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Celebrate Your Heritage at Work Never feel pressure to hide who you are. How to celebrate your background at work with pride.



Bored with Boo Boo

Tired of poor bathroom etiquette, we GHÀQHWKHSURSHUZD\WRJRRQWKHMRE


Offensive Co-­Workers

'LGVKHUHDOO\MXVWVD\WKDW" How to respond to offensive co-­workers who cross the line.


Where to Sit For Lunch


(PEUDFHVLWWLQJDORQHRUWU\MRLQLQJ peers for lunch. Learn who’s who in the lunchroom.


Commuter’s Paradise

A 40-­mile commute might not be so bad if you use your time on the road to separate work from home.



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Breakroom Bites



Career Spotlight

A creative career driven by numbers.


Dress for Success

Buying bargain or brand names.



Corporate Wellness

How to get a better night’s sleep.



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During college, my professors repeated one thing as the key to being a successful journalist— finding a niche. While some of my peers gravitated toward health care, athletics and other segmented topics, I struggled to find an area that I could report on without growing tired. I eventually gravitated toward corporate communications where a brand dictated my niche and made decisions about my writing. With a new goal for employment in communications, I started searching for fulltime job.

! Finding a job became a job in itself. Mindful that corporations have extended deadlines for filling vacancies, I started job hunting early. Between going to class, working, and balancing everyday life, I scoured company websites and job posting sites for promising opportunities. I drafted cover letters, reformatted my resume, and researched ways to land “the job” on a daily basis. I became a job-hunting junkie, and filled my timeline and social networks with resources on being a young professional. Without even knowing it, I found my niche.

! Finding my niche helped me create Forty Magazine. In that final year of school, I found something I was passionate about and turned it into a digital publication. Finding your niche isn’t easy, but doing so can open doors you never thought to explore. In this issue, you’ll see more focus on life on-theclock as we dive into the social nuances of the workplace. Whether you just graduated or have been in the workplace for a while, Forty Magazine is your go-to for everything young and professional. After all, it is our niche. !

! ! ! !

Kian Hervey Editorial Director, Co-Publisher


Devoted to your day-to-day interactions and experiences in the workplace, helping you on the job, Monday through Friday.

How to Celebr ate Your Her itage at Wor k by

Devean Owens

Whether you?r e r ed, yellow, black or white, we all have a cultur al histor y that deser ves to be celebr ated. M any large corporations celebrate heritage months w ith company-w ide programs promoting diversity and inclusion. But if you?re at a smaller organization, you may be on your ow n for celebrating your heritage at w ork. Here are a few w ays you can celebrate your culture at w ork.

- FOOD What office doesn?t love a midday treat? Introduce your heritage to your co-workers by bringing your favorite dishes to lunch. Share a dessert like green tea ?matcha? cake, chocolate churros, or French macaroons. Food always sparks great conversation and can present the perfect opportunity to educate your co-workers on the flavorful staples of your culture.

- DESK DECOR Be strategic about the items you use to decorate your desk. You?re bound to spark conversations about diversity. Put up photos from a trip to your family?s native country or hang a token noting your background. Decorating your workspace in a way that celebrates your ethnicity can also be a huge comfort. Every time you look around your desk, you'll be reminded of your culture.

- DRESS Clothing can be tricky when attempting to showcase your heritage in the workplace, but don?t be intimidated by the challenge. Give your go-to outfits and business casual attire a break by incorporating a scarf, pin, blouse, or other accessory that highlights your cultural heritage. If your dress code allows, go ahead and rock your traditional garments during a heritage month.

- E-BLASTS Incorporate historical or ?did you know? facts into your digital presence at work. Share statistics that relate to your company or industry via social media or your e-mail signature. Highlight history makers in your field that may not normally be recognized or start a fun ?This week in History? e-mail chain. E-blasts can be done throughout the year, and are great during heritage months.

- HERITAGE MONTHS Americans take the time to celebrate the diverse history and culture of our nation a few months out of the year. Don?t let these months come and go without celebrating. Take some time and decorate your break room or common area with your national flag or symbol. It's the perfect chance to encourage an open conversation about race in the workplace.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Bored with Boo Boo !

!"#$%$&'()#%*&++,-%./(%"&0#%'/%&$,1#)2%!)3'#)%43#))&%% 5#$6#),/$%7/#,%8#"3$6%'"#%8&'")//9%,'&++%&$6%% '&*:+#,%'/3+#'%#'3;(#''#%&'%1/):2%% !

From underneath the stall, I hear the pitter-patter of sandals and stiletto-clad feet scampering across the concrete tiles. Maybe it was the green monster smoothie I had for breakfast or the leftover three-bean salad I had with dinner last night, but my stomach is churning and promises to erupt violently if I don’t pull the release valve soon. Unfortunately, it’s 8:30 in the morning and the afterbreakfast rush on the women’s bathroom at the office is in full swing. Samantha is brushing her teeth; Rachel is applying

her makeup. Paige and Liz are changing their clothes from their morning walk. Ciara is engaged in a text-a-thon in the next stall, and some interloper just stopped in to finish a heated phone conversation with her boyfriend.

! I’m holding a piece of prime real estate. The third stall is where dreams (or in my case where beans) go to die. Here, in this farthest stall from the door, is where considerate women go to drop their anonymous bombs, preferably during off-peak hours. Today it’s an emergency.

The space is ideal, far removed from the draft of the outer door and away from the incessant parade of touch-and-go tinklers who bumble into the first available stall. The stall is noticeably immaculate this time of morning. A fully stocked toilet paper dispenser, a napkin depository expertly lined with a fresh brown paper bag. The erect seat is further evidence of the fact that this stall hasn’t been touched since the cleaning crew performed their overnight miracle. Now it’s all mine.


! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

“Shy bowel syndrome is a condition often experienced by recovering Catholics who believe that if a fart sounds in the forest, God hears it.” ! ! !

