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Vol. 05

August 2020

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02 LETTERS Editor's note


TURNING THE PAGE AND STARTING FRESH Hey Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers, District Editor, Hannah Bogner, here! It's a new service year, and even though we can't currently serve to our fullest potential, I am still psyched and see great things coming out of this year. We got this! One thing I've been excited about for this year is the fifth volume of The Wolverine Key, and I'm so happy to share this first issue with you all. In this issue, you can learn more about our amazing District Board members, some service ideas surrounding our District Project, our Key Club partners, and much more! Something new I have incorporated this year in The Wolverine Key that I am particularly excited about is the literature submissions from you guys, the clubbers. I wanted to make this publication a more interactive experience for everyone in the District, so, I thought what better way than to let you guys enter pieces of literature and art to show off your Mighty Michigan talent. Throughout this issue, you will find art poetry, etc. from Key Clubbers across the state! If you would like to enter anything for future issues, check out the Bulletin Editor tab at I hope you guys love this issue and if you ever have any feedback you would like to give on the publication, feel free to contact me at Stay safe and healthy Key Clubbers!



E - B o a r d

L e t t e r s


ALEX HUGHES Hey Mighty Michigan Key Clubbers! My name is Alex Hughes, and I’m your Governor for the 2020-2021 service year. As Governor, I monitor the District Board, preside over District meetings, provide support for Key Clubbers across the state, and work with our Kiwanis family members. My favorite part is the opportunity to connect with so many interesting people over the improvement of our great state. When I’m not working with y’all, you can find me debating or kayaking down the Kalamazoo River. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions!


EMILY HOYUMPA Hi Key Clubbers! My name is Emily Hoyumpa, and I am the District Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year! I am a senior at the Utica Academy for International Studies, and outside of Key Club, I am involved in Student Senate, French Club, French National Honors Society, National Honors Society, Student Advisory Board, and Creatively Asian. As a senior at UAIS, one of my favorite things these past few years in Key Club has been volunteering in my community, and meeting new people. With Covid19, no one is sure when that will happen again. Regardless, for this service year, I will do my best to record minutes from District Board meetings, keep Club Secretaries informed with all of the latest information, and always be open and available to suggestions on what you all would like to see! If you ever have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out. :) 02



Hey Key Clubbers! I don’t know about you all, but I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things, and that means Key Club as well! My name is Suhitha Kotala, and I’m currently serving as your District Treasurer this service year. My position involves creating and enforcing a District budget, leading fundraisers, and getting to know all the amazing Club Treasurers and what they’re doing at their schools. Key Club is such an important part of my life, and I can’t wait to share that experience with you all. When I’m not busy with Key Club, you can find me playing tennis, sewing, or baking something. Most likely, though, I’ll be chauffeuring my brother around (little siblings, am I right?) or stressing about college apps like everyone else :) This year is definitely one for the books, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with you all in the Mighty Michigan District!


HANNAH BOGNER Hi Key Clubbers! My name is Hannah Bogner and I'm serving as your District Editor for the 2020-2021 service year. As Editor, I manage and create promotional materials for all of our District’s social media accounts. I also update our District webpage ( whenever needed, create t-shirt designs for conventions and fundraisers, and hold calls to train our District’s Editors and Webmasters. When I’m not busy with Key Club, I enjoy participating in musical theater, playing travel softball, bullet journaling, and painting. I am super excited to meet many of you during the service year and if you ever have any questions about anything Key Club related, never hesitate to reach out to me a! Now, who’s ready for an amazing service year, huh? 03

Position: District Governor Name: Alex Hughes Home Club: UAIS Fun Fact: "When I'm not working on Key Club, I love debate and pretty much every other opportunity for public speaking!" Position: District Secretary Name: Emily Hoyumpa Home Club: UAIS Fun Fact: "I have planned and successfully held my own service project!" Position: District Treasurer Name: Suhitha Kotala Home Club: PCEP Fun Fact: "I play tennis for my school’s varsity team!"

Position: District Editor Name: Hannah Bogner Home Club: St. Joseph High School Fun Fact: "I love choir and was a member of this year's MSVMA State Honors Choir and All-State Choir!" 04

Position: LTG Chair Name: Emma Reid Home Club: Sacred Heart Academy Fun Fact: "I love to read and my favorite book series is Harry Potter."

Position: LTG of Division 1 Name: Mary Fran Forton Home Club: St. Michael Academy Fun Fact: "I play the lead drum in the Petoskey Steal Drum Band and I play the marimba in the Petoskey Marching band!"

Position: LTG of Division 3 Name: Lilly Swavel Home Club: Chesaning High School Fun Fact: "I love turtles and show dogs."

Position: LTG of Division 6 Name: Mahbuba Sumiya Home Club: Benjamin Carson High School Fun Fact: "I love to travel and visit local restaurants."


Position: LTG of Division 7 Name: Prabhleen Pawar Home Club: Haslett High School Fun Fact: "I skipped second grade."

Position: LTG of Division 8 Name: Ishaan Gupta Home Club: Lakeshore High School

Position: LTG of Division 9 Name: Maxwell Rhames Home Club: Adrian High School Fun Fact: "I am an International Baccalaureate student at Adrian High School. I really enjoy chemistry and math and I play the trumpet with the local university."

