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Nov 29, 2021

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MAGAZINE STAFF Andres Leon, Editor-in-Chief Jensen Puckett, Managing Editor


lost work. Beyond that, it was an isolating time, everyone

Lianna Schieber, Distribution Manager

stuck in their small bubbles of family or roommates, no longer

he pandemic was trying for students all across the country, including those at LBSU. In the middle of the Spring 2020 semester classes moved online,

Avery Keller, Lead Copy Editor

students were uprooted from the dorms, and many people

able to experience the world and company of others in the same way.

Jake Winkle, Art Director

We’re not out of the woods yet, but the situation is

brighter than it was a year and a half ago. Students are coming back to campus, the effects of Covid-19 have lessened, and people feel safer with others again.

The theme of this month’s magazine is that of

Community. Through the last year many communities stayed together through social media, messaging apps, and other elements of the digital world. These connections were maintained through challenging times and have now led to even stronger bonds. In this time, we can look to our friends, family, and community members. Many of us have lost people in this past year, and we will remember them. We can also cherish and celebrate what we have, give thanks for those who have helped us through this time. These bonds connected us in struggle, in hope, and in happiness. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the light is shining through the canopy down on us.


COVER DESIGN Bianca Austria, Illustrator @biancaaustria ·

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Nurturing Mother: Toward a Future W

: Steering the Beach We Can Be Proud of




Steering the Beach Toward a Future We Can Be Proud of


was scared to sit down and try to competing definitions and ideas that we can marry the ideas of campus write 2,000 words on ‘community’ no one really bothers with it explicitly, sustainability and food systems. here at the Beach. I have been affil- thinking it is someone else’s job. It is What are food systems? In brief, it is

iated with Long Beach State for over not, it is all our job. Having been back the entirety of what goes into growing a decade, having arrived from the on campus for the first ten weeks of and bringing food to you and what is High Desert for undergrad in 2010. To fall term and having just had Sustain- done with the waste afterward. Every sit and reflect on the full extent of my ability Month in October, I gotta say, overwatered patch of grass that only experience is a difficult thing. Unde- we are failing in our job. Let’s start with serves decorative purposes needs niably, I would not be the person I am two campus facilities that are currently to be ripped out and replaced with today without LBSU, but it certainly offline and to my knowledge received community garden space. The univerhas not been easy to endure. In writing zero discussion in Sustainability Month sity’s dining facilities need to be reasthis piece, I hope to provide commen- programming: the closed ASI Recy- sessed as well. Nobody wants to eat tary for those who do not have the cling Center and Grow Beach Commu- Carl’s Jr. and Sbarro’s to a level of ad context of the university that I do. nity Garden that lost its spot for the nauseum. Community is a nebulous concept, and new dorms. the university administration would

But to go even further, where

Students coming onto campus the hell is a campus teaching kitchen?

have you believe that we are all one today are as cynical as ever; they know As the University Dining Plaza and big, happy campus community when their generation has been sold a plate the Nugget sit unused, is anyone with in reality, it is anything but that. Let’s of lies and no one with any job secu- some power on campus considering use this piece to dig into a few dimen- rity on campus is doing enough to the development of a Garden to Table sions of the campus community that I facilitate the needed change. There to Recycle campus food system? If believe everyone should be aware of: are no communications about if they the university really wanted to actuSustainability, Campus Food Systems, plan on bringing the recycling center ally evolve past the tired commuter and Puvungna.

back online or where the community campus stigma, this is the kind of

Sustainability is a loaded gardens will be relocated too, but in resource people actually need.

term, especially within my geography the middle of a drought, we sure as hell Administrators seem to forget what it department. It comes with so many keep the grass watered. This is where is like to be an 18-year-old freshman,


away from home for the first time or matter, it is a laboratory and learning can actually eat? struggling to get across town and park experience first. Instead, we grow

This hasn’t even touched

in time for class. Some of them have grass you can’t even sit on because on energy use either. Where are never bought groceries or fed them- it is always soaked. Remember, this is the solar panels? I am serious. We selves before. Some of them don’t California, land of drought and wildfire. need more. The parking structures know their way around a kitchen. The water is scarce, but we don’t act don’t have rooftop solar? The new Panda Express, while tasty, doesn’t like it, we just steal it from elsewhere. teach people these skills. Subway

College of Professional and Inter-

Was anyone gonna turn off national Education building doesn’t

and El Pollo Loco do not contribute to the Water Molecule fountain? Have have them. The Foundation Building a local economy the way hiring a local you seen the drought map? Does the and its parking lot, none. Seems like baker would. A teaching kitchen is an facilities department even care about all the PR greenwashing associated idea that works. University of Califor- water use like that? You could rip out with LEED-certified buildings, which nia Los Angeles and Stanford Univer- grass by all the dorms, Brotman Hall, stands for Leadership in Energy and sity have them. We get Sbarro selling the Pyramid, College of Business, Environmental Design, doesn’t care cardboard for $4.40 a slice. And the College of Health and Human Services, to consider the potential for greater cherry on top is we don’t recycle very the Student Recreation and Wellness energy production on campus. Maybe much, if any, of our waste. University Center, the Outpost, the Bookstore. the campus community would care of Southern California and Harvard These can be your new community more about these things if you showed University have on-campus compost- garden plots. ing. To recycle and compost even

them the water and power bills, taught

No, instead, we are planting them about the infrastructure that

a portion of the waste generated on more palm trees around the Pyra- goes into the university, and generally campus is to close the loop and have mid, demonstrating that the univer- made them feel included. Which brings an entire food system on campus, sity doesn’t really care about the us to the Central Plant. What goes on so that people can learn about the endemic flora and natural ecology of in the Central Plant? The Central Plant processes while they are here.