! !


y reverie at claiming this sanctuary is short-lived, however, as I’m interrupted by boisterous laughter and gossip. I’m now in a predicament. Do I:

1. Unabashedly do my business despite the inevitable aroma and potential cacophony of forced flatulence and splashes, subjecting myself to be the future target of restroom gossip? 2. Flush incessantly to mask the scent and sound and hope no one notices in all the commotion? Or, 3. Politely flush once and take my business to a less populated side of the building, which, in my current state of near eruption, poses its own potential risks?



Admittedly, I suffer from shy bowel syndrome, a condition often experienced by recovering Catholics who believe that if a fart sounds in the forest, God hears it. And you wouldn’t know it if you’re a Proud Pooper (the type who squat and release on cue with no regrets), but there are millions of others like me and entire websites devoted to getting through ‘the go’ at work successfully. But rather than subjecting Private Poopers to a rabbit hole of NSFW internet trolling that helps private poopers learn to cope with our regrettable disease, I’m going to suggest some bathroom etiquette that may help us all live in harmony.

“Find somewhere else to exchange pleasantries. The work bathroom isn’t like your high school bathroom.” ! ! ! !

1. All Bathroom telecommunication activity must cease when someone is waiting to poop. There’s nothing worse than someone walking into the bathroom talking on the phone seconds before that you’re about to embark on a euphoric release which will now be broadcast in stereo via a 4G cellular network to the other side of the country. But a close runner up to the annoyance of cell phone chatter is to revisit the nearest bathroom three times in the span of 15 minutes only to see the same shoes under the stall and hear the same incessant tapping on a phone screen. Candy Crush and Facebook are not bathroom apps! Have the balls to play at your desk or cube like a real productive employee.

! 2. If by the time you enter a stall, the person in an adjacent stall has not started unwinding toilet paper or flushed, move on. This bathroom’s not for you. Here we must appeal to our inner moral compass and ask, “What would Jesus do?” If you were patiently waiting to save others the trauma of experiencing the demise of your last meal, wouldn’t you appreciate it if they had the decency to take it down the hall? Pooping is the reason Jesus taught, “Do unto others.” !


4. Put your makeup on in the car while doing 70mph on the freeway like a real woman. See number three.

! 5. Clean up where you defecate. This isn’t your childhood bedroom. Pick up after yourself like an adult. If you see a tissue on the floor, use another tissue to pick it up and flush it down the toilet (sorry Sierra Club). And if you’re office bathroom is so ratchet that you feel you must squat rather than sit in the last person’s piss, find another job.

! 6. Courtesy flush. Courtesy flush. Courtesy flush. Again, my apologies to the Sierra Club. !


7. Wash your hands – even if no one is looking. “Cheek to cheek, eye to eye” isn’t just lyrics to a Rihanna song. In a few minutes, that hand that wiped your behind could be shaking hands with another co-worker who forgot to wipe his backside. Germs are real people. And they spread when people too lazy to take the doctor-recommended 30 seconds to wash their hands leave the bathroom and touch shared doorknobs, computers, and workspace. Do your co-workers a favor and remove the unseen stains of defecation from your hands with a quick rinse.

3. Don’t doddle during peak hours. ! Find somewhere else to exchange pleasantries. The work bathroom isn’t like your high school bathroom where you coordinated friend powwows and sought to catch up on the latest gossip. Hanging out near the royal chamber shouldn’t be a thing. Respect the sanctity of the throne, and move on.

While I cannot speak for the Caballero’s in the adjacent restrooms, I imagine, as human beings, we are much the same. We all sit to poop and we all deserve the decency and common courtesy of going privately in a public restroom. After all, everybody hurts (for the bathroom) sometimes.

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1//-1*$?)&'.=1*&+$)/')#'1./%)/'+$1/2$%"#)5$S3$ 4-&C1/2$1/2$@$*"=)$"-#$'">/$1/2$1**$"?$'4)$ "('."/&$'4)#)$?"#$-&$./$'4)$)=)/./0&$1/2$"/$ '4)$>))<)/2&5$R)1#$%3$A"C+$'4)#)Q&$*.%.')2$ 1,'.=.'3$)L,)('$?"#$C-&./)&&$,"%%)#,)$1/2$ 0#">./0$?1%.*.)&5$ 6)3"/2$'4)$&",.1*$&,)/)+$%3$4"%)$'">/$ RTQXKFGUOGYKVJCFGƂPKVGUGRCTCVKQPQH >"#<$1/2$(*135$S3$,"%%-')$#)1**3$4)*(&$%)$ <))($%3$>"#<$1/2$()#&"/1*$*.=)&$&)(1#1')5$ 63$'.%)$@$0)'$4"%)+$%3$?#-&'#1'."/&$?#"%$'4)$ A"C$1#)$2.&&.(1')2$1/2$@Q%$#)123$'"$#)*1L$1/2$ -/>./25$@$2"/Q'$?))*$1/$-#0)$'"$,4),<$);%1.*$ "#$>"#<$"/$1$(#"A),'T$@$A-&'$?))*$,"%(*)')$ ?#))2"%$?#"%$%3$>"#<(*1,)$1/2$A"C5$ @/$#)1*$)&'1')+$'4)3$1*>13&$&13$'41'$'4)$ '4#))$%"&'$.%("#'1/'$1&(),'&$"?$1$4"-&)$.&$ pNQECVKQPNQECVKQPNQECVKQPqCPF+FGƂPKVGN[ 10#))5$74)/$%3$4-&C1/2$1/2$@$2"$&'1#'$'"$ *""<$?"#$1$(*1,)$'"$%"=)+$.'$>.**$C)$C),1-&)$ @Q=)$?"-/2$1$A"C$./$1$%"#)$2)&.#1C*)$*",1'."/5$ @$2"/Q'$>1/'$'"$%"=)$,*"&)#$'"$>"#<$1/2$)/2$ -($41=./0$1$,"%%-')$'"$%3$&",.1*$1,'.=.'.)&5$ S3$*",1'."/$(#."#.'.)&$%.04'$/"'$1*.0/$>.'4$ GXGT[QPGGNUGoUDWVCVNGCUV+oXGƂPCNN[ƂIWTGF "-'$>4)#)$%3$(#."#.'.)&$1#)+$)=)/$.?$'4)3Q#)$9F$ %./-')&$1>135 !""#$%#&&'($)*$#($+(,'&(#-$./'&#,)0(*$ 100&2)(#,0&$30&$40*#)5$6#-'*$60-7,)0(*8$ 69'$:&#27#,'2$;),9$#$<=$)($#(,9&0/0-0:>?$ "#&@',)(:$#(2$+,#-)#($3&0"$,9'$A()B'&*),>$03$ C0&,9$D'E#*$)($FGHF8$I'&$J-0:$!E/'&)'(5'$ K'L7)&'2$&'507(,*$9'&$'E/'&)'(5'$#*$#$>07(:$ /&03'**)0(#-$)($C0&,9$D'E#*8 %#(,$,0$*''$!""#M*$50""7,'N$O)*),$ 30&,>"#:#P)('850"$,0$*''$Q7*,$90;$3#&$*9'$ ,&#B'-*8$

