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Connecting people & communities BERWICK Thursday, 25 May, 2017

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Bunjil Place is well on the way to completion with doors set to open later this year, see inside for a full update. Pictured here is City of Casey Mayor Cr Sam Aziz inside the Bunjil Place theatre.

Creating Australia’s most liveable city Have your say on the 2017-21 Draft Council Plan and the 2017-18 Draft Budget. A bold plan for the future of Casey has been unveiled, informed by the most intensive community consultation ever undertaken in the municipality. The Draft Council Vision, 2017-21 Council Plan and 2017-18 Budget set out Council’s ambitious program to create Australia’s most liveable city and SFnFDUTUIFQSJPSJUJFTDMFBSMZBSUJDVMBUFEUISPVHI Casey Next and by the Casey People’s Panel. The community is again being invited to have its say, after the Draft Vison, Plan and Budget were made public at a Special Council meeting last month. This year’s budget includes an investment of $124.7 through the Capital Works Program where

residents will see projects they have lobbied for appear before their eyes. City of Casey Mayor Cr Sam Aziz has welcomed UIF1MBOBOE7JTJPOXIJDIIFTBJESFnFDUTUIF desires of his community. “We’ve developed a Plan and Vision that delivers on our residents’ priorities today, tomorrow and beyond. “The Plan sets Casey up for the future, outlining Council’s strategic objectives over the next four years and how we’ll achieve these, covering everything from being an inclusive, safe and connected community to creating a thriving economy with local jobs, investment and new industries.

i5IF#VEHFUJTPVSmSTUTUFQJOEFMJWFSJOHVQPOUIF Council Plan, and I’m proud to say it balances the priorities of the people with the long term needs of our growing municipality. “The Budget funds year one of the four-year Council Plan; it delivers the projects and services that the community has told us matter to them.” The community can view the Plan, Vision and Draft Budget at our-future and have their say by 9 June 2017. Council will consider any written submissions before adopting the 2017-18 Draft Budget on 27 June 2017.

´:H·YHGHYHORSHGD Plan and Vision that GHOLYHUVRQRXUUHVLGHQWV· priorities today, tomorrow and beyond.” - Cr Aziz


News - Berwick - 25th May 2017