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Supermarket raid By Brendan Rees Businesses have called on for more security after a youth gang raided a Cranbourne supermarket at Springhill Shopping Centre last Saturday 9 September, leaving onlookers terrified. A group between 15 to 20 youths entered the Springhill Coles store shortly after 6pm before grabbing a range of items at hand, leaving the store soon after without making payment. Police are investigating the theft which they believe confectionary, chips and soft drinks were allegedly stolen. Posting on the Casey Crime Page, Cranbourne West resident Alicia Fulcher was at the store when the brazen act occurred, and filmed the group on her phone as they fled the scene. “I’ve just been at Springhill Coles and witnessed the b******* who ransacked Coles and abused a bunch of people,” she said. Ms Fulcher said there were at least 20 in the group, aged in their teens to late twenties who took “armfuls of stock” and “stood around laughing at their conquests.” Ms Fulcher said they also verbally and physically abused staff as they tried to stop them from stealing. “I’m so sick and tired of these p***** who believe that they can do anything they like. I was brought up in a beautiful community that felt safe, and now I can’t even take my children to do grocery shopping with me.” Ms Fulcher also spoke to Neil Mitchell on 3AW on 11

September, saying she was “terrified.” “They (youths) started to get a little bit aggressive and a little bit abusive to staff and a couple of customers who tried to stop them,” she said on 3AW. The teenagers were perceived to be of African appearance and a number of them were wearing hooded jumpers and backpacks. Springhill Shopping Centre businesses say there is a lack of security at the shopping centre and fear the incident may be repeated. Manager of Beeton’s Bakery Daniel Beeton said action needed to be taken. “It’s never a good thing hearing about that. I feel safe that police are capable of doing their job,” but added his staff felt “uncomfortable” after the last Saturday’s incident. Springhill newsagency staff member Keyuri Dandiya said it was not the first time youths had caused trouble in the area, and the issue needed to be addressed. “Next door they broke the glass window. This happened three or four times. They stole the ATM machine a couple of months ago. There needs to be more security to stop them,” she said. Ms Dandiya said she sometimes worked in the store alone and felt scared. “You can’t do anything. I’m sometimes nervous,” she said. Pharmacy Select assistant Jo Latreille said she was concerned about aggressive behaviour of youths outside their store. “When I heard it (news of the theft at Coles) was in Cran-

A witness filmed the youths running from the Springhill Coles supermarket. 172819 Picture: COURTESY OF CHANNEL SEVEN bourne I thought great. I go to that Coles all the time. I thought if they go to the Coles they might come in here,” she said. Pharmacy Select pharmacist Christine Fahmy said it would be so easy for someone to break their front window. “We need more security or a security car patrolling the shopping centre. We sometimes hear loud noises, fighting and yelling at the front. It’s a bit scary,” she said. Springhill Medical Centre practice manager Jess Cachia said her staff now left the store together when they finished work, after hearing about troublesome behaviour at a nearby store. “As far as we know in the shopping centre, there isn’t any security,” Ms Cachia said. Continued page 5

Springhill Pharmacy Select staff members Christine Fahmy, left, and Jo Latreille, right, are concerned about the rise of anti-social behaviour at Springhill Shopping Centre. 172819 Picture: BRENDAN REES

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News - Cranbourne - 14th September 2017  
News - Cranbourne - 14th September 2017