Image Š Royalty-Free/Corbis


The situation: staff meeting. The conversation: routine? until a comment is made that gives you pause. Did your co-worker notice how their statement was offensive? Maybe, or maybe not. Writer Faith Miller explains how to handle tough situations with an offensive co-worker.

While getting to know the latest group of interns in her department, Khloe* brought up her college internship at a local newspaper. One intern, who also applied for the newspaper internship, questioned Khloe about being hired by the paper. ?You got the minority internship, right??

develop a level of comfort with each other. While there are many topics that are okay in the work place, openly addressing race, religion, age, and politics is a bit taboo. So how are we supposed to address offensive statements while remaining professional? Respond tactfully and with great forethought.

?Left-handed minorities, I think,? the intern piped, recognizing her crudeness.

Before responding, take the opportunity to process and evaluate why your peer felt the comment was okay. Recognize that in many instances offensive commentary comes from a place of ignorance or lack of understanding. Your co-worker may not realize that his or her statement crossed the line.

In the moment, Khloe remained quiet. But the next day Khloe went back to the intern and discovered the intern applied for an internship at a Spanish publication owned by the same newspaper where Khloe worked.

When faced with offensive conversations, use the moment as an opportunity to teach your co-workers about your heritage. You can educate your co-worker on a world in which they may have a limited view.

A pause filled the conversation as Khloe allowed her co-worker to elaborate on her comment. Khloe was African-American and this comment seemed offensive.


""IT'S NOT THE STIMULUS; IT'S THE RESPONSE."" America is a melting pot of diverse cultures, religions and experiences. The beauty of this country is ingrained in diversity. Our unique experiences shape our beliefs and sometimes encourage false stereotypes about other cultures and races. Many times, unknowingly, people say and do things that are inappropriate and offensive in the workplace. After working together, day-after-day, month-after month, co-workers inevitably

Khloe?s co-worker knew her comment was offensive because Khloe gave the intern time to think about what was said. In the heat of the moment, be aware of your facial expressions and other nonverbal communication, as well as what you say. If Khloe had reacted negatively, the focus would have switched from the offensive comment to Khloe?s reaction.

When dealing with offensive situations, it is not always the stimulus; it?s the response. Sometimes, it is easy to brush offensive behavior under the rug. But never be afraid to use your voice and express your frustration with offensive statements in a professional manner. Seek to understand a person?s perspective and point of view. Ask questions like ?Why do you think that is, or ?how did you come to that conclusion?? Share your personal experiences. Telling stories of your childhood, life experiences, or work

AQUICKGUIDE experiences allows your coworkers to understand your points of view and relate to you in ways that they may not think they could have. Khloe was able to voice her concerns about the comment, without involving the other interns and coworkers who were present, and found the true source of the comment. Her offender did not intend to be malicious; the intern was merely ignorant of the newspapers many operations and diverse internship programs. If conversations ever move from sensible discussions to heated debates, do not hesitate to step away from the conversation and be the bigger person. As Khloe did, step away from the situation and process the conversation. If necessary, offer to continue the conversation in a comfortable setting, when not at work or on company time. But race isn?t the only touchy topic that can offend. You may find yourself having to educate your coworkers about gender stipulations, sexuality, religion, and maybe even your age. Being young in the work place can often bring about great criticism. It is not uncommon for older coworkers to underestimate your capability and ambition while on the job. The easiest way to address situations like these is through action. Do not be intimidated by the situation. Voice your opinions respectfully and boldly. Tackling inappropriate work conversations can be a complicated task.


1.CHECKYOURCOMFORTLEVEL 2. EDUCATEYOURCO-WORKER 3. WATCHYOURREACTION 4. ASKLATER 5. TALKOUTSIDEOFWORK If offensive conversations and/ or verbal abuse continue, do not be afraid to get your supervisor or human resources involved. Human Resources can also serve as a mediator when addressing inappropriate and offensive behaviors at work gets too messy for you to handle on your own. But, if you engage coworkers with respect and understanding, you will be able to facilitate a meaningful and educational conversation. It takes a lot of work and patience to turn offensive conversations into teaching moments. Recognize that you may not have the same view and opinions as your coworkers, and work to find a common ground. It?ll make you and your coworker a much better person. *name changed at discretion of subject Want more from Faith Miller? Visit her blog Televising the Revolution.


Devoted to your personal and career development, helping you become the professional you always wanted to be.


Media planning and buying is a part of creative advertising. Media planners focus on acquisition and marketing to segmented audiences. As technology continues to change how advertisers reach consumers, the focus in media planning has switched to digital presentation. If you're both left-brained and right-brained, this advertising career may be for you.

