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Politics Ekiti guber: IGP vows to deal with mischief makers, redeploys DIG

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No more Paper Pencil Test –JAMB

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APC: Oyegun in early lead for national chairman


Saturday, June 14, 2014

President, govs, others may lose immunity P. 8

•Votes cast against severance pay for political appointees

L-R: President, National Association of Women Judges of Nigeria (NAWJN), South West Zone, Justice Moronkeji Ogunwumiju; Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun; Oba Of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, and Chief Judge of Lagos State, Ayotunde Philips, at the NAWJN South West Zone conference in Lagos, yesterday.

No Fulani women abducted by insurgents –Cattle breeders


...gone P. 2

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•Boko Haram member arrested, promises to assist soldiers x e STalk 10 better sex secrets, from 10 female sexperts

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Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014

What killed Kefee? Oseyiza OOgbOdO


hat respected gospel singer, Irikefe Obareki, better known as Kefee, is dead is no longer news at this point in time. What is news however is what killed her, as her cause of death remains a mystery now added to the earlier mystery of what induced the coma which led to her death. Her shocking and sudden death in the early hours of Friday, June 13th (yesterday) in faraway Los Angeles, USA after being in a coma for two weeks now enlists her among the entertainers who died mysteriously and what killed them is yet to be known. Confirming Kefee’s death, her UK manager, Adeline Adelicious Adebayo, released the following statement to explain her cause of death: “On behalf of the family, it is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the passing to glory due to lungs failure of our God’s mouthpiece, chorus leader, daughter, wife, sister, friend, Kefee Branama Queen. May her beautiful, gentle and precious soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN!!! “PS: In contrast to all earlier rumours and stories in circulation, I do state that Kefee wasn’t 6 months pregnant and neither did she have pre-eclampsia.” Whatislungsfailure,whichisreally known as respiratory failure? Respiratory failure is nearly any condition that affects breathing function or the lungs themselves and can result in failure of the lungs to function properly. The main tasks of the lungs and chest are to get oxygen from the air that is inhaled into the bloodstream, and, at the same to time, to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) from the blood through air that is breathed out. In respiratory failure, the level of oxygen in the blood becomes dangerously low, and/or the level of CO2 becomes dangerously high. There are two ways in which this can hap-


pen. Either the process by which oxygen and CO2 are exchanged between the blood and the air spaces of the lungs (a process called gas exchange) breaks down, or the movement of air in and out of the lungs (ventilation) does not take place properly. As confirmed by Adebayo, pre-eclampsia which high blood

pressure in pregnant women was also being touted as her cause of death and she was said to be six months pregnant. Adebayo has however unequivocally swept that notion under the carpet. So, is it really respiratory failure that killed this promising daughter, sister and wife of ours? We have to be satisfied with

that explanation for now, unless an autopsy is carried out and its result says otherwise or new light is shed on it, as can happen and has happened in some other sudden deaths. So, who was Kefee really? Those who know her know she is a very talented singer. For those who don’t however, Kefee is one of the singers who were able to stand out in the Nigerian music industry, a feat for which she deserves praise as it’s really tough to achieve. She began her music career as most musicians do: in her church choir in Benin, Edo State. In that same choir, she was spotted by her choir master, Alec Godwin, who recognized the potential in her and supported her and his sister, Esthee, to form a group, Esthee and Kefee, and he did his best to ensure they became successful and they released an album. They gained some recognition, and Alec fell in love with Kefee, and the two of them relocated to Lagos where Alec made her the marquee artist of his record label, Alec’s Music. In Lagos, he rebranded her image into that of a traditional singer singing in her dialect and also dressing traditionally and the strategy worked as it ensured that her song, Branama, became a smash hit and she became k n o w n . She released two successful albums, Branama and Branama Afrique, before problems erupted between her and Alec whom she had married in 2004. The problems were hydra-headed. One was the issue of money. How they shared the money made became a very thorny issue between them. It was followed by Alec accusing her of infidelity, then they separated and finally divorced following a bitter court battle. Passionate about her music, her divorce didn’t deter her and she went on from it to release the most successful song of her career, Kokoroko featuring Timaya and produced by K-Solo. Eventually, she remarried

in 2012 to Teddy Don Momoh, an on-air personality, and up until she died, their marriage was devoid of drama. However, her music career after Kokoroko seemed to be on the descent as all the songs she released after it didn’t really make notable impressions. It wasn’t therefore surprising to people when she disclosed that she and her husband had gone for film making courses in America. The implication behind their move was obvious: if music recording and performance didn’t work out for her anymore, then she would diversify into music video making and other film production services. Though she had earlier tried to diversify her sources of income by establishing a restaurant, Branama Kitchen, it didn’t work out. And when it was disclosed two weeks ago that she had swooned into a coma on a Chicago, USA-bound flight and that the plane had to land emergency in Los Angeles so she could be taken to hospital, everyone who heard the news was shocked. Her life seemed to be an upward swing and she was young to boot, so why a coma? Speculating on what caused the coma, some people’s imaginations went into overdrive and subtly implied that she might have ingested something which burst in her stomach. Others said she might have had hypertension from thinking about the fact that she was yet to have the fruit of the womb in two marriages. Her coma wasn’t without drama. In the midst of it, last week Thursday, she purportedly tweeted that everything would be alright and thanked her well-wishers. It was therefore hoped that she was on course to recover. This week, however, it was disclosed that she wasn’t really doing well and then her sudden death was announced yesterday and all her fans, family, friends, colleagues and the nation in general are yet to get over her untimely death.

an, Mrs. Theresa Odey, who came to him for spiritual healing. It was alleged that the married woman went to the pastor’s church to seek healing from a spiritual attack. The pastor reportedly told the woman that she would be taken to a river for spiritual cleansing. At the river, the pastor told her to pull off her clothes. She refused but the pastor dragged her into the river and forcefully raped her. Odeyemi has since been charged to court for contravening Section 358 of the Criminal

Code Cap 48 Vol II laws of defunct Bendel State of Nigeria as applicable to Edo State. But he is presently enjoying bail. In yet a third reported case of missing person made on May 13th, a 44-year-old pastor, Michael Gbaragbor was discovered to have kidnapped a 10-year-old girl living in the same house with him, 46, Grace Street, Benin City, Edo State. Police investigation revealed that Gbaragbor allegedly abducted the girl for the satisfaction of his sexual appetite.

Pastors jailed for rape in Edo sebastine ebhuOmhan


hree pastors were on Friday alleged by the Nigeria Police Force to have committed rape and defilement of young, unsuspecting female members in three separate criminal incidents, to the extent of impregnating one of their victims, who was said to be five months pregnant before the evil pastor was arrested.

Pastor Uwem Friday, of All Nations Assembly Church, was sentenced to five years imprisonment for defilement of a 12-yearold, Miss Happy Emmanuel, that was reported against him in November 2013 in Okokhuo village in Ekiadolor, Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. The clergyman reportedly deceived the unsuspecting girl, took her to farm and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her, resulting to five months pregnancy before the deed was discovered.

The police arrested and charged him to court after making confessional statement punishable under Section 218 of the Criminal Code Cap 48 Vol. II laws of the defunct Bendel State of Nigeria 1976 as applicable to Edo State. Uwem will serve his jail term with hard labour. In another case of rape that occurred on May 14th in Iguabazuwa in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State, an Aladura pastor, Samson Odeyemi, allegedly raped a 25 year-old wom-

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Saturday Starter

Who is afraid of newspapers? What have newspapers got to do with bombs, explosives and insurgents? The recent seizure of newspapers and arrest of distribution vans by the military in many parts of the country provides a curious answer to this question.


igerians woke up on Friday June 6, 2014 to the bizarre and bewildering news that the Nigerian Defence Headquarters had ordered a clampdown on the movement of newspaper circulation vans across the country. Anyone who said, ‘No, couldn’t be,’ soon had to face the brutal facts. Starting from Abuja, soldiers, who claimed they were acting on the legendary ‘orders from above’ waylaid newspaper vans around Area 1 Road and commanded the drivers to unload. In Oyo State, soldiers ambushed consignments of newspapers at the distribution centre in Oke Padre area of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital. According to eyewitness accounts, the fierce-looking uniformed men forcefully asked the drivers of vehicles which had conveyed the papers from Lagos State to pack their vehicles on the Ogunpa channelisation bridge and “dismiss.” Some of the newspapers which were in the impounded vehicles include National Mirror, Daily Newswatch, Vanguard and The Nation. The same scenario played out in many other parts of the country. Copies of National Mirror were confiscated in Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, and Oyo states, as well as in all northern states. Leadership and Daily Trust Newspapers reported that soldiers intercepted and destroyed their copies in various parts of the country. Vans conveying copies of The Nation were ambushed in Abuja, BeninWarri Road, Port Harcourt, Kaduna-Kano Road and Nasarawa-Jos Road. In Benin, the Edo State capital, soldiers stormed the Nigerian Union of Journalists Press Centre

and the adjoining roads combing the vehicles plying the routes in desperate search for newspapers. A vehicle conveying copies of The Nation to Ondo State was also impounded by soldiers along the Ore-Lagos Expressway. The vehicle, which was coming from Lagos, contained copies of the newspaper allocated to Ore, Ondo, Akure, Owo and other towns in Ondo State. Copies of Daily Trust, The Guardian and Leadership sent to Ondo State were also seized. At the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, copies of newspapers were confiscated, while wrappers and cover pages of The Punch were damaged. It was on this same Friday that the Nigeria Union of Journalists found it necessary to express disgust on the recent circular to broadcast media organisations by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, NBC mandating them to notify the commission 48 hours before carrying any live political coverage. The NBC also requested for content of such coverages for approval before it will be carried on air, a directive which Ayinde Soaga, General Manager of Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, described as “anti-freedom of broadcasting, saying, “It will be very hard to comply with and I do not see how they can enforce it.” National President of NUJ, Mallam Mohammed Garba, simply said “the order is a calculated attempt to muscle and gag the media.” If anyone thought Friday’s seizure of newspapers was a one off thing, that person certainly woke up to anoth-

er round of bewilderment the next day. The clampdown continued with more ferocity on Saturday and continued more or less until Tuesday. The explanation from the military was equally baffling. The Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, said the military was acting on an “intelligence report” that “materials with grave security implications” were being moved across the country “using the channel of newsprint-related consignments.” Bu when he was taken up by a reporter of one of the affected newspapers that same Friday, Olukolade is said to have contradicted his earlier statement by feigning ignorance of the seizures, saying, “You mean papers are being seized? No, such papers would be released after the bundles have been searched.” Curiously, the same Olukolade said on Tuesday while featuring on a programme entitled Focus Nigeria on African Independent Television that the ongoing disruption of newspaper circulation will continue until the Army is satisfied with its checks on the distribution networks of the nation’s newspapers. While admitting that the onslaught was at a cost to the media, he said it would not stop until the military was satisfied that none of the circulating vehicles of the media organisations is being used to carry arms and ammunition for the insurgents. President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, Femi AdCONTINUED ON PAGE 5


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

‘Do they really believe explosives can be concealed inside newspapers?’ Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, former Head of Mass Communication Department, University of Lagos, is currently the Chairman, Centre of Excellence, Multimedia and Cinematography, in the same Department. He spoke to TUNDE OSOWE.


ir, what’s your take on the recent clampdown on some newspapers by military operatives on account of a yet to be substantiated security breach? It is a huge set back on the principle of democracy. It is also a barbaric action on the part of those, who in 2014, can still summon the courage to confiscate newspapers and magazines. What it portends is that fundamental human rights, a principle of democracy, which people should enjoy ordinarily is now being threatened. It is gradually taking a new dimension. I don’t believe in what the military spokesperson has said to defend the action. It is not true. Do they really believe explosive materials can be hid right inside pages of newspapers? And even at that, it is unfortunate that they are yet to have the required technology to detect objects in whatever form without having to go through the rigours of manual cross-checking. I think they must have been misadvised. It is rather a political-military misadventure. And the President, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, should have come out to tell us the truth about the whole issue, and that he has not ordered anybody to gag the press. They need to know that this is a moment of opportunity for the government to seriously work together with members of the fourth estate of the realm in a joint resolve to fight corruption, terrorism and Boko Haram. Certainly if they want to fight the press, they cannot win, because late dictator Abacha tried it and failed woefully. Others who tried it as well failed and the press came out vindicated and much stronger. So it is in the interest of the Commander-in-Chief and his soldiers to come out with a scientific proof to justify what they are doing now. What they are telling us is unscientific. At what point will metal or other objects be kept in newspapers? Of course, they can develop a system where a bulk of newspapers can be screened technologically within seconds. People no longer do this kind of Mungo-Park checking. It is barbaric. It appears the whole thing was carried out simultaneously across major cities by overzealous soldiers, who in my judgment, are not helping Jonathan in anyway. Rather, they are now applying oil to stain his administration. Since he has been there, we’ve never heard anything of this nature against the press. We are aware 2015 is drawing nigh, they should rather go back to the barracks and fight Boko Haram instead of fighting the press. The explanation given so far is very nebulous. It is capable of many interpretations. As expected, the Newspapers Proprietors Association should have gone to court

on sabbatical leave. We expect him to tell Jonathan the very truth about the implication of this development.


by now. This is a violation of fundamental human rights. Fundamental human rights is an inalienable right that must not be tampered with under any guise. It is supported by Article 19 of the United Nations and Chapter 2 of the Nigerian Constitution, and also supported by Section 22 and 39 of the Constitution. It is an inalienable right that no one can take away from us. It is an embarrassment to this government, a government that is already saturated with all manner of problems. Considering that the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act was signed into law few years ago, where information gathered is prevented from been delivered, what implication do you think that would have on the nation’s nascent democracy? Yes, even though it took them 12 years to pass the FoI Act, we are very happy that this same administration signed it into law. And as such, the whole thing is a negation of Jonathan’s principle. Obasanjo didn’t sign it for whatever reason best known to him. Other administrations too refused to sign it. But the question is: if you had the courage to sign FoI Act in 2011, and by 2014, you are out trying to gag the same press, is it not a negation of that principle. It’s a misadventure. I do not know the agenda

of these overzealous military people. In a true democratic set up, there must be free press. But as we speak, the clampdown has continued even after the spokesperson has denied any form of witch-hunting. Then, who is deceiving who? Jonathan must summon the courage to guide the nation’s democracy with jealousy, care and caution because it has become a model for other countries. This development is capable of many negative international interpretations. We expect the Advisers in Aso Rock to do their job by telling Mr. President the home truth. It is a national embarrassment not only to the Journalists, but to the presidency. Journalists are the Trustees of the public trust. A slap on them is a betrayal of that trust. Whether you like it or not, the press will continue to be the oil that lubricates the engine of democracy. If you gag them, you are denying the people the very information they need as stakeholders in the society. Without them, there cannot be any meaningful or sustainable democracy. And if you ask them, they will say we are partners in progress. In the fight against terrorism, there are certain information the military cannot get without collaborating with the media. This, indeed, is least expected from Mr. President who gave backing to FoI Act. To Rueben Abati, media is his primary constituency. He is only

If the underlying motive is to gag the press as being speculated in some quarters, do you see it affecting the online media too? There is going to be grave danger and the people who feel they want to gag the media in printed version would be the ones to suffer it most. When you give room to all these nonsense, by gagging the orthodox version which is well organised and coordinated, then, you have succeeded in opening the doors for a more ruthless and uncoordinated media to serve the very people with raw, unprocessed information which ultimately would help to bring the government of the day to its knee. The online media are faster and more powerful than the orthodox media. In my inaugural lecture note recently, I described the online media to be Fourth Estate of the Wreck, while the orthodox is Fourth Estate of the Realm. A whole number of them are without identity, and so, there is nothing like social responsibility, fairness, accuracy, objectivity, taste etc. Their proliferation is even a source of concern. I have said with their activities, the world is no longer a global village, but rather a global bedroom, where anybody can sit within the comfort of his or her room and be dishing out cooked-up stories. So, let them be told that nobody can padlock the air. The moment you try that, then you give room to social media – a safe haven where rumour mongers thrive. But going by the example of China and other countries the world over where there are laws that guide the operations of online media, don’t you think such a thing is possible in Nigeria? It is possible but it cannot work. Even in China where they do hacking, it is not that effective. In Nigeria, it can’t work and it would be contradictory to our principle of democracy, it would be contradictory to the open market of ideas, opposing the spirit of FoI Act and our own philosophical condition of free press. Therefore, if they are thinking of such an idea, it cannot work. It is not achievable. Especially now that elections are around the corner, the press should rather be supported and encouraged to carry out its legitimate duty so as to guard against unnecessary chaos in the polity. We have more options now, so one government owned medium cannot fool us anymore, and that is the beauty of free press.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Saturday Starter ‘Censorship has never worked in Nigeria’ Simon Kolawole, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cable Newspaper Ltd, Publishers of, spoke to TUNDE OSOWE. editors and kept them in underground cells for a year or two. The reality of democracy must be so painful for them. The short answer is that Nigerian journalists cannot be intimidated and so the action portends nothing for the profession and democracy. It is a waste of time. Do you know how many draconian regimes we have survived? Kolawole


hat do you think the recent clampdown on some selected newspapers by military operatives portends for the journalism profession and the nation’s democracy? I think the security agencies were trying to intimidate the media because of some unfavourable stories. All this talk that they are looking for “security sensitive materials” is a joke. The military will be pained in a way. If it was under a military government, they would have shut down the newspapers, arrested the

What could have warranted such a siege on the media? It is pure anger that these “bloody civilians” have the guts to report us in a negative light. Nothing more, in my opinion. Has such ‘censorship’ been extended to online media too? It is very difficult to censor online media because it is technologically going to be a nightmare. The servers are not hosted in the country and if you block a web address, it can be bypassed and the website will still be available. Remember that Wikileaks was yanked off, but mir-

ror sites were established all over the world. So you cannot block them all. The online media cannot be gagged. It is going to be a waste of time and resources. What many people do is to hack websites or launch attacks to make them unavailable to the users. But then, there are several ways of circumventing that too. What are the implication(s) for the profession and the reading public? Censorship has never worked in the history of Nigerian media, and it won’t work in the online media. If the intention is to gag, harass and intimidate with the hope that journalists will pipe down, it will produce the exact opposite results. The more you hurt us, the more you make enemies out of us for yourselves. We cannot be intimidated to love you. The reading public should be assured that they will always have a voice, even if by BB or SMS. Are there other countries where such a thing has been done, especial-

ly to the online media in the past? Dictatorships kill journalists. They close down newspapers. They bomb newspapers. All these happened in Nigeria before, in any case. Turkey tried to blank out Twitter but gave up quickly. China shuts out some websites but this has not killed dissent. The conversation will always find a route, electronically. What advice would you give to the government, the military and media practitioners at this crucial time? We need to sit at the round table and define what these national interests are. If 300 schoolgirls are kidnapped at night, will it be in the national interest not to report it in the media and allow the parents to suffer in silence and move on with their lives? Or should we report it so that action can be taken to bring them back and such incidents are prevented in the future? We need to understand what national interest means so that we can all work in harmony for the peace and progress of Nigeria.

‘Media houses should seek heavy damages from government’

Constitutional lawyer and former Chairman of the Committee for Defence of Human Rights, Olasupo Ojo spoke to SEGUN ADIO.


hat is your view on the recent clampdown on the media? I think the word ‘clampdown’ is a hangover. It is not the appropriate word. To clampdown on the media is to shut them down totally. I think what has happened is a breach of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, freedom of movement. Also, those freedoms are guaranteed in the Constitution and under our law, no government has that power break any such law. If they (government) feel that any particular media organisation has contravened laid down rules, what the law requires is that the government would take such media house to court and allow the due process to take its course. The government could also report such media organisation to media regu-


latory bodies like the Guild of Editors or the NUJ or any other such bodies. The government must also follow due process. Government is also regarded as an individual by law. If individuals in the country can lodge their complaints to appropriate quarters, government should also follow due process. So, the government, as an individual, should also lodge its complaints through the right channel. Failure to follow due process stems from the over bloated opinion of what government is, as if government is God, and which some people in government try to behave as if they are God. That is what gave rise to the breach of the constitutionally guarantee rights of the people.

What of the directive that electronic media houses must obtain 48 hours clearance before any live political coverage? It is a breach of the Constitution. I encourage our media houses to disregard it. They should go ahead and perform their constitutional duties. If the government feels aggrieved, let the government go to court. What options are available in the face of the losses incurred by the seizure of newspapers and distribution vans? The most civilised thing to do is to sue the government to court and claim heavy damages for monumental recklessness and monumental lawlessness and irresponsibility.

‘Is this a return to the dark days of military rule?’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 esina, in a quick reaction, said, “The explanation from the military is unacceptable to us. In fact, it goes a long way to reinforce the apocryphal belief, quite commonplace among security agencies, that they are much more patriotic than anybody else. “The media do not bear arms, rather we bear information, which sheds light on darkness, no matter how seemingly impenetrable the darkness is. We reject the label bearer of arms, or any other form of ordinance, to do mischief against our own country. If the siege arose out of the need to call the dog a bad name in order to hang it, Nigerian editors roundly and soundly reject such negative profiling.”

In a terse statement, the Nigerian Bar Association President Okey Wali, said “We do not understand what the defence spokesman and the Presidency are saying. We expect a clarification from the government. This, they must do as soon as possible. Nigerians need to know why such military action must take place in a democracy. It is in the interest of all that we get to the root of this matter. A free press being a cardinal point of any democracy,” the statement added. President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Malam Mohammed Garba, said, “We have gone through a presentation by the Director of Defence Information, MajorGeneral Chris Olukolade, and we feel that the action of the military was unjustifiable. “We feel that if there was anything that constituted a

security threat and was going to pass through any media organisation, the management of such media organisation should have been notified for the necessary adjustment and correction, rather than total seizure of its publications.” Nigeria Labour Congress, in a statement by its President, Mr. Abdulwaheed Omar, also called for arrest and punishment of soldiers involved in the show of shame, saying, “The military and all the security agencies ought to know that all fundamental rights are germane to democracy and therefore, lack constitutional and legal rights to unilaterally order the circumscription of freedom of press or any freedom in any form as we cannot find the link between insecurity and a free press in democratic governance.”


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter The broadcast media seems to be getting the same treatment. A circular recently went to broadcast media organisations from the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, NBC, mandating them to notify the commission 48 hours before carrying any live political coverage. Key players react.

It’s a calculated attempt to muscle the media National President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Mallam Mohammed Garba.


e received this circular tagged ‘Additional regulation for live and political coverage.’ And part of the contents of the circular especially item number one is that henceforth broadcasting stations must notify the NBC in writing for at least 48 hours before transmitting a political program live and the arguments on this is that most of the live programs that are being broadcast in the media are impromptu and they are not scheduled.

“The NUJ after reading the circular, feels that it is completely retrogressive, it’s unjustified as far as we are concerned and we also consider it to be part of the attempt to muscle and gag the media. We also feel that this circular, as far as democracy is concerned, is not based on public interest because we strongly believe that the public interest rational clearly states that broadcast stations should ascertain the needs of the people and provide program services to foster pub-

lic understanding of those issues. How this is done is clearly at the discretion of the various broadcast stations, not the NBC. “While the NUJ agrees that every broadcast station must conform to the provisions of the codes, we cannot accept the recent provision of the NBC which we clearly consider as an attempt to censor the broadcast media in Nigeria. Therefore we are appealing in strong terms that the NBC should have a rethink.”

‘It has taken us way back to the dark days of military dictators’ Gbemiga Ogunleye, the Deputy Director, News, at the Television Continental (TVC) spoke with TUNDE OSOWE.


e heard it on good authority that the electronic media is facing ‘censorship’. Is this

true? Indeed, the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) issued a circular mandating broadcast stations to notify the Commission in writing, at least 48hours, before transmitting a political programme, live. Concerning the circular issued by the NBC, I think the gentlemen (and women) in the Commission deserve our sympathy. Until 1992, only government could own the electronic medium. The regulators are yet to wean themselves from the hangover of military rule. They forget that a democratic era encourages openness, debates, dissent and disagreements. The situation is not helped by the fact that majority of those who run the Commission cut their broadcasting teeth from government-owned stations like the NTA, FRCN, VON, etc. So, you should understand if they weep more than the bereaved. Luckily for the Commission, but unfortunately for the Nigerian people, the independent broadcasters, unlike the vibrant print media, are genuinely disunited. What is your take on the recent clampdown on some newspaper publications by security operatives? As they say, we live in interesting times. The 1999 Constitution (as amended) guarantees the right to freedom of expression and the press. It goes further to say that every Nigerian is entitled to freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference. Furthermore, the Constitution provides that you and I can own, establish and operate any medium for the dissemination of information, ideas and opinion. It follows, therefore, that the recent


clamp down on the media is not only illegal, it is also unconstitutional. The clamp down will deny the people the much needed access to information, without which the people cannot make informed opinion and decisions on the democratic process. When the people are denied information, that literally means they cannot participate in the democratic process. And what is democracy without the people? You talked about freedom of expression and of the press, but where such freedom is seen as a security threat, is it out of place for the government or its agents to do what is considered necessary? The media are enjoined under the Constitution, to hold government accountable to the people. Journalists are the only group of professionals given that task by the Constitution. There are better ways to go about such other than this their crude way. So, the recent seizure of newspapers by barely literate soldiers and the disruption of the newspapers’ distribution

would prevent the media from performing their constitutionally assigned roles and prevent the people from knowing what their elected representatives are doing. The way they went about it cannot be said to be the best. In fact, it has taken us way back to the dark days of military dictators. Rather than clamp down on the media, the security forces need the support, cooperation and understanding of the media in the fight against terrorism in the country. Is somebody forgetting that the terrorists once bombed the Abuja office of THISDAY Newspaper? So, the media should be seen as partners in the fight against terror. If the military had intelligence reports that newspaper distribution vans could be used by terrorists to transport arms, methinks the sensible thing to do is to confide in the newspaper management, rather than this crude attempt to destroy their business and deny the people access to information.

Do you sense any grave implications? Democracy is the system of government we have chosen. Usually, I am uncomfortable when journalists and politicians tie any form of political rascality to the survival of democracy. As a result, we cannot afford to trade the present democratic system with chaos and anarchy. We must all guide it with caution. What ordinarily should have been the best approach if indeed there was a threat to National security? The laws are clear on what to do when there are breaches. The soldiers report to a Commander-in-Chief, that is the President and the President himself, reports to the National Assembly. If the President doesn’t discipline the soldiers and compensate the newspapers, then the National Assembly has the constitutional responsibility of protecting the Constitution from abuse by sanctioning the President.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Saturday Starter

‘The NBC directive is not feasible’ Omololu Olubode was until recently a Director at Radio Lagos, having specialised in Programming. He spoke to SEGUN ADIO.


ow feasible is the recent directive from Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation which stipulates a 48-hour notice ahead of live broadcast by electronic mass media? Media houses all over the world have the right to interview people of all political divides especially for live broadcast. That is what makes democracy strong. Also, media practitioners have the responsibility to ensure that sensitive matters and ones that could threaten the peace of the country are not put on air. Again, the NBC being the regulatory body for these broadcast media has the facilities to monitor programmes even live ones. They also have the wherewithal and equipment to monitor programmes from every station; most stations that they give licenses to. They also have the wherewithal to warn media houses on specific programmes that they feel strongly about. In the past, they had also punished media houses that ran afoul of the rules of the profession. So, with these, I think it is unprofessional to issue such a directive knowing their powers over the media houses. So, they have facilities to monitor whatever is on air and they also do that? Yes. They have those facilities. They have even punished media houses that have gone against the rules that NBC had put on ground. I also said that media houses also have the responsibility to also ensure that they do not rock the boat; they guide against flippant utterances and broadcast of things that could put the country in jeopardy. Over all, the NBC has put rules in

place and they also have a way of monitoring what goes out on air. They can even call into that station whenever such programme is on for the station to stop it. In the past, the NBC had stopped some adverts in my former station and we stopped it. How realistic do you think this directive is? I am not sure it is possible because we have a lot of electronic media houses in Nigeria. In Lagos alone, I think they have about 50 electronic media houses, not to talk of the whole country. Apart from that, we have a lot of private media houses in Nigeria that they (NBC) have given licenses to, and they have the responsibility of giving the licenses to ensure that information flows all over the country for all citizens of the country. You know that each station has its own audience it serves. How they can be able to monitor them is what I do not know. Secondly, if they (NBC) are monitoring them, they will be able to guide against what these media houses do. What is your view of the recent onslaught on newspapers? I believe there should be proper dialogue between the Federal Government and all the media practitioners in the country. None can do without the other. I think somebody ill-advised the Federal Government on this one. It looks like the Federal Government is not getting the appropriate information as far as the media are concerned. Even if they have information as per media being a conduit of such sensitive materials as being claimed, there ought to have been a better dialogue between

the Federal Government and the media owners/operators. You have attended international seminars outside the shores of this country. Have you come cross a government issuing such a directive? What comes to mind is that there was a time the BBC had issues with the Parliament in the UK. I think the parliament gave a directive that was not pleasing to the BBC. The station went off air and within hours, there was commotion. The Parliament quickly revoked that ban and the BBC was allowed to practice the way they were practicing. What I am saying is that media houses out there are free to practice, but again there must be responsibility of your freedom. But in some other countries like China and some Asian nations, the government monitor what goes out on air. Anyway, some of those countries are not democracies. For instance, there was a time in China during the Tianamen Square protest, the CNN was saying that the government of the country blocked the airing of the protest; that they did not allow media houses to broadcast the event live. So what I am saying here is that in the Western world which we tailor our system towards, the media are given freedom to operate. So, with the directive of the NBC, would you say the press is truly free in Nigeria? One thing must be clear: we all should know that the Nigerian government is currently under a lot of pressure. There is the problem of balancing. For instance, the issue of the Chibok girls, people want to get information on how the situation pans out and the gov-


ernment also needs to protect some information from getting out so that the terrorists do not have access to them in order to bolster their own operations. So, this pressure may be responsible for the way the Federal government has been behaving. It is headlines that sell newspapers, we all know that. It is striking a balance that is essential here. I think the Federal Government should be able to dialogue with media practitioners for them to reach appropriate conclusions on what ways to inform the public. The truth is that clampdown on the press has never worked. It might work on the short run, but in the long run, it is the government that loses. Even during the military regimes, they were not able to get away with it. But again, the Director of Defence Information, Gen. Olukolade has denied that there is a clampdown on the media. I think he is trying to avoid the word ‘clampdown’. He said they were only searching for sensitive materials. So, the government cannot come out openly to say they are clamping down on the media. I believe that dialogue will be the best way to ensure that sensitive materials do not get to the public.

