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Your reader: __Go, Lovely Rose and the other_stories__ By H.E.BATES(1989)OXFORD Chapter

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Chap 1

‘But who is she with?’ said Mr Carteret.

Carteret 先生說她究竟跟著誰?,Carteret 太太說一位年輕男


‘A young man. She met him on the aeroplane,’ Mrs

人,在飛機場上遇見他,現在去睡覺。 臥房窗戶外的月亮燦爛地照耀著,Carteret 先生生氣說沒有

Carteret said. ‘Now go to sleep.’

人告訴我在飛機場上有一位年輕男人。Carteret 先生說你看

Outside the bedroom window the moon was shining


brightly. ‘Nobody told me there was a young man on the aeroplane’, said Mr Carteret crossly. ‘You saw him,’ Mrs Carteret said. ‘He was there when you met her at the airport.’

‘I don’t remember,’ said her husband.

她的先生說我不記得。 是的,你是。你注意他的帽子,你說這樣,它是亮綠色。

‘Yes, you do. You noticed his hat. You said so. It was

Carteret 先生說噢!親愛的。那男人?但對她而言他太老了。

light green…’


‘Oh dear!’ said Mr Carteret. ‘That man? But he’s too old

他是28歲,親愛的。現在去睡覺吧! Carteret 先生說不要睡,早上三點我還睡不著。

for her. He must be nearly forty.’


‘He’s twenty-eight, dear. Now go to sleep.’


‘I can’t sleep,’ said Mr Carteret. ‘Three o’clock in the


morning and I can’t get to sleep.’ ‘Just lie still, dear, and you’ll soon fall asleep,’ said his wife. It was a warm night in July. A gentle wind whispered in

the trees outside the bedroom window. It sounded like a 聽起來有車子來了,Carteret 先生站起來而且聽著。但他只 car coming. Mr Carteret sat up and listened. But it was

有風吹著。 Carteret 太太說你現在去哪裡?

only the wind.


‘Where are you going now?’ said Mrs Carteret.

麼。而且也很熱。 Carteret 太太睡著說穿上你的拖鞋。他發現拖鞋而且放在上

‘I’m going downstairs for a drink of water. I can’t sleep. I


can never sleep in moonlight – I don’t know why. And it’s 他讓水運行,直到它足夠的冷靜喝。 very hot too.’ ‘Put your slippers on,’ said Mrs Carteret sleepily. He found his slippers and put them on. He went down to the kitchen and turned on the tap. The water was warmish. He let the water run until it was cool enough to

drink. Then he opened the kitchen door and went out into 然後他打開廚房門並且到了花園。月亮照耀在玫璝花上。 the garden. The moon shone on his roses.

Carteret 先生每天看這些花朵,他們有紅色黃色和柔和的白 色。

Mr Carteret could see the shape and colour of every 其他的花上有露水。他站在草地上望著天空。月亮是如此明 flower. There they were: red and yellow and white, very 亮。這是一個強大的,白色的電燈燦爛的花園。在樹上有微 soft and sweet-smelling.

風。 在一次 Carteret 先生認為有車子來了。

Each flower was wet with dew. He stood on the short green grass and looked up at the sky. The moon was very bright. It was like a strong, white electric light shinning down on the garden. The wind whispered again in the trees. Again Mr Carteret thought it was a car coming. Suddenly he felt helpless

and miserable. ‘Sue,’ he said aloud, ‘Sue . . . where are you? What are

突然,他感到無奈和痛苦。他大聲的喊 Sue,“你在哪裡?” “你在做什麼?” Susie, Susie,你通常不會在外面太晚。

you doing?

他總是開心的叫著 Susie。通常都叫 Sue。當他帶她,卻叫她

Susie, Susie, you don’t usually stay out so late.’

蘇珊。 他記得19歲生日,三個禮拜前。她正準備飛到瑞士渡假。

Susie. He always called her Susie when he was specially pleased with her. Usually he called her Sue. When he was cross with her, he called her Susan. He remembered her nineteenth birthday, three weeks before. She was getting ready to fly off to Switzerland for a holiday. ‘How lovely she is!’ everyone said. ‘How pretty and


grown-up! And she’s going to Switzerland all by herself! “多麼漂亮,長大了!” 去瑞士全部靠自己!如此美麗 How wonderful!’

阿! 但是 Carteret 先生沒想到看著自己的女兒長大了。為了她看

But Mr Carteret did not think his daughter looked 上去比以往任何時候都更小,更少女。 “太年輕了”他生 grown-up. To him she looked smaller and more girlish 氣.. than ever. ‘Too young to go away by herself,’ he thought

他聽到教堂的鐘聲。三點半。在那一刻,他聽到一輛汽車的 聲音。這一次,他是肯定的。他能看到的燈光,沿著道路。



He heard the church clock. Half past three. At that 只是一個小十字架。 moment he heard the sound of a car. This time he was sure. He could see its lights coming along the road. ‘You’re late, young lady,’ he said to himself. He did not feel miserable anymore; just a little cross. He could hear

the car coming quickly along the road. Suddenly he 突然他開始朝著房子跑,他不想讓她在這發現他,他想回去 began to run towards the house. He did not want her to

床上,他的睡衣長褲太長,有著露水,他在跑步時捲起褲管。 這是愚蠢的


find him there. He wanted to get back to bed. His pyjama 前掉了一隻鞋。他停下撿起它, 而且在一次聽見車子的聲 trousers were too long. They were wet with dew. He held 音。全部是安靜的。再次,他是獨自一人在安靜,月光花園。 them up, like skirts, as he ran. ‘This is stupid,’ he thought. ‘What stupid things parents do sometimes!’ At the kitchen door one of his slippers fell off. He stopped to pick it up, and listened again for the sound of the car. All was quiet. Once again he was alone in the quiet, moonlight garden. His slippers were wet with dew. His


wet pyjama trousers felt uncomfortable on his legs. ‘It didn’t stop,’ he thought. He felt cross and miserable

他的睡衣是失的讓他感到不舒服。“這並沒有停止,”他 想。他覺得生氣和悲慘。 “我們總是快樂的走回家,”他 大聲說。 “那是樂趣的一部分。” 突然,他感到很害怕。

again. ‘We always walked home from dances,’ he said 他想起了他家附近路上的一角。 aloud. ‘That was part of the fun.’ Suddenly he felt frightened. He remembered the corner on the road near his house. It’s a dangerous corner,’ he said to himself. ‘There are accidents there every week. What if Susie and this (Page: 6-10)

man . . .’ He did not want to think about it. It was too awful. ‘And who is this man anyway? How do I know he’s a

這是一個危險的角落,“他對自己說。 “每個星期都有意 外。如果 Susie 和這個男人。 “他不去想它。這太可怕了。 這名男子是誰呢?

suitable friend for Susie? Perhaps he’s a married man. 我怎麼知道他是一個適合 Susie 的朋友?也許他是一位已婚 Or a criminal.’

男人。或犯罪人。他害怕對著這男人在這時。“我覺得是這 樣,當我看到她進入飛機,”他想“我有一種感覺。 脫離

All at once he had a terrible feeling about this man. ‘I felt 危險。 事故的發生。他現在渾身發抖。他覺得冷而且生病。 like this when I saw her getting into the aeroplane,’ he 在那個男人的車,她沒有崩潰,“他想。 “我敢肯定它。 thought. ‘I had a feeling of . . . of danger . . . accidents.’

現在他走向後前跨露水。 “我敢肯定,她出了車禍,他想。 “在幾分鐘一位警察來電- 哦,親愛的!哦,親愛的!“

He was shaking now. He felt cold and sick. ‘She’s had a crash in that man’s car,’ he thought. ‘I’m sure of it.’ Now he was walking backwards and forwards across the dewy, moonlight grass. ‘I’m sure she’s had an accident,’ he thought. ‘In a minute or two the police will telephone – oh dear! oh dear!’

He began to walk up the road in his pyjamas and 他開始走在道路上穿著睡衣和拖鞋也望著天空。 bedroom slippers.

月亮消失。這幾乎是一天。 “哦,她在哪兒?他哭著跑著。 幾分鐘後,他意識到有一雙黃色的眼睛在道路上,汽車的燈

He looked at the sky; there were lines of gold above the 光在路邊上。他不知道怎麼辦。 tree-tops. The moon was disappearing. It was almost day. ‘Oh, where is she? he cried, and he began to run. A few moments later, he thought he saw a pair of yellow eyes looking at him from the road. He realized that they were the lights of a car. It was standing at the side of the road. He did not know what to do about it. Should he go up to the car, and knock on the window and say, ‘Susan,


come home’? But there was always the chance that 其他男人的女兒在車上總有機會,“然後她會認為穿著睡衣 some other man’s daughter was in the car.

在這裡?”他停下來看著明亮的天空。 “如果他們看到我鄰居會怎麼想?”他想著應該要回加上

‘And then what will she think of me – out here in my 床睡覺。我不知道我為什麼會擔心這些。 pyjamas?’

當她很小時,我沒有想過這些。 他回頭並且開始走路回家。然而他聽到車子引擎聲。他觀看

He stopped and watched the light of day filling the sky. ‘What will the neighbours think if they see me?’ he thought. ‘I must go home and get to bed. I don’t know why I’m worrying like this. I never worried like this when she was little.’ He turned and started to walk home. Just then he heard a car engine. He looked round and saw its lights coming


along the road. Suddenly he felt more stupid than ever. There was no

突然他覺得比以前還笨。沒有時間可以逃。只有躲在樹後 面。這些溼答答的草染上他的睡衣。 車子經過他。他並沒有看到裡面是誰。他想也許是 Susie。

time to get away. He could only hide behind a tree. The 現在我應該回家換睡衣。開始在一次走著。 long wet grass under the tree made his pyjamas wetter then ever. The car passed him. He could not see who was inside. ‘Perhaps it’s Susie,’ he thought. ‘And now I shall have to go home and change my pyjamas.’ He started walking again. Then he stopped once more. ‘What if it isn’t Susie?’ he thought. ‘What if something really has happened to Susie?’

然後他在次停下來。他想“如果它不是 Susie?”。“如果 事情真的發生在 Susie 上?“

他生病感到冷而且悲慘。血液似乎低聲的在耳裡唱歌。 他的心似乎填補他的整個身體。 他低聲說' 哦!Susie' 來平平安安回家。請...... to whisper and sing inside his ears. His heart seemed to 他意識到在家門口停了這輛車。過了一會兒,他看到 Susie。 她穿著長的黃色晚禮服。 fill his whole body. 他想真是如此漂亮啊!他聽很甜美的聲音說再見。是的親愛 的謝謝你。 ‘Oh Susie,’ he whispered, ‘Come home safely. 他想我不應該現在讓她看到我。 He felt sick and cold and miserable. The blood seemed

Please . . . ‘ He realized that the car had stopped outside his house. A moment later he saw Susie. She was wearing her long yellow evening dress. ‘How pretty she is!’ he thought. He heard her sweet, girlish voice calling: ‘Goodbye. Yes. Lovely. Thank you.’ ‘I mustn’t let her see me now,’ he thought. ‘I must keep

我必須保持視線。 我必須從後門進去然後上樓穿上乾睡衣。 過了一會兒這車子開走並且沿著他開來。這時沒有機會可以 I must go in through the back door. Then I can go 躲。 在悲慘的時刻他站在那裏有車燈照著他的眼睛。 upstairs and put on dry pyjamas . . .’ 他對自己說看起來很自然。而且希望沒有人注意到我。 車子停下並有一些聲音傳出。請問先生,你是 Carteret 先生 A moment later the car turned and came back along the 嗎? out of sight.

road towards him. This time there was no chance to hide. For a few miserable moments he stood there with the light of the car shining in his eyes. ‘Look natural,’ he said to himself. ‘And hope that nobody notices me.’ The car stopped and a voice called out: ‘Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr Carteret?’

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I’m Carteret.’ He tried to sound cool and unworried. ‘Oh. I’m Bill Jordan, sir. ‘I’m sorry we were so late. I hope you haven’t been worried about Susie?’ ‘Oh! No. Of course not.’ ‘My mother kept us, you see.’ ‘But I thought you went to a dance.’ ‘Oh no, sir. We went to dinner with my mother. We played cards until three o’clock. My mother loves cards. She forgot the time.’ ‘Oh, that’s all right. I hope you had a good time.’ ‘Oh, we had a wonderful time, thank you. But I thought

他說是的。我是 Carteret。他似乎聽起來很好和不擔心。 噢。我是 Bill Jordan。我很抱歉我們遲到了。我希望你不要 為 Susie 擔心? 噢,不。當然囉。我的母親留住我們,你看看。 但是我想你們去跳舞。 噢,不。我們跟我媽媽一起吃飯。我們玩牌直到三點。我媽 媽喜愛牌。他忘記了時間。 是沒錯。我希望有一個美好的時間。 噢,我們有美好的時間,謝謝你。

that perhaps you were worried about Susie . . .’ ‘No, no. Of course not!’ ‘That’s all right then.’ The young man looked at Mr

但是我想也許你會擔心 Susie。 不,當然不會。 這年輕男人看了 Carteret 先生的濕睡衣而且在一次看著 他溫和的說是一個溫暖的夜晚不是嗎? 如此的熱,我睡不著。

他笑著說我要回家睡覺了。晚安先生 晚安。 Carteret’s wet pyjamas and looked away again. ‘It’s been 這車子開走了。 這年輕人揮手說再見 Carteret 先生叫住他 a wonderfully warm night, hasn’t it? he said politely. ‘Terribly hot. I couldn’t sleep’ ‘Sleep! I must get home to bed! He smiled, showing beautiful white teeth. ‘Good night, sir? ‘Good night.’ The car began to move away. The young man waved goodbye and Mr. Carteret called after him:

‘You must come and have dinner with us one evening . . .’ ‘How kind! Yes, please . . . Good night, sir’ Mr Carteret walked down the road.

有一朵漂亮的紅色玫瑰,新開的花紅的顏色如血。 他對自己說我撿起它。 ‘He called me sir,’ 把它拿上去給我妻子。但最後我還是把它丟在那裏。

he thought. ‘What a polite young man! I like him.’ He reached the garden. The new light of morning shone on his roses. There was one very beautiful red rose, newly opened and dark as blood. ‘I’ll pick it,’ he said to himself, ‘and take it upstairs for my wife.’ But, in the end, he decided to leave it there.

你一定要和我們吃晚餐。 是,請...晚安。 Carteret 先生走在路上。他想他叫我先生。 一位有禮貌的男人!我喜歡他。 他到了花園。早晨的光芒照耀在玫瑰上。

Chap 2 (Page: 11-16)

Bill got off the train, under a stormy, dark yellow sky. Automatically, he went to the railway footbridge. That was always the quickest way to the town. He could save half a mile that way. And then he saw that the footbridge was closed. There was a big blue notice board. ‘Danger. Keep off.’

Bill 下火車天空變暗了地上都是雪。他去了鐵路地下道。那 是去鎮上最快的方法。這方法可以減少半英里的路程。而且 他看到天橋是關著的。有一個藍色的看板寫著危險小心。所 以就走一段長路,沿著工廠和黑鐵路。很快地來到一間酒 吧。在這幾天裡,Bill 常常停在那裡在他去市場路上。在這

幾天他每天都來這個鎮上。買了一些蔬菜水果或在早期的春 天,他的水仙花,和他們在市場上銷售。在早期,他帶來了 So he went the long way, past the factories and along the 他們的馬和馬車。但很快他已經準備好要買他的第一輛 車......。 thin black railway line. Soon he came to a pub. In the old ‘This town has changed,’ he said to himself.

days, Bill often stopped there on his way to market. In those days he used to come into town every week. He brought his fruit and vegetables or, in early spring, his daffodils, and sold them in the market. In the early days, he had brought them in a horse and cart. But soon he had been ready to buy his first car...

在酒吧的牆上列車通過黑煙。Bill 經過玻璃門走到酒吧。他 說請給我一瓶啤酒。 鐵路員工都在酒吧的一個角落裡玩牌。Bill 付了啤酒錢。他 trains. Bill went through the glass door and walked up to 說我正在看著 Miss Whitehead。 她來到這裡。他住在威靈頓街也在鞋店工作。這吧台男生說 the bar. 那是很久以前了。他們在十年前外面鎮上蓋了新鞋子工廠。 The walls of the pub were black with smoke from passing

‘I will have a beer, please,’ he said. Tow railwaymen were playing cards in one corner of the bar. Bill paid for his beer. ‘I am looking for a Miss Whitehead,’ he said. ‘She used to come in here. She used to live in Wellington Street and work in the sheo factory there.’ ‘That was a long time ago,’ said the barman. ‘They built a new shoe factory ten years ago - outside the town.’

