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2016: THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY Powerful Feng Shui Fixes


By Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin

rotecting the emotional and financial health in 2016 requires clarity in the mind that an environment with a balanced Chi (energy) can provide. “Beauty is only skin deep, so, making the space beautiful is only as good as, if it can provide harmonious and prosperous energy for the people. Along this line, a site occupied for around ten years when people started experiencing difficulties, it is also because the positive energy of a space could be used up that requires a tune-up much like a car. An authentic Feng Shui experience that adjusts the Yin Yang and Five Elements (Chinese Astrology) energy in the space to fit the people with different energy vibration due to the variation in the Lunar Zodiac cycle is the powerful and comprehensive approach in dealing with energy. An acupuncturist alters the energy flow in a person while a real master in Feng Shui alters the experiences of the people in personal and professional levels. By balancing the Yin Yang and Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) vibration in a space through the proper compass alignment of energy through the correct use of stones, water fountain, colors, textures and lighting; situations can change. Case in point, the 400% growth in a matter of few years for Euro-Pro, the makers to home consumer products of Ninja Blenders and Shark Home Appliances that consulted me on Feng Shui brought about the president of the company, Mr. Mark Baroccas to state that “I am a true believer that a positive energy environment is essential for people seeking success in their career and personal life because a calm environment stimulates creativity-it helps us think more clearly.”

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The phenomenal success for this company as well as the re-development projects of Times Square and the Columbus Circle that started 25 years ago created the Feng Shui popularity that went global because the international press was captivated by the unisphere in front of the Trump Int’l Hotel & Tower that was one of the signature projects of my dad Master Tin-Sun and myself. The Feng Shui suggestions in these landmark locations accompanied by the Feng Shui Blessing Ceremonies involved two sitting mayors at the time made headlines around the world. The five thousand years wisdom of Feng Shui encompassed the profound knowledge inside the ancient Chinese texts of I Ching, Tao The Ching and the Art of War. The treasure trove that interprets timing and energy could help people make better plans through the turbulence in the year of the monkey in 2016. The mantra for people who want to maintain wellness is about “preservation” and “conservation”. This is because the sign of a monkey that is of the Metal Element in the earthly branch is paired with the Fire Element in the celestial stem and in accordance to the Five Elements correlation, fire melts metal. This means the financial market that is the Metal Element industry would keep getting burned and dissipate in value. Wisdom of the lunar cycle prediction, it is about “Burning of the Monkey”, it is pivotal for people wanting wellness to do the following in preserving their own energy: