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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Presidency, NASS divided over Oteh, SEC DG P. 6

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Beautiful Nubia

L-R: Minister of State for Power, Hajia Zainab Kuchi; Managing Chief Executive Officer, Egbin Power Plc, Lagos, Dr. Michael Uzoigwe and Permanent Secretary, Dr. Dere Awosika, at the signing of performance agreements with Chief Executive Officers of power generation and transition companies in Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

De-registration of parties

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I wish Gani were alive –Balarabe Musa Boko Haram: Govts must dialogue with sect – Northern leaders •JTF kills four ‘commanders’

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Kosofe slum One man’s filth, another man’s wealth! P.37

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Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012

Folorunso Alakija upstages Oprah Winfrey ... named richest black woman in the world From executive secretary to seamstress (fashion designer if you like) and now the World’s Richest Black Woman, 61 year-old Folorunso Alakija’s story will dazzle and inspire you. YEMISI ADENIRAN

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Jakande Estate: Residents’ tales of lost glory

We are human beings too

People with Down’s syndrome protest stigmatisation P.36


Risk of developing asthma doubles among children conceived after fertility treatment

lthough Folorunso Alakija is known for her immense wealth, the news of her emergence as the world’s richest black woman came as a surprise. It came from the blues, so to speak, and struck almost everybody with shudder. 61 years old, having been born on July 15, 1951, Alakija is estimated to be some whopping $3.3 billion rich. With her enormous wealth, she has beaten Oprah Winfrey to the game, according to The Ventures Africa, an online publication. Detailing her wealth, the report claimed that Alakija has a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million. She was reported in the media, both locally and outside, to have acquired a property at One Hyde Park for $102 million. Her wealth is also signified by the fact that she is the proud owner of a Bombardier Global Express 6000 which she was said to have acquired for a reported $46 million. A philanthropist, Alakija owns a Christian-based charity group, the Rose of Sharon Foundation, which she started on 23rd of May, 2008. “We found out that widows are a stigma in this society. Once they lose their husbands, the society turns their backs on them, their in-laws begin to maltreat them, they become depressed, they don’t know where to turn, they don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” she said of the group. What, perhaps, gave a hint of her awe-inspiring wealth recently was the mention of her name in Forbes Africa feature as one of the richest women in Africa. The announcement was soon followed by that of The Ventures Africa, which declared her as the richest black woman. Despite the fact that she came from a wealthy family, life began for her just as it has been for any individual. But the decision by her parents to send her and her sister abroad for further studies, laid the required foundation for what has turned out to be a good future. She was quoted as having


said: “My life began when my parents decided to send my sister, Doyin and I abroad for further studies. This was to be the new beginning into my God-given destiny that caught the attention of many whom I would meet later on in life.” Alakija started her professional career at one of the earliest investment banks in the country as a secretary. She told her story in part: “My darling husband Modupe (who was still my boyfriend at this time), had heard of an opening at a new American bank that was planning to commence business in Nigeria. I applied, and in mid-1974, I was hired as the Executive Secretary to the Managing Director of The First National Bank of Chicago at St. Gregory’s Road, Ikoyi. Today, the bank is known as Finbank PIc. “One of my first tasks as Executive Secretary was to organise the bank’s launch at a corporate reception. Everyone relevant in the banking industry would be invited to attend. This was quite a responsibility, and I got to work in earnest. I was given quite a lot of free reign, and now, in retrospect, I realise that must have been what helped to sharpen my organisational skills, which have come in so handy in all my endeavours. “The launch was highly suc-


cessful and gave management huge confidence in me. In fact, my superiors were very appreciative, and from time to time, my fiancee and I were invited to picnics and private outings with the foreign management personnel. My creativity came in handy in my job. As these major changes were taking place, I did not rest on my oars but spearheaded a movement requesting better conditions of service for administrative staff in general and secretaries in particular. Along the line I became the head of Corporate Affairs in my organisation.” Apparently restless, and obviously looking for other opportunities to express her talent, she went to England to study Fashion Design. She later returned to Nigeria, and basking in the wealth of her knowledge and experience, she found the need to express herself through her clothing label, Supreme Stitches. Her designs were simply breath-taking and she was highly patronised by those that really matter in the society. She became a force to be reckoned with in that area, having given fashion designing, a new face and leap. In 1993, she entered the money spinning business of oil and gas. At the time, she applied, through her company, Famfa Limited, for an allocation of an Oil Prospecting Licence (OPL)

and was granted same. With the clearance, she had the authority to explore for oil on a 617,000 acre block. Three years after, she embarked on a joint venture with Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Texaco). She named the company as a technical adviser for the exploration of the license. Reports have it that she transferred 40 per cent of her 100 per cent stake to Star Deep. Star Deep soon sold off 8 per cent of its stake in oil block to Petrobas, a Brazilian company. Folorunso Alakija and her family owned 60 per cent. It must be pointed out at this point that the pretty and sophisticated Alakija’s passion for investment came long before she became very wealthy. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Alakija continually invested in stocks, shares and property, an effort identified with the male folk. Little wonder, young Alakija was able to build her first house even before she clocked 30. “I hardly touched my salaries all these while but instead, continually I invested in stocks, shares and properties. I was able to build my first house over 30 years ago even before my 30th birthday, with a bank loan of three per cent interest,” she pointed.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012

Saturday Starter

Willsof discord!

The almighty Will, that document which states a deceased’s wish on how to share their properties after their death, is meant to forestall controversy. Ironically, however, most Wills cause and promote the one thing they were initially meant to guard against. At the end of the day, hardly ever is the dead man’s wish obeyed by those he loved most Afam and Nwachukwu. Af while alive. K AYODE FALADE AND TOPE OGUNBANKE


he voice of the Chief Registrar, Enugu Judiciary and Probate Registrar, Mr. Dennis Ekoh, droned on as he read the Will and last Testament of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu at the Enugu High Court on Friday, November 30, 2012. Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s widow, Bianca, and a select members of the family including Mr Mike Ejemba and Ojukwu’s first cousin, Mr Val Nwosu were listening with rapt attention. As the Probate Registrar ended his long monologue, it dawned on all that the lion’s share of the late ex-Biafra leader’s estate was given to his widow, Bianca. What more? An “unknown” name, Teny Harman, was mentioned as one of the late Ikemba Nnewi’s children while his presumed first son, Debe Sylvester Ojukwu was conspicuously omitted from the list. Emeka Ojukwu (Jnr.) only got a property in Nnewi, Ojukwu’s hometown in Anambra State, as his entitlement. Those listed as the late Ikemba’s children in the Will are Tenny Harman, Emeka Ojukwu, Mmegha, Okigbo, Ebele, Chineme,

The Will among others awarded Ojukwu’s GRA, Enugu mansion, ‘Casabianca,’ in the favour of Bianca. En She also got two properties located at Plot 20, Jabi, Abuja, with Certificate of Occupancy number 4405, as well as another located at Kuje, Abuja. He also willed to Bianca all his personal effects, money and cars for her upkeep and that of her children. He also allotted to her two hectares of land at Umuezeani Umudim Nnewi on the condition that she does not remarry. It was hardly a major surprise therefore that claims and counterclaims on the Will have been tumbling in. The Ikemba’s Will is by no means alone in the battle of Wills. It just happens to be the latest and the most current. The list of contested Wills is long and inexhaustible.

Festus Okotie –Eboh Another widely reported instance of a Will not leaving the family ever the same again is that of the late Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh, the First Republic Finance Minister. Okotie-Eboh was fondly called Omimi-Ejoh, Ejoh bilele, which literally translated means-the man with

long, long features, the flowing wrappers. The late Ogorode of Sapele, was an astute businessman and timber magnate before entering politics. He was assassinated in the 15 January, 1966 military putsch. Before his death, he made two Wills. One on August 21, 1947 and another in 1961. The validity of the first Will however stirred controversies among his off-spring. The children were not immediately aware of the existence of the Wills and hence they applied for and obtained Letters of Administration from the Bendel State High Court to enable them administer their late father’s estate. When the Wills were eventually discovered some years later, disagreement erupted among them over the validity of the 1947 Will, prompting the aggrieved siblings to drag the others to court. The major actors in the case were the late Okotie-Eboh’s eldest daughter, Mrs. Alero Jadesimi, his widow, Mrs. Victoria Okotie-Eboh, another daughter, Mrs. C.R Akele and their half-brother, one of the sons of the deceased, Mr. John Okotie-Eboh. Part of the facts of the case was that “in 1942, the late Chief Okotie-Eboh got married to his spouse, Victoria, according to Itsekiri native law and custom. The appellant (Mrs. Jadesimi) as well as the 2nd reCONTINUED ON PAGE 5


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

‘People quarrel over Wills because of greed’ Chief Richard Akinjide (SAN), former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE on a Will becoming an object of controversy.


hy do you think many Wills usually turn to object of controversy among beneficiaries? It is because of greed. If a man did his Will through a lawyer and signed it, nobody should quarrel over it. But people quarrel over it because of greed. I cannot think of any other reason. How can some of the problems as-

sociated with Wills be avoided? People can distribute their property when they are alive. If someone shares his property when he or she is alive, there will be no problem. Some people are of the view that the idea of writing a Will is alien to our culture. What is your take on th is?

I agree entirely with that and that is one of the reasons why I advocate that it should be shared when a man is alive. Writing a Will is not part of our culture but at the same time, it has been brought into our culture and there is no way we can avoid it now. How can someone write his Will to prevent crisis after his death? The best thing is to meet a lawyer, who will draft it in accordance with the law. If you use a good lawyer there would be no problem.

‘Will is alien to Nigerian culture’ Mr. Bamidele Aturu, a human rights activist and lawyer spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE on Will.


hy are there so many controversies in the execution of the Will of prominent Nigerians? It is because of greed and ambition to acquire wealth. Many children and family members fight over the Will of the deceased because of the amount of wealth and what they want to benefit in it. It is only a rich man’s Will that will throw up controversies because there are many things for people to benefit from it. Another thing is that sometimes when people write this will they don’t put our culture into consideration. Our culture is

not still adapted to the foreign idea of writing Will. For example if you are the eldest

My siblings say I’m mad –Adesoji Benson

son and your father decides to disinherit you in his Will, there is no way you can accept that easily. So, it is a question of cultural problem. Our culture is not in alignment with the English culture where we borrowed this advice of writing Will. My advice to people is that before you die, if you can help it, you can give gift to the survivors. Let them know what belongs to each person before you die. That can be achieved in the case where there is no sudden death. Also, when you are buying things, buy it in the name of people that you want to give so that they would know that this thing has been given to me by my father or mother. The idea of writing Will is alien to our culture and there is a lot of problem about it. Thirdly, it should be a lesson to all the rich people that there is no point amassing wealth because once you are dead, you can’t control anything that happens to your

The document contradicts what my father told me –Emeka Ojukwu Jnr.

Adesoji Benson is the eldest son of the late flamboyant socialite, elder statesman and First Republic Information Minister, Otunba T. O. S. Benson.


ow do you feel about the Will of your father?

I have no problem with the Will my father left behind but with my siblings who would not allow me enjoy what he has left for me. At least you have seen me a couple of times. Do I look like a mad man? My siblings said I am mad and will not just let me be. My family has sworn to destroy me by labelling me a mad man. My only crime is that I married a beautiful young and caring woman who has sworn to stay by me till death. Is it a crime that I want to enjoy what my father gave me? I have prayed to God and read Psalm 109 to all of them. It shall surely come to pass, if they do not leave me alone. What was the relationship with your father when he was alive? My father loved me so much because of the progress I made. He called me the best. I was a millionaire in dollars at 28 due to the success of Faze 2 Club. In those days, I did much for my siblings, and because of that my father always used me as reference

to them, as the best of all his children. He used to tell them: “Soji is the best, you people are useless.” I believe that caused envy among my siblings which is why they have conspired to forcefully eject me out of the house my father gave to me in Lander Close in Apapa. I was kept in a room with mad people and I had no choice because I was helpless. I managed to write a letter to the Human Rights Commission to come to my rescue. My petition said that on March 21, 2009, my younger sister came to my compound at 1A Lander Close Apapa, Lagos with police officers. They arrested my wife and took her to State CID, Panti, for interrogation. They bundled me to Yaba Psychiatric Hospital, where, without any interview, I was given a lethal injection on an empty stomach by a female doctor. They then took my phone and other valuables and locked me up in M4, giving me drugs. Luckily, respite came my way. They ejected me out of what rightfully belongs to me. Why do you think your family is CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

resources after your death. The worst person can even take over your resources. Now they are fighting over Ojukwu’s Will, can he be there to call them to order? He is no longer in control. So, why can’t you just do what is right while you are still alive. People should also have limited ambition in terms of how much they want to get. You can accumulate so much wealth and at the end of the day, it could lead to fight in your family. How can someone prepare his Will? Go to your lawyer and your lawyer will teach you and draft your will for you and he will make sure that it is well written. At what stage can someone prepare his will? Once you start working and start acquiring properties; getting things that are valuable to you, you can begin to prepare your Will.

meka Ojukwu Jnr. is listed as the first son of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in his Will. He says: “Up till now, I have not seen the said Will. As you must have heard, none of us, his children, were present at the presentation. We were not invited,


we were not contacted. I only read about the Will in the newspapers. “Until I see a copy of the Will and read it, it may not be right to say whether I am satisfied or not. But all I can tell you now is that what I read in the newspapers, which they said is in the Will, contradicts what my father told me when he was alive. “Now, there are issues that come to mind, why were there no members of Ojukwu family when the Will was read? They were not invited and they were not told. Now, the lawyer that is supposedly doing all these things is not our father’s lawyer, Mr Onyemelukwe is not a lawyer that is known to the family as Ezeigbo’s lawyer. Remember when Ezeigbo was sick, the same Lawyer went to the press to claim that Ezeigbo is getting better and that he is now on exercise and would soon come home while he was lying. It is still the same lawyer that claimed to have custody of the Will. And I told everybody that it was not true and that since my father was flown to England, he never lifted an arm or spoke a word until his death finally”.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012

Saturday Starter CONTINUED FROM 5 spondent (Mrs. Akele) are the children of the marriage. There are of course other offspring of the deceased, of whom the 3rd respondent (John) is one, who were born by women that were not married to the deceased. In 1947, the deceased made a will at Sapele (Exhibit P 1) which was signed by Chief Egboro (P.W. 2) and Mr. Okitikpi (P.W. 3) as witnesses. The will was dated the 21st day of August, 1947 and was deposited at the Probate Registry of the High Court of Lagos State since, as at that date, that was the only Probate Registry existing in Nigeria. In March, 1961, whilst the customary marriage was subsisting the deceased and the 1st respondent (Victoria) decided to re-marry or rather re-affirmed their marriage by going to a Marriage Registry in Lagos where they got married under the Marriage Act, Cap. 115 of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1958.’’ Specifically, Sometimes in 1971, Mrs. Jadesimi together with the three respondents, applied to the High Court of the then Bendel State for the grant of Letters of Administration to enable them administer the proprieties of the deceased in that state. The Letters of Administration were granted. In order that they might be able to administer the estate of the deceased in Lagos State, they got the Letters of Administration issued by the High Court of Bendel State, resealed sometime in 1972 at the High Court of Lagos State. By an agreement between them, the appellant and Mrs Victoria Okotie-Eboh were to administer the estate in Lagos State while Mrs Akele and Mr. John Okotie-Eboh were to administer the estate in Bendel State. All the children of the deceased, who were known to the appellant, were maintained by the administratrixes and administrator from funds received from the estate of the deceased. But shortly after securing the Letters of Administration, things fell apart between members of the family and Mrs. Jadesimi dragged her mother and other siblings to the Lagos High Court. She asked the court among others, to determine the force and validity of the Will made in 1947 by her deceased father and whether it was duly executed as required by law. Jadesimi also prayed the court to revoke the grant of the said Letters of Administration of the Estate of the said deceased dated the 24th day of June, 1971. The case got to the Supreme Court.


Discordant tunes over Wills nationally and internationally. But alas, Williams, who died on 26 March, 2005 left one of the most controversial wills the nation has witnessed and his four sons Ladi, Kayode, Folarin and Tokunbo fought tooth and nail over his N26 billion estate. There were several cases in court, several petitions were also lodged with the EFCC and the police were brought in to help solve the unending disputes among brothers. The situation became so bad that at a time the four brothers who are from same father and mother were not on talking terms and were divided into two different camps. Ladi and Kayode on one side with Folarin and Tokunbo on the other side. Their four wives were also reported to be involved in the feud so also the grandchildren, many of whom are lawyers. Eventually though an out of court was brokered sometime ago, and nothing much had been heard about the feud over the Will for some time.

Gbolahan Mudasiru

The late Chief Folarin Rotimi Abiola Williams was late legal icon. Indeed, he was called “Timi the Law”. His, analysts say, is a very unexpected case owing to his background and feat in the legal profession both

Air Commodore Gbolahan Mudasiru was a former Military Administrator of Lagos State. The sharing of his estate has been one of the messiests in the land. The widow of late military officer, Mrs. Foluke Mudasiru and her children, Messrs. Tolulope and Oladapo Mudasiru with their sister, Mrs. Tejuosho (nee Midair) after a Court of Appeal decision had headed to the apex court. Essentially, the appellants are seeking to reverse an earlier verdict of the Court of Appeal, Lagos, which held that the contest-

CONTINUED FROM 4 against your wife? They are against her because she stood by me and it was her love and commitment in our marriage that made it impossible for them to lock me up in a mental home in Ghana permanently. I have known her since 1999 when she first came to my house in company of some visitors. After some months, I met her again and we started a

relationship and we later got married. How do you feel about the whole situation? This whole thing reminds me of one Nigerian movie; where a man decides to lock up his elder brother in a mental home just to squander his inheritance. I thank God for my wife who remains my guardian angel. I bear no grudge against them. All I want is for them to allow me to manage

FRA Williams

Mudasiru’s widow

ed Will of the late administrator was valid. Efforts by the respondents (purported trustees) to stall the move was rejected by the Appeal Court, which stated that it would be improper to hinder the applicant the right to appeal, saying it was their constitutional right. His widow and children have been embroiled in a fierce legal battle with the trustees over the execution of the late military man’s Will.

MKO Abiola Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, a mogul, politician and presumed winner of the 12 June, 1993 Presidential elections died in incarceration on Abiola himself died in incarceration on 8 July, 1998 after drinking tea during a visit by some American officials. His Will dated 25 October, 1989, indicated that those claiming to be his children were required to prove paternity as one of the conditions to qualify as beneficiaries of his estate. This was done by DNA testing. According to the results, of the 113 children who claimed the late politician fathered them, 25 failed the test, 15 were not qualified to benefit from his estate and two were disowned outright by him. The results also showed that 37 children who claimed the late politician’s paternity passed the DNA test. Six other children comprising the five the late politician had by his first wife Simbiat namely Kola, Deji, Agbo, Bolaji and Wura as well as Adunola born by Sekinat Shade, were exempted from test. They were

‘My siblings say I’m mad’ what I own. In my father’s will, the house at Apapa is my inheritance and no one has any right to drive me out from there. When I regained my freedom, I discovered that they broke into my home, destroyed my wife’s shop and paid OPC men to guard my property. I have been talking to my younger sister, but she dared me to do my worst. We are now forced to live in the family house at Ikorodu.

described as qualifying children specifically identified in the Will. The results were made available by the United Kingdom-based Timothy Daniel, the administrator of the late Abiola’s estate. The late Abiola was believed to have won the June 12 election. Following the annulment of that election by the General Ibrahim Babangida military regime, Abiola who initially went into hiding later appeared to declare himself president at Epetedo, Lagos. He was arrested by the Abacha regime and clamped into detention where he eventually died.

TOS Benson The family of the late flamboyant socialite and First Republic Information Minister, Otunba Theophilus Owolabi Sobowale Benson, is at war over the estate he left behind. His children are at each other’s throat. T.O.S. Benson was a lawyer who rose to prominence in the country’s pre-independence and independence period when he was then a leading cosmopolitan personality. But since his demise 13 February, 2008 his estate had been a source of discord to the family particularly his children. Some members of the family had declared that the first son, Prince Soji Benson, is insane while the man and is wife denied the allegation. Soji owned Faze 2, a popular club on Ikorodu road, Lagos in the 1980s. He, however, alleged that his siblings conspired against him and forcefully evicted him from his home in 1A Lander Close Apapa, Lagos with police officers. He told journalists that his siblings, also conspired with a psychologist to put him in a mental home adding that he was rescued by the Human Rights Commission and now living in his family home in Ikorodu when he could not be allowed into his Apapa home. He said his problem could be traced to the way his father treated him when they were young.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Presidency, N/Assembly divided over Oteh, SEC DG GEORGE OJI AND ROTIMI FADEYI ABUJA


resident Goodluck Jonathan may, after all not be disposed to relieving the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission), Ms. Arunmah Oteh, of her job as is being pushed by members of the National Assembly, in particular, the House of Representatives. Rumours of chances that Oteh may lose her job became rife following the sack of the former Director General of the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPP), Ms. Bola Onagoruwa, penultimate week by President Jonathan. Even though the sack

of Onagoruwa was linked by some people to BPE’s complicity in the Manitoba hydro international management contract for the running of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), it was gathered that the action of the presidency was not unconnected with the recommendations of the adhoc committee of the Senate, which recommended the former DG’s sack last year. It was following Onagoruwa’s dismissal that the rumour became heightened that Oteh, who was also recommended for sack by the ad-hoc committee of the House of Representatives, which investigated the crash of the Nigerian Stock Market would be sacked

by President Jonathan like Onagoruwa. However, a source at the presidency told the Saturday Mirror that it was unlikely that President Jonathan was disposed to sacking Oteh like Onagoruwa. The source said the two issues are quite different and cannot be treated the same way. “In the case of Onagoruwa, she was accused of not properly managing the BPE in a competent manner, particularly in the area concerning the privatisation of the power sector which is one of the key focus of the present administration.” “In order to sanitatise the BPE as well as the reform in the power sector, the Presi-

dency had to remove her as Director General of BPE”, the source said. “The case of Oteh is quite different, she was accused of fraud in SEC, she was even suspended to allow an independent auditing firm to probe into the accounts of SEC and at the end of the day she was cleared of the alleged fraud; so on what basis would she now be removed,” the source queried. According to the source, the government recalled her from suspension through a letter from the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) because she was not indicted in any way by the auditing firm that probed

the accounts of SEC. The source explained that Oteh would have been relieved of her post if she was found wanting during the auditing of the financial record of SEC, saying that she might have some issues with the members of the National Assembly but right now government cannot hold anything against her. Notwithstanding, members of the House of Representatives are still pushing for Oteh’s sack. Last week, a delegation of the SEC, which was at the budget defence session of the House Committee on Finance was walked out of the sitting by the chairman of the committee, Abdulmumin Jubril. The lawmaker based his actions on the earlier resolution of the lower arm of the parliament to cut all ties with the commission until the Director General of the

Commission was sacked. The House recommended Oteh’s sack based on alleged “gross incompetence,” corruption and flouting of the SEC’s laws. Meanwhile, some constitutional lawyers have described the action of the lawmakers ultra vires and gross violation of the provisions of the nation’s constitution. The lawyers accuse the lawmakers of seeking to usurp the functions of the executive arm of government. “The function of the legislature stops at making laws and passing resolutions. The issue of the implementation of the resolution lies squarely with the executive. If this kind of impunity is not stopped and allowed to continue, the lawmakers will one day wake up and ask the president to sack all his cabinet for one stupid reason or the other,” one of the lawyers said.

Attempted murder of Akunyili: S’Court frees suspect ISE-OLUWA IGE ABUJA

T L-R: Registrar, Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria, Mr. Thomas Audu; Chairman, Mr. Ayodele Sangosanya and President, Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), Mr. Emeka Eleh, at the 2012 NIESV Associates’ Induction in Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Boko Haram: Govts must dialogue with sect –Northern leaders


ome Northern leaders rose from a twoday conference in Kaduna, reiterating the urgent need by the federal and state governors of some northern states to dialogue with the group, Boko Haram, with the aim of bringing to an end the state of insecurity in the country. The conference organised by The Arewa Research and Development Program (ARDP) under the auspices of Arewa House - Centre for Historical Research and Documentation, Ahmadu Bello University, Kaduna, from 5th to 6th December 2012, was attended by former heads of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon; Gen.Abdulsalami Abubakar and former vice president , Alhaji Atiku Abubakar among other prominent personali-

ties from the north. It was also decided that there was the need to make leadership at all levels be open, transparent and accountable. The conference also said it was necessary to explore and exploit the abundant mineral resources existing all over north in order to generate more revenue in support of the developmental needs of the region. They resolved too that it was high time they harnessed all sources of energy in the north to meet the domestic and industrial requirements of the region. Other decisions reached at the conference include the need to enhance living standard in order to address the northern peculiarities in the primary, secondary and vocational education

as well well as the provision of required trained manpower for primary health care to give special priority to the eradication of all preventable diseases in the region. “That with over 72% of the national landmass and favorable climatic condition for both rain-fed and irrigation farming, millions of livestock and other sundry agricultural endowments, the north has to modernize its agriculture with all the priority attention required to return the region to its erstwhile leading position as the food basket of the nation. In a two page communiqué read by Dr.Usman Bugaje, the conference said the North had agreed to implement the strategies adopted including the 2015

presidential elections. The communiqué reads in part: “That the Northern Region will create a strong and united platform to address the current security situation and the politics of the North with particular reference to 2015 elections” “The weakening nature and perhaps the failure of the Nigerian State to protect lives and property as well as its inability to provide basic social services and guarantee freedom and rights of citizens cumulatively accounts for the current state of siege in which the North now find itself” The communiqué further blamed President Goodluck Jonathan security agencies for violating the rights of innocent citizens in the search for Boko Haram members.

he Supreme Court yesterday gave a clean bill of health to one Mr Jude Ugwu (aka Agada), suspected to have conspired with few others to attempt the termination of the life of former DirectorGeneral of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Prof Dora Akunyili, a couple of years back. Other suspects in the case were Francis Okoye, (aka Ebubedike); Emmanuel Nnamdi Nnakwe,(aka Aboy); Marcel Nnakwe; Emeka Orjiakor and Christopher Okwara Mbah (aka Persu) and Olisaemeka Igbokwe,(aka Holy War). The apex court, while delivering judgment in the case, yesterday held that there was not enough evidence to sustain the criminal charge pressed against Ugwu by the state The suspects, according to the charge pressed against them, agreed with one another, at different places including Abuja and Anambra State to murder Prof Dora Akunyili on the way to her country home in Agulu, Anambra State. Although Prof Akunyili escaped death by the whis-

kers during the attack on her, one Emeka Onuekutu lost his life via sporadic gunshots aimed at Dora. Onuekutu was inside a Mitsubishi L3000 minibus, one of the vehicles on Prof Dora’s convoy . It would be recalled that an Abuja High Court had quashed the charge against all the suspects and discharged them after sitting on the case for a long time, saying it lacked territorial jurisdiction to adjudicate on the matter. The trial judge in the case, Justice Ishaq Bello, had said that since the alleged crime occurred in Angulu in Anambra State, he had said that the proper jurisdiction to try them was Anambra High Court. The verdict of the court in the case had galvanised a petition alleging professional misconduct against the judge. It is not clear whether the National Judicial Council eventually sat on the substance of the petition. But the federal government prosecuting the suspects was dissatisfied with the verdict and came before the Court of Appeal to upturn the decision and order a de novo trial in the case before another high court judge.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


De-registraion of parties: I wish Gani Fawehinmi were alive –Balarabe Musa

•We can’t get a lawyer like him to fight our cause TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Alhaji Balarabe Musa, yesterday said that the lack of good lawyers committed to fight its battle may its dream of getting justice over the deregistration of political parties by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). INEC, on Thursday, deregistered 28 political parties few months after it wielded its axe on some political parties for not meeting the requirements of the electoral law. According to INEC’s Secretary, Abdulahi Kaugama, in a statement made available to journalists on INEC’s action conformed with the powers conferred

on it by the 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act 2010 as amended. It is believed that INEC premised its action on the fact that the de-registered political parties had not won a seat in either the state House of Assembly or the National Assembly in past elections. But speaking to Saturday Mirror in an exclusive interview yesterday, Balarabe Musa said it would be difficult for CNPP to get a good lawyer like the late human rights activist and lawyer, Chief Gani Fawehinmi. Fawehinmi made a lot of sacrifice to fight for registration of more political parties in Nigeria in 2002. His words: “We have been in court over the matter. So the action of the INEC amounts to con-

tempt of court because CNPP went to court and got injunction stopping INEC from deregistering political parties. We would still go back to court because it is the court that facilitated the registration of many political parties in 2002 when the case was decided at the Supreme Court. So, now, it is expected of us to go to the court again. “We have to sit down and decide but I know we have a problem because it is going to be impossible to get someone like Chief Gani Fawehinmi to handle the case for us. But all the same we will try. “The issue at the moment is not a question of getting a lawyer but the question of particular lawyer who can make sacrifice. Gani Fawehinmi made the sacrifice and did

virtually everything at his own expense with his own legal expertise. We didn’t pay him a Kobo. I believe it is going to get a lawyer like Gani Fawehinmi but we will still try to get some lawyers because we have to defend the matter in court.” Meanwhile, the national leader of the Citizen Popular Party (CPP), Chief Maxi Okwu, is of the view that deregistration of the political parties should serve as a challenge to all the progressives to come under one umbrella to end the reign of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Speaking to Saturday Mirror in an exclusive interview, Maxi Okwu said that “As a believer in multi-party democracy I feel sad about deregistration of the political par-

ties. Sad in the sense that the more the merrier and I have always believed that political parties should live and die on their electoral performance or the wishes of their promoters. I don’t support an election management body cancelling political parties out of existence. My position is that it is contestable in the court of law, which I suppose those that are aggrieved should do. The parties that have been deregistered should go to court and fight for their rights. “I believe that we should have come togeth-

er a long time ago to form a bigger party to challenge the PDP. It is a tragedy that a political party is headed by Balarabe Musa, another by Olu Falae, another by Tunji Braithwaite, another by Arthur Nwankwo and another by Ralph Obiorah. These are progressives; why can’t they come together and be formidable enough to give PDP a break rather than the much room formation that goes nowhere. I pray that with deregistration of many political parties, the progressives will now see the reasons to come together.”

...Reconsider parties –APGA


he National Secretary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Alhaji Sani Shinkafi, has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to reconsider the recent de-registration of 28 political parties. This is contained in a statement signed by the National Director of Publicity of the party, Mr Ifeanacho Oguejiofor, on Friday in Abuja. `` The action will ultimately work against the intent and spirit of the Nigerian Constitution which specifies the need for Ni-

gerians to freely associate with one another. `` The action will close up the much-needed wide and open political and democratic space, which ordinarily allow every shade of opinion to be democratically expressed and be heard. APGA urged the political parties de-registered by INEC not to allow it to affect their desire to contribute to the building of genuine democratic norms, ideals and culture in Nigeria. `` Such is what Nigeria needed most to build on for the general development of every facet of the country,” the party said.

