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Tale 1 – The Mansion with Blue Shutters by Marie Litzler ... 3 Tale 2 – It was a Beautiful Day by Victoire Levy .............. 7 Tale 3 – 13 Cemetery Street by Mathilde Michaud ........ 122 Tale 4 – Gothic Tale by Ilann Zlotnik ........................ 177 Tale 5 – Gothic Tale by Adel Ferrad ........................ 2222 Tale 6 – Ederock by Rayane Emandee ......................... 31 Tale 7 – Gothic Tale by Paul Rozier .......................... 355 Tale 8 – The Witch by Shéanie Udugampolage ...............398 Tale 9 – Gothic Tale by Sacha Frejlich .......................... 41 Tale 10 – Crying Angel by Ghada Saeed Osman ............. 455 Tale 11 – Gothic Tale by Paul Arnoux ......................... 499 Tale 12 – My Story by Shaïna Salmi ............................ 50 Tale 13 – Gothic Tale by Paul Genoud Prachet .............. 566


Tale 1

The mansion with blue shutters It was twilight. I had walked all day long and I was exhausted. I absolutely had to find a shelter for the night. I didn't know where I was, I was hungry and a freezing rain was falling. Suddenly, through the thick mist, a very old, ruined and repulsive mansion appeared to my eyes ... The old fogey walls were covered with ivy. Many windows were broken and tiles were missing on the roof. The mansion was in a deplorable condition but, strangely, its shutters were brand new and painted in electric blue. Instinctively, I touched my necklace, a long and sharp shark's tooth. My grandmother gave it to me when I was born, and it had always been my lucky charm. In Darkcity, a small remote village in Romania, everyone was going to sleep. But in ‘’the haunted mansion’’, it was just the beginning of a very long night. People used to call it ''the haunted mansion''. They usually avoided to come to this place. Some said it was cursed. Strange rumors existed about the place : anyone who entered there was never to be seen again. But all this, I didn't know yet. I moved back. The mansion was huge and frightening. I was about to turn back, but a flash of lightning streaked the sky and a thunderstorm was approaching. I had to go in ! I was to enter when I heard a cry of despair, a long groan saying : ''Do not approach … , do not approach …… ''. I raised my eyes to the place where the noise was coming from. NOTHING. The window was closed... I thought that it was maybe the wind in the foliages. I walked to the door. It was opened... There was dust everywhere. The cobwebs had colonized the corners of the rooms. Old fabrics were hung on the walls. There, in the middle of the room, a scary creature was standing. It wasn't a human. It was a ghost !


I couldn't move. I was stuck on the spot when the ghost told me he had warned me... More exactly, it was a woman ghost.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to shout, I couldn't. Suddenly, her look focused on my neck. Her face changed...and she began to shout : '' the prediction, the prediction is going to come true !!! ''. I turned around. She had disappeared. A few seconds later, I came face to face with a troop of ghosts. They were probably living in this mansion for a long time... I noticed the ghost woman I saw in the first place was less transparent than the other ghosts. She seemed to be more human... I wanted to escape. I ran to the open door, but before I could cross it, I was pushed back by an invisible barrier. I turned back, ready to fight. The ghosts were laughing. All this had no meaning... I had to get an explanation. The ghosts explained to me they were kept prisoners by the mansion! Actually, the old house was alive and taking its strength from the prisoners’ vital energy. 4

The more they stayed in the house, the more they turned into ghosts. That’s the reason why Garence, the ghost who welcomed me, seemed more human than most of them. Her metamorphosis hadn't finished yet. It was a diabolic mansion... Everybody could enter, but nobody could go out. The last landlord was a magicien, and he had enchanted his mansion to

protect it from its visitors. But a very old prediction said a young woman wearing a shark’s tooth necklace would come and break the evil spell. This would deliver the mansion's prisoners. She would have to go to the center of the mansion where she would find an old picture of the manor. She would have to drill it with the shark's tooth and the mansion would die. This seemed so odd to me, but I had no choice. I was already beginning to become a ghost. I had to try... I went to the center of the mansion. The picture was here, covered by a thick coat of dust. As in a dream, I untied my necklace and plunged the tooth in the middle of the picture. A long groan resounded in the whole house. The mansion gave a terrifying cry of agony. I understood the prediction was true. The mansion was dying and the evil spell was broken.


I ran to the open door. No barrier anymore. I went out and noticed all the ghosts had turned back to their human appearance. They shouted with joy and thanked me. On our way back to the village, I turned around to contemplate the old mansion one more time. The blue shutters had lost their colors, they were broken and as old as the rest of the manor. Instinctively, I touched my necklace. It wasn't there any more...

Marie Litzler 4è4


Tale 2

It was a beautiful day … This strange story happened to me and my friends last week end. Sam, Colleen and I , my name’s is Jessica, had decided to drive around. We stopped in the forest as the weather was warm and sunny. Of course it all started in a joyful mood. We had a fantastic picnic on the grass, near a calm lake. The trees were blossoming and even the birds were singing.

We drank juice and we ate cheese and bacon sandwiches.

Colleen - What a great day ! Sam – Ok , girls ! Let’s put some music….

We started dancing and time went on and on.

Suddenly the sky got darker . Jessica- Look at those black clouds! Quite strange, don’t you think ? 7

Colleen- It won’t last, it often happens in spring. Sam- Really ? But I think we should go back, it’s getting late.

We packed everything and got into the car. After an hour’s drive, the car started making unusual noises. Colleen- Sam! What’s wrong? Sam- There’s a ghost in the engine, ha ha ha !!!!! Jessica – That’s so funny…. But suddenly the car stopped and could not start again…It was night and dark all around us. Sam tried to use his mobile phones but there was no network. Sam – Oh my God! There’s no gas in the car. Jessica- Couldn’t you check it before leaving?? Colleen- Stop it! Let’s find a house to call our parents.

In the distance we saw some lights. We got closer. It was a sort of huge mansion, with small windows and black walls. The atmosphere around it was spooky.


Colleen- Let’s ring!

A man opened the door. He was tall and skinny. His skin was pale, his eyes were shiny and he showed a devil smile….He was wearing a black tail coat and striped pants.

- Good evening young people. How can I help you? Sam – We ran out of gas and we can’t use our mobile phone. Can we use your phone , please Sir? - Sure! Come in!

We had never seen such a place before. There were mirrors everywhere and huge black armchairs. On the walls there were portraits of ancestors, we supposed. It smelled strange, very strange. We looked at each other. We all felt the same fear. Too late to go back, the tall man had locked the door and put the big key in his pocket.


He showed us to a room where there was a phone on a round table. But the phone did not work. We turned around to tell the tall man but he had disappeared. Sam – Let’s find him, or let’s find a way to leave this spooky place. Jessica- Look! There’s a big door over there. We knocked, but no answer. We pushed the door and there……We saw five people around an oval table. Suddenly they all made strange noises and smiled. We could all see their long and sharp teeth.

- Here you are my friends! We were all waiting for you!!!

We all screamed at the same time, we tried to run away but the door and the windows were locked. We realised that we were at a vampire’s castle.

At the same time they all took their forks and knives and ran towards us.

I screamed even more and suddenly someone was shaking my arm. It was my mother above my bed.

Mum - You probably had a terrible nightmare. You screamed so much! Everything is alright now dear.


Victoire Levy 4è4


Tale 3 13 Cemetery Street :

My name is Nina. Many years ago I was living in a small house. We bought it because nobody except us wanted a house facing a dark cemetery, full of strange statues.

I was fourteen years old and Jane had been my friend for a long time. This particular day, she came to my home to prepare homework for the English class. She was sitting next to me on the couch. I was looking at her: She had beautiful and wide black eyes, long brown


hair and a strange smile, she was rather small but with a strong caracter. As we were chatting, my mother called from the ground floor for us to come down stairs. She was in her mid thirties, tall, with short blond hair and large green eyes. I was proud of this nice and good looking mother. She suggested we could have a walk outside before dark. We went out in the twilight. After a long silence, Jane told me : “- What about hanging around in the cemetery ? - Bad idea ! I replied. She looked disappointed but she probably ignored that people say the cemetery was haunted. - Come on Nina, let’s go ! “ She grabbed my arm and she pulled the old rusted iron gate. It opened with an horrible grating noise. We stood there motionless watching the scene: strange graves with statues under huge trees which probably had been there for a several hundred years. There 13

were no names on the tombstones just as if nobody was burried in them. It was turning so dark that we couldn’t see the other end of the cemetery. There were thousands of bats staring at us with their red eyes. We could not make a move when suddenly the iron gate slamed behind us. The earth started to quake under our feets and the statues moved slowly, the bats flew away and made circles above our heads. The tombstones started to open with craquing sound. I could not help staring at this strange scene but I was shivering with cold and fear and my hands were sweaty. Suddenly, a statue started to strangle Jane from behind, she fell down with pain scared to death. I started to scream, the statue dropped my friend and I kneeled down next to her. Soon after, she opened her eyes: they were red like blood and staring at me. She sat and started to strangle me. Statues and stranges dark shapes joined her, she had her face very close to mine and I could see her terrible smile with bloody long canines. I was so terrified, that I fainted.


How long did I stay lying in this cemetery ? I don’t know ! When I woke up, Jane was not there. There were not any more bats, the statues and grave were back in their places just has if nothing had happened.

I ran back home, and I never came back to the cemetery. Nevertheless from my bedroom’s window, I had a feeling that the statues were still staring at me. I never saw Jane again, she never returned to school nor she answered the phone. Did she turn into a statue herself ? Could the other statues be 15

those poor people who got lost in this cemetery years before ? Many years have passed and I moved far away, I never heard about this cemetery again.

Mathilde Michaud 4è3


Tale 4

“Boarding for the train to Dublin “said the lady. As I was late, I ran down the platform, I jumped into the train as the doors were closing .I sat and slept. When I woke up, I was arrived in Dublin . I jumped out of the train and walked to my hotel.

In the evening I heard strange noises in the corridor .I opened the door and looked in the corridor but there was nobody. The day after I went into a store called the black Monkey to buy myself a hat. As I was


looking to a magnificent grey hat, I felt a tissue on my nose and my mouth , then I fell asleep . When I woke up I was tied to a pole in a dark and dirty basement. I screamed: -Help me! Nothing -Help me! I said again

Then I heard that a door was opening but there was nobody. During the night there was a storm outside, a very powerful one, so powerful that it broke one of the basement’s window. Hopefully I didn’t get hit but a piece went right in the pole at the height of my hands. I used it to cut the ropes. Once I was free , I ran up the stairs , passed by the open door , and arrived in a strange room . In this room there were skulls and skeletons hanging on the walls and at the center of the


room an old man who seemed to suffer, he looked at me and screamed: -AAARRGHH!!! -What’s happening? I said

At the end of my sentence, he transformed himself into a sort of Frankenstein . He started to walk in my direction, I ran in a corridor, at the end of it there was a window. I didn’t have time to think, so I jumped through the window. I felt on my right foot and broke my leg, I was so scared. I limped into the nearest woods, a few seconds after I realized that there were dolls hanging on the branches. Suddenly I heard a scream. I limped to where the scream came from. 19

Then on my way, I saw the monster holding a woman head. At this point, I was saying to myself: -I’m not going to make it alive, I’m going to die !! I closed my eyes to think, but when I opened them he was right in front of me , I stepped and fell down . He was walking towards my direction. So I got up, stepped out of his way, took a branch and hit his head with it. He fell down. A few seconds later, I saw a bright yellow light. I decided to limp to where the light was coming from. It was a policeman, I told him -Help me! Somebody is trying to kill me. -Come down, he said, what is going on? - A monster is trying to kill me! -You are crazy! -I swear there is a monster! -Why is there a monster trying to kill you? I told him the story and he decided to go see and the monster. After 15 minutes he didn’t show up so I took the shotgun that he left on the back seat, and went in the creepy woods. I was at the place where I left the 20

monster, but he wasn’t there, I only found the policeman’s body with the stomach opened. I turned around and threw up.

I didn’t know where the

monster was and I was alone in the woods. I was asking myself: -What could I do? Then I heard a “CRACK”, I turned around and shot. Nothing. I heard another one at my left, at my right and behind me. The last one was noisier than the others. When I turned back , I saw two red eyes, I pulled the trigger and the monster was down. I didn’t want to stay in this creepy wood, so I took the policeman’s car and I went back to my hotel.