Position: LTG of Division 10 Name: Stephanie Harizanova Home Club: Henry Ford II


Position: LTG of Division 11 Name: Derek Farnstorm Home Club: Salem High School Fun Fact: "I can play piano."

Position: LTG of Division 12 Name: Fatima Reda Home Club: Dearborn High School Fun Fact: "I love to binge watch movies and hangout with my 2 bestfriends (my favorite movie is Hidden Figures)!"

Position: LTG of Division 14 Name: Orla Young Home Club: International Academy of Macomb Fun Fact: "I'm a competitive dancer and gymnast!"

Position: LTG of Division 15 Name: Jada Coles Home Club: Henry Ford II Fun Fact: "I was on my schools Varsity Cheer Team!"


Position: LTG of Division 16 Name: Lauren Patrick Home Club: UAIS Fun Fact: "My favorite TV shows are Stranger Things, That 70's Show and Greys Anatomy!"

Position: K-Fam Chair Name: Madyson Pike Home Club: Hudson High School Fun Fact: "I'm able to do Key Club for an extra year due to the Hudson Branch Middle College Program! I am class of 2020 but I don't graduate for another year due to my program, which is awesome because I love Key Club!" Position: Mem-Dev Chair Name: Rohit Ray Home Club: Adlai Stevenson High School Fun Fact: "I've memorized 180 digits of Pi for absolutely no reason. Could I have 10 of yours?" Position: Projects Chair Name: Katie Hokanson Home Club: St. Joseph High School Fun Fact: "I play three different stringed instruments! Also, I love plants, drawing, and traveling."


Position: New Club Building Chair Name: Sanju Kona Home Club: Lakeshore High School Fun Fact: "I love to travel and fly internationally every other year!"

Position: Events Co-Chair Name: Eric Berg Home Club: UAIS Fun Fact: "I run too many miles to count."

Position: Int. Partners Chair Name: Rebecca Schwartz Home Club: Henry Ford II Fun Fact: "After high school I want to go to college for teaching and become a Spanish teacher, and study abroad!" COVID-19 The students poured out of school saying Coronacation They all thought it going to be a vacation In my head I knew without school there was stagnation I came home to see my parents making preperations For days on end I would look at my green grass On the news I would hear people getting harassed On my daily bike ride I would see people trying to go to Sunday Mass It is like I am trapped in crystal clear glass

My life was starting to revolve around this disease Will I ever feel the summer breeze Will I ever smell the green pine trees For now I will just have to sit in unease I went to classes and met my friends through Zoom It will be sometime before I meet them in a classroom I see society is still in a dark grey gloom Was this my doom? Poem

by Prabhleen Pawar

from Haslett High School




Due to COVID-19, the Key Club International Convention was held digitally July 1-3. Clubbers were able to attend many interesting sessions and make new friends from other Districts. Elyana Hussain, Preston Parana, and River Pease from the Michigan District were all awarded Distinguished District Officer titles. Connie Fluharty and Emma Reid, also from the Michigan District, received the RFL Oustanding LTG award. Congratulations! A very special congratulations to our very own River Pease for being elected as an International Trustee. Alex Drahos of the Nebriowa District and Caroline Bushnell of the Rocky Mountain District were elected as International President and Vice President, respectively. Our International Trustee for this service year is Marissa Ding from the Minndak District and our new Sistricts are the Bahamas District and West Virginia District. Let's be sure to give them a Mighty Michigan welcome. 10




theme announced next issue...


P R O J E C T S The main objective of the Projects Committee is to enforce our District Project, Helping Hands. This project directs attention to groups that aren't getting the help they need. To distribute information about Helping Hands, we create kits, videos, and Instagram posts. Recently, our committee started the "Service Project of the Week" on Instagram to give fresh project ideas clubbers can do individually! In addition, we have started creating videos for a series called "Project TV." The purpose is to inform and inspire Key Clubbers through tutorials, interviews, Q&As, and more! Follow our Instagram "mikeyprojects" and subscribe to our YouTube channel "MIKEY Project TV" for more updates!


The Membership Development Committee acts to assist clubs in both membership recruitment and retainment. We create a variety of resources to train club officers in recruitment strategies and also directly work with struggling clubs in our district. We stress the importance of creating an enjoyable environment for Key Clubbers and provide tips on how to do so. Topics we cover include advertisements, icebreakers, and social events. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that recruitment strategies will need to adapt and we are here to assist your club in adjusting during these difficult times. Please feel free to contact the Membership Development Committee if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



The New Club Building committee aims to grow the Michigan District by chartering new Key Clubs. A larger district allows for Key Club International to make a greater impact on our communities. We also create a variety of resources to assist schools with the chartering process. If you are interested in starting a club at your school, contact us at! We're excited to expand more clubs across our Mighty Michigan District!


The Kiwanis Family relations committee is in charge of communication with each of the different Kiwanis branches. The different branches are K-Kids, Builders Club, Circle K, Action club, and Kiwanis. We plan events with each branch, and help build lasting relationships with members from the other branches. Lastly, the Kiwanis Family committee makes kits with tips on how Key Clubbers can build relationships with their home Kiwanis club.


