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INTRODUCTION Guinea pigs are excellent pets! They are excellent pets because 1, they are easy to care for. 2, they never bite you, only if you do something horrible to them, or they are hungry. Other than that they will not even try to harm you. They are very loyal and require a lot of attention. I chose the guinea pig for this project because I have 2 and I think that most people would love to learn a bit about the guinea pig. This project has 3 sections, what they eat, how they are born, and their natural habitat. This is a good topic for me to write about because I have a lot of experience on guinea pigs. My whole life in total I have had 4 guinea pigs. I cared for all of them. One thing that you should know before you start reading this is, Guinea pigs are not anywhere near being a pig, nor’ are they from Guinea. I still have no idea why it is “Guinea”. All I know is that guinea pigs are called “Pigs” Is because the noise that they make sometimes sounds like a pig.

Habitat The guinea pigs mostly live in South America because of the climate. They love the climate because they can resist the hot. Scientists say that Guinea Pigs love the cold more than they love the hot weather. Guinea pigs are native to South America, where they live mostly in burrows in grasslands. They are true herbivores and feed from dusk to dawn to avoid predators. If you take a domesticated guinea pig outdoors and put it down in an open area, they will run for the nearest shelter because of their great fear of predation. They were domesticated first in South America as meat animals, and then after a while they became an exotic pet among many People living in Europe or America (South and North). They are still raised for meat, but they are no longer considered exotic pets. There are also still colonies of wild guinea pigs. They live in herds, which is best for protection. They are related to the capybara, the Patagonian Mara, and the nutria (coypu).

HOW GUINEA PIGS ARE BORN When guinea pigs are born, the mother will nip each amniotic sac, allowing the baby to breathe air, and then she will lick the baby clean. But if two babies arrive close together, she can only tend to one of them, and that is when you may need to help out. If the baby is still inside the sac, nip the sac with your fingernails, and free the baby's head. If it is breathing and moving, leave it for the mother. If it is not breathing or moving, pick it up, and holding it at arm’s length with its head away from you, spin around once. The force should make it so nothing is blocking up its throat, and the guinea pig will

start to breathe. When all the babies are breathing and moving, put them back with the mother, so then she can clean and also bond with them. When the babies are born they will have fur, open eyes and be able to do just about anything that an adult can do! (Besides mating). Be careful of male babies. Remove males from mother when they are at least 3 weeks old. The female babies can stay with the mother into adulthood, or be re-homed at around seven weeks.

What Guinea Pigs Eat Guinea pigs love to eat all vegetables and fruits. However, they do not like meat. Many scientists say that guinea pigs are known to love grass. This is true because whenever I change my guinea pigs cage I let them run around while I am changing it. Guinea pigs require vitamin C, so that means that you have to feed them stuff that have vitamin C. In America I had 2 girl guinea pigs in different cages and one of their names was Hannah. She needed a lot of vitamin C but did not like to eat anything with vitamin C. So we went to the veterinarian and they said that we need to get this stuff at the pharmacy that was kind of like orange juice except it only had the vitamin C and nothing else. What we did with this is, we put like 3 drops of it in her food bowl so whenever she ate some food she would also get the vitamin C that she needed.


Shop until you drop! Shopping was all you lived for that day. In and out of every store, your hands full of bags. Black Friday is when ALL the shops have sales, big sales. It happens only twice a year. The day after Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not all of Christmas. Black Friday can also be dangerous because of all the thousands of people who wait outside of the store from about 2am. You feel lots of pushing and shoving. You hear people talking and saying how nervous they are and what they are going to buy. The wind blows softly on you. Some of the people put up tents and stay there for the night. Others sleep in their cars. What would you do? I particularly like to stay home and give a try on the Internet Shopping, but I am not always successful. If I do not succeed I try again later. Other times I sit and relax because I do not want to risk my life. If I succeed on the computer I order that item and it comes to our house after a little while.

Internet Shopping Do not think that Internet shopping is easier than going outside and shopping in an actual store, because it is not. I’ll explain why. On the Internet, every time you put something in your shopping cart and somebody else wants it, then if they add it to their cart, and there are no other copies of that piece of cloth then it is automatically removed from your cart. Isn’t that annoying? Think of it this way you go on the site Juicy for example, and you add a pair of sweat pants and a matching jumper, top and bottom, and as your about to check them out they are removed from your cart. You try again and again but the same thing happens. Doesn’t it get on your nerves? Well it certainly gets on mine!

Tragedy in Walmart Store Ten shops, hundreds of clothes, thousands of shopping bags and millions of people. You are ready! As one of the clerks opened the door of the store called Walmart all of the hundreds of clothes, thousands of shopping bags and the millions of people, including you, come running full speed into the store!!! The poor clerk did not have time to get out of the way and so that is when the tragedy begins… The poor clerk did not have time to get out of the way and let the crowd the entire crowd came crashing on to him. The clerk fell and the crowd was too excited to STOP and help the poor clerk up or just not step on him but they didn’t! They went straight ahead and stepped on the clerk like there was nothing there. The clerk did not have enough power against thousands of people so when he crowd had finished coming in, the people from the store realized that he was dead. If one person, you, had realized before it was too late, the clerk would have had a chance on being saved.

How to be a Ski Pro

Swish, swish the skis travel through the mountain with a good breeze in your face doing the best sport on winter. Everyone is looking at your precious unique skiing. You get to the bottom of the mountain take a lift and go back up.

Stretch Before going to ski try stretching it will help you ski better and it will help you turn your body better and your legs are prepared. Do anything you know that will stretch your muscles.

What to wear To go skiing; to keep you warm you if you want you can wear this: For under the pants wear leotards with high ski socks. For the upper part you can wear: for the first cap a thin underwear shirt then on top two other sweat shirts and then the back protection and the vast jacket on top and also the vast pants. Like this you won’t have cold.

What Type of skis to use The type of skis that you might want to use when you go skiing are these: Pick skis more or less ten centimeters smaller than your height because if there the same height or more you might fall and break something. Choose skis with sharp edges so you can carve and also go faster turning. Also look at the lower part of the ski it has to be smooth it cannot have lines or else it means there broken.

How to ski on the Sloap Now that you have an appropriate clothes for skiing and you have the correct skis, you can now try skiing. To be a pro on the sloap you will have to try to do this: Always go slowly or fast what you prefer but for a beginner its better going slowly. When you are skiing down the mountain, lean forward, and turn. When you are going to turn you do a one second body lift stick your pole in the snow and do the repeatedly until you get to the bottom of the mountain. Remember to finish your turns or else you will decontrol and go very fast and fall and you can break something.

How to Ski on Powder snow To ski on powder snow good you have to practice a lot because it is very hard. While you skiing lean backward but just a little. When you are going to turn you do a one second lift and stick you pole inside the snow and keep doing that. Close your skis while skiing on powder. In powder snow try doing short turns.

How to Jump Now jumping is for pros. You have to be brave and ski very well. Before you are going to jump someone has to see if you are landing in the correct place. Correct means it has to be steep because if it’s flat you hurt your feet and if it’s steep it feels good to land. When you are in the air lean a little bit forward and when you land try stopping or keep on going if you want. If you are good doing this later you might try some tricks like 360, 180, flips, everything! I hope now skiing is easier for you and if it’s not I am sorry.

is very important to at least do one championship in your life to be proud of yourself for doing a championship. Taekwondo Techniques By Alex Ready to be amazed with my knowledge in martial arts (Taekwondo). I know a lot about Taekwondo and I am going to demonstrate you that I know a lot in this topic. I know belts, competitions everything. I think that self-defense is important in your life, defending your-self from other people should be taught in school! You should be always defending your-self and other people if they need help. It hard to do Taekwondo because you need to be focused on the belts and do very well to pass all the belts in taekwondo to get black belt. How to get started in Taekwondo To get started you should be inspired in it and do your best to pass all the belts test so you can be a black belt. You need to be fit and you need to think you can do it. What I did was to do my best and look at me now; I am very good in Taekwondo. So if you follow your dream of being a professional Taekwondist you could try it if you do well you can win a lot of money and championships (you will become famous). If you do this and you to get a black belt at 20 years old you need to start at 5 years old because it takes 15 years to get black I did it for 6 years and I am pleased of my-self. Taekwondo difficulties There are piles of difficulties in Taekwondo like needing time to practice, passing belt tests, also, being ready for championships. You need to be strong and to remember all the techniques and to be very good in Taekwondo. It is very hard to do because you need to buy a “Kimono” and Taekwondo shoes those things are very hard to find in stores. I personally think it is hard because you need to be engrossed in it to be a professional like people in the world that do Taekwondo.

KIMONO MEANS: SHIRT THAT IS SPECIAL FOR TAEKWONDO. Taekwondo championships There are 2 types of championships for instance fighting and techniques. I have won 1st in one of them so I am respectable at this arrangement. You need to exercise a lot and be focused and do it as fast and hard as you can. It is difficult but decent, if your good in it go and look after it! It is hard to turn into number 1 in a championship you need to train and be strong it is very important to do that! I think it

There are tons and tons of techniques in Taekwondo. But for every belt you need to know the minimum of 100, then every belt 10 miserable more. There are some particular techniques that are easy but most of them are difficult like Inaki napira. I barely know it; it is very hard like Taekwondo. It is hard because the language is Korean so it makes it even harder to know the techniques. Taekwondo Belts In Taekwondo there are tons of belts to get to black belt. It takes 15 years to get black belt. Right now I am an Orange/Green belt. These are all the belts, white, white/yellow, yellow, yellow/orange, orange, orange/green, green, green/blue, blue, blue/brown, and brown, brown/black, black. It took me 6 years to get this belt and I am very pleased. I think it is hard to pass belt because you need to distinguish 100 techniques. This is one technique, Dolio Pandal Mack Oligio, It is front leg sideways upper body kick, which is the easiest one this is the hardest one, Doble Monton Furio Nari Chagi, first you jump than in the air you kick then when you touch the ground you kick and punch at the same time, it is difficult. Fascinating things of Taekwondo I think I showed you all I know about Taekwondo and even more so you should be amazed and start practicing. I think Taekwondo Is fascinating because it is very fun and you can win a lot of championships by doing that and it is very hard to do so I think it is an extraordinary thing to do for martial arts. This is a remarkable because you have belts to show what level you are in taekwondo and likewise that if you practice a lot you maybe can break boards and iron also walls so I think taekwondo is very astonishing. Taekwondo was established in Korea in the late 1800’s so it has existed in the world for an extended time so it is actual very ancient. There are lots of things I know about Taekwondo but now I told you guys all I know. I told you that you will be amazed with my knowledge in Taekwondo. Hope you appreciated this writing piece that wrote.

These are all the belts but there are not the half belts.

