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t ’s a l l a b o u t re l a t i o n s h i p s a n d innovation for Judy Sahagian, Founder and President of Judy Networks, a full-service real estate events, marketing and media firm catering to the needs of industry professionals, Founder of the Real Estate Subway Series. In working with real estate’s leaders, Judy Networks delivers customized campaigns incorporating social media, technology, events and publicity personalized to each client’s individual goals. A veteran of the real estate industry, Judy commands an international network of key contacts. Throughout her career, networking and referrals have laid the foundation for her thriving success. Top-ranked real estate professionals have come to depend on Judy to consult and gain insight in developing professional relationships. Forging those relationships has entailed

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developing innovative new programs that allow real estate professionals to connect in informative and fun forums.“ We live in an increasingly wired world that allows us to communicate easily, but makes it much harder to connect personally.” Judy says, “Real estate in particular really still needs the human touch, and my professional life has been dedicated to helping our industry become more professional while retaining a sense of camaraderie.” Aware that 75 percent of deals are done at a dinner table, she founded and served as Executive Producer and Co-Founder of What’s Cooking in Real Estate. During these programs, she hosted industry leaders and real estate celebrities in a unique format – discussing market trends while preparing meals. The combination provided a glimpse into the state of real estate – and into the lives of some of the

industry’s most famous names. Judy Sahagian is a neighborhood expert on PIX 11 Design Recipes and looks forward to continue to feature businesses, commercial real estate and the changing trends happening from neighborhood to neighborhood. “We’ve been blessed to have some of the most successful people in our industry relate their stories to our audience, while we offer presentations from top professionals, products and companies. ” Ultimately, the common denominator in all of Judy’s dealings is solid deal making, as she facilitates business for her clients. She has led teams that have resulted in successful sales and leasing of luxury real estate. She previously has served with The Retail Group of Douglas Elliman Real Estate. | 917-853-2148

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25a December Issue