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If you want to have a healthy and happy future, you should definitely get your 3 HPV shots.

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is your way in to cashing in on all the awesome prizes in this catalog, while you get protected

cancer and other kinds of bad diseases. And it’s super

against HPV.

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The HPV vaccine is a series of 3 shots that protect you against HPV and the diseases it causes. Nobody likes to get shots! But, the prizes in this catalog make it SO worth it.

You get points for everything step you take, like logging into the 321 website, or getting each of your HPV shots. You take those points and redeem them for the prizes you want from this catalog. truck shows up at your school, you’ll be

able to pick up those prizes. Make sure you activate your card today, and you’ll earn your first points right away!

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The HPV vaccine protects you from getting cervical

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te at the hip card! You can activa Activate your members Or you can even call your home computer. truck, at school, or on t away just for signk. You’ll get points righ the number on the bac ing up!

Make sure you log on to the website : Ev you log in, you’ll er y time get points. And m ake sure you loo site. There are a k aro und the lot of easy ways to get more point s.

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Pretty Pink Set 50 Pts / 3-50PR

Peacock Earrings 40 Pts / 3-40PE

Love Rings 40 Pts / 3-40LO

find t bag his i leve n l1

Did you know the HPV vaccine keeps you safe from getting Cervical Cancer?

Zebra Hair Pins 20 Pts / 3-20ZE

3-Hoops Set 80 Pts / 3-80HO

Jeweled Bows 70 Pts / 3-70JE

Teal Hairband 50 Pts / 3-50TE Spring Earring Set 80 Pts / 3-80SP

Beige Hair Bows 40 Pts / 3-40BE

Rockstar Earrings 70 Pts / 3-70RO

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Don’t forget that the HPV Vaccine takes 3 shots! Make your appointment today!

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Have you m ade y appoi our la ntme st nt yet ?

Love, Peace, Hope 140Pts / 2-140LO

i’ll on take e eac of h ple ase !

Spring Charms 100 Pts / 2-100SP

Layered Earrings 100 Pts / 2-100LA

Jeweled Love 150 Pts / 2-150JE

Bird and Wishbone 130 Pts / 2-130BI

Rockstar Necklace 150 Pts / 2-150RO

Pearl Bracelets 110Pts / 2-110PE

Silver bangles 120Pts / 2-120SI

Jewel Heart Ring 90Pts / 2-90JE

this find in bag 1 l leve Bronze Ring 90 Pts / 2-90BR




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Rhinestone Bird 180 Pts / 1-180RH

Charm Neckalce 220 Pts / 1-220CH Butterfly Locket 200 Pts / 1-200BU

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Glasses Necklace 180 Pts / 1-180GL

Owl Necklace 200 Pts / 1-200OW

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asy! shme

Red Shades 250 Pts / 1-250RE

s e as y shots? that’ e e r h t only

Bow Necklace 200 Pts / 1-200BO

Dangling Earrings 180 Pts / 1-180DA

Robot Earrings 170 Pts / 1-170RO

Yellow Shades 250 Pts / 1-250YE



Cheetah Headband 170 Pts / 1-170CH Studded Hair Bow 180 Pts / 1-180ST

Bow Ring 170 Pts / 1-170BO

1 Tote Bag 250 Pts / 1-250TO

White1 Shirt 300 Pts / 1-300PI Pink 1 Shirt 300 Pts / 1-300PI

Birdie Tote Bag 250 Pts / 1-250TO

Stringy Scarf 230 Pts / 1-200ST

Pink Crochet Beanie 200 Pts / 1-200PI

321 Tote 250 Pts / 1-250

Big Pink Bow 190 Pts / 1-190BI

321 Catalog  

321 Catalog