JTF kills 4 suspected terrorist commanders in Maiduguri

T L-R: Chairman, Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme, Dr. Christopher Kolade; Secretary of the programme, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo, and representative of the President, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Mr. Tade Bankole-Asala, at a meeting with editors in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Adoke says FG committed to investing in oil, gas


he Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr Mohammed Adoke, has expressed the determination of the federal government to put measures in place to attract investment in oil and gas. Adoke made this known in Abuja on Friday when he appeared before the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on Transaction. The ad-hoc committee organised an investigative hearing on transaction, involving the federal govern-

ment, Shell/Agip and Malabu Oil and Gas Ltd in respect of the oil block OPL 245. ``I wish to reiterate that government has overtime demonstrated its commitment to attracting investment in the oil and gas sector of the economy. ``The government is also encouraging genuine investors, local and foreign by creating an enabling environment for their businesses to thrive. “The resolution of the lingering dispute over block 254 was in furtherance of that

objective,’’Adoke stated. He said that Malabu and other indigenous oil and gas companies were allocated oil blocks which they were expected to develop in partnership with international oil companies as technical partners. He, however, noted that at the time of awarding the oil block to Malabu in 2001, the company did not have the requisite financial muscle to meet the initial financial requirements. He said that a lot of interplay occurred in considering Malabu for the

allocation. According to the submission of Adoke, Malabu was issued a licence for block 245 in April 2001, which he, said was subsequently revoked by the Federal Government on July 2001. He said that Malabu contended that the subsequent re-awarding of OPL 245 to SNUD by the Federal Government was done under questionable circumstances. Malabu petitioned the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum to look into the matter.

he Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order on Friday, shot dead four suspected terrorist commanders of the Boko Haram group after an operation in Maiduguri. JTF spokesman, Lt.-Col. Sagir Musa, announced this in a statement issued in Maiduguri. He said the operation was sequel to last week’s killing of a notorious commander of the group, Abduulkareem Ibrahim, in Maiduguri by men of the task force. ``Following the killing of Abdulkareem Ibrahim, a high-profile terrorist commander, in a joint operation along Damboa-Biu Road on December 2, 2012, a follow up operations was conducted between Dec. 3 and Dec. 5 based on additional information,’’ he said. Musa said the operations were conducted at different parts of Maiduguri in areas

identified as hideouts of the suspected terrorists. ``The operations were successfully conducted in Sabon Gari, Sabon Layin Gwange, Dala Sajeri, Sulemanti areas of the city among others. ``Four identified suspected Boko Haram sub-commanders, including two Improvised Explosive Device (IED) experts were killed in a shootout,’’ he said. Musa said that two soldiers were injured during the operations. “Five AK 47 rifles, one pistol, 11 AK 47 empty magazines, one G3 rifle, 176 assorted ammunitions, 24 assorted prime IED gas cylinders were recovered. ``Other items included 12 pieces of IEDs remote control switches, 16 assorted IED incendiary materials and chemicals among others,’’ he said.


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


Power sector: FG adopts new measures Surround yourselves with godly people, to resolve labour crisis CHIDI UGWU ABUJA


he federal government has said that that it would adopt new measures to address issues in the power sector, particularly, in its relationship with workers. It would be recalled that the unbundling of the PHCN has culminated in series of industrial crises which are impacting negatively on the gains of privatisation. But the Minister of State for Power, Mrs. Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi, yesterday disclosed that plans are underway to adopt alternative measures to end the strife. The Minister of State who made the disclosure

during the signing of performance agreement between the government and agencies including chief executive officers of generation, distribution, transmission as well as regulatory, training and reform institutions. She stated that by next year, a new direction would be introduced to address the lingering labour issues in the sector, adding that addressing the labour issue is a sine qua none to the unbundling of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). “I will not say we are absolutely on top of the situation, we are about taking alternatives measures in order to ensure that we finalise on that. We are very determined

about this, I think by next year we will have a new direction on the labour issues because if you are unbundling PHCN you just need to resolve this, and we hope that by the end of March all the parties would agree to a strategy that would resolve the issue” she said. On the contract agreement, Mrs. Kuchi said the ministry was going to focus to successes rather than sanctions. She added that operators would be strictly monitored to ensure compliance on performance. According to her, the ministry embarked on short term rehabilitation of transmission and distribution lines after the launch of Roadmap on

Power sector reform in August 2010 which has yielded additional 1000MW to the existing capacities. Also speaking during the occasion, the Cheif Executive Office of Egbin Power Plant, Egr. Mike Uzoigwe, gave an update on the power generation in the country, putting a projected capability for the 4th quarter of 2012 to 2829MW. According to him, considering the available capacity of each power plant and other factors, projections for power generation for next year is put at 3,879MW, adding that the NIPP and IPP projects is expected to generate the extra 2500MW that would bring the national grid to 6873MW by the end of the projected year.

Nigeria leaders urged



s Nigeria battles with international image on corruption, renowned international gospel artistes, Don Moen and Frederick Hammond, yesterday urged Nigerian government to give room for people of impeccable character. According to them, if those entrusted with public offices are men and women of integrity and good character , the country would be better for it. Briefing journalists at a press conference ahead of the 7th edition of ‘The Experience’ music concert, the duo said Nigeria had the resources to achieve

greatness. Don Moen said the nation was blessed with godly people who can spearhead the nation’s drive to greatness, specifically urging political office holders to build their administration around godly persons. His words: “Nigerians need to pay attention to the resources that God has given to this nation. Nigerian leaders have to be bold enough to surround themselves with godly people”. Moen said, ‘The Experience’ concert over the years has proved the passion of Nigerians to seek the face of God, just as he expressed optimism that this year’s concert will ignite a new fire and passion in Nigerians for service.

Etisalat hosts career summit for Corps members


L-R: Senior Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice, Mr. Peter Akper (SAN); Solicitor-General of the Federation and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Mr. Abdullahi Yola, and Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohammed Adoke (SAN), at the public hearing of the House of Representatives Ad-Hoc Committee on transaction involving the Federal Government, Shell/Agip companies and Malabu Oil and PHOTO: NAN Gas Ltd in respect of an oil block, in Abuja, yesterday.

VGN vows to end corruption, insecurity in one year


security outfit, Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), has assured Nigerians that it can put an end to the myriad of woes facing the country within a year. The Lagos State Commander of VGN, Prince Ademola Akerepa gave this assurance while speaking to journalists on the activities of his group, particularly, against the backdrop of the state of insecurity in the country. According to him, the VGN had the wherewithal to end the nation’s problems within a year if the federal government gives it a chance. ‘I assure all stakeholders that immediately VGN is commissioned we will set the ball rolling and arrest and shame the hidden

dragon behind the country’s woes. We have been into intensive research in and outside the country and we are battle-ready to save our country from the canker warm eating deep into its fabric. We have realised that if we fail now to rise up to the occasion and confront the problem headlong, our children’s future generation may be worse than ours. “It is no joking matter that terrorists have taken battle to the compounds of the army and the police, having successfully experimented with religious houses unhindered. Who or where else remains? All the federal and state governments need do is to commission and recognise VGN throughout the federation

and we would turn the country round for the better within a year,” he said. The VGN leader, while speaking on the need for reduction of crime in Lagos State, called on the state governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) to partner with VGN. “VGN appreciates the

great efforts of Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) especially in the matter of security in the state. We will like to appeal to his Excellency to consider partnering with VGN and assign us with a particular responsibility as far as security is concerned, right from the grassroots.

n fulfillment of its commitment to youth development and empowerment, one of Nigeria’s telecommunication company, Etisalat, recently hosted the 2012 Batch C members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Lagos and Abuja at the second edition of the 2012 Mind-theGap Career Summit. The session was designed by e-Green Services for national manpower development. Tagged 9ja Career Summit, the session which had the theme, “Financial Intelligence: An Important Skill for Entrepreneurship Development,” was enlightening and motivational and served as a platform to teach and enhance skill acquisition, entrepreneur ability, capacity building and career focus for Corps members who are set to compete for

space in the highly competitive Nigerian labour market. The Manager, Youth Segment, Etisalat, Mr. Idiare Atimomo, said that the Mind-the-gap Career Summit is one of the platforms Etisalat uses to build and develop Corps members as they enter the labour market. “Etisalat’s support for the career mentoring programme is a demonstration of our continuous commitment to youth development in the country. We are aware of the difficulties and challenges youths face in the country and this is why we will always continue to give them practical experience of work place realities that will not only make them better equipped, but also help them to compete in the global economic arena,” he said.

Don advocates 5-year training for Maths teachers


university don and Dean, College of Science and Information Technology (COSIT), Prof. Abayomi Adelaja Arigbabu, has called for the review of Mathematics teacher education programme from the current four years to five years programme.

Delivering a lecture entitled: “Beyond the Cuboid: Imparatives for an AIDS –free mathematically literate society” at the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Prof. Arigbabu, while citing the poor performance of Nigerian students in Mathematics in recent times, called

on governments and other stakeholders to make concerted efforts to tackle the problem of ‘Maths War’. His words: “Within this framework, four years would be devoted to core subject area and pedagogical courses, while the last one year would be for teaching practice. This will

make would-be teachers, well grounded in the subject area and in the actual teaching of the subject. It should be noted, however that graduates of the five year teacher education programme should be given one additional level, that is, Grade level 09 as the salary starting point.”



December 8, 2012

Smuggling: EFCC begins undercover operations in Ports OLUFEMI ADEOSUN ABUJA


s part of the efforts to curb illicit activities, especially during the yuletide period, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) has concluded plans to deplore its operatives to the Nigerian Ports, beginning from Monday, next week. EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde, according to a statement by the commission’s spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, said this

yesterday in Abuja while playing host to the Special Adviser to the President on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Professor Sylvester Monye. “I assure you that we all understand the importance of the Maritime industry in Nigeria, and we will do everything possible to make sure that the work you are doing is successful. In fact, we will start deploying our people to the Ports from Monday to make sure that people that are not needed are removed”, he promised. Earlier, Prof. Monye

had informed the EFCC chairman that he had come to seek the Commission’s assistance in tackling some of the challenges undermining the port reform efforts. He noted that certain individuals and agencies of government were deliberately thwarting the efforts of government at sanitising the nation’s ports. He said, “we have situations where agencies of government deliberately mount obstacles for them to generate pecuniary benefits for themselves.

The idea is that the more delay you have, the more likely people pay up.” He further disclosed that the Port Reform Committee was poised to remove all obstacles in the way of efficient clearing process at the ports. “The reason why we are bringing EFCC into the whole thing is that these agencies are part of the problem. Where you have agencies of government constituting themselves into bottlenecks, we need to remove these bottlenecks’’, he declared.

Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Lateef Aderemi Ibirogba (2nd right), answering questions from journalists during a Press Conference on Lagos Traffic Law implementation in the state at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja, Lagos, yesterday. With him are: Commissioner for Transportation, Comrade Kayode Opeifa (right), Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye (2nd left) and the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Seyi Coker (far left)

Abuja: REDAN to resist demolition of N37.82bn estates OLUFEMI ADEOSUN


he insistence of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, to carry on with the ongoing demolition at the Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja may precipitate a huge crisis in the housing sector as the leadership of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) has vowed to resist further move to destroy the investments of its members. While the legal tussle over the demolition of the N3bn Minanuel housing estate is ongoing, the embattled minister had stirred the hornet’s nest when he disclosed before the Senate Committee on FCT that there was no going back by the Development Control Department of the Admin-

istration to demolish the 31 housing estates, which REDAN puts at N37.82bn. Report of REDAN inHouse Committee on Verification of Documents submitted by Developers along Lugbe/Airport road axis had also put the total number of houses under construction at 4,961 with over 17,323 subscribers. The total area is also estimated at 2, 990.9ha. However, speaking with journalists in Abuja on the planned demolition, REDAN President, Chief Olabode Afolayan, called on President Goodluck Jonathan to call the minister to order, stressing that the moves would have serious adverse effects not only on the Nigerian economy, but also the nation’s security. Already, the lull in the sector, arising from the “stop further construction order

by REDAN,” has started taking a toll on the sector, as the closure of Dangote cement factory located in Gboko, is attributed to the glut in the sector. He warned that Nigerian government should act fast in order prevent the kind of mortgage crisis that ravaged the United States of America, arguing that the whole world is still feeling the pinch even up till now. Afolayan said, “The land crisis in Lugbe needs to be addressed with utmost urgency because this is affecting business seriously in many ways. I read in the newspapers that Dangote, which is a big player in the housing sector, is feeling the impact of some of the crises. We read the cement factory in Gboko has been closed down because of the glut in the market. Construction activities are no longer taking place and the next thing that will follow is the lost of job and the next

thing will be serious crisis. “Nigeria should be mindful of the kind of crisis that happened in the US. This crisis started because of the problem in the housing sector and that problem almost ruined the economy of the whole world. The quantum of investment along that axis is well over N37.82bn. Even our big brother, FMBN who has been in the industry in the last 20 years has only created about N34bn worth of mortgages. When you look at it from the comparative analysis basis, you discover that going ahead with demolition will bring the economy down. We will not allow any person or group of persons to do that.” The REDAN boss maintained that there had never being a minister in the FCT administration with such a bizarre land administration record like Bala, noting that land acquisition under his administration was shrouded in secrecy.

Saturday Mirror

Labour berates Jang over unpaid salary OLUFEMI ADEOSUN ABUJA


he Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has castigated Plateau State governor, Jonah Jang, over his failure to take advantage of the peace efforts made by it and its sister organisation, Trade Union Congress (TUC) in resolving the intractable industrial crisis in the state. The leadership of the NLC, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar, and his counterpart in the TUC, Comrade, Peter Esele, had led the botched peace move with the governor with a view to arriving at amicable resolution of the industrial dispute which has paralysed government activities in the state. In a letter signed by the Acting Secretary General, NLC, Comrade Chris Uyot, and addressed to the governor, the labour union said that the peace move did not achieve the expected result due to the rigidity of Jang. The letter reads in part: ”Despite this courtesy extended to the NLC delegation by His Excellency, the meeting had ended in a stalemate due to the rigidity of the

state government not to pay the arrears of salaries owed the workers. “It was, to say the least, rather unfortunate and sad that the state government did not take the initiative by seizing the opportunity of the intervention of the NLC leadership at the highest level to offer reasonable options to resolving the issue even when the NLC proposed several workable proposals based on best practices in industrial relations to end the impasse through dialogue. “In view of the steps taken so far by the leadership of the labour movement to resolving the issue to no avail, the Central Working Committee (CWC) of Congress, comprising Presidents and General Secretaries of all affiliate unions of the NLC, which met on Tuesday 27th November, 2012, viewed as unfortunate the refusal of the state government to pay arrears of six months’ salary to Local government workers in Plateau State ostensibly for going on strike for the implementation of the national minimum wage, in addition to series of measures to bring justice to the affected workers.

OAU alumni inaugurates BoT, pledges to support school TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


embers of the Great Ife Alumni Association (Worldwide), the alumni body of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), IleIfe, Osun State, yesterday expressed their determination and commitment toward making the school one of the best in the world. Speaking at the inauguration of the BoT of the association, the BoT chairman and former vice chancellor of OAU, Prof. Wale Omole, tasked the institution management, alumni, present students and future students to work toward making the institution second to none. That he said, would make real, the dream of the founding fathers of the institution. His words: “The founding fathers’ plan was to make University of Ife second to none and we must continue to promote the good work of our elders who founded the university. Many of us

benefitted from the good legacy of Ife and therefore we should work toward making Ife second to none to justify the certificate and training we got from the institution. We should all work toward moving the institution forward.” The President Emeritus of the Great Ife Alumni Association (Worldwide), Mr. Wale Olaoye, during his address said that the alumni body would commit its effort towards making OAU better than how they met it. He also tasked the members of the students union of the institution to be more responsible in carrying out there action. “Our dream is to make OAU better than how we met it. Many of us that passed through the institution are happy that we did so because the institution shaped our life positively. We want that tradition to continue and that is why we are committed toward making the institution one of the best in the world. We want student unionism but they must be responsible,” he said.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012



Osun Assembly passes 12 bills, 30 resolutions T he fifth legislative session of the Osun House of Assembly has passed 12 bills and 30 resolutions within 18 months. The Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Mr Akinloye Ajibola, disclosed this on Friday in Osogbo. He said that the Assembly was inaugurated on June 2, 2011. Ajibola stated that 11 of the bills were sponsored by the executive while only the Osun State Agency for the Control of Aids (OSACA) and Other Matters was privately sponsored. He listed the bills passed as the Local Government Administration (Amendment) Bill (Repeal); the Public Procurement Bill; Legitimacy (Repeal) Bill and the Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding Bill and the Crest and Anthem Bill. Others include the Debt Management Office (Establishment) Bill; Fiscal Responsibility Bill, The State of Osun (Omoluabi), Conservation Fund Bill; Security Trust Fund Bill; Tender and Consultancy Board Procurement (Repeal) Bill and the Appropriation Bill.

Ajibola said the bills in general were aimed at regulating the activities of the people and ensure the progress of the state. He said the Local Government (Amendment) Bill was passed so that the populace at the grassroots would benefit from the dividends of democracy. ``The State of Osun (Omoluabi) Conservation Fund Law would assist the state government to set aside certain fund for future use,’’ he added. “We, as medical doctors, will not descend so low as to get involved in any action that will smear the image of our noble and sacred calling. “We will stand by the tenets of the profession,” he said. He said the group was out to cause confusion and aggravate the existing tension in the hospital occasioned by the strike. Alonge maintained that the equipment said to have been stolen was donated by SIGN Fracture Care International, a U.S-based non-governmental organisation. According to him, the aim of the organisation is to provide quality care to all fracture patients irrespective of their socio

Strike: Owo doctors allege sabotage


he Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (MDCAN), Federal Medical Centre, Owo branch, has decried the activities of a group said to be campaigning against striking doctors of the institution. The Chairman of the association, Dr Olumuyiwa Alonge, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Akure that the claims of the group, Health Workers Alliance, were `` unfortunate and disturbing.’’ Alonge said the group was making unfounded allegations against the striking doctors. NAN reports that the doctors, under the aegis of Association of Resi-

dent Doctors, on Nov. 8 embarked on an indefinite industrial action. Among their demands were the immediate employment of more doctors to augment those on ground for effective healthcare delivery. The resident doctors also demanded that all medical officers should be converted to Registrars to enable them qualify as Consultants. Alonge said the group had accused three of the striking doctors of stealing an hospital equipment. The group, he added, claimed that the doctors stole some orthopaedic instruments and took them to a private hospital in Akure.

economic status. “It a regular practice for orthopaedic surgeons to use the said instrument outside the hospital and when this happens, the loan book in the Trauma Unit would be duly signed. “This is to reflect when it was taken and returned, and this protocol was duly followed in this instance.

“Moreover, part of the conditions attached to the donation of the instrument was that the surgeries carried out with it and the implants used must be free and reported on the donor organisation’s website. “The hospital must also carry out enough surgery with the equipment, otherwise under-

utilisation may inform retrieval of the equipment by the donor,’’ Alonge said. Also commenting on the development, the Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Mr Olanrewaju Yusuf, said the Health Workers Alliance was not registered in the hospital. He said the claims of

the group had been discountenanced since no such body was recognised by the hospital’s management. “We have even made a publication in the newspaper dissociating the management from the trouble makers who want to cause unnecessary tension in the hospital,” Yusuf said.

L-R: Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun and his wife, Olufunso, with Best 2012 WAEC students in the 20 Local Governments in Ogun State, during a courtesy visit by the students to the Governor’s Office in Abeokuta after a two-week trip to the United Kingdom...yesterday

We’ve restored confidence in public education –Amosun


gun State governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, has stated that his administration is restoring public confidence in state owned schools through its functional free education policy. Governor Amosun said the fact that all the best students in the 2012 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) from all the 20 local councils in the

state were all from public schools was a testimony to the fact that “we are restoring the glory of public education in Ogun State.” In a statement by Funmi Wakama and made available to Saturday Mirror, the governor spoke yesterday in Abeokuta when he received in his office the best WAEC students from the 20 Local Government Areas of Ogun State, who just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom sponsored by Mrs Olufunso Amosun, wife of the

governor. The governor said the restoration of public confidence in government schools through introduction of free education, renovation of dilapidated school buildings, training and retraining of teachers, competitive conditions of service for teachers, promotion of staff as and when due and regular payment of salaries, among others, had led to a pleasant situation where pupils of private schools were now returning to

public schools. He commended the vision of Mrs Amosun to motivate the children of the state towards academic excellence. The governor said the state government would give scholarships to the students to study in Nigerian universities. Speaking to newsmen at the end of the courtesy visit, Mrs. Amosun said her passion was to see the children of public schools attain excellence “as it was in our days.”

‘Lagos Road Traffic law still in force’


he Lagos State Government Friday declared that its Road Traffic Law which was promulgated on August 2, 2012, is still in force as no court of law has set it aside despite the pending legal challenge against it. A statement signed by Lateef Ibirogba, COmmisioner for Information and Strategy, says that

the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaiye, made the clarification at a press conference. The Attorney-General, who briefed Government House correspondents on the legal aspect of the law in conjunction, said an association of Okada riders, ANACOWA, went to the Lagos High Court to challenge the Traffic Law, but

explained that although the case has been argued by both parties and arguments closed, the case has been adjourned for judgment at a yet-to-be determined date by the court. Ipaiye declared, “In the meantime, the law enjoys the presumption of validity and must be obeyed until and unless a court of law, for whatever reason, decides to set it aside.

When a law has been made by the State House of Assembly and assented to by the State Governor, that law is issued by all of us through our representatives and even though we have a minority that may not agree with it, they cannot peremptorily declare that that the law will not be obeyed. What they need to do is go to court.”



December 8, 2012

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LG poll: PDP clears 36 aspirants in Bayelsa amidst protests EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


he provisional clearance of 36 Chairmanship aspirants by the Bayelsa State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in the forthcoming council poll in the state is generatin aspirants that failed the screening exercise. Some aspirants are alleging that the exercise was not conducted in a free and fair atmosphere. A total of 94 chairmanship aspirants bought the nomination form and indicated interest to contest the PDP primaries scheduled for December 11, 2012, in the old eight local governments of the state. It had been variously alleged that Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State preferred some chairmanship aspirants to others and has been working for them. Chairman of the Screening Committee,

Mr Enegesi, while handing over the report yesterday to the State PDP Chairman, Col. Sam Inokoba (Rtd.), old the party executives that the

screening exercise was done with the application of the party rules, provisions of the electoral law and the constitution. In the words of Enege-

si, “We will ensure that these persons cleared are eligible and would not give the party problem,” he said. In his comments, the

party chairman in the state, Col Inokoba (Rtd.) said the party was not surprise that only 36 chairmanship aspirants were cleared in spite

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State (m) in a handshake with Mr. Kofi Nyaik (left), Director of Millennium Excellence Foundation, Ghana, during a courtesy call in Government House, Uyo, while president of the Foundation, Amb. Ashim Morton (right) looks on.

Edo Chief Judge frees 15 awaiting trial inmates SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN BENIN CITY


do State Chief Judge, Justice Cromwell Idahosa has released a total of 15 awaiting trial prisoners (ATP) whose case files could not be trace at the four different prisons that they were detained in the state. Concluding his annual three-day prison visitation that ended on Thurs-

day at the Auchi Medium Security Prison, the CJ freed four inmates: Sule Dauda, Abiodun Afekhena-Moses, Sule Musa and Osilama Musa. The inmates were charge respectively with robbery, armed robbery, conspiracy and robbery as well as living without any means of livelihood. Saturday Mirror reliably learnt Dauda and Afekhena-Moses were remanded in July 2009,

Musa was remanded in September 2010 while Osilama Musa was remanded June this year. Two inmates were freed at Ubiaja Prison. They are: Ebhodaghe Akhebue, who was remanded in October, 2009 on the charges of armed robbery and threat; and Abu Sule, who had been in prison custody since March, 2010 on the charge of rape. Similarly, at the Benin

Akpabio urges military to defend democracy


kwa Ibom State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, has urged the military to continue to defend the nascent democracy that the nation is currently enjoying. The governor said that the military is better off under a democratic dispensation. Akpabio made the call in a lecture on “Democracy and the rule of law: challenges and prospects” he delivered to the participants of Course 21 at the National

Defence College, Abuja. He paid glowing tribute to General Abdusalami Abubakar for resisting the lure for power and returning the country to democratic rule. According to Akpabio, “In this wise, we must pay tribute to the millions of our countrymen (both civilian and military) who by their faith and relentless fight for democracy brought us this dawn of democracy. Nigerians owe a debt of gratitude to democratic elements in the mili-

tary, particularly former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, and his team, who at the earliest opportunity set the course for our democratic transition, kept faith with every pronouncement, and midwifed this current democratic dispensation,” he said. The Akwa Ibom State governor also condemned the spate of insecurity in the country saying the ideology of the insurgents has remained unclear.

Central Prison, four inmates were freed. They are: Olabisi Adewomi (32), Anthony Osazee (29), Endurance Omoregie (25) and Daniel Johnson (20). Adewomi and Osazee were charged for armed robbery, while Omoregie was charged for burglary and stealing unlike Johnson that was charged for breaking and entering into another person’s premises. It was reliably learnt that the four inmates had spent between

two years and five months even without case files to prove the offences they were charged for. Five other inmates whose names could not be immediately ascertained before filing this report were also released at Oko Minimum Prison in Benin. Justice Idahosa said the release fulfils a promise he made when he visited the prisons in 2010 during which time he had given the Officer in

of the multitude that bought the form. But, in a reaction, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, denied allegations that his boss hijacked screening process that would have paved way for the selection of the best candidates in the council poll. I wo r i s o - M a rk s o n said the Governor ,certainly would not condone any attempt by anyone to use the guise of party politics to foment trouble in this state. Said he, “We will come down hard using the instrumentality of the law to deal with anyone who attempts to breach the peace in the state. For the records, politicians are advised in their best interest to conduct themselves with utmost decorum in their campaigns ahead of the forthcoming local government polls in the state. “ Charge at the Legal Department to quickly sort out the missing files so as to prevent perpetually detaining mere criminal suspects that had not been found guilty. In an unrelated case with a curious twist of fate, Justice Idahosa directed that three inmates, who had clocked 18 years at a correctional centre in Benin City but who were said to be of bad behaviour, be transferred to regular prisons in the state to continue their life behind bars.

Oshiomhole signs Edo State Land Use Charge bill SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN BENIN CITY


overnor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole of Edo State on Friday signed the state’s controversial property bill into law in an event that was attended by many of the senior government officials and those of the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Speaking after signing the law, governor Oshiomhole said the law has come to stay in Edo State.

He reiterated his determination to provide for the poor people of the state from the tax of the rich and emphasized that the poor had no cause to be afraid of the tax as they were exempted. In the words of Oshiomhole, “Today, we have signed a new law. But we have not reinvented a will because this law has been in operation in other states. Lagos is an example of such states… Government is not value-free. Government is driven by values. The character

and development values of a government are often driven by the tax people pay to the government. “I am not apologetic. This government is determined to task the rich so that we can provide for the poor… My recent re-election has humbled me. I am appreciative of the trust of the people of Edo State. I promise not to abuse that trust. We will ensure that the rule of law reigns and ensure that nobody is above the law. Government should ensure fairness.


