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65th EN BN Weekly Resources 07 OCTOBER 2011 65th EN BN SPOUSE’S DAY 65th EN BN THROW BLANKETS MRT @ THE CHAPEL PARENT’S NIGHT OUT CALENDAR AMR TEEN CALENDAR OUTDOOR RECREATION CALENDAR EDGE CALENDAR ACS FINANCIAL READINESS POLO PA’INA ROCKY HORROR NIGHTS EMERGENCY KIT CHECKLIST The contents of this binder are strictly for informational purposes and does not imply endorsement of any private or commercial organization by the 65th EN BN, 8th TSC, USARPAC or the Department of theArmy.



Enjoy a fun, fit and relaxing day with other Spouses. RUN WALK OR RELAX In the beautiful botanical gardens! No RSVP necessary. Bring own vehicle and leave at your leisure or carpool from the 65th EN BN parking lot by 0830. Bring own snacks, camera, bug spray, sunscreen, and something to sit on. CHILDREN WELCOME. NO PETS ALLOWED.

Address: 45-680 Luluku Road, Kaneohe, HI 96744 Cost: FREE ENTRANCE & PARKING POC:Jenny Koprowski, What to wear: Exercise clothes and sneakers Website: Meet at Ho'omaluhia Visitors Center at 9:15am OR Carpool from 65th Parking Lot at 0830. There will be several groups that are going to run throughout the garden and use the first portion of the morning as a workout. The road throughout the garden is hilly and it will be a good workout. Other groups may want to do a nature walk through the trails. Some may want to bring a good book, take pictures and just relax next to the gorgeous lake. It's totally up to you!

6 5 t h En g in e e r Ba t t a lio n

THROW ORDER Company:________________________ FRG Leader: ________________________

Purchaser: Phone #: Address: Email:



Unit Price

Checks Payable To:


65th Engineer Battalion

Shipping TOTAL

• • • •

________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________

Blankets are minimum $45 donation. Dimensions: 48” x 68” – 100% woven blanket (cotton) Blankets can be shipped via Flat Rate Box ($14.00) to mainland addresses. Deadline for order forms: OCTOBER 10, 2011 *Return checks to: Heather Long, 91-109 Makaaloa Place, Ewa Beach, HI 96706

Or to

your Company FRG leader. Send To Address(s): _____________________

________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________

MASTER RESILIENCE TRAINING (MRT) @ The Chapel Army Community Service (ACS) Hawaii will offer MRT training at Family Night. Spouses, Couples, and Civilians are all welcome to enjoy us as we learn skills that have been shown through research to promote strong relationships, healthy communication, and stress management. Wednesdays, 5 October - 30 November 1815-1930 Dinner at 1730; childcare provided

What is MRT? Resilience is not only the ability to bounce back from adversity - but also to GROW and THRIVE from those challenging experiences. We can enhance our resilience, effectiveness, and well being by using skills that build competence and contribute to resilience. MRT classes allow Spouses and Couples to learn those skills and then to apply those skills to their daily life. Learn resilience. Live resilience.

For more information about MRT or to coordinate an MRT event for your organization, contact Dr. Brandi Chew at 808.655.0562

Parent’s Night Out is offered at AMR CDC & School Age Center (South) and at Schofield CDC & School Age Center (North)

South AMR CDC (Bldg. 1783) AMR SAC (Bldg. 1782)

North SB CDC (Bldg. 9098) SB SAC (Bldg. 1280)

October 1, 2011

October 22, 2011

November 5, 2011

November 19, 2011

December 3, 2011

December 17, 2011

January 7, 2012

January 21, 2012

February 4, 2012

February 25, 2012

March 10, 2012

March 24, 2012

April 7, 2012

April 21, 2012

May 10, 2012

May 19, 2012

June 2, 2012

June 16, 2012

July 7, 2012

July 21, 2012

August 4, 2012

August 18, 2012

September 8, 2012

September 22, 2012


Child , Youth & School Services (CYSS) continues to offer a Parent’s Night Out to families in our military community. Reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis at the Parent Central Services Office (PSC). To enroll in Parent’s Night Out, children must be registered with CYSS no later than Wednesday at noon prior to the event. Reservations may be taken as early as the Monday after the previous event.

*FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE* E-5 and below - $20 for one child $5 each additional child

E-6 and above - $25 for one child $5 each additional child

Children should have their dinner prior to arriving. No outside food is allowed. A snack will be served. Children ages 6 weeks through 5th grade are welcome. CYSS registration is required, and all children must have a current negative TB Tine (12 months and older) and up-to-date shot records at the time of reservation. Spaces are limited, so come by the CYSS, PSC Office no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the Parent’s Night Out. All children must wear closed toe and back shoes (no sling backs). Please bring your own blankets as it gets cold in the center.

HOURS: 1800-2300 To register, please call one of the CYSS, Parent Central Service Office listed below. Schofield Barracks CYSS Parent Central Services Office #655-5314

Aliamanu Military Reservation CYSS Parent Central Services Office #833-5393



Education & Career Development

The Arts and Life Skills

Cooking and Health

Sports, Fitness, & Recreation

Character & Leadership Development

Field Trips & Volunteering







Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

1 SP: PACT Kids Event 1-3 Ft. Shafter SAS Open Recreation

Member of the month (MOM) begins this month!

3 Richardson Pool

4 Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt



Bellows Beach Mall and Movie @ Pearlridge


8 Ice Palace 11-4 Ft. Shafter SAS Open Recreation

Bayview Putt Putt

Fall Break Week! Register at Central Registration 10 Closed for Discovery Day

11 PowerHour! TP– Invent a Sport DJ-Practice LS– Manners in Everyday Life GLEE 3:30-4:30

17 PowerHour! A– Michelangelo Windows Movie Maker

18 PowerHour! TP-Kickball DJ– Practice MM-Money Motivators

24 PowerHour! A– Rembrandt TP: Hula Tag Windows Movie Maker

31 PowerHour! A-Diego Velazquez SP– Spooky Treats Windows Movie Maker

12 PowerHour! TC: Officer Meeting ASACS SeaPerch GT-Scattagories

13 PowerHour! TP-Volleyball DJ– Making Mixes PC– How to use different lighting Cooking-Blood Punch

19 PowerHour! TC-Meeting @4pm ASACS SeaPerch GT-Badminton


20 PowerHour! TP-Softball DJ– How to DJ with a laptop PC– Telling a story CC-Pumpkin Pie



PowerHour! TP- Tennis

PowerHour! TC—Assemble Spooky

PowerHour! TP- Basketball

DJ- Practice A– Paper Bag Gargoyles LS- Manners for special events

Treats ASACS SeaPerch A– Frankenstiens

DJ- History of DJs PC-Slideshow Cooking-Caramel covered apples

14 PowerHour! SP-YMCA Fall Fest 4:15-7pm GC- Spruce up MOM Launch

15 Teen HAFAP 8-4 @ Schofield Ft. Shafter SAS Open Recreation

21 PowerHour! KC– Meeting Middle School Costume Dance 7pm-9:30pm I’m Alone Class

22 SP-Walk For Hunger 6:15 am– 12pm



Spooky Lock-In 7pm—7am

Legend A= Art TP=TriplePlay GC=Gardening Club DJ=DJ Club LS=Life Skills MM= Money Matters PC=Photography Club

SP= SeaPerch TC= Torch Club CC= Cooking Club KC= Keystone Club IA= I’m Alone Class SP=Service Project GT= Game Time

***Look Ahead: Nov 5 UH Game

Hours of Operation Affiliates of 4-H and Boys & Girls Club

Camp Hours: 10am-6pm Mon, Tues, Thurs: 1400-2000 Weds: 1300-2000 Fri: 1400-2200 Sat: 1000-1800 CLOSED ON SUNDAYS HOURS MAY VARY DUE TO SCHEDULED EVENTS 

  

Any changes on the schedule will be updated on the website and/or posted at center.

Teens are responsible for their own lunch/snacks/drinks on fieldtrips. Teens are also responsible for bringing and caring for their own cash and specified items.

Afternoon snack is served at the Teen Center after school on Mondays-Fridays.

Teens will be dropped off at home after fieldtrips on Friday nights.

PowerHour is enforced for the first hour. Homework assistance is available all day.

