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T N A L I G I V E TH VOICE 205th MI BN Volume 3, Issue 42 Week ending 16 December 2011 Inside this issue:

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INSCOM EO Newsletter

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

Arthur Ashe The contents of this binder are strictly for informational purposes and does not imply endorsement of any private or commercial organization by the 205th MI BN, 500th MI BDE, INSCOM or the Department of the Army.

Volume 3, Issue 42

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BN FRG 60 Day Calendar



9 Dec: HHD Christmas Party; 2 JAN: Training Holiday TBD 6 JAN: Chaplains Newcomers Integration 9-11 Dec: Strong Bonds 13 Dec: BN FRG SCM

12 JAN: BN Org Day (Kapiolani Park)

15 Dec: BN Hail and Farewell; A CO

13 JAN: Training Holiday

16 JAN: MLK Holiday 16 Dec: A Co. Christmas Party; Ft. Shafter Bowling Al18 JAN: BN Prayer Breakley fast Dec: C Co. Christmas Party; TBD 23-26 Dec: Christmas Training Holiday 30 Dec: New Year’s Day Training Holiday

Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

Page 9

Volume 3, Issue 42

Page 10

Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Serving the USAG-HI Community

Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Volume 3, Issue 42

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Peace on Earth, Good Will towards all Men: A small phrase with enormous meaning. However separate we may appear physically….. A life of peace begins with the simplest and most basic truth: We are all equal. Every human being is equal to every other human being. If we want to move toward a culture of peace and nonviolence, we will have to open our eyes, see with new vision, and recognize every human being as our very own sister and brother. This vision is a fundamental reality. All life is sacred. Sarah Belle Doughtry

As a part of your New Year’s Resolution we encourage you to resolve to be more patient and understanding of your family members and coworkers and to continue to treat all of the members of the INSCOM Team with the same dignity and respect that you yourself deserve. We wish you PEACE in mind and body in the new year.

Merry Christmas, LTC Hines & SFC Taylor

Tis’ the Season of Diversity! There is more than one way to celebrate the holiday! Christmas is a Christian holiday on December 25th that commemorates the birth of Jesus. Christmas literally means the Mass (celebration) of Christ. "Christ" is a Greek word and title, meaning "anointed" or one set apart by God for special purpose.

Kwanzaa is a Swahili word that means “first” and signifies the first fruits of harvest. From December 26th to January 1st many people of African decent in America celebrate Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is that time when we reflect on our use of the basic principles, share and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and recommit ourselves to the collective achievement of a better life for our family, our community, and our people.

According to the ancient story, when the Jews re-dedicated the Holy Temple, there was very little oil remaining to light the Temple menorah (or candelabra) -- as the bulk of the lamp oil had been polluted. But the oil that was only enough for one day, miraculously lasted eight days. This is considered to be the origin of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah. Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is best known as the winter holiday when Jewish people light the “menorah" and exchange gifts

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INSCOM EOAs from around the Globe UNITE! INSCOM EOAs came from England, Germany, Hawaii and stateside locations to attend the DEOMI 8th Biennial Research Symposium / 40th Anniversary Celebration in Coco Beach Florida on 6-8 Dec 2011. The Symposium was held to share research with the EOA and EEO community that address the relationship between positive social awareness and organizational effectiveness. It also provided our EOAs a chance to meet each other face to face and share ideas that will further enhance the INSCOM EO mission of ensuring fair treatment of military personnel, family members, and civilians by assisting the INSCOM Commander in providing an environment free of unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior. In picture from left to right: 1st Row SFC Taylor (SR INSCOM EOA), SFC Stradford (66 MI GRP, Wiesbaden Germany) 2nd Row: SFC Woodis (704th MI BDE, FT Meade, MD) SFC Lukowski, FT Meade MD, SFC Heinis, (109th MI GRP England) SFC Talley, 500th MI Bde (not shown)




EO Training on the same subjects month to month can be a little redundant and boring but it does not have to be, and for the lucky personnel of INSCOM it won’t be. We are going to start training on some thought provoking subjects such as Toxic Leadership and Communication Breakdown which is a more interesting version of the Effective Communication Class.

Training that assist you in making an assessment about yourself tend to make you a better relater to others. I encourage you to check out the topics for the upcoming EO/ Human Relations classes that will be posted on the EO KM Portal and attend even if you are not “RED” on EO training. It will be motivating, beneficial , and who knows .. you may even enjoy it!

The EO team tried to convince the G1 to give everyone who attends training “59” minutes but….

We are working hard to ensure that we are providing the kind of support you need! There are many changes that still have to occur but we encourage you to stop by and check out the most recent changes to our site. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to see that would assist in maximizing our information flow please contact us via the email link on the KM Portal under our smiling faces!

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INSCOM EO COMMUNITY EO Program MGR LTC Steven B. Hines 703 423-4909 SR INSCOM EOA SFC Tyshia A. Taylor 703-428-4645 1st IO CMD

SFC Harris, Andre 703-428-4437

66th MI

SFC Stradford, Lashawn DSN 314 337-5355

470th MI BDE

SFC Snyder, Robert 210-495-6800

500th MI BDE

SFC Tally, Melinda 808-655-4381

501st MI BDE

SFC Boudreaux,Fernando 315-723-3065

513th MI BDE

SFC Raiten, Kristina M. 706-791-6442


SFC Woodis Jason 301-677-2162

706th MI GRP

SFC Gardner, Tanesha 706-791-0912

709th MI BN

SFC Heinis, Thomas DSN 314-262-7509

743rd MI BDE

SFC Dixon, Nanfertawey Incoming



SFC O'Neal, Michael Incoming

902nd MI GRP

Lukowski, Michael 301-677-2162


SFC Bachelor, Caddell 434-951-1491


SFC Austin, Kimberly 301-833-3190


SFC Moreno-Ortiz, David 301-833-9575


SSG Fletcher, Saffron DSN 201-2266

Equal Opportunity Leader Course The following is a list of upcoming EOL dates. If a unit wants a Soldier to attend they must submit the required paperwork to the INSCOM EOA . Prior to submitting a Soldier to the course please ensure they meet the requirements set forth in AR 600-20. Class Dates 11-19 October 2011 23-31 January 2012 23 April – 1 May 2012 6-14 August 2012 9-17 October 2012

FT Belvoir FT Myer FT Meade FT Myer FT Belvoir


The Garrison Commander of FT Belvoir , the INSCOM Commander and the OSAA Commander Cordially Invite You to the Martin Luther King Jr . Observance

Tuesday the Tenth day of January ,Two Thousand and Twelve from 0800--0930hrs. FT Belvoir Community Center

Guest Speaker Reverend Walter Fauntroy

The Guest Speaker Rev. Walter Fauntroy is a minister and prominent civil rights activist. He was a confidant of the late Martin Luther King Jr, and the DC coordinator of the historic 1963 March on Washington.

“Equality Is Our Business”

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