‘She used to come in here when Jack Shipley had this pub.’ ‘Jack Shipley?’ said the barman. ‘He’s been dead nine years now.’ One of the railwayman looked up from his card game. ‘Do you mean Cora Whitehead? he said. ‘That’s right.’ ‘She still lives in Wellington Street with her old dad.’ ‘Thanks very much,’ said Bill. He finished his drink and went out. The sky above his head was still that bright, unnatural daffodil yellow. Suddenly he remembered his first visit to this pub. He

當傑克有這個酒館她曾經來過這裡。這個吧台男生說你是傑 克?他已經去世九年。 鐵路員工抬頭看著。他說你的意思是 Cora Whitehead。是的。 她仍然住在威靈頓街和他爸爸。 Bill 說謝謝你。 他喝完酒後,出去了。他頭頂的天空仍然是那黃色的明亮, 不自然的水仙花。突然他記得第一次拜訪酒吧。

他在許多年前曾打過電話,在一場暴風雨,他給馬喝水和給 自己一些啤酒。他還以為多少年前是它嗎?。但仍然記得那 麼清楚。 drink of water for his horse and some beer for himself. 他還記得他的車已經充分的水仙。 他們是明亮的黃色,像現在他頭頂的暴風雨天空。 ‘How many years ago was it?’ he thought. ‘But I still 當他聽到打雷時正在過橋。然後在風暴來了。他沒有時間付 車子。加油! 他對著馬喊著。 remember everything so clearly.’ 他開車去酒吧。他發現馬和馬車都在乾燥的地方。然後他在 雨中跑著朝向酒吧的門。 His cart had been full of daffodils, he remember. They had called in, many years ago, during a storm, to get a

were a bright, burning yellow, like the stormy sky now above his head. He was crossing the bridge when he heard thunder. Then the storm came. He didn’t have time to cover the cart. ‘Come on!’ he shouted to his horse. He drove to the pub. He found a dry place for his horse and cart. Then he ran through the rain towards the door of the

一位女孩的聲音說別打翻我!。他說對不起。 他沒有注意到女孩衣服的顏色。也許這是藍色的 ;他並不 確定。但他注意到她大、紅嘴巴、 長長的紅棕色的頭髮和 ‘Don’t knock me over!’ said a girl’s voice. ‘Sorry,’ he said. 棕色的大眼睛。 他無法打開門,因為他的手是濕。她開始笑了起來。它是強 He had not noticed the colour of the girl’s dress. Perhaps 壯、友善的笑著、部會太大聲。過了一會兒太陽出來。他感 覺在他的臉上和脖子上。這個女孩說你像是一把傘在雨天。 it was blue ; he was not sure. But he had noticed her 門最後打開和們在酒吧裡面。 bar.

large, full, red month, also her long, reddish-brown hair and big brown eyes. He could not open the door because his hands were wet. She started to laugh. It was a strong, friendly laugh, not too loud. A moment later the sun came out. He felt it on his face and neck. ‘You’re as good as an umbrella on a wet day,’ the girl said. The door opened at last, and they were inside the

有煙和啤酒的味道三明治和溫暖的身軀。但她說有一種味道 的花朵在這裡。你也聞到了嗎? 他說我的購物車全部都是鮮花。水仙花。我一直以來 6 點 and warm bodies. But she said, ‘There’s a smell of 採摘他們。我手上的這些味道。他舉起他的手給她聞。她說 就是它。真是可愛的味道!他看著她,她喝了她的啤酒。他 flowers in here. Can you smell it too?’ 還以為她是美麗。他早到了市場12點了。 但他也陪在酒館裡直到接近兩點。每次他想過離開,雷聲和 ‘I’ve got a cart full of flowers,’ he said. ‘Daffodils. I’ve 雨敲再次打著窗戶。 pub. There was a smell of smoke and beer, sandwiches

been picking them since six o’clock this morning. I’ve got the smell of them on my hands. ’ He held up his hands for her to smell. ‘That’s it,’ she said. ‘What a lovely smell!’ He watched her as she drank her beer. ‘She’s beautiful,’ he thought. He wanted to be early at the market by twelve o’clock. But he stayed in the pub with her until nearly two. Every time he thought about leaving, the thunder

他說我應該回去了。她說你說的對。你將賣你的水仙花。你 得到一個快樂的臉。人們總是喜歡你是快樂的。你怎麼知 道? have to go,’ he said. ‘you’ll be all right,’ she said. ‘You’ll 她說我帶他們的快樂。我總是這樣做。而且她是對的。 在一整天裡,和很長的時間之後,Bill 是幸運的。那晚上是 sell all your daffodils. You’ve got a lucky face. People like 明亮而且是好的。顧客來到市場。他們看到閃亮的水仙花, 他們買了全部。Bill 想著她是對的。她確實給我帶來好運 。 you are always lucky. ’ ‘How do you know?’ 很快 Bill 賣掉馬和馬車,並買了一輛車。 crashed and the rain beat against the window again. ‘I

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‘I bring them luck,’ she said. ‘I always do.’ And she was right. All that day, and for a long time afterwards, Bill was lucky. That evening was clear and fine. Customers came to the market. They saw the shining yellow daffodils and they bought them all. ‘She was right,’ thought Bill. ‘She did bring me luck.’ Soon Bill sold his horse and cart and bought a car.

首先他沒有想他有足夠的錢。她說聽著。貝特有一輛舊車他 想要賣了。它會便宜的-你會看到。 她是對的。Bill 很便宜地買輛車。 said. ‘Frankie Corbett’s got an old car that he wants to 她說你看。我給你帶來好運。那年夏天 Bill 開始訪問中環威 靈頓街的房子。Cora 的母親死了,她的父親整夜工作在鐵路 get rid of. I’ll have a word with Frankie. It’ll be cheap 上。所以很容易為他們在一起過夜。那些快樂的時光。他們 不說話,但他們也非常高興。她理解他這麼好。 you’ll see.’ 她說你知道什麼? At first he didn’t think he had enough money. ‘Listen,’ she

She was right. Bill bought the car very cheaply. ‘You see,’ she said. ‘I bring you luck.’ That summer Bill began to visit the house in Wellington Street. Cora’s mother was dead and her father worked all night on the railway. So it was easy for them to spend the night together. Those were happy times. They didn’t talk much, but they were very happy. She understood him so well. ‘Do you know

what?’ She said. ‘I know when you turn the corner by the bridge. I feel you near me.’ Bill rented his land from an old man called Osborne.

我知道當你走到這座橋的轉角。我感覺到你在我身邊。 Bill 從一位老人叫奧斯本租了土地。 奧斯本有一個小農場。他有雞和幾頭牛和羊。 大部分的土地覆蓋著老果樹。在春天水仙花增長厚實地在每 一棵樹的腳。奧斯本說我自己老了。我想要去和我的妹妹一

起生活。我會便宜賣給你的農場。我交的押金和給我剩下的 錢以後。突然 Bill 看到他的生命在他面前像明亮、 美麗的 Osborne had a little farm. He had chickens and a few 地毯。 cows and sheep. Most of the land was covered with old fruit trees. In the spring the daffodils grew thickly at the foot of every tree. ‘I’m getting old,’ Osborne said one day. ‘I’d like to go and live with my sister. I’ll sell you the farm, cheap. Pay me a deposit and give me the rest of the money later.’ Suddenly Bill saw his life in front of him like a bright,

一個農場! 那天晚上他開車出去兜風與 Cora。他們停在一個欄位中充滿 了夏天的花。他們從這條路充滿長長的草。他躺在背上在花 That evening he went for a drive with Cora. They stopped 叢中。他抬頭看著蔚藍的天空,並向 Cora 談到他的計畫。 但 Cora 還不確定。 in a field full of summer flowers. The long grass hid them 於是你付奧斯本五十英鎊作為押金,然後你得到什麼?土 地。農場建築物在果樹上的動物。 from the road. He lay on his back among the flowers. He 她說我不知道。她躺在那裡很長時間,並抬頭看看 8 月的 天空。 looked up at the bright blue sky and talked to Cora about 她閉上眼睛轉向他的臉。 beautiful carpet. A farm!

his plans. But Cora wasn’t sure. ‘So you pay Osborne your hundred and fifty pounds as a deposit, and then what do you get?’ ‘The land. The farm buildings The animals The fruit trees. Everything.’ ‘I don’t know,’ she said. She lay there for a long time, and looked up at the August sky. Then she shut her eyes,

and turned her face towards his. Softly and lovingly they kissed. After a long time she opened her eyes again. ‘I’ve been thinking,’ she said. ‘Can I join you in this business? I’ve got fifty pounds. How much does he want for his farm?’ ‘A thousand.’ ‘And we’ve got two hundred. Can you borrow any more?’ ‘I don’t know where I can get it form.’ ‘I can get it,’ said Cora. ‘I’ll ask Frankie Corbett. He’s got plenty of money I’ll talk to Frankie and ask him to help us.’ Suddenly he was holding her face in his hands. ‘We’ll get married,’ he

在很長時間後,她再次打開她的眼睛。她說我一直在想。 可 以加入你在這項業務嗎?我有五十英鎊。 他多麼想為他的農場?'我們有兩百年。你可以借任何更多嗎?' Cora 說我不知道哪裡能弄單子。可以得到它。我會問弗蘭基 科貝特。他有很多的錢 — 我會請他幫我們談談。突然他在 他的手中握著她的臉。 他說我們會結婚。你知道你在說什麼 — 你帶我回來 。