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December 8, 2012


Battle for PDP BoT chair begins TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he race for the chairmanship of the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Board of Trustees (BoT) is generating interest among the party’s chieftains as they look forward to the emergence of BoT chairman on January 8, 2013. To many PDP leaders, whoever emerges as the chairman will play a crucial role during the 2015 general election, especially the one for the president. That is why every group in the party is doing everything possible to protect its interest and ensure that its preferred candidate clinch the chairmanship seat. At present about six people are believed to be jostling for the seat, which became vacant following former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s resignation in April this year. Those who have thrown their hats into the ring for the position are the former Senate President, Ken Nnamani; former Minister of Works, Chief Anthony Anenih; former PDP national chairman, Dr. Ahmadu Ali; former Chairman of the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) Board of Trustees (BoT)………………….; former PDP deputy national chairman, Alhaji Shuaib Oyedokun, and PDP chieftain, Chief Emmanuel Iwanyanwu. Many people may have thought that the emergence of the BoT chairman may not be keenly contested for by the aspirants but the outcome of the meeting of the BoT members held penultimate Friday and presided over by President Goodluck Jonathan has shown that the contest is not going to be a child’s play. The six aspirants in their battle to clinch the position have begun to intensify their efforts at various levels to seek the support of the party’s gladiators. Some of them have crisscrossed the entire 36 states of the nation, taking their campaigns to the 120 members of the BoT ahead of the January 8, 2013 contest. Irrespective of the efforts put in place by the BoT chairmanship aspirants, analysts are of the view that a lot of factors will determine who clinches the position. Some of the factors that may determine who becomes the winner include President Goodluck Jonathan’s interest, zoning, 2015 presidency and the candidate’s chances. Without any iota of doubt, President Jonathan’s

interest will have a major interest in who becomes the BoT chairman. Considering the influence of the BoT chairman on the party, whoever that emerges as the chairman will be of interest to the President. Though the BoT is advisory in capacity, it was learnt that loyalists of the president are pushing for someone who is both loyal and credible, in line with the president’s pledge to reposition the party. Though no zoning formula is used in determining the chairman of the BoT, the agitations for equity in the election of members into the various organs of the party will surely come to the fore in the choice of the next chairman. With the present arrangement, President Jonathan and the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF), Governor Rotimi Amechi of Rivers State are

from the South-South while Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, are from the North-West. Senate President, David Mark and PDP BoT secretary, Alhaji Jibrin Wali, are from North-Central, while PDP national chairman, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur, and national secretary, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola are from North-East and South-West respectively. The trio of the Secretary to the Federal Government, Senator Pius Anyim; Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, are from South-East. In selecting the BoT chairman, the agitation for zoning to balance the party structures and political positions has been intensified and this will pitch politicians against one another. Since the secretary of the BoT is from North-Central, the same zone where Dr. Ahmadu Ali hails from, analysts are of the view that the former PDP national chairman’s chance of leading the BoT is very slim. The position may be keenly contested for among the remaining five aspirants who are all from the South. The contest has now pitched politicians of the South-West zone against their counterparts from the SouthSouth and South-East. While the former occupant of the post, Anenih, seems to have been positioned for a return to the office he once held, some top South-West PDP leaders are insisting that the zone, which has been allegedly marginalised in the scheme of things in the political setup, should be made to fill the slot vacated by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is from South-West. Some party members are also rooting for Ken Nnamani. Another issue that may influence the choice of the BoT chairman is the 2015 contest, putting into consideration the desire of some forces within the party to ensure that the BoT is placed in a safe hand ahead of general election. Ahead of 2015, the North and South-East are seriously agitating for the Presidency while there is also a strong perception that the incumbent president may seek a re-election. Therefore, in the choice of the BoT chairman, all the gladiators and political groups within the party will work towards ensuring that their own candidate emerges as the BoT chairman to protect their interest. Those in support of President Jonathan’s second term ambition will CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



December 8, 2012

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We must protect my father’s S

ince the death of your father, you have been having a running battle with your father’s widow’ Bianca and some members of Ojukwu’s family. Why is this so? I don’t have any running battle with her (Bianca); the problem is that there are some misunderstandings which need to be put in proper perspectives. The property in question is owned by my grandfather. My grandfather owns his transport company, Ojukwu Transport Limited. So, what could be the reason for a running battle with her? My relationship with her is still cordial but the only thing was that at the burial of my father she and others were misguided by some certain branches of the family. They were misguided into believing certain things. Personally, I don’t like coaxing people into believing certain things and I don’t indulge in little conspiracy. If I had felt it was necessary to have called my father’s widow and my half-brother to indulge in certain conspiracy, perhaps what happened would not have happened. But if it doesn’t happen, it may be that I am trying to embellish the truth. So, that is why I believe the truth is always straight. I allow the truth to play itself out. And unfortunately that was the chance the other branch of the family saw and capitalised on to brainwash them, which led them to taking certain actions during the funeral. Those actions they took were trampling on my own rights and since they trampled on my rights, as an abiding law citizen, the correct approach is to seek a redress. The essence of that redress is perhaps not injurious to me but things must be put in proper perspective. In what areas were your rights trampled upon? If you have a situation where somebody is claiming to be the eldest son of my father when I am there, if I don’t go to court to put it right, it might continue like that and so many frauds may be committed. By the time you now turn around to address it, wise and reasonable people will ask, why didn’t you do things right all the while? My father was an upright, truthful and honest man and we must protect his image and reputation. So, that is the essence of being somebody son; you identify his word and position on issues and when he is no longer there, it is incumbent on you to take those positions. That is exactly what I am doing. There is no denying the fact that she (Bianca) is the widow of my father. I am not bringing my mother to contest the position with her. She has her children but those children are not the only children of my father. I am a lawyer and I know the rudiments of the law. Her children cannot take precedence over other children. If somebody is brainwashing that they would do certain things or magic to make the other older children disappear, I won’t agree with that. My duty and essence of being the first son is to put things right even if it is very painful. But many had thought that some of the issues should have been solved

Chief Slyvester Debe Odumegwu-Ojukwu, a lawyer and the presumed eldest son of the late Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, in this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE, reveals a lot of things surrounding his perceived battle with his father’s widow, Bianca and some members of his family. Debe Ojukwu also speaks about Igbo 2015 presidency aspirations and the agitation for Biafran Republic, among other issues. Excerpts:

Debe Ojukwu

at the round table rather than at the court. The suit has been filed long time ago; it was only recently that the press heard about it. Even, it is the other party that is going to press about the issue and not me. That is why they wrote that I sued my father’s widow. I sued 10 people but they single her out. In the list of the suit, she is in about number seven but the press brought her name up. In the list of defenders, she is in number seven. My younger brother, Emeka, the company and so many other people are also on the list. Those that brainwash them are also on the list. Their only problem is that she is the widow of my father. When my father was about to die, things were going on but at a point that he was about to be buried she (Bianca) would have voiced out that “My father’s eldest son is not here,” that is all she needed to do. So, by keeping quiet, they clothed it with an air of conspiracy. My younger brother, during the burial, also ought to have said; “Are you trying to bury daddy? Where is my elder brother?” That would have settled the matter and nobody would have been able to brainwash them. Why were you not present at your

father’s burial ceremony? I was not at the graveside when my father was buried. They made it impossible for me to be at the graveside by conspiring with the police. That was where my right was trampled upon. I was at the church service but they went and told the police to prevent me from getting to the graveside. The Commissioner of Police, who is among the defendants in the suit I filed came to me and told me I should not enter the compound. I said why, he said they told him that I was going to cause trouble. I was prevented from performing the dust to dust at the graveside and that is a breach of my fundamental rights. It was not the Commissioner of Police’s father that died. And more so, I am the eldest son. If the rule has been no child of his should perform dust to dust, there would not have been any problem. For some children to perform dust to dust rite and some not to perform is discriminatory and the constitution of Nigeria frowns at such things. What do you think would have warranted such a situation? Were you not in good terms with your father before his death? There was nothing like that. I believe

they were just trying to feather their nest. I don’t think there was any basis for what happened. If there is any child that is closer to my father, I am the closest because I am the one that he revealed everything to. While I was in public service (Nigerian Police), they came and pulled me out to manage the property which was in my father’s hand. What they used to appeal to me then to take me out of public service was that my grandfather’s asset was going to waste and then they had been going to court for over 20 years over it. As a young man, I felt that the crisis should stop and that was why I decided to take the offer. I asked them what to do and they said I should bring everything together. I brought them together and that attracted unity. So, my father was boiling and asked why I did that. I kept on doing it because I wanted to ensure unity in the family and to bring everybody together. While I was bringing everybody together, some set of people went to my father to give him the impression that I was trying to expropriate him. At that point, naturally, he (Ojukwu) felt that I was trying to undo him. So there was outburst but I kept on. I kept on because I know I was pursuing the truth. So, later my father realised that I really had his interest in heart and we became like siamese twins. When that happened, the other side felt confused and tried to edge me out. I told them to settle their issue and that after settling it I would stay with my father, and that whether or not he gave me anything, I would be satisfied. But let me point it out here that at that point, I was doing a job. It was a job signed, sealed and delivered. According to the Bible, a labourer is worth his wages. So, what we are talking of are my wages, which I laboured for. It is not inheritance. Inheritance is different, it is when it comes to inheritance that you can say my father was partial to me, he gave my brother bigger share than myself. So, what I am fighting for is not inheritance but my wages. They pulled me out of the police to do the job, and if I were still in the police, I would have become an Inspector General of Police. They tried to be funny when my father was sick but he told them to sought me out; they said they wanted to take the property and I said they should take it and pay me off. In that case, one would have expect someone to say, if it is a mistake we made, let’s pay him off, after all he is a member of the family. But because of their pride and wickedness, they refused and insisted. So, the moment my father was flown to England, they tried to arm-twist me and I went to court. And while the case was in court during the burial, they said I must withdraw the case in court before I played

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


reputation –Debe Ojukwu my role. Why didn’t you withdraw the case as instructed? Why should I do that? You went to court because you felt that there were some infractions on your rights; then you allow yourself to be blackmailed into withdrawing it? That would have been wrong. So, they now insisted that unless I did that they would not allow me to take part in the burial. First son or eldest son is not a political appointment, it is a thing given by God and it is in existence before any business transaction. In any case, anybody that goes to court demonstrates that he is law abiding. There is no correlation between the case in court and my father’s burial because the person that died is my own father and there is no law in Nigeria that says that anybody that has a law suit should not bury his father. You said you are fighting for your right and not inheritance. Are you not bothered about the content of your father’s Will? There is no way a child will know about a Will unless written. In fact, like I tell everybody, my father was once writing a Will and he asked me to come and sit down beside him but I refused. He said why and I said ‘I don’t know wheth-

er you are going to give me anything. Because if you are giving me anything and it now turns out when the bill goes into probate that I sat with you, it could be assumed that I influenced you to do certain thing in my favour. I am a lawyer and I know the integrity of a Will. I am qualified to write somebody’s Will. So, because of that I know that when a beneficiary sits where a Will is written, it affects the Will. I left him and his lawyer in the parlour and he sat with the lawyer to write the Will. After that time, I did not go to the lawyer to ask him about the content of the Will or whether the Will was still with him or not. With the death of your father, many people thought the issue of Biafra had been laid to rest but the recent declaration of Biafra Republic has awakened the agitation. What is your take on this? Biafra will never die. Biafra will continue to exist. A lot of people look at Biafra in terms of geographical entity alone, but Biafra is about justice. If you want to exorcise the spirit of Biafra that is haunting Nigeria, then Nigeria should be very just to everybody and equitable to all. We should make sure that a student, after spending about 12-16 years in school and comes out, is gainfully employed.

Battle for PDP BoT chair begins CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 work toward ensuring that a loyalist of the president emerges as the chairman. Some party leaders who are not in tune with Jonathan’s return into office in 2015 will also work toward ensuring that someone who cannot be easily arm-twisted emerges as the BoT chairman. Considering the task of the occupier of the office, many people believe that the eventual winner must be a well-experienced politician and strong personality with national influence; someone whose popularity in PDP goes beyond his state and zone. Ahead of the January 8 contest, the contest seems to have been narrowed down to three contenders; Tony Anenih, Ken Nnamani and Ahmadu Ali. Tony Anenih, popularly known in political parlance as “Mr. Fix it,” was the chairman of the BoT from 2003 to 2007 and was later ousted from office in 2007 by Obasanjo. Many political office holders believe that Anenih is the most experienced politician among all the major contenders, considering his political antecedents. Anenih, a retired Police officer was the Edo State chairman of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) between 1981 and 1983 and he contributed immensely to the emergence of Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia as civilian Governor of Bendel State. He served as the national chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) from 1992 to 1993. Though Anenih may be the most experienced among the aspirants for the

BoT chairmanship seat, some pundits believe that given the fact that the president and Anenih are from the same geo-political zone, he may not be offered the position. But if the role Anenih played in the emergence of Jonathan as president is anything to go by, he may get the presidency’s backing for the position. Ken Nnamani, a former Senate President is another contender in the race. He will be banking on his popularity and for serving as the antidote for the third term project of Obasanjo, to become the next chairman of the BoT. He is also from the South-East, a zone its people have always complained of being marginalized in PDP affairs. If zoning is given a strict consideration, he may be considered for the position. But many people are of the view that considering how he was edged out from becoming PDP national chairman, his chance of leading the party BoT will be determined by the gladiators within the party. Ahmadu Ali, former PDP national chairman is also an experienced politician but many people believe that he may not get the job if zoning is used as the yardstick to pick the BoT chairman. Ali is from Kogi State, the same North-central zone as the secretary of the BoT, Senator Walid Jubrin. Irrespective of how the contest may look like, in about one month time, PDP will name it’s BoT chairman. But who will lead the BoT is the conundrum to which answer will be provided come January 8, 2013.

If there are 5,000 kilometre roads to be tarred, you share it between the 36 states amicably. There should be no lopsided development. The poorest person should be able to vie for the highest office. It makes nonsense to me if somebody is earning N5 million per month as salary and N60million per annum and somebody doesn’t collect N20,000 per month. We are creating a lot of inequities which breed violence. The rate of bombing of public places is not our dream for Nigeria. I believe a lot of violence and agitations by various groups is as a result of the inequities in the system. Biafra is about agitation for equity and as long as we have things of that nature, there must be pockets of Biafra. Your father fought in several ways for the Igbo. In what way do you think Nigeria is unjust to the Igbo? For instance, the Igbo man is not given equal opportunities like the rest of Nigerians. For instance most of our people were reduced to traders not by choice but largely by fear. So, the Igbo should be made to feel to be part of Nigeria. In governance, the Igbo should be given a chance to have the same reach as people from other areas. The Igbo should be given the Presidency in 2015. The Igbo fought a war and that war is still at the back of their minds. They still believe

that they suffer a defeat but if you want a proper coalition of the whole blocs of Nigeria, you must give them a sense of belonging. Don’t manipulate their system. Let their internal system throw up the real Igbo man to come and lead this nation for eight years. What happens if Presidency remains elusive to the Igbo in 2015? I think the agitation for Biafra will be more strident. It. The most painful losers in Nigeria are the Igbo because they founded Nigeria. Nigeria is their baby and that is the reason for the attachment that you are seeing now. But people from other geo-political zones also fought tirelessly for Nigeria’s Independence The Igbo fought and won independence for Nigeria. The two basic component of Nigeria’s independence struggle were finance and the finesse. The finance is the money provided while the finesse is the eloquence and rhetoric. The finance was provided by my grandfather and the finesse by Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, who carried the rhetoric all over the Commonwealth and made sure that Nigeria’s independence was secured on a platter of gold. What is the reward for that? Nigeria has never been fair to the Igbo. For a people that won independence, you don’t exonerate them from what they want.

In your refreshingly different

Will and its many problems The ripples generated by reading of the Will of the late exBiafran leader, Dim Odumegwu-Ojukwu, is yet to wane, thus bringing to memories, similar instances across the country. There is hardly a read Will in high society circles that has not generated hot controversies. But why is the Will of the departed always followed by sharp disagreements, recriminations and threats, despite that a Will is a binding legal document stipulating the wish of the dead, on the sharing of their possessions? In these extensive reports, we capture all that you need to know about a Will, why it usually breeds disagreements and how such disagreements could be resolved. Keep a date with your vendor

Angered by INEC’s sack On Thursday, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) applied the big stick by de-registering 28 political parties. But that action, among chieftains of the concerned parties, is like a clap of thunder, making them to kick. Some have even threatened court action. Tomorrow, the affected politicians vent their spleen, and can hardly be ignored.

Is your child overworked?


There is now an emerging scenario, under which, parents, without knowing it, are making their children lose touch with childhood, believing that the kids are being given sound education. When a child wakes up at dawn and he is herded to a pre-school class of 6:00 a.m., and then at school, the child is saddled with 10 courses, and back at home… Get the detail tomorrow.

Memories of Anini, Dateline robbery kingpin Nigeria’s most notorious armed robbery gang leader, Lawrence Anini, his sidekick, Monday Osunbor and their chief police accomplice, George Iyamu, this week comes to mind, 25 years after their public execution. It’s a breezy recall.

After 9ice, life continues –Toni Payne Toni Payne, the ex-wife of popular artiste 9ice, is unfazed that her marriage to the musician crashed 20 months after it was contracted. A diva, an artiste manager and a publicist, she confesses in this interview that she wouldn’t mind remarrying if the right man comes. Payne has many more to say. These and many more available tomorrow in your


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

MAGAZ INE Matse Queen of the airwaves

Sex talk

How many calories do you burn during sex?

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Relationships Should sex be used as a weapon in matrimony?

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Fashion • 10 office essentials • Casual elegance


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


‘Challenges are

opportunities’ Beautiful Nubia is synonymous with Yoruba folklore music, a genre he has showcased all over the globe. In this interview with OYINKAN SOMORIN, the music icon spoke of his challenges at his foray into the music world, his attitude to life, dreams and others. Excerpts:


hat is the meaning of Eniobanke? Eniobanke is the name of a limited liability company that I set up in 1996/97 to basically produce and market my music. But we are also registered to do and package designs and become involved in all forms of the arts and activities. It is a name I coined for myself many years ago, I don’t know if anybody has ever been called Eniobanke. It was a name I gave to myself many years ago when I was a kid. I also named my company that. The company has been producing my music and we produce other people’s albums now. In 2010, we started a festival called Eniobanke festival. It’s a festival to showcase African authentic music. You can as well call me Eniobanke I. I created that name but now I notice that some of my fans and friends are naming their children Eniobanke as well. So it’s a good thing. It means someone that is protected by higher powers. Oba, means king, literary the meaning of the name is “he who is pampered and loved by the king” but it depends on how it is being looked upon. If one is spiritual, it can mean the Creator, if it’s another level it can mean protected by nature; being special and all of us can feel special if we want. What is the festival all about and what is in it for upcoming artistes? The upcoming artistes are the main focus of the festival. It is to showcase what we mean by original African music, music from Nigeria and all over Africa. But

one of the main reasons the festival is out is to showcase artistes who have not been given the opportunity in the media or market place. We have many people in this country, a lot of talents that people have not noticed yet. The music we try to showcase is the music that shows who we are and what we want to become. We are not trying to run away from ourselves. We are trying to be true to ourselves; that this is who we are, that we are not ashamed of where we came from, we are not ashamed of being Africans. This means that the music we try to showcase is a music that actually reflects African rich history. Though I can’t say all the parts of our history are good, we are part of it. We showcase all this in our music, the beauty and how things can be better. There are many young artistes who are doing music like this. This festival gives the opportunity to have a look into upcoming artistes.

of my life I cannot just throw away. It is so much a part of me and I still consult for my friends. I just don’t do it actively like I have the time for it. For instance, a month ago I was at a friend’s farm and he said I should help him with some of his animals. I looked around and told him what he should get and he got it and the animals were fine. I still kind of practise so I stay in tune with the profession just in case I am called upon. Apart from being a vet and a musician what else do you do? While coming up I did some part-time journalism work. I attended the Nigeria Institute of Journalism (NIJ) for my Post Graduate Diploma (PGD). When I was in the University of Ibadan, my colleagues called me editor. I write in magazines and scientific journals. Right now I work as a professional editor. There are companies that come to me for professional editing, so I edit AGM reports, end of the year report and things like that. I still do it very well and I get paid for it. This is something I can say that I have been doing all my life. I love writing. I write travel pieces on my own though I have stopped now. However, I will start again next year. If I haven’t worked as a vet or been a musician I would have been a journalist. I have passion for it. I have my own personal blog. I enjoy writing.

You are a veterinary doctor who is into music. Do you still practise veterinary medicine? Yes I still practise it and I give lectures on it when given the opportunity. I will be playing at the veterinarian convention this year, so I am still a part of the veterinarian world. They are proud of me and I am proud of the profession as well. I enjoyed working as a veterinary doctor for eight years. I learnt so much What is your biggest challenge? from working which taught me how to The biggest challenge I have faced manage people and what they are including their animals. It also teaches is my music. Naturally I am a fighter; I me how to manage funds. All the expe- don’t give up on things. If I wasn’t that rience is helping me now. This is a part kind of person, of course, I won’t be do-

ing this festival because there is no fund coming in for this event. There is no much support. Nigeria itself is not encouraging. The infrastructure for music is naturally nonexistent but when I find a little ray of light for hope, I will use it and I will push till I get a bigger one. Challenges for me are opportunities for me to do something. Music taught me that. Doing things as a musician and trying to create things have continued to be a challenge. Producing 10 albums yearly is not a problem for my band and I. The main thing, however, is how do you get the fund for it. What about the right equipment which will help produce the right quality of music you want? Then when the album is produced how does the musician market it, how does he sell his music for people to love it? Those are the challenges we get in music. One of my biggest challenges when I first started my music was getting people to believe in me and what I do. I remember when I was looking for people who would record and accept my music, no one took me serious enough, I went to recording companies and they refused to take my music. My friends told me to forget music and continue with my job as a veterinary doctor. For three years I was walking round the streets for people to accept my music, I was still a doctor then, so imagine me with my work suit going to the recording studio for my music. And what they did was laugh at me and tell me to be a vet and forget music. It was difficult for me. Then one day I just decided I would do it myself. That was how my company came to be in 1994/95.

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December 8, 2012



Terry G debunks hit-and-run story




abriel Amanyi popularly known as Terry G has finally responded to his alleged involvement in a hit and run case stating that the news is being falsely reported. In a statement by the TGP entertainment boss, Terry G explained that he was indeed present at the Club Royale hangout spot with his friends having fun but peacefully drove his car out of the club premises when he decided to leave. “When it was time for me to leave I was escorted by two bouncers of the club to my car. Yes, some guys tried to mob me while I was leaving which is normal. I got to my car peacefully and drove out after a couple of snaps (photographs) with my fans”, the Akpako Master explained in the statement. He further said that he was disappointed to read on his blog how people reacted to this information passed around about him hitting someone and having been contacted by the Nigerian Police Force which he refused to respond to. “I never received any call from the Police inviting me for a hit-and-run case and I have no reason to run been. I am a known face so what sense does it make hitting someone and running?” he asked. “I might act crazy but not heartless, only for me to read these stories on blog sites. I have been in the country facing my job…. Freedom of information is not freedom of misinformation. I did not hit anyone and I am not and was not wanted by Nigerian Police,” he added.

King Wadada drops new album soon

igerian reggae artiste, Austral Peter popularly known as King Wadada, is at it again. He is coming out with his new album titled “Omnipotent God”. The album which consists of 16 tracks with three videos will be air played within the next three weeks. According to the manager, Yomi Ayeni, the new album will comprise reggae, dance hall, gospel and inspirational music and it is going to be released under Wadada World Class Entertainment Record and Management Yommzy Entertainment, a new development that came up recently. Right now, the Edo State-born artiste is on a location for one of his videos titled “ I Hail oo” which will be air played on 1 January, 2013, after his return from a concert in Ghana

A Wish premiers with stars


he exclusive premiere of the movie, A Wish is going to bring a whole new experience to the The Genesis Deluxe Cinema at The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, where the crème de la crème of Nollywood are meeting for the premiere. The venue which is known to have hosted several high end movie premieres won’t be an exception to the industry celebrities. Many movie experts

have given high ratings to the movie. Stars cast in the movie include Funke Akindele, Patience Ozorkwor, Hafeez Oyetoro (Saka), Helen Paul (Tatafoo) Bishop Imeh, Kola Olaiya, Iyke Ogbonna and Clara Iweh. The movie which hit the cinema across the nation yesterday is produced and directed by the award winning film maker and actor Elvis Chucks.

King Wadada

Banky W and Wizkid in “The Baddest”


Terry G

Banky W

igerian entertainment artistes Banky W and Wizkid along with their label mates at EME announced on Thursday November 27 that they would stage their first ever music concert titled ‘The Baddest’. The big budget event which will hold on Friday December 21, at the Ocean View Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos will be put together by R28 and headlined by Banky and Wizzy. Banky W, who is the label’s chairman, said of the event “You don’t want to miss this. Trust Wizkid me”.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror



Uti, Matse plan beauty pageant U

ti Nwachu kwu, Nigerian in ternational en te rtainment personality who rose to international fame afte r he won the Big Broth er African All Stars (S eason 5) in 2010 is now currently in partnership with Matse Uwatse the 95 .1 Wazobia FM Presente r to host the Face of Pea ce African Pageant. The Lagos audition for the pagean t will take place on Sun day, December 9 at 33B E mina Crescent, off Toy in Street, Ikeja.


Banky W

Chris Brown for KORA 2012

Strong thing Banky W


o fewer than eight Nigerians have been nominated for the 2012 edition of the KORA Awards which is expected to hold on December 29 in the City of Gold, Ivory Coast. These include D’banj, Flavour, Omawumi, Chindinma and Davido. Also on the list is Clarence Peters who is nominated for his creative work on Chidinma’s video “Kedike”. Other Nigerian acts involved with the award are gospel singers, Rebecca and the group Infinity. Special guest appearance for the event is international artiste Chris Brown.


Tonto, Terry G in collabo


ctress Tonto Dike and hit and run diver slash pop singer Terry G have finally hooked up to express the meaning of the word madness. Last Friday the Poko Queen and Akpako Master confirmed it on their social network site, twitter that they have recorded a collabo. Dike hinted on the collabo a few weeks back while on an interview with Cool FM’s Freeze and Kaylah that her dream has come true with the collabo which has still remained untitled for now. Dike who had received criticism for her two first singles “Get Hi” and “Its Over” is even more determined to make a statement with her music and remains unaffected with what people say about her and her music.

Nwan Teacher finally ties the knot

P Tonto

opular Nollywood comic actor, Victor Osuagwu also known as Nwan Teacher is finally ready to tie the knot with fiancée and partner, Roseline. They have been

together for about 12 years and are now ready to legalise their union. The wedding is taking place today at St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Diobu, Port Harcourt, River state.

Get this omoge wey catch my eye I see am for show, I see am for show Never seen a girl that look so fly Is she alone, (I’m wondering) is she alone, See girl I no go let u walk on by, Can we take it slow, can we, take it slow Too many questions running through my mind Where you dey go? I wanna know Let me introduce myself I’m Banky w, don’t mean to trouble you Need to know if you will let me Get to know you, cus you got me in the mood Many things that we can do Baby biko test me Chorus 2x Omo you dey push my button – tin tin Blow my heart – gbin gbin gbin Dial my number – ring ring Things you do Omo you dey make my heart go – gbin gbin Make me wanna – sing sing Baby o, she dey do me strong thing Verse 2 Habba, you dey do me strong thing Common over here make I tell you something like Shhhh listen, don’t know what you’re missing Everytime that you’re with him I keep on wishing that you’re with me, Everytime you see me on your tv screen Know this much is true I dey feel like say I dey do the things I do Because of you, baby boo Let me show you that I’m Banky w, don’t mean to trouble you Need to know if you will let me Get to know you, cus you got me in the mood Many things that we can do Baby biko test me Repeat Chorus 2x Verse 3 Girl you dey make me dance fuji U dey make me love you truly I no know wetin dey do me Be like say I dey for movie Oooh the way you dey dance like that U go give me a heart attack U don thief my cardiac Ole…chei, make you bring am back Bring am back, bring it back Baby girl we can fly fly fly Ki ma toju e lo, ti ti lai lai Bring am back, bring it back Baby girl we can fly fly fly Mo ma toju e lo, ti ti lai lai Repeat Chorus 2x Tin tin Gbin gbin gbin Ring ring Gbin gbin Sing sing

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December 8, 2012




Audu Maikori … Entertainment genius




hen you hear the names of superstars like MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz and Brymo, you should also know that these guys wouldn’t be the superstars they are without the input of a certain Audu Maikori who is behind the scene ensuring that MI and others become and remain superstars. A lawyer, Maikori is the founder/ CEO of Chocolate City Entertainment, the medium through which MI and co were launched to the world and through which Maikori makes reality of his vision for the Nigerian entertainment industry. Unknown to many, Maikori has been making things happen in the entertainment industry since as far back as 2005 when he and Paul Okeugo formed the Guild of Artistes and Poets - a non-profit arts society aimed at encouraging creativity in Abuja. It was through GAP that he met with a range of artistes and started out rendering free legal services to them. Two years later, he registered Chocolate City, a record label, recording studio, events consultancy and artiste management company. In 2007, he co-organised the first ever Nigerian International Music Summit aimed at establishing a legal/ regulatory framework for the Nigerian music industry. Over 400 music industry stakeholders drawn from all over Nigeria attended the event. His belief in the creative industries of Nigeria and Africa made him a spokesperson and mentor for many youth in and around the country. In May 2012 he was elected to serve as a member of the board of COSON. On May 20, 2010, COSON was given the certificate of approval by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) to be Nigeria’s sole government licensed collective management organisation for musical works and sound recordings.

Maikori was one of the brains behind the lobby for the NCC to officially appoint another CMO to collect royalties for songwriters and performers after 13 years of the NCC failing to settle the dispute between the MCSN and PMRS, the previous CMOs which had been embroiled in legal battles for supremacy for years. His appointment has been lauded as the right step in the right direction by music industry stakeholders. In September 2010 Maikori was made a judge of the first series of Nigerian Idol alongside Nigerian singer Yinka Davies and American singer/ dancer Jeffrey Daniel. The show proved to be a rating success, but a year later he left the series to concentrate on other commitments. He received a special judges’ commendation at the finale of the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year where he beat nine other countries to win the global award in June 2007. At the inaugural edition of the United Kingdom Young Music Entrepreneur 2008, he was nominated to serve as a judge alongside four other British music industry judges making him the first black judge for a major British music industry competition. Some of his awards are International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 (Nigeria), International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 (global winner), Entertainment Executive of the Year 2011 by the Nigerian Entertainment Award, Outstanding Award in Music and Entertainment by the National Youth Merit Awards 2011, Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2011)- Diaspora Professionals Award 2011, Mentor of the Year 2010- Enterprise Foundation, Creative Entrepreneur of the Year for Music 2011- CIAN, African Award for Entrepreneurship 2011 and Entertainment Executive of the Year 2012- Nigerian Reunion Corporation.

n Istanbul, MI6 agents, James Bond and Eve, chase the mercenary, Patrice, who has stolen a computer hard drive containing details of undercover agents placed in terrorist organisations by NATO states. Patrice wounds Bond in the shoulder and as the two men fight atop a train, Eve accidentally shoots Bond, allowing Patrice to escape. Bond falls into a river and goes missing, presumed dead. After this debacle, Intelligence and Security Committee Chairman, Gareth Mallory, pressures the head of MI6, M, to retire. On M’s return from the meeting, MI6’s servers are breached and M receives a taunting message


ella awakens from her transformation from human to vampire, not only keenly aware of her new abilities, but also of changes within the coven as Jacob has imprinted on her daughter Renesmee. It appears Charlie has been attempting to contact the Cullens for updates on Bella’s illness. They intend to tell him she didn’t survive, which requires that they move out of Forks, WA to protect their identities. Jacob, desperate not to lose Renesmee, tells Charlie that Bella is in fact alive and well.

via computer moments before the offices explode, killing a number of employees. MI6 relocates to its emergency offices underground. Bond, having used his supposed death to retire, learns of the attack and returns to London. Although he fails a series of physical and psychological examinations, M approves his return to the field nonetheless. Shrapnel taken from a shoulder wound helps identify Patrice, and intelligence places him in Shanghai, where he is planning an assassination. Bond is ordered to identify Patrice’s employer, recover the stolen hard drive and kill Patrice. Several months pass uneventfully, with Carlisle monitoring Renesmee’s rapid growth. On an outing in the woods, a bitter Irina sees Renesmee from a distance and goes to the Volturi to report the existence of an ‘immortal child’ in the Cullen coven. This is a major violation of the Volturi laws. The ever vigilant Alice has a vision that the Volturi are coming after Renesmee. She warns the rest of the Cullens and promptly disappears with Jasper, leaving behind a short goodbye note. As the Volturi gather their army, the Cullens gather witnesses to attest to Renesmee’s birth and half-human parentage. Although initially appalled, many of the Cullen’s friends side with them after meeting Renesmee. In their preparations for the Volturi’s arrival, it is discovered that Bella does in fact have ability: a powerful mental shield. As their potential witnesses are attacked and prevented from coming to support the Cullens, Carlisle and Edward finally face the reality that they may have to fight the Volturi despite their efforts to do otherwise. Their other witnesses agree to stand with them in battle.


