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Spring 2021 Edition

UNITED 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERS A community-wide collaborative which builds on the partnerships of multiple organizations to support students’ needs before, during, and after-school in ways that matter most to our community. Based on the collective impact model, research of Partner for Student Success, and a diverse group of community partners, this grant specifically focuses on the following local student needs: High-quality out-of-school time programming for students eligible for free or reduced meals Positive identity, with a specific focus on students that self-identify as African American students of slave descent ·Literacy development, with a specific focus on students with a home language other than English Meaningful family engagement Grant partners align programming, resources, and professional development to support student and family needs based on a data-driven approach which identifies root causes, and leverages and develops proposed solutions according to student needs. This takes place within the context of continuing program improvement and a collective impact approach.

The UNITED 21CCLC collaborative includes a network of centers and satellite centers across two school districts and several communities in central Minnesota. It leverages and builds upon the experience and commitment of partners, including our community’s library system; national youth serving organizations; community-based organizations; university system; Central Minnesota’s largest healthcare provider; school districts and schools. Through these partners, this collaborative is developed with the voices and representation of the community. This catalog has been funded in part with federal funds the U.S. Department of Education, Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program. Any products mentioned are only examples and do not constitute endorsement by the U.S. government.the community.


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs and activities that contribute to the development of science, technology, engineering or mathematics skills.

MakerSpace & Coding Kits Great River Regional Library Readymade kits with STEM-related programming materials using the library's makerspace kits and coding kits. These come with fun prompts to include students of various skill levels. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Make.do Kits Great River Regional Library Makedo is a cardboard construction kit that teaches kids through play to see the world not as it is but as it could be. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Scoutreach Boy Scouts of America

Wheels + Automotive Space Central MN Youth for Christ Wheels is a hands-on program that also gives kids experience in mechanic work and auto repair. Interested in including this field trip experience as part of a larger program? Our team can help coordinate that!

Age appropriate lesson plans per grade including outdoor education, outdoor skills, STEAM, Financial literacy, personal care and fitness. Students receive recognitions for completing each phase of each program instilling a sense of accomplishment. Grades K-5 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Grades 6-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT Literacy Development Activity that contributes to the development and enjoyment of reading and writing skills.

American Reading Company United Way of Central Minnesota Partner for Student Success See jumps in student reading proficiency! Our team can provide the training, assessment support, a variety of books appropriate to the students you serve. Grades In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Pop-Up Library Programming Great River Regional Library

Summer Reading Program Great River Regional Library Summer Reading Program at the center! Grades In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Pop-U Library Programming strives to serve children and family through library services, check out materials, attend family story time, and other programs. Possible programs include technology classes, like Northstar Digital Literacy with the mobile laptop lab, Database demonstrations include Tumblebooks, Learning Express Library or Pronunciator, Conversation circles, multi-language materials including American Reading Curriculum books, Grab and Go kits for loan, We Play Here early literacy kits, Summer Reading Program and 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. These kits each contain educational toys based on the five practices of Every Child Ready to Read: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing. Bilingual Library Cultural Navigator are available if needed Talk to our team about options during COVID-19!

Grades K-12


In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Great River Regional Library Beanstack is an online platform where students are able to keep track of your reading, get book recommendations, and earn online badges to help make your reading a habit. Grades K-12 Virtual


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT Tutoring Activity that provides direct support for the core academic subjects.

Around the Cloud Tutoring Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation This an online service to provide free tutoring to students in grades K-12. The one-on-one sessions, which are conducted virtually, cover reading, math, social studies, English and language arts, and Spanish. The service came about as a collaboration between GSDC, United Way of Central Minnesota, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud Technical & Community College and Americorps Seniors (RSVP). Grades K-12 Virtual

Mathematics PAKMAT Kits St. Cloud State University The program will improve early quantitative literacy and numeracy by connecting mathematics to active learning and literature. The variety of active learning materials and children’s literature available allows for multiple contexts for learning and improving both reading and mathematics skills, and provides many opportunities for students to become engaged. Want to help build math skills? These mathematic PAKMAT Kit is the right kit for your center. These kits focus on telling time, adding and subtracting, measurements, place values, counting money, learning inequality symbols (> <), concrete adding and subtracting. Grades K-8 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Science PAKSAT Kits St. Cloud State University This is the Science Express Bus in COVID graband-go format! Readymade kits bring hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to your students. We look forward to bringing back the Science Express bus for you in the future! Grades K-8 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT English Language Learner Support Activity that provides direct support to students classified as English language learners.

