NPAP Tribute Journal 4.28.23

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Message from our President Tom Taylor

Happy 75th Anniversary Celebration!

Special thanks to our 75th Anniversary Committee for setting the stage to celebrate our professional life together.

Our 75th Anniversary invites us to build upon Reik’s legacy so that NPAP continues evolving for a challenging world.

Happy 75th!

75th Anniversary Committee Members

Eileen Bahl, Chair

Jayne Bloch

Dana Holloman

Jennifer Knobe

Jennifer Neely

Courtney Ritter (MITO)

Ann Rose Simon

Jeffrey Werden

Training Institute of NPAP Board of Trustees

Thomas S. Taylor, President

Joyce Rosenberg , Vice President I

Paul Kaiser, Vice President II

Cirstin Conneely, Secretary

Sherman Pheiffer, Parliamentarian

Jan Roth, Ombudsperson

John Augliera, Director, Finance Group

Gerald Gargiulo, Director, Centers and Services Group

Elizabeth Singer, Director, Communications Group

Penny Rosen, Director, Programs Group

Deborah Keith, Director, Training Group

Peter Zimmerman, President Emeritus

Christopher Wolter, MITO Chair

Membership Governance Committees

Archives Library & Research Committee

John Augliera

James Holmes

Glenda Hydler, MITO Rep.

Michael Mashberg, Chair

Doris Solomon

Facilities Committee

Paul Kaiser, Chair Finance Committee

John Augliera, Chair

Joel Gold

Yoel Paredes-Rodriguez, MITO Rep.

Ann Rose Simon

Fundraising Committee

Orly Marcovich

Michael Mashberg

Carolyn Zezima, MITO Rep.

Membership Governance Committees

Information Technology Committee

James Holmes, Chair

Thomas S. Taylor

Legislation & Community Liaison Committee

James Holmes, Chair

Parthenia Caesar, MITO Rep.

Marketing & PR Committee

Steven Yagerman

NPAP Community Building Committee

Penny Rosen

Neuropsychoanalytic Clinical Study Center Committee

Mary Edlow

Charlotte Kahn

Edith Laufer

Aideen Nunan

Ann Rose Simon, Chair

Robert Wolf

Margaret Yard

Membership Governance Committees

Continuing Education Program Committee

Michael DeSimone

Alice Entin, Chair

Judy Ann Kaplan

Isolde Keilhofer

Edith Laufer

Loveleen Posmentier

Continuing Education Program Committee

Gavriel Reisner

Monique Rinere, MITO Rep.

Penny Rosen

Suzan Sherman, MITO Rep.

Claire Steinberger

Hanna Turken

Standards and Ethics Committee

Gary Ahlskog

Ann Akers

Jayne Bloch

Dan Heimowitz

Tamar Opler

Douglas Maxwell, Chair

Training Group Governance Committees Director, Deborah Keith

Candidate Progress Committee

Amanda George

Neil Herlands

Deborah Keith, Pro Tem

Jessica Low, MITO Rep.

Candidate Services Committee

Dana Berg, Chair

Ronnie Moskowitz

Diane Sperber

TRCC & Clinical Experience Committee

Kathryn Harrison, MITO Rep.

Debra Kupersmith

Robert Middleton

Kerstin (Tine) Pahl, Chair

Lois Wedin

Curriculum Committee

E.Francisco Danielsen-Morales

Alan Dobler

Jamie Keesling, MITO Rep.

Susana Martinez, Chair

Harry Organek


Art Pomponio, Director

Faculty and Supervisors Committee

James Holmes, Chair

Mary Lantz

Victoria Malkin

Monique Rinere, MITO Rep

Christopher Wolter, MITO Rep. Outreach & Admissions Committee

Dana Berg

Parthenia Caesar, MITO Rep.