他們再次親吻。Bill 想我從未忘記過這天。 我感覺我很幸運-這世界上最幸運的男人。我得到了車、房 子、農舍和女人給我的愛。他說這一切開始。有著水仙。Cora They kissed again. ‘I’ll never forget this day,’ thought Bill. 說這是重要的東西開始與幾個水仙花一樣的東西。Bill 在是 吻我。 ‘I feel lucky – the luckiest man in the world. I’ve got a car, 六個星期後,在多雨的 10 月黃昏,他殺死弗蘭基科貝特...... 他想弗蘭基科貝特,隨著他慢慢地和走在威靈頓街,沿行的 and a horse, and a farm… and the woman I love.’ ‘And it 煙熏的小房子裡。 said. ‘You know what you said – you bring me back.’

all started,’ he said, ‘with the daffodils.’ ‘That’s how all important things start,’ said Cora. ‘With something small like a few daffodils. Kiss me again, Bill.’ Six weeks later, on a rainy October evening, he was killing Frankie Corbett… He thought about Frankie Corbett now, as he walked slowly and heavily up Wellington Street, along the rows

of smoke-blackened little house. The sky above the factory chimneys was still dark and stormy. A man walked up the street with two thin, long-legged

工廠上煙囪被天空覆蓋仍然是黑暗和暴風雨。 一名男子走上一條街與兩個薄、 長腿的狗在他身旁。這是 弗蘭基科貝特如何來了那天晚上。但他只有一隻狗。我知道 他是誰,因為狗。 你在等待這個男人嗎? 他們問他之後,所有那些年前。但他

只是想說話,他告訴他們。他知道那弗蘭基科貝特帶他散步 的狗每天晚上。他知道這是有點白色、 喧鬧的狗。Cora 已 dogs beside him. That was how Frankie Corbett came 經告訴他了。 that evening. ‘But he only had one dog. I knew who he was, because of the dog.’ ‘Were you waiting for this man?’ they had asked him afterwards, all those years ago. But he had only wanted to talk, he told them. That was all. He Knew that Frankie Corbett took his dog for a walk every evening. He knew it was a little white, noisy dog. Cora had told him about it.

Bill 沒有認識到他是如何嫉妒。它不是嫉妒的一個熱、 快速、 突然他的嫉妒是安靜和緩慢燃燒,但它是非常強大。Cora 開始談論 Frankie 的時候就開始。Frankie 會拿到錢。不,我 quick, sudden kind of jealousy. His jealousy was quiet 不能看到你今晚因為我要看看 Frankie. 他開始覺得她不能確定。他問她:你認識 Frankie 多久了嗎? and slow-burning, but it was very strong and deep. It 哦,我知道 Frankie 的所有的生命 。 他現在很擔心。......有你嗎?他停下來。 started when Cora began to talk about ‘Frankie’. ‘Frankie 她知道他的意思,當然她總是那麼好理解他。 Bill had not realized how jealous he was. It was not a hot,

will get the money. No, I can’t see you tonight because I have to see Frankie.’ He began to feel unsure about her. ‘How long have you known this Frankie?’ he asked her. ‘Oh, I’ve known Frankie all my life.’ He was worried now. ‘Have you…?’ He stopped. She knew what he meant, of course. She always

understood him so well. ‘Oh, we’ve had a bit of fun sometimes.’ ‘But…is he… more than a friend?’ ‘Oh, we went out together a few times. But we argued all the time. We were no good for each other. He’s nothing to me now. But Frankie will do anything for me.’ Bill didn’t like that. ‘What will she do for him in return?’ he wondered. Cora was angry. ‘Look,’ she said. ‘We want the money, don’t we? But I can’t ask for hundreds of pounds, just like that. Now can I? Be patient.’

哦,我們有時度過了一點樂趣。但比他多一個朋友嗎? 哦,我們一起出去過幾次。不過,我們認為所有的時間。我 們都對對方沒有好處。他現在是什麼都不給我。但 Frankie 將為我做任何事。 Bill 不喜歡這樣。她會怎麼做為他的回報? 他不知道。 Cora 很生氣。她說看。我們想要錢,不是嗎?但我不能問的 數百磅,只是這樣的。我現在可以嗎?要有耐心。

花了一個月才能拿到錢。長時間結束之前,他的心充滿嫉 妒。他能感覺到它越來越成長,慢慢地燃燒掉他的心。他夢 想的房子、 農場、 果樹或水仙花。相反他夢想的 Cora 在 the month, his heart was full of jealousy. He could feel it 另一個男人的懷抱。然後關於 Cora 的孩子的消息。他心裡 非常害怕這是 Frankie Corbett 兒童。也就是為什麼他等著那 growing inside him, and slowly burning his heart away. 天晚上,Frankie Corbett。 人們通過,看到他在那裡等。然後一隻白色的小狗來了。它 He longer dreamed of the house, the farm, the fruit trees 吵嚷 Bill。他知道這是 Frankie Corbett 的狗。然後 Frankie Corbett 來了。 or the daffodils. Instead he dreamed of Cora in another It took a month to get the money. Long before the end of

man’s arms. Then came the news about Cora’s baby. He was terribly afraid that it was Frankie Corbett’s child. And that was why he waited for Frankie Corbett that evening. People passed and saw him waiting there. Then a small white dog came along. It yapped at Bill. He knew it was Frankie Corbett’s dog. Then Frankie Corbett came. He

他拿著拐杖。 Bill 攔住了他。他猛烈搖晃。他說我必須跟你!。黑色線條和 紅色線條跳舞在他眼前。 Bill stopped him. He was shaking violently. ‘I must talk to 它下起雨來。Frankie 說濕掉了。我不能在雨中站在這裡和你 說話 。我要誠實的答案。Bill 說就這樣。只是那狗再次吠和 you!’ he said. Black and red lines danced in front of his Frankie 憤怒地抬起他的手杖。 突然想起了 Bill ,Frankie 意味著要用棍子打他。一分鐘以 eyes. 後 Bill 他用刀刺。它長而薄的刀。 was much than Bill. He was carrying a walking-stick.

It began to rain. ‘I’m getting wet,’ said Frankie. ‘I can’t stand here in the rain, and talk to you.’ ‘I want an honest answer. That’s all,’ said Bill. Just then the dog yapped again, and Frankie Corbett lifted his stick angrily. Suddenly Bill thought that Frankie Corbett meant to hit him with the stick. A minute later Bill was hitting out with his knife. It a long, thin knife. Bill used it to cut his

vegetables. Frankie Corbett fell down and hit his head on the ground. Cora was right: it was the little things that were important. The knife, the yapping dog, the people who saw him waiting in the rain. And then, of course, there was his jealousy. At the trial they talked a lot about jealousy. ‘How can you describe this man’s jealousy?’ they asked Cora. ‘Black jealousy,’ said Cora. Bill knew that it was true. She was knew how he felt about things. She loved him truly. But her words had sent Bill to prison for eighteen years…

Frankie Corbett 摔下來和撞在地上。 Cora 是正確: 這是很重要的小事情。這把刀,正在吠的狗, 看到他在雨中的人。當然,有他的嫉妒。在審判時他們大談 嫉妒。 他們問 Cora 怎麼你能描述一下這個男人的嫉妒嗎? Cora 說黑嫉妒。Bill 就知道那是真的。她是知道他的事情的 感覺。她真正愛他。但她的話送了 Bill 十八年監獄......

84 威靈頓街。Bill 現在是在房子外面。他頭頂的風雨越來越 暗。他聽到雷聲,很長的路走的崩潰。他的心跳變快,和紅 色和黑色線條在眼前跳舞。他想當我再等待 Frankie Corbett Above his head the stormy sky was getting darker. He 我感覺喜歡這個。她會有嗎?如果她在那裡我能說什麼對她 在這段時間之後嗎?' heard the crash of thunder, a long way away. His heart 他敲了門。在屋子裡面門開始打開。他的心跳比以往還要 快。一個女孩站在門前的臺階上。 was beating fast, and red and black lines danced in front 他對自己說她沒變化。 84 Wellington Street. Bill was outside the house now.

of eyes. ‘I felt like this when I was waiting for Frankie Corbett,’ he thought. ‘Will she be there? And if she is there, what can I say to her after all this time?’ He knocked on the door. A light came on inside the house. The door began to open. His heart was beating harder than ever. He waited. A girl stand on the doorstep. ‘She








他還記得當他們相遇,水仙花的那天。他想然後我愛她。現 在還愛著她 。 她說是嗎?聲音是不同的。它是更安靜、 更輕。然後他是她 daffodils. ‘I loved her then,’ he thought, ‘and I still love her 的臉,和他突然知道...... 他問:你是 Cora 的女兒嗎? now.’ 是。 我是她的一位老朋友......她什麼時候回來? ‘Yes?’ she said. The voice was different. It was quieter 直到晚上要很晚。她在鞋廠工作。他說:我看。 remembered the day when they met, the day of the

and lighter. And then he was her face, and suddenly he knew… ‘Are you Cora’s daughter?’ he asked. ‘Yes.’ ‘I’m an old friend of hers…When will she come back?’ ‘Not until late tonight. She’s working at the shoe factory.’ ‘I see,’ he said.