the land LBSU sits on. In ripping out doesn’t have a web page, but that’s the

Part of sustainability is the old community gardens for the heart of the campus’s air-conditioning.

self-awareness. You don’t have to new dorms, it also led to another act When something is deemed necesbe a vegan, but in 2021, you should of disrespect toward Puvungna and sary, the University does take steps certainly have a better understanding the local native communities. Look, I to teach about non-classroom topics. of how the food you consume finds its mean pull up the Google Maps satel- Title IX training is an annual requireway to your hands. To offer a system lite image of the campus and really ment and addresses a massively on campus that would allow a student look. Puvungna, on the west end of important social issue. Beachboard to grow and harvest food first hand, campus, is not a verdant green patch. modules are now in abundance. How to take it to a teaching kitchen and It is much closer to what Southern about a program where the subtext cook something with it, to feed their California would look like if we hadn’t is, “We want you to understand the fellow students, that is how you culti- paved paradise and put up a parking campus spaces around you.”? That vate self-awareness. I cannot esti- lot. So if we are going to insist on using sounds a lot like geography, by the way. mate how much food such a system all this water to ‘green’ the campus,

The core of this issue boils

could provide, but that largely doesn’t maybe it could be to grow greens we down to land use. Since Los Ange-


les has been overwhelmed by urban don’t know. However, they are ready terms of boosting the school’s statsprawl, land use decisions are increas- for someone to tell them what is up, ure. Every time the Raiders play, ingly political. So the time is now for what needs changing, and how to do Derek Carr’s Fresno State affiliation the student body to unify and begin it, all in a straightforward manner. The gets mentioned. Meanwhile, our Dirtdemanding changes in how the univer- university does not do that. They just bags baseball team has put the LB in sity is built. These are decisions that take the Prospector Pete statue down MLB. The standard for Men’s Volleystudents struggle to influence because and hide him somewhere until the new ball is to win more National Championof the structure of the university. They Alumni Center is finished and then the ships. Blair Field and Walter Pyramid have too many things competing for sad old donors that insist on using the can and should be used as community your time and attention and the years- “49er” moniker won’t lose sleep. My spaces. This stuff matters, it should long planning processes that go into personal opinion is that the Prospec- matter to the administration. We have building decisions tend to outlast the tor statue should be melted down and an Office of Strategic Communication typical student that just wants to get recast as a Shark. I think there is a lot after all. Instead we have a school that their degree and dip out before the of power in that kind of a gesture. Let can’t agree on a name, a mascot, how Timely Graduation Policy kicks in and the art students sculpt and build the to build a website, and so much more. jacks up your tuition rates. Meanwhile, molds. Get film students to document It is a recipe for becoming culturally you get professional staff making it. six-figure salaries telling you “that’s

irrelevant. That’s how you actually build

The unused and/or misused

not your job”, “the political will doesn’t and cultivate community. You give university assets infuriate me, enough exist”, or “we are all struggling”.

your community members a role that to write this piece. The Pyramid seats

That’s where having 11 years is more than just being another tuition between 4,000 and 7,000 depend-

around this campus is useful. I hold a paying NPC, ‘non-player character’ ing on the event and we don’t have it different sort of tenure. It is a labor of for the luddites. You reassess LBSU’s jam packed with events on non sports love. I grew up on a dirt road in Victor- community involvement across the days that could both drive revenue ville. Long Beach holds a special City of Long Beach and other Greater and boost the stature of the university. place in my heart. I am invested in Long Beach cities. Community doesn’t Where are the music festivals? Where what happens to this place at a level stop at the edge of campus, it perme- is Snoop Dogg? Where is Gabriel Iglefew care to understand. The solution ates every aspect of our lives. The sias? These are the kinds of mega stars to a lot of these issues, in my honest absence of an LBSU football team that grew up in Long Beach, and we do opinion, is a matter of communi- leaves a community void when Long nothing to develop rapport with them cation with the student body. New Beach Poly High School has produced so that they might want to deepen the students arriving on campus gener- dozens of NFL players over the years. connection. The lack of imagination is ally have birth years after 2000 now, Those Long Beach high school football staggering when you consider who has they grew up on the internet. They players don’t even have the option to ties to Long Beach. have seen things that the old foggy stay local! It is a squandered oppor-

“No Barriers” is just a cute tag

administrators simply do not under- tunity and sends talented local youth line for a broke ass state school that stand or even know about. As 18 to 22 elsewhere. San Jose State, Fresno can’t even respect the sacred native year olds, there are plenty of things State, and San Diego State all have land it is built on. Barriers exist all over youthful minds don’t know that they football and it serves them well in campus:


· Faculty demographics look

nothing like the student

talks around fossil fuel proceed. · There is no easy and intuitive


way to look into all the lawsuits

Parking fee increases until 2026

brought against the university in

are already published. The UPass

the past.

bus fare program is gone. · The campus police get a $3

· Land and resources are used to

build a new CPIE building that

million budget compared to

most of us will never step inside

Counseling and Psychological


Services having a budget of just $1 million. · Time and resources wasted on

· Native Lands are routinely

disrespected and while a settlement might have been

busted initiatives like Everyone

reached, there are decades of

Home LB and Downtown LB

institutional history and millions

campus housing.

of dollars in wasted university

· The university’s investment

portfolio is not readily available

resources they aren’t going to tell you about voluntarily.

for critical review as divestment

Considering campus sustainability be growing pains as we are confront- ing with the fact that the aerospace in our current moment, the history ing legacies of environmental racism industry is the one who contaminated of Puvungna is an important thread and several hundred years of geno- our local groundwater basins here in to consider. So much of the work cide, dispossession, abusive and Greater Los Angeles? that needs to be done is essentially inequal policies. These policies distill