‘We’re protecting our website jealously’ Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin, Managing Editor, Online, at The Nation spoke to SAKIBU OLOKOJOBI


hat is your immediate reaction to the seizure of newspapers by soldiers? We are really shocked by this development. It came as a surprise considering that we are supposedly being governed by a democratic administration. It is a sad reminder of the military days when media houses were shut at will and papers impounded by the military government. We are still trying to understand what must be responsible for this action that is a threat to the freedom of the press. Specifically, what has the experience been like and how has it affected your publication, The Nation? Our experience has been an unpleasant one. After the first day, we were not sure what we were up against. We kept vigil and were no longer sure if our papers will get to their destination or not. Our distribution network was disrupted and we recorded huge losses due to the copies that were

either impounded or released later in the day when it was no longer possible to sell them. We had to cut down supply in some cases to minimize our losses. Newspaper is a perishable product that has to be circulated as early as possible. Any break in the chain like the one occasioned by the crack down on the newspapers has cost us and we are still counting the losses. What is the effect of the seizure on the reach of The Nation considering the fact that most of the contents of the newspapers are online? We have a large following online on our website, but the effect of the seizure cannot be underestimated. There are still loyal print readers who still want to read the print edition even when they have access to the digital platforms. The Defence spokesman said the search has nothing to do with the content of the paper so we don’t really see any justification for the security clampdown. Our paper is a truly national

newspaper considering that we print simultaneously from Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt press and circulate widely and promptly. Internet access is still however limited in many parts of the country and many readers have been denied the opportunity of buying our paper. Does the seizure indeed have the effect you think the military actually want it to have? I don’t want to speculate on the effect I think the military want. There is no basis for the seizure. They have also been selective in stopping some papers from circulating, so we don’t know if they think they have succeeded or not. Yes our operations have been disrupted but we want to believe that it’s temporary and the siege will be over soon. As the Managing Editor, Online, have you noticed any tampering with your website? And if not what prepara-


tions have you made to prevent such? We have not noticed any tampering with our website at least for now and we hope it will not get to that level. We are taking every measure to secure our website and prevent it from being hacked.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Confab: President, governors, deputies may lose immunity •Votes cast against severance pay



he president, governors and their deputies may no longer enjoy immunity clause as enshrined in the nation’s constitution if the recommendations by some of the committees of the ongoing national conference is eventually implemented. As enshrined in the constitution, the clause protects the president and the governors from being

prosecuted over certain crimes while in office. But only yesterday at the on-going national conference, votes were cast for the removal of the clause. Also voted against among others was the severance pay for political appointees. The decisions were made known in Abuja yesterday at a press briefing organised by the organised labour civil society and youth delegates at the national conference to ensuring that people-oriented recom-

mendations of the forum become adopted as national policy frameworks or legislation to ensure equity and justice for ordinary Nigerians in national affairs. The media interactive session was led by Comrade Jaye Gaskia, a leading advocate of transparent governance. His words: “We have concluded the Report on Environment and one of the issues with that that has been resolved is resource democracy. This

has to do with the rights of the communities not only just to be consulted but to actively participate in how natural resources from their communities are also utilised. We have also concluded the report of the Committee on Public Sector and Public Finance. “On severance pay for political appointees, conference voted to ban such a reckless spending. Just yesterday, Conference also voted to make all the socio-economic rights in

L-R: Representative of the Managing Director, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Mr. Obiora Chukwumba; Principal Executive Officer, Human Resources Department, Mr. Lawal Saleh, and Russian Ambassador to Nigeria, Amb. Nikolay Udovichenko, at the Russian national day in Abuja, recently.

APC: Oyegun in early lead for national chairman …as Buhari, Atiku, Tinubu unite against PDP OBIORA IFOH AND UBONG UKPONG ABUJA


head of the 2015 general election, the leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, including General Mohammadu Buhari, former Vice President Atiku Abubarkar and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinibu, have agreed to sheath their swords and work together in the overall interest of the party. This according to them is by forming a formidable national executive for the opposition party. The three leaders who spoke at the first national convention of the party Saturday night, declared that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party had failed the nation and there

was need for a change in government to restore the dignity of the nation. The decision to work together was a result of the intrigues that preceded the convention where each of the camps was rooting for the main contenders including, former governor of Edo State, John Odigie Oyegun; former Bayelsa State governor, Timi Sylva and former National Republican Convention chairman, Chief Tom Ikimi. The former Edo State governor, Oyegun, was however elected as a consensus candidate as Chief Sylva led other contenders to withdraw from the race in favour of Oyegun. This is as most delegates from the North were insisting that balloting must take place so that a

clear winner will emerge. Senator Tinubu had in his speech called on the contenders to take the election as a game where the losers will take their defeat in good stride and as a sacrifice to the nation and the party in particular. He likened APC to a broom revolution saying that every effort by the PDP to kill the party had not been successful. According to the former Lagos State governor, “they say we will not exist, today we are existing. We are gathered here because we love the country. We have become part of common sense revolution which is interested in the fight against corruption, fight against hopelessness, as well as the abduction of our children.”

General Buhari said that he was most concerned with the 2015 general election which he would be a watershed in the political history of Nigeria. He said that was important to handover the executive of the party across the local government, state and national to people who are really politicians at a point in the stage of their life. Former Vice President Atiku Abubarkar in his remarks said, “today we have got an opportunity to change a government that is corrupt, inept, and has no clue. In 2011, I stood on this same ground and told Nigerians that they were about to elect a president that do not have a clue to the problems of Nigeria. Today, we are witnessing the fulfill-

Chapter 2 of the Constitution justiciable rights. So, if you look at all these recommendations against the backdrop of where we are coming from, none of these victories were won lightly. “On immunity clause, Conference voted yesterday to remove immunity from the Governors, their Deputies, Presidents and all of that.” Gaskia said despite the formidable opposition of some political interest groups at the conference, organised labour, youth and civil society groups were able to successfully canvass the adoption of major recommendations that have direct bearing on the social, economic and political rights of the ordinary Nigerians. Gaskia, who is also the National Coordinator, Protest to Power (P2P) group, said reports of six of the committees which touched on citizenship, socio-economic empowerment and human rights had been adopted by the delegates, vowing that the collaborating groups would work together for the purposes of making sure that other committees’ recommendations intended to correct the perceived abuses in the present political order are adopted. According to him, the conference had completed committee reports on citizenship and indigeneship,

sponsorship of religious activities and pilgrimages, environment, severance package for political appointees, immunity for certain categories of political office holders, and the socio-economic rights as provided for in Chapter 2 of the Constitution, amongst others, all of which were resolved in favour of ordinary Nigerians. Speaking on labour related issues and recommendations of the Conference, a leader of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Hassan Anka, said the position of the Conference on the issue of minimum wage was that henceforth a uniform minimum wage should be adopted for the country since workers’ welfare is not determined by geo-political considerations. One of the delegates who represented the youths at the Conference, Comrade Charles Ibiang, said the collective position of the organised labour, civil society and youths, was that issues of youth empowerment and job creation should now be prioritised in national development plans. The groups promised to work together to ensure that all the recommendations were legislated upon in order to guarantee a more promising future for ordinary Nigerians and the country.

ment of that prophesy. “This government has no reason to remain in power after 2015. I will be in the forefront to make sure a change comes. We the leaders are going to be united on this course.” Earlier in his valedictory speech, the out going Interim National Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande said the credit of their modest achievement went to the entire leadership of the party. Meanwhile, the convention was characterized by as party chieftains engaged themselves in several hours of meetings trying to arrive at consensus candidates for the party’s national executive committee. The convention that was billed to start since morning of Friday, with the aim of voting to elect the national officers, never started until night. As at 6pm, not up to 200 delegates were seen seated in the various pavilions,

as most states delegates could not even be sighted at their pavilions within the Eagle Square, venue of the convention. Saturday Mirror learnt that it was so, because the powers that be in the party were controlling things from their meeting point, to achieve the consensus which they had longed for. Sources close to the party’s top shots told our correspondent that John Oyegun, who was favoured by former Lagos state Governor, Ahmed Tinubu, was the anointed one that would wear the crown of the natonal chairman. The source said that Ahmed Tinubu, who happened to be a very influential figure in the APC, had sworn that he would dump the APC should his colleagues allow the post of national chairman to slip into the hands of Tom Ikimi, whom the source alleged Tinubu did not favour.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Ekiti guber: IGP vows to deal with mischief makers, redeploys DIG OMEIZA AJAYI


rked by the growing reports of political violence in Ekiti State ahead of next week guber election, the InspectorGeneral of Police, IGP Mohammed Abubakar, has assured Nigerian citizens, especially indigenes of Ekiti State, of the readiness of the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant security agencies to provide effective security and ensure a smooth and order-

ly conduct of the election. The IGP who gave this assurance during a brief meeting with the Police Management Team at the Force Headquarters, yesterday, in Abuja, also warned all trouble-makers and anti-social elements to stay away from Ekiti throughout the period of the election. Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Frank Mba, who announced this in a statement yesterday said the Police would not hesitate to arrest and prosecute

any person, no matter how highly placed in society, who flouts the law or causes a breach of the peace. To this end, he said the IGP had directed the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in charge of Operations, DIG Michael Zuokumor, to relocate to Ado-Ekiti, the Headquarters of Ekiti State so as to ensure adequate Police presence and coordination of all security operations for the election in all polling units and collation centres in the state. Meanwhile, “the IGP

who has ordered all Police officers and men assigned to election duties in Ekiti State to ensure they work in line with the Police Code of Conduct and international best practices, called on the members of the public particularly politicians, gubernatorial candidates and other relevant stakeholders in Ekiti State to cooperate with the Police and other security agencies in the onerous but patriotic task of guaranteeing a hitch-free gubernatorial poll”.

Power: American firm to produce 400MW in 14 months ABUJA


n American consortium, Team Africa, has unveiled investment plans which would generate about 400MW of electricity in Nigeria. A leader of the American investors’ delegation, Mr. Roy Yeferez , who disclosed the plans during a visit to the Ministry of Power, noted that the investment decision, which is expected to boost the nation’s power sector, is an offshoot of the recent visit to United States by the Minister of State Power, Mohammed Wakil . According to Yeferez, on the invitation of Obama Power Africa Initiative, Wakil had convinced the potential investors that Nigeria is the best investment destination in Africa.

He said contrary to negative stories being peddled by the international media about Nigeria, he found the country a wonderful place having gone round some states of the federation. Yeferez said already his team had identified site location in Bayelsa State where a plant would be built to generate 400MW of electricity in the next 14 months. “There are also plans to increase power to between 500 and 600MW in the next four years. We are prepared to assist Nigeria with power generation, the paltry generation put at about 4000MW is abysmally low to cater for 170 million people, at least the country require 30, 000MW now” He assured that the group had the technical and financial capacity to create positive impact

in the sector having garnered experience spanning over 55 years. He stressed that “we are in Nigeria to create jobs for teaming Nigerians”. Earlier, the Minister of State, Power, Mohammed Wakil, highlighted four key reasons why Nigeria is the best investment destination in Africa. According Wakil, the country’s huge population of 170 million people, is a comparative advantage which could invariably translate to big purchasing power. He stated that Nigeria’s legal environment was such that encouraged and protected investment adding that government had demonstrated the political will to drive and support the investment, especially in the power sector. Wakil said the “American investors have shown

SAHCOL acquires N600m ground handling equipment OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he leading ground handling company in Nigeria, Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited, SAHCOL, has acquired equipment worth N600m. The ground handling equipment, the company said, would further enhance passengers and aircraft facilitation. Speaking at the unveiling of the equipment yesterday at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, MMA, Lagos, the Managing Director of SAHCOL,

Mr. Oluropo Owolabi, said that the acquisition of the equipment indicated the commitment to service delivery by the company, adding that the equipment were state-of-the-art in the sector. Owolabi who was represented at the event by the General Manager, Operations, SAHCOL, Mr.Olu Odebiyi, said that the company was determined to take ground handling in the country’s aviation sector to the next level. Some of the equipment showcased to the media and some stakeholders in the sector included two toi-

let trucks, fuel truck, two transporter and two passenger steps among others. Owolabi emphasised that the acquisition of the equipment was the first phase of groundling facilities that would be procurred by the company. He said, “The unveiling of the equipment shows that the industry and technology are not stagnant. We keep abreast of technology, which eventually leads to the acquisition of these new equipment. Definitely, they will lead to more efficiency on our operations and they are environmentally friendly.

rare courage to come and see things for themselves, the action so far demonstrated is only a response to President Goodluck Jonathan’s matching order as foot soldiers to woo would-be-investors any time we have the opportunity. So as to fast track investment activities in the sector.”

NPC tasks FG on funding migration survey ADEOLA TUKURU ABUJA


he chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC),Chief Eze Duruiheoma, has called on the federal government for the funding to support the 2014 Nigeria youth migration survey to cover at least 12 states rather than 6 states as proposed. He noted this yesterday during a meeting with the Director General, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), in Abuja. He added that they also needed funds to follow up survey of the 2010 Internal Migration Survey. According to him, the developing migration data managing strategy was also in progress. He said that the NPC had been working with IOM to implement the technical and financial support for the processing of the backlog of International Migration arrival and departure cards for regular production of In-

ternational Migration Statistics (IMS) for data users. “We are also doing national training on migration data collection and analysis and provision of equipments based on the technical assessment. “National capacity building for National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and NPopC on Migration Data Management and the development of a national migration data management strategy,” he said. He stressed the need for FG to facilitate a subregional platform for migration data collection and sharing, using appropriate ICT solution to be hosted by the commission. “The need for capacity building and equipment as we deploy cutting-edge tech to fast tract data collection and processing cannot be over emphasised,” he said. Duruiheoma further called on IOM to support their quest to establish a population institute to serve Nigeria and subregion.

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Abba Moro’s good news for prisoners




Though confined by the four walls of the prisons, there is something still cheery for prisoners in Nigeria, which will be unfolded soon. This is an assurance given in this exclusive interview with Sunday Mirror, by the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro. Check out for the goodies he says the Federal Government has lined up for prison inmates, and what the minister says will be done to further bring succour to the bereaved families of Nigerians who were trampled to death recently, at the nationwide Immigration recruitment exercise.

Who is next governor of Ekiti State? Finally, the battle is cast among the three main jostlers for victory in the June 21 governorship election in Ekiti State. Though the contestants are many, only three of them, Governor Kayode Fayemi of APC, ex-Governor Ayo Fayose of PDP and Rep member Opeyemi Bamidele of Labour Party, are best known. But last minute assessment of the election has indicated that two of the candidates are running neck and neck, leaving out a third candidate as a spoiler. Who becomes the next governor of Ekiti State? We give you an idea.

Fakery as a way of life

Over time, counterfeited or fake products have become the norm, despite orchestrated noise in officialdom that serious efforts had been made to standardise products that found their ways to the Nigerian markets. What have been the impacts of regulatory agencies, such as the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Nigerian Customs Service? So many casualties have been recorded arising from counterfeited drugs and other bad products. In this special report, you’ll be put on the edge as to the havocs done to homes, no thanks to fakery and counterfeiting.

These and many more available tomorrow in your

21 jostle for Yuguda’s job As the race to next year’s general election hots up, the political atmosphere in the north-eastern state of Bauchi has been no less charged, with an unwieldy crowd of governorship aspirants on the stump. While most of those who seek to succeed Governor Isa Yuguda are from the ruling PDP, latest developments have indicated that others from opposition APC could prove their mettle. We serve you the fireworks, tomorrow.


June 14, 2014



he Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has phased out its Paper Pencil Test (PPT) mode effective from 2015 academic year. The Board which conducted its 2014 version of its examination in three modes namely Paper Pencil Test, (PPT) Computer Based Test (CBT) and Dual Based Test (DBT) said the CBT was more cost-effective and “promotes transparency”. Registrar and Chief Executive of JAMB, Prof Dibu Ojerinde, while briefing jounalists in Abuja yesterday argued that distribution of ex-

amination question and answer sheets to various states in the federation was very challenging. He stressed that PPT enhanced examination malpractices. Ojerinde, who spoke at the commissioning of a model Computer Based Test (CBT) centre in Kogo Bwari, said to be built at the cost of over N150million maintained: “We are not going back to PPT anymore, this is the end to PPT in the country, PPT was full of fraud, malpractice it is full of logistic problems and full of insecurity. So, we do not want to go back to it. We now have a solution with the introduction of CBT; we are forging ahead with it.” According to him, over

98 vehicles were being used by the Board to distribute examination materials to the various examination centres in the country. This, he said, did not guarantee the security of the materials. He added that there were over 156 CBT centres, nationwide, including ten that were built by the Board. Any candidate who involves in multiple registration, Ojerinde said, would be banned for three years. Commissioning the centre, Supervising Minister of Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike, urged other public examination bodies in the country to follow the precedence being laid by JAMB “in order to synergise the administration

of public examinations in Nigeria.” The minister also pledged federal government’s assistance to complement the existing centres in the country; adding that government intended to review the educational curriculum so as to produce graduates that could create jobs and add value to the economy. “The JAMB experience is already a model in Africa and has become a national pride which can proudly be show-cased to the world. “It is therefore necessary that the Board should do everything possible to maintain the standard already set with the introduction of CBT in large scale assessment,” the minister added.

Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (in mufti), Guest of Honour; Air Vice Marshal Monday Morgan (5th from left), Commandant, NAFRC, at the Passing Out ceremony for Course 1/2014 of the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC), Oshodi, Lagos, with other senior military officers, yesterday.

Nigerians charged to reject bad leaders KEMI OLAITAN



lectorate in the country have been charged to refuse to renew the mandate of leaders who, after gaining power, fail to deliver on their electoral promises. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Adeniyi Akintola, made the call in a lecture titled “Nigeria Still In Search of Good Governance and Good Leaders”, which he delivered at the June 12 anniversary organised by the Oyo State Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), held at the Iyaganku Press Centre, Ibadan. While charging Nigerians to use their votes to weed out bad leaders out of office, he said by so doing, they would show that ultimate power be-

longs to the people. According to him, good leadership would only emerge when Nigerians demand for accountability from their leaders and show that they were not dumb. Akintola who reflected much on the difficult and painful path during the dark days of Gen. Sanni Abacha regime, said the truth is like a smoke and that no matter how one tries to cover it, it revolts and finds its way out . He said,”Though May 29,1999 was the day the present Republic commenced and it is in order to celebrate that as Democracy Day, I think that every right thinking Nigerian recognises the fact that June 12,1993 gave birth to May 29,1999. “The June 12 election was a watershed in Nige-

ria’s electoral history and quest for good governance. It was the day Nigerians openly and freely, across religions and tribes, demonstrated that they wanted to live together, they wanted good leaders no matter his religion or tribe. It represents the uncommon spirit of the people of Nigeria to

be free from autocratic rule. “June 12 reveals the hitherto unknown fact about Nigerians, that they can take decisions objectively unaffected by religious and primordial considerations. These are the principles that make June 12 to be the father of Democracy Day in Nigeria”.

Saturday Mirror

We’re committed to local govts’ capacity building –FG SEYI ANJORIN ABUJA


he federal government yesterday restated the strategic importance of local governments to national development and promised to give all necessary support to the sub-national governments to enable them play their statutory roles in national development. Specifically, it expressed its commitment to driving local development in Nigeria by paying more emphasis on review of how local government works both through its constitutional review and a recently established presidential committee on local government operations. Giving the assurance during a press briefing at the end of this year’s Board Meeting of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) hosted by Nigeria, the Minister of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, Alhaji Tanimu Turaki, noted that the meeting was a great opportunity for the country to share experiences with and learn from other countries how best to translate the potentials of local governments to national development advantage. According to him, stakeholders in the polity had started in collaboration with the Association of Local Government in Nigeria ALGON and NULGE to organise series of talk shows, seminars and workshops aimed at deepening knowledge and strengthening governance at the local government level in line with with presidential directive. The minister added: “We have held workshop for stakeholders, particularly Chairmen of Local Government Commissions and Auditors Gen-

eral that take care of local governments in their respective states and so on and we are still organising to do a lot more of this, that will not only enhance capacity but will ensure that there is better professionalism by all the people that are involved in governance at that level. “Now that the National Assembly is in the process of amending the constitution for the second time, we will carry some of these suggestions, proposals to ensure that at the end of the day, the amendment that will come out of the National Assembly to our constitution will be those that will enhance service delivery in the third tier of government,” Turaki said. The minister said the resolutions of the CLGF were welcomed and would be communicated to the Commonwealth Heads of Government very soon as the decisions aligned with the broad policy thrusts of the ongoing Transformation Agenda of the present administration. “I want to reiterate that we are committed not only to the provision and sustenance of the development goals, we are also committed to the successful implementation of the transformation agenda”, the minister added. According to him, “the thing that is important is that there has to be a collaboration between the government and the people of the country, there has to be that understanding that the issue of insecurity is not just for the security agencies alone, we all are stakeholders in the provision of security, the little information that you can provide, the security agencies will have something useful, what you should do is to be vigilant and ensure that we police our environment.”

Adamawa stakeholders berate Nyako’s over attack on Jonathan OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


damawa Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders have said that allegation by Governor Murtala Nyako attributing the insurgency in the North East to both President Goodluck Jonathan and the military were baseless. According to them,

there were no verifiable evidences to buttress any of his claims. The pressure group led by Air Commodore Dan Suleiman (rtd), in statement issued in Abuja on Friday said that rather, the president deserved support for his doggedness and untiring efforts to stem the tide of insurgency despite all odds. Gov. Nyako, according to the statement, “instead

of addressing issues that border on people’s welfare such as provision of good health care, an enhanced education of poverty level and boost civil servants morale”, has persistently continued to withhold their monthly salaries for months while also deducting huge percentage of their May 2014 salaries with no just cause. While urging the presi-

dent not to lose hope in steering the ship of affairs of Nigeria, the group however said, “mindful of Federal Government’s determination to stem the tide of these reckless killings of innocent citizens by Boko Haram insurgents since 2009 to date, we wish to give thumps up to our military in their resolve to secure the over 200 Chibok school girls recently abducted by the insurgents.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


Nigerians must stand together to defeat terrorism –Maku


Executive Vice President, African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK), Dr. Okey Oramah (l) briefing journalists on Promotion and Development of Factoring in Africa and External Communications, AFREXIMBANK, Mr. Obi Emekekwue, in Lagos, yesterday.

No Fulani women abducted by insurgents –Cattle breeders INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


orno State chapter of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) yesterday denied media reports that Fulani woman were abducted by Boko Haram members at a village near Chibok. In an interview with newsmen in Maiduguri,

Chairman of MACBAN in Borno State, Alhaji Amadu Musa, said the reported abduction of over 30 Fulani women was not true. “We need to tell the world that there is nothing like that; all our women and girls are intact. It takes us this long to respond because we made series of consultation to avoid issuing conflicting statements that will gen-

erate tension. “Though our people are nomads who frequently move in search of pasture, I have representatives in all the 27 local government areas of Borno State. We have Lamido’s and Ardo’s in all localities. We took time to consult all of them and there was no reported incident of abduction. I believe the whole furore is the creation of some people. “Specifically, our repre-

sentatives in all towns and villages near Chibok met on Thursday at Askira Uba and none of the officials had any incident of abduction in his domain. We equally cross-checked with our people coming back with their cows and families to the extreme northern part of Nigeria from southern part of the country and confirmed that all is well,” the chairman said.

Chibok girls: The president is in pains –Obanikoro SEGUN ADIO


inister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, says President Goodluck Jonathan, contrary to belief in some quarters that he is less concerned, is really in pain over the abducted Chibok school girls. The minister said this in Lagos yesterday at the passing out ceremony of trainees course 1/2014 at the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, Oshodi. Obanikoro, who was guest of honour at the event, claimed that government was working round the clock to bring the girls back but chose to keep its strategy close to its chest. His words: “As a father all hands are on deck to ensure that those girls are brought back. I know the president is in pains that those girls are out there.

All you need to appreciate what the president is going through is to sit back and switch the roles of having your own daughter being kidnapped. You can imagine the kind of pains the president is going through. Everything humanly possible is being done to return those girls.” Addressing the 404 graduands at the centre, Obanikoro also revealed that plans are currently underway to establish a Veteran Hospital for retired officers and personnel of the Nigerian Armed Forces. He also assured them that the government of President Goodkluck Jonathan was committed to improving the lives of retired personnel. Obanikoro continued, “I can tell you that as part of the president’s commitment to the development of the Armed Forces, plans are underway to establish veterans hospi-

tals in the country where our retired personnel can receive medical attention at little or no cost to them and their families.” In his remarks, Commandant, NAFRC, Air Vice Marshall Monday Morgan, commended the federal

government for its continued support to the centre. He also assured the graduands of continued support to them even after retirement, while urging them to remain loyal to constituted authorities even in retirement.

he Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, on Friday called on the people to stand together and fight the insurgency in the country. The minster made the call at the National Peace Conference and Unity Rally organised by the Integrity for Leaders Initiative in Asaba. Maku urged everyone, irrespective of tribe, ethnicity or religion, to support government in fighting terrorism. He said terrorists had nothing to do with religion, adding that they were being led by a different spirit that taking life no longer meant anything to them. ``These terrorists are not Moslems, all religions preach peace and we must ensure that we promote peace and security development in our country. ``To imagine that Nigeria will be confronted by this situation in 2014 is a challenge to make all Nigerians to rise and fight the insurgents. ``So, I urge all Christians and Moslems to stand together as one to defeat the terrorism in the country”, Maku said. The minister charged those politicians who manipulated religious organisations for selfish interest to desist forthwith. He called on parents and guardians to instill the right values in their children and wards, urging the youths to resist desperate politicians who may want to use them to cause violence. According to him, leadership was central to peace and peace must begin in the family.

He lauded President Goodluck Jonathan’s leadership quality that had transformed the nation’s economy to number one position in Africa in spite of the security challenge. Earlier, Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan, represented by the Commissioner for Information, Mr. Chike Ogeah, called on politicians to separate politics from security. He noted that peace was sacrosanct to development in any nation, adding that politicians should not jeopardise the peace of future generation by their actions. Uduaghan said if something urgently was not done to contain the situation, ``anarchy is iminent.’’ National Coordinator of the group, Rev. Chukwudi Eke, urged Nigerians to think more about what they could do for the Nigeria and not what Nigeria would do for them. ``We are here most importantly, to show our solidarity and love for Nigeria, where peace and unity reign supreme. ``Through this is peace conference and unity rally, we are showing selfless love for our dear nation by being facilitators for the continued peace and unity of our dear Nigeria”, Eke said. Former Deputy President of Senate, Ibrahim Mantu, said the rally was what the country needed at the moment. He reminded Nigerians that all humans came from one source, which is God, adding that if the two dominant religions in the country worked in obedience to the commandment of God, love would reign.

Boko Haram member arrested, promises to assist soldiers INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


uck, on Friday, ran out of one suspected Boko Haram member who was sighted by a refugee who fled from Gwoza around Timber Shade general area along Baga Road in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. The suspect was subsequently arrested by military operatives of the 7 Division. It would be recalled that since the killing of the emir of Gwoza, Alhaji Iddrisa Timta, by suspect-

ed terrorists, the killings and destruction of property by terrorists have been intensified leading to the forceful ejection of thousands of residents of Cameroon border communities of Attagara, Ashigashiya, Gwoshe, Barawa among others. Many now take refuge in Maiduguri. Our correspondent gathered that the arrest of the suspect was effected when a Gwoza refugee now residing in Maiduguri (name withheld) whose elder brother was killed by the arrested

suspected was in a tricycle (popularly referred to as “Keke NAPEP”) where he sighted him while attempting to enter the Timber Shade with a polethyne bag in his hand. The refugee raised an alarm, saying in Hausa that that was the Boko Haram member that killed his elder brother in Gwoza recently. Upon the alarm, the people around mobbed the suspect and handed him over to the security operative in the area. The arrested suspected who confessed he had

killed many people as directed by the sect leader equally admitted that he actually killed the brother of the refugee around the Mandara mountains bordering Cameroon and Borno State. He added that he was not the only sect member that entered Maiduguri within the week.

CHANGE OF NAME CHUKWU: formerly known and addressed as Miss Chukwu Doris Chidinma, now wish to be known as Mrs. Ogwuegbu Doris Chidinma. All former documents remain valid. Alvan, nysc and the public take note.


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

From the Civil Service ICPC aids 7 widows to get husbands’ entitlements FOLU OLAMITI


he Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has provided succour for seven widows of some deceased members of staff of the Nigerian Railway Corporation by ensuring the payment of their long lingering pension entitlements. Aside the widows, two other ex-staff of the Corporation: Ogbe Valentine and Onwu Charles were also paid their entitlements. The intervention by ICPC followed a petition written by the Civil Liberties Organisation, Enugu Chapter, on behalf of the seven widows, against the Railway Corporation for non-payment of dependant pension entitlements and harassment from officers of the Corporation. The widows are: Mrs. Celestina Onyibor, Mrs. Roseline Obiekwe, Mrs. Comfort Okeke, Mrs Cordelia Ifechelobi, Mrs. Rose Okoye, Mrs. Teresa Ani and Mrs. Roseline Agu The Civil Liberties Organisation, Enugu Chap-

ter had forwarded a petition dated 8 September, 2011 and signed by Michael Odiegwuto to ICPC alleging among other things that officers of the Railway Corporation had stolen the money meant for the pension of their late husbands. In the petition, the CLO, further claimed that all of the widows were forcefully ejected from the official quarters allocated to their late husbands pending the release of their pensions. All efforts by CLO to persuade the management of the Eastern District of Railway Corporation, Enugu to pay the widows fell on deaf ears. Consequently, CLO sought the intervention of ICPC in compelling the Corporation to pay the widows the entitlements due to their late husbands. ICPC’s intervention has yielded positive results. Mrs R. A Oshunmakinde, Acting Director of Pensions of the Railway Corporation in a letter with reference number MRC/PEN/E-PAY/Volume 2, has released the sum of N2.2million as pension arrears of the seven widows and the two other ex-staff.

N5.6bn pension scam: Court rules on bail application June 18


ustice Adegboye Gbolagunte of the Oyo State High Court, has adjourned to June 18, 2014, ruling on the bail application in a fraud case involving a former Head of Service in the state, Alhaja Kudirat Adeleke. Adeleke and 11 other persons were arraigned for allegedly defrauding the Oyo State Local Government Staff Pension Board to the tune of N5.6 billion. Adeleke’s counsel, Richard Ogunwole (SAN), told the court that his client was presumed innocent of the charges against her, adding that it was her constitutional right to be admitted to bail. Ogunwole said that the onus lied on the prosecutor to prove otherwise by

providing substantial facts to the courts. He, however, argued that the prosecutor had failed to provide the facts that would warrant the court not to admit his client to bail. The counsel said that his client had been suffering from an ailment in the last 20 years and had to travel out of the country for treatment. Ogunwole also said that his client was struggling to live, adding that her condition was deteriorating because no hospital in the state had the facilities to treat her ailment. He urged the court to admit his client to bail on liberal terms, pledging that she would not jump bail. The counsel to the other defendants also argued for bail while aligning

with the submission of Ogunwole. But the counsel to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Gbolahan Latona, urged the court not to grant bail to the defendants. Latona said that there was no material evidence placed before the court that would warrant granting of bail to the defendants. He added that the defendants had failed to satisfy the standards required to sway the court to admit them to bail and urged the court to dismiss the application in favour of accelerated hearing. It was learnt that those also linked with the fraud are Muili Aderemi, Iyabo Giwa, Adesina Ayoade, Oguntayo Banji, Adebiyi Musenbiq and Muili Adedamola. Others are: Adeduntan Johnson, Bosede Johnson, Kareem

Rasheed, Olujimi Adebayo and Adewale Kehinde. The defendants were arraigned on a 213-count charge which included conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretence, fraud and forgery. Latona said the defendants conspired to obtain the N5.6 billion from three banks-- FCMB, Stanbic and Zenith-- by false representation using the names of pensioners. The prosecutor said the offences were committed between September 2010 and March 2011. He said the offences contravened sections 516, 390 (9) and 417 of the Criminal Code, Cap 38, Vol. II, Laws of Oyo State, 2000. The defendants, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges. (NAN)

Edo Assembly suspends Deputy Speaker, 3 others for alleged misconduct


he Edo House of Assembly, Edo State, on Monday, suspended its deputy speaker and three legislators for alleged misconduct. The Deputy Speaker, Mr. Festus Ebea, (Esan South East), along with Patrick Osayinmen, (Oredo East) Friday Ogierhiakhi (Orihonmwon) and Jude Ise-Idehen (Ikpoba Okha) were suspended indefinitely. It was learnt that three out of the suspended lawmakers had in the month of May defected from All Progressive Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Moving the motion for their suspension under matters of urgent public importance, Mr. Paul Ohunbamu (APC-Egor), said the affected members had undermined the

strength of the house. He accused them of making unguarded utterances. Ohunbamu said Order 38, rule 3 of the house rules empowered the house to suspend any member who was found wanting. Also speaking on the motion Mr. Adjoto Kabiru, (APC - Akoko-Edo) and Chairman, House Committee on Information said the affected lawmakers had constituted themselves into a committee which was approaching other members to defect to the PDP. “The suspended members since they defected to PDP have been approaching other members, and pledging to give them N70 million, for them to defect from APC to PDP,” he said. (NAN)

L-R: Managing Director, Access Bank Plc, Mr. Aigboje Aig Imokhuede; Director-General, Securities and Exchange Commission, Ms. Aruma Oteh; former Minister of Industries, Chief Kola Jamodu and Director-General, Budget Office, Mr. Abraham Nwakor, during the meeting of the Economic Management Team in Abuja on Thursday.

