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HEART MADE. H A N D F I N I S H E D. Created with Swiss precision and high quality demands. Combined with the love for detail, exceptional bathroom concepts come to life: LAUFEN Palomba Collection, design by L+R Palomba



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6 In Devon&Devon (Italy) style 8 What colour attracts architects? Petraluxe (Germany) 10 New collections for the market. Water Evolution (Portugal) 52 Roca’s strategy in Russia 62 Interiors from antibacterial ceramics Casalgrande Padana (Italy) 64 New products in Champagne colour. Hewi (Germany) 65 An intelligent concept. Porcelanosa Noken On (Spain)

54 Health. Environment. Safety 56 Mobile solutions for accessible environments 57 red dot design award 2013 62 Interview about bio and antibacterial solutions




30 A world of smalt pieces. Fabio Novembre 36 Living mosaics 38 A future classic 40 A recognisable face 42 Emotional perception 44 The union of light and water 47 Ceramic pictures 48 The bathroom as art

11 Product Panels 20 Porcelain tiles 22 Sanitary ware 25 Bathroom furniture 26 Natural stone 45 Lighting in bathrooms 50 DIY chains and showrooms: a conflict of ranges 66 red dot design award 2013

14 Greek thermae. Architect German Enin 72 Comfort outdoors. Architectural studio Ritz Exterior Design 78 Dive into infinity. Infinity pools



A focus on man and the environment is a theme in the development of global design

#3 / November 2013 - March 2014 Founder: ITE Group plc. Publisher: The ITE Group Managing editor: Ruzanna SARKISOVA Editor in Chief: Tatiana ONEGINA


focus on man and the environment is a theme in the development of global design. Inspiration is something hardly perceptible that is drawn from emotions, impressions, reflections and observations. In design there are no clear rules, but it is very important that the result always focuses on man and his environment. This key mission has become a trend in all areas of modern design. But no matter how far industrial technology and design ideas have come, their purpose, in the end, is to create not only beautiful and comfortable, but also safe, conditions for the everyday life of each person, including people with special requirements. Despite the fact that there is not yet a clear definition of this trend in design, its general concept has already been formulated. In global markets, in-demand and current design for everyone are represented by the products, materials and technology in a special category: “Health, Environment and Safety”.


Collected in the special section Cersanex+ are the best developments in this category, which demonstrate the close relationship between science, technology and design. People ignore design that ignores people. Leading figures in global design are convinced that we must completely change attitudes towards design and reassess values. In exclusive interviews with the magazine, leading figures in ceramics and sanitary ware from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and the United States agree that when creating new collections, along with flawless execution and advanced technology, the emotional perception of the product should be at the forefront. Fabio Novembre, one of the leading innovators in modern design, strives to inspire people to a more sensual understanding of beauty and to provoke new sensations of comfort. His fantastic and elegant decorative interiors raise the culture of man’s material environment to the highest technological and artistic level. It is hoped that the new areas of emotional and “caring” design will continue to develop successfully in the future. The prerequisites for this are already in place. Managing Editor Ruzanna Sarkisova

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Cover photo: Vittoria hotel in Florence, BISAZZA mosaic, designer Fabio Novembre

l interview

The 2013 construction season is coming to an end. Leading European companies have already formulated the key trends in ceramics and sanitary ware for 2014. In exclusive interviews, ceramic industry leaders from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the United States and Portugal discuss their latest achievements, developments and advanced technology.

IN DEVON&DEVON STYLE The collections of Devon&Devon, the Italian supplier of integrated bathroom solutions, stand out with their individual style. Teresa Tanini, marketing and communications manager at Devon&Devon, talks about how this style developed, and about the company’s traditions and new products. How does Devon&Devon stay at the forefront of ceramic fashion? Through working with leading designers or using innovative materials? The brand is 24 years old and the owners are the designers of everything you see here. We outsource production so we have 20 or 25 different suppliers. We are basically editors, in the sense that we edit, we design everything that you see here – from floors to cabinets, consoles and mirrors. Of course, the core business is bathrooms. What we try to have is a total look, so it is more like a lifestyle experience than sanitary ware. We try to select producers in small scale business units that are highly specialised, with a lot of expertise in their field. We use topquality raw materials – for example, all our porcelain production is in England, all the leather and all the wood in Florence, and taps in France. We look for the best producer in each field to have the best range of prod-


ucts to offer to our customers. What we do every year at Cersaie is present new collections: we have two different floor collections, two different console and basin collections, we have a whole new range of sofa fabrics, and we have a new bathtub. Why are Devon&Devon interiors always black and white? We try to define our style as contemporary classic style. At the beginning the style was very much Victorian so it was very country influenced, very English. Over the years, we have developed a more eclectic mix - we have a bit of English style, a bit of American décor, a French touch – but we always try to present our style as the Devon&Devon style. So this means a lot of black and white, but also, for example, greys and beige. The style is generally quite sober, elegant, refined and this style can work in a Chinese house, an English house, an Italian house. It is an international classic style.

Collection Jetset Vanity Unit, Voque 1 Mirror

The company has many luxury collections. How do you control product quality and maintain the established image of products made in Italy? By picking the best producer in each field. Our products are expensive but maybe not when you consider the production behind them. For example, most of the feet for the tubs are done in a way that is the same as 200 years ago. The method of production is very traditional. The materials that we use – marble, for example – are luxury materials. We also try to differentiate for certain types of targets, such as professionals or contract projects, where instead of marble maybe we can use excellent quality ceramic. Of course, you decrease the price for big projects but always maintain good quality and our style. As for the future plans of the company in Russia, will it develop any luxury collections that take into account Russian tastes? We have never created a collection that was for the Middle East, Russia or China, we try always to provide Devon&Devon taste. But, of course, we know that a certain type of taste is appreciated in a certain country more than another. So, for example, we have created a tap collection called Excelsior that is more dedicated to the Russian market, which has more golden colours, but we don’t want to kill the Devon&Devon style in favour of certain cultural attitudes.

Collection President “White Tec” bathtub


l interview


Exclusive interview with Petraluxe (Germany) The porcelain tile manufacturer Petraluxe is offering unique new products for architects in 2013. Petraluxe director Xeniya Yun tells CERSANEX Magazine about the features of the collections and about German manufacturing. What new products are you presenting this year? For Cersaie we have come out with a new product which is more grey and beige colours, to attract more architects to our product. We have created specially some of our "Life" product, a mixture of four colours in one body and there is a city style product, where each product is named after a particular city like London, Rio, Berlin and so on. We found from our research that these are very popular colours for architects. Do you develop any products specifically for the Russian market? Yes we also have a different range called NatureDeluxe. It is a luxury product, more expensive, with more vibrant colours, and is specifically for the Russian market. It is an imitation of semi-precious natural stone. It is our bestselling collection in Russia. Will you be bringing any new collections to MosBuild Cersanex next year? Yes, we are working on that. We are thinking about what is going to be the trend next year in Russia specifically, and we will try to come up with something nice and interesting to attract more clients.

Marble Norwegian Pink 240х120 см


German products are known for their high quality – not only the end product but also the source materials – which is why customers always trust products made in Germany. What does the company do to maintain this high level of quality?

We do regular tests in our factory. If it is a new product coming out we do all the certification necessary for all the quality standards like abrasion and anti-slip. We are also strong on health and safety issues in our factory. Plus all the ISO DN tests before we even bring out the product to show the customer. Every six months we do a review on our older products to see if they are still up to standard. Does the company use innovative technology in the manufacturing process? Our technology is already very new so all our tiles are extruded tiles. Extrusion makes the tiles very straight so they don’t have any bends. Our bend is 0.008 % from one end to another. And there are big sizes as well, 120 x 240, which is very rare in extrusion. Our product for the Russian market, NatureDeluxe, is an innovation in itself. In 2002 we won best innovation of the year at MosBuild. We also have the MyDesign range where people can design anything they want on a tile, so if they want to put a picture of their family on a tile it will be there forever. It will not fade or change colour. This is done by digital printing.