The thing that frightens me

a reconnection to nature and the years of history into the moment in the most is that when you care about ecological processes that would play time we occupy now, leaving us to ask these issues and seek justice in the out had we not altered this land so ourselves and those around us, what immediate local setting, you are met dramatically, and the tribal leaders we will do to actually move toward with stiff resistance as it challenges have talked about this for years in the environmental and social justice.

those who hold the power in the

context of Puvungna. This reconnec- Indeed, environmental and social here and now. The time for change tion is not a spectator sport. It requires justice are one in the same. How and accountability is now, and on an every individual to take stock in their much time does the College of Busi- individual level, it is what drives me own life and experience, how you ness spend talking about the history forward in the interest of the campus came to be on this campus, what your of labor movements, labor unrest, and community that has both helped me goals are, and fundamentally what you how to form a union? Does the College grow and repeatedly crushed my consider to be important. There will of Engineering spend time reckon- dignity. Vox Veritas Vita.





overing our faces to decrease off her mask because of ‘maskne’—a the spread of a virus came new term being used for mask acne. with a mystery waiting to “She got nervous showing her face”

be uncovered. Our imaginations Max said. “She kept saying, ‘you’re have circled the question of how the going to see my face now…I have person next to us looks. The made-up maskne’”. perceptions of a person’s beauty have The conversation Max and Hernandez indirectly placed standards of how a had illustrates how a person’s anxiety person should look, which has raised holds them back from showing their anxiety and shallow behavior within face. She would have rather continued our community. Thus, the protec- hiding before failing to represent tor to our health has become part of others’ perceptions of her. Luckily, a phenomenon known as mask fish- Hernandez had a wonderful friend ing where people feel ‘catfished’ after to remind her that she was beautiful seeing how a person looks under the regardless of her acne. mask.

The notion of mask fishing

There are consequences to is overlooked by many of us. Mask

the phrase mask fishing that people fishing was first introduced on TikTok. fail to comprehend. A person can be The trend started with people wearing triggered and hesitate to show their their masks and revealing their faces face because of insecurities that later in the video, the caption usually come with wearing a mask. A fifth- being “Am I catfishing?”. Chicano year student at Long Beach State, studies and anthropology student, named Angela Max, describes a time Jasmin Gonzalez, had no idea mask when she and a new friend went out to fishing was a trend. However after lunch for the very first time together. explaining what mask fishing was, she She expressed how her friend Clarissa commented on how it pushes forward Hernandez felt nervous about taking unrealistic ideals of beauty that target




by lorem ipsum



PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY JAKE WINKLE the POC community, “It perpetuates a Euro-centric beauty standard that is harmful to people of color” Gonzalez said. Mask fishing makes dating harder, especially for those who battle with low self-esteem. Transfer student, Rosaura Montes, states that we shouldn’t turn our heads away from someone we enjoy being with for not looking a certain way. She suggested that people should get over looks and date people they enjoy their time with.

“Especially for those that

have low self-esteem and they get scared to take off their mask because what if someone doesn’t find them attractive after all? I don’t know, it’s all weird. And honestly dating during a pandemic is already tough!” said Montes. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding mask fishing, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the trend is going beyond a video for TikTok. The mystery behind the mask has implanted beauty expectations that mentally and socially affect the lives of people daily. Mask fishing isn’t something to take lightly; we start to enforce beauty ideals that not everyone can meet. Moreover, we shouldn’t make people feel as if they should meet any beauty standards. Instead, let us create a more positive and uplifting environment for everyone that doesn’t enforce false ideals or unfair expectations.





iscord is a hub of niche “Having these online communities did the Tabletop Gaming Club, featured communities from school a lot for the mental health of students, elsewhere in this publication, have clubs, social gatherings, and including my own during the height of found ever-growing popularity of

a means to have students together the pandemic as we were all isolated students looking to play games, or in a class connect with one another. and our only interactions were through simply to hang out. Chances are, you might be on Discord our screens.” right now. Maybe you’ve seen it bene-

The Writer’s Block, a screen-

It’s for similar reasons that writing club, is another example of

fit yourself, if not only socially, but to Ronnie Wilson, an English for educa- benefiting from being online. help out in school. Though it has been tion major, has found Discord to be Adam Moore, assistant professor, around for years, it has found more beneficial during college. She found and the head of the screenwriting popularity when COVID-19 came the transition to online classes diffi- track, serves as the faculty advisor about and classes went online. The cult, but utilizing servers for her for the club and takes an active role to biggest perk of Discord is the versa- classes helped. tility it gives users, from how simple it

share events, job opportunities, and

“In a Shakespeare class, I was networking events for the club. With

is to send images and messages or to struggling and knowing I was strug- around 90 students in the screenwritcreate voice channels for your friends gling there was a 100% chance other ing track, the discord channel has 300 to hop in and talk.

students were too. So I set it up and members.

Anthea Johnson, an English [all] of my classes had use of it.”

major, owns the server modeled after

“During COVID, the Discord

Wilson has used these community has been extremely

the old app, containing a little under a services to help communicate due helpful in maintaining cohesion and 100 members. She has seen Discord dates, absences, and assist group community amongst the [students],” as a positive impact for students, help- work and seen many students thank- Moore said. “Without it, I’m not sure ing them to have a place to vent, or get ful to have this means of assistance. our students would be doing as well help with classes or campus-specific On and off again, the topic of unethical as they currently are.” problems.

conduct, like cheating, comes up given

With the recently-added hub

“Students are a lot closer how Discord rarely sees faculty over- feature, you can scroll through any of

with each other and we work together sight. Server managers, such as John- the servers connected with LBSU. a lot easier, since all we need to do is son, have enforced rules to make sure Now, I’m a part of so many servsend a quick message on the server that these spaces can remain open for ers that it’s almost impossible not to and someone usually answers within those who need it. a day.”

find somebody to chat with on any

Another usage of Discord topic imaginable. Whatever you want

For Johnson and other that has seen popularity is how school to discuss, you can find like minded

students, Discord has been a place to clubs have been relying on it, in addi- people on Discord. make friends.


tion to Instagram or Twitter. Clubs like





hat started as an idea program. The AFPA lets students in. Everyone is encouraged to explore among a few students experience the collaborative process all aspects of animated film producwho shared a passion of producing an animated film, which tion. “We really want it to be a posi-

for creating animated films became for many of them is their dream job. tive experience for people who come an official organization in the spring The organization is structured to in and want to learn about animation of 2020, and now over a year later mimic the studio setting of animated whether you have experience or not,” members are busy with script writing, film production. storyboarding, character design, and

Coronado said.

