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Kidnapping an Angel

Marian Chu

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About the Author Hello, readers. My name is Marian Chu. I was born in Taiwan, Tainan in 1991. Currently, I study at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages. This is my first novel. I’m kind of relieved that I finally finish writing the last chapter. I admit that writing this novel is really challenging, but I do enjoy creating the story since I have been hoping to create a character with spectacular personality: as pure as an angel, and describe her reaction to every situation. After all, hope you enjoy reading it!


Chapter 1: As pure as an Angel

What kind of image is an angel like in your mind? Is it the one with a cute baby face and a pair of flapping wings? Or the one mentioned in the Bible, who is quite handsome and has the mission of sending messages from heaven? If you are thinking about these types of angels, then you will certainly be startled after I tell you the truth: There are still some angels living on the earth. They probably don’t have the image which matches the fantasy angels in our thoughts. However, they permanently keep their 5

heart as pure as a baby’s even though they live in this complicated world. These angels have ordinary appearance, but if you really pay attention to them, you will see them as ‘angels’ without hesitation. Sometimes, you will even suspect that they originally belonged to heaven; the only problem may have been is they got lost and accidentally gone into the entrance that leads to Earth. What a pity for them! Now, I am going to tell you an angel’s story. Believe it or not, she, a human-being indeed, had some unusual characteristics which gave us the


proof that she was the reincarnation of an angel. Everyone called her Angela. Her name was given by her grandma who was a fortune-teller. When Angela was born, her grandma suddenly had a strong feeling that this adorable baby should be named ‘Angela’, which was somehow the only suitable name among all the possible choices. Till now, in 1999, Angela had already turned sixteen and studied in a private high school…

‘Hey, my dear sister! What’s wrong with you? Why are you so quiet? You are not deaf or


something. Are you?’ That was Angela’s brother, Daniel, two years younger than her. He was not really a mean person, just a little impulsive and intolerant. However, that day, Daniel was in a rather bad mood. At lunchtime, while Angela was having her meal alone in the noisy student-restaurant, Daniel happened to see her and came straight to her with a gang of his companions. Angela raised her head and soon found her brother glaring at her. Daniel roared, ‘Damn it! You are always so quiet and with a kind of stare that makes me wanna vomit! Could


you please stay away from me? I can’t bear to see you at home nor at school.’ ‘Well…’ Angela was shocked by the interruption. ‘Well what? To tell you the truth, I feel ashamed to be your brother.’ His voice was so loud that it stunned all the students in the caféteria. Angela still had no courage to respond. She strived to ignore Daniel and continued to finish her meal. The food remaining on her plate looked so disgusting causing Angela to lose her appetite. Also, she felt extremely uncomfortable because everybody


was staring at her and Daniel. Suddenly, two streams of liquid flowed down her pale cheeks. ‘Oh! Again? You think if you cry then I will have sympathy for you? What a naïve thought.’ Finally, after no response from Angela, he stormed off. After a few more minutes, the caféteria returned to its usual condition, noisy and full of laughter. No one noticed this lonely girl anymore. That made Angela relieved. It always comforted her that she was completely invisible in the crowd. There was no need to socialize or even talk to


others. At four o’clock in the afternoon, Angela ran straight to the back of the school building where there was a small garden with colorful flowers and pleasant sounds made by various insects. She could spend the entire afternoon there. Angela enjoyed taking care of these flowers. Watering them was her everyday job. Frankly, the flowers were her only friends. She could even recognize each ‘friend’ by their slight differences. ‘I’ll tell you a secret: I have already forgiven my brother! Actually, I can fully understand his


feelings. The thing is, I am just scared ...’ Angela paused, staring at a pink rose, she thought for a moment. ‘You know what? There’s no bad guys in this world. At least I am sure that all the people I met are kind. You’ve got to believe me because the only thing I do best is observing people.’ She made a firm conclusion and felt satisfied because she seemed to win this debate with her ‘friends’ The sky gradually turned red and yellow. As the sun began to set, Angela sat by the bushes reading


novels until the sun totally disappeared.


