Sunday 7.7.24 - Olya Hill Fine Art Catalogue

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the artist


Olya is an abstract artist whose vibrant paintings transcend conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and perceptions. Through a dynamic interplay of color and energy, she creates captivating artworks that encourage introspection and self-discovery Olya's work challenges viewers to look beyond the surface and delve into the realms of imagination and intuition, where hidden truths and unspoken emotions await exploration Her unique approach to abstraction serves as a conduit for personal connection and spiritual growth, guiding viewers on a journey of inner exploration and self-realization

Her work in photography has been sought after by many global brands She maintains a leading edge on creating visual presentations that have wowed readers and clients alike

Olya is a well-respected & sought-after thought leader and innovator in the fields of advertising and human psychology. She has developed unique methods of using color undertones and hues to shape viewers’ emotional responses While undetectable, these methods have been proven effective to promote specific reactions from readers when viewing images and videos

Her work has been featured in various digital and print publications such as Goop, Parents, Pregnancy and Newborn, Real Simple, and Thrive Global to name a few Her unique creative advertising ideas have been placed on the Times Square Billboards

my process

I’ve been fascinated by color for as long as I can remember. I’ve dedicated years to studying the intricacies of it, to understand what color is, & , most importantly, what it can do.

I start with meditation before I pick up a brush. I have my personal ritual designed to clear the energy, to align with the highest vibrations & to be the portal & let the energy channel through colors There is music attached to each piece as well

What I create is more than just paintings. It’s a connection between your soul & the universe. Each piece is created to speak to you in its own unique way, communicating beyond words, recharging your heart, mind & soul & healing all in the way that only Art can.

art language

Art accesses pains, potentials, & everything that has been silent for a while. It accesses possibilities & paths. It allows expression, understanding, & the re-signification of who we are. Art heals.

I create for you to connect. To your heart. Your soul. Your mind. the inner parts of you ven you didn’t know existed. create to make you pause & think. eate to let your mind et lost in imagination. I create to inspire. I create to heal.

original works

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 36" x 60"



Crafted with layers of acrylics, resin, & ink, this piece reflects the chaotic beauty of existence through its vibrant colors & motion. The abstract bursts of color represent the unpredictable intersections of life’s paths. This artwork is a dynamic presence that evokes thought & emotion, energizing any space with its vividness & complexity.


acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"



Delving deep into the raw emotions of passion & vitality, this piece features dynamic interplay of reds & blues, accented with spontaneous bursts of green & yellow. It reflects the unyielding energy & chaos found within the human spirit. This artwork stands as a visually striking beacon in any space, igniting conversation & evoking a spectrum of feelings, from fervor to contemplation.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 36" x 60"



Diving deep into the mystical & boundless ocean, this piece harnesses the serene yet powerful essence of a whale’s song. Utilizing acrylics blended with pearls, the artwork swirls with dynamic blues & spontaneous bursts of white, capturing the soulful melody of the ocean giants. It’s designed to bring a surge of tranquility & awe to any space, inviting viewers to pause & immerse in its profound depths.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 72"


In this acrylic creation, a visceral explosion of color & emotion is unleashed. Fiery reds clash with serene blues, symbolizing the eternal dance between chaos & calm. This painting takes viewers on a journey through visual intensity, designed to awaken the senses & invigorate any space with its dynamic presence & compelling energy.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"



A symphony of colors is unleashed in this painting, capturing the vibrant chaos & beauty of the universe. Each stroke with acrylic paints on canvas is an exploration of emotion, from deep blues & serene purples to fiery reds & bursts of light, symbolizing life's constant motion & transformation. This artwork is an emotional journey meant to inspire & energize any space it occupies, bringing a lively spirit & a touch of the cosmos into the home.


acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"



Embracing the vibrant chaos & harmony within the abstract realm, each stroke & splash in this piece is a burst of emotion passion, turmoil, & elation melded into an expressive dance of colors. The bold, fluid contrasts highlight spontaneous interactions between hues, reflecting the complexity of human feelings. This artwork is meant to inspire & awaken the spirited depths of anyone who views it.




acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"



This vibrant acrylic creation explores the tempest of emotions that pulsate through us daily. Cascading splashes of red embody fiery passion, while startling blues & yellows suggest sparks of inspiration & fleeting moments of clarity. It is a visual representation of life's intensity celebrating the chaos & beauty in the energy of our very essence. In an abstract form, this piece captures the dynamic movements of innermost feelings, inviting viewers to reflect on the vivid spectrum of their own emotions, transforming any space with life's vivid pulse.


acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"



Harnessing the dynamic interplay of radiant golds & deep, enigmatic blacks, this creation explores the contrast between chaos & elegance. The vivid streaks & splatters express raw, uninhibited emotion, while the dominant golden forms symbolize triumph & enlightenment. This artwork invites viewers to explore profound introspection & personal growth, imbuing any space with a sense of hopeful energy & boundless potential.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 48" x 60"




"The Eye of Horus" intertwines ancient Egyptian heritage with the timeless human quest for connection. This vibrant explosion of color, inspired by the revered symbol of protection & power, delves into the depths of our shared history. The dynamic interplay of hues mirrors life's complexity & the search for meaning rooted in deep cultural roots. This piece bridges the ancient & the contemporary, capturing human resilience & the essence of interconnectedness. It invites viewers to explore personal narratives through history, energizing any space with its intense emotional depth & historical resonance.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 36" x 60"



Captivated by the magnetic dance of colors & emotions, vibrant strokes ripple across the canvas, symbolizing life’s tumultuous yet beautiful ebbs & flows. It is a passionate testament to the resilience & diversity of the human spirit. This artwork promises to bring a burst of energetic inspiration & emotion to any space, invigorating the environment with color & depth.

acrylic on canvas dimensions: 36" x 60"



This creation captures the primal essence of emotion & transformation through vivid, earthy tones that gradually ascend into serene white. The white color, which consists of all colors unseen to the naked eye, symbolizes the hidden depths within us all & the interconnectedness of human experience. This journey from turmoil to peace, represented by bold strokes & layered textures, echoes the complexities of the human condition. The piece brings a powerful, reflective energy to any space, inviting contemplation of growth, hidden potential, & the unseen connections that bind us all.

mixed media dimensions: 36" x 60" FOG. CAPTURED.



This piece blends vibrant acrylics with the depth of resin, capturing the ethereal beauty of morning fog & the colors of life through abstract expressionism. The bursts of blue, yellow, & red represent life's vivid moments, while the cascading strokes evoke the serene & tumultuous aspects of our connection to nature. This artwork invites viewers into a world of introspection & emotional release, energizing any space with its dynamic presence & vivid storytelling. It embodies the tranquil embrace of fog & the vibrant hues of life's journey, offering a harmonious blend of nature's calm & life's spirited energy.

mixed media dimensions: 36" x 48"



This piece melds acrylics, collage, & a touch of cement to craft a stark, deeply textured portrayal of an iconic pyramid framed within an abstract, rough border. The use of neutral tones highlights themes of stark loneliness versus lasting perseverance. This work evokes contemplation & reflection, adding a profound narrative depth to any space it inhabits.

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