“We break our club into a

Katelyn Bernardo, a third year

animation in order to finish their next couple of subcategories. We have pre-production art major, is a member project by the end of the fall semester. narrative, storyboarding, character of the AFPA and even with her busy

Katerina Coronado, a design, visual development/back- schedule she finds time to collaborate

fifth year animation major, is the ground, and animation,” Coronado on the projects. She recently provided Co-Founder and current President said. Members may choose to be a sketches for prop designs and one of of the Animated Film Production part of one group or as many as they them is being finalized for an upcoming Association. She believed creating want. The flexibility allows members animated film. While she cannot attend the organization would be benefi- to hone in on skills they already know every meeting, she helps any way she cial to students within the animation or learn new skills they are interested can.

“They’re very lenient on

participation, meaning you can contribute however much you’re willing [to] with no pressure. In the end, every little contribution counts, especially since the projects are such a huge undertaking,” Bernardo said.

Because of the COVID-19

pandemic, the AFPA moved all of their production online, and like many other clubs on campus, they use Discord to communicate and collaborate on projects together. The move to online was difficult, especially with keeping member retention up, but the club has continued to grow. Even with this difficulty and others, creating and leading


the AFPA has been a rewarding experience for Coronado. Before being the President, Coronado had no previous roles as a leader, so the AFPA has been a big responsibility for her.

“I have to check in with my

officers, my administrative members, and be committed to something that’s bigger than myself. So if a lot of the projects don’t go well that’s on me. If I don’t hold up my end then everything is affected as well,” Coronado said. Coronado does not let the pressure get to her as she has had the entire organization helping her along the

“Open to All Students at Long Beach”

way. She expressed how grateful she was to have met so many people

through the organization. For herself and if all goes according to plan, the

The AFPA currently has

and many others in the organization, AFPA expects to resume in-person two animated films in production: the AFPA was one of the few ways to meetings then. meet new people during the COVID- 19 pandemic.

“Ghosted” and “Crocodile Tears.”

“I’m looking forward to meet- “Ghosted” is about a girl who explores

ing all the faces I’ve met online! There a cemetery, meets several ghosts,

“It led me to meet some will most definitely be a learning curve and learns that she is not alone in this

really amazing people in the [anima- as we get used to the transition from world. It is the newest project of the tion] program. Students that want to being fully online to fully in-person but AFPA, only being pitched a few weeks work in a collaborative environment. it’s an exciting change regardless,” ago and is still in the process of being I’m really thankful for the people I’ve Dimagiba said. met throughout the process,” Coro- nado said.

written. “Crocodile Tears” is about an

While the AFPA was created anthropomorphic crocodile who is at

with animators in mind, the organi- odds with his mother. He wants to be

Gabe Dimagiba, a second zation is open to all students at Long a punk rock artist but his mother is a

year transfer animation major, shares Beach State regardless of major. Coro- classically trained musician. The film the same sentiments as Coronado. As nado stresses that the organization is will explore his journey of trying to do a character design lead, he is in charge for anyone that is interested in making what he wants versus his mother’s of assigning tasks and ensuring they animated films and learning new skills. wishes. “Crocodile Tears” has been were completed in a timely manner. “We have a lot of marine biology majors the main focus of the AFPA for the past It was a role he never had before, but [and] some engineering majors… few months and they expect to release with the guidance of Coronado he has [and] our narrative team is composed it at the end of the Fall semester. learned how to be a capable leader. mostly of non-art majors… [that] Dimagiba will be taking the position of come from theater [and] creative writPresident in the Spring 2022 semester ing,” Coronado said.






he Tabletop Gaming Club on campus is a place to unwind and to make friends.

Welcome to anybody, chances are there is somebody to play a game with you, no matter how esoteric or convoluted your favorite one is. A regular night is filled with the sounds of dice clattering, cheering over victories, and tears from losses—perhaps not so often the last example. Club president Craig Malech, a mechanical engineering major, founded the club, which originally focused on the development of tabletop games. As the club grew, their focus also grew to encompass the wants of people looking to play games.

“We do everything we can to

make this happy, that’s our priority. You won’t be judged for what kind of game you want to play, even if you want to play Candyland.”

There are no fees, no

expectations, everything the club does is to give students a place to destress. Founded over two years ago, the club managed to find ways to connect players when classes were solely online through Discord, with over 400 members. Many have used it to chat outside of general meetings,



or to play video games together. With found that occasionally new environ- each other by playing.” the growth of the club over the semes- ments can be hard to fit into, especially

One of the club’s biggest

ters, Malech has found it humbling to for introverted types. At the Tabletop draws is getting together for Dungeons see the club transform from its origin. Gaming Club, he found a place where and Dragons. With multiple campaigns

Andrew Moreno, a transfer it feels natural to skip all the small talk organized, the popularity has boomed.

student majoring in Japanese, has by having fun with games like Kittens, Sign-ups are handled through Discord made friends through the club during Bang!, or Werewolves.

for those looking for more information.

his first semester on campus. He’s “I like that we just got to get to know Zoe Young, a creative writing major, originally joined for D&D, but has also been making friends by playing board games. She says to give the club a chance because it has really made an impact for her. “It’s been a lot of fun. They’ve really been accepting of me, even though I’m brand new.”