10/1/10: PACT kids volunteer opportunity. Teens will have the chance to volunteer to help run games for Boys and Girls Club of America’s kids day. Please bring your military ID. 10/3/10: Richardson Pool. Please bring a change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, Military ID, and a sack lunch or money for lunch. 10/4/10: Ala Moana Scavenger hunt. Please bring a Military ID and a sack lunch or money for lunch 10/5/10: Bellows Beach. Please bring a change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, military ID, and a sack lunch or money for lunch. 10/6/10: Mall and Movie @ Pearlridge. Please bring Military ID, and a sack lunch or money for lunch. Bringing extra spending money is optional. 10/7/10: Bayview Putt Putt. Please bring Military ID and a sack lunch or money for lunch. 10/8/10: Ice Palace @ 11am-4pm. Please bring socks, a jacket, Military ID, and a sack lunch or money for lunch. 10/10/10: Closed for Discovery Day 10/14/11 YMCA Fall Fest volunteer opportunity @ 4:15-7pm. Teens will volunteer to help run games for the YMCA Fall Fest. 10/21/11 Middle School Costume Social @7-9:30. Wear your costume and will prizes. Admission is $4.00 with the extra dollar going to the Walk for Hunger. 10/22/11 Walk for Hunger @ 0615-1200. (Please see staff if you are participating. Need to get shirt sizes in advance). 10/28-29/10: Spook Fest Lock-in. See staff/flyer for more information $20.00 per participant. Register at the Central Registration Office. 10/31/11 Spooky Treats Service Project @ 3-5 pm . Teens will go out in our community and pass out fliers and a treat, wishing our neighbors, family, and friends a safe Halloween.

Daily Choice Activities: Arts & Crafts/ Fine Arts Sports/ Outdoor Recreation Table Games & Video Games Foos Ball table Computer lab & Homework Assistance Movies, Interest Clubs, & Socializing

Contact information: Teen Center Phone #: 833-0920 Or: 839-5957 Fax: 839-5957

October 2011 Mon






31 Power Hour 3-4 Arts & Crafts 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30


Please register for FALL BREAK at Parent Central Services. Spaces are Limited!!! 925003-01 3

Fall Break HOURS 10-6 PIZZA PARTY Movie Day

10 Center Closed in Observance of DISCOVER DAY

17 Power Hour 3-4 Arts & Crafts 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

24 Power Hour 3-4 Arts & Crafts 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

Open Rec 10-6 Bagger Orientation 11-12 Music Club 10-2





Fall Break HOURS 10-6 Hickam Beach Park Bring $ for Food Bus Leave @ 10 am

Fall Break HOURS 10-6 Kaneohe Bay Music Club Performance Bus Leave @ 10 am Bring $ for Food

Fall Break HOURS 10-6 Ice Palace Bus Leave @ 10 am *Bring Money for Entry Fee $10 and Food

Fall Break HOURS 10-6 WATER DAY (bring extra clothes) BBQ PARTY

11 School Out Day 10 - 6 Cooking Club 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

18 Power Hour 3-4 Cooking Club 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

25 Power Hour 3-4 Cooking Club 4-5 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

12 Power Hour 1-2 Leadership 2-3 Health & Fitness 3-5 Photo Club 4-5 Music Club 5:30 – 7:30

19 Power Hour 1-2 Leadership 2-3 Health & Fitness 3-5 Photo Club 4-5 Music Club 5:30 – 7:30

26 Power Hour 1-2 Leadership 2-3 Health & Fitness 3-5 Photo Club 4-5 Music Club 5:30 – 7:30

13 Power Hour 3-4 Sports Club 4-5 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

8 Open Rec 10-6 Music Club 10-2

14 Power Hour 3-4 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

15 Open Rec 10-6 Music Club 10-2

Schofield Barrack’s Middle School/Teen Center Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2:00 – 8:00 pm Wednesday 12:00 – 8:00 pm Friday 2:00 – 10:00 pm Saturday 10:00 – 6:00 pm