Conversation Circles Great River Regional Library Conversation Circle programs are opportunities for English language learners to practice their skills and meet new people in an informal environment. Library staff have been trained to provide this programming by the Minnesota Literacy Council. Grades In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Based on the collective impact model, research of Partner for Student Success, and a diverse group of community partners, literacy development - with a special focus on students with a home language other than English - is a key goal area for the United 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.

Minnesota Bilingual Seals Program Minnesota Department of Education

Your Program Name!!

Earn Free College Semester Credits!

Your Organization Name

Minnesota districts and charter schools may award Minnesota bilingual and multilingual seals to high school graduates who demonstrate the required levels of language proficiency in speaking, writing, reading and listening for languages other than English. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) will award free college semester credits to graduating high school students who receive bilingual and multilingual seals and world language proficiency certificates. Students must request the college semester credits within three academic years of graduation from high school and upon enrollment in a Minnesota State college or university.

Here is where you share information with centers about your program, curriculum components and why students might find it really, really cool! Sometimes the description might interest parents -so they want their students to participate! Grades --In Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Grades 10-12 Visit education.mn.gov for more information


ENRICHMENT Entrepreneurship Activity that contributes to the understanding of small business practices and business ownership.

Your Program Here Your Organization's Name This is where you share lots and lots of fun information about the cool things you can help bring to students in our community! It's the description where it all gets condensed and sounds really interesting.

"Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. It’s a way of thinking and doing, a mindset and a set of skills that youth need for success in school right now, in their future careers, and in life." - Afterschool Alliance

Grades In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Professional Development & Curriculum Resources U.S. Department of Education

Over half (53%) of student respondents in the region plan to go to a 4-year college but only 17.4% of their reported careers of interest require a 4-year degree or more.

The You for Youth website (y4y.ed.gov) has great financial resources on Financial Literacy accessible to grantees of the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center at no cost! Just set up an account and access all kinds of materials that may benefit you in activity-creating and fun-generating with students. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Hybrid, Virtual

- 2019 EPIC Career Exploration Survey Over half (55%) of our students rely on family as their primary advisor about education and career decisions. - 2019 EPIC Career Exploration Survey


ENRICHMENT Arts & Music Activity that engages students in the creation of art and music and develops the appreciation of art and music.

Drama Workshop

Musical in a Week

GREAT Theatre Engage students creatively through a variety of theatre-based activities focused on using body, voice, and imagination to create exciting characters and tell fantastic stories. From improv to playwriting, GREAT Drama Workshop is designed to build confidence, communication, and social emotional skills. Designed for 1st-5th grade students. Offered online or in-person. GREAT Education: Play for all stages. Variations: Three themed programs are available: GREAT Drama Workshop: Character Creator GREAT Drama Workshop: Puppet Project GREAT Drama Workshop: Superhero Lab Grades 1-5 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

We Speak GREAT Theatre Everyone has a voice and story to tell, and this project is designed to give middle school students the space to explore both! 6-8th graders are invited to join GREAT Theatre in “We Speak,” a virtual or in-person program that uses theatre as the starting point for creative expression. Through collaborative improv, writing, characterbuilding, storytelling, poetry, and spoken word, students will use their voices and stories to create an original performance piece to be shared at the end of the program. GREAT Education: Play for all stages.

GREAT Theatre It’s showtime! Teaching artists will work with students grades 4-8 in this week-long theatre experience focused on collaboration, storytelling, and putting on a show! Students will engage the rehearsal process - learning choreography, staging, and singing numbers - while gaining confidence and developing character! This program culminates with a performance for family and friends at the site location. GREAT Education: Play for all stages Grades 4-8 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Artist in Residency, Custom herArts in Action Design your own Visual Art Residency with artist Sarah Drake of herARTS in Action! We work with you to custom create artistic experiences with youth based on your needs and goals. There is a lot of flexibility and choices in the process so that youth feel seen, heard, valued, and comfortable. Programming can be in person or online. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Grades 6-8 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid


ENRICHMENT Physical Activity Activity that engages students in a physical activity and develops the appreciation of health and nutrition.

