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Premium Vodka and Lounge Experience

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Aubrey Belford Scott Ledford Haleigh Hoff Shane Murphy 1



Situa/on Overview  and  Analysis   Audience   Compe//on  and  Industry   Posi/oning   Strategies  and  Tac/cs  

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•               Customer  Rela/onship  Management   •                 Promo/ons   •                 Social  Media   •                 Public  Rela/ons   •                 Adver/sing  Crea/ve   •                 Objec/ves  

Media Calendar   Budget   Evalua/on   Conclusion  

12 13   14   15   21   24  

26 30   31   32   2  


In a   city   known   for   college   bars   and   breweries,   it’s   easy   to   feel   that   unique,   upscale  op:ons  are  limited.       Jewel   seeks   to   enhance   the   downtown   scene   by   providing   a   crisp   flavored   vodka   experience   in  a  cosmopolitan  social  seAng.  


Strengths •  We  will  be  the  first  vodka  of  Reno.   •  Our  vodka’s  purity  and  variety  of  flavors  is  unparalleled.   •  The  near-­‐river  loca/on  is  easy  to  access  and  near  other  local  hot  spots.   •  Jewel  offers  an  elegant  alterna/ve  to  the  downtown  bar  scene.   Weaknesses   •  Our  emphasis  on  vodka  may  deter  poten/al  customers  who  prefer  other   alcoholic  drinks.     •  Lack  of  ini/al  understanding  may  make  it  difficult  to  differen/ate  Jewel  from  local   bars  and  clubs.   Opportuni$es   •  Lack  of  other  upscale  venues  allows  Jewel  to  be  a  unique  experience.   •  Our  audience  may  not  want  to  socialize  with  younger  drinkers,  who  tend  to   gather  in  bars  downtown.   Threats   •  Reno’s  more  gri[y  reputa/on  may  threaten  the  sophis/cated  image  that  we   seek.   •  Several  downtown  bars  with  a  well-­‐established  image  and  loyal  clientele.     •  Younger,  rowdier  downtown  dwellers  may  become  a[racted  to  the  lounge  area.   5  

Our target  audience  is  women  aged  23-­‐35.   Women  this  age  are  more  likely  to  drink   flavored  vodkas  over  any  other  type  of   spirit.     Our  secondary  audience  is  men  of  the  same   age  range.  Men’s  palates  change  over  /me,   but  many  drink  vodka  when  it  is  available.   6  

–  49% of  Reno’s  popula/on  is  female   –  31.5%  of  those  women  are  within  our  target  age  group   –  The  University  of  Lancaster  released  a  study  finding  that   educated  and  professional  women  were  more  likely  to  be   drinkers  than  man.   –  Conversa/ons  with  women  in  our  target  audience  affirms   that  our  target  looks  for  a  classier,  more  sophis/cated   experience  with  friends  and  loved  ones.   –  According  to  Gallup  81%  of  people  making  more  than  75k   per  year  drink,  and  79%  of  those  are  college  graduates.   –  These  women  look  for  somewhere  that  they  can  go  with  a   small  group  of  close  friends  once  or  twice  a  week  to  enjoy  a   more  mature  and  upscale  experience.      


•  Direct Compe/tors   –  Three  Olive,  Pinnacle,  Smirnoff,  Svedka,   Absolut,  Sapphire,  Lincoln  Lounge,  Edge,   Bubinga,  Chocolate  Bar,  St.  James  Infirmary,   Imperial.  

•  Who are  our  indirect  compe/tors?   –  The  Li[le  Waldorf  Saloon,  The  Corkscroo,   Freight  House  District.   8  

•  • 

Vodka sales  are  on  the  rise.   Smirnoff  posted  a  7%  sales  increase     –  310  Million  750mL  bo[les    

•  Absolut  sales  rose  15%   •  Three  Olives  seen  as  the  up  and  coming  “Ultra-­‐premium”  flavored  vodkas.   –  One  of  the  most  popular  flavored  vodkas  on  the  market.  


Vodka is  a  versa/le  spirit  both  low  and  high  quality   –  Smirnoff  and  Pinnacle  are  both  3  /mes  dis/lled   •  • 

This translates  in  to  a  harsher  tas/ng  vodka   Both  are  on  the  lower  price  spectrum,  ranging  from  $7.99-­‐9.99(750mL)  to  $14.99-­‐16.99(1.75L)  

–  Three Olives  is  dis/lled  and  filtered  4  /mes   •  • 


Much smoother  flavor   Prices  range  from  $10.99(750mL)  to  $18.99(1.75L)  

Vodka market  is  strong  in  Reno  

–  Vodka averages  58.7%  of  all  spirits  sales  


Steady amount  of  sales  

–  Market rarely  dips   –  Vodka  market  is  not  affected  by  seasons   –  Local  bars  have  done  a  $10  special   • 

Pay $10,  get  vodka  drinks  for  free  from  8pm-­‐10pm  

–  Universal clientele.   –  Depending  on  the  event,  vodka  can  suit  any  occasion  


“We are  the  vodka  that  blends  flavor  with   sophis:ca:on.”  