突然雷聲開始下起雨了。 她說進來。進來等到雨停。 他說不,我會搭公車到下一站。 ‘Come in,’ she said. ‘Come in and wait until the rain 但雨像瀑布一樣。 她說你不能出去,站在門口這裡。 stops.’ 他的心劇烈地跳動。血液似乎在他的耳朵唱歌。她的眼睛是 棕色和軟和親切就像 Cora。 ‘No, I’ll get a bus to the station,’ he said. 她說你要趕火車嗎? Suddenly the thunder crashed and the rain began to fall.

But the rain was coming down like a waterfall. ‘You can’t go out in this,’ she said. ‘Stand here in the doorway.’ His heart was beating violently. The blood seemed to sing in his ears. Her eye were brown and soft and kind, just like Cora’s. She said ‘Do you have to catch a train? If you don’t,

perhaps I can lend you an umbrella. You can bring it back tomorrow.’ He looked at the sky above the factory chimneys. ‘It looks brighter over there,’ he said. ‘Wait one more minute,’ the girl said. ‘Then if the rain doesn’t stop, I’ll go and get that umbrella.’ Suddenly he was afraid to say any more. ‘She’s going to (Page: 26-28)

ask my name,’ he thought, but he was afraid to tell her. ‘I must go,’ he said. ‘I don’t want to keep you standing here.’ ‘I’ll get the umbrella,’ she said. Suddenly he remembered her mother’s words: ‘You’re

假如你沒有也許我可以借你傘。你明天可以在還我。 他看天空以上工廠的煙囪。他說它看起來更亮在那裡。 這個女孩說等待一分鐘。然後如果雨不停,我就會去把拿傘。 突然他害怕說太多話。他想她要問我的名字,但他不敢告訴 她。 他說我必須走。不想讓你站在這裡。她說我將拿到傘。 突然他想起她母親的話,你在雨天像似一把傘一樣濕。

as good as an umbrella on a rainy day.’ Then the girl said: ‘I’ll walk as far as the bridge with you. It isn’t raining very hard now. You can get a bus there and I can bring the umbrella back.’ ‘I don’t want to trouble you…’ ‘Oh, that’s all right.’ She laughed. Her laugh, too, was like her mother’s. She ran out, and held the umbrella over them both. By accident he touched her arm, and felt almost sick with excitement.

然後那個女孩說 走到橋邊與你。它現在不下雨。你可以搭公車在那裡,我可 以把雨傘拿回。 我不想麻煩你..... 哦,這是好的。她笑了。她的笑聲像她的母親。 她跑了出來,兩個一起撐傘。由車禍他碰她的手臂,覺得興 奮不已。

‘Why are you hurrying?’ she asked suddenly. ‘Are you going anywhere special?’ She was right. He was hurrying. The excitement of her

她突然說你為什麼這麼趕?你將去特別的地方? 她是對的。他匆忙趕著。她性份她靠近,通過雨。他笑了起 來。 他說地方特殊。 我就知道所有的時間 。

這也像她的母親。他想起 Cora 的話我知道你要來的時候...... 我感覺到你在我身邊。 nearness was driving him on, through the rain. He 在他們到達橋之前,雨停了。 laughed. ‘Nowhere special,’ he said. ‘I knew it all the time.’ That was like her mother too. He remembered Cora’s words: ‘I know when you’re coming… I feel you near me.’ The rain stopped before they reached the bridge. The sky

looked newly washed after the storm. They stood together 風暴過後的天空。他們站水仙花的天空下。 她說我喜歡和你在一起。你覺得像這一些人嗎?你知道當你 under that daffodil sky. 見到他們。 ‘I like being with you,’ she said. ‘Do you feel like that about 他說這是正確的。 突然間他想要告訴她他是誰。他想要告訴她一切關於他自 some people? You know immediately when you meet them.’ 己。他想要告訴她她的母親和他失落的夢。但他很害怕。 ‘That’s right,’ he said. Suddenly, he wanted to tell her who he was. He wanted to tell her all about himself. He wanted to tell her about her mother, and his lost dream. But he was afraid. ‘I can’t stay here,’ he thought. ‘I ought to get out now. I ought to find a little farm like Osborne’s, and work there.

他想我不能待在這裡。我應該現在出去。我應該找到一個小 農場像 Osborn 在那裡工作。

I ought to start all over again. There’s plenty of farm work at 我應該從頭再來。在每年有很多場農工作在時候。 然後他感到突然的、 可怕的孤獨。他覺得噁心,悲慘地非 this time of year.’ 常害怕。他抬頭看黃色的天空。將你......他開始。 Then he felt a sudden, awful loneliness. He feel sick and 一輛火車響聲如雷,橋下和失去他的話了。它離去後,她說 你說了什麼? miserable and terribly afraid. He looked up at the yellow sky. 並不重要。我只想......也許你會想要和我一起喝一杯嗎? ‘Will you…’ he began. A train went under the bridge with a noise like thunder, and his words were lost. When it had gone, she said, ‘What did you say?’ ‘It doesn’t matter. I was just wondering… Perhaps you’d like to have a drink with me?’ She smiled. ‘Well, what are we waiting for then?’


Bill 說沒有。 他們在一起朝酒吧走去。她搖搖傘。她抬頭看水仙花天空。 They walked together towards the pub. She shook the 她說風暴已經結束。明天將會是美好的一天。她又笑了,他 umbrella and closed it. She looked up at the clam, rain-washed 就知道她是對的。 ‘Nothing,’ said Bill.

daffodil sky. ‘The storm’s over,’ she said. ‘It’ll be a lovely day tomorrow.’ She smiled again, and he knew she was right.


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(Page:29-33) It was September, and of course it was still summer. But sometimes there was snow on the mountains above the lake. It was soft, light snow, like sugar on a cake. And it soon disappeared in the hot sun. At the bottom of the hotel garden, grape vines grew up a

那時是九月,仍然是夏天。但是有時候山上的湖有雪。雪輕 輕軟軟的,像蛋糕上的糖。在烈日下很快的就消失了。 在飯店盡頭的花園,葡萄樹成長在陽光明媚的牆。那些紫 色微黑的葡萄很小而且很甜。 每天早上的十點鐘,有一位差不多 50 歲的德國女人帶著

sunny wall. The grapes were small, purple-black and


wonderfully sweet.


Every morning, at ten o’clock, a German woman of about fifty came to the garden with a sketch book. She sat under the grape vines and sketched until twelve o’clock. She was tall,

有點嚴肅。在她開始寫生時,她總會先採一些葡萄。飽滿的 嘴唇不斷的一顆接著一顆慢慢地吃。 喬治 Graham 看著她心想。『就像親吻一樣。』女人溫暖

straight and serious, with long fair hair and ice-blue eyes.


Before she began sketching, she always picked some grapes.


Then she ate these slowly, one by one. Her full lips opened and closed around each grape. ‘Like kissing,’ thought George Graham as he watched her.

在十二點鐘前西方開始吹起了冷風,吹走她的素描紙。喬 治 Graham 從椅子上跳起來抓住那些紙。 她笑了,然後仔細的說英文:

The woman’s warm, full lips seemed so different from the rest


of her face. It was like watching two different people: one cold


and serious, the other warm and full of fun.


Before twelve o’clock a cold wind began to blow from the

Graham 說:「這裡通常到十一月都會有好天氣。」

west. It blew the woman’s papers away. George Graham


jumped up from his chair and caught them.


She smiled – with her lips, not her eyes – and said in careful English: ‘I am very grateful.’ ‘The wind is strong this morning,’ he said. ‘Yes. I hope it is not going to rain.’ ‘Usually we have good weather here until November,’ said

那女人說:「哦?很好,這裡非常漂亮。」 然後 Graham 看著那女人的素描。出乎他意料的,素描上 並不是湖泊或是山,反而是一個女孩的臉。 女人說:「請不要看我的作品,畫的不好,我只是來打發 時間的。」 「但是…為什麼你畫的不是這裡的景物?」



‘So this is not your first visit?’


‘I’ve been here twice before.’


‘So? Well, it is very beautiful,’ the woman said.


Then Graham looked at the woman’s sketch. To his surprise


it did not show the lake or the mountains. Instead, he saw a


picture of a girl’s face.


‘Please do not look at my work,’ the woman said. ‘It is no good. I only do it to pass the time.’

「是阿,坐在這太冷了。我想今天下午還是開車好了。在 山谷的頂端有新的大水壩妳看過了嗎?真的很壯觀。」

‘But…why are you sketching something that isn’t there?’


‘I am no good at lakes or mountains. I find them boring.’


‘May I ask who is the girl?’


‘My daughter.’


‘Of course. She looks like you.’