School Out Days 10:00 – 6:00 pm

Movie Night 7:30pm

20 Power Hour 3-4 Sports Club 4-5 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

21 Power Hour 3-4 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

22 Open Rec 10-6

Bldg 9090 655-0451

Music Club 10-2

Movie Night 7:30pm

27 Power Hour 3-4 Sports Club 4-5 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

28 Power Hour 3-4 DJ Club 4-6 Music Club 4:30 – 7:30

2251 McMahon Rd


Director Ginger Phillips

Open Rec 10-6 Music Club 10-2

Haunted House

Dance 7 – 9:30

Character Counts Pillars: 1. Trustworthiness 2. Responsibility 3. Respect 4. Fairness 5. Caring 6. Citizenship Clubs: Power Hour – 1,2,3/Arts & Crafts – 3.5/Cooking – 1,4/Leadership – 1,3,6/Youth Sponsorship – 3,5,6/Music – 1,2,3/ DJ – 1,2,3/Sports – 4/Health & Fitness – 2,3,5

2011 SUN


Outdoor Recreation Center, bldg. 556 Heard Ave. 808-655-0143 Schofield Barracks, HI TUE







Open Water Diver Certification 1800-2200 $229.99




7 EDGE Outdoor 8 ADventure Adventure Surfing I Instruction 06301130 $48

EDGE Outdoor Adventure

9 ADventure 10 Hiking I 0630










22 Kayak Snorkeling w/ dolphins 0600

-1130 $10

16 Shoreline Fishing Halalu (Family event) 05001100 $10

17 Open Water Diver Certification (Begin) 18002200 $229.99

23 ADventure 24 EDGE CookSurfing I In- ing 1530-1730

-1300 $49

25 EDGE Cooking 26 EDGE Outdoor 1530-1730

struction 06301130 $48


Adventure Surfing

27 EDGE Cooking 1530-1730

28 EDGE Cook- 29 Stand-Up ing 1530-1730 Paddleboard (SUP) Instruction 0630-1230 $54


WAQ Program Difficulty Levels I Beginner– an all ages/abilities program II Moderate– increased level of difficulty III Advanced– highly challenging, increased risk

Activities and locations subject to change. Please contact ODR for specific locations and plans for each activity. Updated: 30 Aug 11

O c t o b e r

2 0 1 1



Aquampics Practice: Richardson Pool AMR Pool




Aquampics Practice: AMR Pool


5 Aquampics Practice: Richardson Pool HMR Pool AMR Pool

6 Aquampics Practice: HMR Pool

12 Aquampics Practice: AMR Pool practicing @ Richardson Pool

13 Aquampics Practice:

11 Aquampics Practice: Holiday

17 Aquampics Practice: Richardson Pool

24 North Teen Cooking– Fried Chicken & Musubi North Youth Arts& CraftsFoam Critters



7 Aquampics Practice: Richardson Pool AMR Pool practicing @ HMR Pool Tripler, Shuttle leaves 1430 from AMR PFC and returns at 5:30pm

AMR Pool practicing @ Tripler shuttle available

14 Aquampics Practice: HMR Pool practicing @ Richardson Pool

Tripler, Shuttle leaves 1430 from AMR PFC and returns at 5:30pm

HMR Pool practicing @ SB, shuttle leave 1430 from HMR PFC and Return 5:30pm

SB, shuttle leave 1430 from HMR PFC and Returns 5:30pm

HMR Pool practicing @ SB, shuttle leave 1430 from HMR PFC and Return 5:30pm

18 North Teen Bowling South Teen Dodge ball @ FS PFC meet at FSTC

19 Aquampics Competition @ Richardson Pool 1400-1700 * Bus leaves at 1300 Return 1800

20 North Teen Bowling South Teen Volleyball @ FS PFC

21 North Teen Bowling South Teen– No Sew Pillow Making w/ FS PFC

25 North Teen Art & crafts– No Sew Pillow Making North Youth Cooking– Chicken & Musubi

26 North Teen Outdoor Adventure– Surfing– 1:30-5:45 North Youth–Boogie Board– 1:30-5:45

27 North Teen Design a trick or treat bag North Youth Cooking– Mac & Cheese & Sandwich

28 North Teen Cook – Meat Loaf North Youth Trick or Treat craft

EDGE Classes: Deadline to register for October Programs Friday prior to the week. Please register at Parent Central Services. SB (North) #655-8380 or AMR (South) #833-5393 FS #438-1693 **Snack Provided for each program **EDGE departs to program location by 3:15– 3:30 daily unless otherwise indicated. Register Weekly: Monday– Friday Youth 1st-5th grade , $45 per week Teens 6th-12th grade– Free!! *Program time 2:45– 5:45pm Unless otherwise indicated. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday *North meets at SBTC Bennett Youth Center 9090 McMahon Road #655-0451 *South meets at Fort Shafter youth center * Contact Information MWR Partnership Specialist Phone: 808-655-0445 E-mail: the-edge