Marble Black Panther

MyDesign (digital print) KIWI

Onyx Rainbow


l interview

Mixer tap Water Evolution

Water Evolution - the Portuguese manufacturer of sanitary ware, furniture and accessories for the bathroom - competes with wellknown German and Italian brands. Export manager Pedro Sousa shares the secret of its success. In Russia, the best-known bathroom brands are from Italy and Germany. What does Portugal exclusively offer? Sometimes people are surprised because they see very well designed products with very good materials. We also have a distribution company in Portugal and have experience of importing Italian and German products into our national market for more than 30 years. We saw that we have the capability to make our own product collection, which is why Water Evolution was born 12 years ago. We started working firstly with the bath tub programme. We made a small investment in a production facility in Portugal. We offer an integrated solution for bathrooms: taps, accessories, hardware, bath tubs, shower trays, and bathroom furniture – everything except ceramics. We are proud to


Exclusive interview with Water Evolution ( Germany)

Mixer tap S22


be Portuguese and to have “Made in Portugal” on our products. Your slogan is “Evolution just as life”. How do you incorporate this in your products? We see our project, since the beginning, as an evolution to the already existing market. For instance, all the companies making taps would traditionally work with a mould, so they have static solutions. Our technology is all machined. We are 100% using CNCs in our production methods to produce all our products, so that allowed us to be completely different in the market to what the market used to have from other companies. For us it is absolutely the same thing to produce taps in stainless steel or in chrome brass, which is evolutionary, because all the other companies that are introducing stainless steel in the market have know-how and production facilities that are oriented to producing brass casted taps. We don’t cast anything, so we have brought evolution to the production of taps and accessories. For example, we have a line of accessories called Deep where we only use a massive pure stainless steel or chrome brass

bar that we pick, we bend, we cut, we drill and we make a complete line of accessories and taps. What are your new products this year? We have tried to bring freestanding products to the show. We see the market for freestanding bath tubs increasing dramatically, together with freestanding basins. We try to adapt all our products technically to all the markets we are opening at the moment. We have products capable of penetrating any market in the world today. Do you have any products targeted specifically towards the Russian market? Yes, definitely. Our 316 stainless steel collection, which is something that the market was in need of. We started four years ago with a collection by the Pritzker prize winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura – the S22 collection. This raw material, stainless steel 316, is the most non-corrodible material in the market. Almost no one is using 316 in their products because they do not machine the products, they cast the products.


The Product Panels section in CERSANEX Magazine presents the latest products and services from the companies participating in MosBuild 2014

Spain’s EZARRI, a glass mosaic producer, has resumed production of this finishing material, with particular emphasis on technologies such as: a PVC dot system for mounting tiles, which provides ease of laying and eliminates the need to do restoration work for 15-25 years, and the antislip series.

The Keuco brand is represented in the Russian market by SAGT Group. The new collection, Royal Universe, is a perfect combination of innovation and design. A “floating lightness of form” is created by the mirror panel on the exterior carcass sides, and by the flat design of the lights.


BMB offers a range of mixers from the German trade mark. ORTA is an optimal combination of elegance and quality.



ARGO is a Russian brand that has proven itself in the sanitary ware market as a quality and reliable product trusted by consumers. In the household sanitary ware market, SK Sunlion offers premium mixers. All the collections in this series are assembled in the company’s own factory in Russia and only from European components.



ceramic tile porcelain gres mosaic sanitary

l project

WELCOME TO GREECE The SPA centre with Greek baths by German Enin was designed according to ancient print drawings but constructed to an ultra-modern design По воле британского архитектора Захи Хадид в центре столицы Сербии поднимутся волны. Такое «текучее» решение студия Zaha Hadid Architects предложила для реконструкции заброшенной текстильной фабрики Beko в центре Белграда.



Exclusive VIP interior design should incorporate individuality and a sense of luxury and comfort. German Enin


l project


year ago, Forbes magazine ran a feature on the luxury interiors of the Greek hotel Portes Palace (new name Pomegranate), comparing them to a modern-day palace of King Midas, a visit to which brings success and wealth. The magazine described future plans as involving designing a SPA centre for the hotel. The SPA centre is a special place. Crossing the centre's threshold, you should cast aside the hustle and bustle outside and set yourself up for a few hours of relaxation and pleasure. And if experienced professionals and spa procedures help to wick away physical stress, then the spa's idyllic space, light and comfort will restore order to the soul. The architect German Enin and the designer of the Greek hotel's interiors, continuing his work, suggested the concept of a unique SPA centre with Greek baths, de-


g German Enin, project architect g The pearl of the new hotel is the spa centre. The exclusive interior design of each zone is based on a reworking of ancient sketches and engravings. i k The white and blue colour theme in the interiors was chosen as they are the colours of the Greek national flag.


l project


signed according to ancient print drawings but constructed to an ultra-modern design. Natural materials were selected for the decor. The collumns in the lobby and the reception area are black granite and Jet Indian Black marble, with Grey stone-polished blue stone; Pietra Serena stone was selected for the SPA centre’s lobby floor. White Athos stone and blue marble were mainly used for the baths’ interior. The best Russian sculptors and artists were all involved in the project. Sculptors Oleg Tyulenev and Tigran Nikogosyan modeled orginal copies of ancient greek frescoes, using ancient techniques. The in-vogue Moscow photographer Vladimir Klavikho-Telepnev created beautiful landscapes and the works of the artist Aleksandr Lufer decorate the "SPA Aphrodites".

k The seawater pool and baths are made from Athos marble, which has been mined in this territory for many years, as well as semiprecious blue marble specially imported from Africa. i В The centre contains the largest hamam in Greece. It is 70 sqm. → h The decoration of the spa is full of hidden symbols and harbours a few mysteries..




We often strive to surround ourselves with a natural and warm environment. Here choosing wood for the interior design is perceived as the universal solution. But wood is not noted for wear resistance, resistance to temperature changes and fire, and water resistance, which is why “wooden� porcelain tiles, mosaics and ceramics are the right solution!


The Spanish company Arcana Ceramica has conjured up a miraculous imitation in the Treewood collection. Porcelain tile flooring hardly differs from wood in terms of colour or texture. The hardness and natural design renders the tiles almost identical to wood.


The design studio Meneghello Paolelli Associatti has designed original cups-washbasins for ArtCeram.


A new fashionable area is Serigraphy – picturesque mosaic plates tailored to an individual design project. Today this technology offers the best possible opportunity to evoke colour and picturesque form in high definition and resolution. EcoMosaico is the only supplier in the Russian Federation to provide exclusive Serigraphy panels.



Vintage, from the Spanish company Saloni, combines the cozy style of the past with the latest technology. The collection includes ceramic tiles: mock lightly-shaded wooden panelling and two types of decorative features – Discover and Nostalgia.


l details

6 The unique 3D-effect decor with its tranquil pastel colours is a design from a new collection of Phuket white clay ceramic tiles, from the Spanish manufacturer Aparici. The walls attain the look of a single seamless surface with an unusual pattern. Phuket's colour scheme reinvokes the light shades of the sand on Phuket's beaches.

What could be more perfect than natural forms? Designers from the Spanish company Natucer were inspired to créate the Casella ‘honeycomb’ collection. The broad colour scheme and simulated mosaic fully support the eye-catching and upbeat image of the entire collection.



The most popular mixer tap units from the five Axor collections – Axor Starck Organic, Axor Citterio, Axor Urquiola, Axor Montreux and Axor Carlton are now available with a 'mock gold' coating. The coating is applied using PVD technology, ensuring that the coating is durable and that it is scratch and detergent resistant.



The German company Jorger has developed a new classic collection entitled Chronos (time). The range includes a complete series of faucets for sinks, bidets and bath and shower units as well as a wide selection of accessories: towel hooks, a wall-mounted soap dish and a toilet roll holder. The collection is available in not only all the main shades and finishes from the Jorger colour range, but also in unique finishes such as antique gold and silver (patented electroplating technology to achieve textured surfaces).

Decotec is a leader on the French furniture market for bathrooms, known for its own individual style based on elegance, innovations and quality. Decotec continually develops special materials and surfaces that imbue furniture with the necessary resistance in conditions of high levels of humidity.



CaesarStone Motivo is a quartz stone collection with a 3D volumetric design (embossed effect). Motivo has been designed using new original technology, combining a matt and glazed manufacturing procedure. The stone, therefore, fully retains its exclusive properties and full imporosity. Motivo is available in two formats: black with a crocodile skin pattern and a white or black floral design.


l details


Tartan (Scottish plaid) is a famous pattern that has not gone out of fashion for decades. In most instances elements of interior design featuring Scottish plaid are present in soft furniture or blinds. However, the Spanish manufacturer of ceramic tiles Cifre Ceramica has broken all stereotypes – its new Ascot collection is a splendid imitation of fabric. The designers have added to the collection a floral panel where the colours look as if they were embroidered on tartan.


The Spanish company Apavisa presents the new collection Nanoeclectic as part of the ultra-thin series Nanotech 4mm. The new tile has been created through a mixture of textures and metallic colours. The Mohave tile is the jewel of the Nanoeclectic collection, reproducing natural stone.



VitrA has launched the production of porcelain tiles in Russia, based on innovative digital printing technology – ReaLook. This technology makes it possible to completely imitate natural textures on the surface. One of the collections – Woodstyle.


