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3. The Anonymous OT This enigmatic blog is quite unlike any other. As you can imagine, the site’s host remains a mystery, however, their mission is crystal clear. They have created a platform for parents and professionals of paediatric occupational therapy to congregate and speak freely without fear of reprisal about all things in the field. The site claims: “I want to remain completely uninfluenced, to only offer the most candid advice from my own experiences, whether those have been good, bad, or indifferent.”

a North Carolina native, has spent nine years in the field and five of those have been spent solely focused on infants and toddlers. It explains on her website: “CanDo Kiddo makes playing with your baby simple with kiddo-tested activities from a child development expert-turned-mommy. And we’ve taken one of the most basic, yet beneficial pieces of baby gear - a blanket on the floor - and turned it into a resource with 45 play activities for the first four months of life.”

2. Mama OT A California-based occupational therapist, Christie Kiley, is first and foremost a loving mother, who three months after her baby was born, started out her life as a paediatric OT. With a vast background knowledge in diverse subjects she concentrates on writing for people involved with child rearing. Christie says: “I have an additional background in gymnastics, psychology and education. is a place where I am dedicated to encouraging, educating, and empowering those who care for children.”

4. The Playful Otter This site is devoted to fun, play and games. Almost all paediatric occupational therapists will agree that toys and games are vitally important to the development and success of therapy when it comes to young minds. The blog is full of ideas and reviews of games that OTs can use in their sessions and is presided over by Kathy Hanson. Kathy says: “As an avid game player and occupational therapist who works with children, teens and young adults, I use games and toys almost every day to help promote healthy development. Just go play. It’s good for you!”

5. Your Kid’s OT This blog is brought to you courtesy of Australian OT, Cindy. Her strategy is very different to most OTs. She strongly believes in incidental learning. She helps other therapists, parents and children find ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, a productive learning scheme and continuous therapy in situations in everyday life. Cindy explains that: “A simple walk around the block can be a lesson in colour and number recognition, counting, turn taking, waiting, as well as, gross motor opportunities for hopping, skipping or bike riding. I love finding ways to encourage a child’s development in their natural environment.” ■


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