Kyra Dejesa, a marketing

major, is one of the board’s founding members and the current communications manager. Feeling welcomed is important for the club’s board, prioritizing a space where everybody belongs.

“We want it to be like a safe

and fun place where everyone can talk and hang out,” Dejesa says. “[The members] are very kind and they’ll explain the rules and help each other out.”

With the semester coming

to an end, the Tabletop Gaming Club will be continuing onward in the spring with more game nights, workshops, and anything else to bring students together. The club currently meets on Thursdays at 7 p.m., in USU 205. To stay updated on the club, in case of changes, follow them on Instagram at @tgc.csulb or join their Discord with the link on their profile.





city can wake up and realize how much they’re hurting the homeless community by continuously putting us through trial and error rather than


finding something concrete. LBCC

don’t try to bury those memo- horrors we have seen.

that’s before it was said that there

ries often; I have to restrain myself

were nearly 70 or more students


Some of the resources

recently announced it would open up 15 parking spots for students to spend their nights in their cars, but

from actually talking about some of also are ineffective. Many of these

living in such conditions. That’s still

the darkest things I saw. It’s a rather programs that are supposed to help

a growing problem that we seem to

unusual feeling. I want to talk about the homeless are creating justifica-

lack accommodations for as we open

it, but sometimes I have no reason to. tion for living in a tent underneath an

up the doors for resolutions little by

Everything else in life I can talk about: overpass or a highway. The reality


my ex-girlfriends, my many jobs over of it is this: we live in a harsh world,

the years, all my wacky adventures in and the homeless are just unfor-

have to hide in our tents away from

the past. But I can’t talk about my time tunately the singular group exiled

the flashing lights and police in order

being homeless.

by the lack of compassion towards

to salvage one night without having to

people like myself. We’re often used

move. You can argue that the city and

People who have gone

At the end of the day, we

through the ringer like I have don’t

for the photo ops with the city council the university are trying their best to

have an outreach where we can talk

and maybe once in a while, we get a

find applicable solutions, but I see it

to another person who actually has

feature on some news channel about

as part of the city’s push to move the

been homeless. We have spaces for

how the city is doing something for

homeless out of the city and further

different ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+


south. What the city needs to start

community and others that have

someone to talk to about their issues

something gets created, program

abandoned buildings as a shelter in

and have more resources to accom-

starts, program falls through, repeat

order to utilize the space for children

modate those needs.

process. When I lived in San Diego

and young adults since they’re more

and started to dig into the city

likely to be at-risk for homeless-

The university doesn’t provide an

records, I found it astonishing how

ness. LBSU could look for the same

outreach program that involves

many failed buildings there were in

option: we have money to expand on

students being able to reach out

the last 50 years: 26. Some of these

livable dorms with state-of-the-art

and talk about their problems that

buildings were still in okay conditions, features, why not consider creating

they’ve experienced. Long Beach

easily feasible for usage as a home-

one for homeless students? Offer

State has a nice little website that

less shelter. I’m still fairly new to the

students the same resources, espe-

has some resources, but there’s no

Long Beach and LA areas, but I am

cially if the university is attempting

building where we can schedule an

pretty sure that there are more than

to push itself towards being a “social

appointment with a psychiatrist and

26 failed projects on file.

mobility university.”

sit in a lounge chair to talk about the

But we’ll never know.

But for homeless people?

I’ve seen this movie before:

Maybe someday, the

pushing for is the usage of older,





rates of food insecurity indicate that a large proportion of undergraduate students are in need of additional campus-based or student resources.

ccording to Cambridge with food insecurity, which the United The Basic Needs office is seeking to University Press, approx- States Department of Agriculture change that narrative positively and imately 11.5% of individu- defines as lack of access to enough bring a sense of community to campus

als, which is equivalent to about 37.2 food for an active, healthy life. They with their resources. million people in the U.S., are living also mentioned that these elevated


Dr. Kenneth Kelly, Director

of the Basic Needs program, shared pandemic. “Covid helped us in a pantry in particular offers. “We offer how the program began and what kind sense,” Kelly laughed. “It really did food, perishable and non-perishable of resources it offers for students. because we could already help people goods, fruits, vegetables, and baby “In 2015, this program started as in person and now, we realize we could items including diapers,” Charles said. the Student Emergency Interven- do this without being in person and In addition, students can donate items tion primarily for students with food we can serve a lot more students. Our to the pantry, which is especially helpand housing insecurity or had a crisis new cycle started in October and since ful with the increase of applications. that they needed resources with like Oct. 1st, we have had over 700 appli- The pantry also works with student emergency grants,” Kelly stated. He cants,” he stated. continued, “A few years went by, the

athletes. Kelly stated, “Sometimes,

In addition to serving when student athletes come back

chancellor’s office began to call it the students in the pantry, housing, and from their away games, they bring Basic Needs Initiative. From that, we providing emergency grants, Basic back toiletries from the hotels and became Basic Needs and now are a Needs brings community within the donate it.” department.”

students. They strive to get students

There is no doubt that the

Basic Needs works along with involved, such as giving back to other Basic Needs program initiates the

CalFresh to help students with appli- students in need. Feed A Need is one significance of community at LBSU. cations. Also, they have off campus of the campaigns that they initiated Charles shared, “I think the resources resources like case managers that in 2015. “Other food options are we provided by Basic Needs builds a work with them directly. One of the provide meals for students in the resi- community on campus.” She continprograms that the office provides is for dent halls,” Kelly shared. He contin- ued, “I have a lot of students who come food insecurity. The ASI Beach Pantry ued, “We have campaigns each third in and tell me that they are so grateful located on the first floor of the USU week of a semester in which students for everything in what we provide.” Dr. near the North lawn is across from can donate meals to other students. Kelly mentioned that he has worked in the CalFresh office which was done We have provided over 15,000 meals.” many roles for over 20 years, but this strategically so that students that LBSU’s Beach Bites app is another has been his favorite job. “This is not a have food insecurity coming out of the way that students can access food. It job, it is a calling,” Kelly stated. pantry can see and access it easily.