Front has showcased its own Axor WaterDream, marked by the simplicity that is characteristic of Scandinavian design. Philippe Grohe comments: “Front show how something that is normally hidden from view can become a visually appealing and valued spatial construct.”

Taleon furniture from fine woods in the classical style is manufactured at the Novarreda factory Novarreda (Epoque, Italy). Each collection merits separate attention: the Leonardo suite of furniture with marble worktops and curved facades, including elements of intarsia; Lorenzo – with laundry basket and mirror cabinet; Rafael – in Provence style. The Complementi screens for rectangular baths from natural solid wood provide a perfect fit to all the furniture collections.



Designers from the Spanish company Peronda decided that the natural pattern of the cut of a tree trunk, speckled with intricate threads of different colours, represented a major discovery for state-of-the-art interior design. The glossy Vestige porcelain tile series complement the Museum collection. Each element of the series appears unique, as the design on the tile is not repeated.


l details


Maestro Luchi is a unique Russian manufacturer of marble mosaics and panels. The company already has it own manufacturing facilities in Kazan, employing experienced foremen, stonemasons and world-class designers. Panel sketches of any design, from antique ornaments to abstract patterns, will be performed “jeweller-design style�. Maestro Luchi adheres to the following main conditions 100 % manual work and natural stone.


Wall cladding with natural stones from Lithos Design is striking in terms of visual effects. The Drappi di Pietra collection, with threedimensional effects, included five versions of panels, which are virtually reminiscent of ornate textile pleats: tulle, organza, chiffon, ottoman and foulard.


SATA RUS supplies natural stone from Iran. There are no equivalent products in the Russian market. Iran is among the four leading countries in the world for the production of natural stone. Its share in global production is, on average, 11-15 % per year. International experts rate Iranian natural stone as one of the best quality in the world.



The Association of the Stone Industry of Russia Stone Centre unites Russian enterprises and companies operating in the stone industry. Objectively the main centre of the Stone Centre Association is located in the Urals, Russia’s geographic centre, which constitutes a unique mineral and raw materials base, where a number of stone-mining and stoneworking enterprises are located. The Association was established in 2002 and promotes the consolidation of enterprises and organisations in the stone industry, construction organisations and research and educational institutions. At present, more than 60 enterprises operating in the stone business are part of the Stone Centre Association: open-pit mines and stone-working enterprises, geological prospecting enterprises, manufacturers of equipment and tools, construction enterprises, universities and trading companies. Annually the Stone Centre Association actively promotes domestic companies in the stone industry not only on the Russian market, but also abroad. Membership of the Association is constantly on the increase, attracting new members – enterprises working in the stone industry. We are open for cooperation and always appreciate new contacts!

Agate is one of the most popular types of semi-precious stones for a luxury class interior finish. If you contact the professionals of the company Jet Stone, you can be confident about the quality of the materials and the qualified assistance of experienced specialists.


l details


The Sauna Evolve PRO is first and foremost wood that retains and gives up heat, creates steam and phytotherapy. The Swedish company TYLO has also developed “special” saunas with a soft and comfortable environment for special needs people. The need to increase the door opening, the lack of a front doorstep and a “special” interior is also taken into account. Contact Plus is TYLO’s representative office in Russia.


The objective of the OLIVIER DESFORGES brand is to combine creativity and quality in their home textile range. The products are manufactured from the highest quality cotton. The "romantic chic" style of OLIVIER DESFORGES made his appearance something of a revolution in designing linen and textiles for the home, combining simplicity, elegance and sophisticated modernity.


Stn Ceramica (Spain) complemented the collection of the Glass ceramic plate with a panel of the same name, which imitates glass mosaics. Thanks to the new decorative features, the collection sparkled with even brighter colours. The panel is designed in two colours: Glass Arabache and Glass Opalo.



Decorative design of the swimming pool – mosaic panel BISAZZA Flower Carpet Green (Red, Grey) from the 2014 collection.


An indispensable attribute of the bathroom is the heated tower rail - it not only makes sure that there is no humidity in the bathroom, but also eliminates the appearance of water condensation on the walls and mirrors. Artyomovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works (AZOCM) offers an extensive model range of brass heated tower rails.


The new porcelain stoneware tiles of the Symbols series from Ceramica Mayor (Spain) come in five practical shades, from a light sandy colour to dark grey, and are named after the letters of the Ancient Greek alphabet: Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega. The collection is ideal for the design of terraces, patios and the zones near the swimming pool. The extensive scope for use is guaranteed by the superlative technical characteristics of the titles: resistance to abrasion (II-IV), physical damage and extremely low temperatures, bending resistance (>23 Đ?/mm2), non-slip surface (class 2), water absorption <0.5 %.


l designers



Для выставки своих работ в музее дизайна Triennale Фабио Новембре разработал специальный интерьер, центром которого стала алая роза из мозаики.


For an exhibition of his works at the Triennale Design Museum Fabio Novembre created a special interior, the centrepiece of which was a red rose mosaic.


Novembre himself acknowledges: "Love is the password for everything. Everything I do is motivated by love".


l designers


eauty and love combine to produce inspiration. For Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre, these feelings propel the creation of sophisticated, elegant and candid pieces. Novembre himself acknowledges: "Love is the password for everything. Everything I do is motivated by love". Novembre is well-known throughout the world as the inspiration behind the interiors of luxury shops, showrooms and exhibition halls; he has also designed collections for several leading Italian brands, including: Driade, Meritalia, Flaminia, Casamania, Cappellini and Bisazza. Novembre gained world recognition in 2001 for his design of the octopus-style ORG table for Cappellini. The paradox of the design is that the table's "rope-like" legs are extremely stable; a fantastical but practical item. Fabio Novembre has also proved himself as an industrial designer: he designed the Slow the Flow taps for Stella Rubinetterie, coat hangers for Meltinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Pot, bottles for Uliveto and


even the Love Opens Doors door handles for Fusital. In as much as these items are practical, Novembre has not forgotten his philosophy of love, which is affirmed in all of his designs. One of the designer's most recent works is the F3 = Form Follows Function outdoor furniture collection. The design fits together like the pieces of a puzzle, creating an infinite number of seats. The piece's 'flowing' form and light and practical material make the F3 ideal for open spaces. As artistic director of the company BISAZZA, the largest producer of mosaics and smalt, Novembre not only studied these materials, but fell in love with them. Mosaic designs then became an important feature of his interiors. Fabio masterfully creates not only painted panels, but also complete mosaic compositions 'flowing over' from the floor to the furniture, walls and ceiling. BISAZZA glass mosaic was laid forming the corrugated ceiling of the corridor area in

k Python mosaic interior design feature in the Tardini boutique, New York j Octopus-style ORG table for Cappellini

g F3 outdoor Milan's Divina night club; Novembre worked furniture collection on the club's interior with Lorenzo De Nicola and Carlo Formizano. j Slow the Flow The rounded walls of the club's main room taps for Stella have a pink and purple smalt finish and the Rubinetterie mosaic dance floor is reflected in the ceiling's mirrored dome. The vaulted bar area feaj "Camouflage" tures a huge mosaic reproduction of The Ormosaic for igin of the World by Gustav Courbet. The 5m BISAZZA image reproduces the canvas painting of the XIX century. The highlight of the club's interior, however, are perhaps the large-scale mural nudes, from Giorgione's Venus to Ingresâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Odalisque. Each image is digitally applied to the fabric and serves as a backdrop for the illuminated rectangular recessed sofa. The Divina Club's design is one of the most striking, but it is far from being Fabio Novembre's only "physiological" interior. The Shu Cafe ceiling in Milan is supported by two enormous hands and the entrance to the Anna Molinari boutique by Novembre is framed by a pair of legs.

