers the following skills:


7 Aug 2013, 9 Aug 2013 11 Aug 2013

Start Time: Deadline: Price: Contact:

18 Aug 2013 6pm 8 Jul 2013 £140 Dan Owens 07779 656 223

Attack Defence Game plans Centre Pass Through court PRICE:


Further more, if one would like to obtain a formal qualification from UKCC Level 1


GREENSTARS Aberavon Greenstars have a great mini-rugby section running from U7’s to U16’s If you would like to play for Aberavon Greenstars, contact details are below: Green Stars RFC

TAIBACH Taibach are a illustrious club home to the newly British and Irish Lion— Richard Hibbard. Taibach has a great club house with good atmosphere. Although Taibach do not have a full mini-rugby section, there is an under 12 team.

Sitwell Way

Taibach RFC

Little Warren

Commercial Road

TATA Sports Club Grues Field Margam

SA13 2AD 01639 897506

01639 884599

SA12 6BP

TATA steel have a full mini section from U7-U13’s and are located in Margam.

Port Talbot

Port Talbot

Port Talbot


Call Mike Dyer for more information

Taibach RFC have an Under 12 team that is ideal for a progression once moved into secondary school

TATA would be an ideal club for any children living in the Margam area. The club house is large with lots going on. Call for more information





Aberavon Quins do not have a mini section but are a strong club from U16 and upwards.

Baglan are a prosperous club with an exciting junior section, ideal for children in the Baglan area

Cwmavon are the home club of many of the current Wizards players. Cwmavon have a mini section

Aberavon Quins RFC

Baglan RFC

Cwmafan RFC

Harlequin Road

Thorney Road

Depot Road

Port Talbot

Port Talbot

Port Talbot

SA12 6UP

SA12 6UP

SA12 9BA

01639 884612

01639 812010

01639 898356

There are many rugby clubs in Port Talbot offering different levels of age related teams, the list above spreads across the geographical area of Port Talbot offering a rugby club in no more than a 2 mile radius from your home. Aberavon RFC urge you to join one of these clubs and get playing CLUB rugby. It is vital that rugby development is kept on a high importance, along with keeping these clubs alive. JOIN YOUR LOCAL TEAM!!

Tuesday 2nd July Dyffryn Comprehensive School (Upper) 4pm to 5.30pm Thursday 4th July Aberavon Beach 4pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 9th July Dyffryn Comprehensive School (Upper) 4pm to 5.30pm Thursday 11th July Aberavon Beach 4pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 16th July Dyffryn Comprehensive School (Upper) 4pm to 5.30pm Thursday 18th July Aberavon Beach 4pm to 5.30pm Tuesday 30th July Aberavon Green Stars 2pm to 4pm Thursday 1st August Aberavon Beach 2pm to 4pm Tuesday 6th August Taibach RFC 2pm to 4pm Thursday 8th August Aberavon Beach 2pm to 4pm Tuesday 13th August Cwmavon RFC 10am to 12 noon Thursday 15th August Aberavon Beach 10am to 12 noon


I love going to the Port T schoo albot. ls in I am fro Talbo m Por t mys e t lf and nothi there ng be i s tt e r than to hel return p the schoo ing l s — Joe To mlin-R eeves


Joe Tomlin-Reeves




14st 5lbs


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Aberavon RFC are very active in the community and thrive on engaging with schools and other elements of the community to develop rugby and to also raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. One of EDUCATION—From the core objectives for sponsors Baglan Aberavon RFC is to Bay PowerStation engage with the local business to forge partnerships to aid in delivering key fundamental messages into the community, especially amongst children. The nature of the players at Aberavon RFC are that they are not full time players, the Wizards have semi-professional players that have full time day jobs. It is therefore very difficult to always get the players involved. However, there are many players willing to give up their time to engage with the local community to give back to grassroots rugby. Local players such as Darryl Thomas, Ian Moore and Jamie Davies are key members of the squad and give up their time freely. Youngsters like Joe Tomlin-Reeves, Stefan Andrews and Evan Yardley are also other members who also engage in the community. Aberavon RFC have worked with Baglan Bay Powerstation, Warburton's and Costains to deliver community programs, whilst all programs are different and are delivered to different age groups. For the next academic year, more businesses will be involved, giving back to the community and showing the importance of working in partnership with the Wizards to promote rugby and healthy living. Aberavon RFC need as much support as possible from commercial organisations. If you can help and are interested in creating and providing a positive community, then contact us. 24

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TAG RUGBY— Evan Yardley and JTR demonstrate at Groes Primary

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Evan Yardley




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Aberavon RFC are a family run club and want to be able to welcome families down to watch Aberavon RFC play at the Talbot Athletic Ground. Home games will feature regular visits from the Police and Fire Service offering activities for children. Also, other children’s activities will be available on home games to keep the children entertained. Aberavon also have opportu-

nities for children to become mascots and for teams to be in the guard of honour. Not only do we have entertainment for children, for the adults the Wizards will supply great food and drink, amazing atmosphere and fantastic display of rugby from the boys. We urge you to come down to at least one home game to experience it all for yourself. Fixture to be released soon.


