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Das Ganu Maharaj Rachit Shree Sent Gajanan Maharaj 21 Adhyay


A fair looking youth, picking rice particles from thrown away - Patravalies was seen by Two persons, Bankatlala and Damodar. The youth was chanting "Gan Gan Ganat Bote" to himself without caring what was happening around. His appearance pious face, brightness in eyes, stature , powerfully built body and the calmness in his behavior made Bankatlala and Damodar spellbound. They were so impressed that they tried to lay prostrate before him and touch his fee, but could not, as he swiftly ran away. He was chanting Gan Gan Ganat Bote. So he was called Gajanan Maharaj.


After some days - Bankatlala and Pitambara saw the same personality on a pavement near Mahadeo Mandir. The two humbly asked if he needed something and brought Besan - Bhakar as per his wish. After eating he gave his copper jug to Pitambara and asked him to bring water for him from the nearby nalah (rivulet) ; warned him that the copper jug should be straightway plunged into the rivulet and not to fill the water in it by hand. The same night Kirtana of Govindbuwa Takalikar was arranged in Mahadeo Mandir. Govindbuwa began his Nirupama on a shloka of Hansa - Geeta. As soon as Govindbuwa completed the first half of the shloka, the same personality who was sitting behind the audience chanted fluently the second half of the shloka. Bankatlala tried hard and brought the personality to his House. He was chanting Gan Gan Ganat Bote continuously, so he was given the name "Gajanan Maharaj".


Bankatlal house Rush of devotees for darshan. A sadhu from Kashi who had specially came for darshan with some intention could not reach and take darshan. But to his surprise Gajanan Maharaj asked one of the disciples to bring "him", and asked about the intention in his mind. One Janrao Deshmukh became seriously ill. All efforts of doctor and Vaidya became fruitless. He was counting last moments. One of his relatives took the Tirtha of Maharaj. To the surprise of all the Tirtha did its work and Janrao became hale and hearty. Maharaj punished and drove away one of his devotees as he was misusing the name of Maharaj.


Day of Akshaya Tritiya Janakiram a gold smith - refused to give fire for burning the chilim of Maharaj Maharaj burnt the Chilim without fire. And at the sometime the main item of the food prepared at the house of Janakiram, Chinchawani - soup of Tamarind was seen, spoiled by worms. Janakiram apologized and requested Maharaj to forgive. And by the blessings of Maharaj the soup became all right. In the month of Jyestha, nearly one month after Akshaya Tritiya, Maharaj asked Chandu Mukim to bring Two Kanwala (Sweet item, prepared for Akshaya Tritiya) from his house. And the Kanwalas were there where Maharaj told. Even the wife of Chandu Mukim has forgotten all about the Knawala. Gajanan Maharaj advised Madhava, a Brahmin and told about the fugitiveness of worldly things. Maharaj asked his disciples to perform Vasant Pooja. But there were no Vaidik Brahmins in Shegaon. Yet Maharaj insisted and advised to be prepared for it. And to the astonishment of all, the Brahmins arrived at the particular time as told by Maharaj.


Once Gajanan Maharaj went into a nearby forest, found one old Hemadpanthi Devalay, sat there and went into Samadhi. For full two days he was in Samadhi awastha. In between men - women from nearby village took him to the village in procession with singing bhajan and beating of drums, gongs and bells; but could not break the Samadhi. Maharaj was wandering in the vicinity of Akoli (Adgaon). It was hot summer noon time, Maharaj felt thirsty, saw Bhaskar Patil in his field. When asked for water Bhaskar refused and showed him a well. The well was dry for more than 12 years. Maharaj went and sat under a tree near the well; began to pray the Almighty. And. Lo, the water gushed from under the rocks and filled the well. The well totally dry for more than 12 years was full of water! No wonder that Bhaskar fell into the feet of Maharaj was totally changed and became a trustworthy disciple of Maharaj.


Once, Bankatlala with friends went to eat maize-corns in his farm. He took Maharaj with him. To roost the corns fire was made. The wild bees on the honey combs which were on the trees, got disturbed. They attached all those who were there. All ran for safety, except Gajanan Maharaj. The bees covered him completely. Seeing that Bankatlala who also had run away dared to come back. Mean-while the bees returned to their combs. Bankatlal, on seeing the condition of Maharaj, begged to be excused and requested to allow him to call gold-smiths for picking the stings from the body. Maharaj smiled, forgave him and did the Kumbhak Yoga and all the people saw that the stings popped out all over the body. All the present bowed and acknowledged that Maharaj was Siddha Yoga. Maharaj went to Akot to see Narsing Maharaj. They both chatted and discussed Karma - Bhakti - Yoga. Maharaj blessed Braj Bhushan of Shivar (Tah - Daryapur ) who was a great devotee of the Sun God. Gajanan Maharaj decided to stay at Hanuman Mandir instead of Bankatlala's house.


