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July 8, 2011 #8

Blue Angels at Beach; Winged Sprints at 5 Flags

ver twenty (20) Sprints are et’s talk about “Fast Machines LWinged with Wings”. Since this is the Oexpected tonight. Look for Weekend in Pensacola, I several of them to be turning mid think it’s fitting that we talk about the Winged Warriors, which are packed with breath taking excitement. First, the Blue Angels will take to the air for their July show in front of their home crowd, based right here at NAS Pensacola. The Blues always take a little extra pride when performing at Pensacola Beach or at NAS showing their precision flying skills . ow let’s move to another type N of Winged Machines with dare devil pilots. I’m speaking of the Tampa Bay Area Racing Association (TBARA) Winged Sprint Cars. These lightning fast cars are the featured event this evening at one of the world’s fastest ½ mile banked paved ovals. Flags Speedway –America’s FandiveFavorite Home Track-has this one only date for the TBARA boys for 2011.

14 second laps at well over 120 mph. Anyone who argues that you cannot flat-foot a race car around Five Flags needs to be present when qualifying takes place, because these boys will prove you wrong!! lso on the card will be the always A exciting Sportsman and Bombers. I think you fans will agree that

there has not been a single week this year that the Sportsman races have been dull. The competition in this class is as good as you will find anywhere in the U.S. When the Super Late Model drivers stop what they are doing and climb atop their trailers to watch this class, then tell you that is some of the best racing they’ve seen at any track they visit, you know you are doing something right for the crowd. Now don’t leave early because I can guarantee you the Bombers will fill the air with some down home good racing as well. atch our Post Race results W and discussions on BLAB-TV Monday night at 8:00 pm. Until next time; be safe and enjoy the races.

National Anthem

Katie Rogers National Anthem

Two local drivers burning up the track this season are the most recent winners. Curtis Faircloth of Pace in the #7 Bomber has an impressive list of wins this season, and leads in the points at the season’s half way mark. Brannon Fowler in the 00 Sportsmen has worked his way to the top spot in that division with his win last race, ousting Jim Pokrant. Maybe we should say squeeking past Pokrant. The Fowler lead is by one point. The standings after each race are posted on our web site an hour after the final race is certified.

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Who Are These Kids?

Fast Facts on the Winged Warriors These are the fastest cars to race here. About 20 drivers from the Tampa Bay area trailer their alcohol powered cars 400 miles to compete. They love the challenge of our banked half mile oval, and love even more the great fan turnout. They will have an autograph session while here for their only appearance this season. N o w about the cars, all power. No wasted weight for items like starters and transmissions. That’s why they have to be pushed off. Speed, over 120 miles per hour! The wings push the car down to keep it on the track. The tires are different sizes, the largest 22 inches wide.

Blue Angels Command Master Chief Yos Core Gives Start Command Last month the Blues crew members and their families were our guests here at the races. The start engines command was given by the senior enlisted team member, Command Master Chief Yos Core . (Hometown Tampa FL) Pictured above Chief Core presents track announcer Dave Pavlock with a Blues poster for our new office building. Stay Connected...more info on the web: -orWatch BLAB-TV Monday nites on the web site. It repeats.

3 W. 9 Mile Road in Ensley next to King’s Buffet 912-6646

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

7 12 23 10 52 6 94 99 11 20

  Curtis Faircloth    Brandon Burks    Gary Goodwin    Leonard Craig, Jr.    Robert Balkum Tracy Soles    Kenny Bullard    James Beall, III

  Courtney Rodriguez

  Tally Warrick

1 112   Augie Grill 2 82    Grant Enfinger 3 18    Bubba Pollard 4 11    David Rogers 5 82    Donnie Wilson 6 1 Mike Garvey 6 51    T J Reaid 8 41    Chris Davidson 9 4    D J VanderLey 10 10    Ryan Crane

344 331 325 264 261 246 227 220 201 184

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9

00 07 102 42 81 85 27 33 24 60

  Brannon Fowler    Jim Pokrant    Marty White    Randy Thompson    Tina Davidson Chris Nielsen    Michael Couture    Steve Buttrick    Wayne Burkett    Jimmy Goodwin

319 318 290 283 244 231 212 208 191 191

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9

18 6 45 2 66 12 11 18 71 64

  Bubba Pollard    Brandon Bendele    Dwayne Buggay    D J VanderLey    Korey Ruble Thomas Praytor    Logan Boyett    Hunter Robbins    Kyle Benjamin    David Jones

114 111 102 89 84 72 64 62 57 57

182 180 155 119 114 102 102 89 87 80

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

94 44 2 84 42 55 0 18 93 10

  Shannon Jackson    Bubba Winslow    Darin Matthews    Joe Mahuron    Randy Thompson Mike Moore    John Shuffler    Jessie Reid    Paul Jean    Okie Mason

186 180 142 133 128 116 114 99 95 62

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

54 98 05 99 33 66 07 33 4 18

  Todd Jones    Gerald WIlkerson    Nathan Davis    Brandon Howell    Nathan Ingersoll Korey Ruble    Bubba Pollard    Steve Buttrick    Jake Moore    Kevin Peel

145 134 128 123 122 115 111 103 96 84

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Wayne Niedecken Sr Wheels His Winged Speedster

Car Photos A $50 gift card is given to the first car hauled off on Fletcher’s Rollback each nite.

Race Videos

Tom Wilsey

Ted Baber



Winged Sprints 7/8/2011  

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