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


Should sex be used as a It is devastating


n the beginning it was a relationship made in heaven. You guys couldn’t keep your hands off each other’s bodies. Every opportunity alone was an avenue to grope each other with its attendant end being played out like a script in the bedroom. Yes, that was how the script was always supposed to be played out. You felt cherished, loved and desired. But before long in the relationship the situation changed. Your partner, who couldn’t keep his or her hands off you, becomes less interested in intimacy and sex with you, most especially when there is a little misunderstanding in the relationship. Your feelings are still the same. Your partner is still appealing and adorable, even sexy. Your level of desire hasn’t changed too, but that person who once seemed so giving sexually and who couldn’t keep his or her hands off you, now becomes stingy with his or her sexual affections. Sex is actually a healthy part of a good marriage. Sexual expression is an inherent and obviously pleasurable part of a good marriage and it is a healthy means to good communication in a comfortable relationship. It is part of living and loving and growing together. The lack of it through refusal, may signal a problem, especially if the couple has been living together for quite some time and one of the partners is truly dissatisfied with the current arraignment and sees the lack of good sexual communication as a weapon that is being used by the other partner when things are perceived to be going wrong in the relationship. There is no particular means or formula of determining how much sex and how often or when, is the sign of a good and healthy relationship. Sex for the wrong reasons or too little sex, as being perceived by one partner is no healthy sex at all, but a diversion from other problems which may be temporary or permanent. It is at this junction that we find ourselves as men asking the question, ‘what happened?’ Good sex is the glue that holds a marriage together and this is true, whether you like it or you

want to believe it or not. Refusal of sex in marriage for any reason that is not mutually agreed upon by both parties is wrong from my point of view. Yes I know those feminists among the ladies will say but it is their body and they have a right of refusal at any time they don’t feel like having sex or even getting seriously intimate. To me, withholding sex for whatever reason in marriage is all about control, even when the excuse may be religious like fasting or being told by a religion to stay away from sex without the consent of one’s partner and I believe no true religion will allow that without the permission of your partner. It is a passive/aggressive way of expressing a deep seated anger that is being directed at the partner one is refusing to have sex with. Refusal of sex implies that one has something precious to give and is refusing to give it to show displeasure at the partner on the receiving end. People who refuse to give sexual pleasures to their partners for reasons best known to them or for any frivolous excuse do it to feel in control because they will feel they have the upper hand sexually. The psychological effect of rejection when it comes to sex is very devastating to the partner that is being refused. It leaves the partner feeling unattractive and undesirable. The feeling is internalised and the partner may start feeling depressed and inadequate as a human being with a very low self esteem and damaged self image. My take on this is not to agree and take things lying low. I believe one should call the partner on his/her behaviour. Let the partner know that you believe he/ she is upset and you know about it and that you deserve to be told what is wrong instead of refusal of sex being used to punish you. If the partner’s excuse is work related, or tiredness being used, then you can suggest the use of blood tonic and rest. Any and all the reasons your partner may use can be addressed if there is good communication between the two of you. The lines of communication should always be opened and never closed.


This column is x-rated

How many calories do you need for a round of sex? You will be surprised how many calories you burn during every act Satisfying Partner Most experts agree that size means nothin the journey of sex! Check out our sex calorie counter and amaze ing. In those rare instances where a man has a genuinely small member, he may have or amuse yourself. to compensate by working slightly harder, The act of insertion If the woman or man is ready/willing 1/4 calories If the woman or man is not ready/ willing 274 calories

Putting on a condom With an erection. Without an erection

6 Calories 315 Calories

Positions Missionary 69 lying down 69 standing up Wheelbarrow Doggy Style Italian chandelier

112 Calories 178 Calories 312 Calories 386 Calories 400 Calories 972 Calories

which is actually good for weight loss. Small member 163 calories Normal size 22 calories Oversize 15 calories Tremendous 8 calories

Sex related noises Short gasps (per gasp 3 calories Wheezing 5 calories Squeals 4 calories Ecstatic moaning 11 calories Low growling 8 calories Squishing 10 calories Shouting 16 calories Screaming 18 calories Urgent begging 22 calories Any short speech giving partner directions (“Please don’t stop,” and “Just a little more” are common examples.) 25 calories

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December 8, 2012



weapon in matrimony? It’s dangerous


This column is x-rated Approaching Orgasm Letting go 5.5 calories Controlling yourself 79 calories Digging nails into your partner’s back 11 calories Trembling 15 calories Shaking 20 calories Shuddering 25 calories Trying to keep eyes open 33 calories

Orgasm Real Faked

27 calories 160 calories

Consequences of Premature Ejaculation Even if you have a good heart, it takes much understanding not to feel like a victim when your partner climaxes after three seconds of intensive sex, especially if he immediately sits up to watch the football on TV.

For Women Frustration Anger Violent mood swing Supressing rage Not supressing anger

8 calories 15 calories 20 calories 25 calories 65 calories

This column is x-rated For Men: Cursing 10 calories Apologising 3 calories Snivelling 5 calories Pleading for mercy 8 calories Begging for another chance 15 cals

Possible side effects of good sex The first indication that sex was a positive experience will be a buzzing in the pelvic area. You might also feel pleasantly light. If sex was really terrific, you feel dangerously drained, as though your body had been connected to a large milking machine for several days. Additional reactions include: Swooning 6 calories Palpitations 10 calories Shortness of breath 5 calories Perspiring 8 calories

Getting caught By partner’s spouse 60 calories By your spouse 60.5 calories Trying to explain 165 calories Stuttering 28 calories Throwing up 40 calories (Calorie counts here are flexible, depending on type of spouse-whether understanding and open-minded, or narrow-minded and armed) 40 cals

ost times when people talk about conjugal rights in marriage, they seem to propound the theory that the man is the owner of the rights while the woman is the one who is duty-bound to accord him those rights. In this regard, it is usual for husbands to be the ‘complainants’ while the wives are the usual ‘defendants’ in disputes regarding deprivation of sex in marriage. So, the usual debate is whether a woman should refuse to have sexual intercourse with her husband at any point in time. However, we ought to look at the topic from both angles. Should a man/ woman deprive his/her spouse of sex for any reason whatsoever? Let us start by agreeing that conjugal rights pertain to both the husband and the wife. Encarta dictionaries define conjugal rights to mean “right of spouses to sexual intercourse: the rights that a husband or wife is entitled to in a marriage, especially the right to have sexual relations with his or her spouse”. Once two people exchange marital vows and become Mr. and Mrs., their bodies and other possessions which were personal prior to marriage, immediately convert to mutual possessions. Everything becomes jointly-owned; the man’s body becomes the woman’s property while the woman’s body becomes her husband’s. Because of the male ego, many of them rebel against the idea that their bodies belong to their wives. To them, it just doesn’t sound right. But man, it is a fact. I must admit that deprivation of sex is more of a weapon for women than for men. But the truth is that men are as guilty of the crime as women. Sex is a married man’s greatest need in marriage, while most women are not so crazy about sex. Therefore, a wife may not necessarily whine when her husband directly or indirectly refuses to have sex with her. But the man is very likely to fume when his wife says no to his advances towards sex. Why? The answer is simple: a man’s interpretation of his wife’s “no” to sex is that his wife no longer recognises his authority over her. And the man’s reaction is instant. The wife’s refusal need not be more than once for him to reach his conclusion and quickly look for another bed mate. On the other hand, a wife may not make a big issue of the man’s “no” to sex at the initial stage; instead, she could make excuses for him. However, it becomes another ball game when his direct/indirect refusal becomes a trend. The danger signals become more apparent and she starts to sense a big problem.

She becomes very insecure and suspicious towards her husband. In order to decide whether sexual refusal is okay in marriage, we need to consider why a spouse would do so and how the other is likely to react. A man could have several reasons for depriving his wife of sex, for instance: she is no longer attractive (especially after childbirth!), he finds her boring and unappealing, she nags a lot; he is tired of the marriage, bla bla bla. But the woman’s reason for saying no to her husband’s advances is very simple: she is upset. That’s it! Maybe she doesn’t feel loved anymore, she feels used, he has refused to give her something she asked for, or has not played his role as the provider. Men have sex with their heads while women do so with their hearts. Therefore, if a woman is not happy with her husband, sex would be a difficult task. As stated above, a man’s usual immediate reaction to sexual deprivation would be to totally ignore his wife and look to another woman for sexual fulfilment. This does not however exempt the man from feeling insecure and void of the mantle of authority in his home. The woman’s long-term reaction, however, is primarily emotional – she would either be confrontational by querying him and nagging or she may give the man “silent treatment”. Only a few women indulge in extra-marital affairs because of sexual deprivation. Based on the above, it seems that it is the woman who suffers more when she refuses to accord her husband his conjugal rights. Clearly, except a man is spiritually sound and has very high moral standards, he is bound to go ‘shopping’ elsewhere whenever his wife closes ‘shop’. However, men should also know that they can never have a peaceful home when their wives are unhappy. Therefore, if a woman wants her husband not to get on the path of infidelity, she should not deprive her husband of sex. (There are many other ways of letting him know you are upset!) In the same vein, a man who wants peace in the house as well as a submissive and loyal wife should not deprive his wife of physical intimacy. The bottom line is: sex is one of the rights each spouse should accord the other, no matter the circumstances. It is not a weapon for communicating satisfaction or otherwise. Mature people should be able to resolve differences lovingly. In my opinion, sexual deprivation is a childish act and a distasteful form of emotional abuse and manipulation in marriage. So, is it wise to deprive your spouse of sex? I think not.


December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


‘Every woman needs a style consultant’ As far as Temi Aboderin Owoyemi, a young but thriving fashion designer in Nigeria is concerned; style does not come naturally with everyone. “You can build your style but you can’t acquire it. If it does not come naturally, you will always be needing people to tell you what to wear and when to wear it at any given time. This is why it is good for every stylish woman to have a style consultant to dress her up,” she told YEMISI ADENIRAN in this interview.


hat were you doing before now? I was a project manager for many years and I guess I was quite committed to it until I became pregnant and I had to go off work. All the while and all along, fashion has been in my blood, so, it wasn’t difficult for me to shift my total attention to it as I am doing now. Not many designers hold endof the year party like you recently did with the boudoir party you had for your customers. What message were you trying to pass across? My reason for veering into the fashion industry is not to join the crowd but to make a unique impact. That was why I was able to identify a yawning void of which I am also affected to fill. Like I have said before, ladies of the plus size class are always having limitations when it comes to trendy wears and I felt it should not continue. That was what brought me into the fashion industry and that is the gap we are here to fill. For as long as I am in this business, I hope and wish to pamper ladies in this class, push them into the mainstream of fashion in the society, make them prettier and confident

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012

as others who are not curvy. That is why we call them golden girls. The party we held was meant to achieve this and I guess we were able to go a long way around it. It was not an experience any of them had enjoyed before and they were all made proud of their God-given nature and stature. My mission is to erase that depressive feeling that plus-sized ladies frequently have that usually lead to inferiority complex. Now, they have a lot of choice to make, from shape wears to sexy night wears, glamorous office and casual wears and other party wears. Besides, we have customised wears that we design according to their personalities, careers and tastes. In short, we want to set a pace for others and I can assure you we are doing that. Is your company the only indigenous company in this line of business? I can make bold to say yes, because even where we have some other designers catering for this heavenly endowed ladies, they just do it by the way and not solely as we do. But very recently, I came across a fashion label doing exactly what we are doing and I was like waoh! The label, from what I saw actually copied what we are doing at JPKingdom but it wasn’t any big deal to me. I see it in a positive light. Not so many business men and women view competition and copyright issues this way. Don’t you think it’s a dangerous development? I see no danger in it. It is only a confirmation of the good impacts we are making. If we are not doing something good, no one would have had any need to toe our line. We out to set a good pace and we will not frown at anyone trying to toe our line. They can only help us to get more creative, we are the original. As for competition, it is just good for it in any thriving sector. Competition is good for business any day. What’s your clientele list like? I won’t say they are high-earning clients in terms of their requirement. We cut across the high, the medium and the low. Anyone with a penchant for perfection is just a good client because we are very affordable. What are the challenges you had building this brand? The main challenge we face is finding somebody to do a very qualitative work at an affordable price. We want the best and finding a balance between an affordable price and a qualitative work is the main challenge we face. What are other things you do? We go into seminars, teachings to make the plus-sized feel good about themselves. We give them handouts talking about how they can take a good care of themselves, know that they are God’s creatures and how

they should dress their shapes well to impress themselves and to stand confidently in any crowd.



What are the main things that has helped your business this far? Without having to sound religious, I would say my number one help has been God. From my own personal perspective, I would say I am a very focused person like I had said before. I do not believe in mediocrity. Whatever I need to do, I do it well. Perseverance is another factor that is working for me. How would you describe the fashion industry in Nigeria? I would say that the fashion industry has come of age. There are more people involved, more stylish people out there. It is creating room for creativity and lots of healthy competition in the industry. The fashion industry in Nigeria has risen even to the international level such that our Ankara, an indigenous fabric has become so popular even abroad. The industry is doing well and I believe the sky is really the starting point for all players. What does style mean to you? It is anything that comes naturally; it is not what you can acquire. You can build your style but you can’t acquire it. If it does not come naturally, you will always be needing people to tell you what to wear and when to wear it at any given time. This is why it is good for every stylish woman to have a style consultant to dress her up. When you don’t naturally have style in you, you use such professionals. This is what we combine with our work at JPKingdom. We get close to our clients and dress them up according to their taste and personalities. With a style consultant at your beck and call, you will not need to worry your pretty head about your appearance. He or she does it all for you. Celebrities do this abroad, I see no reason why we can’t do it here in Nigeria. What advice do you have for young women out there who look up to you for inspiration? They should be focused. They should take their time to discover their calling in life and invest all into it. When I say invest all, I mean they should give their time, person and finances into it. They should not be copycats; they should be original and encourage their God-given talents. They must be hardworking and be ready to face challenges. They must be conscious of the fact that nothing good comes easy. How fulfilled are you and where do you see yourself in the next five years? I feel good and very fulfilled in this line of business. Anytime I come around this office, I feel happy especially after the restructuring and the move of things right now. I see this company going very far. I am glad to be making positive impacts.

Risk of developing asthma doubles among children conceived after fertility treatment • IVF children also twice as likely to develop wheezing and up to four times more likely to have taken antiasthma medicine by the age of five


aving fertility treatment doubles the chances of a child developing asthma, say researchers. They found children born after IVF have a twofold higher risk of wheezing and are up to four times more likely to take anti-asthmatic medicines by the age of five. Scientists discovered the link after analysing data on 18,818 children born between 2000 and 2002. The causes of asthma are poorly understood, but genetic and environmental factors are thought to play roughly equal roles. Researchers conducting the study compared children in different groups with those born after natural planned pregnancies. Children born to sub-fertile parents were 39 per cent more likely to be experiencing asthma symptoms by the age of five and 27 per cent more likely to wheeze than children born after planned pregnancies. But closer analysis found a stronger link between asthma and children conceived via some form of assisted reproduction treatment including IVF (in vitro fertilisation). They had a risk of developing asthma more than two-and-a-half times higher, nearly two-fold increased risk of wheezing and more than four-fold increased risk of taking anti-asthmatic medications. The researchers, however, said their findings should be interpreted with caution. “Our analysis suggests that it is the assisted reproduction group in particular who are at higher risk.”

In the paper they wrote: “Children born after ART have a much higher risk, though we cannot determine if this is indicative of a treatment effect or related to a greater degree of subfertility in this group of parents. “If the observed association is causal, then the mechanism driving it remains unknown and further research in this area is warranted.” There could be a number of possible explanations for the link between infertility, IVF and asthma, including the severity of the infertility and possible role played by treatment, say the researchers. The scientists took account of mothers’ asthma and smoking history, body mass index - which relates weight to height - socio-economic status, the presence of furry household pets and other factors previously suspected to be asthma triggers that could have affected the findings. Asthma researcher have said “This study suggests that there might be an association between IVF treatment and asthma developing in children, but the sample size for this study is small and currently the research in this area generally is not conclusive. “Overall research suggests that the absolute risk of asthma increasing after IVF appears to be small. “Further work is needed to establish what might be causing this association and whether there are other factors at play other than the IVF treatment itself. “In the meantime those considering IVF should speak to their doctors about the benefits and health risks in order to make an informed decision. “It is also important to remember that for most children, asthma is a manageable condition and shouldn’t prevent children from living a full and active life.” Culled from


December 8, 2012


Saturday Mirror

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression


ast and convenience foods are not just tempting for adults - they also appeal to kids. Even if your child eats too much junk food, such as soda, fast food and vending machine items, teaching her to give them up could be difficult, but not impossible. Teaching your children healthy habits when they are still very young can set an example that helps your child avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods for a lifetime. Switching junk foods for healthy choices also helps your child maintain a healthy weight. Step 1 Throw all the junk food out of your home to reduce temptation for your entire family. By keeping junk foods out of your home, your child will be less likely to throw a temper tantrum for them because he knows they are not easily accessible. Step 2 Talk to your child about the steps you are taking to encourage her to eat a healthier diet. Children know when changes are being made and it’s important to tell them why you are doing that. Discuss age-appropriate topics, such as why healthy foods are important and how she can be involved in making good choices at daycare or school. You also should inform any caregivers or family members that you want to reduce the amount of junk food your child eats. Step 3 Start your child’s day with a healthy breakfast, such as whole-grain cereal with skim milk and a piece of fruit, instead of sugary foods. A healthy breakfast reduces hunger and gives your child energy to focus during the day. He may reach for junk food if he’s low on energy, so having breakfast can help

Breaking the fast food habit

10 essential steps prevent that. Step 4 Take your child to the grocery store with you. Ask her to choose some healthy meal options or to pick a colourful fruit or vegetable to try at dinner or lunch. By making your child an active decision maker in her diet, she is more likely to at least sample them. Step 5 Prepare pre-packaged snacks, such as apple and carrot slices and low-fat string cheese, and keep them in your refrigerator at all times. Many times children reach for junk food because it’s available in pre-packaged options. By making healthy snacks easily accessible, your child will be more likely to choose them instead of unhealthy ones. Step 6 Reinforce your child’s healthy behaviours by recognising and telling him he is doing a good job when he makes a healthy choice. By making your child feel good about his choices, you will encourage him to continue doing so. Step 7 Children imitate and follow behaviours that they see. As a parent, set an example by avoiding fast foods as well calorierich snacks and drinks. Control portion sizes of meals and snacks, eat plenty of vegetables, salads and fresh fruits but small servings of calorie-rich desserts and snacks such as ice


cream, cookies and chips. Eat most meals at home and pack healthy lunches and snacks before heading out for play or shopping to decrease the temptation of eating out. When eating out, patronize restaurants that provide healthy meal alternatives to fast foods and opt for water instead of soda. Step 8 Educate your children on the importance of different nutrients and foods as you allow them to help in shopping and preparing meals. Provide examples of why some foods are healthy and should be eaten regularly such as milk and dairy foods that contain calcium for strong bones, grilled meat, burgers and beans that provide protein to help them grow big and tall and fresh fruits and vegetables, which prevent illnesses due to the presence of vitamins and minerals. If asked, explain that the lack of nutrients and extra calories present in fast foods can cause obesity and other diseases. Step 9 To decrease exposure to fast food advertisements and discourage inactivity, limit the time your children spend in front of the TV and computer. Instead, promote an active lifestyle by biking, hiking, swimming, skating and going on family walks with them. Encourage group play with friends and, if possible, enroll them in sports activities of

their choice such as soccer, tennis, karate, gymnastics and ballet. On days when they cannot go out, let them dance to their favorite music, jump rope, hulahoop and even help with household chores. Step 10. Instead of taking your children out for fast food, make healthy versions of fast food at home. Ask them to help as you make oven-baked fries, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, tacos

and burgers in your kitchen. Add healthy vegetable and fruit salads, fruit juices or fruit smoothies and desserts such as frozen yogurt to these meals and enjoy a family meal in the comfort of your home. Developing the taste for homemade meals will help decrease the need for restaurant-style fast foods in children. •Culled com



Tiny Feet

NAME: Folakemi Akomolede

BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Akomolede Ademola AGE: 3 months BIRTH WEIGHT: 3.5 kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

10-year-old girl hangs herself Update to escape bullies


en-year-old Jasmine McClain was found hanging in her bedroom after having endured vicious bullying at school. Jasmine was found by her mother Samantha West at their home in Chadbourn, North Carolina on a Monday morning dead. “She was such a loving child. I just lost it because she took her last breath in my arms,” West said. “”It’s a shame that kids are that cruel,” West told TV station

WRAL-TV. Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw ruled Jasmine’s death a suicide but his investigation led him to Facebook where comments had been posted that Jasmine had been targeted. Shaw said the case broke when ‘children started coming forward and making accusations that she was bullied– and bullied bad–in school. It is believed that Jasmine was tormented at Chadbourn Elementary School, where

she was picked on about her clothes and shoes. West said that previous to her death, Jasmine didn’t attend school for a short while. Her mother said the bright 10-year-old dreaded going back. Chadburn Elementary lowered their flag at half mast after hearing about Jasmine’s death. Authorities at the school said they had conducted their own internal investigation and were working closely with police.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran


10 office essentials T

he transition from school to work sounds tricky, but it’s actually quite easy. The following 10 basics will make you look like a sophisticated working woman: You can’t go wrong with a white shirt and a straight skirt. 1. A simple flat-front black pant 2. A straight skirt hemmed just below the knee is flattering 3. A dress, fitted and sleeveless, that can be worn with a cardigan 4. A fine-knit sweater; try a bright colour that suits you 5. A cardigan: Black is always chic and easy to wear 6. A shell, perhaps in a neutral colour 7. A crisp white shirt always looks smart 8. A suit: Stay classic with this item and go with black or gray 9. A classic shoe: A black pump with an elegant heel will go with all of the above 10. A black bag: With black shoes, it’s best to go with a black bag; look for a simple style that’s not too oversized.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror




casually elegant dress code presents a bit of a dilemma to guests. Everybody knows the definition of casual, just as everybody knows what elegance refers to. To put the two together creates an oxymoron because the two seem contradictory. So, what could a casually elegant dress code possibly be? Interpretation of this term is highly subjective. For the most part, this term refers to a dressed-up form of casual attire or a played-down form of dressy attire. Certain clues can help you decide exactly what is meant by “casually elegant.” Time • The time of day can help you determine what side of casual elegance to inch towards. Events held in the evening hours are more formal, whereas events held in the morning hours tend to be more casual. There are likely to be candles lit at an evening event, which calls for more dressy attire. A mid-morning brunch, on the other hand, is more likely to be outdoors in sunlight. For women, a snazzy black dress would be ideal for an evening event, and a shirtwaist dress would be ideal for a morning event. • Slacks or a simple dress will be fine, just no shorts, jeans, flip-flops or sleeveless attire. Fabric • Casual elegance dictates more flare than business dressy without being as laid-back as casual or as extravagant as formal. Turtlenecks are almost always a safe bet. Accessories • Sometimes simple accessories such as wraps, fine jewelry and bolder makeup meet a casually elegant dress code for women. Accessories such as a tie added to a simple



Your candid response to all fashion questions

Hairstyle DON’Ts and DOs Avoid overdoing the volume. Forget trying to pull off hair accessories the size of your head. Paris Hilton’s Christmas wreath is a big don’t, no matter what time

of year. Add some flavour with a whimsical accessory pinned right over your part — but keep it small and subtle. To get this look, use a straightening iron to get hair to lie flat against your head. Make a deep side part and pull hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Fasten in a loop so the ends stick out and mist the entire style

with shin Play w any distin for a stron shower, a through w

Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012

Fashion Frenzy

ne spray. with texture in a natural way by not curling or straightening nct sections. To get this look, apply a hair mask in the shower ng dose of hydration. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb in the and work a mixture of shine glaze and leave in conditioner wet hair. Let it air dry.




Get the classy look

Always make friends with a rich conditioner and styling products that add shine and moisture. Run a cocktail of styling cream and gel through damp hair. If you can stand it, let your hair air-dry. Otherwise, use a small round brush to smooth out the very front sections, then blow-dry brush-free on a very low setting.

If you would like to know how to be a classy looking and acting young lady, this is a must-read for you! Hair should be neat, clean, and simple. Loose waves with a hair band or even a ponytail are very appropriate in today’s society. Flips, bobs and shags are classic, versatile, easy to wear hairstyles for today’s woman. Have your eyebrows in a shape complimentary to your face. Go to a salon and get this done. Update with a wax kit to maintain your shape. Take care of your skin. Skin should be well cared for and clear of imperfections. Find a scrub, toner, and moisturiser that fits your skin type. Remember to wear sun lotion at all times if you’re going outside! Try to give yourself a mask facial once a week. For additional skin help, try giving yourself a steam facial once every two weeks. (It clears the pores.) Use tooth whiteners and tobacco toothpaste for a brilliant smile. If your teeth are crooked, get braces. This is simple hygiene. Ladies’ teeth don’t rot out of their mouths. Take care with your makeup. Your makeup should be classic and un-offensive. Men truly are attracted to women whose faces they can actually see! This means wearing only mascara with matte lipstick - not gloss - and bronzer. For added drama add tinted moisturizer, one shade of sheer eye shadow over your crease, and eyeliner. That should take your look into the evening. Take care ‘all over’ with your appearance. Your modest appearance will attract the right people. Follow your work dress codes to the letter. Learning to be creative within the bounds will actually make you more original. Anyone can wear the lowcut top and miniskirt. Dare to be clothed. Dare to be different. Buy natural fiber clothes. They feel better, last longer, and say a lot about the woman you wish to become.


Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012

Male Essentials


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Smooth oth J

Jim m

im Iyke definitely knows his onions when it comes to fashion. he cultivates for himThe image h self is that of a city slicker, what is known in local parlance as a ‘fine boy.’ Though he favours jacket jackets, ties and other formal wear, in order to add a serious demeanour to his look, he h combines them with jeans and dark sunglasses so he still ends up u looking the fine boy in a semi-formall way. When he goes casua casual al in sweaters on shirt and d tie is when he’s most adorable. If you are a lady, you can’t help he but fall in love ve with him in this combithis cute c nation n that gives

him the look of the perfect gentleman, not the bad boy picture trailing him around. One of his selling points is how he matches colours. If there’s a certain colour standing out in his upper wear, you will be sure to find some of it in his lower wear. His hair and beard are always trimmed too so he looks clean. And not satisfied with dressing well, he has started his own fashion line in order to help other men dress well. The city slicker look is a look that can’t fail you. It’s a look that will open doors for you and make people want to associate with you. If it’s not your look presently, you have only yourself to blame.

What you need to know about accessories 1

. Match your belt to your shoes. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, as long as you wear a black belt with black shoes and a brown belt with brown shoes.


. Match your socks to your pants. Again, it doesn’t have to be a perfect match – a little lighter or darker is fine.

If you don’t have socks to match your pants, you can match your shoes, or just wear black socks.




. White socks are for sports. Only. Unless you are a) wearing sneakers, and b) doing something athletic in them, avoid white socks.

. Your tie should reach your belt. Anything short of your belt makes you look like a rube.

. Try a front-pocket wallet or money clip. This will save wear-and-tear on your back pocket (helping to avoid the heartbreak of “buttsquare”), help avoid pickpockets (a little – the good ones

know…) and save your back. Plus: classy!


. You’re allowed one affectation. A fedora. A pocket watch. A bracelet or class ring. A vest (if you’re not wearing a three-piece suit). An expensive wristwatch. Pick one, but no more – give your whatever-it-is space to say whatever-itsays.


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Adeyinka Shorungbe: Walking for charity FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


any people consider Adeyinka James Shorungbe a rare person with even a rarer passion. Some even think he is weird. One thing that almost everyone share about him is that he is a man of passion. As a manager in one of the reputable banks in the country, one would expect him to be in his own shell with little or no interaction with the less privileged. However, for the passion he has for doing things to impact positively on the lives of people especially the needy, he has embarked on a 175 km walk across Lagos. Although as one who has great interest in sport activities, he has interest in long distance walking for fun. “I have always engaged in overall fitness sports and I enjoy walking long distances. I love walking for fun, endurance and overall fitness. I quite enjoy it as I find myself being challenged to surpass myself at each time I walk.” According to Shorungbe who began a 175 km walk across Lagos on Monday December 3, starting from Seme boarder in Badagry where he believes Lagos started

from geographically he will be rounding off the project today when he hopes to be in Epe. The aim of the long walk, Shorungbe points out is to give the proceeds from the project to the less privileged through the Makoko chapter of the Red Cross Interna-

tional to cater for the needy. “The trail will take me from the Seme Border through, Badagry, Ojo, and Mile 2/Orile, Lagos Island, Lekki, and Epe up to the boundary with Ogun State. I expect to complete the walk in six days” explains Shorungbe.

December 8, 2012


He further says that the substantial preparations and considerations (logistics, tracking, safety, etc) have gone into planning this walk and he now wants to use the channel for a good work. “I now wish to channel this for a good cause. I am reaching out to friends and colleagues to challenge me to complete this. By this challenge, you can pledge to donate either N10.00 or N5.00 for every kilometre I walk. At the end of trail (or wherever I walk up to), I will ask you to redeem your pledge and I will donate funds raised to the Red Cross Society’s Motherless Home in Makoko, Yaba. I am hoping we’ll be able to raise N100, 000 together” he told Saturday Mirror. Shorungbe also noted that as part of the preparation to make this project a success and a reality, he opened a blog called “Chronicles of a Journey”. “To enable people to follow my progress during the walk I also have a blog where you will be able to follow me in real time with the Google Map badge on my blog “Chronicles of a Journey” www.alldatjas. or via updates on my Twitter handle @alldatjas. On what could have prompted him into embarking on a course like this, Shorungbe simply remarks,” I love to do things that would put smiles on the faces of people especially the young and needy. That is why I had to apply for a week leave in my place of work so I can be able to do this and get the proceed to give to these needy children before Christmas”

Oluwagbemi Fehintola: Inspiring with songs OSEY SEYIZA OOGBODO


ot many singers are lucky like Deaconess Sherifat Oluwagbemi Fehintola aka Aye Ope Yo. While many sing basically because they want to make money, becau and many others complain that they m do not have ha the financial wherewithal to promote their th music, Fehintola is lucky because she iis not burdened by any financial constraints, constraints be it the need to make money or the need for money to promote. “I sing because I’m inspired to do so,” she disclosed. “I’m very passionate disc about singing and it’s the only thing that really fulfils me. Without music, don’t know how I would be. I just I do wouldn’t be happy,” she states. wo The road to a music career began for Fehintola at a very b young age. “As early as when I was six years old, I became exposed to not just recorded music, but live music. I had the opportunity to be serenaded by live bands doing secular

music. The way they sang combined with all the instruments they used always made me feel happy. “Before long, I had begun singing myself, and I liked it so much that whenever I was sad, or was offended by someone, I would just hide myself away and sing and sing until my soul was happy again,” she adds. Singing and listening to music so consumed her that it wasn’t long before she decided that she wanted to make music herself. “I knew I was going to record my own music one day when I found myself not just singing popular songs but composing mine. The amazing thing about my compositions was that I didn’t plan them. They would just come to me at any time of the day.” Currently, she has an album, Aye Ope Yo, out. She launched it last Saturday to critical acclaim. It wasn’t easy however for her to record the album. “I’ll be frank and say the recording was quite challenging. I just thank God that He took control. The recording took about six weeks. After two days of rehearsals, we re-

corded at S-Blare Studio, then the mixing and mastering took up the rest of the time.” Since she joined the choir of Foursquare Gospel Church in 1995, her album’s arrival in 2011 can be appropriately said to have taken a long time, also considering her age now, and she confirmed it. “I almost never would have recorded the album. A lot of things happened that wanted to prevent me from recording. “Since my songs come to me anytime, I used to store them in a phone. As at then, I hadn’t yet concluded on when I would record. A friend of mine then found out that I was a good singer and she started urging me to record and not waste my talent. As she and I were discussing, that same moment, burglars visited my home. Later on, when I was informed, I was just hoping that they wouldn’t have stolen the phone that had my songs. “But I wasn’t in luck. They stole the phone and many other valuables and I had to start praying to God to restore the songs to me. Most of them came back and that’s why I was able to record the album. And I thank God that I still keep getting inspired to write more songs,” she informs.