Refrain from racketeering, FRSC warns officials


he Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), on Tuesday, warned officers and men of the commission to refrain from racketeering. The Deputy Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi, gave the warning during an inspection

visit to the Kwara State Command of the commission in Ilorin. Oyeyemi said any official found wanting `` would be sacked with immediate effect.’’ He charged the commission’s personnel to remain committed in the

discharge of their duties. The FRSC boss also commended officials of the commission, especially the special marshals, for their efficiency. The officer whose visit coincided with the opening of the State General Hospital in Ilorin, Kwara

State capital, commended the state government for putting in place a trauma centre at the health facility. According to him, the centre would save many lives during emergencies. (NAN)



Toyeeb olayinka


head of 2015 governorship elections, just like in every other states of the federation, political gladiators in Rivers State have started jostling for who succeeds the governor in the state. But considering that it is a crisis-ridden environment that, may brew another major crisis between the factions of the incumbent Governor Rotimi Amaechi and the Supervising Minister of Education, Hon. Nyesom Wike. The battle to unseat the incumbency is no doubt going to be a brouhaha in the state as the defection of Amaechi to the All Progressive Congress (APC) is already an ignition to wrestle with Wike in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, under the cover of President Good luck Jonathan. Even when Governor Amaechi recently said that it was God that would anoint the person that would succeed him in 2015, expectedly, like every governor does, indications appear that he was grooming the likes of the senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial district, Senator Magnus Abe, and that of Andoni/Opopo in the House of Representatives, Hon. Dakuku Peterside, who are believed to be his close allies in the past. On the other hand, the PDP eyes the likes of the senator representing Rivers South West in the Senate, Senator George Sekibo, Prince Tonye Princewill, former commissioner, Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission, RESIEC, and Wike, which the final decision rests on the table of the Presidency and the First Lady, Patience Jonathan. In the light of these aspirations, political watchers speculate that the Rivers State in 2015 may be hotter than what it used to be politically, considering both the sponsored and unsponsored crises that had engulfed the area in the past. Wike, in Port Harcourt, at the inauguration and handing over of 25 buses to the 23 local government chapters of the PDP in the state said that Governor Amaechi would be arrested after the declaration of Jonathan as president in 2015. Making reference to the approval by the State House of Assembly for the governor to withdraw the sum of N30 billion from


Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014



Rivers: Building tension ahead of 2015 the State Reserve Fund, Wike added that Amaechi and his cohorts would account for the state fund they have been spending. “They can sit in Government House and approve whatever amount of money they like for Governor Amaechi to spend. But let me tell you all now, Governor Amaechi and his friends will account for all the monies that they are appropriating and spending now. “Once the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, announces the victory of President Jonathan, we will immediately shut down the Port Harcourt International Airport and all land and sea borders in Rivers State to prevent Governor Amaechi from escaping. “Does he (Amaechi) think we don’t know that he is planning to run away? But he and his cohorts will not succeed. All they can do thereafter is to lock up inside the Government House and at the appropriate time, we will go there and pick them up one after the other,” Wike said.” Similarly, Wike who came from the same tribe with Amaechi was reported last year to have said at his Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, rally in Port Harcourt that he would make the state ungovernable, by making sure that the residents would not sleep with their two eyes closed. Meanwhile, in an attempt to persuade Wike to join the governorship race, Omuku, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area during activities to mark the one year anniversary of the Felix Obuahled PDP executive in the state invited Wike to come and retrieve the gubernatorial power from Amaechi, since according to them, River State had always been in the mainstream of national politics in the country. However, prior to a divided house in Rivers, Wike and Amaechi had had the best of relationship. Both of them be-

longed to Peter Odili’s political platform; the restoration team, which after the 1999 general elections in the oil rich state, both were compensated with juicy political appointments. The former won the seat in the State House of Assembly election from Ikwerre constituency and the latter became the Chairman of Obio Akpor Local Government Council. On the other hand, Wike, in a recent visit to an ex-militant leader, Chief Soboma Jackrich in Degema Local Government Area, said that his number one priority was to ensure the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 and not the succession scuttle in Rivers State. “A house divided against itself cannot stand. My priority is to ensure the re-election of the president in 2015 and not who succeeds Amaechi. Governor Amaechi is an insensitive, irresponsible and drowning politician. “As the leader of the party and a loyal party man, I will always abide by the rules and wishes of the party. When the time comes, all stakeholders will sit together as a family to choose who will represent the party in the 2015 gubernatorial election in the state,” Wike said. Reacting to the matter of 2015 gubernatorial race in the state, Amaechi in a visit by the chiefs and elders of Ogu/ Bolo in the Government House said that Wike could not hope to be his successor because both of them belong to the same ethnic group adding that the Ikwerres which Wike belongs are morally barred from contesting the 2015 governorship election and that the contest is only open to representatives of other groups. “If PDP is bringing an Ikwerre man to run for governorship when an Ikwerre man has run for eight years, it means that what PDP is trying to do is to enthrone Ikwerre dominance, because Ikwerre has about 1.1 million votes in the four local

government areas, then Ikwerre would dominate the governorship of the state. “I have told Ikwerre people that the young man (Wike) whose ambition is blinding him must be thrown out, all Ikwerre people must rise against him and vote for a candidate from another ethnic group. “I will not support governorship to go to Ikwerre in APC but as the governor of Rivers State and a frontline member of APC, if I help to ensure that we don’t allow an Ikwerre candidate in APC to allow others to take it, it means that the way to protect yourselves and your children is to vote for that candidate and not for the candidate they are bringing in PDP because Ikwerre cannot govern for another eight years,” he declared. Also, in his own prediction on the imminent crisis in the 2015 general election, national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu forewarned that the 2015 general elections may end up in crisis like the case of the Rivers State and that of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF. Apparently, Tinubu’s prediction was premised on the brawl that involved a member of the house, Evans Bapakaye Bipi, representing Ogu/Bolo constituency who arrived with thugs, pounced on the house leaders, Michael Chinda and Chidi Lloyd, while the police and the military kept their distance. Political observers have concluded that except there is an early intervention from concerned political gladiators aimed at creating a level playing ground for the political parties in the state, Rivers State may witness a bloody political clash in 2015 similar to what transpired in the days of cult crisis that apprehended the peace of the state in 2005/2006 when the entire Port Harcourt city and beyond were turned into a theatre of war by politicians.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

2015: ‘Lagos PDP is, more than ever, determined to win’

Dr. Michael Adegbola Dominic has been an active political player for over 30 years. Today, he is among those jostling for the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) ticket to contest for the governorship post in Lagos State in 2015. In this interview with EBERE NDUKWU, he speaks on PDP’s determination to wrest the state from the All Progressives Party. He speaks on other topical issues too. Excerpts:


ou are among the PDP aspirants hoping to win Lagos governorship position in 2015. Can you talk about the reasons for your aspiration? I believe that the government in Lagos, right from the time of BolaTinubu, is not the type of government that the people of Lagos need. I contested a senatorial seat with Tinubu at one point, and the kind of deals he made at that time convinced me that he is not the kind of person that should rule Lagos State. Somehow, he got there and since then it has been my desire to stop him because I know very well that he is not sincere. Everything about him is shrouded in all kinds of secrecy. He later handed over to Babatunde Fashola. Of course, Fashola has been busy doing what he can, but also covering the dirty past of his predecessor. So, my readiness to contest the election is not necessarily because I want to be governor at all cost but because this government is bad and needs a replacement. Can you substantiate your claim that Fashola has been covering the dirty past of his predecessor? Two years ago, I asked the Lagos State government through the Commissioner for Finance to make available the contract/ agreement the government of Lagos State and Tinubu company Alpha Beta entered, which mandated the company to collect, on behalf of the government, all taxes and internally generated revenue due, payable and paid to the government and its agencies and all the commissions due, payable and paid by the government. By that agreement, Alpha Beta receives 15 per cent of all taxes and internally generated revenue in Lagos State. I knew they will not release it but I based my application on the Freedom of Information Bill which has been passed into law but they refused to give it to me. Governor Fashola once reported that the government was

collecting N40 billion per month, 15 per cent of that is N6billion. That is to say, Tinubu collects N6billion per month and the roads are dilapidated apart from those in outer city areas; people living in the inner city areas can’t go to their homes because of floods and one man is collecting N6billion every month. The more money the company collects the more commission it gets. So, they go as far as squeezing the masses and that’s why we have multiple taxes in Lagos. They don’t care how the people fare as long as they pay their taxes as many times as they can get them to pay and people are suffering. I’m not giving up on getting that contract and I believe before 2015 I will get to the root of the bad business Tinubu is doing with Fashola. Outside the business you claimed Fashola is doing with Tinubu, what is your assessment of his seven years administration? I can only say that Fashola has done his best but that best is not good enough, it’s far from being good enough. Fashola is sinking concrete into Atlantic Ocean, building bridges across the lagoon to Lekki and Banana Island and all that, but that is not what the majority of the people of Lagos need. If I’m hungry and need food you don’t come and give me water, giving me water is good but that is not what I need. The people of Lagos don’t need those concretes he is burying inside Atlantic Ocean, what they need is motorable roads in places like Ayobo, Ejigbo, Ikorodu and so many other places in Lagos. They need revived public schools; our public schools are written off that even the poorest in the state find it difficult to send their children to public schools. Look at the recent encounter he had with Obanikoro, he went sand-filling the lagoon, a land that does not belong to the state and claimed he wants to build low cost houses there. How do you sand-fill lagoons and you say you want to build houses


for low income earners? The cost of sand filling lagoons alone can build many houses for many people in the outer area. So, Fashola is doing something good for himself and his elite friends. The people of Lagos are suffering, they are living in slums, and we want to build decent houses that are affordable to this people. What Fashola is doing is good but it has not addressed the need of the people of Lagos. We want the money for the people of Lagos spent for them and not to be siphoned by a few individuals. The government has not addressed that, perhaps, he is joining them we don’t know. N6 billion is a lot of money; he should get it back and spend it for the people, so he’s not doing what he should be doing for the people. How sure are you of scaling through PDP primaries, looking at the intrigues that always play out in primaries elections in Nigeria? It’s unfortunate that politics in Nigeria has been monetised. I have been in politics right from the time of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN); then, we practised politics of ideologies, programmes and capabilities. At that time, anybody would aspire to be anything as long as you believe that you have the capability and the people assess you based on what they feel you are capable of doing. Nowadays, it is how much money you have to dish out to people and it is only those who have stolen this money that have enough to dish out. So, if one wants to win an election, he must have been in a privileged position where he can steal public money and

then dish it round the electorate and win election. But we cannot as a result of that throw up our hat and surrender. We have to continue striving to change the situation. This people who have stolen our money when they share money round the delegates in a primary they emerge winners, even if they are buffoons it doesn’t matter. What is responsible for that is indiscipline; a party that is disciplined will not allow the biggest spender to emerge when he doesn’t have anything to offer. And some stakeholders in the PDP are ensuring that there is discipline in the party whereby the best candidates will emerge. The bottom line is that we will continue to work to ensure that good candidates who can do what we want emerge. In 2011, you contested for the office of the governor under the platform of APGA after a coalition of 26 political parties and didn’t make it. Why do you think if you emerge as PDP candidate you will win when with 26 parties you failed to achieve that in 2011? At that time there was no doubt that the two major parties were ACN and PDP, and the way all of us at the other parties saw it, the PDP was not united to remove the ACN government at that time, and when we did not have the resources the PDP had, we decided to come together to see how we could remove the ACN. We didn’t have resources, we sourced for and it was difficult. Assuming we had the resources the PDP had, we could have removed ACN.

Why did you join the PDP? Could it have been because of its resources? We want to see the APC whose leaders have questionable characters removed and since we couldn’t do it as a coalition in 2011 we decided since PDP has the resources, to join them and see how to achieve our goal. Are you saying that many of you in that coalition joined PDP? Yes, we are in the PDP, we don’t want to make noise about it until when the chips are down. Do you see PDP wining 2015 election in the state? Going by the structures on ground PDP is going to win the governorship election in Lagos in 2015. What determines the party that wins an election is the programme and the principle of that party. The PDP today is no longer like the disunited one in the past; now we have a leader, Chief Bode George, and we thank God that the blemish on him has been removed by the court which is the opposite of the criminal tendencies in the leadership of APC. The issue of Lagos PDP has always been a situation where disgruntled members, after primaries, abandon the party for other parties and fight to make sure PDP fails. Don’t you see that repeating itself in 2015? It will not happen this time around. Do you know that there are about seven aspirants in the PDP now and we meet often and have been telling ourselves that the battle is not between one aspirant and another but a battle between the PDP and the APC. We have not got all that we want but we are doing well. And I believe that with the leadership and discipline in Lagos PDP now, we have no limitation at all. Don’t you see the abduction of Chibok girls and other security issues in the country affecting the PDP chances in 2015? You see, at the end of the day the situation will turn to our advantage. Before 2011 election some people were saying that they would make Nigeria ungovernable if Goodluck Jonathan wins, and since he won they have been trying to make good their threats. That is the way I see it. So far, they seem to be succeeding but when you look at it critically you’ll see that the events that are unfolding soon we will get to the root cause of these entire problems.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Talking “T

he significance of June 12 lies in the linkage between the right to choose and the right for the choice of the majority to be respected with the expectation of the promise of a better life thereafter. However, democracy does not guarantee good governance. “Let me say, as I have said repeatedly, that democracy is not concerned about good governance. All that democracy has concerned itself with is whether the candidate who was declared the winner was elected by popu-

POLITICS lar votes. Democracy does not ask whether the candidate knows the job. It does not ask the faith of the candidate. It does not ask you whether he is compassionate. It is democratic institutions that prepare citizens for that choice.” We thank the Civil Society organisations and all who have kept faith with the spirit of June 12 since 1993. While it is easy to identify with an idea when it is popular, it is even more challenging to remain resolute and committed to that idea when its popularity is no longer front page news.

‘Nigeria can be the beautiful bride again’

–Professor Itse Sagay (SAN) speaking on the theme “June 12 And 4th Republic Challenges, at the 21st anniversary of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election.



lthough Nigeria is a well endowed nation, her citizens are suffering as a result of mismanagement of resources by the authorities at the Federal level. “If only we can enjoy a period of dedicated, selfless and committed leadership at the federal level as we are presently experiencing in Lagos, Ekiti, Osun and the other APC states and in Rivers state, Nigeria will once again be the beautiful bride of the international community”

Elections are here already!

-Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), calling for mass participation of all eligible voters in the country in the coming Elections.


tell you, elections are not coming, elections are here. Elections start from voter registration. Have you registered? If you have not registered, elections have started, so go and do so. When the continuous voter registration starts, do you have voters’ card, do you know where it is? If you don’t know where it is, go and start looking for it”. “What has not happened is balloting; so on ballot day, you must be ready but you cannot be ready unless you register. When they publish the voters register, go and check. And if your name is not there, that is when you should start pointing this out. We must make the time to do some of these little but very significant things, so that the spirit and purpose of June 12 endures”, he said. “During the 2011 elections, average turnout was not more than 35-40 percent of registered voters as compared to the

South African elections and the Indian elections recently where at least 70 percent of the registered voters turned out to vote. This must change. “You must know it is the politicians that make decisions whether you will live or die because they manage security; they make the laws and the policies. “They decide how much it costs to bury you because they make the laws that regulate cemeteries. They make decisions on which hospital you are born because the laws are made in the Houses of Assembly and the National Assembly. They decide what kind of life your children will get. They decide who you can marry because there is marriage law. They take every decision that affects your life”, he pointed out. “The excuse that politics is “dirty” is often given by many people for not getting involved. I also made such statements in the past. I am wiser now. But I still


‘Some people want to kill June 12’ –Lagos State governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, at the 21st anniversary of June 12, 1993 Presidential Election

“Some of you here have shown resoluteness, you have shown commitment, you have shown dedication to the idea of June 12. Some people made desperate efforts in the past to kill the idea and spirit of June 12. It is important to remind you that for some people, June 12 would never be celebrated. We must never forget that. It was a major controversy when my predecessor and his team made the distinction then between a public holiday and a workfree day. For them, June 12 was a word never to be uttered again.

“Those people are going to come to you in a matter of weeks and months to seek your votes. So as you go out to vote, also remember their stand on this day. And also remember the political group and the political party that has continued to surrender to this day when you make the choice. “Every good thing must come to an end; so, obviously my tenure will come to an end in a little over 300 days from now. At this time next year hopefully I will be with you but somebody else will stand here to address you as your Governor.”


Fayemi does not want students to vote for me

-Peoples’ Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, while distributing rice and cash to students of Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti (EKSU) “to give the students food to sustain them till after the election.” Abiodun nejo


ur outgoing governor, Dr Fayemi closed your school so that you will not be able to cast your votes for me. But I want you to remain in Ado Ekiti and vote for me. On Election Day, do not

go and collect money from our enemies. Vote for Ayo Fayose. “I will stop the era of ‘no fees, no examinations’ in your institution and reduce the current school fees to the barest minimum as soon as I become governor. I want to do everything possible to improve the education sector for you. I want to provide buses that will take you to school.


‘I’m committed to development pact with Ekiti people’

-Ekiti State Governor and All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, at the beginning of the last leg of his Ado Ekiti campaign.


e are committed to the continuation of the development pact we made with Ekiti people if reelected in the next governorship election in the state. We will not relent in the transformation of the state. We assure you of development and life-transforming projects in all communities in the state – urban and rural. I urge you to re-elect me so that the capital city trans will witness more rapid transformation in the next four years. “We will continue to pursue issues of water provision, road construction, construction of ex neighborhood markets and extension of electricity in some new areas in the communities. “We will provide Secondary Schools at Ajebamidele and Odo in Ado Ekiti so that pupils from the community

hear people make that statement. I can only appeal to you that it was a statement made in error. “There is politics everywhere including your own home. It is management of people, interests and demands. Amongst your children there is politics. If you have four children and people begin to call you by the name of one, politics has started. Your wife wants things, your children want, your mother in law wants, your fatherin-law wants. Those are competing interests and that’s what happens in the larger space.”


would not need to travel kilometers to the nearest community to get secondary education. “We always get involved in the communities ourselves. Some of their requests were not really novel to me. I know they want those things. Roads are a concern in our government, water is what we are working on in a comprehensive manner because we have just designed a master plan for water provision in the state. Extension of electricity in the new communities is some something that we are also fully in involved in and we will ensure that we do our best for our people. “All those things like transformers, secondary schools are in the pipeline and there is no way we won’t do many those things before of the end of the year, and communities know the

that we will do them. “We urge you to cast your votes for the APC on June 21 so that we can continue the various developmental projects that our administration has started. “You must be vigilant on Election day. Do not allow anyone to intimidate you and prevent you from exercising your civic right. APC is ready to resist anyone that would bring thugs to the state. One of the parties has sworn to turn the state to a war front. We are ready to succeed. Whoever is bringing thugs from Akure, Abuja, Ibadan or Lagos will meet the resistance of Ekiti people. We should be battle ready because they said they are coming with war. We know who the true friends of the people are. We don’t want those who will defraud the people under the guise of poultry project. Ekiti people have said No!”


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

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Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014


How the world watched the

World Cup

…from rebels in bombed-out Syria to astronauts in space – proof we are all the same when football’s on the telly

Assad and his cohorts are forgotten as these rebel fighters in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo put down their guns to watch Brazil triumph over Croatia

Fans in the Somalian capital Mogadishu watch David Luiz of Paris SaintGermain and Brazil in the opening match

Spectators watching the 2014 Wold cup match at Broad Street, Lagos.



he World Cup kicked off last night with a match between the hosts Brazil and plucky little Croatia. The world was shocked when Marcelo’s own goal gave the Europeans an early lead but a dodgy penalty and poor refereeing led to Brazil running out 3-1 winners. From outer space to Syrian rebels and brave Kenyans, it seems the world (and those outside of it) cannot get enough of the World Cup. Astronauts on the international space station stopped their experiments to watch the game, Syrian militants in Aleppo put down their guns and the more stable inmates of the Asuncion Psychiatric Hospital in Asuncion, Paraguay, were allowed to watch the World Cup opener on an old television set although they had to stay behind bars and were not allowed too near the set. The homeless in suburbs of Rio de Janeiro gathered outside shops to view the game on the owner’s telly, while in Nairobi, Kenya fans gathered to watch despite fears and warnings of possible attacks on the World Cup public screenings by Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist terrorists. Somali fans were also on standby. The Germans watched the match in some style while sitting on settees in the 1.FC Union stadium in Berlin.

Brave: These Kenyan waitresses watch the match at a night club in Nairobi. Kenyans have been warned about possible attacks on the World Cup public screenings by al-Shabab Islamist militants.

The ever efficient Germans watch the match while sitting on settees in the 1.FC Union stadium in Berlin

Out of this world: The sport may not be that popular in America but it seems Americans in outer space cannot get enough of football. United States astronauts Steve Swanson (left), Reid Wiseman (right), and German astronaut Alexander Gerst (centre), kick around a ball some 230 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station

They may be homeless but they still love their football in Mangaratiba, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro as they watch their country beat Croatia



June 14, 2014

Care for camel meat?

Try Oko-Oba Abattoir



egarded as a beast of burden, the camel is an animal with special traits. Adaptable to all weather conditions and used for all purposes, perhaps, for the camel, life means nothing except it is lived the hard way. Naturally lacking in flesh, it could be right to say that what the camel lost in size, it gained in amazing inner strength that baffles everyone. That probably is where it all ends with the camel as it would easily come last in a menu list including other domesticated animals such as cat, dog, goat and sheep, especially in this part of the world. Like placing last in a menu wish list, the sight of camels in places like an abattoir stirs curious gaze. Such was the situation recently at the popular and ever busy OkoOba Abattoir, situated in the outskirt of Agege, Lagos State. As the newspaper learnt, those who had come to the popular hide and skin market were taken aback when some camels were sighted in a setback near the market. But more than anything else, the camels numbering 25 got people thinking what could have informed their presence. “Could camel meat be sold here?” a customer had asked aloud. Or, could we have

CAMEL MEAT IS A GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN AND VITAMIN E. ASIDE THE MEAT, THE MILK IS ALSO VERY USEFUL. IT CONTAINS THREE TIMES THE VITAMIN C OF COW’S MILK AND IS RICH IN IRON AND B VITAMINS. A NOMAD CAN LIVE ON ONLY CAMEL MILK FOR UP TO A MONTH been buying camel meat without knowing it? Perhaps, there are more questions, but as this reporter sought clarifications from a meat buyer simply identified as Shade Cole, the picture came quite clear. “Camel meat?” she retorted. “Well,” she continued, “other people may be eating it, but I will never come near to it let alone buying it for meat.” If this reporter still had any doubt, it took just a few seconds to clear. In an interview with a butcher at the abattoir, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, he reveals that camel meat like others is on sale at the abattoir. He, however, told the newspaper that the bulk of buyers come usually as far as from Cotonou, Benin Republic. “It’s is a sweet delicacy,” he says, pointing out that he had tasted it several times to know it is good for food. For Mallam Seidu, camel meat is available mostly on request as buyers are not many as yet. “The best age for a camel that is fit

for food is from a year to three years,” he tells the newspaper. Seemingly discreet, Seidu could not disclose how often the meat is available in the market as, according to him he is not permitted to discuss it as its market is just opening. In an interview, a Veterinary doctor, Mr. Sanya Thomas, who reluctantly fielded questions to this reporter, said that there was nothing wrong with the animal if anyone wants to have it for food. According to him camel is eaten up north and most parts of Africa and has no health effects. “A camel tastes like the normal beef. The most prized part of the camel is its humps, which usually is full of fat. In the north, it is used to make burger and other culinary materials. They have mild flavour when prepared properly. It is reputed to be healthier than red meat, no doubt. “Camels may look malnourished, but are good sources of protein and vitamin E. Aside the meat, the milk is also very useful. It contains

Saturday Mirror

three times the vitamin C of cow’s milk and is rich in Iron and B vitamins. A nomad can live on only camel milk for almost a month,” he says, stressing that its milk is richer in vitamins, minerals, proteins especially when compared with cow’s milk. Asked about the health implications, Thomas said, but for human bubonic plague resulting from ingestion of raw camel liver, there had been no further complaints. “Others who complain do so on either cultural or religious beliefs,” he says. Interestingly, the Holy Bible in the books of Deuteronomy chapter 14, verse 7, and Leviticus chapter 11, verse 4, were emphatic on the consumption of camel. According to the verses, camel is considered an unclean animal though it chews the cud or regurgitates the way cow, sheep, goat, deer, antelope, and giraffe do, because it does not divide the hoof just like all the other animals mentioned above. “More so,” the Veterinary practitioner noted, “it is believed to be an animal with multi-chambered stomach; a thing that may have been given traditional or cultural colouration to discourage people from consuming it.” As the newspaper learnt, in Islam, the eating of camel is said to be allowed, and indeed, traditional in the Islamic heartland of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. An Imam, Abdulateef Ogundele, told the newspaper that though he is yet to taste its meat, it is not forbidden in Islam. “Yes; some religious groups may outlaw or forbid its consumption or just any other form of meat, but it all depends on the individual,” Ogundele says. In medieval Christianity, certain uncooked foods were of dubious status. Be it the camel meat or just any other, perhaps, the question is whether or not health officials and the Lagos State Task Force, regulate as well as monitor activities at the abattoir to ensure they conform to laid down rules and regulations of the state government. Only a few years ago, the Lagos State government moved to regulate meat handling, an effort, Kabiru, a buyer says is sanitizing the abattoir of unhealthy meat products. However, asked if camel meat makes any difference, he retorted: “Animal is animal. Meat is meat; it is all about choice.” Would you go for camel meat when next you visit the abattoir? When the newspaper visited the office of Harmony Abattoir Management Company (HAMC), they declined comments.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


Idi-Oro community…

Rain, rain, go away! The rainy season is just beginning, but for residents of Ologongo community in Idi-Oro area of Mushin, Lagos State, they have had enough. Without water channels in most streets, their homes have become flood beds following each down pour. FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON writes that they desperately need a look-in from government.



he rains may be a blessing, but for now, residents of Ologongo community in Mushin, a Lagos suburb, desperately wish it away. For residents of the community whose population is estimated at over 700,000, the rainy season has brought with it pains, agony and sorrow as their homes are usually flooded any time it pours. And, afraid of the next down pour as they dread attack by the increasing army of hoodlums which line its neighbourhood, they are calling on the Lagos State government to urgently look their way to avert a flood disaster. In a strongly worded Save Our Souls (S.O.S) letter jointly signed by the leaders of Ologongo Community Association (OCA) led by Reverend E .O. Shodipe, Chairman, Alhaji M.A. Ilumoka, Vice Chairman Pastor C.O Olatunji Treasurer, and Mrs. Nwachukwu, Women Representative, and addressed to the Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola, they blamed the flood on the condition of the drainage at Olaniyi Street. According to them, the poor condition of the drainage requires urgent intervention of government to curtail flooding in the area.






RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASSIVE FLOODING THAT WE EXPERIENCE EVERY YEAR “We are optimistic that our governor will bring into action to ensure our properties are not destroyed by the rains and the arising flood,” the letter reads in part. It further said that in the community’s previous letter dated November 1, 2012, they had drawn the attention of the governor to the said drainage, which they say is located near Birch Freeman High School. “We sug-

gested the linking of Olaniyi drainage to the Secondary Canal from Alamutu which emptied into the major canal at Kobiti/Akobi Crescent. Drain/Storm waters from Eniola, Bankole and part of the Alamutu are currently diverted to Olaniyi without any outlet or connections to any of the canals in the environment,” they claimed in the letter. The community leaders told the newspaper that currently, Olaniyi Street is heavily flooded and fear that the situation might degenerate in the days ahead. They urged Governor Fashola to act fast and come to their aid before it becomes too late, saying that only the living can remedy situations. Speaking, a resident, Mr. Taju Sulaimon, who claimed that he had been living in the area for more than four years, described the condition of drainages in the area as appalling and a major concern to residents. “Water coming from Mushin, Olosha, Labinjo, Alamutu, Owokoniran, Bankole, and Eniola Street are diverted to Olaniyi Street, while all the drainages linking the area with Agege Motor Road have been blocked following construction works on the Mushin-Moshalashi-Agege Motor Road. Market men and women and their cus-

Taju Sulaimon

tomers at plantain market are also part of the challenges to flood control as their activities are also negatively impacting on flood control in the area. If there is any serious rain now, we all will be at risk of flooding,”he said. Also speaking, Olatunji Oke recalled that residents had suffered so much and lost properties worth several millions of naira to flood in the past years. He begged the governor to intervene and ensure that all the channels were cleared. Oke also implored residents to properly dispose refuse and to discourage emptying wastes into the drainages as, according to him, it is only by so doing that flooding in the area can be controlled. “The challenges we face in this community is mostly because of poor refuse disposal habits of residents. It has been responsible for the massive flooding that we experience every year. We have lost properties estimated in millions of naira to flood disasters. We may be doing well on our own, but it is still not enough. Our attitude has helped the rains to flood our homes. The earlier we change our attitude the better. Therefore, much as we call on government to come to our rescue, it is time we changed our attitude to flood control,” he said. Also speaking, Mrs. Abimbola Jinadu, a mother of two and resident of the community, described the state of the drainages as distressful. “I have been living here for more than six years and all we have always had probems with is flooding and that is due to the poor conditions of the drainages in the community,” she said, pointing out that rainy season usually evoke fear on everyone. She continued: “Our fears increase anytime the rains return. We have been experiencing flood disasters for many years and pray that we can avert the one of this year. This is the reason we appeal to the governor to kindly order the repair of drainages in our community, especially the one close to Birch Freeman High School. I am afraid if government fails to act fast, we will experience heavy flooding and that will not be good for us,” she said. It would be recalled that the governor had before the return of the rainy season warned Lagos residents, particularly those living along the coastal areas to be prepared for heavy surges. Also, the Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, while speaking to residents of low land areas in Lagos, advised Lagosians to anticipate flooding. He explained that areas like Eti-Osa, Badiya, Amukoko, Makoko, Iwaya, Ajegunle, Owode and Agiliti would be affected terribly by the floods.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Control of the three wheeler park at Ijora-Badia, a suburb of Lagos, pitches two rivalry factions against each other, leading to destruction of properties, reports SEGUN ADIO


jora, a Lagos State suburb teetered on a feral zone as the incessant inter group rivalries between hoodlums resident at Ijora Badia and their Orile counterpart flexed ‘control’ muscles leading to a breakdown of the peace and resulting in residents fleeing the area. According to a source, properties worth several millions were destroyed, particularly, at Oke Oja, IjoraBadia, believed to have been hard hit by the crisis. The newspaper learnt that trouble started between the factions over the control of a major Three Wheeler Park (Round-About and Layinka Route) in the area, and Ali-Iwo area of the community. It was reported that for months on end, two rival groups identified as Aniwo ati Akamaye boys in the area had been at daggers’ drawn. Since the crisis started, it was gathered that no fewer than four persons have lost their lives with properties estimated to cost several millions razed down by the rampaging hoodlums. Two Sundays ago, the crisis in the area came to a head when some suspected hoodlums numbering about 36, allegedly invaded the Oke-Oja area, destroying everything in sight. The rampaging youths, the source said, wielded dangerous weapons like gun, matches and so forth. The newspaper gathered that the crisis had been a subject of grave concern to many traditional and political leaders in the locality, who severally tried to settle the factions without luck. The prominent leaders, the traditional ruler of the area and one Honourable Wasiu, were said to have invited leaders of the feuding groups to meetings where they appealed for peace in the interest of the community and everyone. On that fateful day, the rampaging hoodlums allegedly gained entry into Oja-Oba area and began destroying and vandalising vehicles, including property believed to belong to either supporters of the rival group or group members, injuring many in the process. Before the crisis, it was learnt that a detachment of Lagos Security outfit, Ops MESA were stationed at the trouble spots, but were caught unawares by the hoodlums. In an interview, Chairman, Oke-Oja South East Community Development Association, (OSECDA), Azeez Okeola, said that the hoodlums did not mean well for the community as, according to him, only a few escaped unhurt. Okeola revealed that several efforts to have the matter resolved by many elders in the community had failed as none of the groups was ready to shift grounds. “Many people would have been killed that Sunday, but for God’s intervention. They damaged several

A vandalised Toyota Camry

Ijora-Badia residents flee as hoodlums make war MANY PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN




A torched commuter bus

vehicles,” he said. The OSECDA boss noted that the in-fighting had been going on for two years despite the intervention of several prominent sons and daughters of the community. He said that with the latest attack on innocent residents and their valuables, all parents of the hoodlums had been warned to prevail on their wards or risk being ostracised from the community. “We have warned

them that anytime we hear of such reckless behavior again in the community, we would hand them over the police. And, it is not just handing them over to the police; we will ensure they are sent packing. All we want is for everyone to sheathe their swords and they have promised to comply,” Okeola said. However, a community leader in the area who simply identified himself as

Pa Alade disagreed with Okeola on the measure, saying, it was important to address the remote cause of the crisis first. According to him, until the issue of who controls what in the disputed parks are settled, no threat of police can yield any meaningful fruit. Pa. Alade also alleged that the chairmen of the two parks are the root cause of the crisis in the area and called for their immediate arrest. The septuagenarian urged the police to investigate the chairman of Chairman Oke-Oja North Community Development Association to also know his action or inactions regarding the crisis. “If you ask some of the residents here, they would point fingers at the two chairmen in the area. It is pretty clear that they cannot control their domains and, therefore, should allow some other persons to run the affairs of the area,” he said.