Hoop Play + Gym Space Central MN Youth for Christ Have you wanted to be a part of basketball tournament/play but don’t have the space? Hoop play at Youth for Christ is the right place for you. Youth for Christ will provide the space and the materials for students to enjoy themselves. Connect with our team about incorporating as part of a field trip! Indoor skateboarding gym to come!

Dance Programming

Grades 6-12

Too Much Talent

In-Person Support

Child Nutrition Programs YES Network The YES Network team provides nutritious meals to children and youth in low-income neighborhoods and educational programs during the summer months – as well as food for at-risk afterschool programs during the academic year. This is provided through the Child Nutrition Programs, Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). Grades K-12

Dance is a great way for students to express their own creativity. The facilitators help students learn the ways different cultures express themselves through dance and students learn how to implement various styles as they explore culture and history in various parts of the world. In doing so, they have the opportunity to better understand and define themselves as well. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Professional Development & Curriculum Resources Playworks

In-Person Support

Culinary Space Central MN Youth for Christ A commercial kitchen available for use! If interested in a field trip event to visit this space as part of a larger program (not a one-time event), our grant can help to make this happen! Talk to our team about this as an option for the postCOVID future.

Playworks helps kids to stay active and build valuable life skills through play. Plus, they have a TON of free resources and ideas on their website (playworks.org) to help an afterschool center come up with new ways to make physical activity a valuable learning experience. If you find these materials really helpful or want additional professional development or support with implementation, please let our 21CCLC Center Coordinator know!

Grades 6-12

Grades K-12

In Person

Use for In Person, Hybrid, virtual


ENRICHMENT Physical Activity Activity that engages students in a physical activity and develops the appreciation of health and nutrition.

Canoeing Trip Central MN Youth for Christ Have you thought about taking your students canoeing but didn’t know how? You are in luck! Central MN Youth for Christ is able to help facilitate this as a part of your intentionally designed program. Canoeing is a great way to build a love for nature and to get youth outside. Research shows that the great outdoors can be a valuable mental health experience too! Great opportunity for 15-20 students. Grades 6-12 In-Person - Discuss Transportation with Us

Rock Climbing Trip Central MN Youth for Christ In the greater St. Cloud area, quarries are nearly in our backyard! This is a great experiential learning experience to be incorporated into an intentionally designed program. However, there's lots involved from permits to safety and equipment. This partnership includes all of those details - let Central MN Youth for Christ handle them for you! Great opportunity for 15-20 students. Grades 6-12 In-Person - Discuss Transportation with Us

Gone Fishing Field Trip Central MN Youth for Christ Despite living so close to the Mississippi River, many students have never gone fishing! Having this experience early in life as part of an intentionally designed program can lead to many lifelong passions and interests. Central MN Youth for Christ would love to partner with your afterschool center to help bring this experience to students. Great opportunity for 15-20 students.

Mountain Biking Central MN Youth for Christ Want to try out mountain biking, don’t know how, don’t have a mountain bike? Then Central MN Youth for Christ can help you out. They can help your students feel more comfortable and confidence in trying new adventure. Let us know when your ready to get started! Grades 6-12 In-Person - Discuss Transportation with Us

Traveling Mountain Bike Repair Shop Central MN Youth for Christ Our team has found that students really value the opportunity to access tools and skill-building so that they can fix their own bikes - such a great source of independence bikes bring! Many of the tools work on other bikes as well. South Jr. High's Bicycle Recycling Program has been a very popular support for students where a driver's license or regular access to a vehicle isn't always the case. This traveling bike shop can come to you and be on site! Grades 6-12 Use for In Person, On Site (Outdoors)

Grades 6-12 In-Person - Discuss Transportation with Us


ENRICHMENT Community Service Learning Activity that engages the students in an activity that benefits the community outside the center.

About Service_learning is based on the belief that students are an asset to their communities and have something valuable and essential to offer to those around them. Engaging in service learning allows students to see the needs in their community and engage in their own ability and agency to have a difference. Research shows that service learning: Improves Academic Achievement Increases Student Engagement Improves Social Behavior Builds Civic Skills Strengthens Community Partnerships To qualify for grant funding, service learning can't be a one-time event, but should be part of a larger program. It takes time to have an impact! If interested in having service learning at your afterschool center, please contact Fardowsa Iman to discuss ideas and appropriate partnerships.