Dear Igho

December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

TTel: e 08023924679 (SMS only)

Having difficulties with relationships, family, work or any other aspectt off your life? lif Help is at hand with TOBORE IGHO OVUORIE

Help! My daughter wears clownish make-up Dear Igho, My 17-year-old daughter is wearing makeup that looks freakish. She wears layers of foundation topped with thick bronzer and there is a line around her entire face showing where the make-up stops. She lines her outer lips with a dark colour and fills in with gobs of gloss so it looks like someone took a marker and traced around her lips. She wears thick black eyeliner a la carte style with Tammy Faye-ish mascara. The worst is her eyebrows. She literally makes her eyebrows three times thicker and darker than they are; she almost draws a unibrow on her face and makes square edges. The sad part is that she is a beautiful girl, naturally, but you would never know it behind the mask she is wearing. She is an A student, doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs so I tried to let her do her own Dear Igho, My son is 24 and his girlfriend is 21. Their sleepovers started out as weekends, but the last six months it’s like five out of seven nights. It’s too much. I’ve talked to my son but she wants sleepovers all the time. I honestly don’t know what to do. Please, do you have any advice? Thanks Worried single mum, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos

thing thinking it was a phase but it has been over a year now and I am really disturbed and upset. She will not talk about it at all, and tells me to stop if I try talking about it. I offered to take her to a professional makeup artiste for a few lessons but she scoffed and said no way. People

stare at her whenever we are in public, my friends ask me what is wrong with her as it is so freakish. She doesn’t care. I have gotten to the point where I will not go out in public with her as it is too painful to see the stares and whispers from people. I love my only daughter and don’t know why she is doing this to herself. Do you think I should take her to a psychiatrist? She will refuse to go, but I am at the end of my rope. I don’t know why she is so intent on distorting her own beauty. How can you help me out? Mrs. Mabiaku, Osborne, Ikoyi.

Dear Mrs. Mabiaku, I think it’s perfectly within your right to tell her it’s way too much and she must tone it down, and it’s not negotiable. You seem to be afraid to exhibit

Son’s girlfriend sleeps in my house Dear Worried single mum, Unfortunately, the time to fix it was when it began to escalate. Now a new precedent has been set and it makes it harder to shift course. I understand how you feel. You have a family and although you may like this girl, there was nothing written that she has to become a new member of it and a fixture in your home.

You have a right to set down rules in your household and, as long as your son lives with you (at 24) and you’re paying for a roof over his head (and I am sure other expenditures), you can implement them. Decide what’s acceptable to you (and what isn’t), and tell both of them – not only your son. Your son may take exemption, and his girlfriend appears wide-eyed and con-

Dad and mum want to divorce Dear Aunty Igho, I saw your page when I read a friend’s copy of Saturday Mirror last week and decided to write you for assistance. I’m 11 years old and my mum and dad have been arguing, they keep saying to each other they’re going to divorce. And I’m finding it very hard to understand. But I think they’re really serious. But why divorce now? They’ve been married for 22 years and they have four of us. Why has it all changed from a happy family to a sad one? Tomisin, Lekki-British International School, Lagos.

your authority as a parent, and that’s not a good place to be now, or in the future – only daughter or not! If she seems reasonable in all other areas, her grades are great and she’s respectful to you and others in all other ways, it should be within your power (and reasonable) to sit her down and tell her this is not appropriate for her age, and she has two choices: either she makes the changes herself, or she can go to a make-up artist to learn some proper make-up techniques that are age appropriate. Really, this particular age is a time when teens want to express their independence (somewhat like a toddler), but that does not mean looking like a clown is acceptable behaviour. Parents often have to bite the inside of their cheeks in order for a child to find his or her own way, but there are limits. Again, you have a right to a say in how your child behaves and appears in public. You have to put your foot down! But be careful how you do this because her reasons for doing this, other than thinking it’s cool, may be deep-rooted, and you must cover all bases by finding out why.

Dear Tomisin, I really feel for you. Parents often forget children hear and are affected by their arguing; and that it hurts them when they know their parents have such anger towards each other. You are a very bright 11 year-old and you are insightful. But humans are not free of faults and have many weaknesses. Parents are no exception. We are products of our childhood experiences, genetics, societal input and we do not always know or learn how to correct errors in our behaviour because of these very strong forces. I don’t know what happened in this 22-year-old marriage that isn’t going well, but it doesn’t have anything to do with you and your other sibling. Yet I

know that children often feel at fault, or think they can do something to change the situation. But, sadly, that isn’t so. This is an issue between your mum and dad, and you cannot control their behaviour or suddenly make them calm down and get their act together. At most, right now, all you can do is take them aside and say it makes you sad to see them not get along. But that’s really all you can do. Some parents will drag their kids into their problems and expect them to take sides. If this happens, try to avoid it if you possibly can. It’s hard to separate you from them, but this is really what you have to do right now. This is a time for you to concentrate on your schoolwork, and focus on getting good grades. One day you will be on your own

fused, but if this is what you want, you have to stand by it. They will find other places to be intimate, and you’ll probably see your son less, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be manipulated by them if it’s interfering with your need for some privacy or a suppressed objection to them sleeping in the same room, and in the same bed right under your nose when not married.

and able to live your life on your terms. Understanding human behaviour is also a good way to better understanding. Again, people are human, and they are flawed. Your parents don’t see eye-toeye and maybe it will end up in divorce. In many instances, that’s not the worst thing to happen. Although divorce does affect children in many negative ways, it can also make it easier to be around a parent who seems happier that they are no longer in a relationship that isn’t working. People change, and sometimes they grow out of each other in a marriage. If this happens, weather the storm and keep an eye on your life and how you can always make it better. Sometimes it’s best to learn from others mistakes, in order to avoid making them in your life. Please text me your phone number if you have one; I’ll love to keep in touch with you. God bless you my dear.


Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012


Jakande Estate: Residents’ tales of lost glory Jakande Estate, Isolo and its siblings all over Lagos used to be exemplars of what low cost housing estates should be. Now, the story has changed. The estate now wears the look of everything its founder never wanted it to be. THOMAS USHIE


t the wake of the tragedy that struck at the Jakande Estate, Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos when a twostorey building collapsed on Wednesday, November 21, claiming the lives of the two Coker sisters, emotions flowed freely from residents and sympathisers. The unfortunate incident and the precarious condition of the estate in general triggered further reactions at the deplorable condition of the estate. Officially known as the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) Estate, Oke Afa, it is like several others built during the administration of Alhaji Lateef Jakande in 1983. This gave birth to its unofficial appellation “Jakande Estate” by appreciative Lagosians. And the “Jakande Estates” are considered as one of the ‘seven wonders’ of the Second Republic. However, now, the estate is a metaphor for socio-economic decadence in the country. Speaking with Saturday Mirror, residents of the estate, commuters, transporters, market women and others decried its deplorable condition. Roads have become impassable with gullies covered by floods when it rains, buildings decaying, shops built indiscriminately, absence of fire and police stations, vibrant medical facilities, 30 years after it was built. No Roads Double Star is a dual carriage road leading to and out of the main market in the es-

The Coker sisters

tate and connecting it to Iyan Isheri. However, a portion of the road is completely impassable and a nightmare for commuters who even at odd hours, trek some distances to their destinations. This is a child’s play compared to the bad state of the length and breadth of the main road leading to and out of the estate as well as the Isheri Oshun/ Bucknor and Bungalow roads. Lamenting the condition of the Double Star Road, a transporter whose vehicle had been trapped twice in the bad portion of the road, Babatunde Okaka, said that “Double Star to Oja/Iyan Isheri Road has been abandoned for some years now. We managed one of the lanes for some times and because of the pressure on it, it formed a big gully.. “Some residents, in their efforts to help,

filled the big holes with some muddy earth and dirt which later became a trap for vehicles. My bus had been trapped there twice and it took me a whole day to get it out. Since then, I don’t attempt to use it again. As you can see, there is no vehicle passing through that road” as motorist have resorted to wangling their way through some thoroughfare to connect to the next portion of the road that is still manageable. Alhaji Abdulganiyu Abiodun Taiwo is the President of Jakande Estate Oke Afa, Isolo Landlords Association. He has resided in the estate for 27 years. He corroborated Okaka and acknowledged the poor state of infrastructures while revealing the sad encounter of the residents with law enforcement agents and the efforts of the

body to bring succour to the residents and visitors to the estate. “All the roads are in a deplorable condition. The problem is the proper demarcation of authority. But when they are on a revenue drive, they will know who is the collect this money and that. “I have met the Vice Chairman of the Ejigbo Local Council Development Authority (LCDA) to discuss the deplorable conditions of the roads on different occasions. It is only recently that he came out to say that the roads in the estate are Trunk B roads. And by virtue of that, they belong to the state government. He said that the roads are dual carriage, so, the local government does not have the financial capacity to repair them,” Taiwo added. Revealing the plans of the LCDA in tackling the state of roads, he said that: “early this year, the local government decided to go to the stock market to borrow 225 million naira, guaranteed by the State Government, to construct the road you (the reporter) talked about, Double Star Road, among other roads. But they say they will reconstruct just one lane. But if just one lane is reconstructed, it would be over utilised and get bad again in a short while. It is not advisable to do such. If the council wants to reconstruct these bad roads, it is better they do both lanes so that they could last long. “There are other roads like the ones leading to the bungalows; they are all in a terrible condition. Very terrible! Unfortunately, that road leads straight to the local council secretariat. All this dilly dallies would not help us. Even if the council had embarked on reconstructing one road per year, it would have gone far.” Speaking on the nightmarish condition CONTINUED ON PAGE 34



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Residents’ tales of an ailing estate CONTINUED FROM PAGE 33 of the roads among others, Taiwo revealed that motorists have been finding themselves on the wrong side of the Lagos State Traffic laws, in their efforts to protect their vehicle, trying to avoid impassable portions of the estate roads. He however held that he had made efforts to acquaint the Ejigbo LCDA with the quagmire bestriding the estate. “Now, residents and users of these roads are having problems with the police in their efforts to implement the Lagos Traffic Laws against driving against the traffic. Since the roads are bad, to protect their vehicles, drivers do drive against the traffic in motorable portion. And they have run into several troubles with the law. These are some of the problems residents and users of these roads are facing as a result of its bad state. I had to go back to the chairman again to acquaint him of the ugly development. The motorists want to protect their vehicles. The police want to do their job, how do we balance it? We had an appointment; however, the unfortunate incident of the building collapse aborted it.” And while traffic snarl is no news in Lagos State, the residents as well as users of the Estate Road, said that theirs is peculiar and could be avoided. They rued the gullies on the road that are usually shielded by the flood from the view of drivers only to be ensnared. “In the raining season, traffic will build up from Bucknor to the gate as drivers would not be able to see where there are pot holes. Some vehicles are trapped in the process leading to more hold up as the double lane road is narrowed. Our children would go to school late due to the traffic. The situation is really bad,” Olajide Amos, a resident, lamented. No Water. The president of the landlords association, in his sober reflection on the estate as it was, is now and ought to be, said that what the residents need are good roads, good health service, fire station, police station, not water. “Initially we only enjoyed only good road network. There was no pipe borne water. There was no electricity. We depended on tankers for water supply. With time, through communal efforts, we started drilling boreholes to provide for water for ourselves. Now, virtually every building has its own source of water supply which is through boreholes. Although the government is trying to connect us with pipe borne water, I don’t think we need it anymore. We have provided that for ourselves,” Taiwo stated. Fire Station “We also have problems of fire service. Despite the population and concentration of buildings, there is no fire service station here. The only one that can be of service to us is at Toyota or Ikotun. We have had enough fire mishaps in this estate. Not quite too long, there was a fire outbreak and before the fire service could get to us, due to distance and bad roads, the apartment had been razed. I met the local council chairman and was told that the state government has given the estate two fire engines. They were only waiting for office space. When would that happen?” Taiwo


posed rhetorically. He continued: “In Lagos Island where there are several sky scrapers, they only built tents to house the fire vehicles. What we need is a temporal tent instead of waiting for erection of a building for the fire engines. And if the LCDA does not have money, the land lords association can help to provide the tent. Fortunately and unfortunately, when this building collapsed, the council chairman, his deputy and I met, I told them that if we had had the fire service, although they are fire fighters, they would have been of great help, rendering first aid before the arrival of other rescue agencies. The second lady that died was still breathing while trapped. If this service were available, she could have been saved and taken to hospital. There is a space that the Lateef Jakande administration earmarked for fire station. Although part of the land had been sold, there is still some part of it



that could be used for the purpose. Racketeering “Originally”, Taiwo explained, there were “in the layout of the estate, provisions for fire station, hospital, police station. At the site meant for hospital, people had encroached into the land. There is a small health centre operating there now. In future, if there is need to upgrade the health centre to a General Hospital, there would not be enough space to accommodate it. But originally, there was up to a hectare of land marked for health centre. But the land vanished gradually leaving just a little.” Speaking in the same vein, Finaian Odu alleged that lands allocated for social amenities like fire service station, health centre, has been converted to residential buildings by successive governments. Shops, shops, every where Although the estate was not designed for astounding aesthetical splendour, the resi-

dents of the estate have also contributed their own quota to the bastardization of the estate aesthetics with indiscriminate construction of shops. And in Jakande Estate, Oke Afa, Isolo, it is a matter of shops, shops everywhere but not enough to rent! This has led to the near abandonment of the main market as those still operating there lament low patronage. “It was not like this when we rented shops in this market 20 years ago. Then, the government did not allow shops to be built outside this market. We had a lot of customers then. There was good competition within the market. This market was always filled with customers. But the story has changed. People now prefer buying things outside the market because it is close to them. We who are doing the right thing by being in the market are suffering while those who build illegal structures CONTINUED ON PAGE 35

‘It is beyond me’

Kehinde Bamigbetan is the Chairman, Ejigbo Local Council Development Area


hat is the state of buildings in Jakande Estate in your local government especially, against the backdrop of the one that collapsed recently killing two people? We need to understand that the law vests the control of buildings from approval, construction to maintenance in the unit of the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning called the Lagos State Building Control Authority (LABCA). In other words, matters of lands and building are within the jurisdiction of the state. The local governments are saddled with the sanitation of buildings and the environment. This means that assessment of the state of a particular building in a local government is the responsibility of LABCA. The local government can engage in advocacy and information to make these agencies aware that it suspects that buildings are defective but it is not empowered to bring defective buildings down. Is your government doing anything about ensuring that only habitable buildings are allowed to stand? We can only report buildings we suspect are defective to the authority so that they can come and assess it. There are over 10,000 buildings in the LCDA. We work with the Community Development Associations (CDAs). Each CDA covers 10 streets. The CDA and our Neighbourhood watch


can alert us on such buildings so that we can report them to the LABCA. How best can the safety of the citizens be assured in this circumstance? Early detection and report is the best safety option. In this particular case, the building was found to be defective and the occupants received notices from government agencies to move. Information available to me is that the family on the middle floor moved in response to the notices. The family on the ground noticed it on the fateful day, picked

their valuables and moved out few minutes to the collapse. And the fact we have is that in this sad event the family that lost those gentle souls was also alerted and asked to evacuate but took it lightly. Early detection is the best safety rule. How do you plan forestall a repeat of the situation in your area? The Lagos State Building Control Agency has been carrying out integrity tests on buildings in the area since this incident. The LABCA has assured me that all the buildings in the Low cost housing estates in Lagos State will be covered by the tests. I believe our role as local government is to keep up the pressure to ensure that the tests are carried to conclusion. Many have complained about the state of infrastructure in Jakande Estate. How do you react to this? The infrastructures for the Low Cost Housing Estate and its medium extension were not completed by the military governments that succeeded the Lateef Jakande administration. This could be due to the fall in government revenues after 1983. The maintenance of the estate by both the Lagos State Property Development Corporation (medium scheme) and the Lagos Building Investment Company (low cost scheme) can be much better. The LCDA intervention on the estate has been in the priority areas.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


‘No longer the estate of our dreams’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 34 are enjoying, making a lot of money. We are still enduring here believing that one day, the government will demolish those shops built outside the market,” Munirat Oloyide, a shop operator at the Main market, told Saturday Mirror. Dust and floods The sorry state of the estate could also be captured in what Afro Beat maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti described as “double wahala for deadi bodi”, construed in legal term as double jeopardy. At raining season, the residents of the estate are in trouble. At ‘dry season’, trouble still does not spare them. It is either flood or dust waging war against the estate and its residents. They therefore live in all-year-round trouble, especially those whose buildings are located along the Iyan Isheri Road. Also speaking, Olajide Amos expalained that “the main road from the Estate Gate connects Ijegun. That is why you see heavy traffic on this road. The more the traffic, the more the dust pumped into the air, mixed with carbon mono oxide. We inhale these dangerous substances innocently and dying gradually. It is really a cause of concern to our health.” “I cannot really say which to prefer, whether the dust or the flood. But I cannot prefer any of these. It is not what we bargained for. There is need for a total overhaul of the estate. The master plan of the estate has been bastardised. The areas earmarked for recreation had been illegally sold and people build anything anywhere without being cautioned. The estate is in a very pathetic state,” Akintunde rued. Security The estate is also wallowing in precarious security limbo. One would wonder what miscreants want from retired civil servants, who are the major beneficiaries of the buildings. But one need not wonder indefinitely. They are petty thieves who specialize in vandalizing cars. Fatai Abdulazzis has been living in the estate for 18 years. He told Saturday Mirror that he has not heard of any case of armed robbery in the estate. “However”, he noted, “there have been several incidences of burglary and theft. I have been a victim. My car was once burgled. They carted away my car stereo, brain box and other important removable parts. That is why we came together to hire a night watch man to watch over our cars at the car parks. Most of those who park their cars here have one sad story to tell of what these bad boys did to their cars. We have to resort to communal efforts to protect our vehicles. This is what we have been doing in the past 10 years. However, when I relocated to this estate initially, we did not experience this. It is the symptom of poor economy and its attendant joblessness,” Abdulazzis explained. Dividend of democracy The residents of the estate said they are law abiding citizens performing their civic duties, paying their taxes, but the government has neglected to carry out her obligations to “us. There has not been any form of improvement since I moved into this estate years ago. Rather, the condi-

Some of the buildings marked for integrity test

tion of the estate has been growing from bad to worse. We pay tenement rate to the government in addition to other personal taxes but they have not reciprocated our gesture,” Akintunde lamented. The collapsed building According to sources, the collapsed M 20 block, is one of the blocks built as palliatives for the widows and families of the military officers that lost their lives in the ill-fasted Air Force C 130 plane crash on September 26 , 1992, in Ejigbo, now a Local Council Development Area. However, the contractors, according to residents who spoke with Saturday Mirror, are bereft of patriotism and human feelings as they constructed time bombs rather than a safe place of abode. “In that zone, the first sets of structures were built in 1996 for the widows of the military officers that died in the 1992 place crash. The remaining “M” structures were built in 2001/2002. So, the collapsed building was built in 2001/2002,” Taiwo explained. Jakande and others The structures built by the administration of Jakande are still standing like the rock of Gibraltar, 29-year after they were commissioned. However, same cannot be said of those built after him. Saturday Mirror sought the opinion of the residents of affected “M” blocks: “The building was poorly constructed with substandard materials. It is obvious from the debris of the collapsed building that adequate cement and rods were not used for pillars and decking. You don’t have to be a professional before you know that it was more of sand than cement. We saw several lapses on the part of the engineers who worked on it. ” Pastor Osakwe Lambert who is also a resident of the es-

tate said. And Pastor Paul Akinyele thinks “government did not play their oversight function. If they did, we would not have experienced this tragedy. There is poor maintenance culture. The government has failed to put proper maintenance policy in place to ensure up to date care of the estate. I don’t know the function of the LSDPC, the owners of this estate. I wonder if they have oversight function aside from developing properties”. “Even a child can put a nail to the wall of those buildings with bare hands. Nails cannot stay on its wall. The construction was just poor. This is not so with those built by Jakande which are still proudly standing without any defect. That particular area is close to the swamp and they were supposed to do raft foundation after carrying out a depression test, before construction. With what we saw, this was not done. The houses were built for wives of soldiers who lost their husband in the plane crash. Majority of them have sold theirs,” he revealed. Demolition fever Even those who are not prepared to relocate due to financial challenges or unavailability of desired alternative, the unfortunate incidence of the collapsed building offers a sort of advice that is too dangerous to deny. More than 10 buildings have been marked for assessment test and possible demolition. And this means more than 60 families face possible homelessness. For some observers, it is a welcome development to avoid further casualty. But for others, it is the usual fire brigade face saving approach adopted by governments when such fatal incidence occurs. And to compound the problems of those

whose building has been marked, they have been ordered to vacate their apartments within 24 hours. “It is a sad thing to see those pretty young girls, still full of life, to pass away suddenly in such tragic circumstance. We would have parked out of this building long ago but we don’t have the financial power to do so. You know, the country is not treating us well. We have children and wives to take care of. We love their lives but money is what is drawing us back and still keeping us here. Once we raise the money to get our family decent apartment, we will be off. I pray this will happen before the Lagos State Government roll in their bulldozers,” Chikezie Ahamefula told Saturday Mirror. Also speaking, Segun Adedayo said that while planning for 2013, they had no inkling that they would soon be rendered homeless. It was a sudden strike. And it cuts like a knife. “It is not easy. We are facing a lot of challenges in terms of relocating from the buildings marked for possible demolition. We were planning for the New Year without any thought that this kind of situation will befall us. If not money, who would have loved to live in this kind of condition” Adedayo quizzed. Nevertheless, allaying fears of imminent homelessness of those occupying the marked buildings, Taiwo said that: “The buildings were not marked for demolition. They were marked for integrity test. The buildings that pass the test would remain. Those that fail would be demolished. I have spoken with the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and they have offered palliative measures, in terms of temporary relocating all those whose buildings would be demolished.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

We are human beings too

People with Down’s syndrome protest stigmatisation Most if not all of them look different. They act their own way too. Nevertheless, people with Down’s syndrome are normal human beings, despite many people feeling otherwise. How would this stigmatisation and discrimination against this group of people stop?


Uloma and Ruka



omedians make jests of them to the delight of their audience. Educational institutions discriminate against them due to their supposed below average mental ability and associated disorders. They are called different names and given negative appellations such as imbeciles, “mumuu”, etc. But children as well as adults living with the Down’s syndrome have cried out against the level of sustained discrimination mated on them by the society. However, the difference between persons with Down’s syndrome and “normal” human beings is just the possession of an extra chromosome medically referred to as Chromosome 21. But it is a very big difference. It is the root of the discrimination from almost all strata of the society. “Don’t call us imbecile or ‘mumuu’. We are human beings like you. We can live our lives and contribute to the good of the society. What we need is support. The fact that we are born this way does not mean that we cannot think and do things for ourselves. So, I don’t know why anywhere we go, people refer to us as ‘mumu’ and treat us with without respect. Please, don’t discriminate us,” a visibly angry Lammy, who has Down’s syndrome, poured out his heart to Saturday Mirror on the stigma mated on them by the society. Ruka, another girl with the condition, would want the society to show them love rather than “making us feel ashamed of


ourselves. We want to go to school. We want to do things for ourselves and be good citizens. We are not evil. We are good children of our parents and we should not be discriminated,” she lamented. Tope is a 14-year-old lad full of life. He is always attracted and attached to anyone that comes his way. Sadly, it is not everybody that is receptive to his friendly gestures. And he wailed: “I don’t know why some people are afraid of me. I am not afraid of them. I see them as friends but sometimes, some people don’t want to have anything doing with me. Why. It is not good”. Speaking with Saturday Mirror, Mrs. Penny Greene, a London 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer and a director with Down’s Heart Group (DHG), United Kingdom (UK), who once had a baby with the condition and has been an advocate for Down’s syndrome since the demise of her baby, explained that she has visited Nigeria twice to advocate for a non discriminatory treatment of people living with the condition. “I came to Nigeria because of the prevalence of Down’s syndrome and also because of my adopted baby, Onna. Sometimes ago, she was diagnosed of Down’s syndrome and with a hole in the heart. We had to solicit for fund for her and she was sent to India for a heart surgery. My love to care for people with this condition became more even necessary because I had a boy with the condition and he lived just 100 days,” she revealed. Speaking further, she held that “nearly half of children with Down’s syndrome have hole in the heart and I had to get involved in the past 23 years because of my experience. I wish to see children with this condition live to their potentialities and cre-

ate awareness for parents who have such children not to discriminate or hide them out of shame. She added that children with the condition are only special and required special attention than remorse, regrets and sympathy from parents, guardians or the public. She cautioned that such compunction are only discriminatory than helpful. To her, the creation of special schools for schools for children with Down’s syndrome is discriminatory. She rather advocated their integration with other children to enhance their sense of belonging and balanced growth and development. “There should not necessarily be special schools for children with Down’s syndrome. What they need is special attention in schools as well as homes. They also need learning aids in normal schools and with that, they can grow up with other children without being separated. They are children with special needs and they should not be discriminated,” she added. While some mothers would heave a sigh of relief at the death of any “deformed” child or any child with problematic medical conditions, Greene was poised to letting her baby live but when it proved otherwise, she was devastated. “I was 29-year-old when I gave birth to my baby boy with Down’s syndrome. I was aware of this during scan and the doctors advised me to abort. I refused. I wanted to bring him to the world. I was determined to give him all the best I could afford for him but he lived only 100 days,” Greene recounted. Patience Omotade is the mother of five years old baby Onna. Relieving her plight to Saturday Mirror after her daughter was

diagnosed with a hole in the heart due to Down’s syndrome, she said that she was watching her dying and could not do anything because of financial constraints until help came from above through DSAN and Greene. “When I had my baby, I never knew she had any abnormal medical condition. The condition was diagnosed a month after her birth. It was really not funny. I did not find it funny at all because I did not know what it takes to foot the bill of a child with a hole in the heart until I had my baby. I was seeing my baby lying helplessly and dying before my very own eyes as I could not raise the money for her medical treatment. “My husband also really felt bad as he did not have the financial power to keep his daughter alive. But the ego of a man would not just let him go begging” The story of abandoned babies abound. Such stories of inhumanity to innocent babies are mostly perpetrated by young and hapless mothers who cannot see beyond their nose for help thereby resorting to ungodly gravely self-help. However, despite her precarious situations, Omotade never thought of such solution. “I never thought of abandoning my baby. Never! It was very difficult seeing her in a condition I could not directly help. Why would I abandon my baby when I don’t have the power to determine whether she would live or not? I only worked and prayed to God to have mercies upon her and her name worked for her. She is Honour and she was honoured by God and human beings,” Omotade explained. Advising those who subject their physically challenged children to inhuman treatment as well as those who abandon their child after birth, she enjoined them to desist from such inhumanity as they do not have the power to give live nor to take. “They should hold on to God. With God, all things are possible. When you put your trust in Him, there is that inward assurance that it would be surely well with your conditions. God does not make mistakes.” Mrs. Rose Mordi is the Founder and President of Down’s Syndrome Association of Nigeria (DSAN). Her daughter has the condition. And despite her level of education and enlightenment, she acknowledged the challenges of taking care of children with the condition, noting however that with appropriate information, the challenges are nothing to worry. “Taking care of children with Down’s syndrome is very challenging but quite interesting. Ultimately, it is quite fulfilling. When you take a stock of the lives of these children, you will realise that since they started socialising, having access to education, etc., their lives have changed considerably. They improve by the day, the more they interact with other people.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


Kogberegbe Community of Lagos is a peculiar one. The inhabitants have only one source of income: refuse! How do more than 3,000 people survive on “mere” scrap and refuse? FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


ne of the things that stand out the Kogberegbe community situated behind the Ojota New Garage in the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State is the shock with which most first time callers take the fact that the place is inhabited by human beings. Another thing is the pervading odour which stench oozing from the deluge of refuse and scraps that make up the entire community hangs like a heavy cloud over it. But the truth, no matter how bitter, is that about 3,000 human beings eat, sleep live and even procreate on these heaps of scrap and refuse. Inhabited by various ethnic groups but majorly people from the northern part of the country, the inhabitants of this place refer to themselves as Lagosians at least by residence if not by birth and for some by birth. Needless to say that these people are far removed from the megacity mantra of the state government considering their standard of living. Many of these residents are largely into the business of metal scrap sales and general recycling businesses: little wonder they dine wine and virtually live all their lives on these scraps they turn to wealth. While majority of their women engage in food selling and other petty trading in provision items and perishable foods, their men are majorly into the business of scavenging for scraps and making large sales out of it. Apart from the pungent malodorous stench from dilapidated zinc and the wooden buildings that greet the first-time caller, the sight of malnourished women and poorly fed kids playing around the refuse is a common feature in this habitat. It is a place where man and animal and filth co-habit freely. While one considers with empathy the kind of life residents of this place live, the expression on their faces reads the contrary. They look happy and contended. Alhaji Salihu Adamu who is the chairman of Gidankwali as the Hausa part of that community is so called disclosed to Saturday Mirror that he is one of the very first people to come to the place when the it was all bush. “I came into this community in 1958 and back then, there were no houses; everywhere was bush and swampy. You would not even know that anyone was living there because it was a very thick bush. We only managed to create a narrow path for us to pass. I was not here alone at that time. We were many because what brought us to this community then was our job. At that time, we were into the business of dredging for sand. Sand digging and selling were our major jobs” He further disclosed that when the

Kosofe slum

A site at Kogberegbe community

One man’s filth, another man’s wealth!



sand business came to an end for them, they had to start another type of business . “When the sand business came to an end, we had to start something else and that was how we started the scrap business around 1967. We had started off the scrap business gradually at that time and that is what we still do till now,” explained Adamu. He explained that the scrap business entails sourcing for used computers, air conditioners, and other metal components and removing the valuable items in them like copper, iron and other valuable components which we put together and send to universal steel company for sales. “That is what we do till now and that is the major business in this community. As much as this community is residential, it is also a commercial one where waste is being converted to wealth and that is why you see a lot of scraps around,” he added. To an outsider, these things are filth and dirt but indeed, these are wealth waiting to be converted into real cash noted Adamu. However, “inherent in this pile of metal scrap are serious likelihood of tetanus, typhoid fever and even the risk of being

bitten by snakes and scorpion that may be hiding in the filth or worse still, Hepatitis B” noted Dr Francis Onyemuchara, the Medical Director, Healing Balm Hospital in Ikeja. Onyemuchara further warned that living in such an environment is life endangering noting that people living under such unkempt condition risk being infected with the aforementioned diseases as well. Onyemuchara further explained that in most cases having access to basic amenities such as water, health system and others may be difficult. Adamu, also noted that since the inception of the community, they have collectively approached the state government for some needs but most of them are yet to be done. However, Adamu affirmed that currently, there is an ongoing project by the state government to give them borehole. According to Adamu “the project is almost completed and ready for use” Rose Osagie, an Edo State-born woman who has lived and done business in this community for about four years noted that life in the slum is not as tough as it appears; although, things are not rosy ei-

ther. “We are trying to make ends meet. I have been selling food here for almost four years now and all I can say is that I thank God,” she added. However, Rose said that if only government could help make their roads more accessible so that vehicles would be able to access the community easily things would be better for them. She also noted that the community needs a health centre of its own. “Right now we don’t even have any health centre around. If you are sick, you have to go all the way to Ogudu before you can get any health centre” said Rose. Another resident of this community Akeem Enitan, a Yoruba who has been living there for over 10 years told Saturday Mirror that although the place may appear filthy and dirty the scraps are actually wealth. “Most of us living here are into this business of metal scrap sales and recycling. As much as many of us live here, we also make our livelihood on these scraps we are surrounded with: it is a very lucrative business although people look down on it because it is a menial job. When Enitan was asked how he feels living in a place like this he responded: “Although it looks like a ghetto, we all live in peace here and we are like brothers and sisters. We cohabit with people from other tribes like the Hausas, Edo, Yoruba and other ethnic groups. Another good thing about this slum is that we have had no cause to panic over any problem of robbery. If any strange face comes in here today, it is very easy to identify because we all live like one big and happy family. We are all each other’s keeper here. If you are used to the life here, you will not want to live elsewhere besides, it gives me lots of access to where my business is”.



