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Iron Man

TONY STARK Anthony Edward Stark is a character portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and known commonly by his alter ego, Iron Man.

As of 2019, the character was one of the central figures of the MCU, having appeared in eleven films[N 1] from his introduction in Iron Man, up to SpiderMan: Far From Home. In 2015, the evolution of the character over the series was described as "the defining arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe". In 2018, it was argued that "no other character goes on as transformative a journey as Iron Man". The Iron Man character and Downey's performance has been credited with helping to cement the MCU as a multi-billion dollar franchise, with Stark often being considered "the godfather of the Marvel Cinematic Universe" and one of the greatest film characters of all time

The armor and Stark's own transhuman body are powered by the high-yield arc reactor mounted in his chest.]The high output of the arc reactor has greatly augmented Stark's intelligence and provided him superhuman-level multitasking and learning capabilities. Unlike earlier armors, this new armor does not appear to rely on motors and servos for motion.


The weapons systems of the suit have changed over the years, but Iron Man's standard oensive weapons have always been the repulsor rays that are fired from the palms of his gauntlets. Other weapons built into various incarnations of the armor include: the uni-beam projector in its chest; pulse bolts (that pick up kinetic energy along the way; so the farther they travel, the harder they hit); an electromagnetic pulse generator; and a defensive energy shield that can be extended up to 360 degrees.


LIGHTSABER The lightsaber, also referred to as a laser sword by those who were unfamiliar with it, was a distinctive weapon, the very image of which was inextricably bound with the mythos of the Jedi Order and their polar opposites, the Sith. The lightsaber also b e c a m e synonymous with the Jedi Order's values to uphold peace and justice throughout the galaxy. This perception endured, despite the many conflicts w i t h l i g h t s a b e rwielding Sith and Dark Jedi.This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use.

Eventually, the Republic managed to reclaim its lost territory. During this period, lightsaber usage and technology remained largely unchanged, although it should be noted that the usage of naturally formed crystals from Ilum became almost universal among Jedi, causing the variety of lightsaber colors to drop, as the vast majority of crystals that formed on Ilum took on either a blue or green hue.


There is little doubt that Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most talked-about innovation territories for brands and marketers. Ever since the breakout global hit of PokĂŠmon GO two summers ago, AR has been high on the list of innovation-minded brands. Last year, both Apple and Google released their respective mobile AR developer platforms,

To experience virtual reality, you wear a headset which recreates a virtual environment in which you can look around in 360 degrees, hear sounds and move your hands and feet to interact with the world around you.

If you are curious about VR and want to try it, but don’t want to spend much m o n e y, G o o g l e Cardboard is a good place to start. Headsets cost under £10 from Amazon, you slot your smartphone in the front

(it works with Android and Apple phones) and there are loads of free VR apps in the Google Play Store, including a Halloween ride, the beach and even Star Wars.

For a better VR experience, the Samsung Gear Gen 2 is a proper headset, so is slightly more expensive, and works with some Samsung phones. The Samsung Gear Gen lets you download apps and games from the Oculus Store.

Virtual Reality allows the user to enter in a fictional world created digitally and to fall into it completely. That is possible through proper viewers which isolate users from the surrounding environment and make the experience totally immersive.

Among Virtual Reality most popular devices there are Oculus Rift and Htc Vive, through which the individual can have a 360-degree view of the digital environment around him.

A dierent thing is the Augmented Reality technology, both for purposes and modalities. With the term Augmented Reality we refer to all the devices that enable to enrich the world around us with digital contents, especially information. The main dierence with Virtual Reality is that AR viewers don’t have the aim to isolate completely the user from the environment but require the maintenance of the eye contact with the s u r ro u n d i n g re a l i t y, while they value our

Holographic Projection ( 3D ၶᑮಭ୽ )

To create a hologram, there is need of a means that can split light rays, an object and a light source a mirror then redirects the split light and gives a 3D image. Hologram diers from photographic films because they are enfolded within themselves.

For the first time in Slovakia, KVANT produced a holographic projection as part of Scientists' Night 2016; the event organised in Bratislava on yearly basis.

The size of “Holostage” was 8 x 4 meters. All the equipment had to be set up exactly right so the holographic illusion became near-real visual experience.

The singer Lina Mayer performed a couple of songs, during which she was cloned, split and twisted in various ways in front of the audience. We also “supplied” her with some abstract 3D artefact that she was able to “play” with during her performance.

We design, build and project manage the installation of large scale 3D Holographic Stages. It is a large scale Hologram stage system that allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed. Using the peppers ghost concept. we can add a new dimension to your product launch by adding a 3D holographic stage setup that will amaze your audience, capable of high definition 3D video projections. Our hologram stage projections can 'wow' and captivate your audience like never before. There is no need for 3D glasses, the holographic projection techniques that we use means that the 3D Holograms appear to float on stage with astonishing depth.

Among numerous achievements in science, Holography is one of the achievements. Holography is a technical method used to obtain three-dimensional images, and a hologram is an image created by 3D holographic projection technology. The term ‘holography’ has a Greek origin. Two Greek words, ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’ and ‘grapho’ meaning ‘to write’ makes up the word ‘holography.’ Dennis Gabor, a physicist, invented Holography and later received a noble prize in physics in 1971.

Today, Holography projection technology and nanotechnology have become more advanced as scientists are working on it. We can touch the image produced by the hologram. Hologram catches collision pattern between beams of light where one of the beams is shone on the medium and acts as a reference to the light that has interpreted.

The traditional holographic foil have to install in 45° , if you are not professional it is hard to set up the whole system, and it need very big space.

Now we have a perfect material to replace it, Holographic Mesh Screen. It can be front and rear projection, image on both size, easy to install even just 1 or 2 person.

It can be see thrugh, perfect for Interactive Show, if you want to make a big hologram live show it is the best choice.

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