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AN EXCEPTIONAL COMMON THREAD 12-Micron may be named after a rare, highly coveted fibre. But that’s where the woolly thinking stops. Instead you’ll find a common thread of homegrown produce and diligent craft uniting the vision within this exciting new Sydney venture. Inspired by the elements, the restaurant places a major emphasis on sourcing authentic Australian produce from the earth and nearby ocean, showcasing local ingredients and craftsmanship in the process. It is how these various elements are woven together that make for such an exceptional cuisine experience. At the heart of the undertaking is Justin Wise, who has fast become known as one of Australia’s leading chefs. Justin has worked in a range of high-profile restaurants, including Reserve restaurant, the Press Club, and Gordon Ramsay’s Maze; and made several appearances on Channel Ten’s Masterchef. Fitting recognition of his

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Moffat Connection 2017 Q4 Edition  
Moffat Connection 2017 Q4 Edition  

We welcome you to our 2017 Q4 edition of Moffat Connection, where we share the latest news from the food industry around the world. In this...