Khandu Patil and his brothers were wrestlers They used to tease Gajanan Maharaj and would ask to wrestle with them. One day when coaxed Maharaj agreed and fixed his foot on the ground and asked Hari Patil to undo it. Hari Patil tried and tried but in vain. He bowed down tired and became the disciple of Maharaj. But Hari's brothers were not convinced. They decided to test Maharaj. They thrashed Gajanan Maharaj with sugarcanes; they severely beat Maharaj, but Maharaj was calm and smiling and to the astonishment of all there were no marks on his body. The brothers were surprised. They sank down prostrated and called him "Yogeshwara". The same time Maharaj took some sugar canes and squeezed them by his hands & collected the juice for them. They were so crestfallen that they became the devoted disciples of Maharaj. By the Aashirwada of Maharaj a son was born to Khandu Patil.


Khandu Patil was exonerated in a Police case by the Ashirwad of Maharaj. Maharaj decided to live with the Patils; the devotees of Maharaj. Maharaj corrected the Brahmin. Pandits who were proud of their knowledge of Vedas. Maharaj showed the faults in their recitations. Maharaj went to the farm of Krishnaji Patil. There was a Shivalaya Maharaj decided to live there. Maharaj washed out the pride of Brahmagiri- a Pandit, well versed in Vedant and his disciples. Brahmagiri was, once, explaining the meaning of a shloka " Nainan Dahati Pawakah----" to his disciples, without going deep into the knowledge of Vendant. So Maharaj asked him to sit on a burning bedstead with him. Maharaj himself was actually sitting on it. Brahmagiri could not; he fell on the feet of Maharaj. Maharaj advised him and his disciples.

Hari Bhakta Parayan Govindbuwa Takalikar had a very naughty horse used to bite or kick anybody who came near.


One day Govindbuwa came for Kirtana at Mote's Shiva Mandir on the horse. He tied the horse with rope, and after Kirtan went to sleep. In the morning, Govindbuwa came to see his notorious horse and to his surprise the horse was calm and cool. And again to his surprise somebody was sleeping direct under the horse; between the legs; And that somebody was none other than Gajanan Maharaj. The horse with extremely bad habits was tamed by Maharaj. Maharaj fulfilled the wishes of Two Brahmins of Balapur, in spite of their failure to bring the thing they decided to give to Maharaj. Balkrishna and his wife Putalabai were the devotees of samarth Ramdas. They used to go to Sajjangada every year on foot. But that year they could not continue that tradition as both of them were too old. Samarth told Balkrishna in the dream that he need not come to Sajjangadha, instead he himself would visit his house in Balapur. And on the sad day Gajanan Maharaj appeared before him and gave the Darshan in the guise of Samarth Ramadas Swami.

When Gajanan Maharaj was in Amravati, he on his own, went to the house of a poor devote Ganesh Appa, knowing his devotion and urge by the inner sight. A special Math was constructed in the land given by Sukhram Asolkar Bhaskar, Balabhau, Pitamber, Ganesh Appa and Ramchandra Gurao decided to stay permanently with Maharaj.


Maharaj had to beat Balabhau severely due to Bhaskar's taunting and rebuking. But to the surprise of all nothing happened to Balabhau. A cow of Sukhlal of Balapur was very dangerous and could not be tied down at one place. So he brought the cow to Shegaon, tied down on a bullock-cart. But only by looking and touching the cow Maharaj tamed her. Laxman Ghude of Karanja was seriously ill. He was brought to Maharaj on 'doli' after all efforts went in vain. Maharaj gave a mango to his wife and asked her to feed him. Her physician told otherwise. But she did as Maharaj told, and to the surprise of all Laxman became alright and, even, went to Shegaon to have the darshan of Maharaj. Laxman after becoming hale and hearty requested Maharaj to visit his house in Karanja. But Maharaj come to know his hypocrisy and returned Shegaon. Laxman had to pay the penalty for his hypnotic behaviour within six months.