Backyard Bumblebee Count iNaturalist.org Join us for the 2nd Annual Backyard Bumble Bee Count! Each bumble bee record submitted during the Backyard Bumble Bee Count helps researchers learn more about how bumble bees are doing and how to protect them and the environment we share. Dates to be released soon. The 2020 dates were July 24 - August 2nd.

Citizen Science & Pollinator Protection Program Statewide Stakeholders Citizen Science projects empower students to have an impact on the world. Learn how to plan and get involved in authentic, purposeful scientific research on pollinators that enhances students’ knowledge and 21st century skills. The Minnesota Department of Education, University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Extension, and the Monarch Joint Venture have collaborated to offer Pollinator Outdoor Education to share summer program options that align with academic standards. Pollinators are vital to creating and maintaining habitats and ecosystems and for our food supply. Educators play a key role in connecting young people with opportunities to learn how youth can play a key role inprotecbting and informing others about pollinators. Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid

Grades K-12 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid


ENRICHMENT Mentoring Activity that engages the student with a role model.

Outdoor Movie & Reflections Central MN Youth for Christ Do you have room for an outdoor movie theatre set-up? Each movie will will have a central theme that reflects an area of a students life (emotions, social justice, family dynamics, self image, ext.) The movie would be followed by breaking into small groups to discuss and answer questions that pertain to the central theme we have identified. These small groups would be facilitated by a volunteer that has been screened and background checked by CMYFC. Additional mentorship connections may be available to connect and process the conversations. Grades 6-8 In-Person (Outdoors) Support

Mentorship Big Brothers Big Sisters Our community matches would love to invite you to join Big Brothers Big Sisters virtual programming... or join your program! Grades K-8 In-Person Support, Virtual, Hybrid


SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Drug Prevention Activity that provides information about alcohol or other drug use prevention.

Custom Program Central MN Mental Health, Meeting Points & Other Partners United Way of Central Minnesota-Partner for Student Success can coordinate licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors to be guest speakers as part of a larger program. These counselors can also assist you with developing your own program and connect you to additional resources. Possible Curriculum Components: Coping Skills Identifying Triggers Family Structure Trauma-Informed Activities Grades K-12 In Person Support, Hybrid, Virtual

Your Program Goes Here! Your Organization Name Do you have a program that might fit here? Tell us lots of interesting things about it! We're curious about curriculum elements, activities, and other items of interest! If an afterschool center is interested in hosting your pgoram, they may find out about it here! Grades Delivery Model


SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Counseling Programs Activity that provides socio-emotional counseling services.

Stay Kool LION Community Enrichment Programs Programs explore the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on brain development. We explore the effects of the historic and generational trauma of the African American experience from the periods of enslavement to present day. Facilitated by Ken Hanna, MSW, LICSW, MBA. Curriculum Components: Adolescent Development, Emotional Regulation, Assertive Communication, Gender Roles and Expectations Males or Females, 12-15 year olds of all ethnicities In-Person

Adolescent Healing & Socialization of African American Males (AHSAAM) LION Community Enrichment Programs Programs explore the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on brain development. We explore the effects of the historic and generational trauma of the African American experience from the periods of enslavement to present day. Facilitated by Ken Hanna, MSW, LICSW, MBA.

Psychology First Aid CentraCare Health Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidenceinformed intervention strategy for helping students, families, school personnel, and school partners through response and recovery of any incident. PFA is designed to reduce initial distress caused by emergencies, and to foster short- and long-term adaptive functioning and coping skills. Support from informed, compassionate, and caring professionals can help students and staff members process a broad range of early reactions following an incident.

Curriculum Components: Assertive Communication Skills, Healthy Expression of Intense Emotions, Healthy Relationships/Gender Roles Males, 16-18 year olds In-Person

Adults In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual


SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Violence Prevention Activity that promotes peaceful conflict resolution.

REVAMP Anna Marie's Alliance Revamp is a relationship violence prevention program provided by Anna Marie's Alliance. Our goal is for everyone, especially children and youth, to have healthy, safe relationships built on equality and respect. To reach this goal, we work in schools and youth serving organizations to teach healthy relationship skills. Topics vary by age level and needs of the individual group, but some commonly requested topics include: emotional regulation, anger management, conflict resolution, bystander intervention, gender roles, self-esteem, and peer pressure.

