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Why Your Website is failing to attract clients Whenever we start a new business our first preference is our client and customers as they play a great role in expanding our business platform.If we are dealing with internet marketing than we should follow some stratergy.So,your first question to yourself should be what are our Internet marketing plans for the New Year 2011? Will you start blogging? Will you take a more proactive stance with self-promotion? Main objective of Online Marketing:The online marketing plans, the end goal is likely to attract more people to your website in the hopes that the influx of new eyes will translate into new customers, new leads and new opportunities for your business. However, you won’t be able to do any of that if your Web site is turning people off, instead of turning them on. Below are some very common reasons SMB Web sites fail to attract customers and how to avoid falling prey to them. 1.Conversion path should be simple :Your conversion path should be as simple as a solitary landing page paired with a call to action, or as complex as an entire microsite. Either way, you are in charge of designing the flow of your website. Creating a clear conversion path not only helps customers feel more comfortable on your site, it also gives you clear data to track so that you can see where people are abandoning, where they’re engaging, etc. 2.Website should look lively:Customers needs facts to trust on as they are quite discriminating one.They’re going to check your copyright date to see if it lists 2011 or 2006. They’re going to look for old statistics or other signs you haven’t taken the time to update your content. They’re going to check your company blog to see how often it’s updated, if you reply to commenters, if people are talking back, etc. They’re going to look for signs that you’ve created a dynamic website, instead of one lying around in stagnant water.So,your website should look attractive and lively one. 3.Your customers don’t care about you–they care about how you can help them:Customers are there because they have a problem they need you to fix or a question they need you to answer. Your website should be designed to help them quickly achieve whatever it is they came for. A-1 Technology is here to break your obstacles:We are an enthusiastic bunch – brimming with creativity and eager to work on diverse projects from content management system integration and extension to mobile app development and interactive desktop applications. We thrive delivering challenging projects on Flash programming where we can expand and show off our creative and Flash application development capabilities. And we make the world a better place with our focus on education and advocacy projects with our attractive team of web designing. Can you go from web to mobile in the blink of a stylesheet...if no than folow us. We are here to guide you .

Why Your Website is failing to attract clients