AND Aberavon RFC players are dedicated to eating well for performance. The right foods help the players to stay focused, fit and makes them feel full of energy. Some of our players before coming to Aberavon RFC were unfit and felt sluggish—this was due to poor food choices. Eating a lot of biscuits, sweets and chocolates is very nice, but it is those types of foods that make us gain weight, the unwanted weight. If we add a lack of

Hi … My name is Rowan Jenkins an d I am a prop forw ard. I am known for being overweigh t, so I did something about it. I ditched all sugary drinks for water and changed ch ocolate to fruit. Now … I feel amazing and I am no long er known as bein g overweight ...Ch ange Now!

Wales is one of the leading countries in the world for high levels of child obesity and is the leading country in the United Kingdom. These are scary FACTS!! It is about time we ALL started to do something about it.

physical activity also, then gaining weight is easier. This is something that not just happens with children but with adults all the same. Some of the Aberavon RFC players offer some tips for making the right food choices and some players make some confessions that led them to unwanted weight gain. With the summer months coming and the long break that children have away from school, Aberavon RFC urge children to make the right choice when it comes to food and to also participate in daily physical activity. As Rowan Jenkins points out, making small adjustments in your food choices can make all the difference, leaving room for the occasional ‘desired’ foods. There is a long list to the right showing what types of food you can swap for a more healthier option. ger a win m a I fast re … ws he o stay t e r e d n m nA eals nt for Stefa porta ght m i r m i e s i h t ave a and it eating re I h u o s s , e an I mak every and le must. ble in a a t s e i g e conr ve for m must t ruit o a f e f I o n and meal portio rates Every d . y t h a o e b I nce is of car meal l bala rtion a o e p m a tain t my l plan so tha y mea n i m e s t i o pr elow lete. B comp

Stefan’s Meal Plan 8am: Warburton's Pitta Bread with Peanut Butter and Banana 11am:Apple with Oat Biscuits 2pm: Wholemeal Ham Sandwich with Salad (lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber) 5pm: Pineapple and Greek Yoghurt 8pm: Lasagne with Broccoli

Stefan points out above, he thinks it is very important that he eats a piece of fruit or vegetable at every meal. These can include an apple with breakfast, a banana at break time, salad in a healthy sandwich at lunchtime , pineapple in your second break and finally some broccoli or carrots in an evening meal—That is easily 5 portions a day— this should be your target. See if you can point out Stefan’s 5 a day? 26

CHALLENGE Physical activity is important in all of our lives … especially in children. Now, you may not be the sporty type of person or the most active person, but Aberavon RFC believe that competition is everything. This can be to compete against one friend, two friends, the class—you can even be in competition with yourself. Know who you are in competition with. Aberavon RFC have designed a physical activity program that will get you fitter without trying that hard. All it takes is a little bit of commitment and dedication and you are already half way there. You

ready for the challenge?? Are you ready to improve? Are you ready to go into school in September fitter, faster and stronger?? Then read on … If you are reading this now, you have accepted the challenge … no backing out now. Right. Before you leave school for the summer holidays you should perform as many press-ups as you can in 1minute, how many sit-ups you can do in 1minute and finally how many burpees you can do in one minute. Do this and then write down your scores on a piece of paper and put in somewhere safe.

REMEMBER you do not have to show anyone your scores or tell anybody your scores. After you have completed the 6-week physical activity program, it will be time to do the test again. How many press-ups in 1 minute, sit-ups in 1 minute and lastly how many burpees in 1 minute. Write down your scores and then go and find the piece of paper you hid away with you last results on and compare and look at the improvement. Pat yourself of the back. Now the hard work starts …. Continue what you have achieved.

Every day of the summer school holidays complete this physical activity session. 2 x Press Ups 2 x Sit Ups 2 x Burpees 1 minute jog on the spot DO THIS 3 TIMES Increase the number of press-ups , sit-ups and burpees by 2 each week. It should look like this: Week 1 2 of everything Week 2 4 of everything Week 3 6 of everything Week 4 8 of everything Week 5 10 of everything Week 6 12 of everything

Knowing what is in the food or drink that you are about to eat is easy. Most foods/drinks have nutrition labels on the back of the packaging and should also contain GDA’s Once you have done 6(Guideline Daily Amounts). The nutrition label show you how much fat, protein , carboweeks and are back at hydrate, calories and salt are in the item you are looking at. This can tell you a lot. GDA’s school. It is now time to do the test again. show you how much nutrition you should be getting each day, with a percentage of the item you are looking at which is how much of your intake will be from the food/drink you are looking at. The GDA example below is what you should be looking for, this one here is an example of a child's GDA. In the blank white circles is where you would find the percentage of what a product contains from this GDA. On the RIGHT is a picture of a child’s favourite—a bottle of coke. As you can see in the GDA 500g bottle boxes that Sugar levels in this bottle are very high at 27g which is 29% (31% for Children) of your daily allowance. Clever enough … if you read closely, this is only for half of the bottle. So lets double the figures. 54g of sugar is in this bottle of coke making it 60% (63% for Children) ALARMING! Start to read and understand what you put into your body. Do not make DO’s and DON’T’s about what to eat and what not to eat. Start making SMART choices and enjoy your food and feel great from the food you eat. 27


Wizards Community Magazine July 2013  
Wizards Community Magazine July 2013