Mosaics are reflected in the interior design of the Tardini boutique in New York. The interior, named Python, combines aspects of minimalism and surrealism. The design fully reflects the global design trend of naturally reproducing the natural elements using glass and ceramic. Here, the BISAZZA mosaic imitates the skin of a python and partially covers the walls, floor and ceiling. Items in the Tardini boutique are displayed in tiered cases and on graded shelves out of transparent perspex. A "contorted" styled rope surrounds the central table â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a key feature of the design. Mosaic camouflage continues Fabio Novembre's collaboration with BISAZZA, where african motifs are revealed in the colour scheme. Novembre's mosaic compositions are also used widely in hotel interiors. The lobby of the Vittoria hotel essentially consists of a huge mosaic-like ribbon entwining a long corridor. A multi-coloured floral motif has been worked into the silver background. The ribbon


l designers

"flows" smoothly from the walls to the reception desk and furniture, then drops to the floor and begins a new strand. In 2009, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan organised an exhibition of Fabio Novembre's work. The exhibition was entitled Il fiore di Novembre â&#x20AC;&#x201C; November Flower or Novembre Flower, which in Italian sounds the same. The designer developed a special interior design for his own exhibition. For the "November Rose", he chose the red rose, displaying her fully on his favourite material, the mosaic. The installation was set against a black asphalt floor saturated with scarlett roses. Petals divide the room into several sections, a motif which is repeated throughout the space. Items of furniture


sit between the petals and other aspects of the design are displayed using illustrations, text and video. The two rows of seats in the small passage provide somewhere where you can '"people watch", as if they had found themseves on the stage of a puppet theatre. Despite his long, creative life in architecture and design, Fabio Novembre never ceases to hold the attention of the experts and the public. Novembre's distinctive style and candour, have remained unaffected by time, it would seem. Novembre's architectural and interior designs are created with love and as Novembre himself says, "architecture is like love, because, like love, it is the last surest means of communication without intermediaries".

g Vittoria Hotel in Florence j BISAZZA boutique in New York â&#x2020;&#x2019; Divina Night Club in Milan


l designers


Interior design fashion is conservative and less susceptible to sudden changes. Such conservatism is not to say that it does not change. The leading figures in international design are always ready to show a new style.

A living mosaic O

ne of the latest collections from Italian designer and artistic director of the Bisazza factory, Carlo dal Bianco, depicts fashionable floral motifs. The floral collection Glass Flowers, has been designed in Aria 20 series translucent mosaic which generates a singular 3D effect when combined with opaque elements. As a result, not only is a 3D image achieved but there is also a vibrant play of light on the pixelated mosaic composition. The colours and hues of wild animal hide served as inspiration for the colourful mosaic murals of Giraffa, Zebra and Leopard. The collection could become the centrepiece in the decorative finish of public and residential areas, enhancing the scope for the use of mosaics. "I don't like it when the mosaic is perceived as a material that can only be used in bathrooms and swimming pools. Its decorative possibilities are much broader" affirms Carlo dal Bianco. Contemporary mosaic murals do not just simply reproduce natural images and phenomena in detail, they also "bring them to life". Sophisticated technology makes it possible to create a 3D graphic effect, deep rich colours and the play of light; as a result the mosaic truly recreates the living images of nature.


Giraffa mosaic panel

Leopard mosaic panel

Glass Flowers collection


l designers

A future

classic DuraStyle collection for Duravit


onsistent geometric shapes and smooth lines, wood and ceramic, bright colours and transparent materials: the Italian designer Matteo Thun is a master of contrasts. Thun works with many bathroom hardware manufacturers, creating unique products for each of them. For the Swiss company Gerberit, Thun designed the AquaClean Sela collection, where the latest technology was integrated in simple and compact shapes. The range is equipped with remote control panels, pressure controls and water spray features. AquaClean Sela's sleek and compact designs make it easier to keep clean and it can be easily accommodated into interior spaces of varying size and style. The DuraStyle collection for Duravit is another of Matteo Thun's works. The collection is a comprehensive series of bathroom furniture and hardware. The individual design is set against light and dark colours and a combination of wood and ceramics. The collection's technical core features a hung toilet unit with new flushing technology, guaranteeing optimum results, even with a small amount of water. The DuraStyle bath is noticeable for its additional wall support, making the product easier to use for everyone.


Muse Ceramic basin series

AquaClean Sela collection for Swiss company Geberit

Savoy mixer collection for Zucchetti Matteo Thun designed the Savoy collection together with the designer Antonio Rodriguez – a blend of classical lines. The personalised faucet inset – the future owner's logo or monogram – is one of the product's key design features. The Savoy mixer unit's casing is made out of chrome or polished nickel and the faucet valve's colour scheme is much more dynamic: matte black, white, burgundy, blue, green, shiny, chrome or platinum. So, Savoy has suddenly been transformed from a simple item of bathroom hardware to a luxury feature. Zuchetti manufacturered the collection. The fountains of Rome inspired Matteo Thun to create the Muse Ceramic range of wide and deep sinks. The range features smooth lines which are pleasant to touch and the modern design conceals the mounting fittings. No matter which company Thun has designed a collection for, it will probably feature practical, high-tech designs and universal shapes. These designs would be appropriate at any time in any interior and lay claim to once being referred to as a classic in bathroom design.


l designers

Fornasetti style:

A recognisable face


ecor is an art form that is becoming increasingly necessary for our soul. It's like music, and a world without music would be a sad place. Fornasetti helps to adopt and understand this creative message using familar objects that surround us in everyday life. The Fornasetti design studio or workshop is an Italian design icon. The artistic legacy of its founder Pierro Fornazetti is perhaps the richest of all XX century artists. It includes over 11 thousand artistic items and objects. The uniqueness of his design is that, in the hands of a master, any practical everyday object is transformed into a work of art. Furniture, sculptures and prints, drawings, fabrics, glass, screens, trays, ceramics, many other things have come to life and have exceeded the ordinary. The designer was inspired by book culture, drawings, architecture and surealism and created images that are tightly woven into European popular culture. He adheres to several, singular and constantly selected themes: the sun, butterflies,


My quest is directed at concepts. I am concerned about the compatibility of materials, themes and decor – it should be innovative. Pierro Fornazetti

playing cards, books, fish, classical architecture with an outlook – these are just some of the many mysteries permeating Fornasetti's work. This appetite for experimenting and the ability to combine elegance and a sense of humour is also inherent in his son Barnaba Fornazetti. The design studio is famous for completing each piece by hand - the tradition of a limited output of work is observed even to this day. The printing methods are the only thing that has changed. Today, the Fornasetti brand continues to thrive on account of Pierro's legacy, which, as his son Barnaba says, is sufficient for several lifetimes. This year, the famous Italian Fornasetti brand will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the company's founder Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) – a unique minimalist painter, sculptor, designer, and the creator of a unique style that is unmistakenly 'identifiable' in the world of contempory design.


l designers

Emotional Perception


aufen showcases the Kartell by Laufen bathroom collection created by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Kartell by Laufen is a joint innovative project. More than three years were spent developing the project, which was the result of constant research constituting part of the core concept of two companies. Recognised Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, who are trendsetters in international fashion when it comes to the design of the bathrooms, served as the link for the companies.


The architectural design is of a completely new level. It is innovative, deeply emotional and distinguished by the richness of the colours and the transparency of the components. The collection for the Kartell by Laufen bathroom is the result of our work over the past few years in the design of bathrooms and represents a serious step forward in this area. Roberto and Ludovica Palomba


The designers of the collection, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, plan everything down to the small details: mirrors, shelves and accessories

The dominant colour, orange, symbolises joy, warmth and courage

The series for the Kartell by Laufen bathroom includes numerous components â&#x20AC;&#x201C; washbasins, ceramic products, faucets, shelves, shower units, baths, lighting fixtures and other furniture components, which change their external appearance like a chameleon, while the multicolour and transparent plastic softens the strict geometry of the ceramic products. Palomba has developed his own palette for the plastic: these are shades of earth, sand with orange overtones, steel blue and light blue with overtones of yellow and cold white, generating blue. Kartell significantly improved the industrial plastic, making it more pleasant to see and touch, while Laufen performed a revolution in ceramic products, identifying the high plasticity of the material â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SaphirKeramik. So the bend radius of the angles in the sinks is close to 1-2mm. The products are slim and unusually light both visually and in actual fact. The advanced material is also scratchproof and resistant to the impact of household chemicals and limescale. The Kartell by Laufen collection is capable of transmitting the entire essence of the emotional Italian design, combined with the accuracy and correctness of Swiss traditions.


l designers

The union of light and water



xor is a designer brand from the company Hansgrohe SE, generating a new perception of the bathroom as not just a purely functional room, but as a living space. Attempts to view the shower in an entirely new way have resulted in the design of quite unusual products and has challenged the long-accepted functional and spatial separation between living space and bathroom. In his Axor WaterDream Oki Sato, the creative mind behind the Japanese design studio Nendo, playfully indulged in artful shifts and transformations of concepts and meanings. "My aim was to combine what is most archetypal about the living space, the lighting, with water, so as to give the shower an enhanced sensuous dimension in a way we have not yet seen before. The result is something that is not just a shower, nor just a lamp, but a hybrid â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a magic trick with light and water that is available day after day", said Oki Sato.