Your Program Belongs Here Organization Name This is where you can add a brief synopsis about your program, curriculum components or topical areas, examples of activities or hands-on skillbuilding, and other information of interest for our afterschool centers! Our afterschool centers work with students on site to determine programs that are interesting for their site! Grades K-12 In-Person

Grades K-12

Take Back the Night


Community Collaboration

St. Cloud Domestic Violence Crisis Line 320-253-6900

Community Advocacy Anna Marie's Alliance The Community Advocates at Anna Marie’s Alliance work with specific populations or specific programs. Criminal Justice Intervention advocates assist victims who have an active case in the justice system.After a domestic violence scene has been secured by law enforcement, On-Scene Advocates can be called to the scene of an incident.We also offer community support and advocacy to members of the LBGTQ community who are victims of domestic violence.All of our community advocates have one goal in mind: to end the violence.

Is an event that takes place every year in the community as part of the movement to end violence and sexual assault against women, children, and families. This powerful event features music, speeches, the Clothesline Project and a march through downtown St. Cloud. Tack Back the Night is typically held in September of each year. A collaboration of many organizations plan the event, including the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center, Anna Marie’s Alliance (our local battered women’s program), the Women’s Center, Greek Life and others. Interested in having your students involved with this event? This makes a great multi-generational opportunity as well! Grades K-12 In-Person


SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Youth Leadership Activity that promotes the active engagement of leadership roles.

Girls Groups Girls on Arise to Succeed Girls on Arise to Succeed programming brings young girls together to discuss important life topics and provide guidance. For young women encountering family issues, experiencing homelessness, or struggling with mental health issues, this group gives them space to talk to adults, that care. Programming is often cofacilitated by young people. Leadership roles and shared standards of creating a safe space are developed with participants. Groups focus on empowerment, communication, healthy relationships and positive support.

Youth Leadership Development

Grades K-8

YES Network

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Your Program Belongs Here! Organization Name Share with afterschool centers this opportunity to partner! Tell them about the program! It might be a great fit and interest the students in afterschool at various sites in our community. Details like a brief synopsis, curriculum components r examples of hands-on activities and skill building are all valuable items to include. Look forward to hearing form you!

This is a great opportunity for employment of high school students to participate in their community positively. Program includes training sessions, part-time employment, and on-site mentoring. We will provide opportunities for high school students to serve as positive role models and develop work readiness skills by helping serve the summer meals and organize enrichment activities for the children and youth living within their own neighborhoods. Grades K-8 In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Grades K-8 In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual








COLLEGE & CAREER READINESS College & Career Readiness Activity that prepares students to enroll and succeed in a credit bearing course at a postsecondary institution or a high quality certificate program with a career pathway to future advancement.

EPIC Career Exploration CareerForce Students are often prepared beforehand by completing a 60-question Career Analysis. When they arrive at SCTCC, students go to the employer activities that interest them most. Activities at EPIC are structured around the Minnesota Department of Education’s Career Field, Clusters & Pathways diagram, which breaks careers into six fields and 16 clusters. Since students are already familiar with this model, students are comfortable with the format of the event and are able to easily find activities that interest them. Area businesses are offering 15-20 minute, handson student activities that showcase hundreds of high-demand careers in the region. Students explore the opportunities through experiments, demonstrations, simulation and hands-on job reenactment. During COVID< we're partnering with businesses to explore ways for this to be offered in delivery formats that work for you!

Exploring Boy Scouts of America Exploring exists to teach important life and career skills to young people from all backgrounds through immersive career experiences and mentorship provided by community and business leaders. The result is a program of interactive activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop.

Grades 8-12 In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual

Career readiness programming for 6th through 8th graders with an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities including the following subjects: drafting\architecture, electricity, electronics, energy, graphic arts, personal management, personal fitness, skilled trades (plumbing, carpentry, welding, surveying, auto mechanics), forest management, robotics, and environmental science. Grades 6-8 In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual


FAMILY ENGAGEMENT + RESOURCES 21st CCLC grantees must provide at least one of the following types of activities that assists families: to engage in activities that will improve student academic achievement, including understanding how families can support learning with activities at home; to communicate effectively with their children, teachers, school leaders, counselors, administrators, and other school personnel; to become active participants in the development, implementation, and review of family engagement in policies, planning, and improvement; to participate in the design and implementation of community learning center programs for students; to participate in grant decision making; to train other parents; and to learn and use technology applied in their children’s education.

