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KREEM OF THE CROP Starting a business rarely tops the to-do list of most 17 year olds. But Susan Barayani was not an average teenager. She credits the current success of her Auckland cafe franchise to an early start and rigorous on-the-job training from her father.

Having immigrated to New Zealand from Hungary in the 1960s, Susan’s father became a cornerstone figure in the emerging industry of hot bread shops and specialty breads. “He was probably one of the first bakers to do sourdough breads here,” Susan says.

the new ventures that followed. In 2005 the company developed a franchise model for the deli-cafe Kreem. Now in eight Auckland locations, Kreem offers healthier versions of cafe favourites, as well as an extensive range of fresh ready-to-eat salads and meals.

With European know-how and a strong family work ethic, the family bakery flourished in New Zealand. Susan worked after school and at weekends alongside her eight siblings, honing her skills for a future in the food industry. Thanks to her father’s training and support she managed to open three businesses by the age of 20.

New recipes are developed centrally allowing Kreem operators to stay ahead of food trends without spending precious time in product development. Franchisees also benefit from Susan’s expertise in food system production and her 30 years of testing it in the industry.

Her expertise as a baker and pastry chef assured the success of


Her meticulous training strategy also helps to ensure new owners get the formula right.

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