December 8, 2012

Olumo Rock

Saturday Mirror

Medicinal water drops from this hole

‘The Egbas first settled here’ SEGUN ADIO


o tourists and even citizens of Abeokuta, who, at one time or another, have visited the famous Olumo Rock in the Ogun State capital, the historical site is nothing more than the legendary refuge of the fleeing Egbas sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century. Historically, the people of Egba fled Oyo on account of growing discontent with the overlord-ship of the sitting Alaafin. Saturday Mirror on a trip to the site, discovered that providing shelter for the fleeing Egbas, is just one out of the numerous usefulness of the rock. Strange as it may seem, it is widely believed that Olumo Rock is endowed with the power to bestow long life and cure all manner of ailments, including the dreaded HIV/ AIDS. Kazeem Sulaimon, a young tourist guide, who conducted Saturday Mirror round the rock, waxed eloquent on the medicinal importance of the rock. The three elevators erected on the rock by the Governor Gbenga Daniel administration were said to be under repairs, so the available option was to climb the 144 steps to the basement of the rock. That took about forty-five min-utes. At that point, Sulaimon, a govern-ment-approved tour guide joined us for the two-hour tour. In what looked like the secret shrine from where the Egbas derive their strength, Sulaimon showed Saturday Mirror the Oju Olumo shrine (Olumo Main Shrine). According to the guide, “On every 5th day of March, the five key kings in Egbaland, namely Alake of Egbaland, Oshile of Oke Ona, Olowu of Owu, Gbagura of Agura and Oluba-ra of Ibara, would come here to offer prayers to the gods of the town for peace to reign and also for prosperity for the sons and daughters of the land


wherever they may be. However, only the Alake and the priest are allowed to go into the innermost part of the shrine while other Obas wait outside,” he said. According to Sulaimon, “the Obas also pray that no calamity of any kind is recorded among the tourists that visit the rock, and it is significant that since tourists have been coming here, no one has ever fallen from the rock.”About fifty metres from Oju Olumo shrine is a spot from where medicinal water drops from the rock. The water travels from the top of the rock through the rock path and steps out to the path from where people go to collect it. The water only flows once in many years, and when it does, people from home and abroad dash to the spot to get some. Su-laimon said of the powers of the water, “Many people have tested and seen the powers of the water. It cures all kinds of ailments even the dreaded HIV/AIDS. The water does not run often. It could take eight years or more before it does, and when it does, many people, including traditional healers, come to fetch it.One part of the rock a tourist cannot ignore is the cave where the Egbas first settled upon their arrival under the rock. Moulded with clay, relics of a five bed-room apartment built in the cave was visible though only one of those rooms is still standing. Apart from the stand-ing one room apartment, conspicuously scattered on the ground in the cave are six engraved grinding stones, ostensibly used by the Egba women of that genera-tion. Sulaimon



also claimed that up till now, some Egba families still make their young ladies learn the act of grinding pepper with those stones. Perhaps, the most striking aspect of the rock is the Orisa Igun shrine, just 20 metres from the cave. In Yoruba, Orisa Igun simply translates as god of longev-ity. The shrine, situated at the Itoko-end entrance of the rock, has four elderly women manning it. Seated right inside the shrine was the chief custodian of the Orisa Igun. At

126 years, Chief (Mrs) Sinatu Amusa, the Iya Orisa of Olumo, is the priestess in charge of the shrine, and has seen it all on the rock. She told Saturday Mirror that the shrine is meant to extend people’s life span. Asked to sub-stantiate her claims, the priestess said, “I can tell you that here at Orisa Igun shrine, people are guaranteed long life if we offer the appropriate sacrifices to the Orisa Igun. Many prominent names have come here and I can boldly tell you that some of them are past hundred years on earth.”One of the few male members of the Orisa Igun deity met in the shrine was Mr Olawale Olaniran. In his forties, Olaniran corroborated Chief Sinatu’s claims on the longevity powers of the Orisa Igun. According to him, “Orisa Igun is empowered to extend people’s life span. We the custodians of the shrine know how to appease the orisa to hear-ken to this request. Many people in this country have been brought here and they have been blessed with long life. Some are even well known names in the coun-try,” said the middle aged man. Among items used to make sacrifices to the god, it was revealed, are cows, snails, goats and many other unnamed items always demanded by the deity. Another port of call was the clay-moulded portraits of five legends pro-duced in Abeokuta, namely, Lisabi, Adurodekun, Alatishe, Okukenu (from whom the present Alake derived his title) and Sodeke. These five warlords of Abeokuta are remembered for their contributions to the emergence of this great town and have their portraits carved in stone at the Itoko end of the rock. By the time the team got back to the Ikija end of the rock, from where it took off, the tour had taken a little over two hours, with some adventurists already taking their turn to tour the mystical rock.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


elayed puberty is a phrase used to describe when a boy or girl has passed the usual age of onset of puberty with no physical or hormonal signs that it is beginning. Puberty is the process of physical changes by which a child’s body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction. Delayed puberty is defined as the absence of sexual development in females by age 13 and in males by age 14. The condition also applies to adolescents that have begun sexual development, but changes are progressing slowly over three- five years. Several hormones regulate puberty, or sexual development. Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are produced in a special part of the brain called the pituitary gland. These hormones stimulate the ovaries and testes. In combination with hormones from other glands in the body, these hormones cause the physical changes seen in puberty. In early to mid-puberty, both males and females experience growth spurts as well as hair growth in the Pubic and underarm areas. When ovaries are stimulated they produce estrogen. This hormone is responsible for breast development and changes in the body shape. In combination with other hormones, it also causes menstruation (periods) to begin. This usually happens at age 12 ½ years. When testes are stimulated they produce testosterone. The size of the genitals increase and masculine body changes begin, usually by age 13 ½ years.

How long will delayed puberty last? Puberty may be delayed for several years and still occur normally. This form of delayed puberty is

Delayed puberty betes, asthma, defects to the body’s responsiveness to sex hormones and congenital conditions.

What are the possible effects of delayed puberty? The hormones estrogen and testosterone are responsible for normal sexual development. If your child’s body cannot make these hormones, replacement with man-made forms of the hormone is indicated. If the hormone is not replaced, normal adult sexual maturation will not occur. Your child may be short for his/her age and/or look younger than their peers.

Treatment for delayed puberty

called constitutional delay.

Symptoms of delayed puberty The most common symptoms of delayed puberty are:

Girls:  lack of breast development by age 13  more than five years between breast growth and menstrual period  lack of pubic hair by age 14  failure to menstruate by age 16

Boys:  lack of testicular enlargement by age 14  lack of pubic hair by age 15  more than five years to complete genital enlargement

What causes delayed puberty? The most common cause of delayed puberty is constitutional delay of growth and puberty. This means that your child’s body clock is slower than their calendar age and given time, without treatment, they will grow and develop normal sexual characteristics. These children are sometimes referred to as “late bloomers”, and this is more commonly seen in males than females. Other causes of delayed puberty include a history of illness such as cancer, kidney, heart or lung disease, medication, eating disorders, trauma or injury to the pituitary gland, trauma or injury to the ovaries or testes, high levels of sports activities, under nutrition, dia-

There may not be any abnormalities identified; this means puberty will eventually occur on its own. Delayed puberty can be treated. In some cases, treatment may involve hormone therapy or surgery to correct an anatomical problem. The exact type of treatment for delayed puberty will depend on:  the cause  your child’s age, overall health, and medical history  extent of the condition  your child’s tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies If an illness or medication is thought to be delaying puberty, these issues should be addressed before hormonal therapy is considered. If your child is a ‘late bloomer’ reassurance is needed that even without treatment, puberty will begin and sexual maturation will occur. Hormone replacement is given if test results show that the body cannot produce adequate amounts of estrogen or testosterone.


My menstruation is not normal Dear Mirror Doctor, I am 20 years old, but my menstruation is not normal. Please what do I do? Mercy Mirror Doctor replies, Your menstrual cycle can be disturbed if you change your method of contraception or if you have an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is not unusual to have a hormone imbalance for a few years after puberty

and before the menopause. This can cause your menstrual cycle to become longer or shorter. Your periods may also become lighter or heavier. If your irregular periods are caused by these age-related factors, you will usually not need to see your doctor. The following lifestyle factors can also upset your balance of hormones and cause irregular bleeding: extreme weight loss or weight gain, excessive exercise and stress. Contraceptives, an intrauterine device (IUD) or contraceptive pill may cause spotting between periods. An IUD can

also cause heavy bleeding. Small bleeds, known as breakthrough bleeds, are common when the contraceptive pill is first used. They are normally lighter and shorter than normal periods, and usually stop within the first few months. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) occurs when very small cysts (small, fluidfilled sacs) develop in the ovaries. The usual symptoms of PCOS are irregular or light periods, or no periods at all. This is because, in women with PCOS, ovulation (the release of an egg)

may not take place as often as normal. Also, the production of hormones may be unbalanced, and you could have higher levels of testosterone than normal (this is a male hormone that women normally have a small amount of). Gynaecological problems: Irregular bleeding can also be due to unsuspected pregnancy and early miscarriage or problems with the womb or ovaries. Thyroid disorders: A thyroid disorder is another possible but rare cause of irregular periods (the thyroid gland, found in the neck, produces hormones that maintain the body’s metabolism). Your doctor may test for a thyroid problem by taking a blood test to check the levels of thyroid hormones in your blood.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012

A cultural display recorded at the opening ceremony of ‘Eko 2012’ on November 27, at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos. INSET: Lagos State Deputy Governor, PHOTO: ANDREW EKEJIUBA Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire.

Eko 2012

We delivered on our promise, says Lagos Deputy Governor …Tells sports fans to expect a memorable closing ceremony



he Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Princess Adejoke OrelopeAdefulire, has revealed that Lagos State has delivered on its promise to host a memorable 18th National Sports Festival, tagged ‘Eko 2012’ and also creating the ‘spirit of friendship’ which has been the theme of this year’s sports fiesta. Speaking exclusively to Saturday Mirror ahead of tomorrow’s closing ceremony of the event, the Deputy Gover-

nor who also doubles as the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) added that the state is working hard to stage a memorable closing ceremony that will remain evergreen in the minds of all the visiting athletes and their officials. “We began this journey last year when Lagos State accepted to host the 18th edition of the National Sports Festival. Then, we also knew the challenges we would face, but today, we thank God that our state has delivered on the promise made.

Ondo coach P. 43 attributes gains in swimming to regular training

“The opening ceremony of Eko 2012 was a master piece because we used the opportunity to tell the entire world the history of Lagos through our displays and in the closing ceremony we are promising to go an extra mile since we are not going to repeat what we initially did at the opening ceremony. So sports fans should expect a memorable closing ceremony. “Coming back to your question, during the competitions proper, we gave room for fair play. You could remember in the address of our sports-loving Gov-

Ereyokan revels in 400m win P. 44


ernor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) at the opening ceremony, he made it clear that Lagos State was not desperate to win-at-all-cost because we believe that cheating is not good, if we truly want to encourage sports development in our country. “We all are witnesses to Team Nigeria’s flop at the London 2012 Olympics, where we could not win a single medal despite all the huge resources we spent, “she said with a tinge of regret, alluding to the need for our coaches and administrators to be more transparent in the selection of athletes that will represent the country in future international competitions. The Deputy Governor also added that winning-at-all-cost at major sporting events across the country only throws up the wrong athletes as champions, which is largely responsible for the country’s failure to win medals at major sporting events abroad. She advised our sports administrators at the National Sports Commission (NSC) to show more commitment in identifying fresh talents at the National Sports Festival and groom them to stardom. “I want individual states in the federation to key into what Lagos State is currently doing in terms of discovering talents from the grassroots. I remember telling the Sports Minister, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, and the Director General (DG) of the NSC, Chief Patrick Ekeji, at the opening ceremony to encourage other states to embrace grassroots-oriented programmes to unearth abundant talents that are wasting away and I think that’s the essence of establishing the sports festival. “Secondly, with much emphasis on sports development, it could also be used to create jobs for majority of our idle youths because we have lots of talents at our disposal who are willing to use their God-given talent to make the country proud,” she added. Speaking further on the negligence of the National Stadium, Lagos and the need to rehabilitate the existing structures that are in a dilapidated state, the Lagos State Deputy Governor revealed that the state had applied to the Federal Government through the NSC to lease out the stadium to them to manage, but they are yet to get positive response in that regard. “We have applied to the Federal Government to lease the National Stadium to Lagos State, so that we could commence the immediate repairs of the dilapidated structures and put the stadium to proper use, but they have not responded to our request. We may also send a reminder to them, because when we are talking of grassroots development of sports, it can only come to fruition if our future athletes have quality facilities to train with,” she concluded.

Chelsea misses Drogba –Mata P. 45



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

NSF: Curbing HIV scourge among athletes and officials HARD TACKLE


he 18th edition of the National Sports Festival (NSF), tagged, ‘Eko 2012’ has been described by many sports pundits as a huge success, but there is need for the National Sports Commission (NSC) and other relevant sporting federations to come together to commence a campaign aimed at eradicating the HIV scourge among athletes and officials of the ailing sports industry. This new war has become necessary to save and protect the lives of the present and future generations of our active sports men and women. When HT made a trip to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) test centers located at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, venue of the opening and closing ceremonies of ‘Eko 2012’, the information garnered over the HIV status of some persons who voluntarily came for the test was not palatable. This group of people who underwent the tests was majorly athletes, officials and sports fans who came from various states of the federation to partake in the sports fiesta. A female official in one of the test centers who pleaded anonymity, revealed to HT few days after the commencement of the festival, that one out of every five persons tested positive to the deadly

disease, and this figure represented 20% of the population tested. When I made another call to the test centre on December 7, which was exactly two days to the end of the sports festival, the percentage of persons who tested positive to the dreaded virus has increased to 30% showing that one out of every three or four persons had the virus. From the foregoing, the figures is one that should worry the administrators of sports in Nigeria, thus there is need for the NSC and other Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to come together to commence a new campaign among our athletes, officials and sport fans to enable them embrace meaningful the livelihood and not to engage in unprotected sex life, so as not to scuttle their future. Aside the athletes, the officials who have been bestowed with the responsibility of training and protecting these athletes are also failing in their duties to act as worthy guardians in this regard. It was because of the recklessness of some of our athletes when it comes to their sex life that I remember an encounter I had with one of Nigeria’s top female athletes who retired shortly after the 2004 Athens Olympics. One evening, the athlete whom I would prefer to remain


Andrew Ekejiuba anonymous had breezed into the National Stadium, Lagos and opened up to me on a matter that I considered was too private for a second person to hear. She began by revealing how her promiscuous ex-Olympian boyfriend dumped her to marry another lady after having an issue for him. When I prodded further, she revealed how they had engaged themselves in a marathon sex rump after his athletics event in Athens. Just like I noted early, I was not initially interested in knowing what went wrong in their affair, but when she affirmed that she had a baby girl after engaging in an unprotected sex with her fellow Nigerian athlete I had to take a second look at her. “How can you have an all-night unprotected sex rump with a man who is yet to take you to the altar and also knowing fully that you were not safe,” I asked her. But the answer she gave was not only nauseating, but also ex-


posed her as a stark illiterate. At the end, the lesson I derived from the athlete’s encounter was that she was not alone in this massive rush to have a ‘quickie’ after or during a major sporting event among athletes and officials. No wonder this has resulted to the increase in number of this group of persons testing positive to HIV at the ongoing ‘Eko 2012’. According to researchers, HIV is a lentivirus (a member of the retrovirus family) that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS); a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers to thrive. AIDS was first clinically observed in 1981 in the United States and till date the disease has no cure, but could be adequately managed with anti-retroviral drugs, which has enabled some patients suffering from the

disease to still live a normal life. But there is need for our athletes to apply caution and take some lessons home in order to enjoy a healthy living, even when they retire from the sports that has brought them fame and financial reward. The lessons drawn from American and National Basketball Association (NBA) star, Magic Johnson, is enough to teach our athletes, officials and sports fans that abstinence is the best way to avoid contacting the HIV virus. The psychological trauma Johnson experienced when it was discovered that he had the HIV virus forced him to retire on three occasions from a sport that brought him fame. According to reports, Johnson retired abruptly in 1991 after announcing that he had contracted HIV, but returned to play in the 1992 All-Star Game, winning the All-Star MVP Award. After protests from his fellow players, he retired again for four years, but returned in 1996, at age 36, to play 32 games for the Lakers before retiring for the third and final time. And to prevent his HIV infection from progressing to AIDS, Johnson takes a daily combination of drugs. Therefore, it is expected that our athletes and officials should endeavour to live a life worthy of emulation and free from the dreaded HIV scourge, to preserve the future generation of our sportsmen and women.


Chess: Bank-Olemoh delighted with Team Lagos exploits ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Chairman of the Lagos State Chess Association (LSCA), Fela Bank-Olemoh, has commended the entire Team Lagos for their performance at the ongoing National Sports Festival, and said the medals they won in chess is a just reward for the preparations put in place by the Board. The Team Lagos Chess has won three medals from individual and team events at the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival, tagged ‘Eko 2012’. The three medals are one gold, silver and a bronze won by the women’s team of the state in individual and team events. Yemi Osundinakin, playing on Board 1, won the gold medal, beating opponents from Bayelsa and Benue

States to silver and bronze respectively. In Board 5, Tumininu Oyewole of Team Lagos lost the gold medal to Oyo State’s player while Imo State settled for bronze. Lagos won silver in the Team event behind Delta, while Edo took the bronze in the games completed at the University of Lagos venue. The Team Lagos Chess has Mr. Bayo Babalola as the Technical Director who supervised the training of the team. A statement by Harry Iwuala, the Board’s Spokesman quoted Bank-Olemoh as saying “we are proud of the achievement of Team Lagos Chess at the on-going sports festival. We are particularly enthused by the outstanding success of the women team which won three medals on Wednesday” he said.

Harp Lager promotes responsible drinking at Eko 2012


arp Lager, a Guinness Nigeria brand and the official alcoholic beverage for the 18th National Sports Festival, tagged ‘EKO 2012’, is championing the cause for responsible drinking as fans celebrate with their teams during the festival. The brand is running a number of activities during the festival to create awareness and educate consumers about the benefits of responsible drinking. At the opening ceremony of the sports festival, artistes and key government dignitaries such as ace musician, Dare Art Alade, former Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora, Honourable Kayode Opeifa, the Commisioner for Transport in Lagos State and other personalities

signed the ‘Drink Responsibly’ boards to show their support for the campaign. According to Mr. Austin Ufomba, the Marketing Director, Guinness Nigeria, the company through its brand has always played a leading role in promoting responsible drinking and safe driving. “To facilitate and promote responsible drinking, Guinness Nigeria Plc has three principles in its approach namely: combating alcohol misuse, setting standards for responsible marketing and innovation, and promoting a shared understanding of what responsible drinking means in order to reduce alcoholrelated harm. “While Harp is associated with enjoyment and celebration, we must also promote the benefits of re-

Ace comedian, AY Senator, entertaining sports fans at the Harp Lager fan park at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, venue of the ongoing National Sports Festival.

sponsible drinking, particularly during the EKO 2012 festival and the holiday season in general. At Guinness Nigeria, we do not support irresponsible alcohol consumption, and always ensure that our promotions, promotional packaging and events do not encourage or support such activity,” Ufomba said. Meanwhile, throughout the festival, sports lovers

and customers have been given the opportunity to sign the ‘Drink Responsibly’ boards at all the sporting venues and various Fan Parks within Lagos. Other elements of the awareness drive include information cards, restriction of underage people drinking at the entertainment areas and provision of free water to ensure consumers remain refreshed.

Saturday Mirror


National Sports Festival Eko 2012

he Nigeria Squash Federation (NSF) on Friday commended players and officials participating in the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival (NSF) for working to enhance the profile of the sport. Femi Ajagbe, the federation’s president, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the resurgence being experienced in the sport would be sustained beyond ‘Eko 2012’ National Sports Festival. Ajagbe added that squash had once more attracted the attention of some notable stakeholders who had previously adopted a lukewarm approach to the activities of the federation at the sports festival. “There is more awareness now for the sport, which is attracting stakeholders. Next year will be a better year for squash as


December 8, 2012

Squash is regaining its prominence, says NSF president

this year is ending on a good note with the sports festival. “Our objective is to sustain the passion these players and officials have and to turn that passion into success; our federation is going to do everything

humanly possible to get squash to its peak. “With the way our players are now, with more regular competitions and exposure, we will be a force to be reckoned with internationally,” he said.

Team Lagos female soccer team celebrating their qualification into final after beating Osun 5-0 yesterday. PHOTO: ADEMOLA AKINLABI

Rivers, Delta claim gold in badminton men, women singles


ivers’ Clement Korobakpo and Dorcas Adesokan of Delta have respectively emerged the badminton men and women’s singles gold medallists at the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival in Lagos. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Korobakpo defeated Gideon Babalola of Delta 2- 0 to win the men’s gold, while Adesokan thrashed Augustine Sunday of FCT, also by 2-0, to win the women’s gold. It was Korobakpo third and last time to feature in the festival and was full of joy retiring from the biennial event with a gold medal. “It is a long life and a

proud achievement. I am proud to retire from the festival with the ultimate medal. For me, it is a victory I worked very hard for and I really thank God for this one. “I won a silver in the last Games in Port-Harcourt; I can blame that loss to the poor quality of facilities, as compared with what obtains in Lagos. “I am a gold medalist today and I’m proud and I now look forward to the doubles and mixed doubles events and hopefully a national call up,” Korobakpo added. Delta Head Coach, Fatai Tokosi, said that he had mixed feelings towards the gold and silver medals his athletes won.

“We won the women’s singles gold but lost the men’s singles gold to Rivers. This was because our men’s finalist, Babalola, was exhausted. “Anyway, I am still impressed with my players’ performance. That is sports for you; you either lose or win. Let just say the better side won today,” Tokosi said. Babalola, the men’s singles silver medallist, said that although he worked for the gold medal, he was satisfied with the silver. Adesokan, the women’s singles champion said that she was still nursing the ambition of picking the women’s and the mixed doubles gold medals.

Sabi pledges improved welfare for Kwara athletes IFEANYI EDUZOR


hairman of Kwara State House of Assembly Committee on Sports, Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim Sabi says that the State House of Assembly will liaise with the State Government to ensure that

The president also said that newly-discovered talents from the sports fiesta would be systematically groomed and exposed to the right kind of competitions that would sharpen their competitive edge.

there is improved welfare package for sportsmen and women in the state. He stated this when he led members of his committee to visit the state’s contingent at the on-going National Sports Festival tagged “Eko 2012”. According to him, his committee decided to em-

bark on the visit, to get first-hand information about the athletes’ welfare and the problems they are encountering at the festival as well as inspect facilities put on ground by Lagos State for the festival to enable it advice Kwara State Government on sports development in the state.



eam Delta’s gold medalist in Greeco-Roman wrestling event, Soso Tamara, has stated his desire to bring honour to the country by not only qualifying for the Brazil 2016 Olympics, but to also win medals at the events. Tamara emerged as one of the best performers for his state at the National Sports Festival, winning


Team Rivers edge out Team Lagos to reach basketball final


ivers’ men basketball team has defeated Team Lagos by 65 to 58 in the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival, “Eko 2012”. By the defeat, Team Lagos has lost the chance to play in the final of the competition. The match witnessed several interruptions by angry fans during the fourth quarter when Team Lagos was down by 10 points. This development forced the officials to halt the game for 20 minutes in last period of the game. Team Rivers Coach Fubara Oyenabor expressed delight on the outcome of the result saying that he was confident that

his team would outscore Team Lagos as soon as the game started. “I am happy we have reached the basketball final as defending champions, now we have a chance to prove that we are no pushovers in basketball. “Team Lagos and its fans should be able to accept defeat when it comes, the sports festival is to bring people together and not for war,” Oyenabor said. In his reactions, Team Lagos Coach Mark Balogun revealed that his boys lost the game due to loss of concentration and fatigue. In other fixtures, Oyo beat Plateau by 59-55 while Rivers trounced FCT by 52-45 to book a place in the final.

Wrestling: Delta’s gold medalist eyes Rio 2016 Olympic glory two gold medals in the two events he participated in and the Delta State-born athlete believes the experience he has garnered over the years will make him a medal hopeful come 2016. According to Tamara, who is making his final appearance at the bi-annual event having appeared in the last two editions, said all his efforts will be directed at qualifying for the next edition of the Olympics. “I am extremely happy

with my performance at this tournament and I am already planning on how to build on this outing by making sure I stay focused and qualify for the next Olympics which is one of the greatest competitions on earth. “It has been my dream to win laurels for my state and the country as a whole and I believe this sports festival has reawakened that consciousness in me which I will work on in order to actualise my dream,” he said.

Ondo coach attributes gains in swimming to regular training


egina Enofe, Head Coach, Ondo State Swimming Association on Friday attributed her swimmers successes at the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival in Lagos to proper use of the Olympic-size swimming pool in Akure. Enofe said the state swimmers had tremendously improved their performance since they started using the facility. She expressed the belief that her swimmers would soon begin to represent Nigeria in international tournaments. Enofe said the swimmers had so far won five gold, two silver and four

L-R: Johnson Ebimokemeof Rivers (sliver medalist), Williams Gbekemiye, Lagos (gold medalist) and Oduni Amukali of Delta (bronze medalist) during the swimming medal presentation at the National Sports Festival PHOTO:ADEMOLA AKINLABI in Lagos yesterday.

bronze medals at the Games, tagged “Eko 2012”. It will be recalled that they won one gold, nine

silver and 15 bronze in swimming at the 17th edition of the festival in Port Harcourt in 2011.



December 8, 2012

Ereyokan revels in 400m win

National Sports Festival Eko 2012

Lagos, Cross River clash in male football final IFEANYI EDUZOR


osts, Team Lagos and Team Cross River have qualified for the final of the men’s football event at the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival. The final match would be played today at the Agege Stadium, Lagos. To qualify, Team Lagos defeated Team Kwara 4-2 in the first semi-final, while Cross River defeated Team Delta 7-6 in the second semi-final match. The two matches were decided on penalty shoot outs. Team Lagos coach, Olatunde Lawson, described Team Kwara as a skillful team, saying that it was some luck that they were able to emerge victorious.



Action recorded during the triple chase final at the National Sports Festival in Lagos PHOTO: ADEMOLA AKINLABI yesterday.

Bayelsa athlete breaks 10,000m sports festival record


n athlete from Bayelsa, Kayode Seriki, has broken the 10,000 m National Sports Festival record set in the 16th edition of the Games in Kaduna in 2010 by Plateau’s Emmanuel Gyang. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Seriki returned a time of 30.01.43 secs against Gyang’s record of 30.29.63 secs in the race on Tuesday at the ongoing 18th edition of the festival in Lagos. The Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) confirmed the new record in a statement released on Friday.

Good planning gave us victory, says Delta wrestling coach IFEANYI EDUZOR


elta State wrestling head coach at the on-going 18th National Sports Festival tagged “Eko 2012, Peter Nwamaka, has attributed the success of Team Delta in the matsman game to good planning and dedication. Delta State wrestlers made a clean sweep of the Greco-Roman wrestling at the ongoing National Sports Festival when they won 4gold out of a total of 7 gold medals and capped it up with 3 silver and two bronze medals. According to him, his athletes put up a good performance at the

event because of hard work and dedication even as he declared that they are going to consolidate on the victory in future festivals. “We came to Lagos to maintain our dominance of wrestling and I am happy that we did not disappoint our teeming fans. “Our dominance in the sport both at the 17th edition of the festival hosted by Rivers State and the present one is an indication that we are undisputed champions in amateur wrestling in the country. “Our wrestlers determination, hard work and good planning coupled with the necessary motivations by the State Government, gave us victory,” said the excited coach.

Basketball: Lagos coach hails team despite missing gold SAYO OGUNDEJI


eam Lagos basketball coach, Mark Balogun, has hipped praises on his players for their performance at the tournament despite not making it to the final of the

Saturday Mirror

male event. Team Lagos started the tournament on a high, winning all her five preliminary games and looked certain to reach the final only to lose their semi-final clash on Thursday and their third place match against Plateau ended in a 53-49 points defeat.

Reacting to the development, Bayelsa State Athletics Coach, Sam Onikeku, said he was happy that the state broke the 10,000m festival record. Onikeku said the feat was earned through hard work. Meanwhile, in the men’s pole vault final on Friday, Emmanuel Agaba of Cross River won with 3.80m, while Sunday Ochapa of Benue was second with 3.80m and Dennis Ngbodo of Delta third with 3.60m. The athletics event of the festival is scheduled to end today.

rukpe Ereyokan of Team Ogun who emerged the fastest man in the 400m race at the ongoing 18th National Sports Festival held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos says that he will celebrate the victory for a long time, even as he declared that winning the race will propel him to become an international athlete in future. Ereyokan on Thursday won the gold medal with a time of 46.27 seconds to defeat the duo of Abbas Abubakar and Gerald Odeke both from Rivers State who ran 47.13 and 47.68 seconds to settle for the silver and bronze respectively.