1 The Ceiling lamp shower and Wall lamp shower by Axor WaterDream unite light and water in the design of Japanese designer Oki Sato, leader of Nendo studio

4 5

2 VADО is a leading British manufacturer of state-of-the-art top quality bathroom fixtures: faucets, washrooms and shower units, accessories and fittings. The Company represented in more than 50 countries also proposes design solutions. For example, the flexible “tentacles” of the VADО shower may be located in any convenient corner. 3 Faucet production and manufacture is the "Molot" plant's main area of business activity. This year, however, the plant renewed production of consumer electrical and lighting products, in line with modern state-of-the-art technology. The production of LED lamps and spotlights was the plant's pilot project. 4 The shelf К-522 from WasserKRAFT offers laconic design in high-quality materials: brass and stainless steel AISI 304. The product has a nickel and chrome coating, adding a silvery shine.


5 The Plug-Small device is an original way of saving electricity. The device with wires designed in the form of a regular tap reminds you that the device continues to consume energy when not in use. 6 The experimental model from ArtCeram (design by Meneghello Paolelli Associatti) concentrates the maximum number of functional features around the washbasin. The sink, combined tap, lighting, towel racks, and shelves built into the worktop, are available in one set.


I am not only an arist. I am both an artist and, to a small degree, a philospher and mys tic. My religion is beauty. Ekaterina Ioltukhovskaya

Pictures in porcelain T

he brand ART’S CERAMIC is the result of a productive creative union between the artist and designer Ekaterina Ioltukhovskaya, and the designer and interior designer Marietta Doroshkovaya (Russia). Watercolour tiles form the basis of the various collections, completed by Ekaterina Ioltukhovskaya while travelling around the most picturesque places in France and Italy. The transparent and delicate watercolour landscapes and still-lifes capture the spirit of Provence in France and Tuscany in Italy, reflecting the everyday life and routine in these countries, their warmth and hospitality. Printing the images on a rough-edged, textured-surfaced tile gives a unique colouring to an ordinary ceramic product. The scenic tile paintings work well with any background colour scheme and give any interior the luxury of the designer's handiwork in its decorative finish.


l designers

A bathroom as art ÂŤ


was looking for a way to create a refuge from the world. And I think that bathrooms are the only place where a person can be entirely alone with themselves. I designed this collection to provide a new, beautiful and unique space where a person can focus on their thoughts and feelings". This is how the designer Marcel Wanders rationalised the creation of The Wanders, one of the most famous collections of hardware and accessories for bathrooms. The basic concept of The Wanders is maximum cleanliness: it is now possible to take a bath in a "bar of soap". When designing the products, the designer mixed exquisite baroque style and loud pop-art. Marcel Wanders nurtured the concept of "absolute cleanliness" for many years, until the mosaic manufacturer Bisazza helped him to realise his ideas. The model from this collection was on display in the Philadelphia Museum of Art even before serial production of the bath units began.

Aqua Jewels faucet and accessories collection for Bonomi

The Wanders bathroom and bathroom accessories collection

Following an order from the Italian company Bonomi, Marcel Wanders designed the Aqua Jewels diamond collection, which includes faucets for baths, sinks and shower systems as well as bathroom accessories. All components are decorated with chrome-plated metal "diamonds", which are not only there for aesthetic purposes, but also control the water flow. The units are fitting for an interior, transforming a bathroom into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. The Marcel Wanders collection of bathroom equipment and accessories has turned the shower into a process that is not only pleasureable for the body, but also for the soul.


Pebbles collection, mosaic for Bisazza


DIY CHAINS AND SHOWROOMS In Russia, the DIY (Do It Yourself) format of super-and-hyper markets appeared only recently. These stores are based on the idea that people are not afraid to carry out not only basic decorating jobs, but also large scale construction and decoration work in the home, without the help of professionals. All the communications networks are tuned into this, particularly the BTL promotions in the shops: they explain to shoppers in detail how to change bathroom items, carry out various repairs and select tools and materials.

The classic DIY outlet is a large store, which is partly determined by the size of the products (planks, plasterboard, pipes, bathroom hardware etc) and also by the store operator's desire to enable the consumer to acquire everything they need in the same place â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from nails and cement to shower cubicles and rugs. These types of stores are often referred to as "killer categories", as they offer the broadest-possible range of building and repair products and items for the home, dacha and garden. Today, many of the products in the DIY chains are the same as those on offer in the showrooms. However, we should remember that the benefits of hypermarkets is the tens of thousands of product lines across each category. In this case, the price grading of any product will be from the middle and lower ranges; luxury brands are not available in DIY stores. The main requirements that chains bring to the suppliers are competitive prices and supply security (the supplier must always have the product in stock). This important hallmark of DIY stores is the characteristic that distinguishes them from showrooms. As far as showrooms are concerned, here it is important to remember that as the owners do not know when the next product will


product stand-off

be bought or by whom, a mark-up and the cost of the "simple" product is incorporated into its price. Occasionally, the cost of the same product may vary at times. So, a polarisation in the construction and decorating materials market has occurred. On the one hand, DIY super-and-hypermarkets offer a wide range of products at low prices and on the other, there are small specialist shops and showrooms. Of course, experts are confident that showrooms do not fully displace the market; they can retain their customers with their product range and level of service. Experts believe that specialisation and a high level of service will help showrooms to remain in the market. Their marketing focus should shift from the product to the consumer. Showrooms will develop when they focus on increasing customer loyalty: they will sell as much to one loyal customer as they would to ten, if it was not working with them. As for the product range on offer in showrooms, then changes need to be made here. Engaging in price wars with DIY chains is pointless. Showrooms can and should only be competitive in their selection of products and by offering those products not available in DIY stores.


l IN FOCUS However, it should not be assumed that the "retail chain monsters" are simply resting on their laurels and that they will not expand further. Even now, the DIY market is undergoing significant changes and the DIY chains' operations are adapting to meet clients' demands. The product range is increasingly on a par with more widely-known products and the availability of new, state-of-the-art products is more noticeable. Another way of reaching the 'customer's heart' is to outline the main trends that allow the construction super-and hypermarkets to focus on developing the fashion industry and green zones. Manufacturers working with DIY chains are concentrating their efforts on resolving the issue – making products in their category trendy and in demand by the market. With this in mind, they organise various market surveys, actively analysing consumer demand and working with designers. Other methods for sustainable development include the price for an increase in the "own brand" share in the stores" product range. "Own brands" are increasing in popularity with consumers and with many people they generate greater levels of trust than the manufacturers' own brands. In developing an "own brand", trust is key for the consumer. To earn this trust, you need to prove to the consumer that the item on offer is a high-quality product. Those DIY chains that have positively proven themselves and that have sufficient cash resources to invest in the production of "own brand" products, will, undoubtedly, expand their product range. An evident peak in competition, therefore, is occurring on the construction and decorating materials market. A possible solution to the current product stand-off, yet another trend, experts believe, will be to source a tangible store-specific "face" and an individual product range both for DIY chains and for showrooms. Differentiations must start to appear and then there will be "more diverse and high-quality products".


Roca is one of the leading suppliers to the DIY segment in Russia and to the contract market sector (hotels and business centres) – please tell us about brand marketing and strategy in this market. Roca is introducing brands to Russia that are in different price bands: premium – this is a concept for the Armani/Roca bathroom and the Swiss brand Laufen. Under the Roca label, products are being offered in the middle to high price brackets; the Russian label Santek and the furniture brand Akvaton, the №1 brand in Russia since 2009, are offered in the lower price range. Armani/Roca and Laufen solutions: these are more targeted products and are used in the design of private interiors by designers and archi-



Exclusive interview with Antonio Linares, Roca DirectorGeneral in Russia and the CIS Laufen Palace bathroom

tects, to fit out bathrooms in both high-end public and commercial buildings and hotels. The more affordable models from Roca, Santek and Akvaton, noticeable of course for their excellent quality and practicality, are offered on a much wider basis. Roca products are on sale in DIY chains, meaning that we can satisfy different demands. In any event, all brands are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards and the European environmental standards and requirements for ergonomics and efficiency. We are always prepared to discuss matters with our clients and the DIY chains; we are open to suggest and develop individual programmes and we devote alot of time to making personal contact. At present, Roca Group owns seven manufac-

turing plants in Russia and produces all manner of ceramics as well as acrylic bath units, furniture and cast-marble sinks here. The extensive manufacturing capabilities provide us with a number of competitive advantages. In Russia, for example, customised solutions designed for the Olympic venues in Sochi, can be realised. For the Olympics in Shanghai, the international Roca Group, together with the famous Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, released a 'sport' worktop-based sink unit with themed images. We also use decor in our work with hotels: the opportunity to use your own logo, for example. Special designs are also of interest to chain stores but the price for these will of course depend on the product volumes sold.

Does the company run professional training for its contractors with regard to the installation and operation of bathroom hardware for these segments (a para. About item maintenance is usually included in the supply contract)? Roca has an extensive network of service centres in Russia, providing service on-and post-warranty and a selection of spare parts. We run regular training courses on the correct installation and operation of our products for professionals of these centres. We are also aware that the improper use of building materials during installation, irrespective of the quality guarantee from the bathroom manufacturers, can shorten the service life of the product. Therefore, at Roca, joint training projects on installation are run successfully with the manufacturers of these products and components (for example, workshops with the manufacturers of silicone sealants).