Chapter 2: The Holy Job

‘Hey! Hurry up! Hurry up, Tom!’ Angus yelled to his son from an old van. ‘Dad, I can’t find the wallet! I’m assuming there’s no money in this bag!’ ‘Never mind! Just take the whole bag. Let’s go now!’ Tom took the bag from the seat outside the convenience store while the owner was stepping out through the automatic door. Right before the


middle-aged woman glanced toward her bag, Tom was already in the van, closed the car door, and fled with his Dad. They never wanted to see that agitated woman’s face again. ‘This bag is quite fashionable. It could be one of the expensive brands!’ Angus said with an exciting voice. ‘I’m afraid you’re wrong. This might be a fake! See, inside there are pieces of loose threads and tiny holes at the bottom. The worst thing is, I can’t find anything valuable in this bag.’ Tom was disappointed but still rummaged


through the bag with a glimmer of hope to find a ring or something. ‘Never mind, son! At least we didn’t get caught. Next time we will definitely have more luck.’ As a sophisticated thief, Angus was trying to encourage his son. They finally arrived home at their old shack on the hill. They walked into the dim, messy place tired from their latest adventure. Tom turned on the lamp on the table which could only illuminate a small area of the room. However, there was a thick book lit up right under the lamp. A Bible!


‘Tom, do you know why we are stealing things for a living? Don’t you feel guilty because you’ve done something that Christians never do?’ Tom got confused by his father’s sudden questions. ‘I have no idea! The only thing I know is, I’m willing to do whatever I can to help you. I am your son and also your loyal assistant!’ ‘I’m glad! But tonight I want to tell you the truth. Stealing is our ‘Holy Job’! From the beginning, God has made us to be thieves. This idea becomes more and more certain with each of our successful


missions. Until now, he has given us lots of profits and also protected us from cops.’ Tom nodded in strong agreement. He had never questioned his father’s opinions. Although he was only a fifteen-year-old child, he had the ambition to become a brave man just like his father. However, Angus always kept a bigger plan in his mind. He wanted to make an accomplishment, which was a crime that could bring them riches and transform their lives. At midnight, he reflected on the words which he had told his son. ‘Our destiny is only becoming a thief? No


way!’ That night was silent and peaceful. There was no one to notice the snicker made by this robber.


Chapter 3: Kidnapped

Every time when Friday afternoon arrived , the streets started to fill with noisy people and cars. If you paid close attention to the strangers, you could see how relaxed and pleasant they were by seeing their smiling faces. This was also an important moment that Angela was looking forward to throughout the week. Finally, the school bell rang. She rushed out of the classroom with her heart pumping as if there would be something extremely


attractive which aroused her expectations. After watering her flowers, Angela left the school. Instead of lingering in the local book stores, she decided to go straight home. She walked along the main street then passed through a park. After crossing several streets, she eventually entered a narrow alley. Oftentimes, there were no cars or people there, so Angela tended to sing her favorite hymn. Until now, she had never noticed there was an old van following behind her all the way since she passed the park. ‘Dad, why do you keep following this girl? She


is only a student! It would be a waste of time to attack her and grab her schoolbag. I can sense that she barely has money with her since she’s never stopped by the shops,’ Tom mumbled in the van. Angus’ eyes never left the girl. He told himself that she was going to take part in his big plan. The most important part indeed! ‘Be careful! This time is a little bit different. We have to invite this girl into our van. Got it?’ ‘Okay! No problem, Dad!’ Tom was obedient as usual. ‘Great! Let’s discuss our plan. First, I honk the


horn loudly to startle the girl. Then she will stop by the side of the ally and wait until we pass.’ Angus continued, ‘next comes the crucial moment. You must open the door as soon as I give you the signal, then pull her into the van with all your strength. Any problems?’ Tom paused for a second, but quickly he responded, ‘No! Let’s do it!’ Things went pretty well. Since there was no one in the alley, poor Angela was immediately kidnapped by the two robbers giving her no time to yell out or struggle. About an hour later, she was