Bad Weathers


Nicolas P Intro Plop, plop, plop sounds the rain, hitting the firm glass. Well, I think you might like or not like rain. Now that I mention it, do you like rain? I particularly don’t. B `ecause I can get a cold by going outside unless I wear a lot of warm clothes and jacket including maybe a scarf. You might like rain because if you get a cold you don’t go to school. But seriously, honestly do you like having fever or a cold? I certainly don’t. Let’s see if you can learn anything from my “information.’’ Little Prickly Ice Have you ever been felt prickly little ice balls on your skin. Well when that happens it means it’s hailing. Hail isn’t the best thing. In my life I’ve already seen several cars with circular dents on the roof of the cars. Why is that? It’s because of hail; sometimes it can come down at high velocity and make the dents. One of the cars is of a woman that teaches music after school. So the next time you buy a car also remember to assure the roof is solid and of good quality, unless you want dents on your car. I wouldn’t like it like that but that’s my opinion although some people might like it, also because it’s “modern.” Ever been in a hailstorm? Where the hail precipitates down in huge amounts and at high speed? If you have are you with me that it’s not a good thing, especially when you’re in T-shirt or shorts! It’s bad because it can get you a cold and as I said if in shorts it’s bad because it can hurt your bare skin. Small Circular Ice Have you ever been in a snow storm? Have you ever been stuck in a certain place because of a snowstorm? I haven’t but I imagine how horrible it could be! Don’t think it’s good because you can play video games because in most snowstorms electricity goes off! Have you read Cabin Fever? I have, basically what happens in the book is what I’m saying. Just that in Cabin Fever Manny turns the electricity off in every room except for his, but that is technically the same of the electricity to be cut off! Are you happy because there’s a snowstorm and you don’t have to go to school? Or you want there to be a snowstorm? Are you one of those which love to eat? If so you probably wouldn’t like a snowstorm happen. Well, imagine you had really little food left and the snowstorm hits in the morning of the day where you mom goes to the groceries and supermarket. YOU’RE ALMOST OUT OF FOOD!!! Also if there’s no electricity the fridge wouldn’t work either. With no electricity you don’t have heat, so you’ll be freezing! You might like snow for many different reasons, but remember it can also be really awful and dreadful in also many ways. But I admit it, isn’t it pretty cool to do a snowball fight? I love to. But you know many people hate snow not necessarily because they don’t like cold or something like that because most of the time you can slip on snow but mostly ice and get really hurt. Some years ago I was in a skiing group at Cortina, Italy and in my ski group there was this 12 or 13 year old girl which and old woman in her hotel slipped on ice while going out of the hotel. I might be wrong but I remember she told she like almost like broke all her bones!!! That’s why some people might have bad memories about snow. Also there are some adults that maybe don’t feel safe in driving and imagine they do the car school, pass the test and get the driving license but one of those

days it snows and it can cause problems to those adults. Also snow is probably a driving problem to everyone! Lightning and Thunder Have you been shocked by a lightning? Just kidding you probably haven’t, but have you seen one? I think so… sorry for answering my own questions. Ever been close to a lightning? If you haven’t like me I don’t think you wouldn’t like to! I think it’s about time for an anecdote. Well, my mother’s friend and husband while it was raining, actually POURING! Making it even worse, there were lightning also. So … suddenly… with a stroke of bad luck a lightning hit the roof of their small and antique house. With even worse luck the lightning slightly touched an electrical wire which ended in a lamp standing on night table close to their beds. So the lightning reached the lamp which was pretty close to the pillows and… POOFF sounded the pillows while exploding. Sorry didn’t tell you before, this happen like 80 years ago. Do you know why you see the lightning before you hear the thunder? Well, because the light travels faster than the sound. But isn’t it strange? I mean first you see the thunder and 5 seconds later when it’s disappeared you hear the thunder. Also the lightning can go from cloud to land or water or from cloud to cloud. In fact the electricity is so powerful it can kill a living animal like fish in the water. But if lightning strikes water it doesn’t make an ‘’ explosion’’ because if it did it would be really dangerous! Also when water is strike by a lightning bolt the some water might become oxygen and hydrogen. Water Cycle The water starts in a lake, ocean or sea. It evaporates and becomes water vapor. Then the water vapor forms a cloud, then the water vapor becomes water again and it forms droplets. Then the water becomes too heavy so it drops from the cloud and if the temperature is low it can freeze and become snow or hail. Then it becomes water again after a while it hits the land and then the water returns to the lake ocean or sea. Closing the curtains Have you learned anything? Hail, Snow, and lightning can be really good but remember it can also be really hazardous. Sorry, I don’t want I don’t want to scare! I just want to warn you! Now remember Be Careful! Glossary Hazardous: Dangerous Pouring: Raining a lot

Hydrogen: an element of air

Car windshield broken by hail!!!

Nicolas P

Have you ever heard of the game Minecraft? The reason I like Minecraft is that it’s realistic yet it’s not so if you think it’s getting to realistic you just go outside at night and you see a skeleton with a bow and arrows or a giant spider, or a zombie. Creators Minecraft was created by Markus “Notch” Persson. Markus "Junkboy" Toivonen was the main Minecraft artist. Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld was the Artist or composer for the Minecraft music. They are all in a company called Mojang. Mojang is a Swedish company since Markus “Notch” is Swedish. Monsters Monsters are what make the game harder for some people. If you don’t want to play with Monsters you can play on peaceful. Some monsters cautiously attack you when they see you like the skeleton or the zombie. The Enderman only cruelly attacks when you look at him then it teleports behind you and attacks. The creeper slyly follows you when they see you and If It gets close to you or you get close to it, it goes sssssssss then it blows up. Adventure maps

Adventure maps are downloadable Minecraft worlds that can be practically anything. It could be about the end of the world, or the beginning. It could be about a video game like Assassin’s Creep is Assassin’s Creed. Or it could be a bout a TV show like lost or walking dead. Mods Minecraft mods are modifications to the game. Minecraft mods can be anything. It could be a reckless car mod, a brutal gun mod, or a peaceful flying mod. Some mods can add abilities to your Minecraft character.

That’s why I like Minecraft so if you are looking for a game that you can be as creative as you want or you don’t have a goal so you can keep playing until you get bored or until the world gets tons lag because of all the matter you placed or created.