Ilann Zlotnik 4è4


Tale 5

Gothic Tale Thursday, December the 21st of 1996. I was with my friends Mina and Josh and we were driving to Glasgow to join our family in Scotland. We are three Scottish friends but we moved to London for professional reasons and we go back to Scotland every holyday to see our families. It was 9 pm and we didn't know where we were. I told Josh that we were lost, we were supposed to arrive 3 hours ago but he answered me to not worry and that we were near of our target. But we seemed to be very far from Glasgow, we were in a lost, dark and gloomy place. At our right, there was a big cemetery with many bats and a lot of graves, one could believe that many people died here. In front of us, there was a castle. This castle looked very old, with black crumbly stones. Three giant towers were on each side and in the middle of the castle. Mina suggested to ask in the castle where Glasgow was , we thought that it 22

was a good idea and we knocked to the door.

An old woman opened the door. She looked very threatening. She had big green eyes. She was small and humpy. An enormous wart hid her long, crooked and sharp nose. Then, she asked us, with an annoyed tone why we were here and what we wanted. I replied that we wanted to ask where Glasgow was because we were lost. She retorted with a dry tone that we couldn't asked our way here. We begged but she ordered us to leave. When she was going to close the door, a myterious voice said ÂŤ Let them inÂť. Then, a man came down the stairs. He was a tall man. He had brown hair. His eyebrows were thick, glued and massive, almost 23

meeting the nose. He had a sadistic smile :and a sharp and cruel look. A lot of hair covered his arms. Then he said with a strange accent: «

- Hi and welcome to my castle. Who are you ? – I am Michael and these people are my friends Josh and Nina. – Nice to meet you, he answered. I am Sir Galagher and I'm just wondering what are you looking for here ? – We are looking for the city of Glasgow, I replied. – My poor friends, he said laughing. You are very far from Glasgow because we are in Branknow, a little and unknown part of Scotland which is at 500 kilometers from Glasgow but you can't take the road now, it's too dangerous. There is too much fog. But if you want you can stay here tonight. – No, we can't, we retorted frightened. – Why not ? Stay here, he insisted. We have absolutely everything that you need to be comfortable. 24

My friends and I looked at each other and at first we all found this man shady but then we just thought we didn't have a place to go and it was pretty late. That's why we decided to stay but we weren't reassures at all.

Then, we entered in the castle. It was very sumptuous and very big. There was a splendid chandelier, made of old glass and strangely illuminated by candles. There were frescos which represented Greek mythology's scene on the ceiling. Then, domestics brought us in our bedrooms. My bedroom was very simple. In fact, I had a bed, a bedside table and a bathroom with a toilet, a bath and a washbasin. Even if we were in a superb castle, I wasn't confident at all. There was a strange atmosphere here, and everybody was shady, but specially Sir Galagher. And the second strange thing it was that I had never heard about Branknow, this little and unknown place. The domestic called us to eat. So, we went into the dining room, sat and we ate. Sir Galagher was with us. He asked us what 25

we wanted to do in Glasgow. We told him that we wanted to go to

Glasgow because our families were

there, but we had to move to England for professional reasons. He told us to be very careful tomorrow because this place was very dangerous, there was a lot of wolves in this countryside. Then, he started to tell us his story. He came from a rich family. His grand grandfather was an aristocrat and his family lived in this castle two centuries ago, and since that year, none of the Galagher left that castle. At the end of the dinner, we went upstairs in our rooms and we slept. First, I wasn't able to sleep, but I finally managed to sleep at 2 o’clock in the morning. In the middle of the night, I heard screams. I woke up suddenly and left my room. I saw Josh in the corridor, he was terrified just like me. I asked him what happened but unfortunately he didn't now. We heard the same screams. They came from Mina's room ! Mortified, we ran into her room, and we saw her bloody body. We were shoked of this vision. We rushed to her body .Fortunately, she was still breathing. Suddenly, Sir 26

Galagher entered the room and shouted : «

- What's happening ? – It's Mina, I retorted, she was attacked. – Oh no, he said. He approached Mina's body. What is that ? – What is happening, Sir ? Josh asked. – Mina was bitten, said Sir Gallaghe, on the neck, she is still breathing but she lost a lot of blood, we have to take care of her. I will stay here and take care of her when you go investigate and find out how all of this happened. – We will, we replied.

Then we left the room and ran down the stairs. Downstairs, there was a lot of hair, but not humain hair, wolf hair. It seemed strange to me because even if Sir Galagher told us there were many wolves in this countryside, wolves couldn't enter in houses. Josh and I decided to leave the house and to see if they were wolves. We left the castle and we searched everywhere 27

around the castle if there were wolves, in the cemetery, in the forrest but we didn't find any traces of wolves, any hair, any footsteps, nothing. We came back into the castle without any clue.

