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First Word You’ve got to give credit where it’s due, so I need to thank my high school biology teacher, Sister Mary Therese McCann, S.H.C.J. I can picture her in her white lab coat over her rather modern nun’s habit with a twinkle in her eye and a parakeet on her shoulder. She taught me that biology was the study of life, and she had an enthusiasm for life’s big and little miracles. Came with the territory I guess. Sister Mary was a role model of integrity, duty, kindness, a love of learning, and a caring ethic about animals. She provided encouragement and inspiration to all of us who, at 15 years old, were eager to understand our capabilities and potential. I stayed after school with other members of the Biology Club to help take care of the animals she collected over the years. I adored the Peruvian Guinea pigs, who were sweet, curious, and responsive, as well as beautiful. I’d like to think that today, Sister Mary would be delighted to excite her biology students with all the humane science alternatives that AAVS’s Animalearn department showcases. It would be the perfect extension of her dedication to the best methods of teaching to bring out the best in her students. Fortunately, with new technology, educators today have so many opportunities to innovate with alternatives to the harmful use of animals. There can be strong resistance to changing the status quo, as you’ll read about in an article by Julie Shaeffer, a determined and dedicated teacher who had to work hard to overcome that resistance. Another primary barrier to change is access to, and understanding of, the new educational tools. Animalearn is happy to serve the education community—teachers, students, parents, and those in higher education as well— providing resources and expertise. I need to express another thank you: to AAVS members, who, through their support of Animalearn, have shown that they recognize the importance of preparing the young people of today to become the productive and caring citizens of tomorrow for animals and for our world. Thank you for caring,

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AV Magazine Issue 1 2011  

Humane Teachers for Humane Students

AV Magazine Issue 1 2011  

Humane Teachers for Humane Students