Helping Hands, Tutoring Assistance– *SKIES Classroom Every Monday from 3:30-4:30pm. Make the Grade, Tutoring Assistance– *SKIES Classroom Every Monday from 4:30-5:30pm. Excel, Tutoring Assistance– *SKIES Classroom Every Monday from 5:30-6:30pm. Beginner’s Keyboard– *SKIES Classroom (Keyboard Provided) Every Tuesday from 3:00-3:45pm. Beginner’s Guitar– *SKIES Classroom (Guitar & Pick Required) Every Tuesday or Thursday from 4:00-4:45pm Beginner’s Drums– *SKIES Classroom (Drum Sticks Required) Every Tuesday from 4:30-5:15pm. **Free vocal instruction w/lesson Teen Guitar– AMR Youth Center’s Music Room (Guitar & Pick Required) Every Wednesday from 3:00-3:45pm. Teen Keyboard– AMR Youth Center’s Music Room (Keyboard Provided) Every Wednesday from 4:00-4:45pm. **Free vocal instruction w/ lesson Theatre Arts– *SKIES Studio Every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm Includes Drama, theatre skills, singing, and dancing Dance Hip Hop– *SKIES Studio Every Monday from 4:00-5:00pm. Social Ballroom– *SKIES Studio Every Monday from 5:00-6:00pm. Teen Zumba Dance Fitness * SKIES Studio Every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30pm Fabric, Fashion and Runway *SKIES Classroom Every Friday from 3:30-4:30pm 6th-8th grade, 4:45-5:45 9th-12th grade (session runs 4 months) begins August 2011 Combination Dance– Ballet, Tap & Jazz *SKIES Studio Every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00pm. (Leotard, Tap & Ballet Shoes Required) Chorus * SKIES Studio Every Wednesday from 4:00-5:00pm Stage Craft Magic Every Thursday 3:00-4:00pm Glee Experience Every Thursday 4:00-5:00pm

Aquampics Challenge

For information call EDGE #808-655-0445 Register at Parent Central Services Office: Schofield-# 808-655-8380, AMR-#808-833-5393 FS-#808-438-1693


*Registration begins August 2, 2011 * Deadline to register September 18, 2011

Date: 10/19/11


Time: 1400-1700 @ Richardson Pool Shuttle service will be available for participants

$60 for the program for youth (1st-5th) Free for Teens (6th-12th ) Includes: Team color Tank Tops, Goggles, and Sunscreen When: Program begins on September 26, 2011 and ends on October 19, 2011 Location & Practice dates: AMR Pool (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 918402-09(Youth) 928402-09 (Teen) HMR Pool (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 918101-10 (Youth), 928101-10 (Teen) Richardson Pool (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 918401-09 (Youth) 928401-09 (Teen) Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Aqua Competitions:       

50 yard water dash 100 yard water dash 4x1 water relay Underwater toss Noodle race Boogie board race Free style and more

Financial Readiness

Army Community Service 2091 Kolekole Avenue Schofield Barracks, HI 808-655-4227

Your Money Matters

Wednesday classes are from 0900-1030 and 1030-1200.

October 2011 Monday 3

Tuesday 4 11

Columbus Day


0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training


24 31


WIC Appointments 0900-1400














0900 – All About Credit 1030 – Managing Your Checking Account

12 0900 – Money Management 1030 – Secrets of Car Buying

19 0900 – Financial Planning for Deployment 1030 – Holiday Spending

26 0900 – Money Management 1030 – Simple Tips for Saving & Investing

0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training

November 2011

Wednesday classes are from 0900-1030 and 1030-1200.


Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2











0900 – TSP & Retirement 1030 – Managing Your Checking Account

8 0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training

14 21


0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training



WIC Appointments 0900-1400


December 2011

Thanksgiving Day

20 0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training

















7 WIC Appointments 0900-1400


Christmas Day

23 30



0900 – Secrets of Car BUYING 1030 – Advanced Investing


0830-1600 – First Term Financial Training



Wednesday classes are from 0900-1030 and 1030-1200.



0900 – Money Management 1030 – Holiday Spending

0900 – Money Management 1030 – All About Credit




0900 – TSP $ Retirement 1030 – Managing Your Checking Account 0900 – Money Management 1030 – Dine & Design on a Dime 0900 – All About Credit 1030 – Financial Planning for Deployment

28 0900 – Money Management 1030 – Identity Theft: Deter & Defend

Please visit for more information and to register for classes.

Class Descriptions First Term Financial Training First Term Soldiers and Families undergo several financial changes in a short period of time. This workshop focuses on basic financial skills to help develop self-reliance and personal responsibility. The goal is to encourage these Soldiers and Families to understand their personal finances and learn tools for financial success. This is a mandatory program of instruction for First Term Soldiers. A certificate is awarded to each participant who completes the 8 hours of instruction.

Identity Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend Identity theft is one of the fastest growing industries. This workshop will teach you how to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim.

Money Management The best way to accomplish your dreams is to start with a plan. Learn how to decrease your expenses and make your money work for you. This workshop focuses on the basic tools for financial success.

Understanding Insurance and Financial Scams Do you have enough information to protect yourself from financial scams and unnecessary insurance? This course will explore various types of insurance and scams that target the military community.

Managing Your Checking Account How many times a day do you swipe your debit card? Learn how to track your purchases and maintain your checking account. This also covers how to choose the right bank for your needs.

Money Harmony All couples need to talk about money issues. When money problems get out of control so can the relationship. This course is designed to help you resolve money conflict in life and relationships. This course is for married or singles in relationships.

All About Credit Good or bad, your credit history follows you in many walks of life. It determines your interest rates, fees, and can even impact your career. This workshop focuses on establishing good credit and what to do to raise your credit rating. Secrets of Car Buying Learn how to negotiate the best deal and find out how much car you can afford. Leave this workshop confident in the process of financing, purchasing, and trading-in your vehicle. Home Sweet Home Investing in a home is one of the largest purchases you can make. Learn how much you can really afford and how to successfully navigate the home-buying process. This workshop will help you make your house a successful home. How to Survive the Holidays Financially Have you ever spent more for the holiday season than you wished to, or could afford? Still paying the bills from one holiday season when another season arrives? Done all of your holiday shopping in one last minute dash to the mall? This class will provide the tools, and ideas necessary to develop a holiday spending plan. The tips and techniques discussed are ways to lower holiday costs.

Dine and Design on a Dime This class will show you cost effective ways to decorate your home or barracks for the Holiday Season. Additionally, you will receive tools and tips to have an exquisite Holiday dinner at a dirt cheap price.

Money & Divorce Learn how to successfully break the financial bonds. This workshop includes real estate, investing, investing, retirement, and tax issues. Also learn how to re-establish your financial identity after divorce. Simple Tips for Saving & Investing Do you want to be a millionaire? This workshop describes the various tools for saving and investing, including a broad overview of investment options (i.e. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) to help you get where you want to be. Advanced Investing You paid off your debt, contribute to TSP, and max IRA contributions, now what? This workshop focuses on those who have accomplished basic investing and want to move to the next level. TSP & Retirement It is never too early to start planning for retirement. Learn about TSP and how it can help you achieve your retirement goals. Financial Planning for Deployment Deployments are cause for stress, but planning ahead can ease your mind. Learn how to prepare your finances for deployment and make the best of your extra entitlements.

Call 655-4227 to make an appointment with an ACS Financial Counselor to discuss any of these topics one-on-one. Or visit our website at to request a class at your unit.


