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MY MIND By Leslie Flores


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HOW TO PROMOTE THE TOLERANCE Every day, every minute and every second, the companies(societies) are changing someone or it(he, she) forms(trains) other one, and it does that it(he, she) is increasingly difficult to deal or see the things from the point of view of other persons, and generally only we get into our ideology and do not listen to the others, at the time when we cross with a person who does not think like we, we extract ourselves of wave, and are in the habit of "defending" ours to think about an erroneous form, come to do very aggressive, alone this means a thing ‌. Every time we lose more our tolerance towards other persons. The persons say that the tolerance is taught(showed) from the house, and yes, it(he) is true, but not only it is a role of the parents to teach(show) it, also of the children put it into practice and of the adults to give the example. But then the major ones are in the habit of teaching(showing) values neither that nor they themselves put into practice and everything what the children see, imitate it, since they are his (her, your) example to continuing. This value is characterized for agreeing and to respect the ideas, beliefs, opinions and practices of other persons. The societies must learn that every human being is different, that not everything what he believes, is going to be the correct thing. We have to be opened other ways of thinking, to get rid of the feeling superiority towards the others, and to understand(include) that the tolerant being does not mean to agree with everything what the others say, simply to bear in mind that many different points of view exist. And always to be respectful on having contradicted an idea, opinion, etc. The tolerance is a value that helps to avoid many negative things since (as, like) to be the racism, the ethnocentrism, the religious hostility, and the extreme nationalism. And it simultaneously promotes the peace between all the companies of the world, a pity that not they all it practices and only they prefer insulting other persons. In my opinion this one is the value that less we put into practice, since lately the persons think that they always are in the correct thing when it is not like that, or it is possible that yes, but from his point of view, but from the perspective of another person not. This happens because our ideas to change in conformity with the place in which we live, the culture to which we belong, the people who surrounds us, etc. It is because of it that this value has to learn from small children because every day you are going to have to put it into practice.

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THE LITTLE SUNFLOWER A Little girl that lived far away in a giant planet without nature So when she found a little sunflower She found the sunflower beautiful She took care of it She loved it But then she visited the earth She arrived in a field full of sunflowers So she became disappointed Because she thought Her sunflower was unique So she run away and entered To the sunflower field because she was very sad So she observed in detail every sunflower And realize her sunflower was more beautiful that the ones from earth She learned in that way that not everything that is similar has to be the same.

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I Did Not Expect This This is natural, they say It is all for the best I cannot move past this heartache This pain in my chest Those days were surreal Did this truly just occur Happiness turned to sorrow My life now a blur This is natural, they say I knew I was going to lose you The most difficult emotion There was nothing I could do I am given no explanation This is natural, they say Were you pink or were you blue My complexion is now grey Trying to move on A forward step every day I will always remember you This is natural, they say

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Again I woke up to them 3am, already it is not anything strange, already I can consider it to be a custom. My mom always enters to my room 6am punctually, always I do the night's sleep to myself when she comes in order that she does not begin with questions of because already I am awake and with one circles of the size of the world. I started myself enlisting for the school, put music, at least the day tried to begin well, at 6:45 go down, and I knew that from there everything what was continuing was going to be a tremendous disgust. My mom as always me shouting that for my fault we are late to the school, but it is it of less, I ignore her and already it is, the worst part is when I come to the school, pff, this jail where they teach things to you " to be someone in the life ", bilges. Isabel, guard (keeper) I silence! - She shouted my teacher - is the last time that I say it to you, you go out for the next one of my class and I send you with the director, remain clear?. Susana the teacher always walks of badly genius, they say thereabouts that it is because her husband left by much younger and handsome (pretty) someone, but it likes to cover the people saying pure bilges, it is possible that it is true can that not. It is not anything that matters for me, sufficient I have with my life to go away fixing in her (it) of others. They finished the classes, it had been a long day, to the end (purpose) we might manage to our houses to rest, to see TV, to listen to music, to complain about our pathetic life. Everything was going according to the routine, Isabel already was for coming to his(her, your) house, but to a few stables of coming, a group of guys who were going is the same school they approached her(it), it was the typical little boll of idiotic children who believed themselves very top to the others for Page 5 de 15

bringing tattoos, piercings, smoking marihuana, walking wandering for the streets the whole day bothering others, they were the clear example of which if it(he, she) could be persons with lives more pathetic than those of Isabel. - Now that kids want? - Isabel Asked with troublesome tone -Uy care with the princess, her let's not go to make annoy. So look, only we are here to see if again you return to join our group, we were spending(passing) it to ourselves very fun when you were, and toys have come to us newly, I know that you would love it .- Because I would return to join with you, they are a stupid’s ball, they agree that I spend (pass) the last time?- Baby is spent (passed) the past thing, I know that your voices of the head say to you that you should do. Already, do not do you of to beg (request), you goes to enchanter. - Erick Answered, the smallest of the group. The truth, it(he, she) is that when someone is not in his(her, your) better moments it(he, she) does not see with clarity the things, and consequently it(he, she) does not take the best decisions, only we leave ourselves to go, always we say miso, " what more gives, I do not lose anything ". This does not pisses I lost my dream, it’s just right now I got to really crazy mind to clean. We come to a place that was like an hour of two alive(vivacious) where, one saw very alone and dirty, there were syringes throughout, already there had much that was not putting me to places like that, was trying to change, but apparently it is not anything that goes with me, to do changes and less for good. Page 6 de 15

