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│ 2013 - 2015 YUWEN-CHEN PORTFOLIO │

It always needs time to wait before blossom. For the state expressed at that moment, there are expectation, hesitation, and hard-working in order to get nourished. “ Before blossom� is the name of this portfolio, containing my aspiration and attitude. I am looking forward to treating life and design in a humble attitude with the hunger to improving progress.

4 │ Contents

Contents │ 5

About Me

Industrial Product Design

Brand & Marketing







Drop Catcher


Digital Sketch


SPACE Series







6 │ About me

陳郁雯 Yu-Wen Chen

+886 963339357 國立成功大學 工業設計學系 (2012-) Department of Industrial Design, Cheng Kung National University

About me │ 7

I love reading, photograghing and traveling, especially listening people's stories.

Student Activities Awards

2013 NCKU ID Camp ─ Staff Of Advertisement Section

2013 Delight in light ─ Finalist

2013-2014 NCKU ID Week ─ Staff Of Product Section

(the National lighting design competition)

NCKU ID Final Exhibition ─ Best Design Awards 2014 NCKU ID Final Exhibition ─ Best Design Awards 2015 Beijing Jiaotong University Design Camp ─ Group Second Awards


2014 NCKU ID Final Exhibition ─ Head of Advertisement Section NCKU ID Camp ─ Staff Of Academic Activity Section 2014-2015 Laboratory of Molecular Biomedical Informatics ─ Graphic Designer NCKU ID Student Association ─ Head of ID Bank Magazine 2015 Beijing Jiaotong University Design Camp NCKU ID Camp ─ Head Of Academic Activity Section

8 │ Industrial Product Design


│ New type of seat for railway platforms

Drop Catcher

│ Low stool + Water storage box + Kids

SPACE Series

│ Bottles with Visual illusion

Industrial Product Design │ 9

There are many faces of design.

Sometimes it actually solves the problem, and sometimes it makes people smile knowingly.

As far as I am concerned, it will be a good design as long as it brings a better life to people.

10 │ Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design │ 11

Lean-on-me Take a break on the platform.

12 │ Industrial Product Design


Hsin-Jui, Hsieh

Why did we choose this topic ?

Yu-Wen, Chen Han-Yu, Tsai

The train station is full of different passengers. However, do most old hardware appliance fit passengers' needs? Taking that in consideration, we started a series of researches, including collecting data, observing the environment, and investigating through questionnaires. Finally, we chose young commuters (around 19~30 years old) as our target users. The reason behind why we decided to target young commuters is because they frequently pass in and out of the train stations. In addition, we hope passengers can get along well with each other by changing young passengers' habits of choosing their seats.

Observation on young commuters

Time for waiting : 5~10 minutes

Type of bags : Backpack & Handbag

Feature of activities : Kill time & Stop quickly

Industrial Product Design │ 13

Look for seats

Give seats

Place for luggage

Problems of young commuters

14 │ Industrial Product Design

A new concept of seats Leaning against something is a posture that helps longstanding people change their center of body weight and ease sore muscles. While observing the enviroment around the train station, we found out that passengers without seats waiting for the train usually choose to lean against the balustrade or a wall for a short rest. To sum up, we decided to bring the concept of leaning against something into our design, trying to solve young commuters’ problems in a way different from traditional seats.

Photo from

Industrial Product Design │ 15

Advantages of Lean-on-me Save space / Both the occupied area of " Lean-on-me" and the users' sphere of activities are smaller.

Leave seats faster / It fits commuters’ needs of waiting for the train in a short time and leaving seats as fast as possible.

Distinguish needs / Young people with better fitness can choose using " Lean-on-me" and leave seats for passengers who need to sit down.

16 │ Industrial Product Design

Form & Sketch When Lean-on-me is set, it doesn’t need to remove the original seats on the platform. Therefore, Lean-on-me should have the same form rule with chairs already existing in order to increase the sense of unity. For this reason we took current station seats for reference and chose the bright and lively color connected to young passengers when sketching .

Form references Photo from &

Industrial Product Design │ 17

Sketch of usage

Sketch of form

18 │ Industrial Product Design

Test & Model After series of sketch discussion, we set the form of Lean-on-me. Then came the human factors size testing. Thinking about the user’s height, we referred average height of both young male and female in Taiwan (around 19~30 years old), that is, 172.4cm and 159.7cm. Hence, we set two sizes. As the curved surface that hips touched, we found all height range testers to test the conformance in curve, width, and slope by the experimental model. Then we modified it to the final model.

Experimental model / PU (cut)

Industrial Product Design │ 19

Final model / ABS (vacuum forming) / Iron pipe (weld)

20 │ Industrial Product Design

Referred to the structure of current station seats, we took two leaning area as a unit to make public seat and private seat different from outward.

Industrial Product Design │ 21

We extended a plane near the waist to let backpack-users rest on straightly and ease pressure from shoulder muscle without unloading their backpacks. Besides, the plane can also be used to put objects with flat bottom.




