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The shot taken by American Chris Burkard is nothing short of beautiful (see portfolio on page 18). It shows the surfer Peter Mendria riding an amazing wave, off the west coast of Chile. With this photo, 24 year old Chris has won the 2010 Red Bull Illume Image Quest Award in Dublin – the biggest contest for action and adventure photography in the world. The jury, made of 53 people with international acclaim, all working in the photography publishing sector, chose this shot out of 22 764 other entries, taken by some 5000 photographers. What an eye! See the wonderful portfolio on pages 18 to 23!

Thierry Zufferey

MUSIC – LAUSANNE, JAZZIER THAN EVER JazzOne + Festival, Lausanne, is the jazziest festival in French-speaking Switzerland. For the 23rd edition, from 3-7 November this year at Montbenon Casino, there are top names on the lineup such as piano king McCoy Tyner and his quartet, an unhoped-for encounter between the great masters of free jazz Archie Shepp and Joachim Kühn in quartet, and Christian Scott, climbing to stardom with his trumpet. Alongside the eleven gala concerts on the billboard there are also 10 free concerts featuring young groups with a wide range of styles: afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B, jazz rock and ethno jazz. Enough to get you swinging this autumn!


Christian Bugnon

TECHNOLOGY – INTELLIGENT PLUGS The intelligent plugs from start up company Geroco in Martigny enable you to understand and act on your consumption of energy (electricity and heating). A little box plugged in between the wall socket and the plug of the appliance records information about electricity consumption, which can then be transferred to a computer using a USB flashcard. With a Web platform, all the plugs in your house can be controlled. Geroco states that savings of up to 15% can be made.



TRAVEL – A NIGHT IN NEW YORK COSTS THE EARTH Ever had vertigo? You will in New York. With the city’s sky-scrapers of course, but also due to the cost of a hotel room. New York’s hotels are the most expensive in the world. This July, the average price was € 194.50 (with a 14.9% increase compared to 2009). According to, the Big Apple is the most expensive place to stay, taking the lead over London (€ 146.60), Stockholm (€ 145.30) and Zurich. In terms of price rises, Rio (5th place, +44.60%) and Shanghai (16th place, +30%) are the cities that saw the biggest increases over the last year. Not something to have sweet dreams about!

ART – MONET : AN EXHIBITION ARE RARE AS HIS WORKS OF ART Light shines out from everywhere, softening shapes and embellishing colours while dampening the structure of borders. In this poetic environment where the focus is on a global vision rather than the precision of the lines themselves, the Grand Palais in Paris is staging the biggest exhibition for nearly thirty years dedicated to the impressionist artist Claude Monet. You have until 24 January 2011 to admire 200 works of art gathered from all around the world, representing approximately 10% of the artist’s works.

ECOLOGY – BAGS YOU CAN COMPOST FROM SWITCHER Be them half empty or packed to burst, the plastic bags we use for shopping have a heavy impact on the environment. To improve this situation, the brand Switcher has created a partnership with Glandbased (VD) BioApply in order to invite customers to use bags that will biodegrade in the compost heap. They are now being sold in the ‘yellow whale’ stores at cost price – between 15 and 60 cents depending on their size. RR

Erwin Polanc

SPORT – PAYING HOMAGE TO CHLOÉ GRAFTIAUX She was only 23 and had her whole life in front of her, with hundreds of cliffs left to climb. The Belgian Chloé Graftiaux, 3rd place in the 2010 World Cup Bouldering Event, had a tragic accident on 21 August when climbing down from the black needle of the Peuterey, on the Italian face of Mont Blanc. A rock broke off the cliff, tearing her into a frightful 600m fall. All our hearts are with this exceptional sportswoman.

SPORT – THE 2010 COLUMBIA FREEZER TOUR The coldest place in Switzerland is mobile, and can be found between 29 September and 3 October in various Swiss towns during the Columbia Freezer Tour. Apart from witnessing a sort of gigantic fridge which will plunge you into a wintry atmosphere, Columbia is proposing a wide panel of attractive contests to mark the spirits with their revolutionary Omni-Heat thermal technology. Why not pay them a visit? Dates and venues on or

HEALTH – A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR MAKES YOU LIVE LONGER! Do you have a good sense of humour? Well, you’re lucky if you do and you want to live a long life. A Norwegian study based on 53 000 people over a 7-year period has just revealed the proof that this aptitude can help extend your lifetime by 20%. The fact of having a ‘friendly’ sense of humour (not conflicting or insulting) was studied. “A distinction should be made between having a good sense of humour and laughing.” Says Sven Svebak who carried out the research. “It’s not necessary to show outward signs. A sparkle in the eye will do the trick.” So, working on your sense of humour seems nothing else than… common sense!

ART – OUR WASTE IS BECOMING… WILD The Neuchâtel Natural History Museum invites you to discover some creatures that are a little out of the ordinary, with an exhibition called Espèces en voie d’apparition (Upcoming Species). François Riou has created his own animal kingdom, something that came straight out of his mind and… rubbish bins! The artist has used household waste and discarded packaging to bring to life a surprising and colourful biodiversity. The exhibition runs until 9 January 2011.

INTERNET – TAKING TIME TO DAWDLE CAN BE FUN Do the instant messages from Twitter drive you crazy? Then you might just like the idea of Her Majesty’s subject Russell Davies, creator of the site Dawdlr. He’s decided to go against the grain and invites you to surf against the waves! The principle couldn’t be simpler: write a short note about what you are doing at the present moment in time, but contrarily to Twitter, put it on a postcard and send it by snail mail. Once received they will be scanned and put on line… every six months. A nice slap in the face for the ever increasing speed of new technologies.

MAMMUT AND GORE-TEX PRESENT THE BIGGEST FILM EVENT OF THE EUROPEAN OUTDOOR COMMUNITY : The 10th European Outdoor Film Tour. The programme lasts for two hours and is a guaranteed rush of adrenalin. You can see several films featuring outdoor sports such as the Free Solo ascension of the Big Wall, a sub-marine basejump and even the Mammut Pro Team in the Peak District. The variety of films will be sure to delight mountain climbers, those of you who love canoeing and downhill freaks. The tour kicks off at Füssen (D) on 10 October and will make a stop off in 6 Swiss towns at the beginning of December. See for dates.


N° 32 – Autumn 2010  

30 ° degrees, the Swiss magazine of sports and recreation, 10 years of reporting, news, interviews, in 3 languages ​​F / D / E, also avaliab...

N° 32 – Autumn 2010  

30 ° degrees, the Swiss magazine of sports and recreation, 10 years of reporting, news, interviews, in 3 languages ​​F / D / E, also avaliab...