MEETJASON The short answer to how Jason Tennenbaum ended up in New York City is determination. The long answer involves hard work and focus during his undergraduate career at The University of Texas at Austin. When Tennenbaum first applied to the school in 2010, he set his sights on marketing, an academic focus at the McCombs School of Business. Despite meeting all academic requirements, the school denied him acceptance. Tennenbaum shifted his focus to his second choice for a major-- advertising. With the freedom to explore classes in the creative track track, Tennenbaum dove into radio, television, and film. Learning how to manage a production and market a film with promotion was a natural fit. Much more satisfied with his classwork and ready for real-world experience, Tennenbaum turned his focus toward finding an internship. Far ahead of his sophomore peers, Jason found himself working for Miramax shortly after. The work was engaging. His responsibilities ranged from conducting market research to acting as a liaison between Miramax and UT consumers. ?It was good to see both the sides of [film] production, marketing and promotion.? The following year, Jason threw himself a curve ball by interning at National Instruments (NI), a technology company that produces automated test equipment and software for companies around the world. The job wasn?t Jason?s ?cup of tea.? As the technical internship dragged on, Tennenbaum started thinking outside Austin.


Media planners also think about what type of consumer would be interested in the product or service being advertised, and then consider where the audience would be most likely to receive a messages about that product. Are they 25 and on-the-go all the time? Better think mobile device. Are they 45 to 60? Why not try CNN? Media planners develop strategies for where consumers are going to be and what?s the best way to reach them ? digital, print, or mobile. With more than half of the US population owning a smartphone, media planners consider smartphones the next frontier in smart advertising. Media planning doesn?t just stop at tablets and social networking sites. After the purchase is made, media planners examine what is and what isn?t working, drilling down to which segments are tuning in and which ones are tuning out. Money is moved around accordingly, trading airtime for web space as needed or exploring a digital way to present a print message. Media planners work closely with creative and technical professionals who support the recommendations media planners make for improving how a message is received. Professionals proficient in Adobe and back-end development also help

media planners optimize a site for reaching consumers and to give media planners better metrics for analyzing campaign performance. Media planning offers professionals the opportunity to be both creativity and analytical.

Mediaplanningisacareer that?screative,detail oriented,andtechsavvy. It bringstogetheravarietyof different careerpathsto achieveanoverall goal of l influencingpurchases. For associate media planner Jason Tennenbaum, it offers a left-brain right-brain focus that he loves. For people who are driven by creativity and numbers, he describes media planning as great entry level job. ?While we don?t get paid the best to start, putting in your feel and becoming knowledgeable, showing that you?re improving, and showing you know what you?re talking about gets you to get more respect in the field.? See how Tennebaum got into his field on the next page.

""Ithought,I?velivedinTexasmywholelife. Being somewhereelse,wherethere?sculture,andI can learnandadapt,that?swhereI needtobe."" Starcom Chicago ended up giving Jason his first taste of working outside the Lone Star State. From 9 to 5, he recommended media buys for premium alcohol brands, broke down consumer demographics, developed requests for media proposals, and started exploring mobile ad space. In his downtime, he took in the sights of the Chicago Zoo and Aquarium, Millennium Park, and Wrigley Field. Everyday, Tennenbaum counted himself lucky to begin his media career in The Windy City. The rewarding experience pushed Jason to spend the final semesters of his college career looking for jobs across the US in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

FAST FACTS Salary Range $44,289 - $49, 924* Job Titles New Media Developer, Digital Media Buyer, Media Researcher Skills Required Knowledge of Media & consumer behaviors, math, analytical & communication skills

The hunt for a media planning job in a vibrant city was taxing. Often agencies would request an in-person interview, and Tennenbam, interning at Austin agency GSD&M, was unable to fly out on a moment?s notice.

Ford Focus for the 1,605-mile drive to New York. After driving non-stop, 12 hours from Dallas, the pair stopped in Tennessee for ?some crazy loaded baked potato that was delicious, and crashed in the hotel room.?

When the spring semester rolled around and he was still jobless, Tennenbaum became slightly discouraged.

The remaining 12-hour drive to Long Island, where Jason would stay with family for the first few months of his career, went by quickly. After years of internships and applications, he would start working as a media planner in the Big Apple.

He was receiving numerous invitations for interviews, but no enticing offer came through until early May. Maxus Global gave Tennenabaum a call three hours before he received his diploma and said "We don?t just want you to come to New York [for an interview]; we want to give you a job.? The last minute call was the best graduation gift Tennenbaum could have received. The job at Maxus aligned with his long-term goals in New York City and would give him the opportunity to grow as a media professional. Two weeks later, Tennenbaum and his mom loaded up his

The moral of Tennenbaum?s journey to success is to keep working and persevere. After being rejected from McCombs, enduring a less-rewarding technical internship, and facing joblessness post-graduation, Jason found his place in Manhattan. ?I didn?t need to move to find a job, but for personal growth, there?s nothing better.? Whether you come from a state school or junior college, you can land a creative job in a competitive market. You just need a little bit of foresight and to think ahead.


As a creative professional, it?s important to distinguish yourself from other creatives. Assistant Media Planner / Buyer Jason Tennenbaum shares his personal advice on landing an advertising job in a competitive market.

FLAUNTYOURLOCALFLAIR With my parents being from New York and me being from Texas, my understanding of different markets and how advertisers can play to local strengths made me stand out. Wherever I went I brought my ?Southern Charm? and realigned it with local culture. Take on that New York mentality, Chicago mentality, and Texas mentality, and you'll be able to understand a variety of consumers.

SELLYOURSELF New York agencies don?t really hire outside of the region. Most companies in NY hire grads from Cornell, Rutgers, Penn State, and other Big 10 Schools. I had to tell employers about my school, the # 1 advertising program in the country. It?s all about presentation and expressing you know what you?re talking about more than anyone else on your level.

PREPARETOMOVE Getting interviews but no offers? Stop what you?re doing, and think elsewhere. I applied to jobs in LA (even though I?m not a West Coast person), had interviews in Austin and Dallas, and lined up options across the US. Thinking outside your local area can make the difference in finding a job.

BUILDANETWORK The advertising industry is very mobile. You have to network intentionally, and you can?t just burn bridges. While you're out exploring a city, talk to everyone. Never say no to an opportunity for your work. Also try to surround yourself with knowledgeable people outside the field. They?re really great to have around.