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Relationships Should you fight in front of the kids?


Fashion Pimp my dress

Savvy tips for the bling trend

Evelle ... New kid on the block p28, 29



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

I am not copying 9ice –Tundey W

hy did you go into music? I just love music and I can’t do without it. The only thing that keeps me going is music. As a little boy, I was listening to Sunny Ade, Ayinde Barrister, Ebenezer Obey, and they inspired me, especially Sunny Ade. I loved the way people come around to watch him perform and I knew I wanted to be like him. Then, my grandmother used to call me Alofe, an Ondo dialect for someone that’s always talking or thinking about music. I told my mum when I left secondary school that she should register me in music school or take me to KSA

Afro-pop singer Tundey is very hot in Ibadan where he is based. But like the famed character Oliver Twist that wanted more, Tundey too wants to take his music career to the real next level. He told OSEYIZA OOGBODO that his latest song, Dun-Dun, which he is preparing to promote nationwide, will do the magic for him.

that I wanted to be part of his band. My mum looked at me that day and smiled. Later, my mum told me emphatically that I should forget music and proceed to the university instead. So your mum didn’t support your music dream? In a way. She felt it would prevent my university education and she was adamant that I must go to university so she didn’t support me until I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife.

So you dropped music until you graduated or you were doing it by the side while at OAU? While I was at OAU, I was never serious with my academics. It was always music that kept my interest. Most times, I will be with some bands rehearsing and doing something related to music while classes were on. But my mum never knew that was what I was doing. She believed I had forgotten about music. In 2007, I graduated from the university and did my NYSC the following year, thereby satisfying my mum and I then gave my all to music.

y t i r b e l e C

You are from Ondo State and you schooled at OAU in Osun State. How did you get to be based in Ibadan? I was actually born in Ibadan, but we moved back to Ondo State. Anyway, music took me to Ibadan because a producer I know, Magic Fingers, introduced me to an Ibdan-based producer, Sanmi Akinmusere, and we had the right working chemistry, so I stayed back in Ibadan. You have been signed to Gbera Tinrin Studios for more than a year now. How has it been like? I’m happy with the way things are going with GTS. I’ve actually been with them for two years now and I’m okay with them because they are very serious minded about music. You are about to release your latest song, Dun-Dun. How many songs do you have to your credit? I’ve recorded more than a hundred songs and written over one thousand songs. You have written over a thousand songs and you are yet to be known nationwide. Why? Is there a problem somewhere? There’s no problem anywhere. I think people need to know the difference between recording a song and pushing it. Right now, we are working on the whole thing. Nonye, my last song, is everywhere. Nonye is not the kind of song that everybody in the country likes or knows. But the people who have listened to it will tell you it’s a nice song. But it’s now time to do what people want, dancehall, and DunDun will start that next phase of my career for me. Do you really believe you have what it takes to blow nationwide like 2face and others? It is only God that can elevate one. No matter how hard you try, when God says it is not time for you to get to that big stage, you will just continue to work hard. I am very prepared for this. In terms of my lyrics, I will tell you that I have got good lyrics because I take my time to write good songs. Asides that, God gave me a very good voice and I am on a label that is ready to work tirelessly to take your career to a meaningful level so I will definitely blow nationwide and worldwide. People say you sound like 9ice and that your lyrics are not really different from his. What do you have to say about that? Yes, I have heard people say that, but I don’t believe they are correct. I think people are saying that because I use indigenous language, like 9ice does. But I don’t sound like him, I don’t even have the kind of voice he has and I’m not copying his style. I sing a blend of Yoruba and English because I have more command of my expression when I sing in my mother language. I find it easier singing in Yoruba, but I also blend it with English sometimes.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014




Trouble brews in DB Records ... as D’Banj signs Tonto Dike at Kayswitch’s expense


he signing of Tonto Dike by D’Banj to his record label, DB Records, is set to open a can of worms that the self-acclaimed Koko master might just not be able to contain. While it has been known for quite a long time that D’Banj and Dike are making music together, the duo, who also have the same birthday in common, and celebrated their birthdays last Monday, June 9th, finally confirmed their music relationship on Wednesday when D’Banj announced that he had signed her to DB Records. And he just didn’t announce her signing, he added that they were moving to

work immediately on her career and would thereby present the music they’ve made to the world without delay. The only problem with Dike’s arrival on DB Records however is that it seems to be at Kayswitch’s expense. Kayswitch is D’Banj’s junior brother and he’s been loyal to D’Banj for several years. Like a faithful dog, he stayed by D’Banj’s side during the biggest crisis of D’Banj’s career, his split with Don Jazzy that saw all their former record label mates, Dr SID, Wande Coal and D’Prince, preferring to roll with Don Jazzy. At the time, analysts said they stuck with

he latest Nigerian Idol winner, Evelle, is surely in a bittersweet state presently. According to reports, members of her family, in their bid to support her win the music talent hunt during the grand finale last week, have suffered injuries that have induced a bitter taste in Evelle’s mouth that is souring the sweet taste that should be there instead. Her mother was the first to get injured. She was involved in an accident while coming down from Ekpoma, Edo State to Lagos to cheer on her daughter and so didn’t make it to the venue of the grand finale as she was rushed to a hospital instead. Evelle’s sister, who also was at the grand finale, was also said to have fainted when there was a stampede to enter

the venue, but luckily for her, she regained consciousness with medical help. Evelle is not the first talent hunt winner to suffer tragedies. Project Fame West Africa maiden winner, Iyanya, has lost all members of his nuclear family.

Accidents trail Nigerian Idol winner T


Don Jazzy because he concentrates more on the music business aspect, as D’Banj, an artist himself would be in competition with them. And since Kayswitch has been on DB Records, it can’t really be said that he has made the progress he should. Many artists who came into prominence after him have released their debut albums and are doing great while he continues to be in his elder brother’s shadow. At a point in time last year, he was even

advised to leave D’Banj if he wanted to succeed. Will Dike’s arrival therefore be the turning point for Kayswitch? Will it be the reason he will finally leave his brother’s side and strike out independently as D’Banj has indicated that he will concentrate on Dike and he can only do so at Kayswitch’s expense? There’s one thing we can be sure of, though. A lot of drama is going to erupt from DB Records soon, and we’ll serve you all their juicy details as they unfold.


Crises make P-Square lose at MAMA


hat P-Square didn’t win the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) Best Group category is still surprising to many people. The category was won by Mafikizolo, a group that even though their song, Khona, was a hit all over Africa last year, are not a match for P-Square. And even though Khona was a big hit, P-Square had two bigger hits, Alingo and Personally, and Personally, which’s video was themed to the great Michael Jackson’s dance styles and dedicated to him, was a worldwide hit. So why did P-Square lose the category, which they were most favourite to win,

and also lost the Artist of the Year and Song of the Year categories for which they were also nominated? Analysts offer the opinion that the recent crises they’ve gone through in their family affected their chances of winning, that the crises, which none of their fans expected as they see PSquare as a truly united front, has made many of their fans lose some of the trust they had in the P-Square brand, and since fans were not even really sure if P-Square are still truly together, they could not vote for them thereby.


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror



Glo ambassadors team up for Super Eagles


s the 2014 World Cup gets underway in Brazil, Nigeria’s leading musicians will, courtesy of Globacom, be singing for the triumph of the Super Eagles at the soccer fiesta. Gifted rapper MI, Ada Ada crooner Flavour, Omawumi, Waje, Wande Coal, Naeto C, Chee The Voice and Ego, who are all Glo ambassadors, were assembled by the company to produce three theme songs to mobilise support for the Nigerian team and fire the players to victory at the Mundial. The songs are Power To Win, by Flavour and MI; Raise Your Voice, by Glo All Stars; and a medley of popular Nigerian Supporters’ Club chants. The refrain ‘no lele, no



yawa’ in Raise Your Voice, which in popular Nigerian Pidgin English means ‘no worries,’ is resonating with Nigerians who love the reassuring words. The lyrics say amongst others that ‘we would raise our flag, we would shine our eyes, we would raise our voice and defend our name. No dulling, Naija!’ The Supporters’ Club chant is a medley of folkloric and religious songs in the three major Nigerian languages of Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. These songs are prayers to God, meant to serve as a rallying appeal to Nigerians to support the Super Eagles with prayers and positive comments. Indeed, Raise Your Voice seeks to achieve



this by catching the attention of all. The Supporters’ Club chants begin with a call for fair officiating in Yoruba language, urging the referees to be impartial. This is closely followed by other prayerful Yoruba songs, Baba Ti B’awa Se and Sa Ma Si N Wa Lo, expressing the hope that God would see the Super Eagles through the World Cup campaign. All the Yoruba songs were led by Wande Coal. The Igbo choruses, led by Flavour and Naeto C, create a picture of football action on the field of play in peoples’ minds when played. The beats also elicit interminable thirst and hunger for victory for the Super Eagles each

time they take to the field. Choruses rendered in Hausa were led by Bez Idakula who hails from Nasarawa State. With the other ambassadors backing him up, he sang the universal Ole, a celebratory chorus that inspires teams to victory. The song reminds Nigerians of the golden moment when the country won the Olympic football gold medal at the expense of football giants Brazil and Argentina. Globacom said the essence of the songs was to create the belief in the Super Eagles and Nigerians that with hard work, dedication and the support of 160 million passionate Nigerians, the team can excel in Brazil.



Apapa Family RCCG thrills Lagosians with children’s talent hunt EBERE NDUKWU


ance duo, Egere Great and Ekeh Samuel, were among the winners of up to N22million prizes at the grand finale of the Redeemed Christian

Church of God’s Apapa Family’s God’s Children Got Talent. At the event, held at the Eko Hotel and Suites, more than 6,000 attendees comprising sponsors, media partners and families watched 50 performances

that included music instruments playing, drawing, singing and dancing, before a panel of five judges decided the winners. Presenting the final prize to the dancing duo, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade of Apapa Family explained that the

mission of the project is to provide a credible platform for the celebration of talent in God’s children. Guest performances were by Nneka and Frank Edwards, and the judges included Joke Silva, Wole Oni and Nikki Laoye.

Ice Prince

Whiskey Artist: Ice Prince featuring Sunny Neji Rose Hennessy Me I no dey see my enemies Rose … aii ... aii Ice Prince Zamani Sammy Gyang **** guy That eastern guy Chorus (4x) Whiskey whiskey whiskey whiskey Carry me go Aii yai yai yai yai Hook Story story We gats to give God glory We gats to live life slowly YOLO no dey bring life back You hear me say Story story We gats to give God glory We gats to live life slowly YOLO no dey bring life back Help me say Verse 1 Ah two thousand and four Bolaji was the main guy My nigga no dey ever comot with the same tie Fly nigga, cool cat wey dey make friends If Bolaji no dey the club, the party no dey make sense In two thousand and five Bolaji don dey finish school The graduation party bad, omo pretty cool See the girl, them a dress like Beyonce If Bolaji na your padi, e mean say you belong shey? In two thousand and eight Bolaji don dey come Lag He don dey roll among the niggas wey dey form swag He don dey chill among the niggas wey dey pop pass Last thing wey I hear was he was buried in a compound Damn Chorus (4x) Repeat hook CONTINUES NEXT WEEK

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


Revealed! Why artists exercise W

hen most people see artists displaying their six-packs and toned bodies acquired after several workout sessions in the gymnasium or through home exercises, what mostly comes to their minds is that those artists are showing off their attractive physiques. Artists who have been found guilty of this showoff include Iyanya, Banky W, Waje, Flavour, Sean Tizzle, 50 Cent Mo’ Cheddah, Omotola, D’Prince, Peter P-Square, 50 Cent and LL Cool J. They show off their amazing physiques because they disciplined themselves to undertake strenuous workouts to acquire and maintain them and then feel that the world should see their achievements. So blame them for being vain as they don’t really have to show them off. But why do these artists work out? Is it to attract ladies (in the case of men), to while away time, to be in good health, or to just show off vainly? Well, E-News can authoritatively reveal that the reason most of your favourite artists are spending countless hours and money exercising their bodies is so they can sing or rap better, perform m better on stage and thereby make more money. According to a voice training expert, Adeyrt, Joel Adey yemi, “the importance of exercise to artists just ists cannot ju ust be valued. Daily exercising helps artistss use their voicvoiices better in performance and also helpss them have a an n overall better performance as performance mance requires require es expending energy and exercising helpss them prepare to properly expend energy on stage.” e.” Speaking further, he said, “People don’t really know that singing requires energy gy. But the fact is that it does. For a singerr to perform long hours or hit high notes constantly during a performance requires energy and that energy is best LL Cool J gotten through exercise.” Explaining how exercise actually ly helps artists sing better, he said, “When When you exercise, your diaphragm grows bigger and is able to contain more air. It is thiss air that singers use to sing. The bigger their diaphragm, iaphragm, the more air they have to sing. Likewise, wise, if their diaphragm is small, it’ll contain just a small amount of air that won’t permit them do wonders ers with their voice. Imagine a singer trying to sustain ain a note to mesmerise his audience and he runs out ut of air in the process, his voice will become a croak and that would be very embarrassing for him.” A voice trainer for several years now, Adeyemi said that there are many exercises available il bl to t artt ists but that the best of them is swimming. “Swimming is the total exercise for an artist. Swimming employs the use of the whole body, the internal and external organs and all the senses and that’s why it’s the best exercise for a serious singer. Others are good as well, pushups, situps, squats, even pumping iron at the gym, but none of them compares to swimming.” And in corroboration of Adeyemi’s revelation, a singer, Cjay, recounted his experience when he went to record a song in the studio recently. “When the producer told me to sing so he could record, he wasn’t satisfied with my delivery. The next thing he told me was to start doing pressups right there in the studio. I thought he was joking but he appeared very serious so I started doing them. I didn’t even get up to fifteen before I couldn’t continue but he told me to keep doing it and after I had managed to do over a hundred with several pauses inbetween, he told me to go and sing and I murdered the beat the way he wanted and that I liked too and since then I’ve been exercising religiously as the producer told me that constant exercise would help me sing better.”

Banky W

Flavour Iyanya

Peter P-Square


Mo’ Cheddah

Waje (in yellow)


June 14, 2014

Is RMD sick?

Stella Damasus


spits fire ‘I’m under threat but I’m not scared’


op actress Stella Damasus, who has become a social activist lashing out against all the recent injustices in the country, the Chibok girls abduction and the girl child marriage bill included, and is said to now be on the government’s black list, has lashed out at the government which is alleged to be searching for her, saying she is not scared of the government and that that she will continue to speak out against it when it does wrong. “No matter what anyone tries to do,” she posted online for the whole world to know, “it will not stop me from speaking the truth and standing up for the rights of women and young girls. These are the kind of things that get people scared of and run away from; standing up for

their rights. It’s a pity that we say Nigeria is a democratic country, but where is the democracy when people cannot speak their minds for fear of threats like this or danger of being killed. “I am not one of those who shout in the morning and then at night I go behind the public and accept ‘Ghana must go’ from those who are causing these problems. We all see what is wrong and what is going on. Shutting me up will not put an end to the issues we are facing. If we don’t deal with these things now, what kind of society are we leaving behind for our children and their children? Definitely not a place where they can live in freedom and peace. “This is not a popularity contest

Saturday Mirror

but about speaking the truth and standing up for what is right. They should shift the focus from me and place priority on the matters at hand, and place it on the safety of Nigerians, rescuing the abducted girls, deleting the bill that legally puts our little girls in the hands of paedophiles, paying attention to the amount of women dying from domestic violence daily, unemployment, inadequate health care, proper education, pension funds, economic development and all the other things that are affecting the nation.” Stella’s latest lashing has come at a time when the government, despite its democratic status, is believed to be employing dictatorship tactics to the extent of even trying to gag the press.

ichard Mofe-Damijo, RMD for short, is very popular on account of his successful acting career. Nowadays, he doesn’t act as much as before because he is presently the Delta State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism. He is well loved by the generality of Nigerians so it is only understandable that many people are interested in his welfare, and his fans are now asking if the highly skilled actor-civil servant is sick. Reports are fast spreading that his health is failing, and the reports emanated based on the way he was believed to look at a public appearance quite recently. And considering that many popular Nigerians have been having health issues of recent times, it is not surprising that Nigerians have immediately expressed concern for RMD. A roll call of popular Nigerians whose suddenly disclosed health issues have shocked Nigerians recently are Professor Dora Akunyili, Kefee, OJB Jezreel, Ngozi Nwosu and Pa Kasumu. Though the ill health rumour has been denied on RMD’s behalf, it is said that there’s no smoke without fire, and it is also noteworthy to remember that virtually all the popular Nigerians who had health issues denied having them at one time or the other.


Aluwe’s son wins Sound Sultan’s competition





unkanmi Omobolanle, the relatively successful actor and first son of veteran actor Sunday Omobolanle, who is better known as Aluwe, has won the competition organised by Natural Something singer and also part-time actor, Sound Sultan, for his Wizkid-featured song, Kokose. The competition, which is about people showing off their shoes in line with the theme of Kokose which is a song about shoes, started some weeks ago and people immediately liked its concept which is different from that of other musicians whose own competitions are about dancing. And announcing the younger Omobolanle as the winner via his Instagram page, Sound Sultan said 228 people liked his picture of him rocking his shoes best among the men’s, while a certain Ifemade Amu was the lady whose picture was liked most among the women’s. Sultan also said that Sunkanmi would receive N50,000 worth of shoes from his designers as his prize, and that he must display them on Instagram for the whole world to see when they are eventually delivered to him.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

le StyGlam Sleek ‘nʻ seductive Iconic Invanity and

with Yemisi Adeniran




very woman loves to have her presence announced whenever she appears on the scene of an event. So, she goes an extra mile to touch her looks up as much as possible. But with this special collection from Nigerian fashion designer, Nancy Nwadire of Iconic Invanity, you are sure to rock any of your events to the very maximum. Her aim, she said, is for the sleek and seductive woman within as the iconic Invanity woman continues on her journey to becoming an inspirational woman. According to her, “She knows who she is from the inside and this reflects in the clothes she wears. She flaunts her curves with muted shine and lustrous textures. With heavily embellished pieces, she dresses like an ornament in public, and she probably runs the show at home. Nails polished, hair fixed, she hits the boardroom; this lady sure knows how to work it no matter the occasion.” Are you ready to be sleek and seductive?



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Frenzy

Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014




Pimp my dress

Savvy tips for the bling trend T

he bling trend makes a major statement which is why they are must-haves for stylish women at one time or the other. If not for any other time, you surely need one or two for one of your dinner dates. It is therefore important that you learn ways of wearing them without going overboard.  If you‛re going to bite the bullet and go for a dress covered in bling, from top to bottom, opt for one that doesn‛t have an overly trendy silhouette, like one with-shouldered super-mini.  Stick to one colour (black, gold, and silver are all classically gorgeous) or a small colour family that‛s definitely complimentary.  Pick the one that fits you perfectly. People are definitely going to be looking at you when you‛re covered in sparkles, and you don‛t want their first thought or look to be that of pity or shock.  Don‛t get carried away with the glam factor.

The easiest way to look like a 9-year-old beauty queen is to wear your hair in a heavily-shellacked ‘Pile on the sparkly eye shadow and accessorise with a metallic clutch and shoes. Create contrast like a sequined jacket with something totally casual, like distressed jeans, is a totally modern way to do sparkle. You can pair a crisp white blouse with a chic sequined skirt and you will end up with a glam look.  Remember that less can be more. Sure, you want to shine this season, but don‛t forget that there are plenty of subtle ways to do it. Any of your old little black dress ( LBD )will look sassy and brand new with the addition of a pair of sequined tights, a sparkling clutch, or the perfect ruby red slippers. Shop for a few great sequined accessories with a small price and you will have a big impact.  There is nothing subtle about body glitter, girls. So, resist the urge to bedazzle with abandon!

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Fashion Guest

‘Every woman should have a style’

June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Trivia

Hydraulic stilettos to soothe tired soles

The comfiest high heels ever – but would YOU wear them?

Amede Nzeribe is the brain behind Amede, a fashion label that has over the years stood out in the art of tye, dye and batik designs. A lawyer-turned designer, she told YEMISI ADENIRAN about her passion and why it is best for every woman to carve a niche for herself. Excerpts:


t’s a wonder why you have found excitement in fashion designing when you were trained as a lawyer. Could you tell us why? It is all about passion. ssion. I have always been interested in fashion since I was a child and I thank God od that I was able to realise or make real al the dream. But really, I have not just found excitement in the fashion designing ng profession, I have found fulfilment. It has taken me to places I have never thought ught it could; I have met with people of good quality, I have been able to express ss my creativity, my inner strength, my y specially endowed gift from God. I have ave been able to make impacts on my generation via it and I am still doing; I am grateful to God for this and many more that He e has in plans for me. All the he while I was in the University ersity, I was doing my designing. gning. It is one passion I cannot annot let go of. What are those hose things you look out for when you are designing a cloth? The first thing I look out for is commfort. I love to design gn clothes that give commfort to the wearer.. I also look out for colours because it adds beauty and glamour ur to the design and the person wearing it. Why have you chosen tie and dye specifipecifically? May be because of my disposition to the African culture and because e like the Ankara fabric, it is very friendly with any style and other fabrics. It comes out distinctly nctly with any style, any shape of woman and can be adapted into both h formal and informal wears. Above ve all, I don’t believe in just joining a crowd, owd, I believe in the power of personal style. It stands one out and adds colourr to one’s style. It is a niche I have created d for myself. With all the years ears that you have been dealing with h African women, what have you discovered scovered that they desire most in fashion? hion?

An African woman wants different things at different times. She wants to look elegant, she loves to stand out in anything she wears, she wants to keep up with the fashion trend as much as possible. What is your advice to them? They should try and create styles for themselves. They should know what fit them, what give them comfort and avoid dressing overboard.

•Hydraulic heels were created by London-based artist Silvia Fado Moreno •She studied impact absorption, alongside weight, traction and durability •Heels include springs, rubber balls, pneumatic hydraulics and metal rings •As the wearer takes a step, each of these different components work together under wearer’s body weight to create a balance in movement


t’s a lesson women the world over have had to learn the hard way. Wear the wrong pair of high heels, and that fierce strut could be transformed into a weak hobble within a matter of hours. Now one Barcelona-born artist has come up with a solution that could prevent women from kicking off their heels in frustration. London-based Silvia Fado Moreno has developed something known as ‘hydraulic heels’ which use springs, pneumatics, and rubber balls to help cushion each step

How the heels improve balance The graduate took a look at impact absorption, studying traction, durability and shoe weight, before adding different springs, rubber components, pneumatic hydraulics and metal rings. As the wearer takes a step, each of these components works together under their body weight to create a natural balance in movement. The London College of Fashion graduate developed her designs as part of the Kinetic Traces collection. “I wanted to create pieces of art based in a functional concept, using high technology processes and handcrafting,” she said. “Technically, the challenges were to achieve the quantity of movement required according to body weight without losing stability.” The graduate took a look at impact absorption, studying traction, durability and shoe weight, before adding different

springs, rubber components, pneumatic hydraulics and metal rings. As the wearer takes a step, each of these components works together under their body weight to create a natural balance in movement. “This is a new system developed for the industrial partner that I worked with, allowing regulation of the absorption effect depending on body weight,” said Ms Moreno. The engineering components were developed alongside an unnamed industrial partner, allowing regulation of the absorption effect to be changed depending on body weight. Each design is handmade. Ms Moreno’s designs aren’t subtle, and she didn’t intend them to be. “The principal functions of footwear are often sacrificed in fashion,” she said. “The mechanism can be bespoke according to bodyweight. The final outcomes are a representation of introducing mechanical concepts to traditional footwear.’ The artist made the shoes by hand using traditional tools such as machine cutting and leather work, alongside modern technology including laser cutting and 3D printing. “This project brings sports footwear fundamentals to high-end fashion as sports footwear are based on function and wearability.” While the designs are currently part of an art project, Ms Moreno hopes they may inspire a commercial product in the future.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

Male Essentials W Incorporate gadgets stylishly


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

hile modern technological conveniences accommodate our on-the-go lifestyles, they fail to do the same for our wardrobes. The ability to carry our music libraries, phones and calendars with us at all times leaves us with devices stuck on our ears, accessories clipped to our belts, and objects stuffed in our front pockets. But luck is on our side because there is a better way to sport these instruments. When Nike announced plans to make all its running shoes iPod-compatible, the company set the tone for where men’s fashion is going: the seamless blending of our technology into our daily attire and routine. So gentlemen, let us heed Nike’s call to arms — and belts and pockets — in the battle to incorporate our gadgets more stylishly into our wardrobes. iPods When it comes to iPods, the rule of thumb should be “out of sight, but not out of mind.” The arm strap and belt clip are the most common means of wearing iPods, but these are not ideal fashion accessories. These items mar the visual appeal of any casual or business outfit because they look cumbersome, juvenile and unprofessional. As you go about your everyday routine, your iPod should disappear into our appearance. A couple of options exist for achieving the unobtrusive iPod look. One, simply place your iPod inside either your inner coat pocket or your back pocket, not on your belt or bicep. You can even use the clip to hold your iPod in place. Much like your wallet, your iPod will be out of sight while also being instantly within reach. Two, buy clothing with built-in t-in storage. Not surprising, most designers ners — especially outerwear designers — have made iPod accommodations in many ny garments. Express, for example, recently ly released a line of suit jackets that includes des a pocket created especially for your iPod. Going this route with your clothing g provides a seamless integration of music ic and wardrobe. As you shop for new clothes, look for items that complement not ot only your body but also your lifestyle. Cell phones Cell phones are a staple of daily attire; seldom do we leave home ome without them. The problem comes when we leave home with them clipped ped to our belts or with Bluetooth headsets stuck to our ears. Ideally, cell phones blend innocuously into nto an ensemble, not hanging obnoxiously at your waistline or requiring gadgets strapped to your ear. Sure, these things are functionally practical, but they hey are also aesthetically distasteful. eful. Attaching cell phones (or any other gadget for that matter) r) to your belt imbalances your appearance by drawing attention tion to your midsection, and clipping ping Bluetooth headsets to your ear just looks silly. Clips and headsets should be avoided at alll costs, and cell phones, like iPods, should be carried strategically. Today’s cell phones are sleek and

compact, allowing them to be concealed inconspicuously on your person. Similar to your iPod, your cell should be kept in interior pockets that allow it to be hidden from plain sight — this includes not stuffing it in your front pocket where it will be visible — but accessible at a moment’s notice. The outer pocket of a bag or briefcase is an excellent choice too. Or, if you’re going to be unreachable for an extended period of time, go ahead and store your phone in your briefcase or luggage. Hey, you might even enjoy the break. The sleekness of today’s phones makes them very stylish and more fashionable than a Bluetooth headset. And for those who always carry a phone and an iPod, most cell phone manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola sell phones with music capabilities, combining two gadgets into one. PDAs PDAs (personal digital assistants) are an integral part of one’s daily routine. How else would you stay on schedule, keep your contacts organized,

and add meetings on the fly? No doubt your PDA works for you, and you should also make it work for your wardrobe. So, it must be taken off your belt and out of your pockets, unless it’s an ultra-small model; it must be incorporated more fashionably into both your wardrobe and your routine. To up the style ante on your PDA, store it somewhere off your person. The easiest alternative is to keep your PDA in your briefcase. If you don’t carry a briefcase, do one of the following: Store it in your current planner or in an all-new leather case. Either option gives you and your PDA a refined, polished look. The first option is simple; it’s a PDA-attachment insert for your current planner. The idea is small in theory, but big on impact. It incorporates your PDA in your existing planner, cohesively tying your PDA into your already established routine. No planner? No worries. Invest in a new leather binder with built-in storage. These bind-

ers give you storage for your PDA and other business items such as cards, pens, phones, and notepads. They create a more professional look not only for your PDA, but also for you, making you look more put together and efficient. Laptops No doubt laptops are the most obtrusive gadget around. And since they can’t be disguised in a coat or camouflaged by a binder, they should be carried openly and stylishly. But this doesn’t mean carrying your laptop loosely under your arm, in a knapsack or in a rolling case. As with all other gadgetry, there are style rules for laptop transportation, and these options are the most outward ones for showing your fashion sense. The most fashionable way to successfully incorporate your laptop into your wardrobe is with a high-quality leather bag. While nylon is available and is less expensive, these bags can show their age and lose their shape quickly. Be sure to choose wisely; that’s why a rich brown or classic black leather bag will earn you compliments. Aside from their finish, laptop bags also come in a variety of styles, so shoot for the one that best meets your needs. Never sacrifice form over function. Today’s styles range from the traditional briefcase to the casual “man purse.” And any style works, as long as it works with your own particular style. For instance, if you dress more conservatively and work in a buttoned-up office, you should go for a more traditional bag. Simply stated, your laptop case is an outward expression of you and your lifestyle, so choose a high-quality, functional case that supports who you truly are. Hi-tech fashion Everywhere we go, gentlemen, our gadgets go with us. But from this point on, let us march forward with them in style. While we may have previously lost the battle, here’s our chance to finally win the war.