We will  promote  Jewel  as  Reno’s  premier  vodka  and  lounge  experience  through  a   myriad   of   methods,   with   increased   emphasis   on   online   and   entertainment   publica/on  marke/ng.    

  These   efforts   should   promote   awareness   and   curiosity   for   poten/al   customers   and  reinforce  the  choices  of  current  customers.        Sales  promo/ons  and  exclusive  membership  to  our  Diamond  Club  will  be  used   to   foster   our   rela/onship   with   returning   Jewel   customers   and   encourage   them   to   become   advocates   of   the   brand   by   invi/ng   others   to   accompany   them   on   future   visits.        Online  outlets  such  as  Facebook  and  the  Jewel  website  will  act  as  the  primary   medium   for   special   offers,   promo/ons,   events,   and   online   customer   interac/on.   These  outlets  will  be  integrated  and  feature  links  to  each  other  so  that  guests  may   easily   interact   with   our   various   online   plalorms.   Printed   adver/sements   in   local   publica/ons  will  be  used  to  promote  the  brand  itself  and  direct  viewers  to  the  online   outlets  for  further  informa/on.        Comment  cards  offering  a  voucher  for  50%  off  a  customer’s  next  drink  will  be  a   primary   source   of   feedback   for   us.   On   these,   customers   will   fill   out   informa/on   regarding   where   and   how   they   found   out   about   the   different   aspects   of   Jewel   (vodka,  dis/llery,  lounge,  specials,  events,  etc).     11  

•  Our goal:  We  want  to  encourage  loyalty  between  our   customers  and  brand  through  displays  of  apprecia/on.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  Customers  who  sign  up  for  the  Diamond   Club  will  receive  special  offers  and  access  to  our  VIP   ameni/es  and  events  on  a  weekly  basis.   •  Objec/ve:  We  would  like  to  accept  30  Diamond  Club   members  in  our  first  ac/ve  month,  and  at  least  200  total  by   the  end  of  the  fiscal  year  (June  2013).   •  Evalua/on:  We  will  keep  track  weekly,  monthly,  and  yearly   track  of  how  many  members  we  have  enrolled  in  our   Diamond  Club.     12  

•  Our goal:  Expand  the  Jewel  customer  base  by  encouraging   customers  to  bring  friends  along  on  their  next  visit.  We  want   to  promote  Jewel  as  a  social  drink,  as  well  as  fill  our  venue.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  Virtual  coupons  will  be  e-­‐mailed  to  Diamond   Club  members  at  least  every  two  months  that  allows   customers  to  receive  a  5%  discount  for  each  friend  that  they   bring,  up  to  four  friends.   •  Objec/ve:  We  want  our  vodka  to  be  enjoyed  by  groups  of  4-­‐5   people,  on  average.   •  Evalua/on:  Hostesses  and  bartenders  will  note  the  coupon   code  and  discount  amount  on  a  receipt.   13  

•  Our goal:  We  want  to  appeal  and  give  back  to  our  target   audience,  as  well  as  increase  a[endance  on  weekdays.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  Every  Monday-­‐Thursday  night,  ladies  receive   a  voucher  for  one  free  drink,  redeemable  between  8-­‐10pm.   •  Objec/ve:  To  serve  at  least  30  women  during  redeemable   hours  each  weeknight.   •  Evalua/on:  We  will  count  the  number  of  vouchers  redeemed   at  the  end  of  the  night.  


•  Our goal:  We  want  to  encourage  trust  between  our   customers  and  brand  through  transparency  and  online   interac/on.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  Jewel  will  foster  a  dialogue  between   customers  and  the  brand  by  responding  to  Jewel-­‐related   comments,  posts,  and  tags  on  a  daily  basis.   •  Objec/ve:  We  will  respond  to  at  least  70%  of  this  content  per   week.   •  Evalua/on:  On  a  weekly  basis,  we  will  compare  the  amount   of  Jewel-­‐related  content  on  Facebook  to  the  number  of   comments  we  post.   15  



•  Our goal:  We  want  to  increase  awareness  of  our  special   events  and  promo/ons  by  expanding  our  outreach  through   community  calendars.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  We  will  build  a  rela/onship  with  and  submit   our  monthly  events  to  local  event  calendars  and  mobile   apps,  such  as  Dibbs.   •  Objec/ve:  We  would  like  10%  of  our  guests  to  find  out  about   our  events  through  these  calendars.     •  Evalua/on:  The  aforemen/oned  comment  card  will  include   event  calendars  as  an  area  of  promo/on.  We  will  then  count   the  number  of  responses.   18  