1. Food Drive - Food banks across America help feed thousands of families in need. Organizations like Feeding America are always in need of donations to support them. By holding a food drive at your school, you can help too! Items such as canned fruits/veggies, beans, soup, rice, pasta, and other non-perishables are always welcome.


3. Tutor Struggling Students According to the U.S. Department of Education, a third of high school students require some sort of tutoring in their careers. Many of these students cannot afford a paid tutor. If you know of someone struggling academically, offer to help out after school for free - not only will you help students get the grades they desire, but you'll also make some pals along the way!

2. Care Packages for Women's Shelters - Every day, domestic violence drives women out of their homes in seek of refuge. Women's shelters provide temporary care for those who need it. These shelters are in constant need of items such as toiletries, feminine hygiene products, clothing, bottled water, school supplies, and baby supplies (diapers, baby formula, clothing, etc). Create care packages to help those who have fallen back to their feet.


2. Sponsor a Child - In countries all over the world, children less fortunate than us struggle with poverty, dehydration, famine, violence, war, natural disaster, and more. Organizations such as World Vision, Unbound, and Compassion International collect donations and sponsors to support these children. By committing to a $38 monthly donation, you can help steer a child to a better, more prosperous life. 14





We’ve partnered with UNICEF for ELIMINATE week as well as trick-or-treat for UNICEF. They are one of the leading humanitarian organizations working with more than 190 countries and territories to provide health care, education, nutrition and more to children around the world.

March of dimes

They are committed to providing assistance to mothers andt heir babies. Whether they are born prematurely or are in the nicu, March of Dimes is the leader in helping mothers and babies.

The thirst project

They are a non profit organization who brings sustainable sources of drinking water to countries and communities around the world that did not have it previously.

CHIldren's miracle network hospitals

Most popularly known for their Miracle Treat Day, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds for children's hospitals, research, and raises community awareness of childhood health issues.


N e x t

i s s u e . . . Issue 2 of The Wolverine Key will be out in early October. The next issue will include a letter from our International Trustee, a Fall Rally theme reveal, fall fundraiser ideas, more literature pieces from clubbers, and much more!

Artwork by Mahbuba Sumiya from Ben Carson High School


Position: Governor Name: Alex Hughes Email: Phone: (269) 443-9557

Position: Secretary Name: Emily Hoyumpa Email: Phone: (586) 556-6684

Position: Treasurer Name: Suhitha Kotala Email: Phone: (734) 845-2550

Position: Editor Name: Hannah Bogner Email: Phone: (269) 985-3198

Position: LTGChair Name: Emma Reid Email: Phone: (989) 506-5477

Position: LTG Division 1 Name: Mary Fran Forton Email: Phone: (231) 838-1968

Position: LTG Division 3 Name: Lilly Swavel Email: Phone: (810)- 835-2819

Position: LTG Division 6 Name: Mahbuba Sumiya Email: Phone: (313) 333-0158

Position: LTG Division 7 Name: Prabhleen Pawar Email: Phone: (517) 930 5369

Position: LTG Division 8 Name: Ishaan Gupta Email: Phone: (269) 985-8656 17

Position: LTG Division 9 Name: Maxwell Rhames Email: Phone: (517)-902-3877

Position: LTG Division 10 Name: Stephanie Harizanova Email: Phone: (586) 747-5548

Position: LTG Division 11 Name: Derek Farnstorm Email: Phone: (734) 679-7146

Position: LTG Division 12 Name: Fatima Reda Email: Phone: (313) 737-1797

Position: LTG Division 14 Name: Orla Young Email: Phone: (586) 453-7922

Position: LTG Division 15 Name: Jada Coles Email: Phone: (586) 933- 7534

Position: LTG Division 16 Name: Lauren Patrick Email: Phone: (248) 884-1077

Position: Projects Chair Name: Katie Hokanson Email: Phone: (269) 769-8118

Position: MemDev Chair Name: Rohit Ray Email: Phone: (586) 567-2382

Position: New Club Building Chair Name: Sanju Kona Email: Phone: (269) 769-4254 18

Position: K-Fam Chair Name: Madyson Pike Email: Phone: (517) 438-1085

Position: Int. Partners Chair Name: Rebecca Schwartz Email: Phone: (586) 808-9210

Position: Events Co-Chair Name: Eric Berg Email:

HOPE I read about a possible vaccine However I know I still have to keep clean I am starting to get a routine Now the government is trying to intervene The pull of this community towards service makes me feel like I am over the moon I hope to meet my mighty Michigan Key Clubbers soon The first week or so felt like a honeymoon But at this point staying at home feels like I am going to pop like a balloon I can do service from home even when I am lazy Everyone can do service even if you are 6 or 80 However as Key Clubber,the most important part is your safety We try to keep working even when the world is going crazy Families are becoming close Younger generations are seeing the world through a different scope Many people are still trying to cope The most important part is trying not to lose hope poem by prabhleen pawar from Haslett High School





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