In advertising, no two days are alike. See Tennenbaum's crazy day at the office at FortyMagazine.com.



Devoted to life beyond 40 hours, helping you achieve ato healthy work /40 life balance. Devoted life beyond hours, helping you achieve a healthy work / life balance

BRAND VS BARGAIN By Ariadne Aberin

A GUIDE TO SHOPPING FOR QUALITY - W hen investing in a new wardrobe and quality pieces, the age-old question is, ?Is it worth it to pay more?? Why do brands cost more? Certain brands cost more because of the quality and the craftsmanship of the product. Many premium brands can claim a noticeable difference in the quality of their goods because of the origin of their materials. Goods made in the USA are typically more expensive than those made in China. Leather imported from Italy is typically more expensive than leather made elsewhere. But a brand name doesn?t guarantee quality for all products. When it comes to choosing clothes, it?s best to pay more attention to quality, not the brand. If you?re deciding between brands, look at the quality of each brand to see if the price is what you?d be willing to spend.

What determines quality? In order to know whether a piece is low or high-quality, you need to know what to look for. A high-quality piece should be durable, meaning it should last more than a few seasons without showing signs of wear and tear. A

high-quality piece should also feel comfortable on the skin. While a fabric may be durable, it shouldn?t feel rough. The fabric should feel soft and breathable, and it should feel like it can move with you rather than restricting movement. Moreover, a high-quality piece shouldn?t lose its shape after several wears, and it shouldn?t shrink or stretch out after wearing or washing.

What should you look for? Evaluating a piece for durability, feel, fit, or shape depends largely on the type of clothing in question. For instance, if you evaluate a pair of jeans, a good place to start would be to examine the fabric. Does the denim feel thick, thin, or fall somewhere in between? Does it feel durable, yet soft and comfortable? Does the stitching look tight and unlikely to rip or tear? Whether you?ll be paying $40 or $140 on these jeans, the quality should be high. Invest in clothing you can use for many seasons. When spending top dollar on a

piece, the last thing you want is to find visible signs of aging after only a few wears.

How much should you buy? It?s good to have high-quality staples in your closet. But it?s not necessary for every piece in your wardrobe to be luxe. Be selective about the high-quality pieces you buy because you?ll be wearing them regularly and often incorporate them into your daily looks. For example, investing in a high-quality pair of pants or slacks because they?ll be worn on a near-daily basis is a good idea. But you don?t necessarily need high-quality socks or undershirts because they won't bee seen. There are pieces in which it?s smart to save and other pieces it'll be smart to splurge. If it shows, and you?ll wear it a lot, be picky about the quality.

Want more from Ariadne? Check out her weekly style feature Threads Thursday at FortyMagazine.com





A great place men and women, Zara offers great quality blazers, shirts, pants, outerwear, jeans, dresses, and more The price point varies by clothing item. Blazers and jackets range from $80-$150, shirts cost between $18-$80, and jeans run from $40-$80. While it may seem pricey, Zara offers promotions and sales throughout the year that keep costs low. Be on the lookout for their end-of-year sale for awesome deals.

H&M is one of my favorite places to shop. It carries such a variety of styles, that there?s definitely something for everyone. Plus, it gets major points for being budget-friendly You can put together an entire look for less than $100. H&M offers work-wear, reasonably-priced trend pieces, and casual wear. The store has a great mix of basic staples and trendy pieces--and for a new grad who?s on a budget, H&M is a great option.

Banana Republic, Gap, & Old Navy

Nordstrom Rack & HauteLook

These stores are all part of the San Fransisco company, Gap Inc.. They have classic piece like solid pants, outerwear, jeans, and basic tees and cardigans that are perfect for wardrobe staples. They also offer great trend pieces with a more sophisticated twist. The price point varies, but all of these stores offer great promotions. You can sign up for one store card that?ll apply to any these sister stores.

Nordstrom operates two discount retailers, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. Nordstrom Rack is a retail outlet. HauteLook is an online outlet that operate like Groupon. Both carry a lot of great pieces-from basics, to workwear, to accessories-- at discounted prices. At both of these Nordstrom discount stores, you can purchase premium clothing for under $100.

HOME REFRESH Painting a Front Door - Your front door is the first thing that people see w hen looking at your home. Why not make a statement about w ho you are by painting your door an eye-catching color? It?s an easy and inexpensive w ay to add instant charm and curb appeal to your home. Renovation Guru Paulette Caw thon w alks you through the refresh process step-by-step.




Before deciding on a color, test your front door to determine if your door was painted the last time with an oil-based paint or latex paint. If you put latex paint on top of an oil-based paint, it will begin to peel off. The previous owners of the house we are currently renovating decided to paint latex paint over oil-based paint. It took me hours to scrape and remove the old paint. Take some time beforehand to


Take the time to choose the perfect color by spending some time at the color swatch display at your preferred paint store. Even when you know the color you want, there are so many shades of color to choose from. Home Depot or Lowes will mix a color sample for you for around $3. Take the time to

Make sure you are not painting over oil-based paint. It will save you hours of grief later! To determine what type of paint it is, grab some denatured alcohol (this can be found by the mineral spirits at a local home improvement store) and an old rag. Rub the alcohol on the painted surface. If the paint rubs off, you have latex paint. If it doesn't come off, it is an oil-based paint.

Paint a couple of samples on the front door and "live" with them for a couple of days. This helps you make sure the color doesn't have any hidden undertones you might not have noticed in the store. If you don't buy the samples, tape some color swatches to the door and see how the color looks on the actual door. Be sure to look at the colors in the morning, afternoon, and at night. I can't tell you how many times I have decided on a color in the store, brought it home, painted a small area and decided I hated the color. The time spent on carefully choosing the color will pay off in the long run. Trust me on this!

If you have the misfortune of oil-based paint, you must either apply a good bonding primer, or use an oil-based paint again. Oil-based paint is not fun or easy to use. If possible, use a good bonding primer, such as Kilz or Zinsser.