A BARRIER-FREE ENVIRONMENT No matter how far industrial technology has come, its purpose, in the end, is to create not only comfortable but also safe conditions for the everyday life of each person. Technological innovations and industrial design are increasingly focused on protecting the health of every group of citizen, including people with special needs. Projects to create comfortable, safe and accessible environments are being developed at government level in many countries, including Russia.


Solutions to problems from the perspective of mankind’s needs require special developments in ceramics and bathroom fittings for spaces with higher levels of utilisation (higher levels of attendance): • airports, shopping centres and business centres • areas subject to more stringent health standards or humidity: sports facilities, spas, hotels, child care centres and catering facilities • sites that meet the maximum possible hygienic requirements (sterility): healthcare institutions, research centre laboratories. Specialist designs of ceramics and bathroom fittings for children, mothers-to-be, the elderly and the disabled, are also classified among the top priority objectives.

Individual areas of state-of-the-art design focus on the environmental compatibility and safety of products, materials and the environment. There are already plans today to include the development of areas, which incorporate a range of important innovations for CERSANEX+, in the list of types of activity eligible for the status of residents of high-tech technology parks financed by the state. The interest and active participation of manufacturers of special categories of goods and technologies have been demonstrated in prestigious international prizes, competitions and exhibitions, where “purpose-built” materials and collections have received honourable distinctions. Products and technologies that will subsequently become an integral part of the health and safe lives of consumers can be found in a new section of the magazine CERSANEX+.



MOBILE SOLUTIONS FOR AN ACTIVE ENVIRONMENT The world's demographic makeup is changing towards an ageing population. This sets new challenges for industrial designers and manufacturers. Companies are increasingly developing accessories designed for comfort and safety for the elderly and the disabled. These products are widely used both in public places and in the home.


1 2



6 1 The handle from the SecureLock range, by Moen (USA) fixes onto the side of the bath, making getting in and out easier. The product is made of non-slip coated material and its mounting fittings are equipped with soft padding to protect the sides of the bath. 2 The double Safe-Er-Grip (USA) handrail is convenient to use while in a standing position, taking a shower and sitting down in the bath. The product attaches easily to a wide range of surfaces and can be moved.


3 Mobile seats from HEWI (Germany). Its innovative mounting system means that this product can be integrated easily into the shower cubicle. The seat is made of fiberglass with added polyamide and can take up to 150 kg. 4 Rotating handrail is a mobile product from HEWI active + (Germany) that easily attaches to walls with different finishes and surfaces. The product comes in stainless steel, chrome or plastic.

5 Moen Pause Control (USA) is a modern shower unit with a non-slip surface, allowing you to control the water flow with the touch of a button on the shower handle. It is easy to select one of the four water flow modes using this button, which include a pulsating mode and hydromassage. 6 Moen Deluxe (USA) is a comfortable and safe seat for the bath and shower. The design has a fixed back, convenient handrails, a shower holder and a basket for bath accessories.


9 8

reddot design award 7 Elevated Bathtub â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Elevated Bathtub is a bath design that allows the bath unit to be raised upwards, developed by designers Zhang Jiangpeng and Zou Tao, specially for people with disabilities. The unit is composed of two main parts: a mobile body frame and a flat base unit with a shower stand, which also acts as the raising device. It is merely sufficient to stand on the flat base unit, to use the Elevated Bathtub. The product is suitable for use in the home as well as in public institutions: hospitals and hotels.

8 Convertible â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Convertible convertible steps changes easily into a ramp, facilitating access for the elderly and the disabled as well as when moving heavy loads. The Convertible is designed to minimalise accidents and injury. It is fitted with a simple mechanism that allows you to operate it easily, with the minimum amount of effort. The device's designer, has made it feasible to install the device directly on existing steps, thereby saving energy, money and time against the construction of a separate ramp.

9 The Angel mixer tap is designed for people with disabilities (for people who have lost an arm). The water is supplied by a sensor device, activated when a person's palm has contact with it. Angel helps to wash your hands, which can then be wiped on the soft silicon cleansing pad.




12 11

10 Eco Urinal – The integrated design of urinal + wash-basin has been developed by the designer Yeanwoo Kim, intended to be easy to use and to save water. The sink hangs directly above the urinal: you can wash your hands in the sink after which the water is then used in the flushing mechanism. 11 This innovation from Korean designers surprises with its versatility. The to-way toilet unti can be used in its standart position, or with your back to the door. The washbasin unit also features a unique design.


12 The exclusive WASHLET design and the NEOREST bathroom range, combine bidet and toilet unit. This Japanese brand has become synonimous with innovation and design in sanitary culture thanks to the use of the latest technology and highest quality standards. The WASHLET system includes such innovative functions such as a heated toilet seat, a combined washing and massage function, an automatic flush and air sanitising system, remote control and a self-cleaning sanitary CeFiONtect coating over the unit’s ceramic surface.

13 The company VitrA, together with German design-studio NOA, has designed the Metropole bathroom range, an ideal solution for public facilities. The collection consists of a large range of innovative bathroom products. The compact hung sink measures 50х38 cm by 50х40 cm and the 48cm toilet unit with its concealed flush system is a design option for small spaces. The integrated countertop wash-basin unit and the rimless VitrAFlush toilet unit with built-in VitrAFresh mechanism, represent an ideal choice for busy places.



16 17


The most stylish interior of areas exposed to heightened levels of humidity cannot survive without anti –microbial protection either at the construction stage or at the operating stage. Due thought should be paid to this matter well in advance! 14 MAPEI Ultracolor Plus (Italy) is a grouting mortar. It is used to fill the joints on the fronts of buildings, balconies, terraces, in swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchen areas, in airports, and other common areas. It features the water repellent Drop Effect® and the antimicrobial agent BioBlock®. The BioBlock® technology prevents the propagation of different types of fungi, while special water-repellent agents provide the grouting mortar with the water repellent Drop Effect®, making the joints less sus-

ceptible to pollution and giving them a longer lease of life. 15 KERANET is an acid-based cleaner for ceramic tiles. It comes in particularly handy for the removal of efflorescence and the cleaning of terracotta tiles. 16 MAPELASTIC MAPEI is a twocomponent flexible cement-based mortar used for waterproofing. Manufacturer MAPEI S.p.A. (Italy).

17 Quelyd AntiPLESEN from Bostik is a waterproof spray for the prevention of mould and mildew. It is solvent and chlorine-free. The spray can be used on damp surfaces and is suitable for the home (including the bedroom). It is suitable for all commonly-used substances (concrete, aerated concrete, crushed stone, brickwork, wallpaper, plaster and paint).



18 20 19

18 The Sauna Evolve PRO is first and foremost wood that retains and gives up heat, creates steam and phytotherapy. The Swedish company TYLO has also developed “special” saunas with a soft and comfortable environment for special needs people. The need to increase the door opening, the lack of a front doorstep and a “special” interior is also taken into account. Contact Plus is TYLO’s representative office in Russia.


19 The Integrated Home Electronic System combines the control functions of light on / off switches, a thermostat, door control and access to the parking area. The device can also call the lift and is equipped with a signal alarm. The Integrated Home Electronic System is simple to use and is equipped with touch-sensitive operation keys. The device is suitable for elderly people and people with disabilities. Design: DESIGNK2L, South Korea. Manufacturer: POSCO E&C.

20 The Finnish company Oras has produced a series of kitchen mixers, Oras Optima, which features integrated temperature display, dishwasher valve and, most importantly, a sensor for touch-free water supply. The smart tap automatically supplies and stops the water, ensuring efficient water usage. The new tap incorporates the Oras ideology “Smart Included”, where all the technological innovations are concealed within the product and not mounted under the sink.




21 VitrA has designed the Arkitekt Porcelain Tactile collection of porcelain tiles with two texture types 'Stop' and 'Go', for people with poor vision to enable them to find their way around in public places. The collection is notable for its particular durability and resistance to abrasion, moisture, and extremely low temperatures. The porcelain tiles are manufactured specially for commercial buildings with a surface resistance ratio of R9 to R13, making slipping less likely.

22 The Arkitekt Pool ceramic tile collection is designed for swimming pools and the immediate area poolside. The range includes two collections â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Olympic Pool and Free Style Pool. Both collections ensure safety with their non-slip coating and the designed and innovative VitrA patented technology ensures additional ease and comfort when in use. The special VitrA Clean glaze prevents contamination: the glazing process makes the ceramic surface dirt-resistant. VitrA Antibacterial provides additional protection for those areas where the main objective is to observe scrupulous cleanliness and hygiene.