- Already relax Isabel, acquaintance this face of fright that you have - the major one Said of all, Manuel. Manuel and I had a history, strictly between ourselves many things had happened(passed) before coming up to where we are, the past for us was very different, it(he) was not so black, in fact we were happy enough, were happening(passing) every evening together, were speaking what was, already it is a sex, ovnis, jokes, anecdotes, which was; we were never stopping laughing, he was a totally different guy, was affectionate, chivalrous, nice, had an incredible personality, was doing very much exercise(fiscal year), And if it was not already great, super gallant was, and though initially(originally) we begin only as best friends, do not be how when I started feeling anything more for him(it), but I had the value to say it to him(you, them), because it(he, she) did not want to ruin our friendship, but already just when it(he, she) was doing me of the idea that was never going to be able to manage to be anything more about him(it), everything ever I nor change, from a second to other one. We were accustomed to go everywhere together, literally. And one day they invited us to a holiday(party), we were, everything was going super good, they gave as the 4 of the morning, always we were the last ones to go away, Manuel always was saying to myself that we should dance, was the only(unique) thing that we were doing, to dance, but this day I spend(pass) something different, Manuel approached and said to me, we are going to walk, I want to chat with you, there became I slightly strange, but agree, since days before sad way had seen it, and it(he, she) had not wanted to say anything to me, at the time I thought that this it was going to be the moment in which it(he, she) knew that it(he, she) was happening to him(her). Page 7 de 15

We were walking like for an hour, but even he (she) was not saying to myself at all matter for yourself, we were speaking about things of the school, it (he, she) knew that it (he, she) was not because of it for what I extract myself of the track, exchange a dance for a chat of the school, never ever! I do not like to press the persons in order that they say to me that they have, they will come to my when they feel prepared, while only I can only be there for when they lack forces. But this time was the exception, already do not last anymore and ask him. One was late in answering me more than I was waiting, or do not be if it was my nerves and my longing for knowing, that the time I happen to myself very slowly ‌ but the only (unique) thing that he (she) said to me was ‌

- I like you

Before I could answer something, or so if I should want to process (try) these two words, he (it) already was kissing me. All my body I enter condition(state) of shock, it(he, she) did not know what to do, if to follow(continue) the kiss, or to stop(detain) it in order that we were speaking, simply it(he, she) did not know; but it(he, she) decided to follow it, and I continue thinking that it was the best decision that I could have taken, for time he(she) was dying because it(he, she) was happening(passing). I spend(pass) it on a Saturday, finish the holiday(party) and we went away every who to his(her, your) house, on the whole Sunday we do not speak each other, it was of be waiting, but finally I come on the blessed Monday, this day for that nobody waits with anxieties, and less I, since it(he, she) Page 8 de 15

did not know that it(he, she) was going to happen(pass) when we were meeting, Thankfully in the first hour I was not touching myself with him(it). The hours (o'clock) happened (passed), I come the moment of the recess, there there was sure that would see it, but it (he, she) was not like that. Call him to see where it (he, she) was and I do not answer myself, it (he, she) was when I started myself worrying, ask him to half a school if someone had seen it, but they all were saying to me that not, I turned him to marking and nothing, from the first rejected call it (he, she) knew that anything was covering evil, Manuel though we were very angry answers the telephone to me. The day happened (passed), the school already had ended and still (yet) there were no signs of Manuel's life, I decided to be going to look for it to his (her, your) house. When it (he, she) comes everything was subdued (switched off). Return to my house to wait if at least a dove was coming with information from him(it), and this way it(he) was, good exactly I come a carrier pigeon, come near a message of an unknown number, he(she) was saying something like that: Isabel, I am not glad of knowing yourself, but I know that you are a great friend of Manuel, and though me prohibited to say something to you, I think that you it is necessary more that, his(her, your) parents have never just died, it(he, she) is more that devastated, but it is not the worse(worst) thing, since they expired(died) we do not know where it(he, she) is, think that your you might help us to find it. He (she) would be grateful for it to you very much. Did these last prayers(sentences) destroy me, where my best friend was?, such what if it(he, she) was coming to do some bilge, it would finish with me, he(it) was my quite, he(it) always Page 9 de 15

was there when I needed it, and now, he(she) needs me and I feel so impotent because I it cannot help. Shit!