Nicolas P that my absolute favorite movie was Spiderman. I liked those movies because of all the special powers Spiderman and the villain had. Those super powers were very well shown with all the special effects supporting the powers of Spiderman and all the evil villains, as demonstrated in Spiderman 3. Why are movies interesting? In this piece you will find some examples of why people like to watch movies. They are a very interesting thing you can pass and enjoy time with. If you think you really need entertainment, without any doubt, what you might be looking for is a quality movie. The good movie you are looking for is something I could never know. Why is that? Well, that is because every person likes different things, so the same happens with what type of movies you like and which ones you don’t. Sometimes it might vary on what you feel like watching at that moment. Sometimes maybe you want to watch something else. You might have lots of types of favorite movies and that is good because you get to pick out of the movies you like. Comedies are fun to watch movies because you get to laugh a lot and very often. My Personal Favorites

Types of Movies The types of movies that are most seen are these: comedy, action, drama, science fiction, animation, and romantic comedy. As you can see, there are a few types of movies. Not everyone likes the same movies though. Do not think someone is crazy if they don’t like the same movie you like. In my case, my favorite movies are comedies or action movies. Some people may like movies from a particular country. I think the funniest movie I have ever watched has been Mr. Bean’s Holiday. The movie with most action is exactly my favorite movie, which is Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Johnny English Returns is a very good movie with the same actor as Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Johnny English and Mr. Bean were both about equally funny, both with actor Rowan Atkinson. Sherlock Holmes 2 is also an action film. In summary, movies are an interesting topic. After all they are one of the most interesting things person can do, watching a movie!!!

The movies I like to watch are the ones that have cool special effects. I also like movies with action and fights. Also, movies that are funny are very entertaining for me. The most recent movies I have watched are ones that could be included in my list of favorites: Johnny English Returns is very good and funny; Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is very good and is an action movie; also Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows is a very good movie. My favorite movies could also be movies in which the character has a lot of unfairness in his story. For example, a character to which all the bad things happen to. That makes it funny. Also, I like watching superhero movies like Captain America or Green Lantern, but one of my absolute favorites right now is Batman. I think apart from having a lot of fight, it is also a clever movie. I think it is clever because of all the devices Batman manages and all the plans he thinks of to stop Joker, the bad character . These are some of my actual favorite movies, but when I was younger, about six or seven years old, I remember Cover of Mission Impossible 4

Nicolas P

Odysseus: Saga of the Seas

Nicolas P Some of us have heard the myth, but none of us have heard the link to reality .Until now. The Cyclops,the Sirens, the Scylla and the Charybdis. Where did these ideas come from? And more importantly, are they still out there, lurking? Learn it all, in this edition.

The Sirens The Sirens are known as monsters with voices so sweet, that they lured sailors to a watery grave. But what the heck made the Greeks create this myth? After extensive research, scientists found the supposedly mythical island of the Sirens. A naturally occurring rock formation amplifies all the sounds around it, like a giant megaphone. However, humans cannot make sounds loud enough to be heard off the coast, even with the amplification. Therefore, the sounds came from something else. The “something else” happens to be the monk seals, a species native to the island. Their barks are exceptionally loud, and sailors would have no trouble hearing them off the coast. The Sirens are still with us, but not a threat at all. They’re just blubbery and loud.

The Cyclops A Cyclops is defined as a one-eyed monstrosity. What in the whole wide world could have put that ridiculous and terrifying idea into the noggins of those ancient Greeks? There are three plausible answers. 1: Greek academics usually prescribed certain herbs to pregnant women. One of them caused the baby to develop badly. The baby ended up with one large eye instead of two separate ones. The condition was called [dramatic pause] cyclopia.2: The Greeks were very fond of ancient paleontology. Sometimes they found fossils. Occasionally, the fossils belonged to dwarf elephants. And seldom, they were dwarf elephant skulls. The skulls had two holes in the bottom corners for the tusks. There were two eye sockets above them. And in the middle there was a large hole in the skull for the trunk. Since the Greeks hadn’t heard of elephants yet, they probably thought they had found the skull of a Cyclops. If someone had both seen the elephant skulls, and heard of mothers giving birth to oneeyed children, they may have put two and two together, thought about it, and came up with the theory of those mutated children growing to monstrous sizes. However there is another plausible idea but it is quite less plausible than the others. There are several volcanos in Greece. Maybe some Greeks with much too overactive imaginations saw one or two erupting, and their much too overactive imaginations gave them a detailed detail of a Cyclops. I’m still skeptical about this one though.

Scylla and Charybdis All of the sudden, six serpentine heads spring from the sea, the horrific Scylla. Flanking the other side is a whopper of a whirlpool, the dreaded Charybdis. Two monstrosities that are every sailor’s worst nightmare. These are what Odysseus chose. Odysseus must face one of them. On one hand, the Charybdis sucks in then throws away everything that gets close to it. They could time their approach so that they get propelled through the strait, but odds are their enemies on this one. On the other

hand the Scylla will attack the boat ferociously and eat the sailors but they could survive. The decision is a no-brainer. Odysseus and his ship approach the multi-headed sea creature of doom. The Greek’s imaginations are outlandish when off-land even in familiar territory. Even under those circumstances, a sucking/regurgitating whirlpool, and a six headed man eating sea monster is more than a bit much. Whoever came up with that either had a good reason to, or was under giga vivid hallucinations from drinking a bucketful of undiluted Greek wine. The good reason is a probable explanation now that we have evidence, though ancient sailors were not exactly known for their soberness either. The strait in question is the channel between Italy and Sicily. There happen to be currents moving into the strait from both sides. Since there are those two currents opposing each other, it makes the strait a large whirlpool zone, which would explain the Charybdis. However, a giant, man-eating, six headed sea snake is harder to dream up. Then again there is that good reason. And the good reason is that there was a monster in that strait. A monster known as [ dramatic pause] the giant squid. Ever heard of one? I think you might have. Imagine how monstrous it must have looked to possibly drunken sailors in itty-bitty wooden boats. Quite monstrous I think. The possibility that a giant squid in the minds of possibly drunken, itty-bitty boat sailing sailors would have mentally mutated into a six-headed sea snake is more probable than the Scylla being real. Right?