23 The first of its kind, the glass AGC AntiBacterial GlassTM kills 99.9% of bacteria and prevents the spread of mould. This product represents a major innovative solution in the fight against hospitalacquired infections. The patented AGC Glass Europe process involves silver being applied on the upper surface of the glass. The glass may be used in many aspects of interior design: from windows and wall-facings to mirrors. This innovative solution can be used in any area that requires a clean and sterile environment to be maintained.



INTERIORS FROM ANTIBACTERIAL CERAMICS Using leading technology, the Italian company Casalgrande Padana was one of the first in the world to start producing porcelain tiles. Ilaria Bertani, area manager for Russia, tells CERSANEX Magazine about what collections the company is producing today.

Porcelain tiles Cemento amb Porcelain tiles Bios Antibact 01

Porcelain tiles Nirano amb beig

Your products are already familiar to Russian consumers. One of your innovative products is Bios antibacterial ceramics, developed with the Japanese company Hydrotect. This tile will be of interest to architects and designers of medical centres and spas, for example. Do you think there is a need to more widely promote your innovative developments? We try to promote them through a network of architects and designers because, as they are extremely technically oriented, they have no market or we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think they have a real market in private retail. So what we are doing is working in the direction of architectural studios and designers. What new collections are you presenting this year? We are developing the marble and wood imitations because that is the tendency of the market in the last two years, and we think that, thanks to digital techniques, we can certain-


Porcelain tiles Nirano (beige, bianco, grigio, nero)

ly obtain a very good result. In fact, we have a new marble line, which reproduces the natural texture of marble very well. As for wood, we had already introduced wood into our collection, but we are developing it further and further to cover all the ranges of taste and also in terms of decorations, which are very important for the Russian market. What are your most popular collections in Russia? It is what we call a bestseller classic â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Meteor range. We have done many projects with Meteor, very important projects like, for example, the marine terminal, in St. Petersburg. Meteor is also the collection we are using for the Sberbank development. All the new branches of Sberbank are being made with Meteor â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Meteor Bianco and Meteor Almond. We also have Meteor specified for McDonalds. The Russian market has, of course, its own peculiarities in terms of taste, but it

also likes to keep up with foreign taste and what is considered the international trend of minimalism. Do you develop any collections specifically for Russia? No, as a company we are oriented to the whole world, so we never develop a series with a specific market in mind. What we do is listen to what our clients say and try to cover all the requirements. We are also a very flexible company. In fact, if there is a specific project that requires a specific product, we can produce it outside of what is our standard catalogue range. Are you planning to exhibit at MosBuild and, if so, will you be organising any conferences, seminars or special events? Yes we will be there. We are still working on our programme for MosBuild but we will probably organise some promotional activities, in addition to just being there with a stand.




Exclusive interview with Hewi (Germany)

100С accessories collection

The German company Hewi is known for its collections of bathroom accessories, which include increased hygiene standards, as well as for products that are adapted for the elderly and disabled. To find out more about the company’s latest offerings, CERSANEX Magazine spoke to regional sales manager Edith Köhler. What new products are you presenting this year? We have a new series called 100 C, which is a very strict design, very clean and rectangular. We developed this especially for the Russian market because it has фa surface called PVD, which is done with Physical Vapour Deposition technology and it has the colour of Champagne. The intention was not to have a very gold or “bling-bling” look but, on the contrary, to have something in gold, but in a very elegant way. Our speciality is that we do not only have sanitary accessories, but also door handles, which means that you can this to an architect. It is very important to have the same design language throughout the building, either in a private house or, for example, in a museum. What products do you offer for disabled people?


800K active+ accessories collection

We offer very beautiful shower seats and also support rails. A special feature is that you can remove the support rail from the wall very easily and replace it with a cover, but if you need the support rail, for example in a hotel room or for an elderly relative, you can fix it back to the wall very easily. You can move the rail up and down and it allows you to prepare for getting old or if you have an accident. What are your bestselling collections in Russia? The 100 series in the Chrome design and the new one with the Cham-

pagne finish. Another series which is very popular is 800 K, which we have in different colours. It is very robust, very strong and long lasting. People like to put it in either children’s bathrooms or kindergartens, and in hotels, because we can make some accents with different colours, depending on the design of the bathroom. Do you plan to exhibit at MosBuild next year? We are working with Russian partners, with different local partners, but we intend to exhibit at MosBuild next year.

AN INTELLIGENT CONCEPT Today, mixers are becoming more high-tech and intelligent. The Noken brand of Porcelanosa (Spain) offers the latest achievements in this field. Export manager Ignacio Roig talks about the brand’s new collections. What new products are you presenting this season? We are presenting the Mood concept, which received an award at the 100 % design fair in London and from KBB for Bathroom Product Innovation of the Year 2013. At the moment, we supply the collection in white, red and blue. We are also presenting a new tap called Forma that you can only open in “cold” position. The cartridge is mechanised to only be able to open in “cold”. This avoids scalding. We also have a thermostatic tap in the Forma range, where when you are changing the temperature of the water the LED changes to blue or red, depending on the temperature of the water. This highend product that is nice to have in the catalogue in order to be different from competitors.

Exclusive interview with Porcelanosa (Spain)

Nora Mixers Mood Collection

What innovations does the Mood collection incorporate? There are two things. First of all, the brassware – it is a totally different tap with different programmes with which you can regulate the temperature and flow. You have different programmes – for example, if you want to clean your teeth, you can put the flow, the temperature, the quantity and the time into the programme. When you go to the bathroom in the morning, you can simply select memory option 1 and automatically you will have all that you previously chose. The second thing is that we made this concept in collaboration with Richard Rodgers, one of the most prestigious architects in the world.


l award

reddot design award 4662 designs were put forward in the competition for the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award 2013, in the Product Design category, of which only 58 were awarded "Best of the Best". We present a selection of the most innovative designs below.







1 The strict geometric shape and concise outline are the Happy D2 bath line's distinguishing features. The bath's ceramic body is very compact, while the bath's interior is extremely spacious, allowing you to have a comfortable bath. Design: Sieger design GmdH & Co. KG, Germany. Manufacturer: Duravit AG 2 The Louvre in Paris with its famous glass pyramid was the designers' inspiration for the design of the Louvre 3D mosaic. Precise glass-cutting technology allowed a work of art to be created that is both three-dimensional and multi-perspective. Design

and manufacture: Imex International Co., Ltd., Thailand 3 The Dyson Airblade Tap is an integrated mixer tap and dryer that allows you to wash and dry your hands without removing them from the tap. The infrared sensor detects the hands' position and activates a jet of water. Then the built-in drying system activates two high-speed jets of air which blow down from the tap's two arm joints. Design and manufacture: Dyson Ltd, UK 4 3D graphics are a central feature of the Balance wall tiles' design. The

product comes with a colour range that moves from dark to light: black, white, mink, pink and cream. The tiles are also available with a metallic-printed pattern. Design and manufacture: VitrA Tiles, Turkey 5 The glass mosaic Wavy was designed to recall memories of the seaside. High-spec glass is heated to the required temperature and then subjected to an innovative moulding process, the result of which is a smooth curved wave formation. Design and manufacture: Imex International Co., Ltd, Thailand


l award



7 6 The low-temperature Scape DBE radiator is based on a modular system in a 'monoblock' design. Every radiator has a very individual appearance despite the fact that the front of the radiator is made from a single aluminium profile. The thermostat and safety device are concealed behind the front panel. The product can be mounted both vertically or horizontally. Design and manufacture: Jaga nv, Belgium 7 The high-tech radiator Jaga Freedom takes the form of a modular lightly-curved casing in double-walled aluminium. The radiator is therefore stronger and has a unique design. The ultra-quiet and energy-efficient micro-ventilating system allows you


to freely control the heating, cooling and ventilation. Design and manufacture: Jaga nv, Belgium 8 Modern interiors try to conceal heating and air conditioning equipment, but the design of the L-Style conditioner has been developed in such a way as to complement them. The elegant casing is a grill with rectangular slats that are decorated with colour plates. L-Style is designed for cafes and restaurants, where it helps to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Design and manufacture: LG Electronics Inc., South Korea 9 The Siemens DG60155BW water heater embodies a new design in