is a mobile app for students and alerts

Students looking into apply-

The department’s primary focus is them when accessible catered food ing, donating or seeking information to assist along with serving students from on-campus events or meetings about Basic Needs can visit the CSULB who face barriers like food insecurity, is available. emergency crisis, homelessness, and

website, social media, and Zoom via

Besides helping students with appointment. Also, CalFresh will be

other student demands. Students are food insecurity, Basic Needs offers hosting nutrition and cooking worktaking advantage of the resources other resources. Kelsey Charles, a shops throughout the school year on available from Basic Needs. Over student and also a USU Adminis- their Instagram page. 2,000 applications were submitted trative Assistant, shared what the within the past year alone. This beats their previous record which was 700 applications. Kelly mentioned that the department is aware that there


is a need especially due to the global




dena City College, she remembers


how nervous she was about arranging her schedule to graduate without too many speedbumps. She felt relieved when advisors reached out to help her, making her class choices less of a challenge. But forming a social support


network was not a similarly seamless experience: “One thing about school I enjoyed was meeting new people and having all classes on Zoom made it


or most students, the transition was introduced to LBSU through her difficult to get to know classmates or into LBSU has a learning curve, study abroad agency in Sweden and make study groups.” As most students not only academically, but also decided it was right for her because transfer after their second year, the

financially and socially. For some, such of its proximity to the beach, beauti- time constraint of only being at a as transfer, international, and mature ful campus, and the area’s diversity. college for two years makes it difficult students, the learning curve is often So far, those aspects have been what to find a community before graduatsteeper. These students are often she has hoped: “What I’ve enjoyed the ing. Still, Corado says, “I’m just thankjuggling complicated credit transfer most is probably the close proximity ful that I at least got to experience the policies, adjusting to a foreign country, to the beach… there is something to campus in person before I graduated or balancing multiple jobs while trying do or places/restaurants/shops/malls and got to know some of my classto make friends in a new environ- around every corner. If you want to get mates and professors.” ment. Unfortunately, with the advent out and do something you always have

Another transfer student,

of online learning during the Covid-19 options. I like that it isn’t too far to drive Isabella Terrazes, who is now in her pandemic, some of the social barriers to Newport or Huntington so that you third semester at LBSU, described a that nontraditional students face have can discover new places.” Although at disconnect in people’s expectations been compounded. Adequate social times she has felt “overwhelmed with of her and her own experiences: “I feel support, both from other students moving so far away, living alone for like I’m new and still learning how to and faculty, makes a huge difference the first time, and also having a lot of do things like a lot of freshmen.” Since in how well these students handle school work”, she finds the resources she completed many GEs while in unique challenges. The perspectives offered to students have helped her, highschool through her local commuof nontraditional students offer unique citing study groups, office hours, and nity college, she was able to transfer feedback on how LBSU’s resources major specific support groups. help, where they need work, and how


in as a sophomore. During her first

ac ad e m i c s , year at LBSU, online classes were the

the ‘college experience’ doesn’t look especially with the complications of only options so she didn’t make many the same for everyone.

transfer credits and major specific friends. Now that campus has opened

For Marina Ilic, an interna- requirements, are often struggles up, she enjoys going to the tabletop

tional student from Sweden, her first for transfer students to navigate. For board-game club and spending time at semester has come with a basketful Stephanie Corado, a senior who trans- the wellness center swimming, weight of new responsibilities to handle. She ferred to LBSU last year from Pasa- lifting, and rock-climbing. When


ILLUSTRATION BY NINA WALKER reflecting on whether she has found community this semester, Terrazes answered, “I think I’m beginning to, it was definitely a really big adjustment but I have high hopes that the longer I’m here the more I’ll settle.”

The sentiment of not fitting

in with the demographic of your classes is also expressed by students who are outside of the standard age range of the average college student. At 25, Cody Messerer, a business major graduating this year, often finds himself in classes with students who are several years younger than him. Although he was originally going to community college full time while working full time, he decided to switch to part-time when he began having health struggles due to stress. Being responsible for himself financially since 17, he didn’t have the option to stop working so he decided to take a step back.

However, taking his time with in similar positions to him or those students take classes at LBSU every

college has given him more clarity on who are struggling to balance every- semester, each student’s experience what he wants to do for his career. thing reflects the perspective that life will be individual. For nontraditional Unlike plenty of college graduates who experiences bring: “There’s no need to students, who often have to go out of go into a field entirely different from rush through college right away, if you their way to integrate into the LBSU what their bachelor’s was in, Messerer feel burnt out do not hesitate to take a community while managing other feels confident he will use his degree break, college will still be there.” and work experience in his future

responsibilities, they often leave with

Although nearly 38,000 distinct experiences.

career. Through LBSU’s job fairs, mentorship programs, and corporate

“There’s no need to rush through college right away,

membership programs he has found it

if you feel burnt out do not hesitate to take a break,

“easier to connect to those who have

college will still be there.”

similar goals.” His advice for students


student designers have



ion design major, Gavin Pangilinan says “There will

multiple cate-


expensive things no one can to a runway show by the end of the

afford. Well fashion is more than that. year. Events that happen within

State University has offered a fashion the club to keep it running are fundclub that allows students to express raisers, model castings and the large their work in a way they want to. The runway show at the end of the year draws in fash-

the club and fash-

tion held within

be cute clothes in closets or their best work which eventually goes

club, Campus Couture,

tions Coordinator of

be a competi-

ashion is often believed to ion and non-fashion majors to display

For the past 35 years, Long Beach

created. Public Rela-

held at LBSU. Models are sought after to model the clothes and pieces

gories on the runway show t h at



hosted at the end of the year. There will also be programs held by our sponsors.” Sponsors are needed to fund the club for productions and runway events to continue. “The competition in the runway show is divided into categories,” says Campus Couture president Lily David, a journalism major. “The designers who will participate in the fashion show will compete for different awards like most original, most innovative, and overall best collection,” she explains. The runway show at the end of the year is a large and exciting event for all, the students, designers, and sponsors alike.