Reality Alert! What Island? Before I get carried away explaining every little detail, let’s look at this little detail. Where exactly is the island that Odysseus is racing against time to get to? After all, what is the point of defying the will of the gods to get back to a kingdom that you don’t even know the location of? Homer described Ithaca as the farthest to the west of a group of islands. The group was easy to locate but the island of Ithaca in particular is harder to find. To a blind person the island of Ithaki would be a shoe-in. To a person with perfect sight it would also be a shoe-in. If the map was placed upside-down! The island of Ithaki is the farthest to the east of the group, making it, a shoe-out. The farthest out to the west is Caledonia, an island made of two branches, and separated by a low valley. However, that island is too big to be Ithaca. Or is it? To find it, however we must erase the valley from reality itself. Think about it, if we erase the valley we will be left with the small west branch and the larger east branch. What if we pegged the west branch as Ithaca then? We would be correct. If the valley didn’t exist we would find Ithaca to be the west branch. It fits the description perfectly. Therefore the island has been found. But the real question here is: how was the valley not there all those years ago? Some scholars thought of this and decided to find out. They acquired a giant oil drill and got, well, drilling. By the time the drill was 15m below sea level, it couldn’t go any deeper. And not once did they hit solid bedrock, meaning that the valley was once underwater!

Nicolas P

Parrot’s What they look like Parrots have many different colors. The color of the bird I had are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Black. He’s toll and has very long nails. He loves me, I’m the one who gives him the most attention. He kind of has one blue eye and one gray eye but, the gray eye has a hint of blue in it. All thou he’s a very colorful bird he has a very plane black nose.

He Repeats What You Say Some home Parrots like to repeat what you say But I know my bird loves to repeat what you say. Usually I would go up to the cage and say awesome and he would repeat what I say. Sometimes I would do it to annoy my sister. My sister would sometimes say I’m just like him because I repeat what she says so she says I’m just like him. She always has to point it out to me so, that’s why I always go up to my parrots cage and we repeat everything my sister says

What They Eat. Most bird’s just eat seed mixtures of sunflower seeds and other kinds of seeds but, parrots like fruits and some vegetables. Some parrots (birds in general) Owners also put some vitamins into their birds’ food. When you put your parrot in his cage it needs two containers one for water and one for food. You should put a cattle bone in the cage so you birds has something to snack on. A cattle bone is a squid And some sea creatures.

Two parrots sitting on a tree

Nicolas P Sometimes accidents happen. For example, if you accidently give him/her too much food consult the vet very fast. And if you think you give him/her too little and see if he/she wants more. You can see if he/she wants more because he/she will look back at you or if you think you gave him/her too much you won’t see them with too much energy or they will go to sleep.

Introduction Do you know how hard it is to have a playful puppy in your house? I do, because I have one. To start with you must always have to know certain stuff to have a husky. You can’t just have a husky because you feel like it, and always do whatever you want, no, no, no. You should always have to buy everything first: food, called “pienso”, his/her bed, and of course a big caseta for the dog to sleep in, and a toy to entertain the husky after he/she just ate. They always love to play just after eating. Having a dog is not easy at all. You have to walk him/her, feed him/her, and be aware about all the infections they have. You must do many things to have a dog because (you also have to clean its poop, which is not easy to do) but since I am use to it I know. But I have a brother that hates to pick up poop, so both my sister and I have to go with him when it’s his turn to pick up the poop. Each time he says that he will pick up the poop but he never does.

Facts Siberian Huskies became famous because of their ability to haul the sleds. Huskies are really good in pulling sleds because they work very hard and they are also really strong so be aware if you feel like giving him/her a walk with a leash. For being really strong and fast in races they are named “Alaskans.” This is really good information you could want to have if you had a Siberian husky:

Another important thing you have to watch out for is the type of food you give him/her. If you want to trick him/her, and give them human food, watch out for the type of human food it is because you can’t just give him/her any type of human food, you can’t give them birds neither bones from animals, anything else but that. If you give him/her chicken or bones for animals he/she will vomit it witch is not good. Another important thing is the amount of food or times you should give him/ her food. The amount you should give him/her is about 3 or 4 big scoops, but the important thing is how many times you give him/her food. Well, you should actually feed them only at the end of the day because that’s when they are really hungry because they are real hard working dogs. So, the point is to give him/her 3 or 4 scoops in the night. Walks To huskies you must always give them 3 or 4 walks a day. If you don’t walk him or her that much he or she will do all his/her stuff in the house witch is another story and wouldn’t be very pleasant to smell neither to clean up. The most important time to walk your dog is right after he/she has eaten, because that’s when they have all the food in their tummy. Another reason you should walk your husky is because most of the time he/she might be all day bothering you and trying to beg you to take him/her for a walk, and I am not kidding. Without walks the husky might feel so alone, because he probably is going to be laying down trying to think about another thing to think about. The last reason is how to remind you to walk the dog. Just think about it when you are in the bathroom because huskies always have to go to the bathroom as much as we do. Just because they are huskies doesn’t mean that they are 100% different from us. So keep that in mind! Tummies

Weight: About 35-60 pounds. (16-27 kilograms) Height: About 20-23.5 inches. (51-60 centimeters) Country of Origin: Russia (Siberia) Life Span: 11-13 Sometimes if you have a husky you might want to take him/her to the snow because they love the texture of the snow. They also love to run in the snow because it makes them feel free. Sometimes, in Iditarod’s huskies get really tired so if they chose your husky as one of the huskies that have to run, which I think would be impossible, make sure the husky has enough water. Feeding You have to be alert about the feeding you are going to give the husky. Their feeding is really important because if you give him/her to little food they will start to howl, and if they howl it means he/she want more food, and if you give him/her too much food they wouldn’t be feeling very well. Imagine you were a husky and you wanted to eat more or we gave you too much and you were starting to get ill. That would be horrible!