12 this product category. The product's cylindrical shape 'sits' on the control panel, located at the bottom of the unit. The rapid heating of the water, the control system, the timer and the monitoring plate mean that the device can be regarded as a design of the future. The one-touch interface makes the design easy to control. Design and manufacture: SiemensElectrogerate GmbH, Germany. 10 The modified design of the aerodynamic Ururu Sarara conditioning valve changes the air flow direction. Now the air rises from below and gradually rises towards the ceiling, creating a comfortable microclimate even in the most remote corners of

the room. Unlike conventional air conditioners, the Ururu Sarara does not create the flow direction. The product's innovative cooling mechanisms reduce any negative impact on the environment and reduce energy consumption. Design and manufacture: Daikin Industries Ltd, Japan 11 The cylindrical Blancoseda mixer tap is minimalist in style and comes in chrome-plated metal with a matte black insert. The spout is hinge-mounted and moves vertically easily, allowing you to fill large containers and utensils; spattering of water is avoided when the spout is in the lowered position. The design is best suited for a small sink

unit with one bowl. Design: Uwe Spannagel TM, Germany. Manufacturer: Blanco GmbH + Co KG. 12 Ceramic materials have been used in an innovative way to create the China Verve refrigerator. The design's external finish has been achieved using modern technical processes to create a Chinese porcelain effect of the Song Dynasty. Each product is unique, and the material is durable and acid-and alkali-resistant. The manufacture of the porcelain surfaces is environmentally friendly and the processing method is chemicals-free. Design: Haier Innovation Design Center, China. Manufacturer: Haier Group


l award 13



13 Noble types of wood form the basis for the design of the Novus infrared cabin. The transparent glass on the cabin's front panel makes the cabin look airy and fills it with light, while the spacious interior ensures maximum comfort. The sauna can be controlled from both in-and outside. An integrated LED panel produces balanced white light. LED colour lighting is also available as an additional option. Design and manufacture: Saunalux GmbH Products &Co. KG, Germany


16 14 The grill-like casing of the Nea room thermostat are particularly temperature sensitive. The interactive display and the main +/-control buttons are arranged in a horizontal line along the front facing, while all secondary functions are controlled by a button concealed at the end. Design: Artefakt industriekultur, Germany. Manufacturer: Rehau AG +Co 15 The clear silhouette of the Laufen Cityplus is aligned on a horizontal plane. The polished lever tap is mounted on a square casing.

The abscence of superfluous angles and the product's minimum clearance means that the unit is easy to clean and the built-in aerator saturates the water with oxygen. Design: Platinumdesign, Germany. Manufacturer: Laufen Bathrooms AG 16 OXY is an oxygen generator and air humidifier. In addition, OXY is equipped with mood lighting and a light signal, which also doubles as an alarm clock when required. Design and manufacture: Coway, South Korea

l project


COMFORTABLE LIVING IN THE OPEN AIR Project by Ritz Exterior Design: Bicton private house in Perth, on the river Swan (Australia)


l project


ne of the studio's latest ventures is the Bicton residential development in Perth, on the river Swan. The building stands on a steep rocky shore, the natural landscape dividing the site into several levels. A 3-storey L-shaped house stands on the upper level, framed with an overhanging veranda. The panoramic windows flood the interior with light. The building's interior and exterior are minimalist in style: the rooms are roomy and are dominated by bright colours. The courtyard has been given over to a spacious garden and patio, with an alfresco dining area and a g Brutal patio decor i Front entrance of the house â&#x2020;&#x2019; Swings on the patio


cozy veranda with a fireplace. The building's main feature, however, is the spa area, with its pool and wooden decking, situated on the cliff edge. This gives stunning views over the River Swan. From a certain angle, it seems as though the terrace forms a bridge to the other shore. The high point of Bicton's design, however, is that the pool and the river merge visually into one single flow. The pool is separated from the house and garden by a wide flight of stairs. In line with the design, the stairs have been transformed into three large terraces, in harmony with each other. The largest staircase virtually hangs over the cliff edge, providing a panoramic view of the river. When working on a complex design, from the outset it is important to envisage practical elements, that make the space not only beautiful, but also comfortable. For the pool, located at ground level, it was necessary to consider drainage. This issue was resolved using a special grating that would remove excess water and also act as a floor covering. The veranda in the pool area required a nonslip surface, which was also taken into account when selecting the type of finish. Last but not


l project



The main decorative feature of the house is the spa zone, inî&#x20AC;­ cluding swimming pool and wooden decking, positioned on the cliff's edge with panoramic views of the river Swan.

g Chill-out area with bio stone g g Veranda dining area i Spa zone by infinity pool

least, this coating must also be suitable for the fireplace located here on the veranda. White sandstone was chosen to resolve these practical and aesthetic issues: it is a natural, original stone that is both non-slip and durable. The site's fencing is complete with fine tracery, a complex pattern drawn using laser beam. This technique softens the site's border and decorates the front elevation. The Bicton project has crowned an impregnable rockface with a contemporary residential dwelling and has transformed it into a relaxing space with a viewpoint. True to its principles, the Ritz Exterior Design studio has created a comfortable living space, both inside and out.


l pools

DIVE INTO INFINITY A calm watery surface merges with the horizon â&#x20AC;Ś.The ocean? A pool! All the benefits of the beach in the city centre or even on the roof of a skyscraper provided by a new architectural concept â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the infinity pool. The name comes from the English word "infinity"; these pools blend in so adeptly with the natural surroundings or cityscape that their edges merge visually with the panorama. This luxurious and expensive pleasure is exclusive to five-star hotels, luxury spas and resorts and private residences across the world.


At the Joule hotel, you can swim to the edge of the building and enjoy the view of downtown Dallas (USA). The designer, Adam D. Tihany, located it on a busy street and one of the walls is made out of high-tensile acrylic glass, meaning that the watery surface visually never comes to an end and is simply at one with the sky.



San Alfonso del Mar is listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest swimming pool in the world. Its area totals 77,000 sq.m. and it is 1,013m long. The completely pure water means that even at the maximum depth of 35m, the bottom is perfectly visible. San Alfonso del Mar is located on the shores of the cool and unsafe Pacific Ocean, therefore providing a comfortable alternative.

The pool's inifinity design conceals the border between the natural and the artificial water space, creating the impression that San Alfonso del Mar is actually the oceanic coast. The swimming pool is filled directly from the Pacific. The water passes through a power-efficient purification system without the use of chemicals and is heated to 26 degrees, draining back into the ocean after use.



BAGNODESIGN is a subsidiary of Sanipex Group, a leading supplier of bathroom fixtures and fittings, tile and plumbing materials for bathrooms. In July 2012 BAGNODESIGN opened a new A & D Centre in Clerkenwell in London. This is a new venture in the United Kingdom.


The swimming pool at the Pangkor Laut Resort hotel (Malaysia) blurs the boundaries with its natural pool area: it starts behind the beach line and the water is the same colour as the ocean. The design of the Pangkor Laut Resort's pool was awarded the 'Top 50 pools in the world' prize.


The primary objective of the new venture is to service interior designers and architects working on international hospitality projects. One example of such cooperation is the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel.


Ocean Dome is a high-tech beach at the Sigayya resort (Japan). This huge indoor water park can accommodate 10,000 people. The 14 tonnes of water for the artificial sea is framed by marble sand and the latest technology maintains the desired air and water temperature. The pool's 38m high transparent dome opens and closes to accommodate the weather. Ocean Dome marks the height of the Japanese's striving to achieve perfection.


Budapest's mineral springs have been famous since 1433. Today the architectural complex of the Gellert Swimming Pool stands over them with its 13 baths, similar to a


You can watch the spectacular views of Victoria Bay and Hong Kong's skyscrapers from the twenty third floor of the open-air pool at the Harbour Plaza hotel (Hong Kong). The pool's highlight feature are its ultramodern glass walls that allow you to observe the view direct from the water.

Gothic cathedral with its colonnades and covered arcades. Frecoes of baths, richly coloured windows and Art Nouveau sculptures are features of the baths' interior.


l pools


The swimming pool at the LeCrans Hotel (Switzerland) was conceived as a hot spring in the snows of the popula Crans-Montana ski resort. Water and terrace heating make swimming comfortable in the winter months and the grating around the pool drains away any sur-


plus water, preventing ice from forming. The pool area is decorated with non-slip stone tiles. The aesthetic pleasure of LeCrans Hotel 's swimming pool is complemented by the stunning views of the Swiss Alpes.

60 villas all with swimming pools at the Banyan Tree in Intendance Bay (Seychelles) embodies the concept of luxury tropical hotel accommodation. Each room is a separate villa with an infinity pool that visually flows into the ocean. Most of the apartments are built into the hillside, surrounded by tropical vegetation and and velvet-like black granite boulders. The hotel also features a communal swimming pool with views out over the Indian Ocean.


Modern technology and building materials can successfully reproduce natural phenomena and processes. Opportunities such as these in the hands of leading architects and designers can bring high-tech and aesthetic designs to life, that only until recently, seemed make-believe.


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