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Should you fight in



onflict is part of every human relationship. If we live with children, those conflicts will sometimes come up in front of the kids. Most often when a couple begins an argument which ultimately may lead to a quarrel, it’s as if they put on blinders to those around them. They may argue anyway they like while using anything and everything at their disposal to gain cheap shots at each other thereby hurting each other in the process. If a child or if children are there in the room with them, or if other family members or friends, or even if strangers are with them, they will still argue with each other as if no one else is around. As if no one else matters but them, and what concerns them. The argument is between the two of you. Bringing others into a fight is not a fair way to fight. It is important that the fight take place between those directly involved and that neither party elicits the help of friends or family members to validate their position. It doesn’t matter how many other people agree with you, it does not necessarily make you right. Do not involve others in your fight is what I tell anyone who cares to listen. A lot of feuding couples make the mistake of involving friends or their children when having a quarrel. The damage comes later in several forms which they hardly ever expect or are hardly ever prepared for. A child will more likely remember the issue long after the couple may have forgotten what led to the quarrel or even what it may have all been about. Children have long memories for issues which may affect their psyche and they don’t easily let go. Ask an average child what he eat a few days previous and he or she may not remember but as the same child about a quarrel that may have happened between his or her parents a while back. You will be amazed at the picture perfect image that the said child will paint on the quarrel and if time permits, the child may even go as far as telling you what each parents may have said individually to hurt each other. Another thing we don’t expect

or think about is that the respect and perception once held by a child for one of the parents or even both parents may or will decline. A child may feel uncomfortable facing the parent even after the incident may have been resolved. This may lead to a situation whereby the child will not be close to one of the parents again because of the revelations that may have been released in anger during the quarrel. Most people do not watch their utterances when angry. In fact, it is almost impossible to watch what we say during a heated emotional argument. During quarrels, we don’t try to be as positive as possible when we make comments. We end up with a lot of name-calling and we also end up using profane language in front of the kids. The same goes with hurtful comments targeted at belittling our partner. Finally, we try as much as possible to win sympathy from the kids through involving them in the quarrel which we shouldn’t do. All these we do while forgetting that a child’s natural reaction during a quarrel between parents is to want to protect a parent who he or she feels may have been aggrieved and this reaction may cause further damage to the relationship of the couple. It is surprising but factual that children do grow an acute sense of what they feel is right or wrong and taking sides with a parent comes naturally to them. The sad truth is that kids who are exposed to negative kinds of marital conflicts tend to be more aggressive and have more emotional problems. Exposing children to a lot of unhealthy marital conflicts which are mostly characterized by hostility, threats and insults will ultimately lead to a greater risk of anxiety disorders, depression and behavioral problems for these children when they grow up. The bottom line is that as much as possible, couples should never involve their children in any quarrel and neither should they use these children as weapons to score cheap points because it will ultimately have negative impacts in the lives of these kids if not now, then later on in life.


This column is x-rated

10 better sex secrets, from 10 female sexperts Tell her she looks (and tastes) great It’s been proven that women who feel confident about the appearance of their genitals are more open to different kinds of sexual activity, and are more likely to orgasm because they feel relaxed... When a man goes down on his partner, he should be enthusiastic, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she tastes. Don’t treat it like a chore. —Debra Lynne Herbenick, Ph.D., Indiana University, Kinsey Institute

Use your ears The only difference between a gigolo and a regular guy is that a gigolo listens to what a woman wants in bed. So, ask. I would also advise that you to ask her while not in the bedroom. Raise the discussion while dinning out or doing some other casual yet intimate thing together. —Dr. Helen Fisher, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University

Touch her everywhere (especially with oil) Sensual touching releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin, which increases a woman’s testosterone levels and ignites her sex drive. The seductive silky feel of oil being rubbed on skin is an extra turn-on for

more passionate sex — for both of you. —Carol Cassell, Ph.D, former president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Western Region

Bring the kitchen into the bedroom Arginine is the basis for Viagra, so men should stick with foods high in it — such as fish, and other lean proteins. Everything that’s good for you above the waist is good for you below the waist as well: greens and beans; high protein/low-fat foods; and brightly colored fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants. The standard modern diet (burgers, fries, pasta, etc) is... a detriment to performance. —Lynn Edlen-Nezin, Ph.D, co-author of Great Food, Great Sex

Take your time undressing There is a degree of manipulation when it comes to the amount of neurotransmitter released... Looking at a nude picture will trigger a quick and strong release of dopamine and possibly oxytocin, but it fades quickly... Let her work for it a little; she’ll enjoy the prolonged neurological orgasm more. —Andrea Kuszewski, Behavior Therapist and Consultant, Boston, Massachusetts

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014

front of the kids?

FUNMI COKER 08139350223

Very damaging!


This column is x-rated Take a shower There’s no proven human pheromone to make you irresistible... So, until one is found, wash well — you can have too much of a good thing. (But why not leave a worn T-shirt at her house? It will keep you always in her mind.) —Dr. Tristram Wyatt, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

Create a mood — turn the lights down For women to get aroused, parts of their brains associated with stress and anxiety need to de-activate, according to neurological studies. If women aren’t relaxed, they’re not going to enjoy sex. So dim the lights and share a fantasy. A Harvard study found that when you hug a woman longer than thirty seconds, it increases her oxytocin levels and anticipation of sex. —Ian Kerner, Ph.D, FAACS, author of She Comes First: the Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman

Position, position, position Find out what position of intercourse is most stimulating to her. It’s usually woman on top, facing away, also known as the reverse cowgirl. The angle of your member through the anterior/front wall of the vagina

This column is x-rated stimulates the area of the G-spot. —Beverly Whipple, Ph.D, Professor Emerita at Rutgers University and co-author of The Science of Orgasm

Don’t worry so much — Intercourse isn’t everything If you’re thinking, ‘I hope it works! I hope it works!’ it’s not going to work. Take penetrative sex off the table for a month — do everything but that. Avoid making intercourse the be-all/ end all. In most cases, once men stop worrying about it, it starts working. You can definitely stress yourself out of good sex. —Emily Wentzell, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Iowa

Get her pregnant (on purpose) If you’re trying to impregnate your wife or girlfriend, stop thrusting immediately after ejaculating. The shape of your member... was designed by natural selection to work as a retraction device, removing competing males’ sperm from your female partner’s vaginal tract. So if you keep going at it after you’ve achieved orgasm, you’re basically disadvantaging your own reproductive success. —Jesse Bering, Ph.D, director, Institute of Cognition and Culture, Queen’s University, Belfast

he wish of basically all children is that their parents do not argue or fight with each other and can, in some way, work out difficulties in a mature fashion without resorting to hurtful comments and behaviours. This wish has a strong basis in reality, as ongoing and unresolved disagreements between parents have a negative impact on the current and future mental health of their children. It is common and normal for two parents to have different ideas, opinions, values, and priorities. If parents do not communicate respectfully with each other and do not have a good strategy for resolving disagreements, the result is unresolved conflict between them. In such cases, there is an ongoing hostile emotional tension between the parents that continues to erupt over time. These harmful disagreements can erupt in a variety of ways, ranging from yelling, criticising, blaming, mocking, sarcasm, intimidation and threats of harm, to actual physical violence such as throwing or destroying things, or grabbing, shoving, slapping, hitting, kicking, or any other form of physical assault. It is very destructive, psychologically, for children to experience their parents’ continuous hostile disagreements. Children are highly adaptive in general and can usually cope with and adapt to difficult situations such as separation and divorce. What severely damages children emotionally is bitter, long-lasting, ongoing disagreement between parents, whether the parents live together or not. The longer parental disagreement continues and the greater the tension between the parents, the greater the likelihood that difficulties will result for children such as emotional and behavior problems, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, low self-esteem, school problems and a number of other difficulties. Chronic parental disagreement creates tension, chaos, and unpredictability in the family environment that is meant to be safe and secure and comfortable to grow up in. Children feel anxious, frightened, and helpless. They may worry about their own safety and their parents’ safety, even if there has been no actual or threatened violence. Children’s imaginations are powerful and they may imagine harm coming to themselves or to one of their family members.

They might even worry about their parents separating and the family being split up. They might also worry that they have to take sides in the conflict. They generally want to please both parents but this becomes impossible and creates stress for children. Children thus become caught in the middle. Or they may align with one parent against the other, which can be very destructive and unhealthy for all family members .Children naturally believe they are responsible for the fighting that goes on between their parents. This is especially true if children hear arguments related to different parenting styles, school issues, or financial issues related to them. This guilt from feeling responsible for their parents’ conflict causes much emotional distress for children. The sad truth is that children learn lessons about how to get along with others from how their parents get along with each other. If their parents only model unhealthy ways to communicate and resolve problems, most likely, that is how their children will communicate and solve problems with others when they grow up to be adults. Parental disagreement increases stress on parents, which can result in the decreased use of effective parenting skills over time. In the absence of severe problems, children need to be allowed to develop a relationship with both parents. If a child constantly hears bad things about one parent from another parent, the danger is that the parent-child relationship of the criticised parent may weaken. It is important to protect and shield your child from being exposed to conflicts between you and your child’s other parent. Verbal hostilities between parents can affect children in extremely negative ways. Your child should be shielded from hostile interactions that include yelling, namecalling, criticism, mockery, sarcastic remarks, hostile and aggressive facial expressions. Be aware that phone conversations between parents can also get very hostile. Your child needs to be shielded from these as well. Of course, children should never be exposed to any physical violence such as parents throwing things or damaging things, or physical violence between parents such as grabbing, shoving, slapping, hitting, kicking or any other form of physical assault. This is very damaging for children.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Woman Amaka Rosman:

Passionate about the needy As far as For Amaka Rosman, a Nigerian married to a Canadian is concerned, embracing the art of charity by government and the people will save the nation from her several problems. The mother of four, who, for several years, has engaged in a charity, spoke with YEMISI ADENIRAN on the fun and the challenges of her choice of passion. Excerpts:


here did you get your passion for charity from? I picked it from my father, so, in a way, I think I can boldly say that it‘s in the family. I grew up to watch my father give to every needy he came across with. He would rather not eat than see a poor suffer for anything he could provide. It was that bad and serious. At first, we couldn’t understand the reason behind his actions and we thought it was going to be for a period of time. But later, we discovered that it was part of him and he wouldn’t stop at anything to give to the needy around. So, we couldn’t beat him; we ended up joining him. My father was a great man and he is my role model. He was always taking care of people, paying their children’s school fees; takeing care of widows and all. Those days, when my father would cart all kinds of things in the house away for widows, pay their children’s school fess, my mother was always angry with him but I was always telling her to leave him alone and let him do it. Of course, this gradually rubbed off on me and I soon discovered that I could not get my mind off anyone I meet that lacks one thing or the other. While in school, I would rather share whatever I had - food or fruits - with anyone who did not have than eating all just because I had. I could leave my home to go and give something to someone somewhere that I felt needed it. This grew with me as I grew up and it has become my flesh and blood today. How would you describe the journey so far? Although it has not been very easy, I want to say that God has been very helpful. I am not a rich woman but He has seen my intention and has been crowning my efforts with great success. He has encouraged me in many ways, especially from the side of the recipients. My friends and family have also been there for me and this assignment most of the times. There are some times I have gone to some people for assistance and I have heard them tell each other not to give me because they would not see any of them on me. But my friends have been very supportive. They always come to my rescue whenever there is a need for it and I am very happy and encouraged about that. Personally, I

have been marketing one or two things; I have to get enough fund to cater for these people under my care but really it is not enough. How about your husband? At first, my husband did not understand why I had to be taking the food that is meant for the family out as gifts for people; he found it weird and strange. With time however, when he saw the zeal and the passion in me to cater for these needy ones, he let me be and today, he is so supportive. What’s your evaluation of Nigerians on philanthropy? I have observed that though few people are involved in the art of charity, I want to say here that we can do more as we have lots of the lessprivileged in our midst. It is sad however that many Nigerians who are well to do don’t believe in giving to the needy, and that is bad. Even the governments, both at the federal and state levels, are not doing enough. There should be something slated for orphans, widows and the sick in our various hospitals every month to have them catered for. From my experience, there are many in the hospital who are just there but cannot fend for the cost of their treatment. Many can hardly eat three times in a day, many cannot afford to buy the drugs they daily need. There are others who have made these hospitals their permanent homes just because they have not been able to pay up their bills. Worst still are those who have been abandoned because of the same reason. Meanwhile, we have a lot of rich and comfortable individuals around us who are able to pick up these bills and give better life to these people. What many don’t know is that there are more blessings in giving than receiving. Most of our rich men and women only want to give to people who equally have the ability to give them back the double of what they have given. This is not good. We should all remember that there is nothing we have that can be as much as what God has in

store for us here on earth and in heaven. Besides, it is not until one is very rich that he or she should begin to give to others. The little thing you have that is extra should be considered for the poor and the needy around you. How fulfilled are you? I am much fulfilled. I am happy to be a source of joy to the less-privileged around me. You cannot measure or imagine the amount of joy and in-depth happiness that I feel anytime I put a smile on the face of somebody in need of something when I give it. In my area, many feel free to ap-

Saturday Mirror

proach me for whatever they need and I am grateful to God for helping me to fill up that space. I have never failed them and I pray that God will continue to help me not to fail them. What advice do you have for women like you? My advice is not for women alone but for everyone and the nation as a whole. Embracing charity is the best way to curb poverty in the land; that is why I want everyone, especially the government, to make it a point of duty to give as much as possible for the needy. I want to encourage religious groups, particularly churches, to do more in this regard. This is because it is clearly stated in the Bible that when we give to the poor in our midst, clothe them, we are doing them for God. If we want to get kudos and be welcome home when we finally depart from this world, then, we should do more of this. Laying treasure in heaven is in living a charitable life. It is not about living big on earth, competing with others, building universities and engaging in things that are only driven by personal and worldly gains. Honestly, I did not go into this because of any religious inclination. It was because I saw my father doing it and could see the joy of making people happy. If the money that we have cannot be benefitted by those who do not have, then, it is a waste. And for parents, I want us to be involved in the art of giving; it is a seed that our children will definitely reap one day. Besides, it is a good legacy to be left for our children. It has a voice and we must empower it to speak even when we are no more. Enough is enough of gathering wealth for just our families; let us extend it to those that are in dare need. I believe this is also spelt out in the Quran. All we need to do is to do more than we are doing. We shouldn’t do it when they see vision for us because we are asking for something from God. Let us make it part of us and our land will receive more of God’s mercy and intervention. For me, I am glued to charity, we are simply inseparable. My wish is to have outlets where I can feed the needy without any hitch. Are you saying giving has the capacity to deliver Nigeria from the problem of insurgency? Yes, it can. Like I said, if our leaders in government and the ones in churches and citizens in the country will strive to do more in the area of charity, God will look down on our plight in Nigeria and set us free. He will step into our situation more than we can ever imagine; this is because it is not by anyone’s power or might that true deliverance can be attained in the situation we are in. What of the factor of prayer? Yes, prayer is the master key to all things but if only we will endeavour to pray in unity. More than prayer, however, is the power of giving which if honestly done will move God on our situation.


June 14, 2014



All you need to know about fibroids


hat are uterine fibroids? Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the muscle tissue of the uterus. Fibroids can range in number and size from a single growth to multiple growths, and from very small to large. As many as 70% to 80% of all women will have fibroids by age 50. The medical term for fibroids is leiomyoma or myoma. Symptoms of fibroids: Pressure Fibroids may cause very mild symptoms or none at all. In women who do feel symptoms, these uterine growths can cause: • Pressure on the bladder or rectum • Frequent urination • Constipation and/or rectal pain • Lower back and/or abdominal pain • If fibroids become very large, they can distend the stomach, making a woman look pregnant. Period changes Fibroids may also cause changes to a woman’s period, including: • Mild to severe cramping and pain • Heavier bleeding, sometimes with blood clots • Longer or more frequent menstrua tion • Spotting or bleeding between periods What Causes fibroids? The exact cause of fibroids is unknown. Their growth has been linked to the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Studies have found that women who start their periods at a younger age are more likely to develop fibroids. Although taking female hormones is linked to fibroids, the use of birth control pills is not. Types of fibroids • Intramural fibroids, the most common, grow in the wall of the uterus and can make it feel bigger. • Subserosal fibroids grow on the outside of the uterus. As they grow larger, they can cause pain due to their size or pressure put on nearby organs. • Submucosal fibroids grow just underneath the uterine lining and can crowd into the uterus cavity and lead to heavy bleeding and other more serious complications. • Pedunculated fibroids grow on small

stalks inside or outside the uterus. • It’s possible to have more than one type of fibroid. Who gets fibroids? While it’s unclear why women develop fibroids, some patterns have been observed. • They usually occur between the ages of 30 and 40. • They are more common in black women. • They grow more quickly and appear at a younger age in black women. • Having a family member with fibroids increases a woman’s risk. • Being overweight or obese and having high blood pressure also may increase your risk. Complications of fibroids: Fibroids and anemia Some women with fibroids who experience unusually heavy bleeding during their periods may become anemic. Many cases of anemia due to iron deficiency from periods are mild and can be treated with a change in diet and iron supplement pills. Untreated anemia can lead to fatigue and lethargy -- and, in severe cases, heart problems. Getting pregnant Fibroids on their own usually do not interfere with fertility and pregnancy. However, some women with fibroids experience more pregnancy complications and delivery risks. Fibroids may cause pelvic pain and heavy bleeding after delivery, which may require surgery. In some instances, fibroids may block your fallopian tubes. Fibroids growing along the inner uterine wall may make it difficult for a fertilized egg to attach. When to see a doctor See your health care provider if you have the following fibroid symptoms: • Heavy menstrual bleeding • Periods that became more painful • Frequent urination or inability to control the flow of urine • A change in the length of your period over three to six cycles • New persistent pain or heaviness in lower abdomen or pelvis Diagnosis: Exam and imaging Your doctor may feel moderate and large uterine fibroids during a routine

pelvic exam. Tests, such as an ultrasound, can show information about size and location of other fibroids. For women with fibroids who are trying to get pregnant, a test called a hysterosalpingogram will show an outline of the uterus and fallopian tubes and may detect abnormalities. Other procedures to visualize the inside of the uterus or abdomen also may be needed. Treatment: Pain Medication Pain medications, such as acetaminophen, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen, can help relieve menstrual cramping. Birth Control Oral contraceptives manage levels of estrogen and progestin. This usually leads to lighter periods and can alleviate some of the pain associated with fibroids, such as heavy bleeding and cramping. Other hormonal birth control methods that may lessen fibroid symptoms include progestin injections or progestin-releasing IUDs. Other hormone therapies Drugs called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists may offer temporary symptom relief from fibroids by stopping periods and shrinking fibroids. GnRH agonists block the production of estrogen, so they can also cause bone loss, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. Fibroids will return to their previous size once treatment ends. These may be used to shrink fibroids before fibroid removal surgery. Embolisation For mild to moderate symptoms, uterine fibroid embolization may be a good option. A catheter is guided to the uterine artery. Tiny particles of plastic or gelatin are then released into the blood vessels that feed the fibroid, causing it to shrink over time. Embolisation should not be an option for women wanting to get pregnant at some point after treatment. Surgery A myomectomy typically removes the largest fibroid, either through open surgery or small incisions. In some cases, fibroids grow back. Rarely, a myomectomy leaves scar tissue that makes it impossible to get pregnant. Some women with severe symptoms or very large fibroids may choose to have a hysterectomy, a procedure that removes the uterus. Endometrial ablation, suitable to treat smaller fibroids, destroys the lining of the uterus, usually making it impossible to get pregnant. Ultrasound Ultrasound is one way to destroy fibroids without risk of damaging the uterus. The treatment uses high-intensity ultrasound waves that kill the fibroid tissue. Most women recover quickly from this procedure and can return to regular activities within 24 hours. The long-term effects are still being studied, and it is not recommended for women who want to become pregnant.


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

Protecting your child from paedophiles S

ome child molesters jump out of bushes and molest your child on the way home from school. But more likely, he is your friendly neighbour or attentive shopkeeper. He could be a charming relative or the son of a friend who is all too willing to babysit your children. The paedophile in your midst may be the school teacher, the bus driver, the youth worker or the lay preacher at your church. Not often very obvious, notorious paedophiles these days are just nearby in your neighbourhood. Take your time to teach your kids the warning signs and what to do even when you are not in the vicinity. 1. The everyman When looking out for a child sex offender, don’t be fooled by a person’s appearance, outward respectability or importance in the community. Paedophiles are almost always men, more often married adult males and they work in a very wide range of occupations, from unskilled work up to corporate executives.

What to look out for is someone who relates better to children than to adults. Signs to watch for: paedophiles usually prefer children in one specific age group, such as infants and toddlers, children between six and ten years old, or “tweens” and young teenagers up to the age of 16. Paedophiles can be bisexual but more commonly will prefer children of the same gender with them. 2. Child-related workers While paedophiles can work anywhere, they do find ways to be around children as often as possible. It may not be their principal profession, such as a teacher or priest, but a voluntary or weekend position as a sports coach, camp counsellor, school bus driver, day-care worker, Boy Scout leader, and church or secular youth worker can provide the contact with children they need. Some well-known paedophiles have placed themselves as teachers or leaders of artistic bodies such as dance schools, where they



set of twins who were born joined at the hip for the first 10 months of

Before they were separated

As they are now

their life are celebrating turning 18 today. Emily and Caitlin Copeland,

have surrounded themselves with adoring and aspiring performers. Watch out for teacher adoration beyond the bounds of a normal crush, accompanied by “secret” phone calls and special individual attention. 3. Happy snappers Paedophiles are enthusiastic collectors of photographs or videos of children, even children who are fully dressed, but preferably, and behind a parent’s back, of children half or fully nude or engaged in sexually suggestive or explicit acts. They will have vast image collections, and hidden away a collection of child erotica and child-adult pornography. 4. Close relatives and partners The incestuous or family molester is usually an adult male such as the father, stepfather, uncle, grandfather or live-in boyfriend of the mother, who then molests the child or children. Single mothers are easy prey for sexual predators whose real intention is to hit on the child, while continuing a sexual relationship

with the mother. The sexual relationship with the child is a secret, and don’t expect a usually open child to reveal it. Why are victims always silent? Children are silent for a number of reasons - they may feel “special” with all the attention being paid them, and they may love the abusive adult. Or their silence may be achieved by the abuser threatening the child with splitting up or somehow damaging the family if he or she reveals the relationship, or by making the victim feel they are dirty, naughty and to blame for what has occurred. A person concerned about child molestation going on in a relative’s home may be surprised to know that the mother of the child is aware, and complicit, for similar reasons of feeling intimidated by the molester and not wanting the “family” to split up should the situation be revealed. 5. The gift giver Beware of toys or gifts from an unknown source turning up in your child’s possession. Pae-

dophiles often like to “buy” your child with presents and often can, in a twisted manner, portray the child as the sexual aggressor after the victim realises he or she can bargain for toys, clothes, outings or games by withholding sexual “favours”. 6. The always available babysitter Often a single male with no friends, this sort of paedophile will place himself in a situation where he becomes the trusted babysitter, often for the children of several, usually single parent families. The mothers regard him as a godsend, who will safely mind their children while they go to work, or go out with their friends. In many cases the single parent is unable to provide the support the children need, leaving the scene wide open for the child molester to play “uncle” and provide care, attention and “fun”. Many paedophiles seek out mothers of single-parent families for the purpose of victimising their children.

Double, double celebration! Conjoined and separated twins turn 18  Emily and Caitlin Copeland, from Houston (USA) were born conjoined at the liver  Surgery has allowed them to lead normal lives and graduate from Houston, Texas, are set to graduate as co-valedictorians from Lutheran High North in Houston. “I think for anyone, it’s exciting to get to 18. But in particular for us, I think it’s just a really big blessing that we got to 18, considering what could have happened,’ Caitlin said. The twins’ mother Crystal Copeland says she will never forget the day she learned she was pregnant with conjoined twins, a phenomenon that occurs once in every 200,000 live births. Between 40 percent and 60 percent are stillborn, and some 35 percent survive one day. Mrs. Copeland learned she was pregnant in 1996 when she was under the care of Dr. Kevin Lally, surgeon-in-chief at Hermann Memorial Children’s Hospital in Houston. The complications after the twins were born were concerning. One was born with a blocked intestine, and surgery had to be conducted when they were just two days old

Her surgeon promised to provide an honest assessment of the chances for survival - the babies were kicking, and Mrs. Copeland had seen them in an ultrasound. She had to wait a weekend to find out the extent of their joining. And in late 1996, surgery and imaging were not as advanced. “At the time, if you Googled conjoined twins, all you got was circus acts and babies that died,” Ms Copeland said. That weekend, she said, was the hardest in her life, but on Monday, the Copelands got the best news they could have hoped for. “They were joined at the liver, not at the heart, which would have been, you know, fatal,” Mrs. Copeland said. “He thought there were good opportunities for separation where they would both be able to live basically normal lives,” she added. The complications after the twins were born were concerning.

One was born with a blocked intestine, and surgery had to be conducted when they were just two days old. Dr Lally wanted to separate them at that point. But when the surgery began, doctors discovered they were not only conjoined at the liver but the organs were discharging through only one twin. So doctors decided to wait for them to get bigger for the separation surgery. Meanwhile, Mrs. Copeland watched Caitlin, bigger and chubbier than Emily, try to roll over on her sister, who would scream, arms flailing to the sides. Then Caitlin got on all fours and tried to crawl, but Emily was too heavy for her to drag. Faced now with two smiling teenagers, rather than screaming toddlers who had to raise their shirts so he could inspect their scars, Dr Lally smiles. “You don’t always see the longterm results of what we do, and it’s nice when you get to see a good one,” he said.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


Rig of danger on Lagos lagoon From the oil rich Niger Delta where the sight of oil rigs and their negative effects on the environment are common posters of existence, an oil rig emerges on the Lagos Lagoon in controversial circumstances to the shock of environmental experts, reports NNAMDI ONYEUMA.


n the Niger Delta region, and in many oil rich enclaves, you come across various firms offering variety of services on a daily basis. From oil servicing to prospecting and all sorts, your appetite for any form of oil-related business can be met at one turn and in a jiffy. For decades, residents have either liked or tolerated, but as is often the case, bemoaned their fate, particularly as the consequences of activities of these oil firms on the environment had been enormous, though often carried out in distant marine locations far from public view. In civilized countries, oil rig repairs are usually carried out in distant marine locations far removed from residential or work places due to environmental health, safety and security reasons. It is probably against the backdrop of these basic facts that the seemingly surreptitious presence of a rig on the Lagos lagoon and uncomfortably close to residential homes and work places has generated grave concern from residents. Experts say such a huge piece of steel and possibly toxic chemical-laden equipment poses danger not only to the environment, but also to landmark national monuments and buildings such as the Cathedral Church of Christ, National Post Office, old Federal Ministry of Justice, Lagos General Hospital, the old State House, Lagos House, the official residence of the Lagos State governor and the Muson Centre. According to sources the rig arrived Lagos from Equatorial Guinea for repairs at the expansive Niger Dock. It is, however, unknown if an environmental assessment impact was carried out before the oil rig was moved to the Lagos Marina either with or without the apparent knowledge of the many relevant government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Ministry of Environment, NESREA, LASEPA, Nigeria Ports Authority, National Inland Waterways Authority, Lagos Inland Waterways Authority, Nigerian Navy, State Security Service, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Department of Petroleum Resources. The source who disclosed that the oil rig (a 65th rig 140), which is said to belong to the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, Transocean, was not sure who granted the permit to Nigerdock to repair oil rigs at the Lagos Marina. He also gave no clear answer as to or perhaps, why the relevant government agencies could not inform the gen-

A rig on the Lagos lagoon

AS OBTAINED IN ALL COASTAL CITIES AROUND THE WORLD, A MARINE SIGHT OFFERS SCENIC AND THERAPEUTIC EFFECT FOR TOURISTS AND OTHER NATURE-LOVING PERSONS, BUT THIS HAS BEEN IN DANGER FOR MONTHS AS THE EFFECTS WOULD LINGER FOR A LONG TIME TO COME. eral public about the presence of the oil rig on the Lagos Marina. he also gave no clear answer as to the nature, scope and duration of repair works. Mr. Kehinde Johnson, a Lagos-based environmental expert, described the development as stoking danger with both hands. Johnson, who wondered over the measures put in place to dispose of toxic wastes arising from the repairs, noted that the environment and the lagoon would be worse off if the rig’s effluent and solid waste is dumped directly into the Lagoon, an arrangement he fears was never considered before the rig was moved in. But if Johnson’s posers send fever shocks to the bone marrow, the rude discovery that the privatised multi-billion naira Niger Dock Dry-dock facility along the Apapa Coast, where such major repairs should have taken place, was leased

out to oil marketing companies for the storage of petroleum products, would surely raise temperatures. While the company tried to latch unto the local content policy of the Federal Government to justify the rig repair works by a ‘local company’ in the Lagos Marina, investigations revealed that despite the substantial beautification project embarked upon by the Lagos State Government, the entire stretch of the Marina shoreline is still presently littered with abandoned derelict vessels. As obtained in all coastal cities around the world, a marine sight offers scenic and therapeutic effect for tourists and other nature-loving persons, but this has been in danger for months as the effects would linger for a long time to come. This is the reason many Lagosians, such as Johnson, are still at a loss over who granted the company the right to lodge

the rig or whether the Niger Dock workyard also extends to the Lagos lagoon. While work had already started at the rig with its aquatic environmental dangers at the time of filling this report, environmental experts including the likes of Johnson, call on the Lagos State Government and environmental regulatory agencies at Federal and state levels to effect immediate removal of the rig and cause a mandatory environmental audit to determine the extent of damage to the aquatic environment that could have occurred following its presence at the lagoon. From the famous Elephant House in Broad Street, Lagos, the rig could be sighted on the Lagoon. For several months now, running into years, according to Saka Idowu, a resident of EbuteEro, the lagoon weather conditions and body water have since changed though not many people could notice what he described as slow, but steady change. While it could not be ascertained whether or not this is traceable to the activities around the rig in the lagoon, most residents like Idowu are apprehensive of the aftermath of the exercise on the lagoon and surrounding neighbourhood and ask how much longer they would continue to sight the rig, which they say evokes water pollution fears.


June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

‘My wife denies me sex’ •He infected me with STD –Wife Funmi Salome JohnSon


form her wifely duties anymore, I think it is best we go our separate ways.”

The respondent, however, denied the allegations, saying that she denies him sex because of

his frivolous lifestyle. According to Bisola, her husband infected her with STD and she had to

32 years old Lagosbased businessman, Ade Bankole, has approached an Ikeja Customary Court to dissolve the marriage between him and his wife of two years, Bisola, over denial of sex. He accused his wife of infidelity and engaging in extra marital affairs. He said: “For over six months now, she has not allowed me to have sex with her. All she does is to make series of calls to several men even at very odd hours of the night. I told her to stop calling men on the phone and think of how to make her marriage work, but she would not listen. She is fond of making secret calls to men. She also sends text messages to men very often. Since she is not ready to per-

spend thousands of naira treating herself. “I deny him sex, because I cannot continue to sleep with a man who sleeps with everything in skirt and, worse still, without protection. When he asked me for sex, I told him that I cannot continue to have sex with him without protection because he infected me with STD and I had to spend lots of money to treat myself. I told him that if he cannot have sex with me using protection, I will not agree and he said he does not enjoy it that way and that I am only doing that because I have another lover out there and because my health is very important to me, I kept declining his overtures. I don’t have any lover. Since he is not ready to change, he is free to go his way so that I can live a healthy lifestyle,” she said. After listening to both parties, the President of the court, Sam Aluko, adjourned the case till July 25 for judgement or report of settlement.

