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Why Call a Mobile Vet? By Eric M. Cryan D.V.M.


eterinarians tend to have some unique experiences at work when compared to the average desk job and mobile veterinarians are no exception. Along with my clients, I have been able to experience the joys of watching rescued dogs thrive at home after their tragic beginnings. I have also heard the screams for help from a new assistant when trapped in a corner by a sweet little grey kitty who turned into “Church” from Pet Cemetery after I left the room. When I started my practice in 2011, I had many preconceived notions as to why one would call a mobile veterinarian, but I have learned that the reasons can be as diverse as the clients and pets I am fortunate enough to visit. Since I grew up in Northern Virginia, I always enjoy visiting with old friends and making new ones. To this day I can still be surprised

by the changes in various neighborhoods and I love to see new additions to my clients’ families. While I see fewer appointments than I used to when I was working at a traditional practice, my clients are quite appreciative of this increased time and attention I am able to spend with them. This increased time for an appointment allows for more effective communication about their pets day-to-day living environment and quality of life. Another key advantage to a house call appointment is the extra time to answer any questions or concerns a client may have. One more advantage is that observing pets in their home environment can often reveal a wealth of information even before the physical exam begins. While the majority of time the exam is conducted inside the home where the animal is least stressed, it is important to offer additional