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DOUGH By Carol Hoyt

There is a new tasting room in town and it’s called Boar Dough. Sitting directly across from the Regency theatre in the old Johnny Rockets, you could say it marks the top of the Malibu Wine trail. As you enter this intimate family owned business, Joanne and Charles Bruchez warmly greet you, also at the helm is their son Charlie working behind the counter. Charles has had a long history in the restaurant and wine industry and it shows. He began his journey in the beer business outside of Liverpool. He then moved to the states and continued from there. Boar Dough has a lovely ambiance, its cork covered walls and barrel stave light fixtures help to create this. Taking this one step further as the sun goes down the windows illuminate photographs of classic rock stars. I sit at the counter and chat with Charles about the one of the most unusual wine lists I have seen. His taste in wine is exquisite. His list, of course, proudly includes Malibu locals, but he extends it from Paso Robles down and continues to mix it up according to the seasons. From there he then branches out, his European background and knowledge of those wines takes you to explore wine from all over the world, including, but not limited to, Hungary, the Loire Valley France, and Germany. Bruchez wants you to experience wines you have never tried before in an approachable way. It is where local wines meet wines from around the world. Many of the wines from this eclectic menu allow you to choose a from a taste to a full glass and as we approach summer you might even choose a Greek Rose or a reserve from Croatia. Of course with his beer background you will find some most unusual ales, Ciders and IPA’s. The mouth watering descriptions are almost as interesting as the beers themselves, like Turbo Dog , a Malty, caramelized brown ale, or Logsdon Farmhouse, a funky, complex Belgian Saison, and even a creamy, chocolaty oatmeal stout from Anderson Valley. While you taste through some wines be sure to explore the food. If you like to sit at the counter (which I do) you can watch the fresh bread being rolled out for the homemade focaccia, flat bread pizzas. Be sure not to miss date wrapped with manchego cheese with bacon and the pork belly with jalapeno glaze (it is not “Boar Dough” for nothing) is just amazing! There are plenty of delicious greens for our veggie loving friends – like the fried brussell sprouts – which go down like potato chips. The love for good food and wine is shared by his staff, who genuinely are glad to be there and share their flavorful creations. Whether you are going to the movies, or making Boar Dough a part of your Malibu Wine tour, the wines here invite you to explore and take chances. The things you can also look forward to here are pop up wine tastings and specialty cooking and wine classes. They are open now for lunch and dinner Wednesday – Sunday.

Wine tip of the month: For the perfect cellar temperature for a delicate red like a Pinot Noir, place the bottle in the refrigerator for 1/2 an hour before serving. Reds shouldn’t be served warm either! Carol Hoyt is a winemaker based in Malibu California. You can find her award winning wines at:

photos by Tim Horton


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