Empowered Learning Family Empowerment Coordinated by United Way of Central Minnesota - Partner for Student Success Empowered Learning sessions will be offered at sites to engage and empower families. These sessions will be developed in concert with each site to best meet the needs of the families in attendance. Empowered Learning sessions could include, but are not limited to: . literacy and/or math strategies when working with their children; understanding school systems; working with children through difficult situations; SEL support for students; mental health awareness; chemical abuse signals; cultural learning; telling our stories; technology strategies and understanding, etc Families of students in grades K-12 In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual

Community Resource Navigators Coordinated by United Way of Central Minnesota - Partner for Student Success These are part-time, floating positions to work with centers to support student and family basic needs, remove access barriers, and develop Empowered Learning sessions for parents and families. Check out page 20 to meet our navigators! Grades K-12 and their families In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual


FAMILY LITERACY 21st CCLC grantees are required to integrate all of the following activities: Interactive activities between families and their children. Training that leads to economic self-sufficiency Experiences to assist families in preparing their children for success in school and life Voter registration services.

Women's Integrative Transformative Healing

Transcending Adverse Childhood Experiences (TACEs)

LION Community Enrichment Programs

LION Community Enrichment Programs

This integrative program serves African American women of lower socio-economic standing who have experienced severe traumatic experiences. WITH strives to make whole the mind body spirit connection that is often lost during adverse life experiences.

Programs explore the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on brain development. We explore the effects of the historic and generational trauma of the African American experience from the periods of enslavement to present day.

Curriculum Components: Mental Health/SelfAwareness, Nutrition Traditional Healing and Western Medicine Techniques to improve overall wellbeing, Self-Care skills

Curriculum Components: Families who have witnessed/experienced domestic violence, Children ages 8-11 and their mothers/caregivers, Evidenced Based Curriculum, Tools that Foster Resiliency, Strengthen Mother-child Bond

African American mothers/female caretakers

Ages 8-11 and their mothers/caregivers

In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual

In Person Support, Hybrid and Virtual


MEET OUR FAMILY NAVIGATORS KoriAnn Carter I am the founder of Girls On Arise To Succeed. Creating this organization was the best thing I have ever done in my life. As I grew up, I was a very troubled teen, I always felt alone even when I had people by my side. I didn't feel like I had anyone to turn to, talk to, or count on. So, I grew up faster than I'd like. I've experienced things all by myself and had to learn the hard way. I wanted to make my organization open for all kids who are seeking love, guidance, and support! My ultimate goal is to help young girls love and respect themselves, and assist them in finding their purpose in life. My biggest achievement has been living and learning. I have lived the life and now I'm learning how to turn my negative experiences to life lessons for others to learn from. I also recently enrolled back in school to pursue a degree in Social Work.

Mohamed Yussuf Presently, I am part of Eagle Inc. which is a nonprofit organization that provides summer and after school programs for students K-12 grades in St. Cloud MN. At Eagle, I also teach adult ESL and Somali language classes on Saturdays and Sundays to boost and improve literacy level among older adults who work full time weekdays and do not have time to attend available ESL classes. Throughout my life, I have been in places with multicultural setting. USA is my third country making me a person of multicultural experience which also makes it easy for me to get along with any community/group despite any cultural difference. I have a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University. Currently, I am pursuing Master of Art in English as a Second Language [Teacher License] at Saint Mary’s University of MN

Sergio Guerrero Guerrero and I like to describe myself as a question person. I like to figure why things are and where they originated. Growing up life was not easy, financial struggles at home and loneliness have been things that have been part of my life. I have always been that type of person who hides behind their humor to deal with the obstacles that life throws at them. I am here now because I wish I would have had someone to talk about these things when I was younger. My ultimate goal is just to be there for anyone who needs someone to listen to them, I am not going to tell you what to do but I will sure try to support your decisions to find the solution to your problems. Most navigators here do not have all the answers and they are most likely learning along with you. It is better to learn about life together and learn from than to not be part of it

Ekram Elmoge I graduated SCSU with my bachelor’s degree in Education and currently I am doing my master’s degree of Educational Administration and Leadership. I have always expressed an innate desire to help and care for people in times of need, and believing that education is the key to success. I am always try to connect my passion for education and desire to help the community, students, and families. I believe I demonstrate a unique ability to work collaboratively, cooperatively and successfully with all those I been associated with.