Speaking shortly after the victory, he stated that he was overwhelmed with the victory just as he attributed it to hard work. According to him, winning the gold medal against the best runners in the country is not an easy task and as such will celebrate it for a long time. Meanwhile Tosin Aduloye of Ekiti state who won the women’s gold medal in the 400m race has dedicated her victory to God. Aduloye finished the race with a time of 52.92 seconds while Mariam Adeniyi representing Rivers State came second with a time of 53.08 seconds. Rita Ossai of Edo grabbed the bronze with a time of 53.67 seconds.

Orupe Erayokan of Ogun State after winning 400 meters men’s gold. PHOTO:ADEMOLA AKINLABI

Anambra sports commissioner fingers trio over athletes’ protest ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Anambra State Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Dr. Edozie Aroh, has fingered three coaches as responsible for instigating the state athletes in last Wednesday’s protest over the non-payment of their outstanding allowances at the ongoing National Sports Festival in Lagos. Speaking to Saturday Mirror, Aroh said he was shocked at the development after the sports ministry had paid the athletes 80% of their allowances earlier and promised to pay the outstanding 20% on December 7 which they agreed on. But in a twist of faith, the athletes who never allowed the agreed date for the payment of the balance to come began protesting when they learnt the commissioner was in Awka to pursue other state matters. “It was really embarrassing because when I returned back to Lagos, I was reliably informed that three coaches, namely, Jude Nwafor of Taekwondo, female

wrestling coach, Emeka Obidima and Mr. Ossai who coaches our female volleyball team, were behind the incitement of our athletes over the outstanding 20% of their allowances. “I was not surprised because the whole melee has remained as a common problem in the country where athletes place premium on financial gains over excelling in their sporting events. And with this scenario, you cannot get the best from an athlete who is more interested in making money than excelling in the sporting event they have come to participate in. The coaches task these athletes for money and this was exactly what happened in Team Anambra’s case. “Some of the athletes who have finished their events were being instigated by their coaches to go on rampage because they are desperate to part with part of the allowances of the athletes. “I also gathered that the coaches were afraid that if the athletes get to Awka that they may not get their share of their


money from the athletes,” Aroh said. The commissioner however noted that if a coach should connive with athletes under him over financial issues like sharing athletes’ allowances, then it is clear that the coaches may not be able to field good athletes for their events which is sad.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012

Rafael: Defence key for Manchester derby M Drogba

Chelsea misses Drogba –Mata


uan Mata admits losing Didier Drogba was a huge loss for Chelsea and it has taken them time to adapt. Ivory Coast international Drogba moved to Shanghai Shenhua this summer, leaving a hole which Mata’s fellow Spain international Fernando Torres has struggled to fill. “Drogba’s departure was like an electric shock for us. He was a warrior. “We’ve had to learn to cope without him because for many long years he was Chelsea’s lightning conductor. “With Drogba we were conditioned to play in a certain way,” Mata said. Torres has faced much criticism for his performances, but Mata believes the onus is on his team-mates to adapt to the former Liverpool player’s style. “His runs aren’t the same,” said Mata. “He’s not a funnel for our play like Drogba could be. “He doesn’t like the holdingit-up role. He prefers finding space and facing the goal.” Despite his struggles since moving to Stamford Bridge, Mata still has full confidence in Torres.

Wenger blasts Walcott over contract delay


rsene Wenger has hit out at contract rebel Theo Walcott over the forward’s failure to agree terms with the club. The England international is in the final six months of current deal at Emirates Stadium, and will be able to speak with potential new suitors from January. Arsenal believe they have offered Walcott - who is refusing to sign a new five-year deal worth £75,000-per-week as he looks for a salary closer to £100,000 - an enticing package to keep him in north London, but the 23-yearold continues to stand firm over his demands. The manager has remained steadfast in his belief the player he signed as a 16-year-old will

anchester United defender Rafael da Silva has warned they must improve defensively for their clash with rivals Manchester City. Sir Alex Ferguson’s side have fallen behind in 15 of their 23 games this season and shipped three against strugglers Reading last time out in the Premier League. Although United went on to win the game 4-3, Rafael was hauled off in the first half and believes the whole team have to improve defensively. When asked if he believed Manchester City could destroy their opponents on Sunday, he said: “Of course, yes. If we defend like we have done in some games we will be in real trouble against a team like City. “That’s 100 per cent sure. I don’t know why we have had problems

defending this season. If we work hard in training I’m sure we can learn to defend better. “In the Premier League Manchester City are doing very well – they just seem to keep going and going. But we just need to concentrate on ourselves. “It is a big game for us and we need to play at our best level. They have a very good attack with some quality strikers. This will be our biggest test of the season. They have two Argentina strikers (Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero) and I am from Brazil so that increases the rivalry for me.” After losing the Premier League title to their rivals on goal difference after Aguero’s dramatic winner against QPR on the last day of last season, Rafael believes the experience has installed a new determination within the squad. However, a win tomorrow would move United six points clear of the champions and the

Arsenal players demand extra training to improve form –Arteta


rsenal players have demanded extra training in a bid to end their poor form, according to midfielder Mikel Arteta. The Gunners host West Brom today are in 10th place in the Premier League following last weekend’s 2-0 defeat by Swansea at the Emirates Stadium. The situation, not helped by another loss to Olympiakos in midweek, has led to huge frustration among Arsenal fans and Arteta says the players feel it just as keenly. “People are hurting, people are upset with themselves, the players are angry and I think that’s a good thing. It’s not like players couldn’t care less, they know what they need to do. “At Arsenal you have a group of players who want to give 100 per cent and that make things so much easier. I always see that in the dressing room.


“You look at the players’ faces, the disappointment, the hurt. They want to put it right. You’ve got players here demanding and wanting to do extra training. It’s in them to work harder to put it right,” Arteta said. While Arteta accepts Arsenal have been a long way off their best for some time now, last week’s loss to Swansea was particularly tough to take.

Perez keeps Mourinho out of Real Madrid’s future


stay, but his mask slipped at Friday’s press conference when he admitted his frustrations at the on-going wrangle.


lorentino Perez is already planning Real Madrid’s future for the next few years - but without current coach Jose Mourinho. According to media reports this week, Perez - one of Spain’s richest businessmen through



Verratti focused on PSG


SG midfielder Marco Verratti is unfazed by rumours Juventus are keen to lure him back to his home country. The Serie A champions were keen to sign the Italy international at the end of last season, but Verratti eventually opted to join PSG instead.

Begovic plays down future links


toke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic has played down talk linking him with a move away from the club, insisting he is happy at the Britannia Stadium. Liverpool and Manchester United are both reported to be keeping tabs on the Bosnia shot-stopper, who has impressed for Stoke this season.

Arsenal lures Zaha ahead of £9m January bid


full-back says that is huge motivation for his side as they prepare for the short trip to Etihad Stadium.





1. Man Utd




2. Man City




3. Chelsea




4. Tottenham




5. West Brom




6. Everton




7. Swansea




8. West Ham




9. Stoke




10. Arsenal




11. Liverpool




12. Norwich




13. Fulham




14. Newcastle




15. Aston Villa




16. Wigan




17. Sunderland




18. Southampton 15



19. Reading




20. QPR





his construction companies - is already planning his campaign to be re-elected club president in the summer of 2013, for what would be a fourth four-year stint. Perez, 65, is still fairly popular with the Real fans and members, despite the recent stumbling of


rsenal are growing increasingly confident they have won the race to land Crystal Palace wonderkid Wilfried Zaha. The 20-yearold England international is a prime target for Arsene Wenger and the club will make a starting £9million offer next month.


Williams expects Swansea stars to stay


wansea captain Ashley Williams is confident the club can keep hold of their best players despite attracting interest from elsewhere. Swansea’s impressive run of form has led to speculation surrounding a number of their top stars, with summer signing Michu thought to be in demand across Europe. Mourinho’s team. He has recently changed the club’s rules to make it more difficult for members to be candidates for the presidency, and therefore few opposition candidates are expected. Even so, he is taking no chances, and is already putting together a strong campaign - based around a remodelled stadium, a new coach and new star signings. Perez has an ambitious plan to put a retractable roof over the club’s Estadio Bernabeu, and to increase revenue by building more shops and restaurants around the legendary stadium. With regards to a coach, Perez claimed that he is fed up with Mourinho’s campaigns against his enemies.


The United States Acting Secretary of Commerce, Dr. Rebecca Blank, spoke on the launch of the “Doing Business in Africa” campaign, an initiative to help American businesses in Africa among other matters. Excerpts:

December 8, 2012

‘Africa is important to world’s prosperity’ spective, as Secretary of Commerce, I mean, my main concern here is you want to create a sense of stability. US companies and businesses watch these things on the news, and it affects their view of whether South Africa looks like a place to bring their next investment. So the peace and security aspects of the sub-Saharan African strategy are very closely linked to the commerce and trade aspects. You know, stable and strong and growing economies are usually also peaceful and secure economies.



hat informed the launch of “Doing Business in Africa”? As some of you heard in my remarks, I am here to advance President Barrak Obama’s “Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa” – specifically his goal of spurring economic growth, trade and investment in Africa. President Obama believes that Sub-Saharan Africa can be the world’s next great economic success story and the United States wants to help promote and advance that success. In addition, Africa is more important than ever to the security and prosperity of the international community and, to the US, in particular. The President believes that addressing the opportunities and challenges in Africa requires a comprehensive US policy that is proactive, forwardlooking, and that balances our longterm interests with near-term obligations. That is why on June 14, 2012, President Obama announced a new “Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa” that recognises the importance of strengthening our partnership with the continent. The “Doing Business in Africa” Campaign will be an unprecedented, whole-of-government approach to promote more US trade with Africa, to spur greater trade financing, and to reach out to key groups such as the African Diaspora within the US. The overarching goal is to dramatically strengthen US commercial, trade, and investment ties with sub-Saharan Africa – a critical part of the President’s Strategy. We’re going to expand efforts to make trade financing available to the US companies seeking to do business in Africa, especially in critical growth sectors like renewable energy. That’s why, as part of this campaign, I was pleased to announce the U.S. Africa Clean Energy Development and Finance Centre, which will operate out of Johannesburg. We will be working with East African Community – among other things – to establish a regional investment treaty, to provide trade-capacity building assistance, to build a more

Saturday Mirror


open and predictable business climate, and to establish America’s first-ever regionally-based Commercial Dialogue – the first U.S. Commercial Dialogue in Africa. Overall, the “Doing Business in Africa” campaign is about finding new ways for both business and government leaders throughout the US and Africa to form powerful linkages, strong partnerships, which lead us all to greater prosperity. Why did President Obama only spend less than a day in Sub-Saharan Africa if he is really interested in Africa? As you know we’ve had some major economic and financial challenges in the US over the last four years, and President Obama has really focused his energies in his first term on putting the US economy on a stable path towards prosperity. I think he has done that quite effectively as his re-election has reaffirmed. He obviously has a long-time interest in Africa. He has roots in Africa,

as you all know, and I actually rather expect that he is going to put quite a bit of focus on the African region. I am here at his personal request to come to Africa to talk about some of these issues, and I expect that he is going to be looking towards this continent as a possible place for him to spend more time as well in the coming four years. How do you see the recent labour difficulties both in the mining and agricultural sectors in South Africa affecting American business opportunities in that country? I think any business leader will tell you that their investment and commitment to an area is very strongly related to their sense of political and economic stability in that area. South Africa has been a gateway for the rest of Africa, in part, because it has had a growing and stable economy. Certainly the recent labour issues that have arisen around mining and some of the deaths we have seen are a great concern. From my per-

One of the dynamic economies of East Africa is Rwanda. Do you have any qualms about US firms doing business in there? There is obviously a great deal of concern about the problems that are currently emerging in the Congo and what might be behind some of that. I don’t have any comments specifically on that particular international situation. I think my comment on all of this is similar to the comment, the answer that I just gave, that resolving these sorts of issues, preventing their recurrence, making sure that there is both politically stable as well as economically stable environment, is seriously going to affect American businesses’ interest in investing in the African continent. Places where they don’t see that sort of stability are not places where they are going to invest. So we are quite concerned about the whole set, whether it is the peace and security, the democratic institutions piece of it, or the opportunity and development piece. All three of those tie in with each other and are all quite critical for the trade and investment side as well. What is your strategy on African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)? I was very pleased that the President signed a continuation of the AGOA agreements just this last summer. And, as you know, those expire again in 2015. The administration has stated its strong support for the continuation of the AGOA agreement. They have been very important in terms of opening the US markets for a wide variety of African products, you know, everything from fruit to flowers to whole sets of products that had not previously been entering the market quite as much. Textiles and fabrics are an important piece of that as well.

Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012



December 8, 2012

‘Shoemaking is for the rugged’



t this period when unemployment seems to be the order of the day, it is very important to think of becoming an employer rather than being employed. Kayode Adebeshin, the Managing Director of Adebeshin Creations no doubt had an impressionable foresight when he went into the cobbling business some six years ago. It was at a time when it was not fashionable for anyone to go into the shoe making business. Today, however, he has made a fortune out of the vocation and also moved to some other businesses with the resource he realised from the shoe making business. While speaking with Saturday Mirror, the University of Lagos Business

Administration 400 Level student disclosed that he had to go into the shoe making business because of his inability to secure admission into a higher institution of learning after he completing secondary school. “After completing my secondary education, I sat for JAMB severally and was not able to secure an admission into a higher institution of my choice. Precious time was being wasted so at a point, I said to myself that things could not continue in that way. So I went for training in shoe making as an apprentice” explained Adebeshin. “After completing the apprenticeship, with the help of my uncle, I started off on a low scale. Little did I know that, that it would be my sustenance in life. “About 18 months after I had gone

Saturday Mirror


into the business, I lost my uncle who was also my benefactor after the death of my father in a ghastly motor accident and ass now saddled with the responsibility of taking care of myself, my younger brother and my poor mother. Thanks to the foresight of my late uncle who had invested in me by setting me up in the shoemaking vocation. “To ensure success in the business, and because of the high demand, I decided to carve a niche for myself and that would be my unique selling point and set me apart from my contemporaries. I learnt the art of making shoes with all sorts of materials including Ankara and Aso- oke. If you bring a fabric of your choice, I will make a pair of shoe that will meet up to the standard desired,” he explained further. Adebeshin further noted that shoe making business is quite lucrative because shoes are essential to life. “You cannot move around without shoes. For guys and even ladies who prefer to go casual most of the time, we have exotic collection of casual footwear to match their taste. We even make shoes with individual’s preferred materials” According to Adebeshin, it is a business that requires a formal training in form of apprenticeship and a strong passion because it involves dealing with people from all walks of life. As such one just has to learn how to deal with all these people politely and respectfully too. He explains that the amount required to establish the business solely depends on how big or small an individual wants to start. “If you do not have the money to start big, you can as well start small. After undergoing the necessary training, a prospective operator may begin by acquiring an outlet or apartment for the business. After this, about N200,000 will be enough to acquire the necessary tools and machines needed for the job” explains Adebeshin. He further noted that one of the challenges inherent in the business is meeting up with production deadlines from



customers adding that content hard work is inevitable if one will make success of the business. “There are times you get bumper orders that you need to increase your pace of production. This, coupled with eye-for-details, helps in achieving success. The job is not for lazy people, who are not ready to work. You have to be determined and be rugged, if you are to succeed,” said Adebeshin. He explained that he sourced most of the materials locally adding that power generation is another headache because of the unstable nature of power supply in the country. “One will always need to source for one’s own power and this affects the cost of production which could have been lesser. He added that the business booms during festive periods while between January and March sales are usually low. “Generally, it is a low risk business simply because everybody needs to wear shoes out of his or her house every day. Elementary knowledge of the business teaches that if you are selling something that people need, you will always have an entire human race worth of potential customers. However, the idea is not just to set up a shoe company, but it is necessary that a new brand needs to bring something fresh to the market. Indeed, the best way to make it with small scale shoe business is to carve a niche and offer something that big brands may not be offering. Particularly, create a new design that will attract a common man and a wealthy customer to your business,” explains Adebeshin.

Crime Watch Crime Watch

P. 50

Two held with N18m cocaine


Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012


Enugu filling station robbery: Suspect regrets role

z Says, ‘I am just an errand boy in the gang’ Court remands man over alleged murder of peacemaker


Yaba Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday remanded a 28-year old man, Buba Majo, at the Ikoyi Prisons for the murder of one Saidi Ayeboyin. The Magistrate, Mrs M.O. Tanimola, ordered that the accused be remanded at Ikoyi Prisons, pending legal advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions The prosecutor Insp. Felix Ifijen, said that Majo, who is unemployed, committed the offence on Nov. 23 at about 6.00 pm at Alasia Ghetto in Epe, near Lagos. Ifijen, who was holding brief for Insp. Rita Momoh, told the court that the accused allegedly killed the deceased during a fight. “The accused was in an argument with another patron at a local food seller “mai shai” over who got there first. “The deceased came along to mediate when the accused brought out a knife and stabbed the deceased on the hand,’’ he said. Ifijen said that the deceased started bleeding and was rushed to a nearby hospital but died on the way. He said that the offence contravened section 221 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State.

Man bags 6 months jail term for misappropriation


n Abuja Senior Magistrates’ Court yesterday sentenced one Donald Akpa, a sales representative of Arrow Nigeria Ltd. to six months imprisonment for misappropriating N237,000. The magistrate, Mr Aliyu Shafa, pronounced a six months jail term for the offence of criminal breach of trust and another six months for criminal misappropriation. The terms are to run concurrently. He, however, gave the convict an option to pay N2,000 fine for each offence. The magistrate also said he would not entertain the prosecutor’s application because the value of the item misappropriated was not stated in the First Information Report (FIR). Earlier, the pProsecutor, Amby Ayuba, had told the court that the matter was reported at the Garki Police Station by one Ferdinand Ojelabi, who works at the same company with the convict. The prosecutor said that the accused was entrusted with 135 pieces of 300ml Raid insecticide, valued at N46,305, five cartons of 500ml of Raid insecticide, valued at N30,905.

Captured Okolie



he Enugu State Police Command has arrested a suspected notorious armed robber, Chukwujekwu Okolie, said to be one of those terrorising the state in the recent past. He was recently paraded by the state police command with some of the items recovered from him. Okolie and his gang, investigations showed, had been a thorn in the flesh of residents of Obolo Afor community in Udenu Local Government Area of the state. Not long ago, Okolie and his gang allegedly put the entire Obolo Afor community in fear when they reportedly stormed a filling station in the area. Five members of Okolie’s gang were reported to have carried out the raid on the filling station. The gang was reported to have arrived at the filling station in a saloon car with registration XD 776 AKL, pretending to want to buy petroleum product before they held the attendants and other workers in the filling station hostage. The robbers had reportedly threatened to kill their victims should they refuse to cooperate with them. In the end, all the attendants were allegedly robbed of their sales for the day. Valuables like telephone handsets and personal effects were also snatched from the hapless workers. Some items in the store of the filling station were also carted away. Eyewitnesses said that at the completion of their operation, the criminals fled the scene of the incident, shooting into the air as they fled. The matter was reported at the near-

est police command and the state’s Police Commissioner, Musa Daura, reportedly ordered a manhunt for the fleeing criminals. Before long, however, Okolie was apprehended while his four other partners-incrime are still at large. Okolie, said to be the armourer of the gang, was arrested with many weapons used for their operations. Some of the items recovered from him, a police source said, included three shotguns, one double barrel shotgun, one double barrel long gun, five live cartridges, three mask caps, a saw blade, jack knife and three Nokia handsets. In his confessional statement to the police, Okolie, who claimed he was “just an errand boy” of the gang, maintained that his partners-in-crime orchestrated the assault on the station. “We were going out of the state when one of us advised that we fill the tank of the car we were travelling in at that station in case they do not get fuel on the way. But when we got to the station, we discovered

that the attendants there had made a lot of sales for the day and we decided to strike,” said Okolie. But speaking on the arrest of the robbery kingpin, Enugu State Police Command spokesman, Mr Ebere Amaraizu, told reporters that Okolie and his gang had been a thorn in the flesh of residents of the community and Enugu State in general for some time now until he is caught. “Criminals are known not to want to easily own up to their crimes, but this one (Okolie) is cooperating well with our investigators. His arrest is really a major boost for the command,” Amaraizu said. The Enugu State police spokesman maintained that the swift response of law enforcement agents to the arrest of Okolie was the determination of the state’s police boss to rid the state of criminals especially as the Yuletide draws near. Amaraizu said the command had intensified security measures to arrest the other four members of the gang.

Pastor docked for allegedly raping 13-yr-old girl


he police in Ekiti yesterday arraigned Solomon Olasehinde, 25, before an Ado-Ekiti Magistrate’s court for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl. The prosecutor, Mr. Akinwale Oriyomi, alleged that the accused had unlawful carnal knowledge of his victim on November17, 2012 at about 5:30pm at C62 Oke-Ibukun Street, Otun-Ekiti. The prosecutor said the offence was contrary to 222 of the Criminal Code Cap 16 Laws of Ekiti and Section 357 and punishable under Section 358 of the Criminal Code Cap 16 Laws of Ekiti State of Nigeria, 2012.’

He appealed to the court for an adjournment to enable him duplicate the case file and send same to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice. The accused pleaded not guilty and his counsel, Mr. Ebenezer Adedeji, urged the court to grant bail to his client in liberal terms and assured the court that a reliable surety would be provided. The magistrate, Ms. Adejoke Anoma, granted bail to the accused in the sum of N100,000 and two sureties; one of whom should reside within the jurisdiction of the court and the other should be an elder in the Church where the accused was a pastor.

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t was a busy day for anti-narcotics operatives, two weeks ago when two suspected members of a drug syndicate were apprehended shortly before their departure from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. That day, Victor Chidozie Okonkwo and Basil Ugochukwu Nwafor were arrested for the possession of banned substance suspected to be cocaine by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). The banned drugs were allegedly hidden in their stomachs. Nwafor and Okonwko, both indigenes of Anambra State, were detected following a positive signal triggered by the scanning machines at the airports as they both walked past the equipment. Preliminary investigations revealed that the two swallowed 175 wraps of the banned drugs. The arrest of Okonkwo and Nwafor, who were billed to fly British Airways flight to London’s Heathrow Airport, caused some stir when it was discovered that they were both working for the same syndicate. Were the trip to be successful, Nwafor would have been paid 4,000 pounds Sterling, while Okonkwo would have got 5,000 from their sponsors. During interrogation, Okonkwo, 30, who lives in East London, was the first to speak. He claimed to have got his First Degree at the Anambra State University where he studied Economics. After his youth service, Okonkwo left the shores of Nigeria for higher learning. He then obtained his master’s degree in Innovative Management at the British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce, London. Okonkwo, a bachelor, is reportedly planning to take his fiancée to the altar early next year before was arrested. Of the seized drugs on both of them, Okonkwo allegedly ingested 102 wraps weighing 1.485kg. “I was only trying to make ends meet. I live in East London where I had my master’s degree but, after school, things were not rosy as earlier thought. First I was jobless and I could not sustain the kind of lifestyle there. It literally turned me into a different being entirely. It was a tough decision for me to smuggle drugs

Maduabuchi Uchendu and Chinyere Davies are siblings. What could have made the younger to batter the elder to the point of her being rushed to the hospital? Money? No! SEGUN ADIO


aduabuchi Uchendu will need to try hard to convince police authorities that he did not deliberately hit his elder sister, Chinyere Davies, with iron rod thereby inflicting on her grievous bodily harm. Maduabuchi, 40, lives at No 15 Kofowola Way, off Randle Avenue, Surulere, Lagos State while Chinyere, 41, used to live with her husband until recently when the couple was enmeshed in seemingly irrec-

December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Two held with N18m cocaine

z I needed to recoup stolen N3.5m in China – Nwafor z My London lifestyle demands more from me –Okonkwo

Nwafor Basil Ugochukwu

Okonkwo Victor Chidozie

Not only were Victor Chidozie Okonkwo and Basil Ugochukwu Nwafor arrested for trying to ferry substance suspected to be banned drugs out of the shores of Nigeria. The two men were alleged to have ingested the drugs just as they belonged to the same syndicate. They, however, gave different reasons for their incursion into the world of illicit drugs. but I needed to pay my bills. I feel bad that things turned this way for me. It is like a dream”. Okonkwo said amid tears. On his part, Nwafor, 37 and father of one, used to live at Igando area of Lagos State. He used to sell used telephone handsets at the famous Computer Village at Ikeja, Lagos. The business fetched Nwafor no small money as he could be described as comfortable with his family. But according to him in a bid to expand his business horizon, Nwafor, in 2009, was introduced to buying his consignment in China by a childhood friend. That year, Nwafor went with his friend to the Asian country and eventually was allegedly

duped of N3.5 million. After months of searching for his friend in China, Nwafor returned home and became bankrupt immediately. He then needed to get back to his flamboyant ways of the past. He resorted to couriering drugs. In his confessional statement, Nwafor, who had been promised 4, 000 Pounds upon safe delivery of the banned substance to the London-based cartel, claimed that family pressure on him for money coupled with the need to get back his business made him go into the illicit trade. “I used to be a successful businessman until I made a wrong investment three

years ago and I lost over N3.5 million in China. As a result of the financial loss, I became indebted and was lured into drug trafficking by a friend. I am sad that in a bid to recover my lost money I could not resist the temptation to smuggle drugs” Nwafor said. Reacting to the arrest of the two syndicate members, Chairman of NDLEA, Alhaji Ahmadu Giade, traced the incursion of youths in the illicit trade to inability of parents to teach their wards on good moral values. Gide, however, said that attempts by the two suspects to feign ignorance of their sins would not be taken by the agency. He said that the two of them would be charged to court, upon completion of investigations, in accordance with the Agency’s Act. “All arrangement is in place for the suspects to be charged in line with the NDLEA Act. I urge members of the public to eschew drug trafficking by joining the anti-drug abuse and trafficking crusade” Giade said.

Man batters sister over father’s property oncilable differences. After she was reportedly driven out of her matrimonial home, Chinyere thought she had an option of where to move: her father’s building. But she was wrong. When Chinyere, a fashion designer, reportedly brought the idea of relocating to their father’s house, Maduabuchi, her younger brother, would not want to hear of it. The matter soon degenerated into a heated debate between the siblings. Still, Maduauchi was adamant that his elder sister would not move into their father’s house, but rather, he advised that Chinyere reconcile with her estranged husband. So, on Monday, 3 December, 2012, Chinyere was again back at the house and this time, she reportedly told her younger brother that she was moving in and that no one would stop her. Maduabuchi, however, stuck to his gun,

claiming that his sister was acting contrary to tradition. Both of them would later engage in a heated argument. At that stage, Chinyere picked her telephone handset, hoping to report her younger brother’s intransigence to their much elder brother far away from the scene. It was reported that while Chinyere was making the call, he allegedly got hold of an iron rod and smashed his sister’s fragile body repeatedly with it. He was said to have continued until the hapless woman was torn and bruised and lying in the pool of her blood. The woman was immediately rushed to a private hospital in the area. The matter was later reported at the police station and was invited for questioning. In his statement before law enforcement agents, Maduabuchi claimed that he did

not deliberately hit his sister with the object but the woman was the architect of her own ordeal. He was quoted to have claimed that he was duty bound to protect their cherished ancestral tradition which his sister was about to ‘rubbish.’ In the words of, identified as Francis, he says, “On the day of the incident, the woman was desperate to get what she wanted from her brother but a heated argument soon ensued. Immediately after, there was a commotion. I rushed there with two of my colleagues e but what we saw was the woman crying like a baby and rolling on the floor,” Francis, Maduabuchi’s neighbour said. Another neighbour who pleaded anonymity, said that the fight between the man and his sister was an avoidable one which was allowed to degenerate into a brawl.

Crime Extra

Saturday Mirror

December 8, 2012



Eighty-five years old Samuel Oladipo had twice been accused of defiling underage girls. But he was never arrested nor tried. Recently, he was alleged to have done it again. The old man gave his reason though: the 12-yearold girl lured him to bed.


nlike many men of his age, Samuel Oladipo, still have a lot of urge for sex. He clocked the age of 85 years a couple of months ago. However, despite being advanced in age, he still has a lot of energy left in him to frolic with women especially the underage girls in the neighbourhood. The octogenarian lives a solitary life at a room and parlour apartment at No 9, Barracks Road, beside Okesa Police Station, in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. Some years back, the old man was accused of raping young girls in the neighbourhood on two occasions. But perhaps because of his age and popularity in the neighbourhood the elders there did not expose him. Recently, Oladipo was back at his crime again. On the fateful day, the octogenarian was reportedly having a siesta in the front of his apartment when a junior secondary school JSS1 student, Joan Aina (not real names) walked past him on her way from school. The girl’s parents live in the same neighbourhood as Oladipo. He was said to have beckoned Esther to buy a recharge card for him, a request to which the innocent girl obliged immediately. She bought the card for the old man and also helped him load it to his phone. It was that part of early afternoon when residents were away in their various places of work. It was reported that when the girl was done with loading the octogenarian’s phone, she headed for a shoe maker’s shop to fix her torn school sandals. While returning from the shoe maker’s shop moments later, Oladipo called her and accused her of stealing his GSM handset which she had earlier helped him to load. The young girl was said to have denied taking his handset but he insisted and demanded that the girl should join him to search for the missing phone in his bedroom. The gullible teenager, hell bent on proving her innocence of the theft charge, reportedly entered Oladipo’s room with him to look for the missing handset. The search did not last long as the handset was reportedly found on top of his television set. The man reportedly apologised to the girl when the handset was found. But as she made to leave, he did not let her. “Baba called me the second time

12-yr-old girl lured me to bed – Octogenarian rapist when I was returning from where I went to repair my school sandals, and accused me of stealing his handset. I was very upset. So when he asked me that we should both search for it in his room, I never knew he had other things in mind. When we got to the room, we saw the handset on top of his television set. He then apologised to me. As I was about to go, the man held my clothes and pushed me to his bed and had sex with me,” Joan told investigators in Akure. But while the old man was having a field day, the little girl was shouting herself hoax for help. The help did come moments later when a woman passerby heard the cry for help and made for Oladipo’s doors. The woman reportedly forced the door open to find the man on top of the 12-year-old. The woman raised the alarm which drew the attention of some neighbours to the scene. Joan was later taken to her mother’s shop, while

her father, identified as Ajibola, was summoned to the scene of the incident. Oladipo was later arrested and taken to the Akesa Police Station and detained. Speaking before investigators, Oladipo denied raping Joan, but insisted that the girl herself demanded sex from him. According to Oladipo, when Esther had bought the recharge card he sent her, she departed and returned moments later complaining of hunger. “After Joan had left me, she returned moments later to complain of hunger. She asked me if I had food to give her and I told her I only had bread and stew. She said she would go for it,” he added. He told the law enforcement agents how the girl asked him why her two breasts were not of the same size, urging him to see her boobs how they had grown. He continued: “After she had finished eating, she removed her cloth and asked me to look at her pubic hair.