brought to their old shack. ‘So, what’s your name, young lady?’ Angus asked her while making sure the rope was tightly around her skinny body. Tom was standing against the wall staring at the girl. She remained in silence. ‘Are you deaf? Now answer me! What’s your name?’ Angus was not a patient person. However, she still couldn’t manage to say anything. Therefore, Angus became extremely irritable. He threatened her, ‘If you are not going to respond the question,


then you won’t live until tomorrow. Tom, go to the kitchen and bring a knife to me.’ This time, his son was so shocked that he couldn’t move for several seconds. ‘Dad, maybe she is just too frightened to talk. If you use a knife then it will be more impossible for her to speak up. Why don’t you give her some time?’ ‘You are right! No worries! We have plenty of time!’ Angus left. Nevertheless, over the next three days, the same


things happened. Angus finally reached a conclusion- This girl is either deaf or dumb. He was afraid that he could never obtain her phone number and contact her family in order to get ransom money. Then all of their effort would end up in vain. Eventually, Angus got an idea. He ordered Tom to comfort her and ask her to write down her family’s phone number. The next day, Tom went to the dimly lit corner where Angela was sleeping with crooked limps, nearly unconscious due to her lack of nourishments they gave her. Her figure seemed so fragile that Tom


felt sympathy for her. He tapped slightly on her back in order to wake her up. As Angela opened her eyes, he asked her directly, ‘You haven’t contacted to your parents for a long time. Let’s make a deal! If you write down your parents’ phone number on the paper, then we will let you hear your Mom or Dad’s voice.’ The softness of his voice and the innocence of his eyes made Angela trust him. However, she didn’t know that was a trick. She agreed and wrote down the exact number. She somehow felt safe while Tom


was talking to her. Angus was really excited when his son gave him the paper. He dialed the number right away. The line connected. It was Angela’s mother who answered the phone. Her voice sounded anxious and trembling since she had been waiting for the good news from the police. The news of her lost daughter! ‘Hello, this is Sophie Neilson. Have you found my daughter, Angela?’ Angus became very excited, he answered, ‘Your daughter is our hostage! If you want your


daughter back, then pay me 10 million dollars. I think your ‘Angel’ is worth for that!’ Angus giggled to himself. ‘Let me hear my daughter’s voice to prove she is there.’ ‘Hold on! Angela, go for it! Talk to your mother!’ He put the phone next to Angela’s ear, but she still remained in silence. ‘What’s wrong with you? You’ve never talked to your mother?’ ‘….’


‘If you don’t speak up, then you will soon go to hell!’ At that moment, Angela was really struggling not to cry out for help. She knew completely that if she showed she was kidnapped, then her parents would have to raise a huge amount of money for her. However, she eagerly wanted to respond to her mom as she heard her shouting and crying from the other line. ‘Angela, if you are there, just talk to me! Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright!’ Although, since her mom didn’t sound alright, Angela made all


the effort to stay calm. She finally managed to say something. ‘Mom, I am fine!’ The sweet voice startled Tom and made him want to cry. Then she never spoke again. The phone was grabbed from Angela by Angus who was now extremely furious and he slammed it down on the receiver.


Chapter 4: Poison

Angus decided to kill this girl because he could never get any benefit from saving her life. For him, she was not a hostage anymore. She was rather like worthless scum. Angus made poisonous tea which can kill someone in 10 days. He brought her to a shabby narrow room because he totally didn’t want to see her anymore. ‘Now, stay inside the room. This is the last place that you will see the rest of your life. Not


much longer! You’ll see!’ In the following ten days, Angus ordered Tom to bring every cup of poisoned tea to Angela. Tom had to make sure she drinks it all, and bring back the empty cup for him. For some reason, he did trust his son even though he’d behaved a little weird these days since the young lady had come. Nevertheless, Tom was always his best assistant in every crime he made. On the other hand, he was determined not to see her innocent face anymore. That made him disgusted. The first day, Tom entered the shabby room, he


saw a weak person who crouched under the only window in a shadowy corner. ‘Don’t be scared! I’m not gonna hurt you. Look how weak you are! Drink this cup of tea then you might feel better,’ said Tom in a kind of gentlemanly way. ‘Don’t lie to me! It’s enough! It’s enough for you to do such mistakes. I always considered you a kind, friendly person.’ Angela was quite intelligent and observant. Some aspects of her habits wouldn’t be important for her to keep since she wouldn’t live for long.