Campus Couture stands for

those who want to seek the freedom to express themselves. Everyone defines fashion in a different way. Fashion is considered to be both clothing and art.



Pangilinan says, “On a general scale, always gravitated fashion can be defined as a form of to the world of this expression through the indi- medium and clothvidual and garments laid ing. Intertwining the two upon the body. This is a hard goal to achieve, but can be among it’s also what brought me to the a

c o l l e c t i ve realm of fashion, ” says Pangilinan. He or

i n d i v i d - continues “I’ve always been a quiet John-

ual piece, as person, yet mindful and conscious s o n


everything of my surroundings. If I could speak Christian Siriano because they aren’t s e r ve s

a my mind through my garments, then afraid to show who they are, and

purpose and that’s what I aspire to do.” Fash- always know how to incorporate their meaning behind ion became an outlet of coping with own signature style into everything who is wearing them.” Fash- getting out of a comfort zone. Frie- they create.” ion is a statement of the person denberg adds, “Fashion has always

Fashion is ever evolving and

because it expresses who they encompassed who I am because I’ve ever changing. As Pangilinan says are. With fashion, you can also always expressed my interests or style fashion is for “individuals that speak get a hint of their personality through clothing, so I’ve always known true to themselves.” Fashion is knowor interests. Shana Frieden- this would be a part of me forever.” berg, a fashion merchandising

ing yourself, knowing your voice and

Everyone has an inspiration owning your style. Fashion is defining

major, says, “Fashion is any style for different aspects in life and as for yourself. or trend that makes up a specific David: “My idol is Audrey Hepburn, culture, age group, demographic. not only is her style timeless and Style however, is specific to each classic but also character will always individual, and purely relies on symbolize elegance and true Hollywhat psychographics make up the wood legend.” History has played person’s interests or views.” People a huge role in fashion infludress based on their interests.

ences of today. David

admires the fash-

Trends come and go but

personal style is attached to you ion of Victobecause you decide the outcome. ria Beckham Fashion has also been a creative outlet b e c a u s e for those who are going through hard- “she always ships and phases. “I’ve always had a looks put passion for philosophy and under- together and standing how the mind works. During p o l i s h e d . ” hardships and times of struggle, I Having a more


edgy taste in fashion, Friedenberg likes “...the styles of Betsey





Buckets, a four-piece indie-punk band based in LA, recently released their debut on Apr. 23, 2020. We sat down (over zoom) with Tanner Houghton, Sasha Massey, Hiram Sevilla, and Mitch Rossiter to speak about their personal musical backgrounds, the process of creating their debut album through lockdown, and the inspiration behind their band. Q: When did you all meet? How did you decide to form a band?

Tanner [laughing]: Yeah, to take it more seriously.

number one was what I meant to Mitch: Tanner and Sasha

Tanner: I have a different project. It’s say. We just hit it off. He’s an amaz- moved down to Los Angeles together called “Follies & Vices”, it’s a pop proj- ing session drummer and an amaz- from Seattle. So they knew each ect. We put up an ad on Craigslist for a ing writer too. So, before and after other. They roped Hiram into “Follies drummer… we got maybe six auditions “Follies & Vices” practices, him and & Vices” where the three of them


and Hiram was one of them.

I and Sasha would just be jamming. started this “Buckets” project. I had

Hiram: or the best…

Then at some point, we just decided booked them a couple of times when

they were playing as a three-piece and screaming and being noisy with a recorded in different rooms at different basically, after the first show, I pulled guitar.

times, you would hear a bigger differ-

Tanner aside and I said, “I’m going to Mitch: In high school, I played ence. We also used the same mic for all play bass for you guys”. Essentially, in a bunch of ska and reggae bands in the vocals. It was like a $1500 mic from I forced my way into the band after addition to playing bass and being a guitar center and when we were done seeing them at their first show. Some- drummer. I learned to play drums to with the record we returned it and got times you gotta kick the door in.

bands like “Streetlight Manifesto” all of our money back. It was worth it. which kind of bridged the gap between

Q: What are each of your individual ska and punk. As I got older, I started Q: When you are performing what do musical backgrounds?

playing more bass and more hardcore you want people to take away from

Hiram: I’m like 10 years older than bands. Towards the end of college, I that experience? everybody else in the band so I’ve got really into indie-folk; I used to play Mitch: I know that our music, espebeen playing for a long time in Mexico bass in a country band even. So, I’ve cially when we perform live, is a little but my dream was to play in the US. kind of been all over the map. But I bit more intense than on the record. Some neighbor told me there was an think the way I play bass is influenced Our sound is not for everyone, and no audition for a drummer. It was a Latin by all the ska I listened to at 12 years music ever is. But I think we put out a punk band that watched me play at old.

good live performance. I want people

the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

to see us and think, wow they are really

After a while, I was like why am I play- Q: How did you get your album to having fun up there. Hopefully that ing Latin music again and I’m in the US. sound so cohesive when you were all allows other people to at least enjoy So, my wife found the craigslist app apart during the pandemic?

the vibe we are bringing, even if they

and was like hey check these guys out. Mitch: That’s mostly praise to Tanner don’t like all the screaming. We play So that’s how I met Tanner and started and Sasha, they spent hours making shows where we are definitely the playing for Follies & Vices.