‘My husband is a drunk’

•She knew I was a drunk before she agreed to marry me –Husband


n Ilorin, Kwara State Area Court, on Tuesday, dissolved the marriage of three years between Memunat and her husband, Yusuf Wahab, over the husband’s drunken habit. The housewife, Memunat had approached the court for the dissolution of her marriage to Wahab, alleging that he was an alcoholic. ``My husband drinks to stupor and shouts every night in the street, thus disturbing the peace of the environment. His

drunken behaviour has made some of our neighbours to believe that my husband is mentally sick, which is not so,’’ she said. Memunat, who resides in Adabata area of Ilorin, said the marriage was contracted in 2011 and was yet to produce any child. ``My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I am tired of his drunken habit, and I can no more cope with the shame and humiliation he has brought to the family name,’’

she complained. Wahab did not object to his wife’s prayer, saying that Memunat has no respect for him as was expected of her. ``I cannot beg her to stay because she knows I drink before she agreed to my proposal,’’ he said, and prayed the court to grant her prayer without any claim. The presiding Judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the plaintiff. (NAN)

‘My wife wanted to burst my testicles’

•He does not take care of me – Wife •I put an end to your marriage so there will be peace – Judge


n Ibadan Customary Court sitting at Mapo on Monday dissolved the marriage of eight years between Matthew Dipo and his wife, Oluyemisi, after the latter attempted to burst her husband’s testicles. The Presiding President of the court, Mr. Ezekiel Ogundipe, held that the court would not encourage any act that could lead to loss of life. ``I put an end to your marriage so that there will be peace and order. I urge both of you to refrain from one another from today onwards. Dipo shall pay a month-

ly feeding allowance of N2,500 for the upkeep of the three year-old child with Oluyemisi,” he said. Dipo, who claimed to be an evangelist, had earlier told the court that Oluyemisi had made his marriage a misery. ``Oluyemisi not too long ago exposed me to public ridicule by tearing my clothes, including my under wears, and almost burst my testicles. It took my doctor time to rescue me from this ordeal. She never took care of the home, let alone the children or even prepared meals. I had to combine

evangelism with caring for the children and she even prevents church members from helping with the home chores. My church members were almost 50 in number at a point, but due to Oluyemisi’s domineering attitude, I hardly find one member attending any service today,” Dipo said. Oluyemisi, however, said that Dipo and members of his family always assault her. ``He rendered me idle by asking me not to work and yet he doesn’t take care of me,” Oluyemisi said. (NAN)

Court dissolves 30 year marriage over neglect


Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Tuesday, dissolved a marriage of 30 years between Adenike and Qodri Oyawale, over neglect of children’s education by the husband. The presiding president, Mr. Henric Agbaje, held that there was no reason to force the couple to live together since they had been staying separately for many years. ``Since the differences between Adenike and Oyawale are irreconcilable, I put an end to the union between both of you,’’ the judge said. Agbaje ordered Adenike to always al-

low Oyawale access to his five children. Adenike had told the court that her husband had failed to provide for the children’s education. ``Despite the fact that my husband is a teacher, the highest form of education he gave our children is secondary school education. Since 1984, he had the means but wasn’t just willing to educate them. I have always wanted my children to be well-educated so as to be successful in life,’’ Adenike said. Oyawale told the court that Adenike had refused him access to the children since she left his house. (NAN)

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


‘My husband threatens to bathe me with acid’ •I caught her with our landlord on our matrimonial bed –Husband


otolani Adebayo who resides at 22 Ajose Street in Mende area in Maryland, Lagos State, last Tuesday, told an Ikeja Customary Court that her husband, Dolapo, has threatened to bathe her with acid. She urged the court to dissolve her marriage to him alleging that he has been giving that threat for some time now and that she would not wait till that happens before she runs for her dear life. “He has been threatening to bathe me with acid for some time

now and I don’t think it’s wise for me to let that happen before I run for my dear life. Anytime we have any little misunderstanding, he threatens me and will beat and disgrace me publicly, even before our children. I had to leave his house one fateful evening when I saw some liquid substance under his bed. I left the house with our children before he came back from work. I want an end to this marriage before he kills me,” she said. Motolani further alleged that Dolapo has been threatening her on phone since the case has

been in court. “Since the case has been in court, he has been threatening me on phone; he still threatened me with a text message two days ago,” Motolani said. She also claimed that the respondent had abandoned his responsibilities as a husband and a father. Dolapo, however, told the court that their misunderstanding started when he caught his wife pants down in their bedroom with the landlord. “I met my wife and our landlord in a compromising position

in our bedroom. I had returned unexpectedly from a trip that fateful day and decided to make it a surprise to my wife. I got home and met the whole place opened and as I stepped into the bedroom, I found my wife in the arms of the landlord on our matrimonial bed laughing away. I was so embarrassed and shocked. The landlord of course fled before I could come out of the shock. The most annoying part was that she was not even remorseful. She said she was not doing anything with him that

they were just discussing. That was the peak of the provocation and hence a fight ensued. After a while, I went out only to find that she had packed her things and left the house with my children. I am not interested in the marriage again. And I will want custody of the two children given to me,” Dolapo said. The court president, Sam Aluko, remarked that alternative dispute resolution had failed to work for the estranged couple and adjourned the case till July 23 for judgement.

‘My husband abandoned me’


Kaiama Area Court in Kwara State, on Wednesday, dissolved the marriage of 20 years between Fatimoh Yusuf and her husband, Mohammed, over negligence. The court dissolved the marriage after Mohammed failed to appear to respond to allegations brought against him by his wife. Fatimoh, a resident of Kaiama community in Kaiama local government council, told the court that her husband was a drunk, who abandoned her and their five children. She said that she endured the situation for a long time, hoping that the respondent would change his behaviour. She said that there

was no more love in the marriage, and urged the court to separate them to enable her to start a new life. Abubukar was not in court for his defence. The presiding judge, Malam Ahmed Yahaya, held that the respondent refused to appear in court in spite of several adjournments and that failure to be in court indicated that he was no longer interested in the marriage. He, therefore, dissolved the marriage and ordered Fatimoh to observe three months “Iddah” (three months of waiting before remarrying). He said that any aggrieved party had a right to appeal to an Upper Area Court within 30 days. (NAN)

‘He has shown no love and care’


n Ado-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti State, on Wednesday, dissolved a marriage of four years between Mr. Victor Salami and his wife, Tolulope, on grounds of abandonment and lack of care. Salami, 34, told the court that his wife left his house two years ago without any notice. He alleged that shortly after their marriage he discovered that his wife was very promiscuous and wayward. Salami further said that he did not know his wife’s whereabouts for two years, and

she did not call to ask about his welfare. He explained that he no longer loved her since she had abandoned him, and prayed the court to dissolve the marriage which had yet to produced children. The husband alleged that since his wife had repeatedly avoided the court, she had admitted the allegations levelled against her. The court president, Mr. Joseph Ogunsemi, dissolved the marriage, noting that it had broken down irretrievably. (NAN)

‘My wife beats me everyday •He is irresponsible –Wife


75-year-old man, Fabiyi Adebambo, on Thursday, urged an Igando Lagos State Customary Court, to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Fatimo, for allegedly beating him. Fabiyi disclosed to the court that his wife had turned him into a punching bag and also inflicted injuries on him. “My wife wants to kill me. She beats me every day. I don’t want to die now, save my life. My wife always beats me if I ask for food or anything. She has turned it to a routine affair; all the scars on my body are as a result of her battery on me,’’ he said. Fabiyi said his wife no longer takes care of him, adding, “She

goes out and returns home at will without seeking my permission. She can go out for days and if I queried her, she will hit me with any dangerous weapon she can lay her hands on at that moment. And my daughter is also taking her footstep, she brings home different men and my wife will not query her. So, I sent her away from my house,’’ he said. He urged the court to dissolve the union, saying that he was no longer in love with her and was tired of the regular battery, which had led to his ill-health. “I am tired of the constant beating, I am afraid this woman will kill me one day. I am not ready to die now,’’ he pleaded.

Fatimo, 49, a trader, denied the allegations, saying that she did not beat her husband and had always taken good care of him and respected him. The mother of three, however, accused her husband of denying the children the right to go to school. “My husband is unable to send any of his three children to secondary school. My husband is not responsible. None of our children went to secondary school; all of them stopped schooling at primary school,” she said. She said her husband had disowned his daughter, and urged the court not to grant his wish as she still loved him.

he still loved his wife and was not ready for a divorce. Mariam had pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage to Abubakar, claiming that love was no longer existing between them. She told the court that the marriage was blessed with a boy and

a girl, but said that no reconciliatory move would make her to change her decision on the suit. In his ruling, the presiding judge, Malam Ahmed Yahaya, ordered that the man alleged to be behind should be brought to the court. Yahaya, therefore, adjourned the case till June 23. (NAN)

‘My wife’s lover wants her to divorce me’


farmer, Mr. Tanko Abubakar, on Wednesday, told Kaiama Area Court in Kwara State that his wife’s divorce suit was instigated by another man in her life. Abubakar said that his wife, Mariam, went to court for disso-

lution of their marriage in spite of plea to her against it. He alleged that the man pressing her on the divorce suit made her to move out of their matrimonial home, alleging that his wife’s lover resides at Gweria village in Kaiama local govern-

ment council area of the state. He pleaded with the court to urge his wife to come back and take care of their children, saying that one of the children she left with him fell sick after their mother moved out of the house. Abubukar told the court that



Incessant strikes and obsolete facilities are, perhaps, major drawbacks to qualitative education in Nigeria, but more worrisome is the high cost of obtaining academic certificates nowadays. NNAMDI ONYEUMA writes that with fees payable in most schools shooting through the roofs, training a child in Nigerian schools has become a burden rather than pleasure to parents.

June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Borrowing to train a child in the university


he need for quality and affordable education cannot be over-emphasized. The world over, governments are steadily and increasingly making education pocket-friendly where it is not free. This development became inevitable considering that good educational training provides the nation with surplus supply of human capital to drive its economy. Unfortunately, however, in Africa and developing world where corruption indices are on the rise, daily, education is gradually becoming the exclusive preserve of the rich. It has become so expensive that it is almost impossible to sponsor a child through school without having to be in huge debt. Sadly, too, even in the face of its pocket-unfriendly nature, not many have confidence in the ability of the teachers impacting money-worth knowledge. To many, public schools were failing despite the huge investments. It was, therefore, not surprising that most parents welcomed the coming of private schools with open arms. Parents knew what it meant - paying a little higher than was the case – and were ready to shoulder the little financial inconvenience. Many years on, what used to be a little inconvenience has suddenly become a burden or so it seems. Now, parents and guardians know better that most private schools, which are referred to as the devils’ alternative, are constantly putting holes in their pockets. The consequence is that parents and guardians who cannot afford the exorbitant fees payable have rather reluctantly found solace in public schools, overlooking their obvious inadequacies. In Nigeria, for instance, with the economic downturn, leading to loss of jobs in all sectors, poor remuneration and the dearth of learning tools in schools, and its adverse effect on the quality of educational training, only a few parents and guardians send their children to school locally or overseas. The situation is even worsened by the incessant battles between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the government over poor learning environment, remuneration and unpaid salary arrears, among others, leading to frequent disruption of academic calendar. Saturday Mirror checks revealed that in Bingham University, located in Nasarawa State, an undergraduate pays between $2,500 and $5,000 dollars per annum, amounting to N375, 000 and N750, 000. Curiously, the fees do not include accommodation and other external costs. As the newspaper also learnt the fees differ depending on programme, that is, graduate or postgraduate. But if you think that is expensive, the case of ABTI American University in

Main gate Lagos State university

MY PARENTS HAVE HAD TO SUSPEND MANY THINGS IN THE FAMILY SO I REMAIN IN SCHOOL. THIS IS SO SAD CONSIDERING THAT MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WENT TO SCHOOL ABROAD AND SO WITH A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS Adamawa State will send chills sensations down your spine. In the university jointly owned by former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and some foreigners, what anyone may see as an unfriendly charges by Bingham University, are actually peanuts. The newspaper checks revealed that at ABTI as the university is called for short, a student pays as much as N1.5 million per session, again, depending on course of study and programme. A source told the newspaper that engineering and science students pay more. In South-West, seemingly following in its footsteps is another private university also owned by a politician and former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Bells University of Technology, located at Otta, a suburb of Ogun State, investigations revealed, collects sundry fees ranging between N500, 000 and N750, 000. Just a few flights away from Bells University of Technology, is another private university, Covenant. The university owned by the founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, a.k.a. Winners, Bishop David Oyedepo, ranks amongst the good and many private universities where admission and successful completion of studies depends on the weight of your bank account. To become a student of Covenant University, the student’s parent must cough out at least N250, 000 and above, to cover tuition fee and a few sundry bills. It is worthy of note that most of these expensive universities are either owned by a politician or religious leader. The story is not different in universities such as Cres-

cent University, Abeokuta also in Ogun State and Caritas University, Enugu and many other missionary schools. Unfortunately, like the proverbial leprous finger, the bug has since caught up with some state-owned universities where it seems, without putting your accounts in the red, your wards will not get placement much less earn a degree. According to checks, the Lagos State University, Enugu State University, Delta State University, Ogun State University, Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, Oyo State and Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, rank among expensive state universities in the country. With fees ranging between N150, 000 to N200, 000 depending on whether it is Arts, science or engineering, which usually attracts more. In all cases, the parent surely, goes the extra mile to keep a ward in school. The high fees and the pressure on most guardians and parents have forced some students to seek other sources of sustenance. While some are doing odd jobs, the ladies, especially, engage in risky ventures such as prostitution and hawking. In an interview, Idris Yussuf, a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, AgoIwoye, bemoaned his fate, saying his parents are finding it difficult to pay the fees, as according to him, every other thing in the family suffers, particularly at the start of every session when he will have to pay his fees and other sundry charges by the school authority. “My parents have had to suspend many things in the family so I remain in school. This is so sad consid-

ering that many of these people went to school abroad and doing so with a federal government scholarship,” he said. Faced many times with dropping out of school, Yussuf has taken to menial jobs to assist his parents. He now sells recharge cards. The case of Folorunsho Omilani is no better. Ever since the hike in the fees of the state owned Osun State University, like many others determined to earn a degree, he has since become a newspaper vendor. While decrying the sorry state of our public schools and the high cost of studying in private schools and its effect on the future of the country, many of those spoken to were unequivocal that the solution lies with the government. According to them, the money which would have been used to equip and develop public schools and by extension, make them affordable, are being siphoned by corrupt politicians. They suggest that the government should set in motion a system or programme aimed at reviewing the entire educational system with the aim of making education affordable for all. This, they believe, would help reduce the financial pressure which parents and guardians go through in training their wards in school. It would be recalled that the emergence of what we know today as private universities started in the year 1991. Following calls for alternative to public education, the then head of State General Badamosi Babangida, set up the Longe Committee to look into it and offer recommendations. However, the recommendations were fully implemented during the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999. Out of about 40 private universities that bid for license, only three -Madonna University, Babcock University and Igbinedion University, met the requirements of the nation’s university regulating body, the National University Commission (NUC) and were granted operational license.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


onorrhoea is a common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can be painful and can cause serious health problems such as infertility in both men and women.

and progestogen.

When will the signs and symptoms go away?

You should notice an improvement in the signs and symptoms quite quickly. Y Discharge or pain when you urinate should improve within two to three days. Y Discharge and discomfort in the rectum should improve within two to three days. Y Bleeding between periods or heavier periods that have been caused by gonorrhoea should have improved by your next period. Y Pelvic pain and pain in the testicles should start to improve quickly but may take up to two weeks to go away.

What causes gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is caused by a bacteria which is found mainly in the semen and vaginal fluids of men and women who have the infection. Gonorrhoea is easily passed from one person to another through sexual contact. Anyone who is sexually active can get it and pass it on. You don’t need to have lots of sexual partners.

How is gonorrhoea passed on?

Gonorrhoea is usually passed from one person to another during sex. The bacteria can live inside the cells of the cervix (entrance to the womb), the urethra (tube where urine comes out), the rectum, the throat and occasionally the eyes. You can become infected with gonorrhoea if you come into contact with infected semen or infected discharge from the vagina, throat or rectum. The infection is most commonly spread through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex and sharing sex toys if you don’t wash them or cover them with a new condom each time they’re used. Gonorrhoea can also be passed from a pregnant woman to her baby. In women it is possible for the bacteria to spread in the vaginal secretions, to the rectum. You don’t need to have anal sex for this to happen. Gonorrhoea bacteria that come into contact with the eye can cause conjunctivitis. This is uncommon in adults.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Signs and symptoms can show up 1–14 days after coming into contact with gonorrhoea, many months later, or not until the infection spreads to other parts of your body.


Y an unusual vaginal discharge which may be thin or watery, yellow or green Y pain when passing urine Y lower abdominal pain or tenderness (this is rare) Y rarely, bleeding between periods or heavier periods (including women who are using hormonal con-

What happens if gonorrhoea isn’t treated?

Gonorrhoea traception).


Y an unusual discharge from the tip of the penis – the discharge may be white, yellow or green Y pain when passing urine Y rarely, pain or tenderness in the testicles Y inflammation of the foreskin (less common).

Men and women

Y Infection in the rectum. This does not usually have any signs and symptoms but may cause anal pain, discomfort or discharge. Y Infection in the throat. This usually has no symptoms. Y Infection in the eyes. This can cause pain, swelling, irritation and discharge (conjunctivitis). Y How will I know if I have the infection? Y You can only be certain you have gonorrhoea if you have a test. You may wish to have a test if: Y you or your partner have or think you might have symptoms Y you have recently had unprotected sex with a new partner Y you or your partner have had un-

protected sex with other partners Y a sexual partner tells you they have a sexually transmitted infection You could still have gonorrhoea even if your partner has tested negative – you should not rely on a partner’s negative test result. If you have had gonorrhoea and it has been treated, you will not be immune to the infection – you can get it again.

What is the treatment for gonorrhoea?

The treatment for gonorrhoea is antibiotics. The treatment is at least 95 per cent effective. Y Early treatment of gonorrhoea involves taking a single dose of antibiotic tablet(s) or having one antibiotic injection. Y If there is a high chance you have the infection, treatment may be started before the results of the test are back. You will always be given treatment if your partner is found to have gonorrhoea. Y You may also need other treatment if complications have occurred. Y The antibiotics that are used to treat gonorrhoea interact with methods of contraception that contain estrogen


My period now lasts two days Dear Doctor, Please I want to find out something from you. My menstruation used to last for four days but now it is for two days. Please what is the cause and what can I do about it. This thing is really bothering me. Please I need your reply. Precious, Lagos. Mirror Doctor replies, Precious, you did not state your age, and for how long this change as been. These are very vital information needed in giving you adequate response. For example, if you are approaching 47-48

years, one would suspect you are approaching menopause. From time to time, every woman experiences some type of irregularity in her menstrual cycle. Missing a period on occasion or bleeding earlier or later than usual is completely normal and even to be expected. However, if your periods are consistently absent or occurring at long intervals, you could be suffering from a condition called oligomenorrhea, which, if not treated, could decrease your chances of becoming pregnant. Oligomenorrhea is a complication of the menstrual cycle. It is the medical term used to describe infrequent or light men-

struation. Women who do not get their periods regularly or whose periods are much lighter than they should be are described as suffering from oligomenorrhea. This usually begins after a time during which your menstrual cycle was regular. Typically, most women have normal menstrual cycles by the age of 16. Period irregularities are usually caused by environmental factors, which can easily be changed to help reintroduce a normal period. These factors include emotional stress, physical illness, poor nutrition, over exercise and frequent travel. Sometimes however, oligomenorrhea is the result of physiological problems which must be addressed in order to restore normal menstruation. These include lack of synchronization between your hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovaries. Usu-

If gonorrhoea is treated early it is unlikely to cause any long term problems. Not everyone who has gonorrhoea has complications. However, without effective treatment the infection can spread to other parts of the body. The more times you have gonorrhoea the more likely you are to get complications. Y In women, gonorrhoea can spread to other reproductive organs causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This can lead to long-term pelvic pain, blocked fallopian tubes, infertility and ectopic pregnancy (when the pregnancy develops outside the womb). Y In men, gonorrhoea can lead to a painful infection in the testicles and prostate gland and possibly reduced fertility.

Should I tell my partner?

If the test shows that you have gonorrhoea then it is very important that your current sexual partner and any other recent partners are also tested and treated. You are strongly advised to tell your partner(s), but it isn’t compulsory.

What happens if I get gonorrhoea when I’m pregnant?

Gonorrhoea can be passed to the baby during childbirth. This can cause inflammation and discharge in the baby’s eyes (conjunctivitis). Gonorrhoea can be treated with antibiotics when you are pregnant or when you are breastfeeding – the antibiotics won’t harm the baby.

ally, synchronization will work itself out, though sometimes your body needs a kick start to help things along. Oligomenorrhea is commonly the result of hormonal imbalances. When the body produces too many male hormones, called androgens, and too few female hormones, called estrogens, ovulation can become irregular. Women who use anabolic steroids, certain prescription medications, or who have eating disorders often have hormonal imbalances. Treatments for oligomenorrhea depend upon the cause. If environmental factors are contributing to the infrequency, addressing these issues is your best bet. Try to ensure you get good nutrition, maintain a healthy weight, and reduce your stress levels.



Aimua and Lancelot Imasuen, Mbong Amata, Emem Isong

June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

AY and wife, Mabel

Mbong Amata premieres Darima’s Dilemma Last weekend, sexy actress-producer, Mbong Amata, premiered her latest movie, Darima’s Dilemma, to the world at the upscale Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. Celebrities who turned up to support her included Emem Isong, Susan Peters, Uru Eke and Lancelot Imasuen.

Nnamdi Oboli


Uru Eke and Collins Talker

Zainab weds Musbau Today is a special one for Miss Dauda Zainab Ajoke and Mallam Musbau Kabiru Olalekan as they will be joined together today as husband and wife in Ilorin, Kwara State. The ceremony will start after the Walimot at Isale Ajanaku Mosque at 8am while the reception holds after the Nikkah at Gbabi Abidun Opo Malu Street. Mallam Musbau is a celebrated newspaper vendor, fashion designer and Business Administration student at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

Musbau and Zainab

Mbong and Jide Balogun

Agatha Amata

Padita Agu

Scenes in the movie

Susan Peters

Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014





nstant noodles have more or less become a staple in Nigeria, especially among children. It can be prepared in just a few minutes. The high food demand, due principally to the increasing population and urbanisation, the severe shortage of time on the part of bachelors, spinsters and working mothers, the general change in feeding habits and increasing westernisation have combined to make the eating of instant noodles very popular. Instant noodles have repeat sales tendency and the transportation cost per Naira value of the product is low. So apart from producing to satisfy local demand, one can embark on export to earn scarce foreign exchange. Currently in Nigeria, we are aware of only one or two producers. So there is more than enough room for new entrants into this line of business.



with Godwin Uba 08034494437

Instant fortune from Instant Noodles

PRODUCTION PROCESS Nine distinct processes are involved in the production of noodles and these are briefly described below. Wheat powder and additives are dissolved in carbonic salt solution for about 10 to 15 minutes making sure that the quantity of water and salt is such that the required viscosity is maintained, as this is influenced by atmospheric temperature. The noodles are now cut and the weight calculated, bearing in mind

The fried noodles are then cooled with air in order to solidify the lard (oil) used in frying, which has now fixed on the surface of the strip noodles. After this, they are packaged in polycellopahne bags measuring 300cm x 190cm before being packed in carton boxes containing 30 packs of noodles. The cartons are cello taped and the instant noodles are ready for the market after they have been inspected for form, quality, colour and weight. LABOUR The total number of people needed to run one shift of production is 18 and includes workers of various skills. Being a food processing business, the investor should ensure proper hygiene and adequate recruitment and training of the relevant skilled line staff. IMPLEMENTATION Implementing this project will take the following steps: • Commissioning the preparation of a comprehensive feasibility study • Acquisition and development of the project site • Erection of the factory and buildings • Sourcing for funds • Purchasing project vehicles • Recruiting and training relevant staff • Purchasing and installing the machinery, equipment and necessary utilities • Test running and commissioning of the factory for commercial operation. Food processing is the industry of the future, particularly in a country where the relevant industrial raw materials are abundant. This project is highly recommended to serious industrialists as it will attract financing from industrial development banks because of its profitability, innovativeness, value added advantages, future prospects and overall effects in the development of the economy.

RAW MATERIALS The major raw material is wheat powder having ash content of between 0.5 and 0.4%. Others are carbonic salt, common salt and lard (oil). Carbonic salt water gives the noodles special stickiness, elasticity, smoothness and taste, while lard is for frying. Common slat helps make the noodles homogeneous, regulates the stickiness and adds salty taste. Other flavouring or seasoning additives include onion powder, MSG, Hydrolysed vegetable protein (preferably soybean-based), chilli powder, phosphoric acid, salt, starch powder, etc. The noodles can be fortified by adding industry-approved quantities of such vitamins as B and D. The flavourings (called soup) are usually packed separately in small cellophane before being enclosed in the packaged fried noodles. For packing, one needs poly-cellophane (300 mm x 190 mm), carton boxes (which may contain about 30 pieces) and packing tape. One can see that virtually all the raw materials needed can be obtained locally. The rest can be imported. EQUIPMENT The machinery and equipment needed are: • Noodle making machine • Measuring and cutting equipment • Fryer • Cooling equipment Accessories- steam boiler, edible and heavy oil tanks, kneader base, chimney and furnace materials. The first four items will be imported and come in one block. Utilities like electricity (35kwh), heavy oil (40kg) and steam (200kg) are needed. A standby generator of appropriate capacity is a must to ensure adequate power supply.

Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014

This projecT is highly recommended To serious indusTrialisTs as iT will aTTracT financing from indusTrial developmenT banks because of iTs profiTabiliTy, innovaTiveness, value added advanTages, fuTure prospecTs and overall effecTs in The developmenT of The economy. dough thickness, weight and the conditions under which the dough was made. The cut-measured noodles are now steamed. During this process, the protein in the dough changes to alpha-protein because of heat. This makes the dough strips stickier and smoother in just one minute and under the steam pressure of 1.5-2.5kg/ cm. On getting out of the measure cut machine, the noodles curl and are now put in cases in order to prevent deformation during frying. The cased noodles are fried. This process eliminates moisture, secures a permanent form for the noodles and promotes the process of alphanisation. This takes 1 to 1.5 minutes at a temperature of 140oC-150oC.

Estimated project cost It is estimated that the sum of N38 million will be adequate to set up the project. This comprises: Pre-investment expenses


Land and buildings


Machinery and equipment


Utilities (transformer, vehicles, generators etc)


Working capital





N37, 270

Note that mills of higher capacity will cost more than estimated above.


Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014


Super Eagles forward, Shola Ameobi (left) on the prowl against United States’ defenders DaMarcus Beasley (No 7) and Matt Besler (No 5) in a recent international friendly decided at Jacksonville.

Chukwu, Ladipo confident of Eagles’ win against Iran IFEANYI EDUZOR


s the Super Eagles gets set to battle Iran on Monday in their first match of the on-going FIFA World Cup in Brazil, former national team handler, Christian Chukwu has expressed optimism that the Coach Stephen Keshiled side will put up a good performance against the Asian champions, Iran. The Super Eagles will kick-start their campaign at the World Cup with a match against Iran at the Arena de Baixada Curitiba before meeting Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 25 at the Arena Pantanal , Cuiaba and four days later play their final Group F match against two-time World Champions Argentina at the Estadio Beira- Rio, Porto Alegre. In a telephone interview with our correspondent, Chukwu stated that although the game will be very tough he is confident that the Eagles will garner the maximum three points at stake to enable them be in a vantage position to pick one of the second round slots in Group F. ‘I am quite convinced that the Super

Eagles will fly over Iran when both teams meet on Monday because most of our players are in top shape and the technical crew took time to select the best players that will make Nigeria proud in the Mundial. “Although, the game will not be an easy one because no World Cup match is easy and coupled with the fact that the Iranians has improved tremendously over the years, I still remain confident the Super Eagles will definitely have the upper hand,” he said. The former Harambe Stars of Kenya handler however cautioned the Eagles to avoid underrating their Asian opponents and play as a team as that is the only way to assure victory for the team. “There is the need for the Super Eagles to realize that first matches in any major competition are always difficult because there is a lot of pressure and expectations from fans back home, but my advice is that they should play as a team and not to underrate their opponents as doing so could be dangerous,” he added. On the recent injury scare in the Eagles camp which led to the replacement of Elderson Echiejile with Rangers winger , Ejike Uzoenyi , Chukwu noted

that the injury will not have much effect on the team since Uzoenyi who was voted as 2014 African Nations Championship Most Valuable Player is capable of holding his own at the international level. Commenting on the opening match between the host country, Brazil and Croatia, Chukwu commended the standard of play displayed by both teams, but was quick to add that the standard will keep on improving as the competition progresses. Meanwhile, President General of Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rafiu Ladipo has expressed optimism that the team will defeat Iran on Monday as a prelude to surpassing their second round record at the Mundial. He told our correspondent shortly before he jetted out of the country for the Mundial that the Super Eagles under Coach Stephen Keshi will put up a good performance in Brazil with an advice to Nigerians to have faith in the team. “I have no doubt in my mind that the Super Eagles will be one of the surprise teams in Brazil and they are going to make the entire African continent proud in the South American country.

“Keshi being an experienced coach assembled the best players that can represent the country well in Brazil and with the level of work he has done on the team with his coaching crew, I am convinced the team will put up a good performance at the World Cup. “I am aware that many Nigerians were not comfortable with the three friendly matches played by the team in which they forced Scotland to a 2-2 draw, played 0-0 with Greece before falling 1-2 to United States, but Nigerians should understand that those matches were organized to enable the players blend as well as give the coaching crew an opportunity to have a proper assessment of the team,” he said.

BRAZIL 2014 RESULT Mexico 1-0 Cameroun Today’s Matches Colombia vs Greece 17:00 Uruguay vs Costa Rica 20:00 England vs Italy 22:00



June 14, 2014


Saturday Mirror


JUNE 12 - JULY 13



No limits to what we can achieve

optimistic of good outing



hmed Musa has revealed that he is optimistic Nigeria will have a good outing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Nigeria international winger stated that he is looking towards sustaining the momentum he gained from winning the Russian Championship with CSKA Moscow. The 21-year-old reckons that Nigeria are in a tough group, but is optimistic that the

African champions will make a good impression at the tournament. “I am very glad that I managed to recover from injuries and participated in the last game of the season with my club,” Musa said. “CSKA Moscow won the Russian championship and I went to the national team of Nigeria in a great mood. We have a difficult group, but I have a positive attitude. “I believe we will perform well, I will make every effort for this,” he added. Meanwhile, NFF President Aminu Maigari and other officials of the federation are keeping their distance from Stephen Keshi and his team, to allow maximum concentration. Maigari told that the team needed their space. “We need to allow them to concentrate on what they are doing,” he said. “We have our own job to do and we are doing it.



vory Coast defender Kolo Toure says there are no limits to what the country can achieve at the FIFA World Cup. The tournament marks what is likely to be the last chance for the African nation’s ‘golden generation’ to make a big impact on the international stage. Toure, along with others including brother Yaya and Didier Drogba, is part of that elite group of players, and believes simply qualifying for the knockout stages would represent success. “Just going further than we’ve ever

England will do well in Brazil –Milner


ames Milner is hoping that England’s mix of ‘energy, youth and experience’ will help the team to enjoy a positive World Cup in Brazil. England faces Italy in their opening game in Manaus tonight before also tackling Uruguay and Costa Rica in Group D. Roy Hodgson’s side are third favourites to progress to

the knockout stages, behind Italy and Uruguay, but Milner is feeling positive. The midfielder helped Manchester City to win the Premier League title, along with goalkeeper Joe Hart, and there are several players in the squad who enjoyed successful seasons at club level. “The first game is always

important, we need a good result there,” said Milner, speaking at a Vauxhall-sponsored England fans’ forum. “It’s out in the rainforest and it’s going to be pretty warm. “With the team we’ve got, a lot of the lads are in good form and they’ve had really good seasons. Hopefully they can feed off that energy now.

M Mexico down Cameroun in Group A opener Peralta

exico beat Cameroun 1-0 yesterday at a raindrenched Natal in a World Cup Group A match scarred by more refereeing blunders. Oribe Peralta grabbed the only goal after 61 minutes but Mexico will consider themselves unlucky not to have been more comfortable winners after Giovani Dos Santos had two goals ruled out for dubious offside decisions in the first half. On both occasions, it was former Tottenham striker Giovani Dos Santos who was the victim. In the 11th minute, the Villarreal player found the target with a sweet, stabbed volley from a cross by Porto’s Hector Herrara but his effort was ruled out by Colombi-

done before will be a triumph in itself,” he told after being asked to assess his side’s World Cup chances. “I’m not setting any limits on what we can achieve. Why can’t we spring a surprise and make it to the final? We’ve got the ability to do just that.” The Liverpool defender did, however, recognise that he and several others may not get another opportunity to go all the way. “This is our last chance to shine at this level,” he said. “I’m 33 and Didier’s 36 and we’re closer to the end of our careers than the start. “We’re going to enjoy this World Cup and show a different side to ourselves than we did the last two times, when we didn’t really perform that well. We’ll be doing what we can to be better.”