A dog bit Bhaskar in the Das Navami function at Balapur. Maharaj advised him telling the futility** of this world and the knowledge about Karma, Sanchita and Prarabdha. All the Bhaktas agreed to have a monument erected in the name of Maharaj as per the wish of Bhaskar. Maharaj took Bhaskar and others to Trimbakeshwar and Nasik on the occasion of Maha-shiv Ratri. Returning to Shegaon Maharaj took Bhaskar and other devotees to Adgaon for the celebration of Ram Navami. At Adgaon Maharaj gave samadhi to Bahskar on Chaitra Vaidya Panchami. People of Adgaon did the Annadana for full Ten days. 11

But the crow, innumerable in number, were nuisance there. Maharaj ordered them to behave properly and not to disturb such programmers hence forth. And the crows behaved and are behaving likewise till now. Maharaj saved the life of Ganu Jaware, a worker, from dangerous blasts in a well.

Bachchulal Agrawal of Akola tested Gajanan Maharaj. He gave Maharaj Valuables and gold coins worth nearly Ten thousand rupees. Maharaj threw away all the things saying he did not need such worldly things. Instead Maharaj gave Aashirwada to Bachchulal that his wish to construct a Ram Temple would be fulfilled. Maharaj ordered Pitambar, the nearest devotee to abandon the Math. Pitambar went to kondoli; sat on one of the trees in a Aamrai (trees of mangoes ). When asked he said that he was the disciple of Gajanan Maharaj. Nobody believed. Instead people asked to make a dry mango tree green, otherwise they would beat him. Pitambar had no other way, so he cried, wept and prayed Gajanan Maharaj and to the astonishment of all the villagers the dry tree became green. All of them hugged Pitambar and shouted 'Jai Gajanan Maharaj'. Due to the feuds in the town Gajanan Maharaj decided to have a place that belonged to none.


Hari Patil and others, on the advice of Maharaj, put an application to the then collector of the District Buldhan, Mr. Curry. The Collector granted an acre of land. The work for the new Math began.

A favorable judgment was received on the encroachment complaint while constructing the new Math by the grace of Maharaj. Ganga Bharati, a leper, came to Maharaj. By undisputed Shraddha on Maharaj he was cured. Jamsing, a disciple of Maharaj took Maharaj to Mundgaon, his village; and arranged a Bhandara against the wishes of Maharaj. When all people sat for eating food, all of a sudden clouds gathered and it began to rain cats and dogs, spoiling the cooked food. Bhandara was again arranged next day as per the advice of Maharaj and all went smoothly. Mundgaon was attacked by plague. Pundlik Bhokre, a devotee of Maharaj was attacked by the epidemic. Though a swelling in the armpit and fever on body, he started for Shegaon as usual on 'wari' (regular visit) on foot. He reached Shegaon with high temperature and sever pain and fell on the feet of Maharaj. Maharaj lifted him pressed his thumb on the swelling‌. And the swelling subsided, the temperature dropped. In two days Pundlik was alright. 13

Bandutatya, a money lender, became penniless due to his extravagant expenditure. All including his wife and children began to hate him. So he decided to go to Himalayas. But by the advice of an unknown Brahmin came to Shegaon. Maharaj advised him to go home and dig at a particular place in the farm. Accordingly he went home, dug and found a pot of coins of Gold. On one Somavati Amavasya some devotees decided to have Narmada Snana and Omakarwshwar Darshana. They took Maharaj against his wish, with them. There they hired a boat and proceeded to go to other side of the River. But in the middle, water gushed into the boat, all trembled, began to cry, fell on the feet of Maharaj requesting him to excuse and save the lives. Suddenly a young lady in fisherwoman's disguise appeared and helped the boat to the bank and disappeared. One Sadashiv Wanwale from Malwa came to the Darshan of Maharaj. On seeing him Maharaj at once embraced him, gave him two betel leaves and asked him to give the leaves to his Guru Madhaonath Maharaj who forgot to eat the leaves after taking lunch there. Astonished Sadashiv went to Madhaonath Maharaj and asked about all that phenomenon. Madhaonath explained


Shiv Jayanti Meeting at Akola was attended by Gajanan Maharaj along with many dignitaries. Meeting was addressed by Lokmanya Tilak. Lokmanya Tilak was arrested by the British Govt. Maharaj, after 3 days of Samadhi hinted that Lokamanya would be imprisoned Maharaj, sent his prasad of Bhakari to Lokmanya. Yet Lokmanya was sentenced and sent to Mandale. There Lokmanya wrote the world famous "Geeta Rahasya" Shridhar Govind Kale of Kolhapur decided to go to England for further education and then serve the motherland. While traveling from Bhandara to Kolhapur along with a friend, he got down at Shegaon to see Gajanan Maharaj. Maharaj read their faces and criticized their going to England and advised not to leave India. Shridhar obeyed, stayed studied and later became the Principal in Gwalier State.