She put a grape into her mouth and ate it slowly. Her mouth

smiled but her eyes were still cold and unfriendly. Suddenly the sun disappeared. A cold wind blew. ‘It isn’t very nice out here now.’ She said. ‘No. It’s too cool for sitting. I think I shall go for a drive this afternoon. Have you seen the big new dam that they’ve built at the top of the valley? It’s really wonderful.’ ‘No. I have not seen it.’ ‘You really ought to see it. Perhaps you would like to come and see it with me this afternoon?’ She put another grape into her mouth and looked at him with those cold blue eyes. ‘That is very kind of you,’ she said at last. ‘I would like to come.’ Chap 2

‘There isn’t much water coming down at this time of year,’

(Page:29-38) said Graham.

Graham 說:「每年這個時候都沒有很多水。」 他們在水壩旁邊,灰色的厚牆佈滿了山谷。對 Graham 而

They were beside the dam. Its thick grey wall filled the valley. To Graham the dam looked like a big, empty theatre,

言水壩看起來像一個大的空戲院,安靜的等待一些令人興奮 的事。他們的聲音不自覺地大聲。

which was waiting for something exciting to quiet. Their


voices sounded unnaturally loud.


‘Shall we leave?’ she said suddenly. ‘I…I don’t like looking down.’

「但是你來看水壩。」 Graham 說:「它讓我感興趣,看它我從不覺得累。」

‘You don’t like high places? I’m the same.’


‘But you come to look at the dam.’


‘It interests me,’ said Graham. ‘I never get tired of looking


at it.’ They went back to the car. They got in and the German woman said: ‘Where does the road go to?’ ‘Nowhere. There’s a village a few miles up the valley. The road stops there.’

裡。」 他發動了汽車然後往新建的道路行駛。 Graham 說: 「如果天氣轉涼了,我們可以到那間小的餐廳 點杯熱咖啡,他們也有很棒的蛋糕。」 那女人沒有回答,很快的談話結束了。Graham 想著接下 來要說什麼,最後他問:

He started the car and they drove up the new, well-made road. ‘If it gets cold, we can go into the little restaurant and have

「妳女兒幾歲?」 「Trudi 二十五歲。」 「Trudi…那你叫什麼名子?」

hot coffee,’ said Graham. ‘They have very good cakes there

「Gerda,Gerda Hauptmann。」


「我的名子是喬治 Graham,妳和妳女兒非常像。」

The woman did not answer. Soon the conversation died. Graham wondered what to say next. Finally he asked:

「你這麼認為嗎?很好,是說,如果你還在的話,她下禮 拜就來了,你可以自己看。」

‘How old is your daughter?’


‘Trudi is twenty-five.’


‘Trudi…And what is your name?’


‘Gerda. Gerda Hauptmann.’


‘My name’s George Graham. You and your daughter are very much alike.’ ‘Do you think so? Well, you will be able to see for yourself when she arrives next week. That is, if you are still here then.’

他說:「所以妳不喜歡高的地方?」 「我年輕的時候爬過很多山,但我總覺得…」 「我了解,」他說著然後抓起她的手。她冷冷的看著他。 「誰說你可以抓我的手?」

‘Yes. I shall be here.’

Graham 說:「抱歉,我覺得妳好有吸引力。」

Twenty minutes later he stopped the car in the village at the


head of the valley. They began to walk up the mountain. The


weather was changing. It was becoming hot and sunny. Soon


they stopped to rest. She sat on a rock and looked around. Her


fair hair shone in the sunlight. She looked younger and more


attractive than before.


‘So you don’t like high places?’ he said.

她突然站起來說: 「不是今天,我很抱歉,但不是今天。」

‘When I was younger I did a lot of mountain-climbing, but I


always felt…’ ‘I know,’ he said, and took her hand. She looked at him coldly.

山莊裡的小餐廳,吃蛋糕喝紅酒。第二次見面她說: 「如果 Trudi 沒有錯過火車,她明天就到這裡了。她很可 能會忘記從 Domodossola 走出來。」

‘Who said you could do that?’

「我可以載妳到 Domodossola 接她。」

‘Sorry,’ said Graham. ‘I find you very attractive.’


She looked down at the ground.


‘Well, you don’t need to worry. My husband is dead,’ she said. ‘But you are still young and attractive. Don’t you feel lonely sometimes…?’

溫暖有愛的。 她突然說:「看看那邊的小石橋。」 「旁邊那是什麼?我一直想知道。」 Graham 說: 「走吧我們去看看。」他停下車,然後他們走

‘That is natural.’


‘Then let me kiss you.’


She stood up suddenly. ‘Not today,’ she said. ‘I am sorry.


But not today.’ Twice in the next four days they walked up the mountain. Twice on the way back they stopped at the little restaurant in the village and had cakes and dark red wine. On the second visit she said: ‘Trudi will be here tomorrow – if she doesn’t miss the train. She will probably forget to get out at Domodossola.’ ‘I can drive you to Domodossola to meet her.’


‘Oh, let her take the bus,’ she said impatiently. ‘It will do her good.’ On the way back to the hotel she was warmer, more attractive than ever before. There was a gentle, loving look in her blue eyes. ‘Look at that little stone bridge,’ she said suddenly. ‘What is on the other side? I’ve always wondered.’ ‘Well, let’s go and see,’ said Graham. He stopped the car and they walked across the bridge. On the other side was a forest. A small wooden building stood among the trees. They sat on the seat inside the building. Again he could feel how warm and friendly she was. He touched her arm. She turned her face towards him, and they kissed. ‘That was a very beautiful kiss,’ she said softly. ‘Shall we do it again?’

Chap 3

Next morning they drove to Domodossola to meet her

(Page:38-44) daughter. She did not seem excited about it. ‘I don’t know why we are doing this. She is probably still in Munich.’

隔天早上他們開車到 Domodossola 迎接她女兒。她似乎沒有 很興奮。 「我不知道我們現在在做什麼,她肯定還在 Munich。」 「好吧,我們很快就知道了。」

‘Well, we shall soon know.’


‘She is a stupid, thoughtless girl.’


Five miles later, she spoke again.


‘I ought to warn you – she doesn’t speak very good


English.’ ‘Not like you, then. Where did you learn your English?’

「我有個好老師。」 火車沒有誤點,Trudi 就在車上。Graham 看到一個女生穿

‘I had a good teacher.’


The train was not late, and Trudi was on it. Graham saw a


tall girl in a fashionable yellow dress. She was carrying a small blue suitcase and she looked happy and sure of herself. Yes, she was like her mother, but much more attractive.

兩個女人沒有接吻也沒有揮手。她們看起來沒有很開心的 見到對方。 Graham 心裡想著:『不像母女。』

The two women did not kiss. They did not shake hands. They did not look pleased to see each other. ‘Not like a mother and daughter,’ thought Graham. ‘May I carry your suitcase?’ ‘That is very kind of you.’ Her English was excellent. Again he was surprised. He put

「我可以幫妳提箱子嗎?」 「你人真親切。」 他再次的感到驚訝,她的英文非常好。他把手提箱放在後 車廂並且幫她開車門。 她禮貌的問:「你介意我坐前面嗎?如果坐前面我會暈 車。」

the suitcase in the boot of the car and held the back door open


for her.

Gerda 坐在後面然後大力的關門。Graham 開動引擎接著

‘Do you mind if I sit in the front?’ she asked politely. ‘I get car-sick if I sit in the back.’

說:「我不喜歡雜亂的道路。我們沿著湖泊回去好嗎?你覺 得呢,Mrs. Hauptmann?」

‘Of course.’


Gerda got into the back and shut the door with a bang. As


he started the engine, Graham said, ‘I didn’t enjoy that busy road. Shall we go back along the lake? What do you think, Mrs. Hauptmann?’

有說話。 當他們到達飯店時 Graham 說:「吃午餐前你們兩個要和 我喝一杯嗎?」

‘Please do what you wish,’ was the cold reply.


As they drove along, the girl talked happily in her excellent


English. Her mother in the back of the car did not say a word. When they reached the hotel, Graham said, ‘Will you both have a drink with me before lunch?’

沒有說任何話的媽媽離開了他們。 在酒吧裡女孩轉向 Graham。 「我要跟你說,我的名子不是 Hauptmann。」

‘Not for me, thank you,’ said the mother. ‘I am a little tired.’


‘Yes, please,’ said the girl.

「是 Johnson,你看我有一半的英國血統。」

Without another word the mother left them.