At our new location

Tropics Recreation Center 1470 Foote Avenue, Bldg. 589 Schofield Barrack, HI 96857-5019 Live interaction & Audience participation! Prop bags will be sold at the door. Tickets $15.00 (Purchase online, at the door or at ITR) Drinks (beer) and pub food available for purchase. Friday and Saturday Nights Doors open at 7:00 pm, pre-show at 7:30, Show starts at 8:00 pm with after parties on Saturday Nights. October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 and October 31(Halloween Special) 808.438.4480 *NOTE: DUE TO ADULT SITUATIONS, AND SEXUAL CONTENT NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 WILL BE ADMITTED! ID’S WILL BE CHECKED AT THE DOOR*

EMERGENCY KITS To prepare your family for an emergency, assemble one or more emergency kits that include enough supplies for at least three days. Think of items that have multiple uses and are long lasting. Keep a kit prepared at home and consider also having kits in your car, at All personnel should maintain work and a portable version in your home ready to take with you. a basic level of preparedness These kits will enable you and your family to respond to an for all potential hazards. emergency more quickly. Your various emergency kits will be useful whether you have to shelter in place or evacuate. You are encouraged to get an emergency supply kit, What to Put in Your Basic Home Kit make a family emergency • Necessary plan and be informed about  Water—at least one gallon per person per day for at least what might happen. three days  Food—nonperishable food for at least three days (select items that require no preparation, refrigeration or cooking such as high energy foods and ready-toeat canned meat, vegetables, fruit)  Manual can opener (if the food is canned), preferably on a multi-tool  Reusable plates, cups, utensils, saucepan (note, a metal bowl can double as a cup or plate)  First aid kit  Prescription medications and medical equipment/care aids  N95- or N100-rated dust masks  Personal sanitation supplies, such as moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties  Hand-crank or battery operated flashlight  Hand-crank radio or battery operated cell phone charger  All-hazards NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather radio  Extra batteries at the size required  Brightly colored plastic poncho (can be used as shelter, clothing or a marker)  Weather appropriate clothing to keep your family warm and dry  Cash in the local currency  Any tools needed for turning off utilities  Local maps and your family emergency plan  Your command reporting information – know the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)  Important documents, including will, medical and financial power of attorney, property documents, medical instructions  Emergency preparedness handbook •

Additional considerations  Infant formula and diapers if you have young children  Pets supplies, including food, water, medication, leash, travel case and documents  Disinfectant  Matches or flint in a waterproof container  Sleeping bag or other weather-appropriate bedding for each person  Coats, jackets and rain gear  Fire extinguisher  Paper and pencil  Books, games, puzzles, toys and other activities for children  Any items necessary for a specific type of disaster

Additional items that can be essential for those stationed abroad:  Passports  Birth abroad certificates for children born overseas  Cash in the local currency  Card with local translations of basic terms  Electrical current converter

Portable Emergency Kit • • • • •

Take this kit with you when you are ordered to evacuate. Place items in a designated area that will be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Make sure every member of your family knows where the kit is. If you are required to shelter in place, keep this kit with you. Consider adding enough supplies to last two weeks.

Workplace Emergency Kit • • • •

Store your emergency kit in an easily accessible area such as a cupboard by the door and make sure everyone in your family knows where it is. Consider whether your area is likely to face a specific threat. If your home is prone to flooding, store your kit upstairs. If you face tornados, think about storing your kit in the basement.

This kit should be in one container to be kept at your work station in case you must evacuate from work. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes at your work place in case you have to walk long distances. This kit should include at least food, water and a first aid kit. Make sure you include your family’s communications procedure.

Vehicle Emergency Kit • • •

In the event that you are stranded while driving, keep this kit in your vehicle at all times. This kit should contain at a minimum food, water, a first aid kit, signal flares, jumper cables and seasonal clothing (coats, rain gear). Make sure you include your family’s communications procedure.

Maintaining Your Kits • •

Routinely evaluate your kits and their relevance to the threats in your area. Throw away and replace any expired or damaged medications, food or water.

Where to Find Additional Information • • •

Ready Army at American Red Cross— Department of Homeland Security (— ○ ○ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)— ○ ○ ○

It’s up to you. Prepare strong. Get an emergency supply kit with enough supplies for at least three days, make an emergency plan with your family and be informed about what might happen.


Information, events, and educational workshops.

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