I went back to the castle I saw a gargoyle in the fireplace. I stared at it for a long time. It was little and it looked at us with a very sharp look. After one moment, I decided to touch its mouth. Suddenly, the wall disappeared and a secret passage appeared. I downed it and it brought me in a strange room. There were a lot of strange things. First of all, there were human heads one next to the other. That was really disgusting! That loathe you. Moreover, I discovered a book. It was the Galgher family book. In this book, it was written that the Galagher family was an old family that they had been living here since 234 before J.C. They were a werewolf family and Sir Galagher is 1753 years of age. And in order to survive, they needed to kill people and to keep their heads. Furthermore, they could turn into an 28

werewolf whenever they wanted. The only way to kill them was to stick a cross into their hearts. I was very terrified. I left the room, I took a cross, a knife and I told everything to Josh and I gave him the knife.

He said that we had to save Mina and we had to leave this castle. But that was too late because Sir Galagher was here. He followed us the whole time. Suddenly, he turned into a werewolf and attacked us. He jumped on me and scratched me. I was bleeding a lot. Josh tried to attacked him, but he was too strong for us. At this moment, he ran on Josh, jumped and bit him too. Josh screamed so loud. At this moment, I thought that it was over. But, I saw my cross and the knife on the floor. I took them and ran on the wolf. I stuck my knife on his head and ,after, I killed him with the cross. After, Josh and Mina felt better, I treated their injuries. We took the car and left Branknown forever.

We arrived in Glasgow but we didn't tell this story 29

to our families, we didn't tell anyone. But, it will forever stay in our memories.

Adel Ferrad 4è3


Tale 6


Today it's the first of december 1899. I'm in Romanos, a city of Romania to investigate about the killer of Romania. When I arrived in Romanos, I asked a scheriff and I said : ÂŤ Good morning sir, Do you know this story about the killer of Romania ? _ Yes I do, he killed 3 children one month ago. A peasant said to me he saw the killer between the forest and the montain in another city : farreven. I think he lives in the isolated abandonned castle. _Thanks sir Âť 31

After that, I decided to sleep in a motel in Romanos. The next morning, I decided to go to another city. Today it's the second of december 1899 . I needed to take the train to go to farreven. In the train, I met the inspector Catherine, she investigated the murder. I asked if she knew about the killer,she said : ÂŤ Yes I think he's a cannibal because children's bodies dispeared. ÂŤ

When I heard it, I was scared for my life. She decided to come with me and I accepted. We arrived in Fareven at 1 pm. It was a very old city . Catherine and me asked people about the killer. They couldn't say to me because they thought the killer could hear them they. We decided to ask the mayor of farreven about the castle he said : ÂŤ Yes I know the castle. It is beetween the forest and the montain. 32

_Yes we know but we want to know where is the forest . _On your right after the lake. _Ok thanks _Catherine I know ! _What ? _About the killer, we can buy guns in a shop for kill him ? _Oh yeah absolutly. Âť Catherine said to me we could to sleep in farreven and we could continue the day after. I said yes. The following morning, we decided to Buy guns .Today it's fourth of december 1899. After we bought guns we went to the forest. The forest was very dark and dangerous. After we crossed the forest we saw the castle. And I asked Catherine if she was ready to enter the castle. She said yes and we entered in this islolated castle. Suddenly we heard a shout we ran to the noise and we saw a very very 33

old man, this nose was curved, his eyes were green and he had a white blouse covered of blood. Catherine and the old man :







ÂŤ Who are you ? -I'm Edorock , but my nickname is.....The Killer of Romania ! -Why do you kill people ? -I kill to take they heart to live for a long time. It's correct _How....How old are you ? _Hum...I think I'm two hundred years old. _What ?! It's impossible !! _And now. I will take your hearts !!! _Catherine ! Nooooo ! Âť I took my gun and I shot Edorock but suddenly he took Catherine before he died. Today, 5 of december 1899, the killer Edorock and the inspector Catherine died. I was a legend in Romania and I returned to england.

