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We’ll go out on a limb and guess you’ve probably heard of Phish, Grace Potter and Anaïs Mitchell. But there’s a hell of lot more to local music than our most famous exports. In fact, we’d put our scene up against any in the Northeast — though we concede that Brooklyn is pretty rad, too. To hip you to some of the resident bands you should know, we’ve crafted a little mixtape below. But it’s just a starting point. Find your groove by getting out to some shows — check the music venues roundup on page 73 — and turning to the music section of Seven Days each week. Oh, and follow 7D on Spotify (sevendaysvt) for frequently updated playlists — including this one.


Madaila, “Realization” Do you like neon? Goofy dance moves? Spandex? We thought so. Madaila have quickly ascended to the ranks of Vermont’s elite, thanks to an infectious sound that fuses the danceable pop sensibilities of Justin Timberlake, the lyrical heart and affinity for falsetto vocals of Bon Iver, and the sonic ingenuity of Beck. Check out “Realization” from their 2016 sophomore album, Traces.

The High Breaks, “Voodoo Wave” Blending the classic surf riffage of Dick Dale with a bizarro noir bent that winks at filmmaker David Lynch, the High Breaks are kings of the beach when it comes to Vermont’s oddly vibrant surf-rock scene.

The Mountain Says No, “Statistik”

Madaila If you like your rock grimy, swampy and a little weird, say yes to the Mountain Says No. “Statistik” is a hairy, erratic and charismatic cut from the band’s excellent 2015 record that hints at an array of influences, from Black Sabbath to Pavement to Fela Kuti.

Tyler Mast & Paradise Divide, “Mad River Stomp” Though it tends to fly under the radar, Burlington’s jazz scene is bustling, offering everything from straight jazz to bebop to post-bop and the most farflung sonic trips. Tyler Mast & Paradise Divide are a local supergroup of sorts who specialize in “art groove.” That’s a heady instrumental fusion of funk, roots, rock and jazz that makes for a smooth access point for wannabe hepcats to dig the scene. 66 WHAT’S GOOD


The High Breaks

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The Seven Days Field Guide to Burlington

What's Good 2016  

The Seven Days Field Guide to Burlington