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the administration’s part to do this,” he said. The Legislature would have to approve such a change in the authority’s financing. Earmarking tax money for the authority is critical for the agency to offer loans to local governments at lower costs than they might be able to get in the private financial markets, Gasparich said. State law dedicates about $26 million a year from taxes on gover nmental services and goods, such as trash collection and the sale of water, to the authority. Gasparich was named CEO in August as part of management shakeup in the wake of the audit scandal. The former controller, in comments to the news media and securities investigators, has acknowledged forging the authority’s financial statements to


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president. He meant the White House,” Carney said. With his accusation, Romney once again pushed foreign policy to the forefront of a campaign dominated for more than a year by the economy, which has been painfully slow to recover from the worst recession in more than a half century. The Republican challenger was campaigning across a pair of battleground states during the day, first in Virginia, which has 13 electoral votes, and then in Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes and where running mate Paul R yan joined him. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House. Biden was in Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state, and one where polls give Obama a narrow lead despite a debate performance last week that was so poor it fueled a Republican comeback nationally and sent shudders through the ranks of Democratic partisans. More than a week later, of ficials in both parties describe a race that has largely retur ned to the competitive situation in effect last summer, before the national political conventions and the emergence of a videotape in which Romney spoke dismissively of nearly half the country propelled the president to significant gains in the polls. Now, many of the same surveys show a very tight race nationally and in most of the competitive states, although the president holds a small lead in public and private surveys in Ohio and Wisconsin. Still struggling to blunt or reverse Romney’s rise in the polls, Obama’s campaign launched two new ads in several of the contested states. One shows the Republican being asked in a “60 Minutes” interview if it’s fair that he paid federal tax of about 14 percent last year on income of $20 million, while a $50,000 wage-earner paid a higher rate. “I think it’s the right way to encourage economic growth,” he says, and the narrator adds, “Lower tax rates for him than us. Is that the way to grow Ameri-

make it appear that they had been audited by an independent accounting firm. So far there’s no evidence that any money is missing, however. The financial statements were part of the material made available to investors earlier this year before the authority issued $24 million in bonds. The authority plans to hire a permanent internal auditor, who will report to the agency’s gover ning board rather than management. “An internal auditor, in a sense, is the eyes and ears of the board so the board is aware of issues that may exist within the organization that management may not be doing or able to tell them about,” said Gasparich. The state’s securities regulator on Thursday told lawmakers that the fake audit went undetected for months because of a complete breakdown of the authority’s management and oversight. ca?” The second commercial appears aimed at recent comments Romney made suggesting he might not make opposition to abortion a priority. “Maybe you’re wondering what to believe about Mitt Romney,” it says, then shows him pledging to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Biden, campaigning in LaCrosse, Wis., did not mention Libya on the day after the debate. Instead, he mocked Ryan for having said on Thursday night that a House budget proposal that he authored would not lead to drastic spending cuts in Medicare, education and other areas. “Congressman Ryan saying his budget does not have spending cuts is like Gov. Romney standing in an unemployment line and saying, ‘I didn’t outsource your job, I offshored it,’” he said, referring to a distinction Republicans sought to draw earlier in the campaign. The controversy over Libya flared as both Romney and Obama looked ahead to their second debate, set for next Tuesday in Hempstead, N.Y.



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staying at great place and I’m with all of my friends. It’s good.” She’s been a musician for 58 years and is a noted pianist, singer, band leader, producer, director, comedienne, actress or to sum it all up concisely, a Renaissance woman. One of the reasons she agreed to perform in Roswell was the chance to entertain in and experience a new city. “My favorite part is the entertaining part,” she said. “I just happen to be here with people I love and enjoy and respect. Some I’ve never met, some I have. I just wanted to be in a new place at a new jazz festival and see new faces. I kind of crave that since I travel a lot.” The festival began Thursday night at Pecos Flavors Winery with “Jazz on the Cool Side.” That show is what pianist and artistic director Michael Francis describes as more “exploratory jazz.” Francis said the decision to add the extra day was worth it. “That was absolutely the right thing to do,” he said. “The extra day just increased the festival’s goodwill factor to another level. It was sold out and went very well.” clouds Though appeared ready to burst throughout Friday’s concert, the weather cooperated, until, ironically, the band’s performance of “Blue Skies.” Despite the drizzle, Francis said he was pleased with the turnout.