THE END Rayane Emamdee 4e3


Tale 7 FRANCE, WINTER 1750 Max, hair blond big blue rather thin eyes was a 14-year-old child who came of " to settle with his parents to Rentac. The city of Rentac did not contain a lot of living only 40. In the city, there were approximately 20 houses, enormous ones it which took three quarters of the city (some belonged to the count), a cemetery, and a big manor house which belonged to the count of Rentac. As the parents (meet) of Max took care the moving, Max went to say hello, and to appear in his new neighbors... He had visited all the houses except two, number 20 and manor house. He first went to the number 20. He rang then a girl (fine, blue eyes) she was of 14 came to open the door. Max appeared, and he told him that he was the new neighbor. The girl answered him that she was enchanted, she was called NatĂŠa, she asked him if he had visited all the houses. Max told 35

her that, he didn't visit the manor house. She told him: the owner of the manor house was as well the owner of his lands and as he was very mysterious, she told him that he had the same age than, that it was a little bit strange, that he had a butler and she described him a physicaly: this boy had brown hair, brown eyes, skin little blade, small ears and big fingers

Max said goodbye to the girl and went away towards the manor house. The manor house was rather far, it was in a corner. Max crossed the portal and lives a magnificent house. He was on the hall and knocked. The count, came to open the main entrance and greeted Max, The count, asked him if he needed some things. But Max answered that he was e a boy of the people who rented him the house 8. Then the count discussed with him a small moment... 36

Later Max finally went to have dinner, The next day, Max stayed with his parents to help them with the moving... The next day, Natéa came to see Max, so that she showed him the city and the forest, but Max was busy he answered her that if she wanted to seehim, they could meet at 5 30 in the cemetery. At 5:15 Max was in the cemetery, he liked being early. At this time of the day, was dark because it was the winter. Max made rounds to wait for Natéa, and he believed he saw blood on the ground. He looked closer yes it was blood, he says himself while it is an animal which injured it self... But something else drew its attention, his was Natéa. Natéa told him to follow her and they had a mice night-stroll. When both young people passed behind the manor house of the count, they heard a shout. Then Max took a wooden branch and ran fast towards the castle and Natéa the follow-ed him... 37

Max arrived on the hall and opened the door which was opened. Max stayed in the entrance in search of rumours nothing, heard a voice, but this voice was under their foot, then they left... Max has even. The cound said I'im sun of Adam, Adam first man in the world. And the count could live 1000 century. But Max shot the count in head...



Tale 8

The Witch: Once apon a time there was a strange man. He was tall, thin with long hair and a black hat.

He lived in a huge castle. One day I went to his castle a I saw a shadow pass next to me. I was so scared and nervous. I ran to my house and noboday was here. In the house there wasn't light and sound.


My parents weren't here, I was scared. I returned near the castle when an old woman came to me and said : - Do you want to come to my house ? I said : - Yes I do, you are very kind... I arrived at a small black house. I asked her if it was her house and she said yes. I went into her house and everything was dark and there were lots of spiderwebs. In the distance, I saw a black cap and a pointy hat with lace. I realized that she was a witch. I fled as soon as possible and I went home.



Tale 9

Tom Williams, a timid, quiet sixteen year-old student from Foxton was observing from his room the full moon through the telescope when all of the sudden a bright white light appeared in the sky. It did not look like anything that he has ever seen before. The intricate pattern projected by the light seemed to convey some sort of strange message. Blinded by the light, Tom was unable to decipher the message.


He immediately called his best friend Benjamin Jones, the tall, athletic captain of his school’s football team. Tom asked Benjamin is he could talk to his girlfriend, Amanda Smith, one of the best students in their school. Amanda was an excellent riddle solver and Tom thought that she might be able to help them solve this with this mystery. On that cold Friday night the wind seemed to blow harder than ever and the numerous bats flying around the abandoned Foxton castle made loud and strange noises. The 200 year-old castle previously belonged to Lord Chesterton, who was known in the area as a particularly violent man. It was rumoured that he had locked his younger sister Edith in the castle’s cellar until her death and that every night her ghost was floating in every room of the castle. The locals believed that Lady Edith’s soul could rest only if her ghost could be liberated and hence break the spell.


After being contacted by Benjamin, Amanda suggested that they all meet at the beginning of the country road that led to the Foxton castle. When joining his friends a half an hour later, Tom was livid and shaking. - Do you think the bright light may have something to do with the haunted castle? He asked Amanda and Tom. - The best way to find out is to go directly to the castle, answered Amanda. Once Amanda, Tom and Benjamin have reached the castle, they heard a thunder. The cobwebbed castle’s contour appeared against the full moon. Tom took several steps back, shrieking in horror, but everybody knew that it was too late to turn back. They come in a maze.