Watch out with the huskies tummy because it could be really delicate… Their tummies are so delicate they can catch lots of viruses, for example, “parvovirus.” Parvovirus is a little bug that goes inside their tummy and starts to eat it. So if you see that your husky isn’t feeling alright, (and you can see that because of how much energy he/she has) consult the vet because he/she could die of the infection. And I really mean you should consult the vet because he/she could die in less than 10 days. Many viruses can go in their tummy so be aware of what he/she is eating! Do you realize how hard it is to have a husky?

Pienso: A type of food for a dog. Caseta: Big houses were dogs can sleep. Iditarod’s: A type of race with sleds they prepare for huskies Viruses: A bad sickness.

Nicolas P

The Canine Lion Hunter A dog’s first function friend. Don’t buy a dog for it to be a guard, in that case buy a burglar alarm. A Rhodesian ridgeback’s uniqueness is the ridge of the back, formed by the hair growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. They are very fast, running down whatever prey may come into their gaze. When they are alert, their ears perk, but are always dropped. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not only attractive in looks, but personality as well; they are kind and friendly, but very protective of their owners. They would fight to the death if needed, and are very loyal. They get along well with most people, though they do have a limit to their kindness when being pestered. The Rhodesian ridgeback makes a most honorable companion, in both hunting and friendship alike.

going to lie but they also sometimes wander off. They will eat anything, try to sit on your lap, and can try to sleep on your bed probably chick to chick.

Picking the Dog While Rhodesian ridgeback puppies are charming they grow up to be big, powerful dogs. It may not be a wise idea to get one as a first dog or for small children. To choose between a male or female and pedigree or not a cross breed isn’t as complicated as it sounds like. To pick between a male or a female it depends on if you what to breed or not and the fact that dogs may be more aggressive than female dogs. And to be of pedigree it’s for sure if what you want is a dog to compete in competitions. Cross breeds often have characteristics in between. It’s recommended to buy a puppy instead of a grown up, because dogs get used to something easier when they are still young. The Rhodesian ridgeback litter is of 7-8 puppies.


History Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also called Lion hound, Lion Dog or in Spanish perro crestado, Rhodesiano. These breeds are of African origin, and created in Zimbae (Rhodesia). Some White European settlers in the area that now is South Africa bred their dogs with the native ridgeback dogs kept by members of the Khoiknoi tribe. The resulting Rhodesian ridgeback was used for the purpose of hunting lions, which was when they started to hunt lions.

At Home This is a dog that needs to run and do exercise, so it’s probably a bad idea to get one in the city. They easily knock down things with their strong, long tail. They are smart, loyal, playful, nice, brave, intelligent, dignified, (a bit stubborn) but certainly aloof to strangers and they make great watch dogs. Although they love their families Rhodesian Ridgebacks don’t have a highly rated tolerance with children, they do the best with older kids who have had dogs before and have time to train them. They are hard to train I am not

They have a brown cape of hair with a ridge on for sure the back and occasionally a white spot on the chest. They are important to train for obedience things like: sit, down, plats, fetch and stay are normally essential on every dog. It’s a precise idea to plan ahead on vacation. Always be prepared for sickness, have the vet’s phone number and give it to anyone looking after your dog. This dog’s life span is of 9-12 years but most live up to 16. Their ridge measures 5 cm. A Rhodesian ridgeback height is of 24 to 27 inches, dogs are from 63-67 cm and bitches 61-66. They are from a large breed, weigh about 65- 85 pounds!

Glossary Pestered- to be annoyed


2/20/2012 accommodate hundreds of people, but lack the charm of the smaller ones.


by Ms. Campbell You can see a rainbow of colors all around you. You hear music and the tap-tap-tap of feet. You smell the hot oil. Where else could you be, but the April Fair in Seville. The Fairground The Seville fair is held in the fairgrounds to the southwest of the city, across the river next to a wealthy neighborhood. In memory of the local sport of bull fighting, the 12 streets are named after famous toreros like Juan Belmonte, Espartero, Curro Romero, or Joselito el Gallo. On one end of the fair restaurants set up temporary stalls for late morning snacks. On the other end lies Calle del Infierno, amusement park rides and carnival games. But most of the action of the fair takes place on the 12 streets where there are more then 1,000 green, red, and white casetas. In front of and inside these casetas people gather to dance and party for seven days in April. There are several horse and carriage parades throughout the week, but by afternoon, only hordes of humans can be seen dancing on the dirt roads.

“Little Houses” Emblematic to Seville are the green and white pin striped and red and white pinstripes of the little houses, or casetas at the April Fair. You may recognize these colors as the striped jerseys of Betis or Seville, the two local soccer teams. But for one week in April these colors become the backdrop of the Seville April Fair. The over 1,000 casetas that are set up for the week’s festivities must be of one of these two color combinations. With a metal base and frame, these canvas tents go up shortly before the week of the fair, and are taken down shortly after. Casetas are divided into three sections. Where the front part is curtained off from the rest, often a doorman stands guard because more casetas are private and allow in only the owners and their friends. The middle section is crowded on the periphery with flower-painted red or green miniature, round tables with matching wooden chairs, and the center is left open for Sevillanas dancing. The back section is the bar where food and drink are served. Other than that, the unique decorations of lace, flower beds, and pictures is let up to the initiative and creativity of the owners. Several regions, such as La Mancha, have larger public casetas which can

The colorfully, dotted flowing dresses are perhaps the most memorable of all the scenes at the fair. As the regional dress of Seville, the trajes de flamenco are said to be the most flattering to women from 3 months to 100 years old. Large puffy sleeves over the shoulders, low necklines, tight waist, and multiple skirts layered from thigh to ankle. Though each year new styles update the look slightly, by far the most popular patterns are still those that are white with large colored lunares, or polkadots, or the inverse. Women then accessorize with contrasting colored scarves and costume jewelry. And one of the lesser- known, hidden features of the dress is concealed beneath one of the several skirts. Lift it up and you will find a small pocket sewn in so that lugging a non-matching purse to the fair is not necessary.

