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Tony Armstrong and Ausilia Cristiano of HangglideOz with their rescued greyhound, Zoumi. Photo: Chris Pearce (Project Hound)

Greyhound Rescue An animal charity with a growing local crew of hard-working volunteers is helping to save greyhounds. Chances are you may have already met a few rescued greyhounds in the northern Illawarra. If so, it’s likely these dogs were re-homed thanks to Greyhound Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation set up in the late noughties to “find homes for the many greyhounds surplus to requirements of the Racing Industry”. Greyhound Rescue describes this breed as “gentle and affectionate”. They generally get on well with other dogs and animals; they don’t need a lot of exercise; they rarely bark; and require very little grooming. Ausilia Cristiano runs HangglideOz with her husband, Tony Armstrong, and is a Greyhound Rescue volunteer. She kindly took the time to answer 2515’s questions. Give us some background about Greyhound Rescue. The first rescue took place during an RSPCA case involving around 30 greyhounds due to be euthanised. Killarney Heights resident Janet Flann had been involved in dog rescue for many years and used networks to help place these dogs into other rescues and homes. Janet and Peter Flann, the founders, began Greyhound Rescue in 2009. Today the rescue group has over 60 volunteers throughout Sydney and the Illawarra and has helped home about 1000 greyhounds.

How did you and your husband get involved? All the team at HangglideOz are strong advocates for rescue animals. After learning more about the industry and the unnecessary wastage of healthy dogs, we were keen to become involved and help spread the word about this wonderful breed of dog. They really do make amazing pets. Whenever possible, Zoumi, our very own greyhound, joins the team on Bald Hill. She is always happy to meet customers and loves watching the instructors fly.   How can people help Greyhound Rescue? The rescue relies solely on donations, which are tax deductible. To donate, please visit the website at   Another “greyt” way to help is to sponsor a greyhound. Greyhound Rescue provides all medical care for the animals in our rescue, as well as their toys, coats, bowls, treats, collars and leashes. The cost to care for an animal in our kennels can add up quickly. By sponsoring a greyhound, you can make a real difference. (HangglideOz also donates hang gliding vouchers to help raise funds for the rescue.) We are happy to have placed many greyhounds in the Illawarra over the past 12 months and are keen to see the community of greyhounds continue to grow in the Illawarra.    Greyhound Rescue will attend North Gong Dog Day in Wollongong on Sunday, October 28. Come and meet some volunteers and greyhounds. 2515

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