Maybe a month, maybe a week, or maybe only three days. Now, she chose to talk to this friendly guy. Her voice was so charming that it sounded like an angel’s. ‘No! You are wrong! I treat you well because you’ve already suffered enough from my Dad. Also, I can’t find any reason to torture you or insult you. You’ve done nothing wrong.’ Tom was shocked by himself because he had never said something like that before. ‘The tea is poison, right?’ , Angela asked him peacefully with no tendency to accuse him.


Tom slightly nodded his head. His eyes dared not look at Angela. ‘No problem! I’ll drink it. I’ve told myself that I will soon go to heaven, and I feel so cheerful every time I imagine how beautiful it is.’ ‘Don’t say that kind of things!’, Tom shouted at her. ‘How can you be so negative? At least you still have ten days to live. You can make every day wonderful and worthy.’ Suddenly, Tom felt regretful to let her know so much. ‘Only ten days? Thanks for telling me the truth!


Then I can be prepared to face death.’ Tom couldn’t believe that she could still appreciate him at the end of her life! After a few minutes of silence, Angela spoke up thoughtfully. ‘Can I ask you to do me a favor?’ ‘Just tell me! I’ll do anything I can to help you!’ She smiled. This was the sweetest smile which Tom had ever seen before. ‘I wanna ask you for a permission to go out!’ Tom hesitated.


She continued, ‘Don’t worry! I just want to have a look at everything which is important for me and say goodbye to them. I promise I won’t stay outside for long and I’ll come back as soon as possible.’ Tom was confused. ‘Why? You don’t attempt to escape from here?’ ‘I’d thought about that before, but now I just don’t want my Mom, Dad, and Daniel to be overwhelmed by sorrow because of my death. Since I’ve drunk the poisoned tea, my death is inevitable. I clearly realize this is my fate.’


Tom thought about her request. He knew his father would be upset, but he wanted to grant her, her last wish. Finally, Tom decided to let her go outside for three hours every night, at midnight, so that his father wouldn’t notice.


Chapter 5: The Miracle

Ten days passed. In order to check whether the girl had died or not, Angus entered the shabby room daily. The girl became so frightened to see him. The thing is, she was still alive. ‘How can it be possible?’ Angus was now full of doubts. ‘Have you drunk the cup of tea everyday?’ ‘Yes. Tom brought it to me and every time I drank it right away. By the way, since I’m dying, I


won’t be threatened by you anymore.’ Angela’s eyes were full of determination. Unexpectedly, only for ten days, she had become braver and more mature. Angus was really shocked. He couldn’t understand why the poisoned tea didn’t work. Hesitating no more, he went to the kitchen and made another cup of tea. He put double the amount of poison into it. Again, he entered the room with the cup of tea in his hands.


Chapter 6: The Truth

‘No! Dad!’ Suddenly, Tom rushed into the room. He tried hard to grab the cup. ‘Oh! Now I know who has been deceiving me for the past ten days. I can’t believe that you would betray me because of her. ’ ‘Whatever you say, I don’t care! I won’t let you give her the cup of tea. You’re right! I’ve secretly exchanged every cup of poison into the normal tea.


The reason I did that is because I don’t hate her as much as you do.’ Angus smiled but he seemed rather evil and ugly. ‘Are you falling in love, my dear son?’ Angus recognized the look on his son’s face from his own past love. Tom answered him desperately, ‘Yes. To tell you the truth, since the first day, I’ve been attracted by her appearance, and now, I’m utterly impressed by her pure and kind heart. She must be an angel. Indeed, there’s no one like her in this world, so….you can’t kill this angel!’


Angus contemplated his son’s devotion to the girl and to himself. Angus never wanted Tom to feel heartache like he has felt. Ever since Angus’s wife died, he has never felt love for another woman. However, he saw that love in his son’s face. Suddenly, Angus dropped the tea, and reluctantly whispered, ‘Young lady! You are free!’ -The End



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E4A Marian Chu Instructor: Mr. Kenneth M. Smith Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 2010


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