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The Battle of Wrea Grie is approaching. Woogally has lost all faith in the capailities of her human soldiers. She needs a new ally - one who will be worthy of being her minion.

Woogally in the Lair of the Beasts

Such an ally can only be found in one place. In the deep dark pits of the Lair of the Beasts. Armed with the Rabansja Light, Woogally opens a portal into the belly of the world.

The Snaked Beast is writhing and snarling - but she cowers away from the light - such a creature will not suffice.

A giant tentacle blocks Woogally’s path - and one glaring eye bares itself at her. The Tentacled Beast is menacing - but disloyal. Woogally vanquishes it with her Rabansja Light, and moves on ahead.

The Pixed Beast pounces on her from overhead. Woogally is growing weary of the ridiculous creatures that the Lair is hosting in this time and age of Great Wars and histories.

Finally, a promising Horned Beast walks up to meet her. The light in her eyes, however, is weary of battles. With her head bowed low, she promises to Woogally, that she will find her ally very soon. Someone is wating for Woogally just beyond, in the deepest pits of the Lair.

A scampering of feet and a huffling of tongue - the Beast Woogally meets is perfect in every way! She will make a faithful ally in these times of Darkness. As they prepare to ascend together to the brim of the world, Woogally names the Beast - Loochy of the Dark Belly.


Woogally in the Lair of the Beast  
Woogally in the Lair of the Beast  

Happy Birthday, Woogally!