For my front door, I chose a bright yellow. The actual color is Full Sun


PREP YOUR DOOR Prep work is really the key to a quality paint job. Preparing the surface will make or break your paint job. I know sometimes it seems like a lot of work, but it is the key to creating a finish you will be proud of. You will be surprised how dirty a front door can be. It makes sense when you think about it. How often do you clean the surface of your front door? I just used a mixture of soap and water and wiped down the door before I applied the paint. You do not want debris/ dirt painted into your door surface. You will see them, I promise! If you have sny areas that are not smooth, you may need to sand them lightly to make the surface nice and smooth.


REM OVE THE KNOB know it is a major pain, but there really isn't any other way to achieve a smooth look underneath your door knob. You do not have to remove the door, as long as you tape the hinges. This was my door before painting. Since it was wood, I didn?t have to worry about testing.


APPLY PAINT When you apply your first coat of paint, don't panic! Apply thin coats and let them completely dry before painting the next coat. Don't paint over wet paint. All you will do is pull the tacky (sticky) paint off. Exercise patience here. You may not think the color is right. Trust me; when paint dries, it is a different color than what you see when you first apply it. Use an angled brush to get into any corners and crevices of the door. Use a small roller (foam rollers are wonderful and inexpensive) to eliminate brush strokes.


ADM IRE YOUR WORK Painting our door was the first step in creating a lovely entryway for our home. I ended up going back and applying a contrasting grey trim around the door to make the yellow really pop, and adorn the door with a festive wreath each season. In the summer I stick with bright green floral that compliments the happy yellow, and for the holidays I love bring in rich navy and gold tones as accents. I also added a chair and welcome sign on our porch to make our home even more inviting. The front door always a welcoming sight after a long day of work.

Give it a Rest! Finding Your way to a Better Nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sleep Written by Molly Price !"#$%%#&'()#*+"#,$-%.#/0-',1#!$&"#234#50$)%#*+0(2/+#6(',$.4#$# 72-5&#8*(3#$*#*+$*#5(93$'.#+$33.#+(204#)$%&#*+"#,(/4#/"*#*+"# JURFHULHVÃ&#x20AC;QGWLPHWR PD\EH FRRNDKHDOWK\GLQQHUFDWFKRQH RI\RXUVKRZVWKHQIDOOLQWREHG5HSHDW,W·VDQHQGOHVVF\FOHRI SURGXFWLYLW\DQGSURFUDVWLQDWLRQ,QDOOWKDWFUD]LQHVVZHRIWHQ '"/%"5*#*+"#9(8*#-93(0*$'*#"%"9"'*#(:#(20#3+.8-5$%#$',#9"'*$%# ZHOOEHLQJ³JHWWLQJDJRRGQLJKW·VVOHHS





When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re traveling by yourself, the cost of an exotic beach vacation can be pretty steep. Writer Jessica Gillespie Swanwick shares how she spent three days relaxing in Maui without breaking the bank.


fter almost 24 hours of travel, three airports, and two airlines, I finally arrived in Maui. The flight from Dallas to Seattle seemed out of the way for a Hawaiian vacation, but the $5 ticket to Maui from Seattle was a steal of a deal earned through an insane accumulation of HawaiianMiles via the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard. Learning from previous vacations where my obsession with go-see-doing often left me drained physically and financially, I determined early on that the only things I would attempt to accomplish on this trip would be earning a full-body sunburn on the beach and driving the famed 64-mile Road to Hana. I deleted my work e-mail from my phone and made serious plans to relax. I envisioned cruising mountain roads, celebrating my independence in a sweet cruiser, and fully embracing the solo travel style so many fear.

But my initial plans took a detour when the rental car company informed me I would be celebrating self-reliance in a minivan. My first stop off the plane in Maui was to the rental car counter for a new car. Once I settled into the four-door sedan that would be my road trip buddy for the following days, I checked into my hotel, and then headed to the local grocery store. Although I love experiencing local food, I also love saving money. Spending twenty bucks at the grocery store went much further than twenty bucks at a restaurant. I picked up some staples and my favorite Maui Style Maui Onion Chips. (Frito Lay really should have a disclaimer on the bag denoting their addictiveness.) I hauled my goods back to the hotel, prepared PB&J sandwiches for a lazy day on the beach, and stored my fine cuisine in the fridge. After a good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep, I was ready for an all-day adventure.

The first full day in Maui, I drove part of the Road to Hana. The twisting mountain turns, narrow one-lane bridges, and picturesque viewpoints made the beautiful drive slightly harrowing. My goal was to relax on a black sand beach, and I got my wish when I made it to Wai’anapanapa State Park. The brilliant blue water and endless sky juxtaposing against the lush greenery and black formations was a sight so rich and vivid in color, it almost hurt my eyes to see. After a couple hours taking in the natural beauty and lounging on the beach, I headed back to the other side of the island. (I read beforehand that driving the Road to Hana in the dark was not a safe option for a driver unfamiliar with the area.) The next day and a half of my trip, I relaxed on the beach that was just steps away from my hotel. On my last evening, I caught a beautiful sunset from the shoreline and said “See You Later” to my relaxing vacation. Although I often spend my beach vacations wondering if I’m relaxing too much, I felt no guilt while in Maui. I needed some time away from regular life, and can’t wait for my next vacation.


So just where did Jessica’s money for Maui go? See the break down of her major expenses below.


Southwest Airlines Dallas to Seattle 297.20 Hawaiian Airlines Seattle, WA – Maui HawaiianMiles points + $5 in taxes


Days Inn Oceanfront 97.77/night

Rental Car:

Hertz, Nissan Altima $28.91/day + upgrade fee


Groceries from Foodland $20


Devoted to our favorite part of the workday, lunch, Break Bites keeps you full and satisfied all day long.