There are a lot of ghosts and cobwebs, so they are afraid. Suddenly, an old man sees adolescents, and says “I’m locked in thus castle for 100 years». Children tremble, but they absolute want to enter to search for the treasure. On the inside, they noticed gold coins in all room, and they took everything they could. Back to school, children were applauded as heroes


Tale 10



entered the old house down the street where I

lived. The house was large She had lots of windows which some were broken.The ivy covered the walls.Inside there was a spiral staircase which gave access to the first floor,on both sides of the staircase there was two doors.I opened the right one.It was a small room with a sumptuous chair covered with plastic to side was a beautiful crystal candlestick.I took some picture for Ellen how is a childhood friend.I saw a fireplace in a corner of the room just above I noticed that the wallpaper was pulling.I went and saw the letter ‘’K’’ wrote.I snatched the rest of the wallpaper.It was wrote:’’Katy bent down,it’s not a joke,seriously bent down, NOW !’’As soon as I had finished reading,I bent 45

down.A loud noise was heard above my head.I got up and saw with horror a stone came out of nowhere in front of me.I took a picture.I turned and saw a window of which was broken overlooking a small garden.In the middle of this garden was a statue in the shape of a crying angel.This angel had a small key around his neck.I took a picture and i went out into the garden.I took the key from his neck then I rushed towards the exit.When I went home,questions jostled in my head: who wrote this letter? And how this person could know what is gone happened? The next day,I left at Ellen’s house.I showed him the picture of the old house <<Look,in this picture there are a statue of a crying angel,and this key around his neck it’s with my>> I said.I showed him the key.<< when you go call me because I want to go with you>>announced Ellen.<<I want to go now so let’s go >>she nodded.we went to the old house and we visited all the room in the first and the second floor then we went to the ground floor (there are just 2 floor in this house).There we saw with surprise 46

that the statue was in the middle of the room where was the candlestick.Ellen asked me if i knew how did the angel came here.Then the statue moved like a real person and he told me to give her the key or he would killed us.We had the fear of our lives and we ran as fast as possible.We entered the room which was located to the left of the stairs.We closed the door with a chair which was found next to us.There,we saw that the room was filled with old furniture covered with white sheets.Ellen searched in the back of the room.<<Look,I found a small chest.>>When I gave him the key;we heard a loud sound behind us.We turned our head and we saw with horror that the angel destroyed the door.Ellen took the chest and we ran around in the room.We managed to get out and climb the stairs to the first floor.There the angel stand between Ellen and me.I panicked so I trembled like a leaf.The angel made a strange sound and started walking towards me.I took my courage in both hands and threw the key (which was in my pocket )to Ellen which made me signs to throw the 47

key.She grabbed the key and managed to open the small chest.The angel ran to her but suddenly there was a white light.I founded myself in front of Ellenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house.I ran and a man opened.I asked him if Ellen was there but he told me that nobody by that name lived here.Without knowing why I went home.I stopped in front of my letterbox.I saw that I had a letter.I took it,opened it and saw with surprise that it was from Ellen.<<It was me who wrote the letter on the walls of the old house,I saved you but the small chest and the angel eat my live.I asked him to do everything so that you will not die and also that at the end he will write a letter for you.From the chest the angel and your friend>> I cried like I never do. Ghada Saeed Osman 4è4


Tale 11

Once upon a time , in the small town of Stracs , a terrible tragedy happened.It was a serial killer who killed a family of six . The murderer dubbed "the Terrible Jack" .It was not his first murder. He had already struck in the town of frongst in the wild coast of England. Same procedure and same murder weapons, a knife and a sword . It s was attacked a family of 5. At the time the police had done everything possible to stop this thug. The whole city offered their services. But in vain, the killer escaped . Then after this tragedy, the house became haunted. In 10 years, all owners have lived in this house are dead and always the same method . Now the inhabitants of this city lived quieter. The police of the city of Stracs feared that happen again. They began working with the police in frongst city and began a relentless investigation. After months of work they ended not find the assassin and saved the city from the curse.