Pundlik Bhokre of Mundgaon was Maharaj disciple But one Shrimati Bhagabai tried to divert him. And when he became restless Gajanan Maharaj gave him 'dristant' in the night that he was being sent the Padukas next day. Accordingly the Pandukas of Maharaj reached Pundlik at Mundgaon by the hands of Jamsing, another disciple of Maharaj. Triambak Kawar of Akola was doing his Medical Degree in Hyderabad. One day he decided to serve Maharaj with Besan - Bhakari. His Vahini, who was otherwise arrogant, gladly prepared Besan Bhakari over to him But in between the train to Shegaon left. He reached Shegaon by second train in the afternoon at about 4 pm. And to his great surprise Maharaj was waiting for him and his Besan - Bhakari setting aside all the rich food brought by other devotees. Tukaram Shegokar was unknowingly hit by a lead ball fired from a rifle by a Shikari. All efforts to take it out (from his head) went in vain. The pain was sever. On the advice of a devotee he started to clean (sweep) the Math and its premises regularly. And after 14 years the lead ball fell from his ear and the pain stopped. Up to his last he cleaned the Math.


Bayaja of Mundgaon was a devotee. Her husband was impotent and so his brother tried to molest her. Maharaj taught him a leasing. She (Bayaja) used to come to Shegaon with Pundlik. People doubted their relationship. Maharaj answered her parents about the purity and chastity of Bayaja. Triambak Kawar, a doctor then, suffered from a boil (a tumor on skin). Being a doctor himself, consulted the specialists, and got the operation done, but all in vain. Being a devotee, he surrendered completely to Maharaj. Maharaj gave him ' Angara and Tirtha' in the disguise of Brahmin. And in hours the doctor became alright. In Pandharpur at the time of Ashadhi Ekadashi Maharaj gave Bapuna the ardent disciple, the darshan in the guise of Vitthal, as he could not go to Vitthal Temple. Maharaj cured a patient suffering from the epidemic Cholera. A Karmath Brahmin on seeing a dead dog on the door the steps of the Math, became annoyed, Maharaj sprinkled some drops of water on the dog and the dog, to the surprise of Brahmin, sat-up and wagged his tail .


Maharaj told kashinath Garde, a devotee, when he came to darshan that a telegram for him was waiting at his home and to his surprise it was true and that was his appointment order. Once Maharaj had been to Nagpur as the guest of Shrimant Gopal Buti. Buti left no stone to be unturned in reception of Maharaj and kept Maharaj for so many days and wished that Maharaj should not go to Shegaon But Hari Patil brought Maharaj to Shegaon. A Sadhu from Dhar Kalyan, Raghunath visited Shegaon and met Gajanan Maharaj. Swami Vasudevanand Sarswati came to Shegaon to see Maharaj, Maharaj had given pre information of his arrival one day before. Maharaj explained Balabhau about the three ways to reach God i.e. Karma Marg, Bhakti Marg and Yoga Marg. Maharaj asked Shrimati Salubai, a devotee to cook food in the Math for the devotees. She did likewise thereafter. To the great surprise of Atmaram of Jalamb, Maharaj corrected his recitation of Vedas, by himself reciting Vedas. Atmaram stayed with Maharaj afterwards and donated all his property to the Math. Maharaj awoke, Timaji, a servant of Marutipant of Morgaon Bhakre and told him to guard the grain threshing ground properly as some donkeys entered into it.


A Police Inspector insulted Maharaj at Balapur. In spite of the advice of the people he abused and thrashed Maharaj. After some days the news came that the Inspector and his family perished. Maharaj fulfilled the desire of Hari Jakhade of Sangamner who came to darshan of Maharaj. Gajanan Maharaj in the guise of Yogi gave Ramchandra Nimonkar hints about Yoga at Kapildhara a holy place in Nasik District. Tukaram Kokate decided to offer one of his sons, if they survived, to Gajanan Maharaj as his issues - earlier issues died one after another. Afterwards three sons were born and they survived and even attained adulthood. But when Tukaram forgot the words, a calamity happened, his eldest son stuck with illness and could not recover though he tried his utmost. Then he came to Maharaj apologized and prayed for the son's life. The boy recovered and became alright and served Maharaj upto his last. At last Maharaj decided to say goodbye to this world. He went to Pandharpur and with tears asked the permission to Shri Vitthala. Hari Patil was with him. The tears in the eyes of GAJANAN MAHARAJ made him serious. Maharaj told him his decision. Returning to Shegaon with shocked state he told all the devotees the decision. The state of the devote could not be described; they wept - cried - tried their most to pursue. But Maharaj was as calm as Himalayas.