Costa Rica set for Uruguay challenge

C Milner

an referee Wilmar Roldan. On the 30-minute mark, a Dos Santos header from a corner by Miguel Layun was also not allowed to stand. In between, Cameroun skipper Samuel Eto’o had a goal chalked off for offside although this time the referee made the right decision. The blunders came just a day after Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura controversially awarded a penalty which set Brazil on their way to a 3-1 win over Croatia. Peralta deservedly put Mexico in front just after the hour mark. Dos Santos’ shot was parried into his path and the Club Santos Laguna striker slotted in from close range.

osta Rica assistant coach Luis Antonio Marin believes his side are ready to hit the ground running in the FIFA World Cup. The Central American nation will kick off their Group D campaign against Uruguay today, before coming up against Italy and England in one of the tournament’s toughest pools. However, Marin feels Costa Rica are well prepared for their curtain raiser, and is hopeful the team can perform to their potential. “Now there is no doubt we have everything clear,” he said. “Yesterday and today working with the team that will face Uruguay and I think there is no doubt, just hope that tomorrow everything goes well and we can give a good show.” Costa Rica are competing in their fourth World Cup and their third in the last four outing, having failed to qualify for South Africa four years ago. Their best performance at the global showpiece remains their progression to the last 16 at Italia ‘90.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014




JUNE 12 - JULY 13

Colombia plots Greece fall

Iranian coach vows to punish Nigeria, others


ran are ready to make their FIFA World Cup opponents pay for any moments of complacency, coach Carlos Queiroz said. Widely tipped to not surpass a Group F consisting of Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria, the Iranians open their tournament against the African champions, Nigeria, on Monday. Queiroz, a former boss at Manchester United, said Iran’s aim was to capitalise on opportunities handed to them by opponents. “The most important is the first game,” he said. “No matter if it’s against Ni-

geria, Argentina, Indonesia or Japan, we have to play as a team. “We must treat them as they are, no more, no less. There are no perfect teams in the world. We have to be in the right places at the right time. “Our goal is simple: if they make a mistake, we will be ready to capitalise. We’re playing the best teams in the world.” Queiroz said he will implore his players to enjoy the moment, with Iran featuring at a World Cup finals for a fourth time. “We cannot miss this opportunity to face them with pleasure and enjoyment because this the game of our lives,” Queiroz said.



olombia captain Mario Yepes is confident Coach Jose Pekerman has the right plan to defeat Greece in Belo Horizonte today. Yepes claimed on Thursday there are no real surprises in modern football and that Colombia were ready to take on Greece at the Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto in their opening game of the FIFA World Cup’s Group C. The 38-year-old defender paid tribute to Pekerman and his coaching staff for the amount of work they had put into Colombia’s preparation. “This coaching staff is preparing for the games. The team has an overview of Greece and I imagine that they have a clear idea of Colombia also,” Yepes said. While Yepes expects Greece will try to play a ‘closed game’, he maintained Colombia will stick to their blueprint of dominance in possession and fluid movement, in their first appearance at a World Cup since 1998. “The game with Greece will be very complicated as will all in this first phase,” the Atalanta defender said. Colombia’s second Group C fixture will see them take on the Ivory Coast in Brasilia on June 19 before they play Japan five days later in Cuiaba.


Mertesacker delighted with German squad


ermany centre-back Per Mertesacker said their bevy of talented players to pick in the FIFA World Cup is ‘more luxury than a problem’. It is not uncommon for nations to be torn apart at World Cups by ego, when players are left out of squads, and Joachim Low’s men certainly are filled to their 23-man brim with world-class talent. Arsenal defender Mertesacker said he felt who Low selects for their Group G opener against Portugal on Monday would not necessarily set the tone for their Brazil campaign, and said whoever misses out will still have ‘an important role’.

“To choose the best and also to decide position questions is more luxury than a problem,” Mertesacker said. “It is clear that we need the whole squad under these conditions, if we want to succeed. “I do not think that is certain that the decision for the starting team in the first game will define the other games. “All players will have an important role. And knowing this is important - for the entire team.” Germany underwent match simulation on Wednesday, and Mertesacker said it was the ideal tune-up for their blockbuster with the Portuguese.


Neymar thrilled with dream start


razil forward Neymar hailed his country’s FIFA World Cup opening win over Croatia as a perfect start to their tournament. The hosts had to come from behind after Marcelo scored an unfortunate early own goal, but two strikes from the Barcelona star helped Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side to a 3-1 victory in Sao Paulo.



As Club President begs Eagles to crush Argentina


he President of Guarani Football Club, Alvaro Negrao, one of the oldest and most famous side in Campinas, has made an earnest request for the Super Eagles of Nigeria to ensure they beat Argentina when both sides clash in the group

stage of the World Cup. Negrao, made this demand when he paid a visit to the team at the Vitoria Hotel Concept were the Super Eagles are camped. Negrao, said he came to wish the team well and made a special request for the Super Eagles

to beat Argentina in their last group game. “The whole of Brazil will be cheering you in that game,” he assured the team. He thereafter presented players and officials of the Nigerian side with the green jerseys of

the Serie C campaigners, which like Nigeria is the official colour of the Guarani Football Club, which was founded in 1911. The club owns the Estadio Brinco de Ouro da Princesa, the pitch where the Super Eagles have been training.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Porbeni tasks FG on canoeing IFEANYI EDUZOR


Brazil 2014


Stakeholders urge Eagles to fly over Iran S ome stakeholders of Nigerian football are waiting anxiously to see the outcome of the second encounter between the Super Eagles and the Persian Stars of Iran on June 16 at the ongoing 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that their first encounter was in an international friendly in Hong Kong in 1998 where the Eagles defeated the Persian Stars by a lone goal. The 2014 World Cup will be Iran’s fourth appearance and they are currently ranked 55th by FIFA and as for Nigeria ranked 44th, it will be their fifth appearance. Paul Hamilton, a former Coach of the Super Falcons, told NAN on telephone that the Eagles knew what was at stake in losing against Iran. “They know what is at stake, know-

ing that the first match is very dear to us. “They will do all they can but not with anxiety, and if they secure that match, we will move beyond the group stage,” he said. Tony Otah, a former coach of Bendel Insurance of Benin, wished the Eagles well, stating that he was not so much scared of Iran. “I know Nigerians are wishing the Eagles the best of luck in the Mundial though I am not so scared of Iran. But I must advise is that Iran should not be underrated because they like other countries have prepared well for the World Cup. “So, no one should get carried away,” he said. Nigeria is in Group F with Iran, Bosna-Herzegovina and Argentina and the World Cup which kicked off on June 12 and will end on July 13.

Verve sends 19 fans to Brazil AFOLABI GAMBARI


ineteen Verve cardholders have departed Lagos for Brazil venue of the 2014 World Cup finals as winners of the Verve International-organized “Breeze to Brazil” promotion. Saturday Mirror gathered that the lucky winners had emerged through a draw conducted from among customers who used their verve cards over three months in transactions like purchasing movie tickets at Quickteller. com, PoS, online payments and ATM. Chief Executive Officer of Verve,

Mr. Charles Ifedi, explained that the exercise owed to the organization’s resolve to support the government’s cashless policy. Ifedi also said that the Brazilbound winners would spend seven days in the South American country during which they would watch two World Cup games that include Nigeria versus Iran on Monday and another unlisted match, as well visit tourist venues before returning to Lagos. One of the winners, Mrs. Gladys Onwuka, who described the experience as a life time experience, predicted Nigeria’s win over Iran.

L-R: Country Manager, Verve International, Mrs. Oremeyi Akah; a winner of Verve “Breeze to Brazil” promo, Mr. Femi Olunuga; CEO, Verve International, Mr. Charles Ifedi and another winner, Mrs. OnPHOTO: ADEMOLA AKINLABI wuka Gladys, before their departure to Brazil yesterday.

resident of the Nigeria Rowing, Canoeing and Yachting Federation, Rear Admiral Festus Porbeni (rtd) has tasked government on the need to fund other sporting federations outside football. Porbeni made the call at the formal commissioning ceremony of the Captain Paul Okpe’s Memorial Tavern at the Navy Sailing Club, Navy Town, Ojo, Lagos. He told our correspondent that it has become rather embarrassing for water sports in the country not to enjoy proper funding from govern-

ment stressing that all sports must be given equal attention as football. “Government needs to look inwards and assist other sports to develop. Imagine that a sport like canoeing that can fetch Nigeria lot of medals at international meets is not getting the right funding it deserves. “Though, we’re grateful to have been among the sports that featured at the Africa Youth Games in Gaborone, Botswana, I can assure the Sports Minister and Nigerians in general that with a little more support, we’ll do better,” he said. Commodore of the Navy Sailing Club, Babatunde Ajayi while expressing grati-

tude for the support it has enjoyed over the years said there is still much to be done. “We’re very grateful to the Chief of Naval Staff and other principal staff officers for their support in keeping the Club going. However, special mention must go to Rear Admiral Porbeni(rtd) whose personal funds was used in renovating the members lodge and to the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral G.J Jonah for his commitment to the Club. “Thanks must also go to members of the Club as well as our friends for being behind us at all times but like Oliver Twist, we still ask for more because we need to put other things in place,” he stressed.

L-R: Commodore of Navy Sailing Club, Babatunde Ajayi; President Nigeria Rowing, Yachting and Canoeing Federation, Rear Admiral Festus Porbeni; Representative of NOWA president, Mrs. Anyakpele and Representative of the Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Goddy Anyakpele ( FOC NAVTRAC) at the official commissioning of the Captain Paul Okpe Tavern at the Navy Sailing Club, Navy Town, Ojo, Lagos.

Zentih Women’s B’ball Golf: 7th Yolas Invitational Pro-Am First Deepwater Open tees off June 20 happy to beat


o fewer than 35 professional golfers would feature in the 7th Yolas Invitational ProAm Open Golf tournament scheduled for between June 20 and 21 at the Ilorin Golf Club. Lanre Sagaya, the Managing Partner, Yolas Consultant, the sponsors of the tournament, said at a news conference in Ilorin yesterday that the tournament would continue to hold at the Ilorin Golf Club. “The venue of the tournament remains Ilorin Golf Club which has been hosting the tournament from its inception in 2000. “This is because the company wants participants to come and see the beauty of the Kwara capital and also want the tournament to attract investors to the state in general. “I want people to come and see what Ilorin looks like. I want people to come and invest in this town. The course is ready and can compete with any other one in the country “We want to make a statement this time; this year’s tournament will be the first time that it will be played in all green course,” Sagaya said. He commended the state government for the greenish colour of the course. Sagaya added that professionals in the tournament would tee off the tournament on June 20 while amateurs games are scheduled for June 21. According to him, the professional winner will take home N500, 000, the runner-up, N200, 000, while the amateurs will play for fun. Gboyega Oyebanji won the inaugural edition in 2000 while Jide Allen won the second and the third editions in 2005 and 2008 respectively.

Delta Force


oach Lateef Erinfolami of First Deepwater Club of Lagos yesterday expressed satisfaction with his team’s win over Delta Force of Asaba in the ongoing Zenith Bank Women’s Basketball Playoffs. Defending champions, First Deepwater Bank on Thursday trounced Delta 67-43 in their first match of the playoffs holding in Lagos. Erinfolami told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that it was a good start for his team who were seeking their fifth consecutive title in the 10th edition of the championship. “We did not really play as we wanted, however, it is a good win and we have to move on. “We have trained hard for this championship and we are certainly ready to emerge the champions at the end,” Erinfolami enthused. In other first round matches played at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium, former champions, First Bank of Lagos crushed FCT Angels 93-48. Sunshine Angels of Akure beat IGP Queens of Lagos 66-45.

Saturday Mirror

June 14, 2014

BRIEFS Man, 35, remanded in prison for allegedly raping 2-year old girl


Mararaba Upper Area Court on Friday ordered the remand of one Torkegh Matu, 35, of Angwan-Jikwoyi, New Karu, Nasarawa State in prison for allegedly raping a two-year old girl. The Police Prosecutor, Mr Joseph Ahwa, told the court that the incident was reported at the `A’ Division Police Station, Mararaba, by one Jennifer Aso of same address with the accused on June 10, 2014. Ahwa said the victim lived with her mother in the same compound with the accused. The prosecutor said the victim’s mother came home and noticed bruises on the body of her two-year old daughter whom she left while asleep. ``She checked her and noticed some bruises on her private part. She took her to a medical center in Mararaba, where it was confirmed that there was an attempt at penetration. ``She suspected Matu who was the only male at home with the daughter.’’ Ahwa urged the court not to grant bail to the accused in order to prevent interference with police investigations. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge. His counsel, Mr Gabriel Okhugbe, urged the court to grant the accused bail. The presiding judge, Mr Vincent Gwahemba rejected the bail application and ordered that the accused be remanded in prison. He adjourned the case to July 9, 2014, for hearing. (NAN)

Travel agent docked over N730, 000 ticket fraud


31-year-old travel agent, Idowu Ayilara, who allegedly duped a man of N730, 000 on the pretext of helping him secure a flight ticket, on Friday appeared before a Tinubu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos. Ayilara, who resides at No. 8, Epetedo St., Ogudu, is facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing. The prosecutor, ASP Chidi Okoye, said that the accused committed the offences on April 14, 2014, at Femi Okunnu Estate, Lekki. Okoye said that the complainant, Mr Wale Adegbite, contacted the accused to help him secure a flight ticket to travel to the U.S.A. He said that an airline later contacted Adegbite and informed him that his ticket was fake and had been cancelled. The prosecutor said that when Adegbite tried calling the accused on phone to recoup his money, he was unreachable and subsequently switched off his phone. Okoye said that the offences committed contravened Sections 285 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. Ayilara, however, denied the charges brought against him. The Chief Magistrate, Ms Abimbola Awogboro, granted the accused N100, 000 bail with two sureties in like sum. She adjourned the case till July 9, 2014, for further hearing. (NAN)

Crime Watch


Police kill 2, arrest 3 in gun duel with robbers

The three suspected robbers in police net.

Segun Adio


ut for sheer luck, a man cruising in his Mercedes Benz ML SUV (names withheld) would have been killed when he was reportedly attacked by armed robbers, who snatched his car at gun point. The news of the robbery incident was immediately reported at the Ogun State Police Command, Eleweran in Abeokuta, the state capital, after which the men of the state’s Anti Robbery Squad sprang into action. So, on Friday, April 25, 2014, men of the Ogun SARS reportedly engaged the gang of robbers that carried out the attack in a gun battle around Dalemo, a suburb of Sango-Otta, Ogun State. A source said, one of the suspected robbers, identified as Ahmed Yusuff, was arrested while his partners-in-crime took to their heels. The arrested Yusuff has reportedly pleaded with the police to spare his life and expressed willingness to cooperate in the investigation towards arresting his fleeing partners-in-crime. It was learnt that after assurances, Yusuff revealed that the gang was based in

Epe, Lagos State and has agreed to lead the police to their Epe hideout. According to sources, on Monday, June 9, 2014, a detachment of crack crime busters reportedly headed for Epe. It was learnt that the siege on the robber’s hideout was carried out in a commandolike fashion that the criminals were fast asleep by the time the detectives arrived on that fateful day. It was reported that while on their way to Epe, Yusuff was made to communicate with his gang apparently selling a dummy to them which in the end made the plan easy to hatch. It was gathered that upon arrival at the hideout of the criminals, some of the anti-robbery policemen took positions around the building while Yusuff still continued to communicate with them. According to our source, when the officers saw that the coast was clear they swooped on the criminals and a gun battle ensued, resulting in the death of two members of the notorious gang and arrest of three who sustained fatal injuries. According to Police Public Relations Officer for Ogun State, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, the names of the three arrested

Man, 30, to die by hanging for murder


n Ado-Ekiti High Court on Friday sentenced Eletu Olayiwola, 30, to death by hanging for the murder of Kayode Akintade. The Presiding Judge, Justice Kayode Fowe, said the accused had been found guilty of murder as charged. He said the evidences of the prosecution as well as the witnesses presented by the defence counsel, Mr Taiwo Ogunmoroti, showed that all essentials of murder

had been established in the case. Fowe added that the prosecution had done all that was expected of him to prove the case against the accused person beyond reasonable doubt. ``The sentence of the court upon you is that you be hanged by the neck until you are dead and may God have mercy on your soul,’’ he said. Earlier, the state’s prosecutor, Mr Eniola Arogundade, told the court that the accused

suspected armed robbers were given as Adeyinka Olajuwon, Isiaka Salawu and a female suspect, Jumoke Odukoya. The image maker also said that some other members of the gang escaped with bullet wounds. The female suspect, Jumoke, was quoted to have said that she was lured into the group by her boyfriend whose name she failed to mention. “I did not know that my boyfriend was an armed robber. I never knew that those he introduced to me as friends were robbers,” she was quoted as saying. The newspaper learnt that several weapons and charms were recovered from the suspects. According to Adejobi, items recovered from them include: an assault 06 rifle with No 07003808, two magazines loaded with 18 rounds of ammunition, three cut-to-size single barrel pistols, two cut-to-size double barrel guns; 10 live cartridges and an axe, just as charms were also recovered from them. Speaking after the arrest, Ogun State Police Commissioner, Ikemefuna Okoye, commended the dexterity of officers and men of the force, describing them as gallant officers. He urged the general public to continue to help the police in the search for the wounded fleeing robbers. committed the offence on July 21, 2009 at Odo-Ado, Ado-Ekiti. Arogundade said that the accused, on the said date, murdered Kayode Akintade by stabbing him with broken bottles. The prosecutor presented five witnesses to prove his case, while the defence counsel, Ogunmoroti also presented one witness to prove his case. The counsel to Olayiwola, however, urged the court to tamper justice with mercy before the judgment was delivered. (NAN)

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June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Two in soup over kidnap of Customs officer

The arrested suspects

Segun Adio


wo members of a notorious gang of robbers who also specialize in kidnap have been arrested in connection with the kidnap of a Customs officer and his driver. The gang, it was learnt, also made away with the officer’s SUV. It was gathered, too, that four other members of the group are however on the run. The Customs officer identified as Francis Onwuegbuzu was kidnapped at gun point together with his driver, Ifeanyi, while on holiday at the former’s village at Ogwashi-Ukwu, in Delta State. The sad event reportedly occurred on Friday, December 27, 2013 while in company of his friends and some relations. The suspected kidnappers reportedly fired several gunshots into the air before they whisked away the man and his driver to unknown destination. However, two days later, the kidnappers reportedly established contact with the family of the Customs officer and allegedly demanded N70 million ransom. A source told the newspaper that a ransom of N5 million was paid for the abducted officer leading to his release, but the kidnappers reportedly

refused to hand over the SUV valued at N7 million. It was learnt that Onwuegbuzu’s mobile phone was equally taken away in the process. Upon his release, the Customs officer reportedly sent a petition to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Criminal Investigations Department, Force Headquarters in Abuja, praying that the matter be transferred to Federal SARS. It was learnt that not long after the FSARS men took over the investigation, the mobile telephone seized from Onwuegbuzu was recovered through tracking leading to the arrest of one Andrew Ekenuya at Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos State. It was said that Ekenuya has given useful information to the police, saying that he was aware that one Focus, Awilo, Igwebuike and a security operative identified as Kenneth Godwin, abducted the victims. After wards, the said Godwin was traced to his facebook page where he posed in different photographs in police uniform, with an AK-47 rifle hung over his neck, including his postures at the rear of the victim’s Toyota 4-Runner in sports wears. The newspaper learnt that Godwin’s wife, Ebere, who the first to be invited for questioning to properly identify her husband and his associates and

that after she confirmed that Godwin was her husband, claiming that he was a police officer serving at the Special Investigations Bureau, in Kogi State Command, the police moved in. The woman, it was learnt, reportedly confirmed that her husband had arrived home sometime before her arrest with a Toyota 4-Runner which matched the description of the victim’s car. Ebere, it was, who led detectives to arrest one Samuel Idoko and another Musa. Both reportedly confirmed coming in contact with Godwin and the said vehicle. The confession of Idoko and Musa equally led to the arrest of one Lawani, an NNPC staff at Abuja from whom the detectives recovered the victim’s stolen Toyota 4-Runner SUV. Investigations also revealed that Corporal Kenneth Godwin, F/No 412269 CPL, was transferred to SIB Kogi on October 2, 2013 via a daily order. However, when contacted, the Police in Kogi said they do not have traces of the subject on the command’s nominal roll. Items recovered from the suspects include a Toyota 4-Runner SUV with registration number Lagos Eky-865-

CJ, one unregistered Golf 3 car, one Honda generator set, one LG table-top fridge, one LG flat screen TV and one old model 16-inches LG TV. In his statement, Ekwenuya says: “I was in Lagos when I was informed that the victim, Francis Onwuegbuzu, was kidnapped. On December 28, 2013, at about, I received a call from one Focus, inviting me to a club at Ikotun where I met him with a Toyota 4-Runner SUV. I accompanied Focus to hand over the SUV to Godwin at Iyana Ipaja roundabout for safe keeping. It was Focus, Awilo and Igwebuike that kidnapped the victims.” Samuel on his part said: “Early in January, Kenneth called me on phone that he has a Toyota 4-Runner SUV brought by his friend who came from overseas. He said that he wanted to sell the vehicle to raise money to enable him secure a parcel of land he bought in Lagos State before traveling back overseas.” A police source at the FSARS told the newspaper that the police were after the fleeing suspects and would appreciate assistance that could help in their arrest from the general public.

Police arraign housewife for criminal trespass, theft


he police on Friday arraigned a house wife, Eunice Sunday, 25, of Behind Yoruba Mosque, Mararaba in Nasarawa State, in a Grade 1 Area Court, Mararaba, for criminal trespass and theft. The prosecutor, Cpl. Friday Enumaje, told the court that one Linda Thank ThankGod of the same address reported the case at the Aso Pada Police Station on June 10, 2014. Enumaje said ThankGod had asked the accused person to help her to spread some of her washed clothes under the sun before she left for work. He added that the accused person, however, walked into the complain complain-

ant’s room and stole N43,000 kept in her drawer. The prosecutor said the offences contravened the provisions of sections 348 and 287 of the Penal Code. However, the accused person pleaded not guilty to the charges against her and the Presiding Judge, Mr Albert Maga, granted her bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum. Maga said one of the sureties must be a businessman in either a textile or fabric industry and must show means of identification, while the other should be a civil servant. He added that both sureties must be resident within the court’s jurisdiction and adjourned the case until June 19, 2014, for hearing. (NAN)

2 arraingned for stealing, assault


men arraigned for allegedly receiving a stolen motorcycle The police on Friday arraigned two men, Musa Abubakar, 33, and Mohammed Dahiru, 36, of Dei Dei village, Abuja, in a Wuse Zone 2 Senior Magistrates’ Court, Abuja, charged with receiving a stolen motorcycle. The prosecutor, Insp. Jeremiah Elijah, told the court that on May 31 a team of policemen attached to Lugbe Divisional Headquarters, Abuja, arrested the accused persons.

He said the accused were arrested by the team led by Insp. Abah Peter, while they were investigating a case of theft which was earlier reported to the division. According to Elijah, on May 30, Bashir Lawal, of Zone T, Lugbe, reported that on May 29, his motorcycle was snatched by three men, Abdullahi Musa, Sanni Dankatsina, and Aliyu Babatunde. He said that the three men and some others, now at large, snatched Lawal’s motorcycle at about 10p.m.

at Pyakasa Village, Airport Road, Abuja. Elijah said Musa, Dankatsina and Babatunde were known in the area for motorcycle theft, and that the stolen motorcycle was found with Abubakar and Dahiru. He also said that during police investigation, the accused admitted to the crime and confessed to being in the act of receiving stolen property from criminals. The accused are standing trial for joint act and receiving stolen proper-

ties which is contrary to sections 79, and 317 of the Penal Code, according to the prosecutor. The two accused pleaded not guilty. The judge, Mrs Binta Dogonyaro, granted them bail in the sum of N100,000 with two reliable sureties each in like sum who must be resident within the jurisdiction of the court. She said that the sureties must depose an affidavit of means with the court’s registry, and adjourned the case till August 5, 2014. (NAN)

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014



Babangida, Gov Aliyu, Gana others mourn Sen. Kuta PRISCILLA DENNIS MINNA


he remains of the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Character, Senator Dahiru Awaisu Kuta, were buried at Minna Muslim Cemetery, yesterday. Sen. Kuta died last Thursday in Lagos on his way to London, at the age of 64 years, after a protracted illness. The late senator was flown the same day to his Minna residence. Eulogising the later senator, former Military President General Ibrahim Babangida, described him as a real Nigerian that was committed to the Nigerian project, adding that his death was a personal loss to him. His words, “ I have known Kuta from childhood. His demise is a personal lost to me. We have lost another committed Nigerian who devoted his life to the development of

the masses and the less privileged. We have lost a real Nigerian,” Gen. Babangida said. Also, a former Minister of Information, Professor Jerry Gana said he has lost a political son and a former student, saying he taught the former lawmaker in secondary school and in the university. Earlier on Thursday night, members of the National Assembly led by Senator Mohammed Magoro were in Minna to condole with Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu over the death of the late Senator, who they described as ‘a hard working and committed member of the Senate’. In their words, the Senators told Governor Aliyu to ensure the good works of the late senator are maintained. “We want the state to ensure that the good work of the senator are perpetuated. And grieving alone will not help the state, but continuity is what is expected in filling the vacuum Kuta left in the wake of his death.”

2015: Southern Kaduna group tackles Sen. Usman over ‘Greek gifts’ A ZA MSUE KADUNA


group, under auspices of Southern Kaduna Indigenes Progressive Forum (SKIPFo) yesterday rejected what it called ‘Greek gifts’ ahead of 2015 by their Senator Nenadi Esther Usman, saying she failed to attract federal project in the area. In a statement issued and signed by SKIPFo chairman, Maj. George Nchok Asake (rtd), the group accused their Mrs. Usman of showing little sympathy to the plights of Southern Kaduna electorate who are being displaced by incessant Fulani attacks. The statement read in parts: “Of the killings of over 890 people that have occurred during her period as our Senator, 2000 homes destroyed, thousands displaced and many rendered senile. Not even once did Senator Nenadi Esther Usman convinced the Senate President, David Mark to come and witness the genocide so as to

help stop it. “Yet, when she wants the Senate seat for a second term, she found it convenient to invite him. To Senator Nenadi Usman the Senate seat is more important than all those lives wasted under gruesome circumstances –most of them surely voted for her and PDP she will have them in her conscience no matter what.” The statement added: “Senator Nenadi Usman was elected senator on the platform of PDP as a party after which she became a representative of all the people of Zone 3 Senatorial District. However, sometimes back, she bought cars for the 8 LGAs PDP Chairmen, sank boreholes and went into empowerment of those she felt she wanted to empower. The point here is that Senator Nenadi Usman believes that it pays her better not to carry out her legislative duties for the good governance of the people but rather go into executive functions with her eyes fully set on the same seat in 2015.”

Emir of Lafia urges Nigerians to live in peace


he Emir of Lafia, Alhaji Isah Mustapha-Agwai II, has appealed to Nigerians to be tolerant and live in peace with one other irrespective of religious, political or ethnic differences. The Emir made the appeal in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital, yesterday, when he received Plateau indigenes in the state who paid him a courtesy visit and noted that it was only in a peaceful atmosphere that

the country could move forward. According to the Emir, ``Nigerians must also be free to live in any part of the country,’’ he said, adding: ``The whole nation belongs to all of us.” The monarch, who is the Chairman of the Nasarawa State Council of Chiefs, said that as Nigerians, ``we should be our brothers’ keepers’’ and continue to be patriotic. He also called for unity among the people of Plateau and Nasarawa states

and advised Plateau indigenes residing in the state to continue to sustain the harmonious relationship with their hosts. He continued, ``We have been together for a very long time and that is why Nasarawa is a home to Plateau indigenes and Plateau is also a home to the people of Nasarawa,’’ Mustapha-Agwai said. Earlier, the President of the Plateau State Indigenes in Nasarawa, Mr Joshua Dabak, explained that the visit was to iden-

tify with the traditional ruler on his 40th year anniversary on the throne. ``We are also here to commend the Emir on the peaceful way he has been piloting the affairs of his kingdom.’’

Dabak restated the loyalty of the Plateau indigenes to the Emir and the government of the state. He appealed to his members not to do anything that could disrupt the peace and unity in the state.

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno (6th-r) with members of the state chapter of Niger Delta Peoples Forum, during a solidarity visit in Maiduguri, recently.

Akwanga LG spends N37m on infrastructure IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA


n just two months into its administration, the Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State has spent no less than N37 million on infrastructure. This was made known yesterday the council chairman, Mr. Abashiya Koto. He disclosed this to

Saturday Mirror in his office. Koto added that the said amount was not part of what has been spent on replacing decayed furniture at the council secretariat. He gave the infrastructural projects embarked upon by his administration to include grading of roads, which also involve the construction of a bridge in Akwanga town

on the Andaha bye-pass which is under construction. Some other projects the said included some culverts as well as the procurement of three electricity transformers and sinking of 18 boreholes both scattered across the rural communities of the state. According to him, “For having some health structures already in existence

in the council area, what we did in the health sector was to purchase drugs worth N30 million and stocked them in the 15 primary health clinics in the local council under the drugs revolving scheme.” On his effort in the agricultural sector, the council boss said he had intended to procure some fertilizers which would be sold to some council’s peasant farmers at subsidised price.

Jigawa NDE empowers 1, 000 food vendors ABDULLAHI ODEY DUTSE


bout 100 food vendors in Jigawa State have been given N20, 000 each by the office of the National Directorate for Employment to enhance their trade under the Micro Enhancement Scheme. The Directorate has also established farms with an Agricultural skills centre to promote modern agric practical and theory methods for

rural self employment. Coordinator of the Directorate, Malam Muhammad Sambo, disclosed this to journalists in his office in Dutse, the state capital. He explained that the scheme was aimed at employment opportunities and self reliance. Sambo also said the scheme was supported by NERFUND and the Bank of Agriculture for effective implementation. In the breakdown of

the scheme, 3 women were funded by NERFUND to set up groundnut processing mills while 30 persons were given basic business training for retirees and artisans to start their enterprises financed by BOA. Other programmes included Graduate Coaching Scheme which affords graduates to be engaged to train secondary school students that are deficient in their NECO and WAEC exam-

inations in nine centres across the state. Already about 1,855 students have enrolled for the programme. He maintained also that there is now in place special public works which provides onthe-spot knowledge to graduates who have concluded NYSC. The successful candidates from, the scheme are then sent to companies that are stakeholders for absorption.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror


14-yr-old litigation: 93-yr-old petitions CJN, cries for justice SEGUN ADIO


93 year old retired businessman, Mr. Gbriel Olatayo Odukoya has petitioned the National Judicial Council, over this delay in getting judgement in a case he filed before a Lagos High Court 14 years ago. In summary of his case, Odukoya stated that he is the claimant in a case of land dispute, Gabriel Olatayo Odukoya vs Oluwadimu and others ID/2336/2000 filed in the year 2000, but it had been difficult for him to get the Court of Justice Ayotunde Phillips to deliver judgement since October 2012, when parties closed their cases and adopted their final written addresses in the suit. Pa. Odukoya alleged further that his counsel after calling 13 witnesses closed his case in 2006, while the defendants on their part closed their case in 2008 while his counsel filed his final written address in 2008.



over norship candidate of the Accord Party (AP) in the forthcoming Ekiti State gubernatorial election, ,

However, the defendants did not file their address until 2010, following all these events, Justice Phillips adjourned for judgement in January 2011, but on the said adjournment date, the trial judge did not deliver judgement as scheduled, as the defence counsel came up with an excuse which the presiding judge

indulged. The suit has unjustifiably suffered numerous adjournments for judgement. The last straw, Odukoya contended, was on December 18, 2013, when the case was again fixed for judgement. On the said date the judge did not sir, the judgement was not read and no further date has been fixed for judge-

ment in the case. The plaintiff stated that he is advanced in age and striving for justice. He had made repeated visits to the court to inquire from the registrars but the registrars informed him that no new date has been fixed for the judgement and it is poignant to note that the presiding judge, Justice Phillips, Chief Judge of

L-R: Wife of late human rights activist, Dr. Yewande Cole-Ajibola; Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola; Commissioner for Housing, Mr. Bosun Jeje and his Finance counterpart, Mr. Ayo Gbeleyi, during the inauguration of Gbagada Housing Estate in Lagos, recently.


