Origins & Destinations

Los Angeles, United States

We started People Of The World project as a way to connect everyone during the 2020 pandemic, when the freedom we used to have was modified, and the new “normal” was unfamiliar and different. We wanted to create something that would bring some smiles, brighten the new (and then gruesome) reality, and unite people across the globe. In the process we learned a lot of new things. We made new life-long friends. Fell in love with many different cultures. Got to be a part of some amazing charitable causes. We found that no matter where in the world you live, no matter what faith or religion you practice, no matter what your social status is, poverty has no geographical boundaries, we mourn the same way, we cry for same and/or similar reasons. We also found that the essence of happiness is the same for all people around the globe. We found that we dream about similar things and smile for same reasons. Hope finds its way into every home and every heart. We are excited to share our experiences with you! Enjoy!