it especially just working on guitar most energetic band by far. It’s fun to

Sasha: I guess my back-

tones. I would sit in my living room see the crowd get into it whether it’s

ground comes all from “Tony Hawk during quarantine and just track bass their cup of tea or not. Pro Skater 3.” The Ramones were on and then send four different takes of Sasha: My biggest thing is there and all this other cool shit and the same song.

that other people out there are like

really got into that kind of music. My Tanner: This was the first

“I could fucking do that.” It’s super

mom bought me a guitar in fifth grade, time I ever produced anything. I’ve cheesy, but someone told me the other and I’ve been glued to it ever since.

watched a lot of people and that’s week to live to inspire and I hope we

Tanner: I made primarily

helped a lot over the years, look- inspire others to give it a shot up there.

hip-hop music for a long time. Since ing over someone’s shoulders while I was 15, I just liked writing a lot and they are producing me. I think the hip-hop seemed like the closest thing same with Sasha, we came with our to poetry. Around 18, I got sick of rely- combined knowledge. But really the

Instagram: bucketsband Spotify: Buckets

ing on other people to make beats or biggest thing that made the record play guitar for me so I started learning sound cohesive was that all the drums guitar as best as I could. I started with were recorded in the same room at hip-hop and quickly moved to loving the same time. If the drums were






Perhaps a yowling wind will take me tonight, oh how I hope have me either, I am made of flesh, I will not sink. So above it does. If only the wind was strong enough

ground I must stay. Perhaps the oceans will take me, and I

to hold my sorrows.

will be washed away: cleansed and bathed. Oh how I’d like

I’d be lifted from earth as an angel, given to the clouds on a to lose myself to it. To feel so numb golden platter: an offering. But even offerings are supposed to the touch that nothing could impact me, but I cannot to be of the finest creation. So on the ground

float, my feet are chained to the land. If I could only touch

my feet remain planted. But perhaps

the water, give it permission to take me, but I cannot. The

the ground might want me, the earth and the layers of dirt water acts as though a tsunami is on the rise and it recedes and rock below. Maybe I could crawl

as I approach. I’m chasing movement: I’m drowning on

with the worms, only surfacing when the powerful rains land, and come and flush me out.

my sweet, sweet oxygen is lost to the sea. Perhaps no one

When the earth is filled with

will have me. Perhaps, at the end of the day, it’s just me.

rain and sun and life; only then I come back from the depths of the earth as a version of life only just remade. How would it feel to be new? I imagine jumping from bliss to innocence, then back again. But no, the earth won’t






You don’t have to build up walls to stay strong.

Linked through pain, through joy and through life.

Break them down.

No one is alone.

Open the door.

The chain is strong but delicate as well.

Strength lies in the open field.

Links can be broken and whither away.

It blooms next to vulnerability.

Until a single thread is left.

Delicate and naked.

Weak and faint, almost undetectable.

But a fairy’s wings don’t lift her up if covered and hidden But look far from the sky and see the big picture. away.

Every link, every thread makes a web.

Reach out toward the endless sea and find another like you. Links stretching far and wide keeps us together. An unbreakable chain to withstand the storm.











needed a community. Something





Robert Frost said, “Two roads life easier. The gap will make you more

to relate to other people with. diverged in a wood, and I took the one efficient.” Something spatial, concrete, and less traveled by,


Then I found the gap.


Supposedly, if you are walking

But of course the gap is a

And that has made all the threat. If I keep using the gap, I might start considering other shortcuts.

I say, “Two paths diverged in Going through the USU instead of

to campus from the north, you will pass a college campus, and I took the one taking the stretch of stairs. Cutting the Go Beach sign and make a sharp that seems slightly shorter, and that across the grass. Traipsing through a left into the open path ahead of you. A has made small the difference.” concrete walking path that takes you

planter of succulents. What will I do

The gap is an excellent when the escalator stops working

past the USU and up the escalators. It conversation starter. “My mind is again? Will I be discouraged to is wide and welcomes you.

under the control of the gap and I continue the rest of the day? Or will I

But I do not embrace the open cannot escape.” --Melanie Perez

occupy myself by trying to find another

path, I make an oblique for the gap. In “I just always gravitate towards the shortcut? Will I keep thinking about between a column and a wall. Daily gap. Like I can’t not walk through it… I shortcuts until I am late for class? 49er box and a railing.

feel like I’m neglecting that little bit of The gap is the sun, and I am Icarus,

The gap. The allure of a space if I don’t walk through it.” - Lucy destined to fly too close and have my

shortcut. The illusion of free choice. Dallavo What is its purpose but to tempt.

wings melt away. The gap beckons, “Walk

But I love the gap. I praise the

The snake in the garden of Eden, through, walk through. There is gap. I join the chorus of Long Beach whispering in the student’s ear to nothing holding you back. You can slip students that worship the gap. All of forsake convention. You see it ahead through like water in a gutter, like a us, business and art majors, freshman of you. Do you go through the main bubble in the wind, like a child on a slip and seniors, local and international, we walkway, or take the adventurous n’ slide. You will be a ghost, passing are united by our love and momentary route?


through a wall. The gap will make your indulgence in the one and only gap.


CONTRIBUTORS Caroline Bae, Artist Katelyn Bernardo, Artist Patrick Daugherty, Artist Jessa Orense, Artist & Writer Nina Walker, Artist Bianca Austria, Artist Gavin Pangilinan, Photographer

Celine Castaneda, Writer Natalie Comfort, Writer Carlos Fuentes, Writer Kadie Gurley, Writer Seth Haden, Writer Jacob Ingram, Writer Nicholas James, Writer Ethan Lauren, Writer Ariel Smith, Writer Caroline Smith, Writer