22 │ Industrial Product Design



口 商店

Arrangement of seats on the platform



第二 2 Platform

Stairs 梯





Railway 7



Platform 第一 1

Stairs 梯 口

月台 商店 Store 辦公室 Office

Ticket gate 剪票口

圖示 (1:200)




大柱子 公共座椅 Take Tainan train station for example, we drew the picture to show how to add " Lean-on-me" under the premise that not change the original way the station seats set.

(note. the yellow circle is " Lean-on-me" being added; and the gray grid is the original seat. )



Industrial Product Design │ 23

Lean-on-me ── 2014 winter ~ 2015 spring ──

24 │ Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design │ 25

Drop Catcher = Low stool + Water storage box

26 │ Industrial Product Design

Concept : Low stool + Water storage box Every time people take shower in winter, it takes a while waiting for the water to turn hot. However, the cold water flowing out during this moment is usually wasted. How can we retain the water? Thinking about items in the bathroom, I found out that the plastic stool and the water storage box could be combined to save water. In addition, for the purpose of teaching children the concept of saving water, the mark design of water level will use simple icons instead of digital scale to show reuse kinds of water resources. (For example, for flushing the toilet, washing the floor, and watering plants). It will be easier for children to understand and intuitive to use.

Industrial Product Design │ 27

Investigation on the form and size of low stools ( Market product analysis )

28 │ Industrial Product Design

Sketch ver.1

Industrial Product Design │ 29

Revise & Sketch In the beginning, we mainly took common plastic stool for reference and combined the water storage box with degree to test functional configuration, appearance, and size. Then I discovered that the degree and water level’s functional configuration should fit user’s vision. For instance, if the degree is put at the side of low stool, it is difficult for the user to watch the change of water level when standing. If the outlet of the water-reserve space is set on the lateral side, water can be poured more fluently. In addition, I tried to use “simple and cute” as the principle form to fit childrens' image.

Sketch ver.2

30 │ Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design │ 31

Modeling / ABS (vacuum forming)

32 │ Industrial Product Design

High ( water level )

About 2 L

Flushing the toilet

About 1 L


About 0.5 L

Watering Plants Low ( water level )

Industrial Product Design │ 33

How to use ?

As water increases, select the type of water reusage depending on the given degrees as shown.

Water falls through the center top hole storing the water in and can be poured out from both of the sides throughout the holes.

Use it upside down as a storage box to put your showering items.

34 │ Industrial Product Design

Film ( stop motion )

Industrial Product Design │ 35

Drop Catcher ── 2014 summer ──

36 │ Industrial Product Design

Industrial Product Design │ 37

SPACE Series

How many cubes can you see?

38 │ Industrial Product Design

Humorous design principle


Form/ Usage/ Color/ Element mixing……

Visual sense receptor/

Habit/ Convention/ Stereotype/

heart corresponding

Everyday behavior……

Humorous reaction

Concept : 2D + 3D There are many products with vision illusion on the market making people smile knowingly. So, when the teacher took “ humorous design” as the project, I tried to use the similar way in order to combine 2D and 3D on one product.

Industrial Product Design │ 39

40 │ Industrial Product Design

/ PVC 1mm

Experimental model test â… : Transparent plane + black line

Industrial Product Design │ 41

Revise & Model By testing the visual effect with the experimental model, I found out two things should be revised: 1. Although it has the sense of perspective, the lines on the bottle are too thick and have no difference between thicknesses. 2. There is no form connection between the extrusion head and the bottle.

/ Blue Celluloid film

Experimental model test â…Ą : Blue plane + white line

42 │ Industrial Product Design


Add Liquid

Use it ! When the liquid level overthrows the interval between two clapboards, the space beside it can be filled with liquid.

Industrial Product Design │ 43

SPACE Series

── 2014 spring ── ( Patent pending )

44 │ Brand & Marketing


│ Vinyl Records regeneration brand

Brand & Marketing │ 45

Organizing a five people team, we built the brand image, designed the product, and in the later stage we planned marketing and sold it. By doing these, we learned and experienced more about the cooperation outside design region.

46 │ Brand & Marketing

Brand idea MR.O, we chose letter ”O” from the word “original,” representing the spirit of primary and unique. It’s unique just like the Vinyl Record, and so as to everybody. We found defected, waiting for recovering Vinyl Records and tried to give them a new life. We hope MR.O can bring people courage and let them know how special they are to walk their own ways with confidence.

Brand & Marketing │ 47

48 │ Brand & Marketing

Mini Vinyl Record Necklace Looking from a distance, it is a simple and elegant geometric single item. Looking in close, it has vinyl’s exquisite grooves details of light. We use teakwood round chips and chamois rope to add texture. The original part of record information stickers in the center is replaced by four newdesigned patterns to represent different characteristics/ singers.

