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The Californian group Train have been chasing success since they first tasted it in 2001 with the single “Drops of Jupiter”, the title track of their second album. The record remained in the US Hot 100 singles charts for over a year, and won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. Train seemed to be going places, especially after “Calling All Angels” and “When I Look to the Sky”, taken from their third album “My Private Nation”, received extensive radio play. However, the alternative rock group eventually began to seem like something of a one-hit wonder. While they bounced back on occasion, with the song “Ordinary” for example, which featured in the film Spider Man 2 in 2004 and was used again in 2007 in the series “Heroes”, their fourth album, released in 2006, went almost unnoticed. This difficult period persuaded the band to take a break, during which lead singer Pat Monahan sought to build a solo career, again without great success.


After a three-year hiatus, the Californian alt-rockers are back with their fifth album, reminiscent of their smash hit long-player “Drops of Jupiter”, which brought them international fame in 2001. A true return to form.


Mark Holthusen


A NECESSARY BREAK In 2009, the three original members jumped back on the wagon. “The break allowed us to realise how important we were to each other, and to see what we each bring to the group”, explains Pat Monahan. So, fifteen years after their debut, they recorded their fifth album, “Save me, San Francisco”, released in Europe a few weeks ago. With this new record, the trio seem to be back on the right track at last! The track which led them, in 2001, to create a distinctive blend of pop-rock tinged with blues and reggae, and which has now led them back to glory, with “Hey, Soul Sister”, the first single to be taken from the album, reaching the top of the iTunes sales chart on the other side of the Atlantic. “I always wanted to write a song in the style of INXS”, reveals Pat Monahan. So when Norwegian producers Espen Lind and Amund Bjorklund began to play a piece of music which sounded like INXS, I wrote the words to “Hey, Soul Sister” to go with the melody”. This song is a good reflection of the new album, which has an autobiographical element and looks back to the group’s early days. “It’s our way of expressing our thanks and gratitude to the city of San Francisco, which gave us the best days of our lives, and which was the first place to appreciate our music”, explains Pat Monahan. The album also includes numerous references to the past, notably to stars of American pop music such as Mr Mister and Madonna. This nostalgia is also evident in the light, gentle sound, reminiscent of the band at their peak in 2001. “The sound is quite basic”, agrees the singer, “but the catchy riffs and melodies mean there’s no need for all those big production tricks”. Gorgeous and engrossing, this fifth album offers us a reminder, as autumn approaches, of the joys of summer. And it may also offer Train a reminder of the great success they once enjoyed…DR

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Catch Train in concert in Switzerland on 30 October at Kaufleuten in Zurich, and 31 October at Kofmehl in Soleure.

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