Eat, Drink, and Dance Sevillanos strategically pace themselves to be able to eat, drink, and dace all 7 days of the fair, while also continuing their normal lives. The festivities ceremoniously start on Monday night with the lighting of the main gate to the fair. Most people faithfully work every morning, Tuesday-Friday, and then enthusiastically head to their casetas for lunch. Freshlycarved Spanish ham, warm potato and egg tortilla, and fried green peppers fill the stomachs of the fair goers. The drink that flows copiously during the fair is called Manzanilla, a dry, white wine similar to dry sherry from Jerez. Time for a quick nap and a change of clothes, then back to the fair for hours of revelry and dancing. Flamenco music and dance, both called Sevillanas, stream out of the casetas speakers. ♪ ♫ One--two-three. ♪ ♫ One-two-three. Men and women or women and women line up to pass and twirl their way through the 4 parts of the Sevillanas dance. Each pair does the same steps to the dance, but adds their own individual, improvised flairs. Onlookers laugh, chat, and clap as they rest up for their turn to hit the dance floor. Sevillanos dance into the wee hours of the night, head to the far end of the fair for some chocolate and churros; then they head home for a quick night’s sleep before starting a typical fair day all over again for the 6 remaining toreros-bullfighters

toreros-bullfighters Sevillanos-people from Seville casetas-little houses churros-sticks of fried dough lunares-dots trajes de flamenco-Spanish dresses from Seville



All About the Del Mar Fair By Lauren S.

Something that I know a lot about is the Del Mar Fair in California. I know many of the people who work there. My Grandma is in charge of signing people up to spots to put their trailers when they are working there, and my aunt is her assistant, so my sister, my cousins, and I get to sleep over in a trailer at the fair. I also know lots more people who work there. History of the Fair th

The Del Mar Fair is the 6 largest fair in the United States. It is open one month in the summer every year. The usual amount of people that attend the fair is over one million. The fair has been a tradition in San Diego since1880, when the location of the fair was moved around und until 1936, when it moved to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. In 1954 the name was The Southern California Exposition and The San Diego County Fair. Then, in 1970, the name was changed to just Southern California Exposition. In 1984, the name was The Del Mar Fair until 2002, when it turned into the San Diego County Fair and The Del Mar Fair. Eating at the Fair Someone else I know who works at the Del Mar fair are the ice cream shop people, which is good, because that way when we go to the fair we get free ice cream. My oldest cousin works at the ice cream stand as a summer job. If you ever go to the Del Mar Fair, here are some foods that you should eat there• • • • • •

Ice cream and frozen lemonade Funnel cakes Hot dogs Cinnamon rolls Barbeque with grilled corn on the cob Kettle corn Elephant and Horse Rides

Another thing you can do at the Del Mar Fair is the elephant and horse rides. The elephant rides is this big, big area where 10 elephants walk around in a circle. You get on an elephant and it walks around. Pig Races Something else at the Del Mar Fair that I want to tell you about is the pig races. It is a small arena where about 5 pigs are. It is like a horse race, but a smaller track.

The pigs sometimes have to jump over little hurdles or wade through little pools of water. If you watch the race they sometimes give you a tiny rubber pig keychain as you walk out at the end of the race. . What to do at The Fair There are four parts of the fair- the part where there are the rides for toddlers, there is the loud carnival part with roller-coasters, carnival games, and funhouses, there is the quieter part where the auction, most of the lunch places, and garden shows are, then there is the more or less quiet place where everyone sets up their trailers. In the loud carnival part, I usually just go into the funhouses with my cousins, but we usually also go on some roller-coasters and giant slides, stuff like that. We also go to the candy shop and it’s really cool because you just grab a bag, fill it with candy, and then go pay for it. One time we filled our bag a little too much and as soon as we got out of the fair’s candy store, the bag exploded all over the ground, so we had to stop at a cotton candy stand to get a new bag. The Wood and Art Museum My dad’s favorite part of the fair is the wood and art museum and competition. He never enters, but my grandpa always does. Our first stop at the fair is always the wood and art museum because we have to hurry over there to vote for my grandpa’s little wood sculpture, or whatever he made to be the best. Last year he made this really cool bench out of a log. Of course, at the last day of the fair, all the stuff that was set out can either be taken by the owner or sold to someone else. My Favorite Part of the Fair My favorite part of the fair is when my cousins, my sister, and I walk around the fair, going to the carnival funhouses and the ice cream stand. Then, when we are ready to go back to the trailer, we phone our grandma who tells our uncle to go pick us up in the golf cart. Then, we get into our pajamas, then have a pillow fight, play cards, tell stories, or watch a movie until we fall fast asleep in our sleeping bags and fluffy, soft pillows. The Last Day of the Del Mar Fair On the last day of the fair for the summer, there is a lot to be finished. Everyone runs around, packing up their stuff, and going to the fairgrounds for a last taste of all the people, rides, and fun. Once my cousins, my sister, and I are done packing our stuff and going around the fair, we go help the people in the trailer next to us packing, or whatever else they need us to do.




The Neptune Fountain By: Maria C


What can happen in a simple fountain?

Stare is all you do. You see the pennies lying on the ground. It is all made out of whiny, marble but you cannot see the marble underneath the water. Then your eyes catch a blank little space without pennies and you stare. The water is cold and damp as ice it lays beneath the shiny smooth soft water. The hot humid horrible air covers you like a heavy blanket that lays on top of me. You look closely at all the water and you feel like jumping in, but no you stay still.

