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Social Media

Your Business By Callie Reagan

I started AnotherHand LLC a year ago when I decided to turn people’s questions and requests into a business. I became a Virtual Assistant, meaning that I am a contract or freelance entrepreneur that performs work duties for individuals and companies from a remote location. Or better said, all that work that you have hanging over your head, I help you get that done. My diverse background in health, nonprofit, sales and customer service has given me a toolbox of resources and skills to help businesses grow and get work completed. Tasks from data entry to event planning to graphic design are all things that I love to do, but I have found that others don’t share my love. I guess my job is to help you get to the tasks that you really like to do and focus on what you do best. Social Media is one of the topics I received the most questions. Which honestly, I think that we overthink and make more difficult than it needs to be. Social Media comes down to these four things: have a plan, be consistent, be relevant and engage with your audience. Here are some of the top questions I receive.


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