Maharaj explained them his thought showed the place for Samadhi and asked the entire devotee to come to the Math on Ganesh Chaturthi Day. Throughout the day Maharaj was in happy mood, chatted with devote, argued them, consoled them and assured them that he was and he would be with them forever. And in the last asked Balabhau to sit near him bade all who were there and and said 'Jai Gajanan' and took his last breath. It was morning of Bhadrapada Shuddha Panchami, aptly called 'Rishi Panchami', Shake 1832 Can anyone could describe the state of minds of the devotees? - and that of the people of Shegaon ? Thousands of devotees from all parts gathered. A sea of men - women young old gathered, No words to describe their grief. They took the body of Maharaj in procession, the longest and the biggest in the history of Shegaon. All were weeping, crying and hugging each other in grief. Because the unthinkable had happened their mother; their adviser, their God, their Lord had left them!!


Gajanan Maharaj had taken the Samadhi. But the Divine flame continued to glow and the devotees found that the same calmness was still there. Maharaj advised the wife of Ganpat Kokate in her dream not to object to the donation Ganpat was giving to the Math to feed the Brahmins. Madhao Joshi, a revenue officer had a strong desire to go to Shegaon for darshan. So after day's work he along with his peon started for Shegaon on a hired bullock-cart; put the cart through waters of Man River. Those were the raining days, water of the River was on rise. When the cart came in the middle, water level rose, touched the part of the cart. Madhao prayed with eyes closed. And when he opened the eyes the cart was on the other bank. Who came to their help? Dr. Kawar had to stay at Shegaon against his wishes. Why? Because that day was not suitable for travel during night. The son of Ratansa was cured from rickets, His sincere devotion and faith paid; After the unsuccessful efforts of all the expert doctors, Chandrabhaga, daughter of Ramchandra Patil, was cured from Naujwara by the 'Vibhuti' and faith on Maharaj Rheumatism of Janakibai Patil, wife of Ramchandra Patil, was also cured by every day darshan of Samadhi. After the death of Balabhau, Narayan of Nandura was advised in his dream to come and serve the Math. Narayan served all his life.


While the construction of the temple was going on, a laborer fell from the height of 30 ft. Nothing happened. When asked, he said that somebody caught and put him safely on ground. A stone pillar fell down on a woman who came from Rajasthan to darshan. People took her to a Lady Doctor, but found that nothing had happened. Instead the people knowing her said that some evil-spirit that had possessed her body, disappeared then. A Gosavi came to Ramchandra Patil and asked him to serve the Math as a Manager even advised about the duties to be done. Who was that Gosavi? The doubt was cleared that night in his dream. The Samadhi temple was constructed by the devotes of Maharaj. All Other Construction was also done through the donation collected. It is the experience of devotees that the faith in Maharaj saves them from all the difficulties. So keep faith in God Gajanan in his Samadhi in this Gajanan Vijay Granth so said Das Ganu Maharaj. Literature on Maharaj. So many articles are published on Gajanan Maharaj in almost all the news papers in Maharashtra Special Editions are also being published time to time. Many Books are also written, out of which one ' Shri Gajanan Darshan' is written by famous Marathi writer Shri Bha - Da - Kher. Many magazines are also periodically published in the name and about Gajanan Maharaj Hundreds of songs, Abhangas, Bharudas, Stotras etc are written on Maharaj. In Rural areas Men Women sing songs very devotionally while working in fields. 22

Hundreds of Temples are built in his name and his marble statues are worshiped Statues and Photos of Maharaj are found in almost every house in Maharashtra and other state. Innumerable numbers of Bhajan Mandalies are established in his name all over Maharashtra Thousands of Cassettes describing Leela, Aarti, Bhupali, Bhajan, Bharudas etc. of Maharaj and sung by different singers are sold daily. Songs sung by Gan Kokila, the one and only, Lata Mangeshkar, and her sister Usha Mangeshkar are their tribute to Gajanan Maharaj. A documentary on the life and teachings of Gajanan Maharaj and the history of Gajanan Maharaj sansthan and its working has been prepared by the Sansthan and is seen by almost all the people of Maharashtra and neighboring states. A play named 'Shegaonche Shri Gajanan Maharaj' is also shown by a famous Drama Company. A full length feature film named 'Shegaonche Shri Gajanan Maharaj' was also made by a private film company and shown all over the state But the main and authentic publication is the Gajanan Vijay Granth written by Dasganu Maharaj and published by Sansthan. Lacs of copies have been sold so far. The Granth is translated in English-Gujarathi-Hindi-Kannad and Telngu.


Gajanan adhayay  

all short information in shree gajanan maharaj

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