In the bar the girl turned to Graham. ‘I ought to tell you. My 媽媽沒有出現在餐廳裡。吃完午餐後 Graham 邀請女孩到花 name is not Hauptmann.’ He was too surprised to speak. ‘It’s Johnson. You see, I am half English.’ He thought about that all through lunch. He ate alone. The

園喝咖啡。 服務生把咖啡放在藤蔓下的石桌上。許多像黑紫色雞蛋的 葡萄躺在地上。 女孩採了一顆葡萄慢慢的吃,Graham 看著她心裡想著:

girl ate alone too. The mother did not appear in the


dining-room. After lunch Graham invited the girl to have


coffee with him in the garden. The waiter put the coffee on a stone table under the vines. Many grapes lay on the ground like little blackish-purple eggs. The girl picked up a grape and ate it, slowly. ‘How like her mother she is,’ thought Graham as he watched her. ‘These grapes are wonderfully sweet,’ she said, ‘and they smell so lovely.’ Her lips were purple now, like the grapes. Graham said, ‘Your mother didn’t come to lunch. I hope she isn’t ill.’ ‘You needn’t worry about her!’ said the girl impatiently.

好像葡萄。 Graham 說:「你媽媽沒有來吃午餐,希望她沒有生病。」 女孩立刻說: 「你不需要擔心她!」接著說: 「我想曬太陽, 你允許我上去拿衣服嗎?」 十分鐘後她穿著白色衣服然後躺在飯店的日光浴床上。 她的身材很好,Graham 不停的一直看著她的棕色身體。 他說:「妳的膚色真好看。」 她說:「喔,我下了很大的功夫。」她坐起來然後從她的 包包裡拿出一瓶防曬油。她抹著她的臉、脖子、手臂還有腳。 他們曬著太陽。

Then she said, ‘I think I’ll lie in the sun. Will you excuse me


while I go up and get my sunsuit?’


She came back ten minutes later in a white sunsuit and lay on one of the hotel’s sunbeds. She had a beautiful figure. Graham could not stop looking

她說:「不錯喔,你做得很好。你知道嗎?要在這裡找到 像你一樣的人真是不容易。這是我最後一次在這裡,飯店裡 都是老人。呸!」

at her golden-brown body. ‘You’re very brown,’ he said. ‘Oh, I work hard at it,’ she said. She sat up and took a bottle

「我還是不了解妳母親,為什麼她叫 Hauptmann 而妳叫 Johnson?」 「她和我父親並沒有結婚。」

of oil from her bag. She oiled her face and neck, then her arms


and legs. They shone in the sun.

「沒關係,我不介意。我會叫 Johnson 是因為我喜歡我父

‘Will you do my back, please?’ she asked politely. ‘I’d love to.’ Slowly, gently, he oiled her back, and the backs of her legs. ‘That’s nice,’ she said. ‘You do it beautifully…You know,

親的名子。在 Munich 戰爭前他是個新聞記者,直到…」 她停止了,然後轉向她的背。 Graham 說:「然後呢?直到…」 「喔!她殺了他,就這樣。」

it’s very nice to find someone like you here. The last time I


was here, the hotel was full of old people. Bah!’


‘I don’t understand about your mother. Why is her name Hauptmann when yours is Johnson?’

緩的給他確定的微笑。「你和我母親在一起嗎?」 「我們是好朋友。」

‘She and my father were not married.’




‘That’s all right. It doesn’t worry me. I am Johnson because I prefer my father’s name…He was a newspaperman in Munich before the war – until…’ She stopped, and turned over onto her back. ‘Go on,’ said Graham. ‘Until…?’ ‘Oh! She killed him. That’s all.’ ‘What?’ ‘You can oil my front now, if you don’t mind,’ said the girl. She gave him a slow, understanding smile. ‘Have you been…going out with my mother?’ ‘We’re good friends.’ ‘Don’t forget. Her husband is dead now. She gets…lonely.’ Gently he oiled her beautiful brown body. Then suddenly a shadow fell across her. He looked up, and saw the mother standing there.

他看了一下原來是她媽媽站在那邊。 「不好意思,Mr. Graham,你答應過四點要帶我去兜風。」 Graham 心裡生氣的想著: 『她逮到我了。』他大聲的說: 「我 走不開,我只是要去洗個手。」他無奈的走進飯店。

‘Please excuse me, Mr. Graham. But you promised to take me for a drive at four o’clock.’ ‘She’s caught me,’ thought Graham angrily. ‘I can’t get away.’ Aloud he said, ‘I’ll just wash my hands.’ Miserably he went into the hotel. Chap 4

As they drove along, Gerda said, ‘You are very quiet this

(Page:44-47) afternoon.’ ‘Sometimes I like being quiet.’ Gerda laughed. ‘What has my stupid daughter been saying to you? I must warn you that she tells lies.’ ‘She’s also very attractive. Why didn’t you warn me about that?’ ‘She is a terrible man-eater. She chases men all the time.’

車行駛中 Gerda 說:「你今天中午真安靜。」 「有時候我喜歡安靜。」 Gerda 笑著說:「我那笨女兒跟你說了什麼?我必須提醒 你她說謊。」 「她也非常有吸引力,為什麼妳不提醒我這個呢?」 「她是個情場高手,她無時無刻都在追男人。」Graham 無言 了。他們開到一個小湖泊邊然後停下車,Gerda 下車了,她穿著 有吸引力的黃色洋裝。她說:

Graham did not know what to say. They drove to a small lake


and stopped the car there. Gerda got out of the car. She was

不久後 Graham 說:「我沒有打算要跟她交往。」

wearing an attractive yellow dress. She said:


‘That girl has broken so many hearts…’


‘I’m not planning to fall in love with her,’ said Graham




‘Love? She doesn’t know the meaning of the word.’


He kissed her, but his kisses were cold and unnatural. She

Gerda,是 Turdi。

turned away. ‘You are a different person today,’ she said. ‘The other day you were so warm and loving…’ She stopped. Suddenly,

接下來的兩天,他沒有和女孩獨處過,每次看到她,她媽 媽都在。第三天晚上十點左右,他走過去傳了紙條。這是個 充滿花香溫暖的夜晚。

violently, he pulled her towards him and covered her lips with


kisses. As he did so, he had a strange feeling. The woman in


his arms was not Gerda. It was Trudi.


For the next two days he was never alone with the girl. Every time he saw her, the mother appeared too. Then on the third evening he went out, about ten o’clock, to post some

「關於什麼?」 「妳第一天來這裡的時候,那時我們在飯店的花園,妳說 了一個關於妳媽媽的事很令人驚訝,妳說她殺了妳父親。」

letters. It was a warm night full of the smell of flowers. ‘Hullo!’ said a voice. ‘Where have you been?’ The girl was sitting on a wooden seat at the edge of the lake. He sat down beside her.

「哦,她沒有對他開槍或是做些什麼,但是她用自己的方 式殺了他。」 「妳討厭她,對吧?」 她沒有回答。

‘I wanted to ask you something,’ he said.

Graham 說:「告訴我妳父親是個怎樣的人。」

‘About what?’

「我跟你說,在 Munich 第二次世界大戰前,他在英文報

‘You said a very surprising thing about your mother on your

章工作,他在那裡很開心,他愛美食、酒、聊天還有 Gerda

first day here – when we were in the hotel garden. You said


that she killed your father.’


‘Oh, she didn’t shoot him or anything like that. But – in her own way – she killed him.’

「沒有人把消息傳出去。」 「你怎麼知道?」

‘You hate her, don’t you?’


She did not answer.

「1939 年八月,他決定回倫敦想提醒他們,但麻煩來了。」

‘Tell me about your father,’ said Graham.


‘I told you. He worked in Munich for an English newspaper


before the Second World War. He was happy there. He loved

計畫離開 Munich,她非常的生氣,大聲哭喊著。」

good food, and wine, and good conversation – and Gerda


Hauptmann. But he was clever too. He knew that a war was

「然後離開德國?Graham 先生,這是 1930 年代的

coming. He kept his eyes and ears open. He sent reports back to London.’ ‘And nobody took any notice.’ ‘How did you know?’ He laughed. ‘It’s always like that,’ he said. ‘Then, in August 1939, he decided to go back to London and warn them. And then the trouble started.’ ‘But the war started in September, not August.’ ‘I’m not talking about the war. My mother learnt that she was going to have a baby. She also learnt that my father was planning to leave Munich. She was terribly angry. She screamed and shouted.’

Munich。」 「那她做了什麼?她去跟警察說他是間諜?」 「是的,他們一開始沒有殺他,但他在也沒看過倫敦了。」 她的語氣非常的悲傷,突然,她顯得非常年輕、孤單。 他輕輕的摟著她。 她大概坐了一會兒,然後突然問:「你幾歲?」 他輕輕地吻了她的唇。「三十八歲,剛好在妳和妳媽媽之 間。」 她說:「喔!不,你幾乎跟我差不多。」 她親吻著他的臉。

‘Why didn’t she go with him?’ ‘And leave Germany? Mr. Graham, this was Munich in the 1930s.’ ‘So what did she do? Did she tell the police that he was a spy?’ ‘Yes. They didn’t kill him at once. But he never saw London again.’ There was a terrible sadness in her voice. Suddenly she seemed very young and very much alone. Gently he put his arm around her. She sat like about that for a moment. Then she asked suddenly, ‘How old are you?’ Softly he kissed her lips. ‘Thirty-eight…half-way between you and your mother, really.’ ‘Oh no!’ she said. ‘You are much, much nearer to me.’

