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then do it anyway, cuz it was great. Happy holidays!


The big news this week concerns none other than resident wranglers of thunder and lightning, psychedelic garage rockers THE VACANT LOTS. According to a recent missive from guitarist/lightningeer JARED ARTAUD, the duo has just signed on with Brooklynbased indie label Mexican Summer. You may remember that particular hip-as-hell imprint for bringing you such thoroughly kickass bands as DUNGEN, BEST COAST, THE BLACK RYDER and, now, the Vacant Lots. Congrats, gents. And on a personal note, apologies to drummer BRYAN MACFADYEN for not recognizing him at the grocery store the other day. The new haircut looks good, man! In other local-bandmaking-waves-outsidethe-Burlington-bubble news, swingin’ garage-pop outfit PERSIAN CLAWS recently showed up on not one, not two, but three international



comps. The first is a limitededition vinyl called Whiskey, Girls and Pasta — I like it already! — released by Mexico’s Mùsica Para Locos label, and features songs by female-fronted bands from all over the world, including the Claws’ “Ghostified.” The second comes to us by way of UK label Dead By Mono Records, called No Way Out! 20 of Finest Garage Gems From the Round the World, and features 20 of the finest gar … well, y’know. In other Claws news, vocalist DEBORAH TROIANO and guitarist BILL MULLINS are interviewed in the upcoming issue of Vancouver’s Mongrel Zine, which comes complete with yet another comp, this time featuring the Claws’ song “You’re Gonna Leave.” Band Name of the Week: THE UNBEARABLE LIGHT

CABARET. OK. I’m kinda cheating on BNOTW this week since I generally focus on nonlocal or newer bands in this segment. But the eclectic local collective is a lot of fun, and until furthur

The Vacant Lots

notice they’ll be taking over the Thursday-night jazz residency at Radio Bean recently vacated by ANTHONY SANTOR. Wednesday, December 8, marks the 30-year anniversary of the night JOHN LENNON was murdered. Obviously, there will be no shortage of tribute concerts to the late, great Beatle that night. And that includes in Burlington, where local songwriters AARON FLINN, JOSHUA GLASS and SCOTT MANGAN host a star-studded local bash at Parima in the slain genius’ honor. Kids love the indie rock. Believe it or not, nowhere

is that more true than in Montpelier, where kids — literally, kids — love the indie rock, and their parents are making damn sure of 12v-nectars120110.indd 1 11/29/10 it. Case in point, the KRIS GRUEN-led all-star outfit the GLORY MONTESSORI. The ninepiece indie-rock ensemble features parents of students OUR COMMUNITY from Mont-P’s Montessori IS PART OF THE School of Central Vermont WORLD COMMUNITY. playing tunes written by certified grown-ups Gruen HELP US DEVELOP A VACCINE and ELIZABETH MANDELL, but FOR DENGUE FEVER that are aimed, specifically, at Outpatient kids. But trust me, these kids (songs) are alright. Catch Clinical ’em at the Montessori school Research Study benefit show at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Chapel this Sunday. And, yes, there is a bake sale. 



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And once again, this week’s totally selfindulgent column segment, in which I share a random sampling of what was on my iPod, turntable, CD player, 8-track player, etc., this week.


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Freddie Gibbs, Str8 Killa Campfire OK, Strange Like We Are Persian Claws

Cee Lo Green, The Lady Killer


Vince Guaraldi Trio, A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Seven Days, December 1, 2010  

Vermont’s Dance Scene Takes a Big Leap; DJ Craig Celebrates 20 Years; Hipsters Congregate in New Church; Wylie Garcia Addresses…the Dress

Seven Days, December 1, 2010  

Vermont’s Dance Scene Takes a Big Leap; DJ Craig Celebrates 20 Years; Hipsters Congregate in New Church; Wylie Garcia Addresses…the Dress