Michael Joseph Jackson

John Winston Lennon

Elvis Aaron Presley

Jam Hsiao

Brand & Marketing │ 49

50 │ Brand & Marketing

Vinyl Record Idol Notebook & Card Put the idol silhouette on your notebook & folio card and let it vocalize for your uniqueness. / The notebook use document folds to make the special book case be with you longer. / The black plastic ring switch inside is quieter than traditional iron ring. / Corresponding to the idol on the front cover, four Kraft paper inside pages and book jackets are designed respectively. / Kraft paper card, printed by hand with classic words of the idol, can pass the spirit to important people.

Brand & Marketing │ 51

Michael Joseph Jackson

Elvis Aaron Presley

John Winston Lennon

Jam Hsiao

52 │ Brand & Marketing

Brand & Marketing │ 53

How to attract consumers ? / Vinyl Record’s unique and uncommon: Every Vinyl Record is special (groove lines or the color of record information in the center), so, every item is the only one. This can increase the desire of the customers to buy them. / Figure guessing: The idol is silhouetted to let people guess who he is. (Offering participation and make impression to prolong the time staying in the stall.) We add one Taiwanese young singer in every four singers. Most people will feel confused so that we can take chance to introduce our brand idea.

54 │ Brand & Marketing

How to make more people know MR. O ? / Fans page: By the common internet community “Facebook� college students (focus on short-term customers) use the most, we invite our friends to thumb a like to increase brand exposure. We post an article every one or two days to keep the page active. / Outdoor shooting of favorite: We find famous students from other departments as outdoor shooting models. After the shooting, we post it on fans page and tag them to let more people see the brand.

Brand & Marketing │ 55

Outdoor Shooting

56 │ Brand & Marketing

Stall Setting / Playing music of four singers: Attract potential customers who are interested in this topic by auditory. / Display according to promotion mix and flagship project: Let the highest profit items be seen priority in visual line. / Small marked price: Eliminate the embarrassment that the customers asking for the price. / Decorate vinyl record: Attract the sight and show product theme.

/ LOGO Design

Behind the Scenes

Brand & Marketing │ 57

Members : 邱奕誠 / 陳昱嘉 / 呂秉融 / 陳郁雯 / 賴婉平


58 │ Graphic


│ Cars/ WALL-E

Digital Sketch

│ Transportation/ Flying cat


│ icing shot Inc.


│ Final exihibition/ Workshop/ Market

Graphic │ 59

It needs time and practice to stuff from irregular line to complete delicate sketching. While during graphic design, it is continuous trying and grope for visual stroke and beauty.

60 │ Graphic

Sketch on papers Before entering the department of industrial design in NCKU, I did not have good sketching skill. Therefore, I spent much time on practicing sketching to improve my visual communication ability in my sophomore year. Without using rulers on A3 papers, it took me a great while to adapt. Gradually, I could sketch faster and better. Now, let see my works!

Graphic │ 61

Carriage (British Brougham) Vintage Car

62 │ Graphic

Graphic │ 63

64 │ Graphic

Sketch by Photoshop In my junior year, I took the class Digital Presentation Technipue and learned how to sketch through Photoshop. Sketching on papers with Copic markers is a good way to show your ideas in a short time. However, when you do a final presentation and need delicate pictures, digital sketching is always a better choice.

Graphic │ 65

66 │ Graphic

Graphic │ 67

68 │ Graphic

Graphic │ 69

Flying cat with wings and goggle.

70 │ Graphic

Company Name:

icing shot Inc.

Main Product:

ice cream with alcohol

Spirit of enterprise: Bring surprise into normal life Concept: Simplify the figure of cocktail and ice cream. The curve combining with the letter" i" comes from the image of sloshing liquids. Two circles hooking together represent ice cream and

Mature/ Elegant/ Enjoy/ Excited

bubble, and also means double enjoyment. Besides, Calligraphy

Name Card

italic font brings a sense of relaxed feelings.

CD Label


Graphic │ 71

72 │ Graphic

01 NCKU Social Web Final Exhibition Poster/ The key vision used three connected circle to represent three domains’ cooperation, that is, engineer, design, and marketing. And I stack each one’s representative pattern on the circle. The square on the top right corner was the information about time and place. It looked like a stamp and symbolized an inviting card.

Graphic │ 73

02 Game Design Workshop / Recruit students Poster Watercolor Japanese style 5 color matching

74 │ Graphic

03 Game Design Workshop ( the second period ) / Recruit students Poster

Using watercolor Japanese style and adding yellow visual guiding line. It is number 2 when people take a far look and it represents the second period.

Graphic │ 75


Marketing and management of art ( NCKU ID course ) Ha-chu Market/

Use cool colors on the background with warm colors as key vision. The handwriting font brings people the feeling of kind and warm.

Although the main language in this portfolio is in English, I want to keep something important to me in my mother language" Traditional Chinese" , especially my Chinese name. This is because I think the language you use in everyday life is an indispensable part of you when introducing yourself to others. In the end, thank you for reading and anyone for helping me finish this portfolio.



陳郁雯 Yu-Wen, Chen +886 963339357

Before blossom │ Yuwen, Chen Profolio 2015  
Before blossom │ Yuwen, Chen Profolio 2015