Moods of the sea La Fontana di Trevi is the most popular fountain in Rome it attracts tourist a lot that is why the fountain is always crowded . Trevi symbolizes “Tre Vie” which means “three Avenues” One of the fountain symbols was “Citta Eterna” that means eternal city has many sculpture though there is a very important one the most important one is a sculpture of Neptune the good of the sea is on a Carriage shaped like a shell. He is holding two tritons. In front of him there are two horses one is fierce, strong, angry, and powerful but the other is the opposite of it the other horse is shy, calm, relaxed and peaceful.

The bronze marble fountain The fountain is made out of marble it has many sculptured but the most important sculpture is the one with Neptune. You can tell clearly where it is placed because it is in the center under that sculpture there are tree stepped waterfall where that water slides through the big hard steps. And all the rest of it is full of sculptures.

What can happen in a simple fountain? Think deeply about this question. At first I thought that

Think deeply about this question. At first I thought that nothing could go wrong on a fountain I mean it’s a simple fountain but this thought that I had was absolutely wrong. O you evidence well I will give it to you. One year for valentine day there was a guy who put this coloring liquid to turn it red. Then there are some people that try to steal the pennies. Well now there are 2 examples of what could go wrong on a simple

Today As everyone knows the story of the fountain can be changed simply well unfortunately it did. Now a days the story has changed now people through 3 pen1es 1 to fall in love in Rome 2 to get married and 3 to come back to Rome with the person. Mostly tourists do this but people who come and live to Rome or people that are from Rome follow the 1 penny story.

Tradition When you go visit Rome you have to go visit La Fontana di Trevi you have to do many things this is exactly what you would do on a hot day . Not just a hot day but a really hot day. You saunter heeding for the fountain the water splashes at your burning legs and it cools you off the flash on the camera sprints to your eyes. Thanks you hear yourself say you look down and there I penny laying just there and you close your eyes sit down on the cold marble facing the opposite way of the fountain then you hear all of your family holler “1,2,3” then at the 3rd second you swing your right arm to your lift shoulder and let go. At least that is what my parents told me. It is a commonly tradition in Rome. You are supposed to face the street swing your right hand to your left shoulder and let go of the

nothing could go wrong on a fountain I mean it’s a simple fountain

bronze penny that represented you will come back to Rome. And

but this thought that I had was absolutely wrong. O you evidence

you wish that that little penny would come true.

well I will give it to you. One year for valentine day there was a guy who put this coloring liquid to turn it red. Then there are some people that try to steal the pennies. Well now there are 2

examples of what could go wrong on a simple

17 The King of the Night Vampire Bats What do you think of the name Vampire bat? They have big ears and big snouts. Listen, they are not as scary as you think. If anything, they are a great help to the world. Vampire bats are actually a great help because Vampire bats eat insects… a whole lot of insects! One Vampire bat can consume over 40 insects per hour and those insects could be killing crops so they really help. They also balance the amount of insects there need to be in the world. Vampire bats are infrequent mammals that live in forests and caves mostly in South America, Brazil. As most bats the sun is not the preferred thing for Vampire bats. The Vampire bat is very bright; they can walk on two legs like human can. A Vampire Bat’s wings are made of skin. Their hands stretch all the way to the tip of their long wings. Baby Vampire Bats Did you know Vampire bats can have babies when they are two years old? When Vampire bats are born they stay with their mother until they know how to hunt. Their mother protects the baby with hundreds of other Vampire bat moms! It is really, really hard to find your mother out hundreds mothers that look exactly the same. Apparently it they see their mother like a different color.

2/20/2012 they have razor sharp teeth so the people it would bite would not feel a thing until they got sick. That is how sharp their teeth are. Vampire bats do not contain as much rabies as they did back then but people have wiped out a lot of them and now they are endangered. Going on about what the Vampire bats feed on, Vampire bats feed mostly on outrages, cows, horses and donkeys. As you know, with their razor sharp the animals they feed on will not feel a thing, but they do not give rabies to animals. Vampire Bats usually bite on an animal’s neck, foot or ear. They know where there is more blood in an animal’s body by using their eyes. A Vampire Bat’s eyes are a lot different to other animals eyes or humans eyes because they can change their eye site to a type of night vision eyes where they see where there is more blood on a mammals body in black and white. And apparently cows and ostriches have more blood. The Radar Did you know the radar was developed with the studies of bats? The eyes of a Vampire bat have a great sight besides when feeding but they mostly live on ear. Vampire bats have very sensitive ears that can hear about 2 miles from their distance. The way they travel is different, for example to catch a pray they listen for snoring preys sense they feed on sleeping animals. This is called echolocation (E-CKO-lo-Cay-shun). Once they get a sound, they will send a screech to the precise direction and they will fly right over the ground and wait for an echo to come back. The amount of time it takes to come back tells them how far the objects so they can dodge it. That is how they got the idea of the radar around the 1980’s.

How They Feed Vampire bats have a different way of eating… well feeding. Vampire bats feed on blood. They might sound scary or dangerous but they are actually harmless unless you provoke them. There like bees. In the 80’s, Vampire bats contained rabies, they still do but they harm a lot less people now because in the 80’s Vampire bats made a lot of people sick by biting them with rabies. Some people even died. The reason they could not end it is because Vampire bats are really sly and

Glossary • • •

.EcholocationA general method of finding an object determining a time of echoes. FeedingTo give food to; supply with nourishment: To feed on blood (Vampire bat’s perspective) Rabies an infectious disease of dogs, cats, and other animals, transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected animal and usually fatal if prophylactic treatment is not administered: caused by an RNA virus of the rhabdovirus group; hydrophobia. Night visionnight-sight, isotopic vision, twilight vision, ability to see in dim light.



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