She also showed me her breasts. She asked me why the two breasts were not the same size; why one is bigger than the other. I told her that it was nature. Then I could not hold myself again. I pushed her to the bed and climbed her. But as I wanted to sleep with her, something told me that it could be that she was an agent to trap me. That was when I came down from her. Ekiti State police spokesman, Victor Babayemi-Olu said that the girl is being treated at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH) for examination to establish that the man actually raped the girl or not. Babatunde-Olu said that police investigations revealed that the man had been accused of the same offence before adding that if enough evidence were established against the octogenarian, he would be arraigned in court soon.

Oyo police arrest 4 Unilorin students for robbery, car theft SEGUN ADIO


he Oyo State Police Command has arrested four students of the University of Ilorin for offences ranging from car snatching to armed robbery. The command also recovered a Toyota Camry car, two AK47 rifles and 60 rounds of ammunition from the suspects. Commissioner of Police Mbu Joseph Mbu made this known during a courtesy visit to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor Isaac Adewole, in his office. Mbu, was as-

sumed duties in the state told Adewole that the students were arrested following a tip-off. During the visit, the police boss lauded the authorities of the institution for the low crime rate among students of the institution. Mbu claimed that during the raid on criminals in and around the state, no student of the premier university was caught in any crime. “It is commendable to know that despite the presence of three institutions of higher learning in Oyo State, none of the students are involved in crime. When we arrested some robbery sus-

pects recently and subjected them to questioning, four of them claimed to be students of the University of Ilorin. In his comment, Adewole advocated for vigorous community policing which he said would greatly curb crime rate in the country. The Vice Chancellor also assured the police boss that the institution is committed to building a collaborative partnership with the Nigeria Police. “There is the need for the police to go back to community policing. We have deemed it necessary to bring the police into our village square meeting.”



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


Ohakim’s probe: Kinsmen, CD back Okorocha CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


he Campaign for Democracy (CD) has called on the Imo State Governor Owelle Rochas Okorochaa to immediately set up a seven man panel to investigate the alleged financial recklessness of the his predecessor in office, Chief Ikedi Ohakim just as the former governor’s kinsmen have joined the agitation of those who want him probed. In the same vein, Ohakim’s kinsmen have backed the decision by Governor Okorocha to probe the former governor describing it as a bold step towards moving Imo forward. In a solidarity visit to Okorocha by the political leaders of Isiala Mbano Local Gopvernmentr Area, the local government origin of the former governor

and led by Senator B. C. Agunanne, the group declared its support to the transformation agenda and other programmes of Okorocha –led administration including the efforts geared towards re-



he Action Congress of Nigeria (CAN), Anambra State chapter has described the lingering crisis over the will of the late Biafran leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, as unfortunate. The party therefore called on the warring parties to sheathe their swords. Publicity Secretary of the party in the state,

ror in Owerri, said that the committee should not only investigate projects claimed to have been completed during the past administration, but “probe the over N300 billion collected as Federal

Okelo Madukife, said the party would not allow any political or individual groups to tarnish the image of the late Igbo leader and called on the Ojukwu family to reconcile their differences in a closed door meeting instead of engaging in media war. According to Madukife, “Unfortunately, we note with pain that the political leaders of at least Anambra and Imo states as well as the last wife of Ikemba are all involved

one way or the other in the pursuit of one interest or another in this matter. We therefore call on the Traditional ruler of Nnewi, Igwe Orizu to step in and seize the initiative to call all biological and political sons of the late Ikemba to come under one roof and provide them with some home wisdom”. Madukife further said the glowing image of the late Igbo leader should never sink under the resurgent wave of negativism, which according to him would gladly be celebrated by centrifugal tendencies against Igbo core values in and outside.

“Nnewi monarch may wish to invite the governors of Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi states to assist him along with a few eminent Igbo sons and daughters taken from across the Igbo nation, particularly outside the rank of those with direct vested interest”, the statement added. “Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Anambra State Chapter has noted with deep concern the degenerating attendance of negative publicity, after the name, candor and dignity of our illustrious son and father in Igbo land, which in our considered view is avoidable”.

Enugu House seeks partnership with police on security


s the Christmas and Yuletide periods are fast approaching, the Enugu State House of Assembly has assured the state police command of its support to rid the state of criminals. The position of the House was conveyed to Enugu State Police Commissioner, Mr Musa Daura, by Chairman of Security, Youth and Sports committee of the House, Hon Paul

allocations during four years stay of Ohakim’s regime.” According to the statement, Governor Okorocha should also probe the alleged N60 billion stock exchange bond bor-

Milling Director, Flour Mills of Nigeria Ltd, Mr. Solomon Obichukwu (left) and Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Emeka Sibeudu, during a presentation of relief materials donated by the company to flood victims in Awka, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

ACN wades into Ojukwu’s Will saga NWABUEZE OKONKWO

covering funds looted by the past administration. The human rights group in a statement signed by its Chairman, South East zone, Dede Uzor A. Uzor and forwarded to Saturday Mir-

Ogbe, when he led members of the committee to the police command. According to the Hon Ogbe, the team was at the command to commend the efforts of the state police command at reducing crime in the state. The House committee also lauded the friendliness of the law enforcement agents with the people of the state. In the words of Hon Ogbe, “It is essential to

come here to show appreciation to the kind of policing you have introduced in the state since you assumed duties here. The reports we receive from the people of the state is that crime has drastically gone down under your command,” he said Hon. Ogbe also used the occasion to solicit more collaboration and vigilance of the law enforcement agents as the

Enugu State cultural carnival will take off soon in the state. The cultural festival is expected to attract a lot of human and vehicular traffic to the state while it lasts. In his response, CP Daura thanked the committee chairman and his team for the visit. He assured them that the command is ready to make the state a no-go area for criminals.

rowed for the dredging of abandoned Nworie Wonder Lake. It issued a-seven day ultimatum to the current administration to set up the probe panel or face mass protests that would be worse than Libya and Egypt. The statement read in part: ``We are given the governor only seven days ultimatum to setup these probe panel; failing which, we are going to adopt the North African type of revolution current going-on in Libya, Egypt among others. The statement also frowned at printable and unprintable allegations made against the Gov. Okorocha forsuspending the former Chairman, South-East Traditional Rulers Council, Eze Cletus Ilomoanya. It said that the governor had the capacity to appoint and fire anybody he wishes and hence, Ilomoanya had served his first term in office.

Abia commissioner scandal: Orji’s COS accused of sponsoring publication GEORGE OPARA ABIA


here is a twist to the alleged randy lifestyle scandal rocking the person and public image of Dr. Eze Chikamnayo, Abia State commissioner for Information and Strategy recently published by an Abia State-based magazine. The new twist to the story has it that Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe, Chief of Staff to Governor Theodore Orji is behind the publication. Saturday Mirror authoritatively discovered that the allegation is currently causing crisis of confidence and bad blood among members of the state cabinet. Thursday this week, an emergency state executive council was convened to sort out certain suspicions and allegations surrounding the said publication as it affects the prevailing air of disunity and character assassination affect-

ing the integrity of members of the state council. On Wednesday this week, it was learnt that some men of the State Security Services, SSS, arrested Mr. Victor Onukire, alias Vimo in Umuahia for the circulation of Weekly Details, a local magazine in the state aid to have carried a story in a blow to blow account that impinged on the integrity and honour of the state commissioner. consequently, members of the newspapers distributors and vendors association in the state had threatened to stop further circulation of local and national papers in Umuahia, unless the State Security Service (SSS) releases its detained member. Mr Ikechi Ogunka, the vice chairman, Distributors and Vendors Union, Umuahia chapter in his brief to newsmen claimed that SSS official arrested Onukire since Nov.30, 2012.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012



Borno to set up data bank on land INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


orno State government has concluded plans to set up a data bank for effective management and administration of land in the state. This was made known y the state commissioner of Land and Survey, Hon Babagana Buhari. Alhaji Buhari disclosed this at an interministerial press briefing held in his office along Biu Road, Maiduguri. He said establishing the data bank is the only way his ministry can fulfil its activities through

proper land demarcation, planning, survey and allocation, adding that this process will also help in producing detailed and comprehensive map for both the urban and rural areas of the state. The commissioner stated that over N10 million has so far being expended on the printing of new Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) which cannot be forged, as according to him, they were faced with many litigation as criminals can easily forge the former C of O without difficulty. Alhaji Buhari said that for easy admin-

istration of land, the ministry intends to construct 8 Zonal offices across the state next year and these offices were to be located in Gwoza, Biu Monguno,

Damboa, Shani MMC, Jere and Askira/Uba. According to him the ministry during the year under review has generated N41, 409,388.20 as revenue, stressing that

the ministry is determine to improve its revenue generation in the year 2013. He said the ministry has process over 5,000 C of O and also received

1,226 new applications and have since processed about 171 for approval with 217 right of Occupancy (grant) were conveyed to various beneficiaries.

Banned hard drink resurfaces in Makurdi, others HENRY IYORKASE MAKURDI


ome residents of Makurdi, the Benue State capital have devised new ways to consume the banned local gin (Ogogoro). The law banning the hard drink had stipulated three years jail term for any offender. Saturday Mirror investigations revealed yesterday in Makurdi and its environs that the hawking of the prohibited products has resurfaced in areas like Wurukum market, Kanshio, North-Bank, High-level as well as Wadata. The product which has now been stylishly repackaged in polythene sachets and sold in most

instances under mango trees as well as round huts and at funeral wake keeps. The illicit gin which is usually been patronized by the commercial motorcyclists otherwise known as Okada, security guards as well as idle youths who can be seen at the drinking joint looking stone drunk as early as 9 - 10am in the morning hovering in their gloves to quench their thirst for the drink. An ardent consumer who wish not to be mentioned in the print told Saturday Mirror that it is borne out of frustration and idleness as many of them have had to acquire higher education but due to non availability of being gainfully employed some of them decided to pass time at the drinking

L-R: Gombe State Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo; Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda; representative of the President, Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamsuddeen Usman, and Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, during a North-Eastern alliance for transformation summit at Yankari, Bauchi State on Thursday.

joints with view to forget their sorrows. “Frankly most of the youths especially people from 30 years and above most of them are graduates but because the job is not forthcoming we prefer to sit under the tree with this local gin to while away time and also put behind the agony of having to search for white collar jobs which are hard to come by” It would be recalled that the Benue state House of Assembly at the inception of the Governor Suswam administration in 2007 passed a law banning Ogororo sale and consumption which the

NDLEA where entrusted to arrest and prosecute those found violating the law. However, the agency responsible for overseeing to the compliance appeared to have reneged as hawkers of the prohibited commodity are now going about without molestation selling in their private homes as well as corner shops. The police public relations officer of the Benue command Deputy superintendent of police DSP Daniel Ezeala when contacted said the law is still in force adding that anyone who breach the law must face the music.

Jigawa LG immunises 42,506 children against polio


he Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa said that it had immunised 42,506 children against Wild Polio Virus in the last round of the immunisation campaign. The Acting Chairman of the council, Alhaji Mukarrabu Hamza, made this known in in Kazaure. Hamza said that the council figure represent 118 per cent coverage of the targeted children.

“Oral polio vaccines were administered to the children and people in the area have responded positively by presenting their children for immunisation,” Hamza said. He said the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) supplied 47,000 doses of vaccines, adding that about 200 vaccinators and health personnel were engaged for the exercise.

Hamza added that the council had also provided 555 cartons of soap and sweets as pluses to woo parents to submit their wards for immunisation. The acting chairman attributed the success of the exercise to comprehensive enlightenment by community and religious leaders in the area. ``The community and religious leaders contributed toward promot-

ing mobilisation and participation in the exercise. The council is committed to ensure total eradication of polio disease.’’ Jigawa Government had said that no fewer than 1.4 million children were targeted for immunisation against polio and other child killer diseases in the exercise across the 27 Local Government areas of the state.

Why gun attacks escalate in Kano AUGUSTINE MADUWEST KANO


he military-led Joint Task Force in Kano State has said that the recent attacks by gunmen operating in remote parts of the city were facilitated by the reduction of check points in the state capital. Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent, spokesman for JTF, Lt Ikedichi Iweha said JTF check-points in the city had been drastically reduced in response to public complaints, adding that the collapse of some of the check points may have opened space for gunmen to operate. Lt Ikedichi noted that this adjustment has to some extent affected the original security concept. In his words,: “We were receiving complaints, some in writing that the security check points in certain quar-

ters constituted some kind of threat to business and other activities and should be dismantled, which was done in the interest of peace. It is possible that these terrorists and other criminals are cashing in on the situation to perpetrate their nefarious activities, members of the press were equally engaged to prosecute this campaign,” he added. The JTF spokesman observed further that if the original security arrangement had remained, it would have been difficult for gunmen to operate freely, particularly in isolated parts of the city where some of them now lay siege. It would also be recalled that the state was hitherto uncomfortable with complaints from different quarters regarding the growing check points in the capital and had at different fora promised to look into it with a view to collapsing some of them.



December 8, 2012

Saturday Mirror


Jaji blast: Group warns over attempt to blackmail military A ZA MSUE KADUNA


group under the auspices of Southern Kaduna Indigenes Progressive Forum (SKIPFO) yesterday warned over attempts to drag military activities along religious and ethnic divides following the removal of Jaji commandants over St. Andrews military protestant church twin blast which killed 15 worshippers recently. A Muslim organisation, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) had rejected the removal of Jaji Commandants over the blast saying that the replacement of non-Muslims as heads of the military formations smacks of religious bigotry.

But the southern Kaduna group is calling on security agencies in the country to monitor the activities of religious leaders closely to avoid confusing Nigerians say-

ing the military remain the nation’s symbol. In a statement signed by chairman of the group, Maj. George Nchok Asake (rtd) and made available to Saturday Mirror, it

said the issue of terrorism should not be politicised, urging the federal government to go after any person found wanting. The statement says,

“We have followed with keen interest the several statements that have continuously been flowing from the JNI signed by their Secretary General Dr Khalid Aliyu since the

Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang in a handshake with the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Dipo Ayeni, during a farewell visit to the governor in Jos, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

advent of the Boko Haram scourge which has become a national disgrace and nightmare.” The group also says, “While the JNI and Islamic leaders have consistently denied Boko Haram’s activities as Islamic, they have all the same always come out firing from all cylinders at every individual or group who calls for the declaration of Boko Haram as a terrorist group. And now it is the turn of the JNI to even go further and impugned that the military which is one of the few institution ( if not the only institution ) in the country which still maintains a semblance of credibility and religious balance and harmony”

Strike: We’ll shut down Plateau, NLC insists JAMES ABRAHAM JOS


he Plateau State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) yesterday said there was no going back on its plans to shut down the state if the state government fails to resolve the lingering local government workers strike in the state by

Monday. The union had last week given the state government a ten-day ultimatum to end the seven month old strike or face the wrath of the workers. The ultimatum expires on Monday, December 10, 2012. Addressing a Press Conference yesterday in Jos, Plateau State chairman of the workers’

union, Comrade Jibrin Bancir, said that already the union has set up a committee to mobilize both the workers and the private sector to ensure the success of the show down. The union leader also accused the state government of attempts to bribe its officials with money so as to abandon the struggle which he

said was stoutly rejected to which he said was rejected Bancir insisted that the striking workers must be paid their outstanding salaries through out the period the strike lasted despite government position that it contravenes relevant sections of the law. The union leader regretted the suffering

Kebbi rice farmers target production of 1.2m tonnes


he 26,000 registered rice farmers in Kebbi plan to cultivate 64,000 hectares of farmland for commercial rice production. Alhaji Dodo Aliero, acting Chairman of the Kebbi branch of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), said the farmland was prepared and allocated to the association by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Aliero said on Friday in Birnin Kebbi that the allocation of the land for rice production was part of the Federal Government’s effort to boost food security. He said that Kebbi was among the selected states for the pioneer programme on commercial production of rice.

The association’s chairman said that ``the Federal Government will also support farmers with 500,000 square hectares of cultivable arable land for rice production this year”. He said that the aim of the programme was to produce rice in commercial quantity as part of efforts to bring to an end importation of the commodity. Aliero said that Federal Ministry of Agriculture had also allocated 15 tractors, 225 trucks of fertiliser and 102 trucks of improved rice seedlings for the take off of the strategic plan for dry season rice production. He said, ``The association has targeted to produce 1.2 million tonnes of rice this year.

``The association will strive to secure a loan of N9 billion capable of realising a turnover of N24 billion per annum, especially considering the number of large-scale rice farmers and their commitment to the programme.’’ He lamented that the association had not been able to access agricultural loans in the past due to leadership tussle that engulfed the association, adding that ``we will unite and reverse the tend”. Alhaji Aliero,said the association had embarked on sensitisation campaign on the importance of the dry season farming. He explained that each rice farmer would be allocated three bags of as-

sorted fertiliser at the cost N2,700, while crystal brand of fertiliser would be sold to farmers at N1,500 per bag. He said that at the end of harvesting season the Federal Government through the national office of RIFAN would announce the official price of rice, adding that dealers would purchase directly from the farmers at production point.

Gov Dakingari

which the strike has caused its members and urged the government

to take meaning steps towards resolving all contending issues.

Unauthorised loans: Kwara House probes 9 LGs WOLE ADEDEJI ILORIN


he Kwara State House of Assembly has ordered that nine local government chairmen accused to have obtained ‘unauthorised loans’ and mismanaged such should be investigated. Nine Local government chairmen in the state had reportedly obtained loans without the consent of the state government, which prompted the state governor, Alhaji AbdulFattah Ahmed, to write the state assembly on the matter. Upon receiving the letter from governor Ahmed, the House had asked a committee to establish the veracity of the content of the letter. The committee has since submitted its report. Giving the directive yesterday on the floor of the House in Ilorin, Speaker Kwara State House of Assembly, Rtm Hon. Razaq Atunwa,

charged its Committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters to investigate the seeming financial mismanagement and theadministration of the affected councils. The committee has until next Thursday to submit its report. The Speaker, Hon. Atunwa, in his remarks noted that the House Committee whose reports brought the issue to the open had already toured the 16 councils which he said should aid easy investigations in the matter. According to the letter sent to the House by giovernor Ahmed, only two council areas, Baruten and Kaima had clean bills of health in relation to the issue of loan. Those whom the governor claimed were the worst culprits who ‘obtained loans without authorisation’ include Ilorin East, Oke-Ero, Ifelodun, Ekiti, Irepodun, Ilorin South, Offa, Edu, and Asa.

Saturday Mirror


December 8, 2012


Anti Morsi protesters take to the streets in Egypt

… As angry clashes continue into a third day


housands of Egyptians took to the streets after midday prayers in rival rallies and marches across Cairo yesterday, as the standoff deepened over what opponents call the Islamist president’s power grab, raising the specter of more violence. Yesterday morning, thousands of Brotherhood members gathered in Cai-

ro outside the mosque of Al-Azhar, Egypt’s most respected Islamic institution, for the funeral of two members of the fundamentalist group who were killed during Wednesday’s clashes. During the funeral, thousands Islamist mourners chanted, ‘with blood and soul, we redeem Islam,’ pumping their fists in the air. ‘Egypt is Islamic, it will not be secular, it will not

be liberal,’ they chanted as they walked in a funeral procession that filled streets around Al-Azhar mosque. Ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafis are organizing their own rally on Friday against what they say is biased coverage of the crisis by private Egyptian satellite TV channels. Speaking outside his palace President Mohammed

Morsi gave a fiery speech denouncing his opponents, deepening the crisis. The opposition turned down his appeal for talks, saying the president had not fulfilled their conditions for beginning negotiations. Protesters are demanding that Morsi rescind decrees that give him almost absolute power and push an Islamist-friendly constitution to a referendum on December 15. The decrees sparked a crisis that has boiled for

more than two weeks. Demonstrations have reached the size and intensity of those that brought down President Hosni Mubarak early last year. In a televised address late Thursday, an angry Morsi refused to call off the vote on the disputed constitution. He accused some in the opposition of serving remnants of Mubarak’s regime and vowed he would never tolerate anyone working for the overthrow of his government. He also invited the opposition to a dialogue from today at his palace, but he gave no sign that he might offer any meaningful concessions. Morsi’s opponents said they would not talk until Morsi cancels his decrees. The president’s remarks were his first comments

to the public after bloody clashes outside his palace on Wednesday, when thousands of his backers from the Muslim Brotherhood fought with the president’s opponents. Six people were killed and at least 700 injured. The speech brought shouts of ‘the people want to topple the regime!’ from the crowd of 30,000 Morsi opponents gathered outside his palace — the same chant heard in the protests that brought down Mubarak. Since the crisis erupted, the opposition has tried to forge a united front. The squabbling groups created a National Salvation Front to bring them together, naming Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, the country’s top reform campaigner, as its leader.

Tsunami hits Japan after 7.3-magnitude quake

A Anti-Morsi protesters hold a banner reading in Arabic ‘Go away’ referring to the President Mohamed Morsi during yesterday’s protest in the heart of the city

Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visits Gaza


he political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, has called his first visit to the Gaza Strip his “third birth”. He said his previous two “births” were the day he survived an assassination attempt by Israeli agents in Jordan in 1997, and his actual birth in 1956. Meshaal had not set foot in the Palestinian territories for decades. His visit follows a ceasefire that ended days of violence between Israel and Hamas. The Islamist militant group has governed

Gaza since 2007. Meshaal entered Gaza from Egypt at the Rafah border crossing, touching his head to the ground in celebration. Officials there said his wife had arrived late on Thursday. In a statement to the media, he said: “I consider this moment my third birth, and I pray to God that my fourth birth will be the moment when all of Palestine is liberated.” “Gaza is always in my heart,” he said. Just after arriving in Gaza, Mr Meshaal inspect-

ed the charred remains of the car in which military commander Ahmed Jabari was killed in an Israeli strike last month. He later visited Jabari’s home, and that of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Jabari’s death marked the start of an eight-day Israeli offensive which Israel said was aimed at halting militant rocket attacks. Some 170 Palestinians and six Israelis were killed. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement that Meshaal’s visit

was “a fruit of the victory of the resistance over the occupation”. The BBC’s Yolande Knell reports from Gaza that Mr Meshaal’s visit appears as a bold move, given that he is due to visit the houses of Hamas leaders killed by Israel in the past. In the past, Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak never allowed him to use the Rafah border crossing to come here, and it was seen as too risky in terms of his personal security.

Germany’s growth forecast cut by Bundesbank


ermany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, has cut its growth forecast for next year, saying the country’s economy might be entering a recession. Growth in 2013 is now expected to be just 0.4%, compared with a forecast in June of 1.6%, but is expected to bounce back to 1.9% in 2014. Meanwhile, industrial output fell a steeper-thanexpected 2.6% in October.

It comes one day after European Central Bank president Mario Draghi cut his forecast for eurozone growth. Draghi blamed his move on a stagnation in core eurozone countries, including Germany, France and the Netherlands. Southern European countries, such as Spain and Italy, have been in recession for more than a year, but the malaise has spread to the rest of

the single currency zone via weak export demand and falling consumer and business confidence. Meanwhile, the ECB’s German counterpart warned that Germany’s economy may suffer a recession during the current quarter and the first three months of next year. The Bundesbank has cut its growth forecast for the current year as a whole to 0.7%, from 1%

previously, in light of what is seen to be a very poor performance since the autumn. Industrial production data released on Friday registered a 2.6% drop in output during October, meaning that output in the month was 3.7% lower than a year earlier, with construction activity and demand for investment goods particularly badly affected.

one metre-high tsunami hit northeast Japan yesterday, after a powerful undersea quake struck off the coast which was devastated in last year’s quake-tsunami disaster. Meteorologists said the wave swept ashore at just after 6pm (0900 GMT) in Ishinomaki, a city badly hit by the 2011 tsunami that wrecked a large swathe of the northeast coast, killing thousands. There were no immediate reports of any fatalities after the 7.3-magnitude quake that was followed by a 6.2 aftershock, according to the United States Geological Survey. Residents of at least one town, Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture, were ad-

vised to get to safety, with reports suggesting other towns were also affected. “We are now calling on people to evacuate to higher ground,” town official Ryuichi Omori told AFP: “It’s already pitch dark here. Calls phones – both landlines and mobiles – are not going through now, which makes it difficult to see people’s movement. “The quake was not so big although it felt very (strong). It was not big at all compared with last year’s earthquake. The town office is now setting up a disaster taskforce.” A presenter on state broadcaster NHK repeatedly told viewers to get to safety after the initial tremors, which set Tokyo buildings swaying violently.

Technological failure dampens Ghana elections


he use of technology was seen as an improvement in Ghana’s widely applauded electoral process, when the Electoral Commission announced the biometric registration of voters for this year’s elections. But as the elections took off yesterday technology seemed to be putting a damper on the highly peaceful and smooth election. The biometric registration was started March 24 and ended April 2, 2012.

The exercise raised the hopes of some, but others were sceptical about it being fool proof. The EC Chairman, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan said in a meeting with the Editors Forum, Ghana, (EFG) in February 2012, that, the introduction of biometric registration comes with its own problems. However, he said the biometric registration makes it impossible for some people to vote more than once, though they may have registered.





The Central Bank governor to me often delves into areas that are outside his purview. I am a little uncomfortable with his regular interventions in political issues, whereas he has a very tight schedule on how to make our monetary policies work. I believe that reducing the work force by some kind of fiat to any percentage is the shortest route to anarchy in this country. The protem National Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Chekwas Okorie on the call by Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mallam Lamido Sanusi for 50 per cent reduction of Civil Servants.

Saturday, December 8, 2012.

Issues and solutions for the Bottom Billion (III) T hinking and working through the challenges of poverty, inequity and inequality, the international community, under the auspices of the United Nations brought about for the first time, the Millennium Development Goals MDGs. Whatever MDGs will achieve by 2015, it is obvious that the bottom one billion poor in the world and particularly those living in the LDCs would be untouched. Again there are common objectives set by the MDGs to be achieved, but there are no common objectives for the donors in assisting to lift up the bottom billion and in the end each donor country choose what is best within their strategic interests, leading to duplication and neglect of those that need the aid most. Let me dwell for a brief while on what Africa had tried to do for itself to make a change. Having realized that we were never going to get out of the loop, except by our boot straps, we in Africa at the turn of the millennium took it upon ourselves to be the architects of our development, because we realized poverty is not a destiny, it is in fact a choice made through inappropriate policies. At this point we undertook series of reforms which were necessary to transform our countries from inability in performance to self-empowerment and transformation. We supported MDGs, we transformed our regional organization and its guiding philosophy with the African Union replacing the Organization of African Unity and we have Constitution Act that places good governance, peace, security and stability, socio-economic reforms at the core of our cooperation among our countries.

Sasakawa Peace Foundation was doing its work on the issue, the UN came up with the idea of a Global Fund for Social Protection. The ILO and WHO have jointly come up with a scheme not too dissimilar called Social Protection Floor Initiative. We in Africa can only be very happy at the timely proposal of these similar ideas and we must endorse a common proposal to achieve the same purpose. We are not unmindful that getting a committed agreement on such a proposal will take time but with President Olusegun Obasanjo we have to begin. With this new realization, we need to move forward by considering the following 1. Critically assess the progress, We established for the first time in the can a percentage of that available quanachievement and failures of the MDGs so history of Africa a common economic tum be earmarked and targeted to the botthat the successor to the MDGs can build agenda and programme in the form of tom billion as a lifeline? NEPAD, which we presented for our deThis is where the work that Sasakawa on the progress and achievements and velopment partners for their endorse- Peace Foundation has done on this issue avoid the failures. 2. Trade must be taken as a means of ment. We even established a self moni- and their proposal for a “New Priority toring and self sanctioning mechanizing for Aid to Eradicate Extreme Poverty” enhancing common prosperity throughcalled the African Peer Review Mecha- requires our understanding and endorse- out the world and market accessibility is nism APRM. ment. It will make globalization inclu- crucial 3. Human capacity development will But in spite of these efforts which have sive, life enhancing, environmentally and led to GDP growth of over 5 percent in the socially sustainable. Globalization must still be an essential part of ensuring abillast decade, the total number of poor in mean the same thing to all people: en- ity and effective performance and there Africa has increased. We have had growth hancement of their well being and living must also be capacity retention in the country that developed the capacity. without common prosperity which is dan- conditions. 4. Aid must not be ignored, it will still gerous not only for Africa but the world as The Chairman of Sasakawa Foundaa whole. It is not Africa alone that has this tion has just briefed us about a study they be critical for sustenance of development problem but the largest number of LDCs have carried out in the last 3 years on glo- in many countries of the LDCs and it will are located in Africa which also hosts 40 balization and disparity. It is this work act as catalyst for development and a lifeper cent of the bottom billion. that Sasakawa Peace Foundation had line for the bottom billion. It is indispensWe know that aid alone cannot be the done on this issue and their proposal for a able for emergency relief. Finally and here at this point, there panacea to all the problems of the bot- new aid that requires our understanding must be a serious consideration of Satom poor billion citizens living in Africa, and endorsement Latin America, the Pacific, Caribbean As the Chairman of Sasakawa Peace sakawa Peace Foundations proposal to be and Asia. But aid can be catalytic and can Foundation has just reported, there is harmonized with other similar proposals make a difference. Without asking for ad- already some confluence of ideas in this as part and parcel of an emerging succesdition to the quantum of aid available, direction which can be put to work. As sor to the MDGs.


EKO 2012: 3 swimmers set new sports festival records


hree swimmers have set new National Sports Festival records at the ongoing 18th edition of the Games tagged “Eko 2012”, an official of the Nigeria Swimming Federation (NSF) said on Friday. NSF national coach Monsuru Obadina told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the new record holders were Victoria Ajakaye of Edo, Akina Kpiliboh of Ondo State and Kinsley Forcados from Delta. “For now, three swimmers have set

new festival records, a male and two females, and we are still hoping to get more before the end of the competition,” Obadina said. Ajakaye set a new record of 31:30 secs as against 31:34 secs of 1991 in the women 50m butterfly, while Kpiliboh, also set a record of 1:02:66 secs against 1:03:72 of 2007 in 100m freestyle for women. Obadina further said that Forcados set his own record of 2:20:94 against 2:22:46 of 2008 in the 200m individual medley for men.

The coach said the three swimmers had been outstanding in their performances since the beginning of the swimming competition at the sports fiesta. He also said the standard of swimming was higher than in the 2011 Games tagged “Garden City Games” in Port Harcourt, adding that this edition was highly competitive. “The standard of this competition is higher than that of the last edition, but I am happy that three swimmers have broken the old records,” Obadina said.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012 Man City v Man United 13:30 Everton v Tottenham 15:00 West Ham v Liverpool 16:00

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Saturday, December 8, 2012  
Saturday, December 8, 2012  

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