Cirstin Conneely

Gina Gold, Chair

Our Past Presidents 1950 to 1973

President and Honorary President

Theodor Reik, 1950–69

Vice President

Clement Staff, 1950–52

Vice President

Otto Spranger, 1952–53

Vice President

Jule Nydes, 1953–55

Vice President

Reuben Fine, 1955–57

President and Vice President

Gus Woltmann, 1961–64

Vice President

Edward Frankel, 1957–58

Vice President

Saul Gurevitz, 1958–59


Ethel L. Clevans, 1964–67


Harold Greenwald, 1967–68

Vice President

Jacques Palaci, 1959–61


Matthew Besdine, 1968-73

Our Past Presidents 1973 to 1990s


Mildred Lerner, 1973–74


Armand Gargiulo, 1984–88


Annette Overby, 1974–77


Elizabeth Thorne, 1977–80


Seymour Coopersmith 1980–84


Elizabeth Thorne, 1988–90

President, Training Institute

Paul Cornyetz, 1990–92


Seymour Coopersmith, 1990–94

Our Past Presidents 1990s to 2008

President, Training Institute

Paul Cornyetz, 1990–92

President, Training Institute

Gerald J. Gargiulo, 1992–96

President, Association

Linda J. Korb, 1994–98

President, Training Institute

Gary Ahlskog, 1996–2000

President, Association

Harvey A. Kaplan, 1998–02

President, Training Institute

Seymour Coopersmith, 2000–04

President, Association

Jeffrey Werden, 2002–06

President, Training Institute

Ruth Oscharoff, 2004–08

Our Past Presidents 2006 to Present

President, Association

Paul Kaiser 2006-2010

President, Training Institute

Sherman Pheiffer 2008-2012

President, Association

Carl Weinberg 2010-2014

President, Training Institute

Art Pomponio 2012-2016

President, Association

Jeffrey Werden 2014-2018

Elizabeth Singer 2018-2021

President, Training Institute

Peter Zimmermann, 2016-2021

President, Training Institute of NPAP

Tom S. Taylor 2021-Present

The 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee

wishes to thank all those who contributed in some way to making this evening, NPAP’s Diamond Anniversary, sparkle. They are:

John Augliera

Gerald Gargiulo

Joel Gold

James Holmes

Rusty Horn

Charlotte Kahn

Paul Kaiser

Edwin Levy

Michael Mashberg

Nancy McWilliams

The Tom Placido Trio:

Tom Lutri (candidate), Corenin Le Hir, Vin Scialla

Art Pomponio

Katherine Rabinowitz

Monique Rinere

Alan Roland

Joyce Rosenberg

Beverly Schneider

Charlotte Schwartz

Tom Taylor

The 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee

wishes to acknowledge and thank Jennifer Knobe and Dana Holloman for their tireless work in bringing this beautiful evening to fruition. Their imagination and skill advanced the vision of the Committee in ways we sometimes could not even imagine.

Eileen Bahl, Chair; Jayne Bloch; Jennifer Neely; Courtney Ritter (MITO); Ann Rose Simon; Jeffrey Werden

Congratulations to my former student and colleague, Theodor Reik, on the 75th year of the psychoanalytic institute he envisioned and founded.

Thank you to our NPAP community, past and present, for enriching my life personally and professionally.

May our legacy endure.

Thank You NPAP

For preparing me well for my profession and offering me so many cherished colleagues and friends!

With much Gratitude,

To NPAP, cent’anni!

To all of our friends and colleagues, we are thrilled to share the 75th with you.

With gratitude for and in recognition of the 75th Anniversary Committee and NPAP’s Professional Staff. Jennifer Knobe, Dana Holloman, Lois Wedin, Irwin Cohen and Philip Cohen


A special thank you to Sherman Pheiffer for introducing me to NPAP via TRCC so many years ago.

My life has been profoundly affected in so many positive ways as a result.

Congratulations, NPAP, on 75 years of affecting other lives as you have mine. With gratitude,

Mary Edlow expresses her gratitude to her analyst, supervisors, instructors, and friends and colleagues for sharing with her the adventure of a lifetime - psychoanalysis.

I want to celebrate and remember some of the teachers who inspired me, as well as colleagues/friends, Jacques Palaci, Ernestine Haight, Theodor Reik, Tom Levin, John Herma, Sy Coopersmith, Joe Reppen, Ann Wexler.

In 1965, when I enrolled, NPAP was the only Institute that would train someone with my background. It is my home.

Ph.D., FIPA, L.P.

Celebrating NPAP's 75th Anniversary In appreciation of Lois Wedin’s 45 years of dedicated and exemplary work.

& In memory of Lew Aron, a great teacher, and Mort Israel who revived NPAP archives and interest in Theodor Reik.


I initially trained at another Institute and graduated after five years. While what I learned there wasn’t bad, it was clearly not sufficient. I enrolled at NPAP and trained for another seven years with stellar teachers, supervisors and a new analyst.

It is to NPAP that I owe, and will be eternally grateful for, the superior learning that made me the therapist I am today.

In loving memory of Anita Bookey Sy Coopersmith

Alana Verber Fein

Joan Klein

Rebecca Kuzma

Arnold Rose

High praise to the NPAP faculty during my MITO years, 1986 to 1995, with special thanks to Ed Levy.

Laughing so hard in Eileen’s car that it shook.

Listening to 3-y.o. Izzy sing “Georgia on My Mind” on 9th Street.