DISTANCE LEARNING SITES TOO MUCH TALENT Too Much Talent Address: 1410 W Saint Germain Street #104, Saint Cloud Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 9:00am - 7:30pm Internet Academic Support

HIGHER GROUND LEARNING Higher Works Collaborative Address: I 402 8th Street South, Saint Cloud Schedule: Thursday 6pm-8pm


Internet Academic Support

Address: 1144 29th Avenue North, Saint Cloud Schedule: Monday - Thursday Internet Academic Support



Eagle, Inc.

Address: 72 10th Avenue South, Waite Park Schedule: Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 5:00pm 7:00pm Internet Academic Support

Address: 1546 6th Avenue South #63, Saint Cloud Monday- Thursday 5-7pm Internet


Academic Support

YES Network Address: 1526 9th Avenue South, Saint Cloud Schedule: N/A


Internet Academic Support

Address: 1300 W St. Germain St. Cloud https://griver.org/locations/st-cloud In library service: Call ahead, Limited to one hour per day, Wifi access in the parking lot, no password required.


Non-Academic Support

SAINT CLOUD ISLAMIC CENTER Saint Cloud Islamic Center 722 17th Avenue South, Saint Cloud Schedule: N/A Internet

Academic Support

For more information, visit our webpage at https://www.unitedwayhelps.org/how-we-do-it/21st-century


OTHER YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES We couldn't limit ourselves to simply sharing information about 21st Century Community Learning Center partnerships when there are so many really cool things happening in our community! This is just a small and humble sampling that you may find useful.

Scholar Squad www.ScholarSquad.org Online tutoring from Reading Corps and Math Corps. They've turned the powerful Reading Corps and Math Corps programs into a free, virtual, oneon-one experience. Grades K-12 Virtual

Scrubs Camp HealthForce Minnesota the ultimate goal of Scrubs Camp has been to get students excited and interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences, and to go back home motivated and focused about what they can do in middle and high school to prepare for that potential career. Students get to interact directly with many working professionals in the field and through field trips, get a tour and experience of what it would be like to work in a particular career field The typical camp experience will expose students to a variety of lab equipment like microscopes, slides, specimens, along with simulation mannequins, and surgery tools. Grades 6-12 In Person & Virtual

Community OutPost St. Cloud Rotary

The Richard C. Wilson Community OutPost engages the community to promote initiatives that support Fire, Police, and Emergency Service providers that serve our communities in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns Counties. Students in grades K-12 & their families Delivery Model

CareerONE Career Solutions CareerONE is a unique summer youth employability skills training opportunity which provides youth ages 14 – 17 identified as at risk with a realistic and positive work readiness training experience in a safe, nurturing and learning-rich environment; and prevents participants from regressing academically during the summer months. Students earn a stipend, meals (breakfast, lunch & snack), work shirts, and free transportation from pre-selected rural Stearns & Benton County sites. There is no cost for this program. Students, ages 14-17 Delivery Model

Pathways4Youth www.pathways4youthmn.org Pathways 4 Youth is a youth resource center for youth ages 16 through 24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Our services lead them on a path to grow while becoming contributing members of the community. Components: Support Employment Resources Computer Access Shower & Laundry Hygiene Products Food Pantry Items Mailing Address for Employment, Housing Storage Bins Transportation Resources Case Management Students, ages 16-24 Delivery Model


OTHER YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES We couldn't limit ourselves to simply sharing information about 21st Century Community Learning Center partnerships when there are so many really cool things happening in our community! This is just a small and humble sampling that you may find useful.

St. Cloud YMCA www.scymca.org The St. Cloud Area Family Y is much more than a community family wellness and fitness facility. From a rock climbing wall to aquatics to summer camp activities.

4-H Stearns County 4-H Kids and teens complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and civic engagement in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

Community Education Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools Community Education offers a wide range of quality, lifelong learning opportunities for community members of all ages.

Girl Scouts www.girlscoutslp.org At Girl Scouts, she’ll get to lead her own adventure (it’s her world!) and team up with other girls in an all-girl environment to choose the exciting, handson activities that interest her most. Along the way, she’ll gain important skills in four areas that form the foundation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Outdoors, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship

Junior Achievement www.jaum.org Junior Achievement programs equip students with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. We teach them how to manage money, how to prepare for a successful career, and how to start businesses that create jobs. JA empowers students to make a connection between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in the real world, thereby enhancing the relevance of their classroom learning and increasing their understanding of the value of staying in school. In addition to the grades K-5 Introductory Program, pathways include: Financial Literacy Work and Career Entrepreneurship

Community Education St. Cloud Area School District 742 Community Education offers a wide range of quality, lifelong learning opportunities for community members of all ages.


