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Duty Belt Weighing You Down?


5.11® ’s Zero-G Plates enhance officer comfort by distributing duty belt weight and by promoting a spine-safe posture.

Promotes A Spine Safe Posture Unlike traditional front-loaded duty belts which increase forward pressure on your lumbar spine and can prevent abdominal muscles from properly firing, Zero-G Plates promote a correct posture through their spring form ergonomic shape and correct use. Standard duty belt systems typically shift the weight of the belt forward over the femur, forcing the lower back to work harder and absorb undue stress.

Low-Profile Appearance Zero-G Plates maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance with a minimal profile while being made with state-of-the-art materials and construction. Zero-G Plates are made from a non-reflective carbon-fibre material and overmolded for comfort, durability and ease of use. The inner face of the Zero-G plate features a large hook-sided panel that securely adheres to your inner loop-sided liner belt. The Zero-G plate includes keepers and is also compatible with your existing keepers.

5.11® ‘s Zero-G Plate system balances your duty belt in a more neutral position, preventing it from tilting forward. The Zero-G system distributes the weight of the belt and gives the sensation that the belt is “floating.”


59509 ZERO-G PLATES | 019: BLACK | S/M, L/XL | €109.95

Double Mag Pouch

Baton Loop Pouch

Glove Pouch Handcuff Pouch

Flashlight Pouch

Gas/Mace Pouch

Expand Batton Pouch

Radio Pouch

Mace MK4 Flashlight Pouch



Engineered with feedback from officers in the field, the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt updates the traditional Sam Brown belt and gives you the adaptability and customizability you need to create the perfect foundation for your tactical or duty wardrobe. Constructed from super-resilient high-tensile 1680D nylon fabric, the Sierra Bravo features a waterproof back-coating that protects against rain and moisture. Designed to fully support a broad range of duty rig setups, the Sierra Bravo integrates with MOLLE web gear and the 5.11 SlickStick™ System. The kit includes the main belt, the inner belt, and four individual keepers with dual-retention hook-and-loop/snap closure to keep your gear firmly in place throughout your shift.

New this season, these compression molded duty pouches are available in standard Law Enforcement utility formats. The outer layer is our high-strength 1680D nylon fabric for abrasion resistance and the interior is reinforced highdensity material. Designed for easy integration with your duty gear.

++ Built from ultra-strong 1680D nylon ++ Water and weather resistant ++ Durable Duraflex ® Hardware 100% NYLON

100% NYLON

56244 SB BATON LOOP | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €17.95 56247 SB RADIO POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €24.95 56243 SB GAS MACE POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €17.95 56245 SB DOUBLE MAG POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €29.95 56246 SB HANDCUFF POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €19.95 56257 SB FLASHLIGHT HOLDER | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €17.95 56258 SB LATEX GLOVE POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €17.95 56321 SB MACE MK4 FLASHLIGHT POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €19.95 56322 SB EXPAND BATON POUCH | 019: BLACK | 1 SZ | €17.95

59505 SIERRA BRAVO DUTY BELT KIT | 019: BLACK | S-4XL | €59.95

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Research Driven Design In development and testing for nearly four years, the Zero-G Plates from 5.11 Tactical® distribute the load of duty equipment correctly by utilising the body’s natural load bearing structure. Specifically, the Zero-G Plate positions the weight of your duty belt properly on your hip and through to your femur.

5.11 Tactical - SS2016 (Europe)  

Language: ENGLISH, Currency: € EURO

5.11 Tactical - SS2016 (Europe)  

Language: ENGLISH, Currency: € EURO