We were having so much fun we forgot to go to the presentation we signed up for.

Quiet at a brunch at Maggie’s as we learned that Aleksandra was in labor. Ten women hoping together. This is what I cherish.

Congratulations to NPAP on its 75th anniversary.
therapy and training.
An enduring source of excellence in psychoanalytic
We are pleased to have been a part of NPAP’s distinguished history and look forward to its continuing success.
I salute all NPAP Members & Staff for the past, present and future.

With enduring thanks to my analyst, Lou Berkowitz, who embodied NPAP's best values and left us too soon.

On its 75th anniversary I would like to express my deep appreciation to NPAP, its faculty, and all the volunteers and staff that make it work, for having given me my professional life as an analyst.

At NPAP I found my community, along with lifetime colleagues and friends.

And I am thankful to all the candidates-in-training who, with their desire to learn and exchange ideas, have enriched my professional life for four decades.

I am forever grateful.

Here’s to NPAP, in gratitude.

With deep gratitude to Theodor Reik, and to all the administrators, MITs, faculty, supervisors and Board members, past and present, who have carried his legacy forward at NPAP and made this moment possible for all of us.

I congratulate NPAP on its ever-evolving mission to improve the quality of training while maintaining an affordable therapy clinic which is responsive to the needs of the community.

As we join in the celebration of NPAP’s 75 years: We remember with deep gratitude

Art Robbins… and the memory of all those departed and treasured members who helped us to Become…

The psychoanalysts and people we are Today.

Arnold Brenner

Alice Entin

Joel Gold

Nancy McWilliams

Lois Wedin

Jeff Werden

Robert Wolf

The Edith Laufer Neuropsychoanalytic Clinical Study Center congratulates NPAP for 75 years of training & collegiality and for giving members and candidates the opportunity to serve the community.

With Gratitude,

Mary Edlow, Joel Gold, Charlotte Kahn, Edith Laufer, Aideen Nunan, Ann Rose Simon (Chair), Robert Wolf, Margaret Yard

Eileen Bahl, Chair

Jayne Bloch

Dana Holloman

Jennifer Knobe

Jennifer Neely

Courtney Ritter (MITO)

Ann Rose Simon

Jeffrey Werden

Congratulations to NPAP on its 75th Anniversary. We are honored to have helped create a celebration worthy of such a storied institute.

With love and appreciation to Amanda George and Elizabeth Singer.

In the Spring Trimester 1995 you both came into my life and changed it forever.

Congratulations to NPAP on its 75th Anniversary. We thank NPAP for the friends we made, the education we received, and the community of which we are a part.

In Gratitude,

Eileen Bahl

Barbara Bergier

Amanda George

Deborah Keith

Judith Newman

Jacqueline Padilla

Joyce Rosenberg

Sue Sawyer

Elizabeth Singer

Maggie Zellner

In honor of Toni Levi, Fundraising Consultant.

Rusty Horn, Michael Mashberg, Tom Taylor, Carolyn Zezima

In memory of Laura Eadsan early member, student of Theodor Reik.

Len Strahl, Ernest Angel, and Saul Tuttmanmy supervisors.

NPAP has changed professional and personal lives for the better for 75 years.

May it continue to do so for the next 75 years.

With so much appreciation and gratitude to my friends, colleagues, instructors, mentors who accompanied me and still accompany me on my path as an analyst. And especially to

Joan Klein (z"l)

Merle Molofsky

Sherman Pheiffer

Peter Zimmermann

Four and a half decades ago, TRCC was suddenly without an intake worker and Art Robbins brought me to NPAP for a few weeks to cover the position . . . and well, I never left.

It’s been my pleasure to share with so many of you in the unfolding of who your patients are and who they may become. I hope that those of you who are close to the end point of your career have had great satisfaction in it – that if you’re mid-career, you’re reaping it now – and if new, you’ve started to taste it. What better work could we all have chosen for ourselves than one that allows us to help people to discover themselves and heal and flourish.

Sending my appreciation down the chain of elected Directors of TRCC who have poured their attention and creative energy into TRCC. Loving thanks to my workmates, Jennifer Knobe and Dana Holloman, a great administrative team, my steady support (and a lot of fun).

The American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, Inc.: Leading accreditation for psychoanalytic institutes!

The ABAP, Inc. congratulates NPAP on 75 years of leadership for independent psychoanalysis!

In gratitude for committee members and Chairs, of all volunteer committees, standing and ad hoc. In honor and celebration of the members and candidates of NPAP.