OTHER YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES We couldn't limit ourselves to simply sharing information about 21st Century Community Learning Center partnerships when there are so many really cool things happening in our community! This is just a small and humble sampling that you may find useful.

Higher Works Collaborative www.hwcmn.org Higher Works Collaborative brings people and resources together! Programming for adults and youth to support the success of individuals and families.


Meeting Points meetingpointsmn@gmail.com

Meeting points aims to help our community engage, educate and empower each their to build lives and communities that represent them. This organization pursues to build and improve our community through youth services, cultural enrichment and family outreach.

www.eaglehub.org EAGLE supports the success of immigrant and refugee youth and their families through programs such as homework assistance, English language programming and other opportunities for family literacy and engagement.

Islamic Center of St. Cloud Islamic Center of St. Cloud In addition to religious programming, the Islamic Center supports the health and wellbeing of families by coordinating programming relevant to the St. Cloud Muslim population on topics such as school day alignment, mental health and others.

Our Mission: Enriching the lives of youth through head, heart, hands method Our. Vision: Our vision is to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities that represent them. This program pursues to build and improve interpersonal skills, self-esteem, coping skills, and mental health education to build a more resilient community. Strengths-based Principles: Everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential. Diversity and Inclusion: Everyone is comfortable, respected and included. Transparency: we are open and honest in all aspects of our work.

Community OutPost Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation The Richard C. Wilson Community OutPost engages the community to promote initiatives that support Fire, Police, and Emergency Service providers that serve our communities in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns Counties.

Hands Across the World www.handsacrosstheworldmn.org HAW's first responsibility is to provide a safe place for families to gather and share their stories, their concerns, their questions. HAW offers a place to earn and a place to socialize. It is a time to serve the essential needs of our new families. It begins with a smile and a hug. Then, some basic information.


OTHER FAMILY RESOURCES We couldn't limit ourselves to simply sharing information about 21st Century Community Learning Center partnerships when there are so many really cool things happening in our community! This is just a small and humble sampling that you may find useful.

Minnesota Afterschool Advance Youthprise, Venn Foundation & United Way of Central MN- Partner for Student Success Whether it’s music lessons, robotics camp, tutoring, driver’s education or more, Minnesota Afterschool Advance helps students and their families fund their afterschool goals through the Minnesota K-12 Education Tax Credit. Essentially, whether it's a new laptop that is needed, funding to participate in GREAT Theatre, or other opportunities - our team can assist families in getting deep discounts! Our team can provide direct support to on-site staff or community members in training or MAA case completion! Families of Students in grades K-12 In Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Call 2-1-1 Resource & Referral Line United Way Staffed 24/7 by trained Community Resource Specialists who quickly assess needs and refer MN callers to the help that they seek on a variety of topics: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Childcare Employment Food Housing/Shelter Material Goods Money Management School/Education Transportation Financial Assistance Programs Health Care Legal Assistance Mental Health Much More Families and individuals in Minnesota Virtual (Phone) Referrals


MEET OUR TEAM Clarinda Solberg Grant Administrator Hello! I get to ensure the overall success of the grant so a lot of my time is spent connecting with district, school and partner leadership, budgeting, reporting and all of that fun "adult stuff" that's really important so that we can have a local impact in bringing more experiences and opportunities to students that are underserved in our community and deserve a whole lot more.

Fardowsa Iman Center Coordinator Salaam! If you're an afterschool center - especially a site lead - I work with you the most! I love my role of connecting the programming interests of youth to our program delivery partners! Making partnerships happen and witnessing the very cool, on-the-ground moments across our many sites is something I'm really grateful to be part of in this position!

Belle Drown Administrative Assistant Hi! I'm usually preparing the contracts, reaching out to partners for invoices, and making sure the investment process goes smoothly so that our partnerships are supported ... and our students have access to more opportunities!

Other Big-Time Supporters Helping to Make It All Happen

Amy Trombley Director of Education Partnerships

Keshia King AmeriCorps VISTA

Daniel Larson Vice President of Community Impact




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