•  Our goal:  We  want  to  increase  awareness  of  our  brand   through  involvement  in  alcohol-­‐related  community  events.   •  How  we’ll  do  it:  We  will  sponsor  or  par/cipate  in  events  and   fes/vals  such  as  wine  walks,  beer  crawls,  and  Artown.   •  Objec/ve:  We  would  like  to  have  a  presence  at  at  least  10   Reno  events  per  year  (see  calendar  for  exact  dates  and   events).   •  Evalua/on:  We  will  count  how  many  events  we  have  either   sponsored  or  par/cipated  in  by  hos/ng  related  drink   specials,  etc.   19  


Our goal:  Create  awareness  and  interest  in  the  Jewel  brand  for  non-­‐users   through  media  involvement  and  efficient  integra/on  of  our  marke/ng   components.  We  also  want  to  reinforce  our  posi/on  as  a  sophis/cated  vodka.  


How we’ll   do   it:   Our   Facebook   and   online   ads   will   link   directly   to   the  

company website.   The   company   website   will   also   provide   links   to   special   offers,   the   Jewel   Facebook   page   and   any   published   ar/cles   or   event   calendars  that  men/on  Jewel.  The  Facebook  page  will  also  link  to  our  special   offers,  the  website,  ar/cles,  and  calendars.   –  We  will  adver/se  through  various  online  outlets,  as  well  as  in  local  entertainment  and  event   websites  and  publica/ons.   –  – 

In Print:  Reno  Tahoe  Tonight,  Sagebrush,  Reno  Gaze[e  Journal,  Reno  News  &  Review   Online/Mobile:  Sidebar/banner  ads  on  Facebook,  RGJ’s  Metromix,  Yelp,  Smart  Phone  Apps  


Objec/ve: We  want  40%  of  first-­‐/me  visitors  to  find  us  through  these   promo/onal  means.  


Evalua/on: To  redeem  a  voucher  for  50%  off  their  next  drink,  guests  may  fill  out   a  comment  card  that  asks  how  they  ini/ally  heard  about  Jewel.  We  will  then   count  the  responses  in  each  area  or  promo/on.   20  

This ad   would   run   for   the   first   2   quarters   of   our  calendar.   This   will   be   the   first   adver/sement   people   would   see,   no/cing   our   clean,   sophis/cated   style.    


These adver/sements  would  run  on  website  sidebars   and   Facebook     throughout   our   first   2   quarters   of   being  open  to  give  people  an  idea  of  our  style.     22  

The company   website   will   feature   easy-­‐to-­‐navigate   pages     with   informa/on   regarding   dis/llery   and   lounge   hours  of  opera/on,  menus,  special  offers,  pricing,  Diamond  Club  access,  and  social  media  links.  


The Jewel   Facebook   page   will   be   used   to   adver/se   upcoming   events   and   specials,   as   well   as   foster   the   rela/onship   that   we   have   with   customers.   On   the   page,   we   will   frequently   respond   to   user   comments   and    post  drink  recipes  featuring  Jewel  vodka.  


Monthly Averages   •  •  •  •  •  • 

Website hits:  500  unique  visitors   Banner  ad  click  through  rate:  0.5%   Social  Media  response  rate*:  70%   Facebook  “likes”:  200   Coupon  redemp/on:  30%   Special  event  a[endance:  250  (per  night)  

*This refers  to  the  percentage  of  Jewel-­‐related  content  on  Facebook  that  we  reply  to  or  “like”  








25% 35%  

10%  Crea/ve  Produc/on   35%    Media  Buys   20%    Special  Events  (In-­‐house)   25%    Specials/Giveaways   10%    Sponsorships  



Customer feedback   will   be   our   primary   method   of   determining   whether   we   have   succeeded   in   our   methods.   Comment   cards,   reviews,   and   social   media   feedback  will  all  be  used  in  this  evalua/on.  

  Overall   profits   will   also   let   us   know   how   well   our   adver/sing   efforts   have   worked,   especially   during   special  events.         In   addi/on,   each   tac/c   has   its   own   method   of   evalua/ng   success,   which   we   will   always   take   into   considera/on  when  preparing  for  the  years  to  come.   31  

Our integrated  marke:ng  communica:ons   plan  not  only  reaches  our  target  audience,   but  promotes  loyalty  among  customers.   All  of  our  tac:cs  work  together  to  showcase   Jewel  as  the  premier  vodka  and  lounge   experience  for  Reno  socialites.    


Jewel Vodka  
Jewel Vodka  

An integrated marketing communications plan for a fictional company, Jewel Vodka. This was created in Spring 2012 for a Jour351.