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Plenty At Stake as Championship Night Arrives for Locals By Chuck Corder Two dates remain on the regular season schedule at Five Flags Speedway. Fortunately, for drivers and fans of the half-mile asphalt oval, the next 2 Saturdays will hold a lot of intrigue and joyous moments as track champions will be crowned. It all begins Saturday when the local drivers will be the first group to try and earn some hardware. The Faith Chapel Outlaws, Pro Trucks, The Dock on Pensacola Beach Sportsmen, and Lloyd’s Glass Pure Stocks will all share the marquee .

1 Donald Crocker 2 Scott WIcker 4 Bill Tutchtone 5 Chase Oliver 6 Jody Henderson 7 Kody Brusso 8 Justin Beck 8 Spencer Bragg 8 Jacob Bensock 12 Justin Beck 14 Wesley King 15 Perry Patino 15 Kevin Chase 21 Jason Furrow 21 Jason Welch 21 Todd Jones 21 Michael Fisher 22 Jeremy Pate 26 Corbitt Moseley 32 Stuart Dutton 33 Joe Bathea, Jr 41 Troy Grisaffi 45 Adam Salter 51 Jake Finch 54 Conner Sutton 57 Charlie Skipper 64 Jonathan Langham 84 Doug Thorpe 91 Chris Cotto 92 Bubba Winslow 92 Cam. Henderson 94 Jason Johnson 95 Phillip Crownover 96 Fisher Smith 96 Rick Pollaro 97 Hunter Lambert

1 Jonathan Langham 3 Joseph Meyer 7 Kody Brusso 9 Logan Boyett 12 Tony Dalton 12 Brandon Burks 18 Jesse Salazar 18 Jessie Reid 29 Shanna Ard 38 Chopper Stagner 51 Trevor Dalton 54 Grant Thompson 56 Darryl Rudd 56 Josh Hicks 64 Cale Gale 96 John Heil

3 Mark Barnhill 07 Jim Pokrant 8 B J Leytham 13 Paul Mathis 28 Dayton Sidner 29 Shanna Ard 29 Garrett Cobb 55 Jimbo Walker 71 Tommie Blocker 76 Tony Boyd 97 Hunter Lambert 99 Billy Hoover

In addition to a highly anticipated night of racing, we are hosting a bevy of former drivers that at one time etched their names into Pensacola’s high banks. The retired drivers, led by Dickie Davis, will gather near the Turn No. 4 party deck for a night of fun. The drivers from yesteryear who indicated they are coming are listed on the right. With healthy point lead,, teenager Joshua Hicks of Senoia, Ga., and Mobile’s Mark Barnhill have seemingly sewed up track titles in the Pro Trucks and Sportsmen classes, respectively. So, most of the night’s attention will be on the battles for the Outlaw and Pure Stock championships. After years of frustration behind the wheel of Modifieds and other series, Milton driver Chris Cotto has experienced a rebirth in the Outlaws.. A three-time winner this season, Cotto has scored a top-five finish in all but one of the seven features. He will carry a slim, 11-point lead against Bill Tutchtone II. The other battle that will have everyone’s attention is the Pure Stocks. Pensacola’s Robert Balkum finally secured his first career track crown last season and hopes to defend it. But, he’s in a dogfight with Mobile driver Michael Moody, who trails Balkum by just 3 points. (Con’t on our web site).

Stars of Yesteryear Expected-

Jamie Prell Donnie Brusso Eddie Mercer Kenny Thorpe Larry Morton Carl Williford Dickie Davis Crazy Joe Leslie Tracy Goodson Ron Schneider Bill Hammer Anthony Moreno Bo Martin Mike Rogers Johnny Williams Marty Grantham Gary Hoskins Harry Deaton Buddy Bradley Johnny Mitchell Ronald Parker Robbie Lewter Doug Thorpe David Pope Rick Thompson Ronnie Sanders Max Hosfeldt Royce Johnston Tommy Warren Sr. Bill Bryant Ray Hall Bill Zeil Randy Bryant Irvin Perankovich Tim Bryant Bobby Miller Donnie Ard Stewart England Jessie Lucio Buddy Griffin Chris Nielson Charlie Skipper Jimmy Bodiford Kenny Boyd Maynard McMorris Russ Miley Grant Finney Dave Madeer Jr. Sonny Holland Stevie Mercer Dave Mader III Shorty Chase Clint Holmes Kevin Chase Tommy Warren Jr. Teddy May Carl Still Alton Jones Roger Keller Bruce Permenter

National Anthem Tiffany Harvey 2 2 11 11 12 12 15 16 16 17 19 21 22 22 24 27 29 30 34 42 49 51 52 80 86 95 97

Tony Boyd, Pensacola, Chance Imel, Irvington, AL Johnathan Day, Mobile Cameron Leytham, Mobile Michael Moody, Mobile T J Thompson, Mobile Robert Loper, Theadore, Brad Mosley; 8 Mile Rocky Boyd; Pensacola Lee Williams, Theadore, Daryl McDonald, Theadore, Butch Harvell, Pensacola Dylan Courtney, Citronelle, John K Merritt, Pensacola. Caleb Burkett, Pensacola Jimmy Hollingsworth, Mobile Matt Thompson, Wilmer, AL Bobby Suarez, Pensacola Cory Pittman, Cantonment Brandin Sidner, Pensacola Jay Whalen, Pensacola Randall Moye, Robertsdale Robert Balkum, Pensacola Zack Jordan, Pensacola Jonathan Smith, Theadore Robert Riley, Gulfbreeze David Johnson, Irvington

2019 Schedule Sep 21 * Blizzard, ATPLM Championships Nov 23 * SBD Preview Dec 4-8 Snowball Derby

2pm Pit Gate Opens 4 pm Drivers Meeting 4 pm Grandstand Opens 4:30-5:15 Track Service Open (Tech,Tires,Fuel) Practice #1 (O,PT,SP,PS 10 min each) 5:15-6pm Practice #2 (O,PT,SP,PS 10 min each) 5:30 Outlaws Pre-Qualifying Tech Opens 6pm Qualifying Pro Trucks 2 Laps Outlaws 2 Laps Sportsman 2 Laps Pure Stock 1 Lap 7:00 Pre Race Festivities Intro of Old Time Drivers 7:30 Green Flag Outlaws 50 Laps Sportsman 30 Laps Pro Trucks 50 Laps Pure Stock 25 laps

Robert Balkum Michael Moody Corey Pitman Caleb Burkett Randall Moye

Joshua Hicks Brandon Burks Grant Thompson Logan Boyett Kody Brusso

Mark Barnhill Tommie Blocker Dayton Sidner Jim Pokrant Shanna Ard

Lucas Jones Gio Bromante Casey ROderick Anthony Sergi Connor Okrzesik

Chris Cotto Bill Tutchtone Jason Furrow Bubba WInslow Jody Hende rson

Connor Okrzesik Jake Garcia Casey Roderick Dylan Feetcho Kyle\

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Racing Championships for Outlaws, Pro Trucks, Sportsmen & Pure Stock cars  

2019 Championships for 4 local divisions at 5 Flags Speedway, Pensacola,,, FL on Sept. 14th.

Racing Championships for Outlaws, Pro Trucks, Sportsmen & Pure Stock cars  

2019 Championships for 4 local divisions at 5 Flags Speedway, Pensacola,,, FL on Sept. 14th.

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