She covered his face with kisses. Chap 5

At ten the next morning he walked across the garden. Gerda

(Page:48-50) was sketching under the vines and eating the purple-black grapes one by one.

隔天早上十點他走到花園,Gerda 正在藤蔓下寫生還一顆接 著一顆吃著葡萄。 Graham 禮貌的說:「早安,Trudi 在哪裡?」

‘Good morning,’ said Graham politely. ‘Where is Trudi?’


‘In bed. She was very late last night.’

Graham 心想:『她知道我們了。』他說:

‘She knows about us,’ thought Graham. He said:


‘We sat by the lake and talked for a long time.’


‘And what lies did she tell you this time?’


‘Excuse me. I must go and buy a newspaper.’


‘I warned you about that girl.’


‘I really must go.’


‘The day before yesterday you promised to take me for a


drive. Have you forgotten?’ ‘No. I haven’t forgotten.’

「那麼今天下午?」 「很抱歉,我今天下午打算搭船旅行。」

‘What about this afternoon?’


‘I’m sorry, I’m going to a boat trip this afternoon.’

「和 Trudi,我們要去 Isola Bella。」

‘Alone?’ But she already knew the answer.


‘With Trudi. We’re going to Isola Bella.’


‘You’ll find it very boring.’


He began to walk away, but again she stopped him.


‘I’d like to see the dam again. You promised, remember?’




‘Tomorrow, then?’

他和 Trudi 在湖泊四周有個很好的船上旅遊,他們喝著冰

‘Tomorrow. Goodbye.’


He and Trudi had a wonderful boat trip around the lake.


They drank cold white wine and watched the sun on the water.


On the way back to the hotel they drank red wine and ate thick


meat sandwiches. They watched the sun going down over the




‘It will be dark when we get back,’ he said. ‘Too late for dinner.’

她輕聲地說:「沒人。」 當他們到達飯店時已經很晚了。

‘Who cares about dinner? Let’s have more wine.’


After another glass of wine he, too, forgot about dinner.


‘Who cares?’ he said. He touched her arm. ‘Not here,’ she said softly. It was very late when they reached the hotel. ‘Would you like a walk by the lake?’ he asked. ‘May I have some more wine?’ she replied. They sat under the vines and he rang the bell for the waiter. They talked and laughed together as they drank the good red wine. After the second glass she picked up the wine bottle. ‘I’m taking this upstairs with me,’ she said softly. ‘Room 247. Don’t forget.’

後他按了服務鈴。 他們喝著好的紅酒有說有笑的。喝完第二杯後,她拿起了 酒瓶,輕聲地說:「這瓶我拿上去了,別忘了,房號 247。」

Chap 6

It was almost day when he left Trudi. It was after eleven when

他離開 Trudi 幾乎一天了。當他走進花園時,已經是十一點


he came into the garden. Nobody was sketching under the

過後了,沒有人在藤蔓下寫生。他去點咖啡,並看到 Gerda

vines. He went to order coffee, and found Gerda sitting there.


‘You are very late this morning,’ she said coldly. ‘You haven’t forgotten our trip?’ ‘I always keep my promises. But it’s my last trip with you.’ ‘Why?’

她冷淡地說: 「你今天早上遲到了好久,你沒有忘記我們 的旅行吧?」 「我一直遵守著我的承諾,但這是我最後一次跟你去旅 行了。」

‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’


Her mouth was thin and angry. ‘And where are you going?


To England?’


‘To Venice.’ Then he added, ‘With Trudi.’

「去威尼斯。」接著他說:「和 Trudi。」

‘I warned you about that girl. She tells lies.’


‘I am in love with her.’


‘Love? She doesn’t know what love is!’


‘I am in love with her,’ he repeated.


‘And you are much older than she is.’


‘I am also much younger than you.’


‘That was unkind and unnecessary.’


For ten minutes neither of them spoke a word. She did not


need to speak. All her feelings were in her face: her hate, her


jealousy, her terrible loneliness. He spoke at last. ‘I hope you will still come with me to the dam. It’s my last chance to see it.’

「希望妳還會跟我去看水壩,這是我最後一次看它了。」 「也許你更想自己去。」 「喔,我不會自己去,Trudi 也會去。」

‘Perhaps you prefer to go alone.’


‘Oh, I’m not going alone. Trudi is coming too.’


Her voice, when she replied, was as cold at the snow on the


mountain tops. ‘I will come. Is half past two all right for you?’

石橋。 Graham 說:「今天水壩有很多的水,我想今天晚上會下

She was very straight and serious as she sat down in the back

雨,我們得停下來看看回去的路。Trudi 妳會怕高的地方

seat. They drove up the valley. They passed the dam and the


little stone bridge. ‘There’s a lot of water coming over the dam today,’ said

「不會。」 「妳媽媽會怕。」

Graham. ‘I think it rained during the night. We’ll stop and


look on the way back. Are you afraid of high places, Trudi?’

Graham 心想:『我又說錯話了。』

‘Not at all.’

他把車停在山谷頂端。天氣突然變冷了,Trudi 只穿一件

‘Your mother is.’

薄的黃色洋裝,Graham 拖下外套然後披在她身上,他說:

The two women looked angrily at each other.

「嘿,披著吧。」Gerda 一臉生氣的樣子。

‘I’ve said the wrong thing again,’ Graham thought.


He stopped the car at the head of the valley. Suddenly the

Gerda 冷淡地說:「咖啡。」

air was cold. Trudi wore only a thin yellow dress. Graham

Trudi 說:「葡萄酒,謝謝。」

took off his coat and put it around her. ‘Here, take this,’ he


said. Gerda’s face was hard and angry.


In the restaurant he asked them what they wanted.


‘Coffee,’ said Gerda coldly.


‘Wine, please,’ said Trudi.

Gerda 立刻說:「妳不需要我,我要在車上。」

He tried to make conversation. He talked amusingly about

他和 Trudi 站在橋上。他說:「我今天還沒親到妳。」

Venice. Silently Gerda drank her coffee and looked at her


daughter with black hate in her eyes.


They drove back towards the dam. He stopped at the little stone bridge. ‘Come on. I want to take a photo of the two of you on the bridge.’ ‘You don’t need me,’ said Gerda shortly. ‘I will stay in the

「喔,是阿,非常美。」 他深情的親著她。 她說:「這也很美。」 他們走回車裡,然後開往水壩。 Graham 說:「我要拍妳們兩個在水壩的牆上。」


令他驚訝的,Gerda 竟然同意。

He stood on the bridge with Trudi. ‘I haven’t kissed you


today,’ he said. ‘I know.’ ‘It was very beautiful last night.’ ‘Oh yes. Very beautiful.’ He kissed her softly, lovingly.

是黑白的,我會再幫妳們拍彩色的。」 女孩和他的媽媽沿著水壩上的牆走,而喬治 Graham 走另 一條路。水壩降下的水聲如雷一樣吵。 他心想:『多麼美漂亮,在陽光的照射下這面牆正閃耀 著。』

‘That was beautiful too,’ she said.

他的數位相機拍了黑白照和一張彩色照片。他心想: 『照

They walked back to the car and drove to the dam.


‘I want a photo of the two of you,’ said Graham. ‘On the

的紅色洋裝、Trudi 的黃色洋裝和綠色外套,還有水壩的瀑

wall above the dam.’ To his surprise, Gerda agreed. ‘Go up together,’ he told them. ‘I have to finish this film first. It’s black and white, you see. I’ll put a color film in for you two.’ The girl and her mother walked along the high wall above the dam while George Graham walked the other way. Water was falling over the dam with a noise like thunder. ‘How beautiful it is,’ he thought, ‘this wall of water shining in the sun.’ He finished his black and white film and put a color one into his camera. ‘A colorful picture,’ he thought. ‘Deep blue

布,好美的照片。』 然後他聽到了尖叫聲,眼前的水壩閃過一個東西,他心 想:『是魚。』然後他意識到,是一個女生的身體。 在很高的水壩上媽媽像士兵一樣站的很直。完全看不到 那女孩的身影,只有水壩上灰色的牆和瀑布。

sky, snow on the mountains, the autumn leaves on the trees. Gerda in her red dress, Trudi in her yellow dress and my green coat. And the white water falling over the dam. A lovely picture.’ And then he heard the scream. Something went past him through the falling water. ‘A fish,’ he thought. Then he realized that it was the body of the girl. High up on the dam, the mother was standing very straight, like a soldier. There was no sign of the girl. There was only the grey wall of the dam and the thunder of the falling water.

翻譯_Go, Lovely Rose  


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