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Patterns in the social environment constantly changing, the business

management environment deteriorates gradually, environmental protection and public safety awareness rise to the Law Order Guifan Yu intervention to the effects of the political force of the entire industry Mian temporary unprecedented business challenges, creating Gao Ying Ye can not be output environment, cost control on the management can only angles of rethinking the future. For the construction industry from time to focus on business management are focused on sales, the focus rarely focus on the value of construction planning anagement activities, natural building investment nvironment overall decline in the economic boom, tagnation, sales, labor costs to upgrade to create cost ffective control of the case could not have gradually orsened, more to the industry, "the longest winter" to escribe the future operation of the current predicament.

How to establish friendly relations between the environment? And "design" is in the products and consumers play a key role. When the environmental consciousness of consumers, how to choose environmentally friendly packaging, emphasizing consumption of clean, recyclable and resource efficient products, but consumers feel good about the self-help

marketing. Environmental protection is the attention it deserves way to address the issue of survival, it is also the industry's new profit opportunities, both through "green design" co-exist, to influence the world.

"Green Building" is the least consumption of the earth's resources, create less waste in the built environment design. "Earth Resources" refers to human beings living out of food, materials, energy, water, climate and other things. "Waste" means construction waste, spoil, sewage, heat, carbon dioxide emissions and other substances impede the survival of mankind.

construction of life cycle (material production, construction planning and design, construction, use and management and removal process) in order to best conserve energy, optimal use of resources the way, the construction of minimum environmental load, under conditions to provide the most safety, health, efficiency and comfort living space; to people and architecture and environmental sustainable development.

Energy Star: priority is power demand. Attempt to create energy-saving, high efficiency, low-level phase-out rate, but also save electricity use, reducing CO2 emissions and improve environmental quality of the


goal. Green Lighting: Firefly Ecology By amber LED (light emitting lights, such color wavelength of

Trail diode) light

falls 590nm, most do not interfere with the activities


growth of fireflies, lighting intensity enough to guide the road and would not generate excessive light spill, meet ecological requirements.


Research Council in 1988 proposed the

The first session of the International Materials Science concept of green building

materials, including green

represents its contribution of

sustainable environmental development. And to the international academic community in 1992 was defined

for the

green building materials: "to

take in

raw materials, product manufacturing, the application


and the use of future recycling

loop, the

minimum load on the global environment, harm to human and materials, describe themselves as Green Building Materials �."


About points a lot of levels. You may have some impressions for global warming, but there is no sense of urgency; you may be aware of the fact that some global warming, but did not really grasp these facts, the data represent the future of human civilization much of a threat. But any form of change, it seems very difficult, we resist change, particularly changes in face of global warming is more complex and needed the points to spread phenomenon, the fact that linking can really understand. That is why the world responded to this crisis, reasons for the slow. Another important reason for the slow change, global warming is that some institutions, organizations, these major sources of pollution, millions of dollars spent annually to advertise, deliberate confusion, so we suspect that these crises in the end is not true. Especially as we all hope that this threat is not serious, so we are very popular in the temptation to follow tell others, "Do not worry, those who in fact is not true. Those are just propaganda they want to promote certain policies of the argument or excuse. "

(1) related technologies:

Layout of buildings

energy efficiency, housing construction and materials

(2) the use of wind and air: (Including the use of terrain wind, window ventilation properties, etc.)

(3) the use of air conditioning and cooling systems: (Including air-conditioned area, the fan air conditioning and use system, etc.)


wave of technology innovation center will be around

forever Sustainable development, ecological modeling, green chemistry, ecoIndustry, green fields of nanotechnology, but particularly in the Improve energy efficiency, energy demand management, renewable Energy, fuel cells, integrated power generation, distributed Electric power interlocking, mutually supportive network of creative energy.

Accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, the concept of change. Concept of ecological civilization, to promote increased efforts to promote mutual supervision among social groups, create a whole atmosphere of social and ecological civilization construction, use of path dependence, the formation and development mechanism of the green economy and cultural constraints. Promote the idea of change in administration, development and implementation of policies should consider the economic development combined with the speed and extent of resources and the environment can bear, overall harmonious development between man and nature, the introduction and optimization of green GDP assessment indicators. Changes in business philosophy to promote and advocate production of low carbon energy technologies and resources to use the loop to achieve the main micro-technology industry structure, organizational structure and behavior of structural optimization. Promote the concept of personal life changes to promote healthy living, moderate consumption, the concept of green consumption culture and way of life.

The concept of green marketing green marketing environment in the production and operation under the guiding ideology. That the traditional marketing concept, enterprises in the production and operation under market economy conditions, should always concern the central issues and research consumer demand, business conditions and their competitors Zhuangkuang three Fangmian, and that meet consumer demand, improving business conditions, Chuangzao the advantage of more favorable than the competitors, can get the effectiveness of marketing. The concept of green marketing in the traditional marketing concept is based on the new ideas added to the content.

green house  

介紹綠色生態green house

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