It was what I thought about this moment, time later it(he, she) returned to do his(her, your) magic appearance, but something was different, he(it), already it(he) was not the same, in any aspect, when it(he, she) returned after almost one year, was bringing tattoos, piercings, the average long hair that could do to him(you, them) a cue, his(her, your) way of dressing age as of a vagabond, and do not be said of his(her, your) way of speaking, quite as a street directory, every two words he(she) was saying a rudeness, and the famous "wey" -Manuel! - shout him from off. But the only (unique) thing that it (he, she) did was to roll over and to sweep myself. Often it (he, she) was going out with him (it) and his (her, your) friends, but we were not directing the word for ourselves, it was something strange, equis, was not giving him (her) a lot of importance. I do not speak myself until that day that approached with his (her, your) my friends.

- I do not have a face of scared - a bit troublesome Witness -JAJA you say it because you are not meeting in a mirror - he (she) said it while it (he, she) was giving up a guffaw - already leave her alone, it is his(her, your) first time - a child Agreed, that was meeting that it(he, she) had a little time to be with them, was obvious that it(he, she) had something of sweetness still(yet).

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- If you knew larcho... Jajajaja - answered with a sarcastic voice.

They happened (passed) as 3 hours (o'clock), for this moment the majority already was very bad, they had smoked marihuana, and tipsy alcohol, I together with a rare (strange) type that he (she) was not speaking with anybody, we were in our 5 senses, I continued wondering because he (she) agrees, already it is neither anything that I like, nor that I want to take again


Only I listen it and a few seconds later, many shouts, roll over to seeing to the rare(strange) type, but already it(he, she) was not there.´ BOOM, BOOM

The larcho was bringing a weapon and had put to shoot as madman, was not dealing because, it is supposed that they all knew themselves and were removing of some form well. My "friends" were very bad, it (he, she) was not falling (falling due) twenty that someone had a weapon and was coming for us. Me be late a bit in reacting, it (he, she) did not know that to do! Since it (he, she) was going to extract to 5 intoxicated types before they will kill us?! It was the first thing that I thought. Page 11 de 15

Before coming to a response to the same question, listen that the larcho every time was more nearby and that it (he) was ready to kill the one who was crossing him opposite. BOOM!

Another shot, but now it (he, she) went to one of my friends, was when between (among) in panic and the only (unique) thing that I did it was to pull Manuel who was the one that was less intoxicated, and to run. I know that I was lacking the others, but it (he, she) was impossible them to extract to all at the same time.

The larcho saw that we were running and was besides us, the place was very stony, we could use it as advantage, and it (he, she) was having time us. We manage to go out of the place, I think that we had lost it, already more shots were not listened, but I decided to continue running, to be Sure well. After running as approximately 15 min, we find a road, thankfully still (yet) many cars were happening (passing). I started doing signs to them in order that they were stopping but none was doing it, until a light truck was edged as(like) of farm, did not have good aspect He was a gentleman more or less like of 50 years, had beard and was very robust, was meeting slightly friendly - Please favor gentleman take us to it (he, she) her (it) takes care - Him (Her) rogue

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-Mmm because they walk hereabouts at these hours - I Answer with voice of distrusted - Please favor I beg it - It was the only (unique) thing that I said, do not answer to his (her, your) question, I think that it was the worst bilge that can exist begin, since with it his (her, your) confidence was not earning by no means. But with luck the acceptance. The way towards her (it) take care there became I eternal, in all the way I said not even an alone word, it was much waved for running so much and because almost they kill me! It(he, she) had many desires of crying but the tears nothing any more were going out, I was continuing in shock, and alone Manuel was quite pale, I think that in this moment already him(her) there had stooped everything what had taken, but still(yet) he seemed to be gone. Finally, we come to my house, I gave to him(her) them thanks to the gentleman and got, thankfully my dad’s travelled, then I could accommodate Manuel in the room, insured myself of closing all super good, for if the type was managing to know which age my house. I tried to sleep, but it (he, she) could not harmonize (reconcile) the dream. Manuel since I touch the sofa still has me very slept. To the end(purpose) I could remain slept, but only I slept as approximately two hours(o'clock), when I woke up went to see Manuel, already it(he) was not, alone there was a note that he(she) was saying

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It was quite, nevermore I turned it to seeing, it (he, she) left of the school, the worse (worst) thing of everything is that I never knew what happened (passed) with the others and with the larch, always I have had the remorse of it, because it (he, she) does not return for them?, it is the question that I speak to myself every day, and this way it (he, she) has been for 29 years....

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