ATTENTION Graves Farm Festival

“The turnout is great, in spite of the threatening weather,” he said. “We really thought we’d have a problem today.” He added that he hoped the weather would continue to work in his favor as the concert continued that night at Pecos Flavors Winery and while a nine-piece band played at Pepper’s Friday night as well. At the conclusion of the weekend, Francis said he would like the community to know the festival has a “very evolving, growing presence of energy that is expanding.” He said the success of the show is due to the tremendous support shown by the city every year. Marsha Dinehart, one of those who supports the festival, noted she was surprised that more people weren’t in attendance to do the same. “I’m surprised this place wasn’t more of a mob,” she said. “It’s free and it’s wonderful.” The for mer Roswell resident has attended the concert for the past two years and said it is well worth the trip from her new home in Santa Fe. “I don’t live here anymore, but I come especially for this,” she said. “They’re so talented and skilled, each one of them is so talented. It’s just a treat to get to hear that kind of beautiful music.” The festival continues today with free seminars at Ginsberg Music from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. and at the Sally Port Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. Tickets to the latter show are still available at the door for $30.

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McFadden spearheaded the efforts to clean up the damages. Fry, who visited the police department Friday mor ning referred to the damages as “significant.” Officers and employees have all rolled up their sleeves and volunteered to clean up. “It’s amazing the number of people who have come in, and how hard they have worked. They have had to rip up carpeting. Everyone is dirty with the debris and soaked,” Morales said. Solis said that they were checking the electronics and the computers. For now, police of ficers are using their mobile command vehicle to gain access to computers.

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different phases of the relationship. The victim hides bruises and makes excuses. The abuser can withhold financial support, stop or prevent a partner from getting or keeping a job or cut the victim of f from loved ones. The goal is always intimidation and maintenance of power. Criminal violence includes physical assault, sexual assault, harassment and stalking. Violence takes many forms. It can happen all the time or every once in a while. However, if it happens once, odds are it will happen again. “These behaviors almost always escalate,” said Royer. “Statistics indicate that domestic violence crosses all socio-economic groups,” Royer said. Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status. Although men can be abused, most victims are women. The partners may be married or not; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website ( provides a list of help available across the country. It shows the violence wheel

Saturday, October 13, 2012


“We are lucky that the water did no damage to the evidence room, so no evidence was damaged. ... We told the roofers to pay particular attention to the area over the evidence room,” Solis said. The city approved a new roof and the contract was awarded. The roofers have been on site for several months. Morales said the area affected lies on the east side of the building, which does not include the parts that have been repaired. An undeter mined amount of equipment and fur niture was damaged. “The insurance adjuster has yet to arrive,” although Morales noted that areas of the building, particularly the roof, remain unsafe. It is unknown at this time the extent of repairs needed.

that illustrates the cycle of abuse. The NCADV maintains a national 24-hour hot line: 1-800-799-SAFE or at The site includes advice on Internet safety. It has a failsafe, which allows the viewer a fast log-out, so one’s spouse or partner cannot see what is on the screen. They provide information about protecting one’s identity, not to avoid identity theft, but because so many victims have to vanish to ensure the safety of themselves and their children. The NCADV also has a unique grant program, called Face-to-Face, developed for victims who need reconstructive surgery. The surgery is not for reasons of vanity. It indicates of the severity of the survivor’s injuries. Not all people survive. In his Oct. 1 proclamation, President Barak Obama noted, “Despite considerable progress in reducing domestic violence, an average of three women in the United States lose their lives every day.” For Roswell residents, help is a little closer to home. The Roswell Refuge has a hotline, 627-8361. “Our shelter has a 24-hour crisis line for domestic violence. It is always manned. We always have staff at the shelter 24/7, 365 days a year. We never close.” said Royer.

Roswell Jazz Festival's Ecumenical Worship in Jazz

Sunday, Oct. 14 10:30 a.m. Pueblo Auditorium 300 N. Kentucky

Honoring The Ginsberg Family

Sunday, Oct. 14 2-4 p.m. Anderson Museum 409 E. College Blvd.

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