Tale 12


Dear diary, 2 days ago,something very terrible happen.. It was the October 8th night,I was in my bed and I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able to sleep. I heard knock at the door. I first thinked it was the wind because it was 5am. Who will knock at my door at this time ? I heard it again and again. It was so late and I have to admit it,I was so scared. I took a baseball bat,I went downstair and I was walking slowly. I heard it again but louder,I step back for a minute but then I opened the door. There was nothing. I swear I never been this scared. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them I saw a shadow,I prepared myself to beat the 50

mysterious man but that was my best friend I imediately shout after him ‘Are you crazy ? I though you were a killer or something’ he didn’t answer but then he looked at me and say ‘ You know my dad is sheriffs right ? Well they found a dead body on the wood.’ I was chocked ,on this little lost town nothing like this happen. But me and Scott liked this kind of adventure so I told him that we should go on his car and try to find the killer by ourselve but he said to me that it wasn’t the most interesting. They only found the middle of the body ! they don’t found the face part yet. 20 minutes later.


We was in the wood all of Scott’s dad team was there. We hid behind a three trying to don’t talk but Scott falled and his dad saw him. He was so ashamed and I was still behind the three. Nobody saw me. My friends told his dad that he was searching for him because he heard him left and he was so _____. He believed and took him back. I was alone on the wood at 6am with maybe a killer. I was so cold and looking everywhere around me.. 10 minutes later,I was still there. I was lost. I saw all the animals of the wood runing sooooo fast,somethings affraid them. I heard a scream,a big scream. I looked around and I was feeling like someone was watching me. I didn’t had enough time to think about something else I saw a big big shadow close


to me. I didn’t saw what it was,he took me and put his claw on my neck. I never knew what happened after,my friends just found me in the wood the day later with a big scars on the neck. I explain this to him on the way to school. We was on french class and I was listening to the teacher he was asking if we readed the book about the wolf. Then he asked me ‘What we can say about the werewolf in this book ?’ I knew it because I readen the book. After we had football and I’m really bad at it,I’m always on the but i’m never playing. It was Peter turn,he is the best,he is the most popular boy in the school,he scored a goal like ever. It was my turn ,I took the ball and something happened,I will never know 53

what but I was feeling different. I was runing so fast and I jumped over 3 boys from the other team I was behind the cage,this things happened again I was feeling so powerful I scored the best goal but in the ball I saw my eyes became yellow. On lunch time,I saw the coach telling the matt professor that I was talented. But that was weird because I was on the cafeteria and they was on a class. All the day,I heard whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s everyone was saying and thinking. I saw peoples on other class than me. Then I understood all of this. What I said to my french teacher about the werewolf â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Well they run faster than the other,they can see anythings,they can listen to everythings they want,when they use our supernatural power their eyes became : red for the alpha,blue for omega and yellow for 54

beta. Only the alpha can make an human become a werewolf’ It was clear,last night an Alpha bitten me and now

I’m a werewolf. Shaïna Salmi 4è4


Tale 13

In a little village , a very dark and really strange village . Three monsters were living there . But they was not friend . In those 3 monsters , they was a vampire , he was very scary . His surname was lord of the death . All the villagers were scared of him . Everyday , around midnight , he absorbed blood of someone . But he was not the most scary monster of this horrible village . The second monster was a cursed doll , she was very malefique . This doll was the slave of the third monster . Nobody knew wath he was , but even the devil himself was afraid of him . But one night , when it was the full moon , a villagers had an idea , every single men of the village conclude that they couldn't live with those horrible monster who killed children and women . So they 56

tooke some garlics and a wooden stake . They came into the vampire's manor very quietly . The vampire wasn't there.. One men had an idea when he saw a cup of blood that was on a table . His idea was to put some garlics in the cupe , and this is warh he did . Then he ment into hiding with his wooden stake . He was waiting in his hiding when sudĂŠly , the vampire came . When he heard the vampire , he jold his breath . Then , the vampire drank the blood that was in the cup , the vampire felt down and the villager get out of his hiding and planted the wooden stake in the heart . He died and everybody was shouting " yes ! We defeated the vampire ! " . But two monsters was steal living . A men hade an other idea that was really special . His idea was to do a pact with the evil to destroy the two monsters . But the evil 57

wanted something back . He wanted a villager's life . But this villager wasn't nice too , he sacrified his wife unscrupulously . The doll had been killed by the evil but the other horrible monster was badly wounded . He was really upset , he went away and we never saw him again . Perhaps he is preparind his revenche in the dark . Hope not ...

Paul Genoud Prachet 4è4



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