Barrister Kole Ajayi, has said that his party does not see the race to the Oke Bareke Government House as a do-or-die affair.

The Accord Party candidate, who spoke to journalists after attending Jumaat Service in Ado Ekiti yesterday, maintained that his party was only

interested in the development of the state. Ajayi also said that was why the party had been conducting its affairs peacefully without

bedore Local Government Area at Awo. The speaker said that rather than sack workers, the state government planned to employ more workers to reduce the rate of unemployment in the state. Accord9ng to him,

“Gov. Rauf Aregbesola is not ready to sack any worker. He will rather employ more workers than to sack any at all.

``If he is ready to sack workers, he could have done that a long time ago, but rather than sacking anybody, he has

been employing workers,’’ the speaker said. Salaam used the opportunity to urge civil servants in the state not to panic, promising that the government would continue to give their welfare adequate priority.

Fashola’s aide quits, another takes charge


agos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Friday accepted the resignation of his Special Adviser on Central Business District, Mrs. Aderinola Disu. In her place, the governor approved the appointment of the Managing Director of Lagos State Number Plate Production Agency, Mr Folorunsho Folarin-Coker, as her replacement. In a release issued by Hakeem Bello, Special Ad-

some of the old witnesses have passed away and some cannot be accessed. Securing the presence of these vital and advanced witnesses will prove to be insurmountable, if this matter was to be reopened afresh before a new judge. Consequently, he urged the National Judicial Council and the Chief Judge of the Federation to use their good offices to intervene in the matter so that justice can be done. The Chief Judge of Nigeria and Chairman, National Judicial Council, Aloma Maryam Mukhtar, in a memo dated 13 March, 2014, had ordered for the comments of Justice Phillips within three weeks. However, nothing has so far been done. Consequentyly, Pa Odukoya in a letter of reminder dated 14 May, 2014 and addressed to the Chairman, National Judicial Council, reiterated his complaint that judgement has not been delivered in the said 14-yearold case.

Ekiti Accord Party says guber race not do or die

Osun has no plan to retrench workers, says Speaker

peaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Mr Najeem Salaam, has said that there was no plan by the state government to retrench any of its workers. Salaam said this yesterday while addressing traditional rulers in Eg-

Lagos State, is retiring by June 2014. The petitioner also expressed fear and anxiety that since the court is reluctant to give judgement in the matter, it will be nearly impossible to replicate the evidences of the 13 witnesses that have testified and were crossexamined in the suit. It is also pertinent that

viser to the governor on Media and made available to journalists, the resignation followed months of consultation during which Mrs. Disu explained the need for her to devote her full time to family commitments. It was reported that Governor Fashola was reluctant to accept her decision to step down from the State Executive Council. While wishing her the very best in all her

endeavours, Governor Fashola thanked Mrs Disu for her immense contributions as a public officer of several years standing and, most especially, her distinguished service as the Special Adviser on the Lagos State Central Business District from 2011 to date. The new Special adviser on Central Business District, , Mr. Folorunsho Folarin-Coker was born 27th July 1965 to the Agoro and Coker families of La-

gos. Folarin-Coker attended St Gregory’s College in Obalende. He holds a B.A Hons. Degree from the University of Manchester and a post graduate from the Diplomatic Academy of Westminster University, London. He is the son of Chief Folarin Coker, the Baba Eto of Lagos, who himself was one of the founding public servants when Lagos State was created in 1967.

any rancour with the candidates and members of other political parties. He advised the people of the state to ignore any purported report credited

to him against any other candidate. He also assured that he would never go personal and that his campaign had been issuebased.

Lagos market leaders remember Iyaloja General


call has gone to the government to adopt the market administration strategy put in place by the late Iyaloja General, Alhaja Abibatu Mogaji, with a view to making Nigerian markets meet international standards. The call was made by Babaloja of Ladipo General Market in Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State, Alhaji Oladotun Abibu-Oki. He spoke at the one year of the death of the foremost market leader and administrator. Several market leaders in the state also pid glowing tributes to the late market leader. According to AbibuOki, the late head of marketers in the country would always be remem-

bered for defending the course of the common man for their right to economic empowerment as well as the development and sustenance of market administration in the country especially Lagos State. Alhaji Abiu-Oki eulogized the contrinutions of the late Abibatu Mogaji, saying “She did not limit her business and social networking to the confines of Lagos alone, but she always sought the welfare of market men and women and ways of opening up more business opportunities for them.” The market leader also urged Mogaji’s successor to emulate the good works of her predecessor in office.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014



A’Ibom repeals contentious Pensions Law


he Akwa Ibom State Governors and Deputy Governors Pension Law has been amended and signed into law by Governor Godswill Akpabio. The bill had drawn wide public interest since

its re-presentation before the state House of Assembly. The amendment, which is the fifth in the sixteenyear old law, repealed the contentious ceiling of N100 million medical expenses for each ex-Gover-

nor and their wives and a ceiling of N50 million medical expenses for each former deputy governor and their wives. The law came to being in 1998 as special grant for past state governors and their deputies, and was

further amended in 1999, adopted in 2000 as Governors and Deputy Governors Pension Bill and again in 2007 and 2014, respectively. It would be recalled that the state government had sought to place a ceil-

Governor Godswill Akpabio being welcomed by President, Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Akparawa Nse Ube and wife during the Official Commissioning of the International Secretariat/Community Centre of Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Uyo, recently.

Rivers NBA faults Assembly on amendment of High Court Law DENNIS NAKU



he Nigerian Bar Association, Port Harcourt Branch, has faulted Wednesday’s amended High Court Law by the State House of Assembly, as accented to by Governor Chibuike Amaechi. Chairman of the association, Dennis Okwakpan, made this known while speaking to journalists on Friday evening, in Port Harcourt. Okwakpan stated that the body would challenge the amendment in Court immediately the courts resume. He further said that if the law was allowed to operate, it would humiliate the judges, who would be

taking instructions from their juniors, and moreover, who are not a judicial officers. He said that the association had been interfacing with the National Judicial council and the state government on how to resolve the lingering crisis in the judiciary. According to Okwakpan, “We discussed a couple of things and at the end of that meeting, a few decisions were taken. The whole idea is how the state can move further and get out of this logjam in the crisis in the judiciary. “The most notable decision that we took was basically to get approval from our members at this extra-ordinary general meeting, to continue to engage all the authorities,

the NJC and the Rivers State government with the view of resolving the issue the question of appointing a substantive chief judge for the state. “We also reviewed the Rivers State House of Assembly decision to amend the High Court Law to vest power on the Chief Registrar of the High Court to assume or carry out administrative duties and a few other things. “We agreed as an association, as a body, to condemn the work. It is a law as it is, but we have decided to condemn it because in our estimation, it would not be practical to enforce it; and it would ultimately humiliate the judges; because as it would ultimately be in the suit we are going to file,

the magistrate who by this amendment has been vested with this power to assign cases, is not a judicial officer and is junior in rank to the judges. “If you are to go by the letter of that law, the magistrate would now be assigning cases to a judge. What it means is that, he is going to assign cases; he can actually exercise some kind of supervisory role on judges because he can assign cases, and should also withdraw cases. “So, we resolved that it cannot be practicable in any way, and it would expose judges to humiliation. So, that is why we have taken a decision to condemn that law, and will ultimately challenge it when the court resumes.

Edo Polio-free since 5 years –Official


irector of Disease Control in Edo State Ministry of Health, Dr Osamwonyi Irowa, has said that the state had been Polio free since 2009. Irowa, who made the disclosure yesterday in Benin, said the last case of polio in the state was

recorded five years ago. According to Irowa,``In 2012, there was a scare of the disease in Ovia North East Local Government Area in the state. I was part of the team that went to the area to investigate and there was no polio,” he said. Irowa said the state

could remain polio-free by encouraging parents to bring out their children for immunisation, observing personal hygiene and gaining ac-

cess to medical care when necessary. He called on members of the public to embrace government’s policies

on immunisation so as to break the chain of transmission of the virus. The director said that a break in the chain would result to having immunity; a situation where the virus will not be able to spread in a particular territory.

ing on how much could be spent by the government on each former Governor and former Deputy Governor and their spouses, but this drew the ire of some members of the public which misinterpreted the intention of the state government. Addressing the press in Lagos in the thick of the controversy, Governor Akpabio in a speech he titled, ‘The Siege on Truth,’ had said that “the contentious provision was made in good faith and to check abuses adding that leaving the law open-ended was not in the best interest of tax payers. He, however, said that he considered the controversy a distraction and had decided to, in his words, “lift the siege on truth” by asking for this provision of the law to be repealed. He added philosophically that “history will vindicate the just.”

By signing the amended bill into law, Governor Akpabio kept his promise, even though he pointed out that he would not benefit from the law until he leaves office in 2015. He explained that the law covers former governors and their deputies who served both in the old Cross River State from which Akwa Ibom State was created and disclosed that the law would not cover ex- Governors and their deputies who served less than three years. He further said that the new amended law has expunged ceilings which the public talked about, and that now there would be free medical treatment for ex-Governors and their deputies and their spouses, “ to protect the sources of the state” but that the Government should try to ensure that this was not abused.

Ex-army boss calls for strong govt institutions RICHARD NDOMA CALABAR


former Commander of the United Nation Peace and Security in the Northern Sudan, Gen. Moses Bisong Obi (rtd) has called on Nigerian politicians to join hands together so as to strengthen weak government institutions. Gen. Obi gave the call in Calabar, Cross River State capital, while unveiling the logo of ‘The New Agenda of Cross River 2015.’ Gen. Obi is the Director General of the scheme. At the occasion, the retired army general also called on the people of the state to build democratic structures that would pave the way for people with a robust capacity and a clear vision to lead the state. The former General Officer Commanding, 1 Division Nigerian Army, said that the time has come where only people with enormous capacity and competence for good governance should be allowed to run and manage

the affairs of the states, adding that mediocre should no longer have any business with affairs of governance. He condemned the present economic situation in the country which he said has brought escalating rate of unemployment and poverty among young school leavers. Gen. Obi also said that the country had given too much opportunity to unqualified people to serve in leadership positions that demand qualified people. Obi who also served the nation in resolving conflict in Lebanon, Lake Chad Basin, Liberia and Sierra Leone, also said that the time has come where only the best should be given privilege to manage the affairs of governance adding that that such advocacy can only be achieved by sensitizing the populace. The retired Army General maintained that he decided to form the group so as to sensitise and stimulate the consciousness of the people on issues of 2015 general elections.



June 14, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Elechi lauds World Bank’s intervention in Ebonyi erosions ALIUNA GODWIN ABAKALIKI


overnor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State has commended the World Band for the release of 2 million USD to enable the state government achieve total prevention of gully erosion and land degradation in the state, especially in Afikpo South Local Government Area of the state. Governor Elechi gave the commendation yesterday in Abakaliki, dur-

ing the lunch of the state chapter of Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management project (NEWMAP), held at the women development centre in the state capital. He noted that the problem of erosion in the state reached its peak in the last five years. In the words of the governor, “We applaud the World Bank for its quick response to this challenge and for its various partnering development initiatives in our state

such as HIV and AIDS, community-Based Urban development Project (CBUDP), community and social development project (CSDP), Health system fund development projects (HSDP) and the FADAMA programmes.” Governor Elechi maintained that erosion has being a threat to the region, adding that “It is noteworthy that the baseline survey of critical impact of erosion in Nigeria showed that the South

Eastern part of the country is at the precipice of imminent danger as gully erosion alone has been revealed to contribute to environmental degradation and other associated damages estimated at millions of dollar annually.” He lamented that the state has recorded at least 332,938 victims displaced by flood, adding that this has caused huge economic loss to the people and government of the state, which he summed up to be worth billions of

Oko crisis: Youths beg Ekwueme, others to intervene CHARLES OKEKE AWKA


he Youth Wing of Oko Peoples’s Union (OPU) yesterday called on a former Vie President of Nigeria, Dr Alex Ekwueme and other key community leaders in the area to intervene and settle the crisis that has bedeviled the town for some months now. The youths said they wanted Dr Ekwueme, Chief Handel Okoli and other pillars of the com-

munity, including men of the clergy, to come out and restore peace to the town. The call by OPU Youth Wing, led by Evangelist Tochukwu Ezeokafor as President, and Ebuka Ezindu Okoli, Secretary, was made at a press briefing held in Awka, yesterday. The youths of Oko stated that it was disheartening to note that some few personalities are pursuing personal agenda and fueling the crisis by their contentious and persistent struggle for the removal of Prof. Godwin

Onu from his post as Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Oko. The call made on Dr. Ekwueme was for quick intervention in the crisis was coming barely a week after it was reported that the crisis involving the Igwe Oko and the Oko Rector has been resolved. Addressing journalists in Awka on the latest development about the Oko crisis, Ezeokafor flanked by key officers of the youth wing of OPU, alleged that the town union president general did not

want the crisis to end as he had at a press conference held on June 9, 2014, at the Oko Civic Centre, purportedly incited the indigenes against the Rector, a development Ezeokafor said was unacceptable to them. Explaining their position over the latest development on the Oko crisis, Ezeokafor, reading a document, said the enemies of the embattled Rector Onu have no mandate of Oko community to justify their alleged contentious actions.

L-R: All Progressive People’s Congress Chairman, Enugu State, Dr. Ben Nwoye; Senator Chris Ngige and APC Spokesperson, South-East, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, addressing journalists after a condolence visit to former Secretary to Enugu State Government, Mr. Onyemuche Nnamani, over the death of his mother at Agbani community in Enugu, recently.

Imo govt plans to reposition Avutu Poultry for concessioning


mo State Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mrs. Ugochi Nnanna-Okoro, says the state government will reposition its poultry farm in Avutu for private sector management. Nnanna-Okoro said in Owerri yesterday that the farm was currently undergoing rehabilitation to improve its fortunes. The commissioner said

that 20,000 birds would be raised in the farm in the next three months, adding that every section of the farm was receiving attention. She said the government intended concession the farm to ``a serious investor’’ after giving it a face-lift. According to her, ``The ongoing rehabilitation is being taken in phases with the intention to

bring the Avutu Poultry to a functional level before concession to a serious investor,’’ she explained. Nnanna-Okoro said Governor Rochas Okorocha was determined to revive moribund industries to boost employment opportunities and spur the state’s economy. The commissioner frowned at the activities of vandals at the farm

and charged the management to liaise with security agents to check criminal activities within the company. She said most structures in the far m had been re-roofed while water reticulation and refurbishment of power plants as well as the re pair of automated feed conveying system had been completed.

Naira. In a remark, NEWMAP team leader, Dr. Amos Abu, also jouined the governor to commend the global bank’s intervention in the state. According to Dr. Abu, “I am happy that the World Bank is coming with solution to combat the menace of erosion in south-East especially in Ebonyi State. At this time we wish to commend the federal government for its vision and mission in urgently requesting for the support of the World Bank to tackle the problem of erosion. This came from the demand of the South- East governors including Chief Martin Elechi that federal government should actually help to prevent soil erosion and land degradation.”

Dr. Abu also noted that world Bank has assisted to tackle erosion problem in countries like Brazil, China, India and several African countries with similar erosion problems. He stressed that NEWMAP targeted total sum of 580 million dollars with 150 million dollars as federal and state counterpart funding amounting to over 680 million dollars for the execution of erosion project in south-east region. Earlier, Ebonyi State project coordinator for NEWMAP, Dr Philip Echiegu, had reiterated the readiness of the team to utilise the funds made available to them to ensure total eradication of erosion and land degradation in the state.

Anambra begins data capturing of vigilante members FRANCIS EKPONE ONITSHA


he Anambra State Government has commenced the data-capturing and revalidation exercise of all the vigilante services in the 177 communities of the state. The aim of the exercise is to capture the authentic data-base of the people of the state which would enable government plan and budget for the state. Some vigilante operatives in the state, Saturday Mirror leant, were bribing some authorities to get their names captured in the exercise since members would henceforth be remunerated by the government. Special Adviser to the Anambra State Governor on Security, Mr.Chikodili Anarah, disclosed this yesterday in Awka while addressing representatives of various vigilante units in the state. The Special Adviser admitted that some people were sabotaging government efforts by collecting money from vigilante operatives for the revalidation exercise even as government has categorically stated that the exercise is free. He also explained that

traditional rulers in the 177 communities have been duly instructed to clampdown on anyone collecting money from vigilante operatives for the revalidation and datacapturing exercise, saying that the state government has already planned and budgetted adequately for the exercise as the whole process was not for money-making . Mr. Anarah used the occasion to inform members of the vigilantes that Governor Willie Obiano had resolved to pay their salaries and allowances regularly. He also implored the local security operatives to be committed to their duties and ensure effective community policing in their various communities in order to rid the state of disgruntled elements. Anarah also disclosed that the state government plans to provide uniforms, I.D cards and other apparatus free of charge to enable them function effectively . Meanwhile, Mr. Marcel Jideuno, a vigilante operative from Umuonyebum village Ugbenu in AwkaNorth Local Government Area of the state said vigilante operations in the area are complying with government directives.

Saturday Mirror


June 14, 2014


Iraqis flee as militants close in


The Bristol suburb of Avonmouth, UK has been invaded by flies, forcing Karen Potter and her family to eat under a mosquito net. The invasion began at a local recycling firm and the Environment Agency has intervened.

mboldened Sunni militants, backed by local tribal leaders, pushed toward Baghdad on Friday as Iran sent troops to fight alongside government forces. In Washington, increasingly nervous U.S. officials mulled their limited options to help slow the militants’ advance. In recent days, Iran has sent about 500 Revolutionary Guard troops to fight alongside Iraqi government security forces in Diyala province, a senior security official in Baghdad told CNN. Meanwhile, Sunni tribal leaders have lined up behind radical Islamists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, making their push toward Baghdad easier, a Saudi intelligence official told CNN’s Nic Robertson. As Iraq further disintegrated, residents fled Mosul in droves. Militants captured the country’s second-largest city this week after soldiers scattered, leaving their uniforms and weapons behind. The spreading violence prompted U.S. President Barack Obama to say the beleaguered government required assistance. “It’s going to need more help from us, and it’s going to need more help from the international community,” Obama said. “I

don’t rule out anything, because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either Iraq or Syria.” A senior Obama administration official said Friday that the president has not yet made a decision on whether to act on any military options. But another senior administration official indicated that a decision could come as early as this weekend. Airstrikes are among the options on the table, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday. But there will be no repeat of a large U.S. troop presence on Iraqi soil. “We are not contemplating ground troops,” Carney said. “I want to be clear about that.” U.S. officials have also discussed bolstering ongoing efforts to send arms, equipment and intelligence information to help Iraq and its military. Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that the ISIS militants are a threat not just to Iraq, but to the United States and the rest of the world -- and that is why Obama is urgently considering his next steps. “Every country that understands the importance of sta-

University of Oxford: 800 years of training leaders! CONTINUED FROM PAGE 56 His story of the journey so far is very inspirational with lot of spiritual advice. He has been a delight to everyone here as he has many stories to tell about his exciting life. He is greatly worried about his children’s criticisms of his actions and often calls for help. He will need more help to come out of such criticism as the daughter joins Oxford in the next month. From SWITZERLAND is Oliver Oexl the head of legal and compliance of Schroder and Co Bank AG. SINGAPORE is represented by a medical leader, Yung Seng Lee from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of Singapore. FIJI is represented by Neil Underhill who is Managing Partner Neil Underhill and Associates, a professional services provider. NIGERIA has Queenette Okehie, an astute banker, investment analyst and emerging industry leader, who is the managing director of Energy Investment Limited, Ghana. The upcoming banking leader and widely travelled Ehizojie Ohiowele, Head, Communication and Infrastructure of Eco Bank International is also in the class. He has brought meaningful contribution to class, particularly


in respect of issues of breach of trust. NIGERIA is also represented by the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of the conglomerate, Energy Group, Jimoh Ibrahim. His experience of a substantial owner-managed business is generating interest in the 2014 class, particularly the early discussion on democratic management decision. So also are his views on the management of personal goal, especially when it conflicts with corporate goal, which generated some level of discussion in the class on the first day. His Harvard case study experience is of interest in discussions on corporate diversity. FRANCE has an emerging leader in the person of the Regional Director of LAC INGO, Francoise Chacin. MALAYSIA is represented by the family owner and manager of a service provider in the oil and gas industry, Fuzz Sufian. Fuzz told the very interesting story of an exciting family visit to Spain. THE NETHERLANDS is represented by Erik Gelderloos who is an oil and gas expert and human resources director in Linde Gas Region South West Europe and Northern Africa. He brings very rich experience in the area of di-

versity of human resources management to the class. Lalit Johri has set issues for the Great Debate on June 23, and the class is preparing to discuss a lot of the issues. Not only are those issues of great importance, a winning prize is attached with a formal award presentation. It appears from the first day of studies that every student is interested in winning. The Great Debate for this year would be like the previous years. It includes, for instance, the debate for or against the topic: ‘This house would put shareholder sovereignty before serving public interest’ and ‘This house believes that the socially responsible corporation is a myth.’ Everyone is looking forward to the great debate and coming out with definite rules of engagement. Members of the 2014 Class of the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Course have promised to keep in touch, monitor our progress, add value to this great institution that produced us, reflect on the dignity of man, return to Oxford with great news, and make Lalit Johri and his Faculty proud and happy as we demonstrate commitment to the rebuilding of the failed trust.

bility in the Middle East needs to be concerned about what is happening,” Kerry said, speaking at a summit in London. “That is why I am confident the United States will move rapidly and confidently in order to join with its allies in dealing with this challenge.” Kerry said the latest events had been a “wake-up call” for Iraq’s divided political leadership, which has been accused of failing to address growing sectarian divisions. The United States has a “very direct relationship” with Iraq, he said. “I don’t think anybody in the region or in this administration believes it is in the interests of the United States to turn our backs on that.” The militants from ISIS want to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the region -- stretching from Iraq into northern Syria, where it has had significant success battling the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Their lightning advance in Iraq has been aided by support from many Sunnis who feel that the Shia-dominated government has marginalized them.

Thai junta lifts nationwide curfew


he military junta running Thailand has lifted the nationwide curfew it imposed last month after seizing power following months of political turmoil. The 22:00-05:00 curfew, imposed by Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, had already ended in most of the country. Friday’s TV announcement said the decision to lift it altogether was taken amid an “improved” situation “and in order to improve tourism”. The coup followed protests to oust the government of PM Yingluck Shinawatra. At least 28 people were killed and several hundred injured during the unrest. The army’s removal of the elected government drew widespread international criticism. The military has since cracked down on dissent, detaining hundreds of potential opponents and releasing them with warnings about their future behaviour. It has also embarked on a “happiness campaign” in an attempt to subdue

opposition to the coup, which has seen a number of policy gimmicks, such as free haircuts, concerts and World Cup match screenings. Meanwhile, corruption investigators have widened their inquiry into Ms Yingluck, investigating her private assets. The National AntiCorruption Commission’s investigation is connected to a rice-subsidy scheme, in which the government bought rice from farmers at above-market prices to boost rural incomes. The commission had already indicted Ms Yingluck over charges of dereliction of duty, saying that she failed to heed advice that the scheme was potentially wasteful and prone to corruption. The current deadlock dates from 2006, when the military ousted Ms Yingluck’s brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, in a coup. Both have strong support in rural and northern areas, propelling them to successive election wins. However, many in the middle class and urban





We have to take this action in order to save the healthcare delivery system from anarchy that is palpably imminent. –The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) on why it has directed all doctors in Nigerian public hospitals to proceed on strike effective July 1st if the government doesn’t meet their demands.

Saturday, June 14, 2014.

University of Oxford - 800 years of training leaders!


tive director of business development with he 2014 class of the Oxford AdEnergy Bank. There is also the upcoming vance Management and Leaderfinancial leader in the Oil and Gas sector, ship programme of the Said BusiTheophilus Djan of Palmers Green Interness School of the University of Oxford national. He has the advantage of youth will be well remembered for its academic and has gained vital insight through meetexcellence and development of man’s ing very experienced leaders. He combines dignity in both areas of leadership and knowledge with the great morals of Ghabusiness management in line with Oxna. The youthful Evelyn Obeng, a General ford University’s tradition of first class Manager at Polymers Ltd is perhaps the intellectual capacity building and enduryoungest in this year’s class. Her high dising leadership. play of sound moral ethics is incredible. In the last 800 years, it is on record that the University of Oxford has conAUSTRALIA has a growing trusted tributed to the development of leaders leader, Michael Casey, Private Secretary to across the world. The University has Cardinal Pell of the Catholic Archdiocese produced a very intimidating list of leadof Sydney. His discussion reflects greatly ers in all sectors of society; from governthe ethics of Sydney. His work ethics and ment, community building, business, way of life reminds me of the coming of our the last time resident onathan economy, military, religion, law and jusLord Jesus Christ. There is also an emergtice, medicine to farming and academia. ing leader in the public sector, David Spouse attemPted to greet his brother in Oxford remains a legend, an inimitable who is First Assistant Secretary, Financial example of a sustainable institution. Services of the Department of Defence. his home town he almost ran into Leadership is practical! As we took the first dinner at the start of work on Sunday, BRITAN is represented by one of the trouble nd the brother who wanted June 8, for the 2014 class, thirty five student industry leaders in pharmaceuticals. leaders took their food one after the other. Neil Chandler is currently vice president to greet the resident got his arm It was interesting to note that not only did of Commercial Excellence. His experiour teacher take the last seat, he also took ence of corporate management is key to broken for his efforts s this Part of his food last. What a great lesson. Before fundamental discussions in corporate now, I thought that the teacher takes his science. There is also Joe Lister of the facivilian Protocol food first and the student takes what is left. mous Unite Group of Britain. Other BritThey work as a team here at the Said ish representatives are Stephen Gould, Professor Tim Morris, a Professor of gramme of the Said Business School is Business School and unless you ask very Managing Director of Everards Brewwell, it will be very difficult to know who is Management Science at Oxford University a roll call of upcoming and established ery Limited and the upcoming academic in charge. The team leader introduced his will also be with us to impart on us the new world leaders in business science and leader, Brian Hunt, Assistant Dean (QA), colleagues, without anyone introducing developments in the area of growing and management. The engaging zone to me College of Management, Mahidol Unihim. He never bothered about himself, just increasing activities of professional service is coming soon as they take up their leadversity. Stephen has very rich experience a word or two is sufficient and he is done. firms. It is interesting to note that they will ership position in public and corporate that helps in the understanding or managHow will it look like or work in Nigeria, if be assisted by Fellows, who apart from the governance and the global economy, like ing of trusted institutions and his knowla Governor is not introduced in a function day to day academic discoveries also have their colleagues in the previous years. edge and experience of management of Only recently, an alumnus of the School, or even his wife? What will happen to the very practical experience of what we are organisations in a recession is invaluable. Chief Protocol Officer the second day? If a talking about. They include Hugh Crisp, a so- Dr. Mohd Yakub, made a first world record From the United States of America President is asked to introduce his cabinet licitor of England and Wales, who also holds of keeping hearts beating as he implants comes the financial leader, JR Klein, at a function, is it a breach of protocol? Will a Master’s degree in Jurisprudence; Jeremy a revolutionary medical device. Dr. Yakub President/CEO of Finance Fund and an the President ever be allowed by the secu- Palmer a first class degree graduate with 25 conducted the first human implant of a oil producing expert. Klein’s occasional rity and the protocol department to intro- years’ experience in financial markets, hav- devise designed to treat leaking of the contribution to class debates sets the duce himself and those that accompany ing worked in JP Morgan, UBS, with his heart’s mitral valve, a condition previousclass thinking. So also does the managehim? For instance, the last time President last position as the CEO, UBS Investment ly treated only through open heart surgery. ment consultant, Mahesh Joshi, Chief The 2014 class is full of inspiring Jonathan attempted to greet his brother in Banking Europe, Middle East and Africa; Executive Officer of Vulcan Management. his home town, he almost ran into trouble. and Karen Glossop, a graduate of Classics leaders. They include these emergAnd the brother who wanted to greet the of the University of Cambridge. Karen is a ing leaders from different countries: CANADA has the emerging leader, President got his arm broken for his ef- copy editor and writer for the Virgin EncyDoris Kuok, Global Management PartAUSTRIA – Josef Bruckschloeql is a forts. Is this part of civilian protocol? clopaedia of Popular Music. Others are Paul ner of Mcann Worldgroup and Ian The team here is led by Professor Lalit Murray, Sue Henry and Kate Bowes Renna. young leader in the making. He is the Chief Robertson who is Vice President and Leadership is a journey and not a des- Executive Officer of a telecommunications Johri, a graduate of physics with academa portfolio manager and financial adic breakthrough in emerging markets. He tination. While management principles company in Austria called KWAK Telecom viser with Odlum Brown Limited. consults with leading businesses and gov- keep changing, the closer you get, the more Ltd. He is very energetic and exerting. ernment. He is an advisor to the Royal Thai it looks farther away. When we think that With Josef, there is hardly a dull moment. CHINA’s Danny Lau of the Hong Kong Government Ministry of Agriculture and we have moved to a stage in our manageEconomic and Trade Office and Chaucer From TURKEY is the strategic planCo-operatives. Johri’s research focused on ment science where we can celebrate top Leung, an Assistant Director from the policy reforms and adopting strategy for positions or where there is the feeling of ner, Murat Barias of Koton Magazacik Office of the Communications Authorenhancing competiveness of the end-to- self-esteem or actualisation, particularly Tekstil San. ve TiC. A.S. He brought a lot ity make up the Chinese complement. end-agro-industry value chain. Professor having served for such a long time, we have of strategic thinking to the class. There is Johri is assisted here by the world’s best only started the voyage. Again, we are told also an oil and gas representative, Gul Erol INDIA is represented by an emerging brains, who have made significant impact that management is not about bossing but who works at Enerjisa Enerji Hizmetleri leader in supply and chain distribution, to business and mankind development in leadership. We do know that building lead- AS. She is very proud of the job and her Biju George Mathew a General Manager no equal measure. They include, for in- ership requires enduring commitment working in a conglomerate is of great adwith Enhance. Biju’s leadership in our stance, Thomas Powell, Professor of Strat- and it does appear that the more we put vantage to us in the understanding of adteam work here is very significant. There egy and a Fellow at St. Hugh’s College. He into it, the more it dawns on us that we are vanced decision-making science. There is is also Manish Puri, who is in charge of teaches executive strategy thinking, corpo- less important to the people that we serve. also the retail expert, Alp Ozpamukcu who one of the country’s tourism and hospitaliThe 2014 class will be long remembered is CEO of Koctas Yapi Marketleri Tic AS. rate strategy and competitive advantage. ty companies called Six Senses Resorts and This year’s class is blessed to have one for quality and priceless contributions to Spas and Shrinath Rao, the Head, InternaBOSNIA is represented by an astute of the very few Professors of Organisa- knowledge. The class this year is of global tional Infrastructure (Middle East) of Larstional Behaviour, Professor Sue Dopson, representation. Of course the least you banker, Amer Bukvic, the Chief Executive en and Toubro Engineering Construction. and Dean of Green Templeton College. can expect is that the admission was very Officer of Bosnia Bank International (BBI). The owner, manager and founder of many GHANA has three nationals in the Oxford is not new to Sue as she obtained competitive as is usual and characterisbusinesses Manjeet Bilochpura also comes her BSc, MSc and PhD from Oxford Uni- tic of the University of Oxford. The Ad- class. There is a female banking leader in from India. He has a military background. versity. She is a great Coach to all of us. vanced Management and Leadership Pro- the person of Ophelia Attobrah, an execuContinues on page 55 Printed and Published by Global Media Mirror Ltd: Head Office: Tel: 07027107407, Abuja Office: NICON Insurance House, Second Floor, Central Business District Area, Abuja Tel: 08070428249, Advert hotline: 01-8446073, Email: Editor: GBEMISOLA OLUJOBI. All correspondence to PMB 10001, Marina, Lagos. Printed simultaneously in Lagos, Abuja and Ondo State. ISSN 0794-232X.