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Activities: Friday Night Lights LARGE GROUP

Football Finger Materials ++ Pre-cut hand ++ Popsicle sticks ++ Tape ++ Crayons ++ Markers

Pin the Football on the Goal Post Materials ++ Pre-cut footballs ++ Crayons ++ Markers ++ Scissors ++ Tape ++ Painter’s tape

Instructions 1. Pre-cut the hand. 2. Decorate the hand. 3. Tape the hand to the popsicle stick.

CRAFT 2 Q-Tip Painted Football Materials ++ Brown and white construction paper ++ Q-tips ++ Black paint ++ Glue

Instructions 1. Use painter’s tape to make a goal post on the wall and pre-cut footballs for the children to use for this game. 2. Have the children color, decorate, and write their name on the front of their football. 3. Loop a piece of tape on the back of the football. 4. Blindfold one child at a time and have them attempt to place the football between the goal posts. Allow everyone to participate and assist when necessary. 5. Celebrate the winners!

Heisman Pose Competition Materials ++ Digital photo of Heisman pose Instructions 1. Display a picture of the Heisman pose on a screen if possible. If not, model the pose for the group. 2. Have each child can pick a college football team that they want to be associated with when they win the Heisman. 3. Assign someone to be the announcer who will announce each child and their team. Make this exciting and fun! 4. When their name is called, they will come up and do the Heisman pose. Have a photographer take photos of each child. 5. The announcer will determine which child had the best Heisman pose!

MOVIE Air Bud: Golden Receiver

Instructions 1. Pre-cut footballs out of the brown construction paper. 2. Pre-cut white strips to go on the football. 3. Glue the white strips of paper on the brown football. 4. Dip the Q-tip into the black paint to decorate the football.

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2019-2020 rEcess Curriculum  

2019-2020 rEcess Curriculum