President NPAP

NPAP has given me a wonderful profession, wonderful colleagues and friends for life. Special thanks to Art Robbins, Moss Rawn, Hermann Waldman, Gus Woltman, Annabella Nelkin, Charlotte Kahn, and Edith Laufer all of whom greatly impacted on my life. With Gratitude and love to all.

Expressing my gratitude to John Augliera, Kayla Christmas, Irwin Cohen, Philip Cohen, Michele Durst, Ellen Gasnick, Jennifer Knobe, Sarina Meones, Racial Justice Initiative Committee, Penny Rosen, Joyce Rosenberg, Liz Singer, Judith Stollerman, Tom Taylor, Lois Wedin, and Jeff Werden.

THANK YOU for being who you are and making my administrative career at NPAP a true delight.

Congratulations to NPAP for excellence in enabling the understanding of psychoanalysis for 75 years.

I miss you both.

In honor of my 2 mentors and dear friends, Sy Coopersmith and Art Robbins.

I am grateful for the remarkable opportunity I was given at NPAP to study psychoanalysis and become a certified psychoanalyst. I want to pay tribute to those who mentored me, and inspired me, particularly Art Robbins, Gerald Gargiulo, and Michael Eigen, and to my dear friend

Douglas Maxwell, who shared so much with me as we were candidates together and shared an office suite together. Also, my analyst, Helen Goldberg, and my supervisors, Robert Mollinger and Leila Lerner.

Congratulations to NPAP on this very special anniversary. A toast to everyone—from those who brought NPAP to life, to those who nurture it, to others who will keep it going and growing. While I couldn’t attend the Gala in person, I am with you in spirit, filled with admiration and gratitude for our wonderful organization.

I ran quickly through all this, often head-first into many I’d not know half as well had I not been running so fast. I walk more nowadays, reading/learning more fearlessly (teaching to double the fun) in the vain hope of true belief. This shift was NPAP’s Gift.

While moved by many, a heartfelt salute to J/D/L/K, to all those Deans I’ve loved before, and those who’ve spent years of their lives bringing me closer: Anne, Jim, Jayne, Brian, Neil, Gary and too many other instructors & classmates, to name. Thank you!

Thank you NPAP for creating a nurturing environment that has supported our continued growth as psychoanalysts. For over 38 years our peer supervision group has met weekly in its various configurations.

Current Members:

Linda Washburn

Robert Benton

Jayne Bloch

Amanda George

Deborah Keith

Former Members:

Naomi Berman

Virgil Roberson

Penny McCarthy

Lana Shaw Levine

To my generous supervisors

Simone Sternberg, Joseph Reppen, Judith Newman, Naama Kushnir-Barash and Marion M. Oliner

With gratitude

I am grateful to NPAP for providing me with wonderful analysts, control analysts, faculty and colleagues who have sustained me in my practice for so many years. I am grateful for having opportunities to teach and supervise upcoming analysts. It has also been an honor to serve on the editorial board of The Psychoanalytic Review.

Special Tributes to:

Psychoanalyst, Alvin Kulick & Outstanding Supervisors, Lee Minoff

Bob Mollinger; Brilliant teacher and mentor, Charlotte Schwartz

Ever- Inspiring Chairperson, Alice Entin and the CE Program Committee:

M.DeSimone, J.Kaplan, I.Keilhoffer, G.Reisner, P.Rosen, H.Turken, C.Steinberger

In memory: Janet Finnel, Anita Bookey, Murray Gelman, Harriet Podhoretz, Yaffa


I make this donation on behalf of my niece, Alida Margolin, a member since 1994. NPAP has been uniquely meaningful to her, and she especially wants to honor Jerry Gargiulo.

To Kayla for her commitment. To Jeff for offering me this position.

To Liz & Peter for mentoring and guiding.

To Debbie & the Friday 8am Executive Committee who greet me with a smile.

To John who makes me laugh and to Joyce who says what I need to hear.

To ALL candidates who teach, empathize, and travel the journey.

To Tom, Michael, Rob and Tine your ears and hearts are larger than most.

To Eileen & the 75th Committee for affectionally undertaking how to build a professional home.

To the Huddle Dream-Team ~ Teamwork is Dreamwork

Dana for your honesty and deep commitment; Lois for your support and understanding.

To the cornucopia of diversity that keeps NPAP strong.


Taking psychoanalysis to new heights

Congratulations to NPAP on our 75th .

Sherman Pheiffer, Jeff Werden, Robert Wolf, Jonas Gayer, Arnold Brenner


John Augliera

Elaine Barry Parker Douglas

Judith Greenwald

Joe Kruft

Magik Cleaning Services

Merle Molofsky

Jerold Nashban

Lynn Somerstein

Hanna Turken

Maggie Zellner