!"#$%&'()'$"*' +*),'#$'-.((/0*1' 2*&$#,2#)$&'$(/#3' 4#&'5(++()678#5*' .(2'!20$*2'9#5:';**' <2(40)<',7=''9#5:%&' &$(23'(.'*+>2#50)<' -?*#2'?#5$(21' .((/'2*+0)/&',&' $('@,&$'$23'0$'4"*)' *A78(20)<')*4'.((/' (7$0()&'#2(,)/'$"*' 50$3='B(,2'$#&$*'>,/&' +#3'$"#):'3(,'8#$*2=

!"#$% &#'()*+% ,-*./*%/012%3% $.'&%/#4*% 4#1*56 !

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ˆ˜vÕÃiܓiy>ۜÀˆ˜Ìœ̅i“° J-(*& 5(3& +6)"& *-+=4-*& +7& (3& ."7*+K"%& )=*3& +7& #"(*& 5(3& 4++8& "(*964& 7+%& =3& $()D& *-"6,&(68&93&(6&(8K"6*=%"&7+%& -9<3*"%&7++89"3&*+8(/>


* - "& 7++89"& $ + + #& 96& 7=..& 7+%)",& #+%"& (68& #+%"& %"3*(=%(6*3& (%"& 3*(%*964& *+& "W<"%9#"6*& 59*-& $%964964& y>ۜÀ ̜ º}>ÀL>}i “i>Ì]» *-"&6"4.")*"8&<9")"3&*-(*&;E#& <%"**/& 3=%"& "K"6*=(../& #(D"3& 9*3&5(/&96*+&+=%&D983E&-+*8+43>& '96"& 896964& %"3*(=%(6*3& 3"*& *-"#3".K"3&(<(%*&59*-&+77"%9643& +7& *-"3"& (*/<9)(.& #"(*3>& P+$."& N(6859)-& N-+<& 96& R=3*96,&?"W(3&$+(3*3&(&N"(%"8& O""7& ?+64="& N(6859)-& .+)(.& 7++89"3&.+K">&!(89(*+%&J-93D"/&

96& N"(**.",& J(3-964*+6& +77"%3& (& 3#+D"8& <94& -"(8& *-(*& vi>ÌÕÀià º ÀˆÃ«Þ vÀˆi` i>À» >˜` ºLÀ>ˆÃi` ̜˜}Õi°» /…i R%3"6(.& 96& J(3-964*+6,& I>F>& 3"%K"3& $""7& -"(%*& *(%*(%"& 8%"6)-"8& 96& J+%)"3*"%3-9%"& 3(=)"& (68& $(.3(#9)& 8%"33964>& "̅iÀ w˜i `ˆ˜ˆ˜} ÀiÃÌ>ÕÀ>˜Ìà +77"%& 96*"%6(.& +%4(63& 3=)-& (3& *-"& *-/#=3& 4.(68& +%& "K"6& $%(96>& F-"73& -(K"& ."(%6"8& *+& )%"(*"& 8".9)9+=3& 893-"3& 7%+#& "K"6&*-"&#+3*&=65(6*"8&<(%*3& +7& (6& (69#(.& (68& 3".")*9K"& 7++89"3& <(/& -(683+#"./& 7+%& *-+3"&(8K"6*=%+=3&"(*3>

!3&7/%'#&%&8.&%3% $.'&%&#%/8#9:% 4;%9#$#1:*1/2% <)&%3%$.'&%&#% /8.1*%4;%$#1-=% &81#)(8%>##=?6 ;& .+K"& *%/964& 6"5& 7++83,& $=*& ;& 8+6E*& )+6398"%& #/3".7& (& 7++89">& J-(*& ;& .+K"& #+3*& 93& Å>Àˆ˜} “Þ ˜iÜ vœœ` w˜`à 59*-& )+5+%D"%3>& J-"6"K"%& ;E#&(*&*-"&R39(6&4%+)"%/&3*+%",&  LÀˆ˜} L>VŽ ̜ ̅i œvwVi (& 7++8& *-(*& #/& )+5+%D"%3& #(/& 6+*& -(K"& *%9"8& $"7+%">& ;EK"& $%+=4-*& $()D& 4%""6& *"(& X%"+3,&89#&3=#&3*/."&)-9)D"6& 7""*,& (68& "K"6& $(.=*Y& '9%3*& Vœ“i]wÀÃÌÃiÀÛit̽ØœÌ̅>Ì 5(6*&*+&3-+)D&#/&)+5+%D"%3,& $=*&;&5(6*&*+&3-(%"&#/&5+%.8& *-%+=4-& 7++8>& R.*-+=4-& 9*E3&

7=66/& *+& 3""& *-"& )+6*+%*"8& 7()"3& *-"/& #(D"& 5-"6& *-"/& ÌÀÞ ÅÀˆ“« V…ˆ«Ã vœÀ ̅i wÀÃÌ *9#",&;E#&-(<<9"3*&5-"6&*-+3"& )+6*+%*"8&7()"3&*=%6&96*+&+D0 *-930936E*03+0$(8&7()"3>&R68&97& POF&"K"%&8")98"3&*+&%"3=%%")*& '"(%&'()*+%,&;E#&4+964&*+&3946& =<&+=%&5-+."&8"<(%*#"6*>&;E..& <9*)-&9*&*+&#/&$+33&(3&(&*"(#0 $=9.8964&()*9K9*/> V+&*+&'+%*/B(4(Z96">)+#&*+& 3""& (& #(<& +7& [()DE3& 7++89"& %"3*(=%(6*&<9)D3>

!"#$ %&'()$ *+)$ ,+)-$ ./

Your work cafeteria may look nothing like Mean Girls, but the anxiety in choosing who to sit with can be the same. Editorial Director Kian Hervey explains how to get along with everyone during lunch, and embrace eating alone.

8LI½VWXHE]SJ[SVO-HMHR´XLEZIXSXLMROEFSYXXLI HVIEHIHUYIWXMSR¯[LS[MPP-WMX[MXLJSVPYRGL#1] welcoming co-workers solved that problem by taking me out for lunch, aka showing me where the cafeteria was located. But after the welcome committee had done its job, -JEGIHXLIUYIWXMSREKEMR3RP]XLMWXMQIXLIUYIWXMSR[EW [LSHS-[ERXXSWMX[MXLJSVPYRGL#

%X½VWX-KVEZMXEXIHXS[EVHOther New Kids. We went through orientation together, training together, and endured more than a few “welcome to hell” conversations together. Extending our togetherness through lunch [EWEREXYVEP½X;IXEPOIHEFSYXTVIZMSYW work experiences, the application process

±8LI]EWOIH]SYXLEXMRXLIMRXIVZMI[#² ERH HMWGYWWIHSYVEGGPMQEXMSRXSXLINSF -X´PPFI [IIOWFIJSVI-KIXXLEXXVMGO]GSTMIVHS[R  Conversation with other new kids is always IEW]8LIVI´WRSTVIWWYVISRWIPPMRK]SYVWIPJSV XV]MRKXSMQTVIWW]SYVTIIVWFYXXLIVI´WEPWS limited opportunity to learn more about the company. Eventually my lunching progressed to Department Veterans. There are two types of department veterans – the seasoned professionals and self-proclaimed dinosaurs. Both are entertaining. Seasoned professionals ORS[XLIMV[E]EVSYRHXLISJ½GI8LI]GER tell you tips for accomplishing routine tasks UYMGOP] ±(SR´XGPSGOSYXJSVPYRGL4E]VSPP EYXSQEXMGEPP]HSIWMX² [LIVIXSWGSVIXLI FIWXWREGOW WIGSRH¾SSVFVIEOVSSQ ERH LS[XSEZSMHKIXXMRK½VIH ±1MGLEIP[EWPIX KSJSVQIWWMRKEVSYRH[MXL.ER² &I]SRH SJ½GIWXYJJWIEWSRIHTVSJIWWMSREPWIWTIGMEPP] those close to you in age, can give you an idea SJ[LEXXSI\TIGXSZIVXMQI 4VSQSXMSRWXEOI ]IEVWVEMWIWSRP]EGGSYRXJSVMR¾EXMSR 7IPJ proclaimed dinosaurs can tell you more about the company and how you can potentially QSZIEVSYRH-RWXIEHSJXYRMRKSYXWXSVMIW that begin, “Back in the day,” pay attention for GPYIWEFSYX[LEXXLIGSQTER]ZEPYIW-JXLI company is still using modems from 1998, chances are technological change/innovation

MWR´XETVMSVMX]-JQSVIHITEVXQIRXWLEZI sprung up over time, chances are the company is expanding. Mingling with the self-proclaimed dinosaurs can also expand your network to Employees outside your department. Why talk accounting all day when you can learn about QEVOIXMRK´WRI[[IFGEQTEMKRSVKSWWMT EFSYXVYQSVWSJLYQERVIWSYVGIW´RI[ FIRI½XWTEGOEKI#,EZMRKPYRGLFYHHMIWMR other departments gets you the inside scoop XS[LEX´WLETTIRMRKGSQTER][MHIERHXLI chance to take a mental break from your job and co-workers. Far removed from the drama of your immediate department, lunch mates outside your workgroup can make excellent venting companions. A fresh perspective and STMRMSRGERQEOIEHMJ½GYPX[SVOTVSFPIQ FIGSQIE½\IH[SVOTVSFPIQ But sometimes, when work seems endless, Eating Solo Dolo is the only way to get peace SJQMRH%X½VWXMXJIPXE[O[EVHGVSWWMRKXLI cafeteria/break room without the security SJTIIVW&YXEW-WEXHS[RXSQ]XEFPIJSV one, and started eating my modest lunch, the MRWIGYVMX]PIJX2MRIXMQIWSYXSJ-[EWR´X really alone—there was always somebody else eating alone. Some people were catching up on a lengthy read, completing a quick sketch, or zoning-out to NSFW tunes. Whether ]SY´VIXLIRI[OMHSRXLIFPSGOSVE[SVOMRK TVSJIWWMSREPPSSOMRKJSVERIWGETIMX´WIRXMVIP] acceptable to eat lunch on your own. -RXLITVSJIWWMSREP[SVPH1IER+MVPVYPIW HSR´XETTP]IWTIGMEPP]HYVMRKPYRGL

NEIMAN MARCUS COOKIES Retail legend says the recipe for these luxury cookies once cost a woman $250. Here we provide our version of the recipe for free. The labor that goes into making these cookies seems minimal on paper, but proper preparation requires patience and a strong arm. After a long, stressful day of work are a welcome, comforting treat. Impress your co-workers, friends or family by whipping up a batch.



1 c sugar 1 c brown sugar 1 c pecans 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips - 9 oz milk chocolate bar - 2 c instant oatmeal - 1 c butter - 4 c flour - 1 tsp baking powder - 1 tsp baking soda - 1/2 tsp salt - 2 eggs - 1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees 2. Use a blender to blend oatmeal to a fine powder. Set oatmeal aside. 3. Cream butter and sugars. 4. Add eggs and vanilla. 5. Mix together with flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder and soda. 6. Chop milk chocolate bar into slivers. Add chocolate chips, chocolate slivers, and pecans to mix. 7. Roll into balls and place 2 inches apart on a cookie sheet. 8. Bake for 10 minutes.

CLASSIC MINT MOJITO Not all mojitos taste the same. The distinguishing tastes in this classic drink not only come from the premium rum, but originate from the caster sugar, commonly known as pure cane sugar. Serve this drink at your next house party and you'll earn the title of skilled mixologist.

DI RECTI ONS 1. Start with a tall glass. This cocktail is crafted in the cup. 2. Add sugar, squeeze and drop in lime wedges. 3. Use a muddler to crush the limes and release the juice. 4. Take the mint leaves, rub leaves, and drop into mix 5. Fill the glass halfway with crushed ice. 6. Pour in Bacardi and stir ingredients 7. Add splash of club soda and garnish with mint.


2 parts BACARDĂ? Superior rum 4 lime wedges 12 fresh mint leaves 2 heaped tsp of caster sugar 1 part soda water/club soda Sprig of fresh mint to garnish

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