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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Lack of Planning 3. Insufficient Budget 4. Only following traditional means of marketing. 5. Decision-making mishaps 6. Having legitimate reviews 7. Improper translations 8. Improper utilization of Data 9. Social Media Handles 10. Target audience 11. Failing to follow through

Ten flaws in your marketing strategies

Marketing campaigns are a tough task, obviously. They have to be done about just right. Any mishaps and miscommunications cane turn a development into a disaster in no time. Promotional campaigns are important and necessary for anything to make a name for itself. A successful marketing strategy involves starting a trend, delivering value for what you had promised and creating a demand for a need that has yet to be satisfied or overlooked in the market so far. These are the perfect opportunities to utilize and earn profits. A good marketing campaign promises a good reward whereas a bad one will simply backfire and you will have to face severe consequences. So, thinking it through all the way is key. Let us take a look at what flaws might turn out to be responsible for your campaign.

Lack of Planning You might want to start off with determining the plan. A proper plan is the most important element when it comes to deciding the feasibility. Devise a proper plan which can be possible to implement so that there won’t be any sort of hassle later on. We all know how lack of planning can prove to backfire and we have to pay for the consequences as a given but don’t you think it can be avoided altogether if there that error doesn’t occur in the first place at all? This possible error in judgment which might possibly turn out to be a catastrophic backfire can end up blowing in your face. So, we advise you to careful make alterations if necessary for avoiding unnecessary permanent damage to both your brand and your opportunity to make money.

Insufficient Budget After a well-devised plan, a correct determination of budget is very important. Every expense of yours must be anticipated. We know it sounds impossible because unanticipated expenses are inevitable. Which is exactly why we advise you to try to anticipate every income because that way you will incur less unanticipated expenses. A proper approximation is more than enough to get yourself through. Make sure you have an approximation for every minor expense you will possibly occur. Promotional activities are going to cost you accordingly. Everything you want to do will come to you at an expense, so make sure you can pull all the strings you possibly can in order to save at least a little bit of money. An inefficient budget will force the campaign to go on a hiatus and you will have to face so many unnecessary burdens just to clear it up. Prolong the initiation if you have to. But never take a halt in between the process. This can be primarily caused by lack of funds. Thus, having a well-detailed budget will help you avoid any hiccups along the way.

Only following traditional means of marketing. Traditional means of marketing is an old-school method of marketing which the modern-day audiences barely have the time for. Billboards, hoardings and events might prove to be beneficial, but only relying on those things is hardly going to be effective at all. In the earlier days, people used to look at billboards and hoardings because they had nothing else to do when they were stuck in traffic. Technology was still blooming, Indian customers didn’t engage in the current global trends, thus, they had old phones probably running on Symbian Operating Systems which had limited access to basically anything the Android and iOS had to offer. But times are changing and nowadays, almost everyone on the passenger seat is busy with their cellular devices playing games or checking their social networking websites. So, still depending on traditional means and choosing not to adapt the dynamic changes in the market seem to be more appropriate for you? If so, then your fate will be no different from Nokia. We all know what happened there, don’t we? So, if you’d rather emphasize more on the digital form of promotion, you will have more than leverage and control over your everything. Don’t

Decision-making mishaps Decision making is obviously and integral part of any business or activity one chooses to perform. Here, if you are the strategic planner, you have the full authority to make things go your way. Your boss might be the ultimate decision maker but he does not have the same insight as you do, so its your job to make sure you convince him to make it work. Make them see what your idea of a bigger picture is and gain their confidence in your vision. By doing what you have promised you’d do, you will achieve whatever you said you would and you will build a stronger employee-boss relationship built on faith and mutual trust.

Having legitimate reviews These days its quite common for companies to buy reviews just to build a fake reputation. This may not end well. Considering all of them are paid for, those reviews are programmed and based on a pattern. Some people can tell which ones are fake. If your reputation gets build as a brand which buys reviews instead of legitimate reviews.

Improper translations Writing an article about some topic is one thing on its own but having to translate it accurately in a less spoken language globally is a task suited for people with high level of patience and perfectionists. People often make mistakes using the Google’s translate. Its not entirely their fault because they are obviously not so much familiar with the language because they are dependent on the translator in the first place. If you can find a person who is fluent with the language then its not big of an issue but completely relying on Google translate is one big gamble indeed.

Improper utilization of Data Once you have all your social media accounts set up, it is kind of necessary to have Google Analytics to have data accumulated when people interact with your pages or accounts. By proper usage of this vital info, you will be able to direct your plans in a better way which will prove to be undoubtedly useful. These stats will again help you devise further implementations in a better way.

Social Media Handles Social Media Handles are a lot more important than you think. It is a bridge that connects you and your users to interact with each other. You should only allow full-time employees to engage with these accounts as these accounts are an online face of the company. Allowing inters to have access to such important material to deal with is not advisable. Your work will be done inefficiently and haphazardly. Your users will lose interest if they think what you have to offer is not enticing or time-worthy. This will impact your campaign in a very critical way.

Target audience Whenever you decide to launch a campaign, never forget who it is for in the first place. Deciding who your target audience is a significant job. Choosing the wrong demographic can prove to be a disaster in the future. Your campaign will fail to work, your entire effort will be wasted, your whole expenses will be futile and most importantly – the damage of your reputation will be permanent.

Failing to follow through Following through is the most important thing in any campaign. If you start something, make sure to see it through the entire way. Keep regular check when it comes to stats, improvise with the demands and make sure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to doing research. Failing to follow through would mean that your job was done in a haphazard manner and it dialed to function because of so many different reasons you didn’t look into. Campaigns are a responsibility and a successful implementation can build up to a lifetime of value. Hence, it is better to have a well-devised plan, a sufficiently efficient budget, a balanced means of traditional and online marketing and along with all the points mentioned above.

We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to avoid all the flaws mentioned in the above statements. Bad campaigning can result in the damage of your reputation and it will affect everything your services have to offer. Thus, we say that be careful and think about every possible outcome and consequence you might face when you decide to take up an idea and implement it in your campaign. Your marketing strategies and your ideas are the sole credit takers in the end. You will be the one who is worthy of praise when it becomes successful. You are the strategist and the brains behind the operations. Make It count. Be open to welcoming digital marketing strategies because you will have to adapt to the changes in the environment taking place. If you choose to be distinct, you will be left behind. Oblivion is a common place to wander for a marketer rigidly trying to stay in the past.

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Ten flaws in your marketing strategies  

Marketing campaigns are a tough task, obviously. They have to be done about just right. Any mishaps and miscommunications cane turn a develo...

Ten flaws in your marketing strategies  

Marketing campaigns are a tough task, obviously. They have to be done about just right. Any mishaps and miscommunications cane turn a develo...